Summerslam 88

    Hello and welcome to this Summerslam 88 review. This is the first ever Summerslam and I have high hopes for it. Coming off the back of Wrestlemania IV we’re starting to see higher production values, more captivating storylines and a higher tempo of action. Randy Savage is the reigning World Heavyweight champion and the biggest storyline heading into this pay per view is his … Continue reading Summerslam 88

Wrestling Classic

  Hey folks I’m back and this time I’m reviewing WWE’s second PPV (or first depending on how you look at it). 8 months after the original installment of Wrestlemania, we have Wrestling Classic. So what do we know about Wrestling Classic heading into the PPV? Well, we know that there is a 16 man tournament. There is no prize as such but it would … Continue reading Wrestling Classic