Armageddon 2002

| Date: December 15, 2002 | Venue: Office Depot Centre | City: Sunrise, Florida | Attendance: 9,000 | Buyrate: 335, 000 The end is here. The end of the calendar year that is and with it comes the end before the beginning of the road to Wrestlemania. With Armageddon comes 3 stages of hell and that is the stipulation for the World Heavyweight Title match tonight. Triple H beat Rob Van Dam … Continue reading Armageddon 2002

Survivor Series 2002

| Date: November 17, 2002 | Venue: Madison Square Garden | City: New York, New York | Attendance: 17, 930 | Buyrate: 540, 000 | tweet me: @BastionBlogger Survivor Series is known for its elimination tag team matches although there are no traditional Survivor Series matches on the card tonight, there are 3 matches based around elimination. There are only 6 matches tonight but those three elimination matches do feature 6 wrestlers in … Continue reading Survivor Series 2002

Rebellion 2002

| Date: October 26, 2002 | Arena: The Manchester Arena | City: Manchester, England | Attendance: 13, 416 This is the 4th annual Rebellion pay per view and like always, it’s held in the UK. This one is being held in Manchester for the second time. As always there are no matches previously announced going into this show but it will be a Smackdown brand only PPV and should give … Continue reading Rebellion 2002

No Mercy 2002

| Date: October 20, 2002 | Venue: Alltel Arena | City: North Little Rock, Arkansas | Attendance: 10, 000 | Buyrate: 300, 000 Tonight The Undertaker has said he will have No Mercy for WWE Champion Brock Lesnar. The two will fight in Hell In A Cell with the title on the line after the two could not be decided at last months Unforgiven. The story has developed between the two with … Continue reading No Mercy 2002

Unforgiven 2002

| Date: September 22, 2002 | Venue: Staples Centre | City: Los Angeles, California | Attendance: 16, 000 | Buyrate: 300, 000 | tweet me: @BastionBlogger The Next Big Thing has arrived. Brock Lesnar walks into his first pay per view as WWE Champion, defending it against The Undertaker (in front of the smallest buyrate of the year). The Undertaker was a surprise entrant in a gauntlet series through Smackdown a few weeks … Continue reading Unforgiven 2002

Summerslam 2002

| Date: August 25, 2002 | Venue: Nassau Coliseum | City: Uniondale, New York | Attendance: 14, 797 | Buyrate: 540, 000 Rock vs. Brock. The Undisputed WWE Championship is set to be defended tonight as The Rock, who beat The Undertaker for the gold at Vengeance last month, defends against Brock Lesnar. Brock earned the right to his shot by winning the 2002 King Of The Ring two months ago. Lesnar … Continue reading Summerslam 2002

Vengeance 2002

| Date: July 21, 2002 | Venue: Joe Louis Arena | City: Detroit, Michigan | Attendance: 12, 000 | Buyrate: 375, 000 Quick and Merciless. That is how The Undertaker is hoping to end his match tonight against Kurt Angle and The Rock. WWE Undisputed Champion The Undertaker finds himself in a triple threat situation after originally challenging The Rock to a match after The Rock nearly cost The Undertaker his title … Continue reading Vengeance 2002

King Of The Ring 2002

| Date: June 23rd, 2002 | Venue: Nationwide Arena | City: Columbus, Ohio | Attendance: 14, 198 | Buyrate: 320, 000 | tweet me: @BastionBlogger The tenth annual King Of The Ring pay per view is upon us and as we would later find out, it is also the last ever KOTR PPV. The King Of The Ring tournament takes centre stage as it always does in June and like we have … Continue reading King Of The Ring 2002

Judgment Day 2002

| Date: May 19th, 2002 | Venue: Gaylord Entertainment Centre | City: Nashville, Tennessee | Attendance: 14, 521 | Buyrate: 373, 000 Judge, jury and executioner. The Undertaker takes on all three roles tonight as he zones in on the WWF Undisputed Championship. Undertaker beat Stone Cold Steve Austin to become number one contender to the title last month at Backlash and tonight he gets his shot. Hulk Hogan is the … Continue reading Judgment Day 2002

Insurrextion 2002

| Date: May 4th, 2002 | Venue: Wembley Arena | City: London, UK | Attendance: 10, 500 | tweet me: @BastionBlogger Insurrextion 2002, the third annual Insurrextion PPV. It’s held in the UK as it always is but this year moves away from Earl’s Court and into Wembley Arena. These shows are always a mystery heading into it. There is never any build towards this specific show but they will continue … Continue reading Insurrextion 2002