No Mercy 2002

| Date: October 20, 2002
| Venue: Alltel Arena | City: North Little Rock, Arkansas
| Attendance: 10, 000 | Buyrate: 300, 000

Tonight The Undertaker has said he will have No Mercy for WWE Champion Brock Lesnar. The two will fight in Hell In A Cell with the title on the line after the two could not be decided at last months Unforgiven. The story has developed between the two with a girl called Tracy who has claimed that she has been having an affair with The Undertaker despite his wife being pregnant. Undertaker denies the accusations but has had more on his plate since Brock Lesnar broke his wrist following a match with Matt Hardy. Undertaker has had his wrist in a cast ever since and even used it as a weapon. Paul Heyman tried to get Stephanie McMahon to force Undertaker to take the cast off but she has decided he can keep it on.

The World Heavyweight Championship will also be decided tonight as Triple H defends against Kane. Eric Bischoff announced that the Intercontinental Champion would be facing Triple H at No Mercy with both titles on the line which would see the end of the Intercontinental title. He made a match between champion Chris Jericho and Kane for the belt with the winner going on to face Triple H and it was Kane that won the match. Since then Triple H has got in the head of Kane by claiming that Kane once killed a woman named Katie Vick. Kane claims it was an accident in a car crash but there’s no doubt that Triple H has got in his head. The Women’s title will be defended as Trish Stratus goes up against relative newcomer Victoria. Victoria has come in as Molly Holly’s mate and has proven to be a bit loopy, attacking Trish and earning herself a shot at her title.

The WWE tag team titles have been passed about in the past month. Christian and Lance Storm lost their titles to Kane and The Hurricane who in turn lost their titles to Christian and Chris Jericho. Chris Jericho and Booker T have had their issues this month mainly because Jericho took offence at being called a “sucka”. The two have attacked each other and now Eric Bischoff has made the match at No Mercy with Jericho and Christian defending their tag team titles against Booker T and Goldust. The other match representing Raw will be Rob Van Dam against Ric Flair. Flair cost Van Dam his match against Triple H at Unforgiven and now RVD has his chance at revenge.

For the first time in the history of WWE PPV there will be two womens matches as Torrie Wilson goes one on one with Dawn Marie. Torrie’s father Al has been on the scene recently supporting his daughter but has taken the eye of Dawn Marie. Dawn has flashed him her bikini’s and lingerie outfits prior to competitions, given him her room key and even seduced him into the shower. Tonight Torrie meets Dawn in a straight up wrestling match. Also tonight there will be new tag team champions crowned. Stephanie McMahon as introduced the WWE tag team championships exclusive to Smackdown and a tournament has played out over the past few weeks on Smackdown. The final tonight is between Edge and Rey Mysterio and Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle. Benoit and Angle may be enemies but they were forced to team and should they fight each other then they will be suspended for a year.

On Sunday Night Heat we also learnt that there would be a Cruiserweight title match with Jamie Noble defending against Tajiri. Noble and Nidia had a falling out last week on Smackdown and would end up fighting each other with their friend Tajiri as special guest referee. Tajiri would end up kissing Nidia, something Noble took exception to. Also on Sunday Night Heat, The Hurricane defeated Steven Richards.

So let’s get to it.

The first thing we see after the PPV begins is a shot of The Undertaker looking at his bandaged arm. His brother Kane then sits down next to him and in a comical start to No Mercy 2002, he asks Undertaker how his week was. Cue the opening video package that builds to the Triple H/Kane match for the World Championship. It then goes into shots of Brock Lesnar with Paul Heymans voice taunting  The Undertaker. Jim Ross then welcomes us to No Mercy, he is of course joined by Jerry “The King” Lawler.

Chris Jericho & Christian (c) vs. Booker T & Goldust – World Tag Team Championship Match

This is a first tag team defence for Jericho and Christian who beat Kane and The Hurricane a couple of weeks ago on Raw. Jericho has won matches over The Rock and X Pac at the last 2 No Mercy events. Christian has now wrestled at all 5 No Mercy events, he’s only won once on the previous shows though. Booker T lost at last years event to The Undertaker. This is Booker T and Goldust’s second tag team match on PPV as a team, the previously lost to Christian and Lance Storm at Summerslam. Booker T and Christian kick off the match and Booker knocks Christian down with a clothesline and a big kick for the first near fall of the night. Booker tags in Goldust who continues the momentum hitting a unique kick for a near fall.

Christian tags in Jericho who gets hit with a butt bump or a “goldbutt” as Jerry Lawler calls it. Goldust then catapults Jericho out of the ring and into Christian. Back in the ring and some Christian interference allows Jericho ti hit a dropkick off the middle rope. It’s interesting how Christian and Lance Storm lost the tag team titles a few weeks ago and now Christian is back holding the gold but now with Jericho. Christian hits a side Russian leg sweep for a two count. Christian tags in Jericho before making sure that Booker T doesn’t tag in Goldust. Quick tags between Jericho and Christian now. Goldust starts a comeback with a big powerslam but Jericho makes sure he doesn’t tag in Booker. Goldust hits Jericho with a neckbreaker and then tags in Booker T who hits a big forearm to Jericho and a kick to Christian.

Booker goes for his trademark scissors kick on Jericho who gets out of the way. He then hits a spinebuster for a near fall. Booker goes for a big kick but Jericho gets out of the way. All 4 men are suddenly in the ring and Goldust hits a bulldog on both men before setting Christian up for Shattered Dreams which he hits! He then drop toe holds Jericho into Christians crotch. Goldust goes for the Curtain Call but Jericho gets out of it and locks on the Walls of Jericho! Booker T breaks it up and then hits Jericho with his scissors kick! Goldust makes the cover but Christian pulls him out. Booker goes up top and hits a missile dropkick on Jericho before celebrating with a spin-er-oonie! Jericho looks to hit a springboard dropkick but the middle rope snaps! That could have been dangerous.

All hell breaks loose with Christian bringing a tag team strap in to the ring. Jericho bulldogs Goldust onto the belt and then hits a moonsault on him from the top rope! He hooks the leg and gets the 3! Jericho and Christian retain their tag team titles!

Rating: 6.25/10

Funaki, Smackdown number one announcer, is backstage with Torrie Wilson’s father Al. We see some footage of Dawn Marie flashing Al her bikini and lingerie, Dawn giving Al her hotel key and the two getting caught in the shower. Al doesn’t have much to say.

Torrie Wilson vs. Dawn Marie

I am not expecting much from this. It’s a PPV debut for Dawn Marie. Torrie actually wrestled at last years No Mercy, beating Stacy Keibler. Torrie goes right for Dawn and knocks her down with clotheslines. Dawn hits a boot but gets caught with a sunset flip. Dawn drops Torrie on the top rope but Torrie hits a baseball slide. On the outside and Dawn rams Torrie into the ring apron before rolling Torrie back into the ring. Dawn stomps away at Torrie and then applies a chinlock and then a surfboard. It’s all Dawn Marie now as she hits a powerslam and a headbutt to the lower regions of Torrie for a two count. Torrie ducks a clothesline and the two roll on top of one another. The referee even gets rolled into it.

Torrie hits a boot but Dawn Marie takes her down with a clothesline. Torrie Wilson then hits a suplex for a near fall. Torrie throws Dawn across the ring by her hair and then slingshots her into the top turnbuckle before rolling her up for a two count. Torrie hotshots Dawn on the top rope and then hits her with a neckbreaker for the three! Torrie Wilson wins the match tonight! Not the best but now as awful as I expected it to be.

Rating: 4/10

The Coach is backstage with Rob Van Dam. Van Dam calls himself a chair smashing, frog splashing, risk taking, yining and yaning, Van Daminating dude named Rob Van Dam. Brock Lesnar, Paul Heyman and Tracy (the girl that has been accusing The Undertaker of having an affair) walk past. Coach runs after them but Lesnar and Heyman ignore him. Tracy says she hopes Undertaker gets what he deserves.

Rob Van Dam vs. Ric Flair

It’s a first PPV meeting between these two men. Van Dam wrestled in the No Mercy 2001 main event in a losing effort. Van Dam gets in the ring and chases Flair to the outside where he throws Flair into the ringpost. RVD then comes off the apron with a kick that sends Flair over the barricade! Van Dam hits his legdrop to Flair whilst he lies prone on the barricade before the two get into the ring and Van Dam comes off the top with another kick. RVD hits rolling thunder for a near fall. Van Dam hits a spinning heel kick and then lays into Flair with big right hands. RVD hits a springboard kick for a two count. It has all been RVD so far in this one. Flair gets back into it with a low blow and then he targets the knee of Van Dam. Flair works away at the knee of Van Dam with stomps.

Flair keeps the advantage with big right hands before tying Van Dams leg around the middle rope. Ric then hits some of his trademark chops but Van Dam fights back before Flair hits a thumb to the eye. Since returning to the WWE at the beginning of the year Flair has fought the likes of Vince McMahon, The Undertaker, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Eddie Guerrero, Chris Jericho and now Rob Van Dam on PPV. Flair hits some stiff jabs and a side suplex before applying the figure four leg lock! Van Dam and The Undertaker are the only two men to have wrestled on every PPV so far in 2002. Van Dam reverses the figure four but Flair quickly grabs the ropes to break the hold.

Van Dam hits a sunset flip for a two count and a backslide with the same result. Flair avoids a dropkick and attempts to lock on the figure four but Van Dam rolls him up for another near fall. Ric hits an elbow and then heads to the top but Van Dam gets up and throws him down to the mat before hitting rolling thunder for a two count. RVD hits a spinning heel kick and then the 5 star frog splash! He hooks the leg tight and gets the 3! Rob Van Dam wins the match over a Ric Flair who holds victories over the likes of Chris Jericho and Eddie Guerrero. A good win for Van Dam.

Rating: 6.5/10

Big Show is backstage talking to Stephanie McMahon, asking her for advice. Eric Bischoff shows up and Show tells him that he hasn’t been on a PPV since July. Bischoff isn’t happy but Big Show grabs him by the neck and says he better put him in main events soon.

Next up is a video package showing the history of the Intercontinental title. It’s a nice package actually showing the legacy of the belt and some of the controversial moments in its history.

Jamie Noble (c) vs. Tajiri

This is a first time PPV meeting between these two men. Jamie Noble has beaten both The Hurricane and Billy Kidman in his previous 2 PPV matches. Tajiri wrestled in a losing effort at last years No Mercy PPV. Tajiri baseball slides Noble before he can get in the ring and then pops him back in the ring and covers him for a near fall. Noble soon takes the advantage and hits Tajiri with a hard kick to the back. Tajiri snapmares Noble and gives him a kick of his own. Tajiri hits a slam and a knee drop for a two count. Nidia is present in Jamie Noble’s corner despite the pair having a bust up recently. Noble hits an electric chair drop for a two count and follows it up with a backbreaker for another near fall.

Jamie keeps the advantage by locking on a modified surfboard stretch. Tajiri gets out of it but finds himself on the end of a crucifix. Tajiri hasn’t wrestled on pay per view since Backlash. Noble goes back to the surfboard but Tajiri gets out of it. Noble pops him on the top rope but Tajiri elbows him off an attempts a moonsault. Noble moves but Tajiri lands on his feet and Tajiri hits him with a tornado DDT. Both men get to their feet and slug it out but it’s all Tajiri who hits multiple kicks and a handspring elbow for a near fall. Tajiri then applies a unique submission and a German suplex for a two count. Tajiri then locks on the tarantula! He breaks it up before the cont of 5 and then attempts a kick to the face but Noble ducks it. Tajiri then hits a kick to the face but as he hooks the leg of Noble, Nidia distracts the referee!

Noble hits a tiger bomb on Tajiri but Tajiri kicks out of the pinfall! Noble goes for another one but Tajiri ends up on his shoulders and goes for a victory roll but Nidia grabs the leg of her man Noble, stopping him from rolling through and Noble pins Tajiri for the three! Jamie Noble wins the match and retains his Cruiserweight title! After the bell Tajiri makes out with Nidia which she seems to like! Jamie Noble then shows him how it’s done but Tajiri kicks him in the back of the head. It’s a win and a third win from 3 on PPV for Jamie Noble.

Rating: 7/10

Chris Benoit is backstage looking for Eddie Guerrero. Benoit tells Eddie that Chavo is getting his ass kicked by Kurt Angle. Eddie doesn’t believe it’s Chavo getting his ass kicked although it does sound like him. Eddie thinks it’s a trap and thinks it sounds like a little girl but Chavo rolls out of the locker room followed by Kurt Angle.

Triple H (c) vs. Kane (c) – World Heavyweight/Intercontinental Championship Match

This match is Triple H’s World Heavyweight Championship against Kane’s Intercontinental Championship with both titles on the line and the IC title being disbanded following this match. This is the third PPV match between Triple H and Kane, both of the previous matches were won by Kane, those being at Wrestlemania 15 and Judgment Day 2001. It’s Triple H’s fourth match at a No Mercy events, he’s won 2 of his previous 3. Kane has also wrestled three times at No Mercy but he’s only won once before. Kane looks angry going into this one and he knocks Triple H down with a big right hand. Triple H takes the advantage with some right hands but Kane hits some right hands of his own and a big back body drop.

Kane brings a slow pace to the match and Triple H is known for his slow pace too. Kane hits a clothesline and gets a near fall. Triple H takes the advantage with a neckbreaker but Kane sits right back up. Kane hits a powerslam for a two count. Triple H hits a facebuster and then clotheslines Kane over the top and out of the ring. Kane lands on his feet but Triple H shoves him into the ring post. The big red machine rolls back into the ring where Triple H stomps on him and hits another neckbreaker for a near fall. Triple H hits another two neckbreakers as it seems he’s targeting that neck. Kane hits a reverse elbow on Triple H but then gets caught with a spinebuster and a near fall. Helmsley then slingshots Kane into the bottom rope. Triple H then applies a sleeper but Kane gets out of it with a side suplex.

Kane hits a big boot and smashes Triple H’s face into the top turnbuckle before dropping him with a sidewalk slam. Kane then heads to the top and flies off with a clothesline. But out comes Ric Flair! He drops Kane on the top rope but Kane stays in the match, hitting Triple H with a big boot. The referee is down so Flair comes back in and hands Triple H his title belt which Triple H smashes into the face of Kane! the referee wakes up as Triple H pins him but Kane kicks out! The Hurricane then shows up and fights off Flair but Triple H hits him with the Pedigree. Kane sits back up and it’s Triple H with a couple of clotheslines, lefts, rights and a powerslam for a near fall. Kane pops Triple H on the top rope and then sets him up for a superplex but Triple H pushes him down to the mat and flies off but Kane gets his boot up.

Both men get to their feet and Kane tries for a big boot but Triple H ducks and Kane hits the referee. Kane and Triple H battle to the outside where Kane chokeslams Triple H through an announce desk! Flair then attacks Kane but gets nowhere with it as Kane disposes of him. Kane then rolls Triple H back in the ring and pins him but the referee is down. Flair gets in the ring with a sledgehammer but Kane gets it off him. Triple H hits him with a low blow and then picks up the sledgehammer but Kane picks him up for a Tombstone only for Triple H to whack him with the sledgehammer whilst upside down. Triple H swings the sledgehammer at Kane again but Kane ducks it and chokeslams the World Heavyweight Champion! Still the referee is down though. Another referee comes out but Flair drags him out the ring.

Flair goes up to the top rope but Kane catches him and chokeslams him. Triple H gets back up and hits Kane with a Pedigree. He wakes up the referee and hooks the leg and the referee counts the 3! Triple H wins the match and retains his World Heavyweight Championship tonight! With a lot of help from Ric Flair. Decent enough match between these two.

Rating: 7.25/10

Stephanie McMahon is backstage when in walks Tracy. Tracy says that Paul Heyman contacted her and told her to lie about having an affair with The Undertaker recently. She says that she’ll do whatever it takes to get The Undertaker back. Undertaker shows up and calls her a lying bitch before Stephanie McMahon kicks her out.

There’s a video package next showing the WWE Tag Team title tournament and what led to tonights final.

Edge & Rey Mysterio vs. Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit – WWE Tag Team Championship Match

This is the finals of a tournament to crown new tag team champions on Smackdown. Edge (as well as Christian) has now wrestled on every No Mercy PPV. Edge has won 2 and lost 2 previously. Angle has won 1 and lost 1 at No Mercy before whilst Benoit has lost his previous match at No Mercy. Rey Mysterio looks for his first PPV victory tonight after previously losing to Kurt Angle at Summerslam. These two teams do seem like two teams thrown together rather than proper tag teams. Kurt and Rey start the match and Angle hits an arm drag and a take down in the early going. Angle then throws Mysterio across the ring. Angle wants Edge but Rey wont tag him in because he wants a piece of Angle. Mysterio quicken the pace with a firemans carry and dropkick. Mysterio then hits a flying head scissors and a drop toe hold.

Mysterio tags in Edge who executes a takedown, hip toss, arm drag and dropkick. Angle tags in Benoit and we get some quick chain wrestling between Edge and Benoit. Benoit executes a tight headlock which Edge gets out of. Edge and Benoit get into a chopping contest until Edge hits a flapjack for a two count. Angle hits a cheap shot giving Benoit the advantage but Edge then spears Kurt off the apron. Kurt drops Edge on the top rope and Benoit follows it up with a clothesline. Benoit hits a neckbreaker and then tags in Angle. Angle and Benoit can’t fight one another or they will be suspended for a year without pay. Angle locks on a rear chin lock, wrapping his legs around Edge’s body as he does. Edge gets out of it and hits a boot in the corner before getting caught with a belly to belly.

Angle tags in Benoit who hits some chops and kicks. It’s interesting placement of this match putting it after the World Heavyweight title match. It suggests that they knew this match would be better. Benoit hits three consecutive German suplexes on Edge and then motions for the flying headbutt but when he makes it up to the top Edge meets him up there and hits him with a superplex. Edge makes the tag to Mysterio who hits a flying head scissors to Benoit and a dropkick to the face. He then dropkicks Angle and hits a springboard legdrop to Benoit as he lay across the middle rope. Angle breaks up the cover but Edge clotheslines him out of the ring. Rey goes for a bulldog but Benoit drops him on the face and locks on the Crippler Crossface. Edge breaks it up but Angle takes Edge to the outside. Mysterio goes for the 619 on Benoit but Benoit catches him. Edge comes off the top and hits Benoit with a missile dropkick which gives Rey a 2 count.

Mysterio goes up top but Angle meets him up there and hits him with a belly to belly suplex from the top! Benoit covers him but Mysterio kicks out. Benoit tags Angle and the two double team Mysterio. Angle hits a suplex on Mysterio for another near fall and then Kurt applies a reverse facelock. Rey gets out of it with a suplex but then gets caught with a belly to belly suplex for a two count. Angle tags Benoit who hits a big back body drop for a near fall. Benoit hits a side suplex for yet another near fall. Mysterio hits a head scissors sending Benoit into the middle turnbuckle. Benoit and Mysterio both make tags and Edge is hot. He knocks both men down with back body drops, faceplants and reverse DDTs. All hell breaks loose and Mysterio hits a bronco buster on Benoit. Edge pops Angle on the top and then back drops Mysterio onto Angle so he can hit a hurricanrana. Edge pins Angle but Benoit comes off the top to break it up and ends up hitting Angle.

Kurt hits a German suplex on Edge and then Edge belly to belly suplexes Rey Mysterio into Angle. Edge motions for the spear but Benoit takes down Edge and locks on the Crippler Crossface! Edge gets to the ropes but Benoit kicks away the ropes. Mysterio hits a 619 on Benoit but Angle hits Mysterio with an Angle Slam! Edge spears Angle and pins him but Benoit saves his partner. Mysterio baseball slides Benoit out of the ring and then hits him with a moonsault. Angle locks the ankle lock on Edge but Edge gets out of it and locks an ankle lock on Angle! Angle reverses the hold and Edge taps out! Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit become WWE Tag Team Champions! What a match that was. Great stuff.

Rating: 8.5/10

The Undertaker is backstage demanding a painkilling injection to get through the next match. He gets it.

Trish Stratus (c) vs. Victoria – WWE Woman’s Championship Match

No Mercy 2002 makes history as the first ever PPV in the history of the WWE to feature two women’s matches. This is Trish’s 16th PPV match, slowly catching up with Chyna who wrestled 20 PPV matches. This is technically Trish’s first ever match at a No Mercy PPV as her previous match in 2000 didn’t get under way. Victoria makes her PPV debut tonight. Victoria was originally features as Godfathers Ho but made a return lately as Molly Holly’s friend. Victoria takes down Trish with a headlock takeover and then knocks down the smaller Trish with a shoulder charge. Trish hits a clothesline for a two count and then a couple of big kicks. Victoria heads to the outside where Trish hits her with a clothesline but Victoria shoves Stratus into the ring post and drops her on the barricade.

Victoria hits a kick and then rolls Trish back into the ring where Victoria hits a legdrop, flying over the top rope as she does. Victoria hits a rough looking monkey flip and then attempts a second but Trish stops her and pops her on the top rope before hitting her trademark hurricanrana for a two count. Victoria executes a backbreaker submission and then a big slap. Victoria hits a slam and then a sidewalk slam before heading to the top but Trish gets up and hits her with an electric chair drop for a near fall. The two girls slug it out and Trish ducks a clothesline and hits the chick kick for a two count. Trish then hits two neckbreakers and attempts the Stratusfaction but falls down the back and rolls Victoria up for a three count. Trish wins the match but after the bell Victoria hits her with a big kick to the face.

Rating: 4.5/10

Rikishi is at The World in New York where they ask him about Hell In A Cell and show a clip from the 6 man hell in a cell that Rikishi was involved with at Armageddon 2000. Rikishi says that hell in a cell is no joke and predicts The Undertaker to win.

There’s a video package next for The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar who meet in hell in a cell next.

Brock Lesnar (c) vs. The Undertaker – Hell In A Cell match for the WWE Championship

It’s a second PPV meeting between these two men who wrestled to a no contest at Unforgiven last month. Undertaker has wrestled twice at No Mercy events before, winning once and losing once. Undertaker has main evented 6 of the last 8 PPVs since Wrestlemania. Heyman will be outside the cell for Lesnar. Undertaker still has the cast on his arm and he swings it at Lesnar who ducks and takes Undertaker down. Lesnar hits a powerslam and covers Undertaker early for a two count. Brock misses with a splash in the corner and Undertaker makes him pay with a shot from his casted right hand. Lesnar aims a couple of shots at Undertakers right hand and the challenger screams in pain. Brock applies an armbar to Undertakers bad arm but Undertaker gets out of it and smashes Brock with his cast a couple of times.

Brock is bleeding from the head now as Heyman screams. Undertaker hits Lesnar with some right hands to his bloody face. Undertaker then smashes Lesnar into the ring steps. This is Undertakers 98th PPV match. He’s wrestled on every PPV in 2002 and main evented over half of them. He throws Lesnar into the side of the cage twice and pins the champion for a two count. Undertaker rubs Lesnars bloody face along the cell and launches him into the cage again. Undertaker hits a legdrop on the apron and then heads to the top where he botches some sort of knee drop onto the apron but gets a near fall from it none the less. Heyman manages to get his arm through the cage but he can’t reach The Undertaker. Undertaker hits Heyman with a boot sending Paul into the barricade. Undertaker whips Lesnar into the steps and then turns his attention to Heyman, pulling him into the side of the cage by his tie. Heyman is bleeding too.

Undertaker runs at Lesnar who backdrops him into the side of the cage. Lesnar then spinebusters Undertaker into the ring post and then the side of the cage. Heyman hands Lesnar his belt and Brock ties it around The Undertakers wrist. He hands the belt to Heyman who essentially ties Undertaker to the cage allowing Lesnar to smash him with a steel chair. Brock then smashes Undertakers wrist with the chair until the belt breaks! Brock attempts to take Undertaker cast off but that wakes The Undertaker up and he lays into Lesnar. Brock swings Undertakers wrist into the side of the cell and then attempts to take the cast off again but fails. Undertaker rolls back into the ring and Lesnar follows, stomping on his challenger. Brock finally rips the cast off The Undertakers wrist. Brock targets the wrist of The Undertaker, wrapping it around the middle rope and then popping him on the top rope. Brok then goes up top himself and hangs onto the top of the cage and swings his boot into the face of The Undertaker. Undertaker hits him with a low blow and throws him back down to the canvas before standing on the top, balancing on the top rope and diving off with an elbow drop for a two count.

Brock drops Undertaker by his neck on the top rope but Undertaker boots Brock off the apron and into the side of the cell. Undertaker then dives out, manages to hit Lesnar but also goes face first into the cell. Lesnar throws Undertaker into the side of the cell and then rams the steel steps into his face busting Undertaker wide open. Back in the ring and Lesnar hits a spinebuster for a near fall. Undertakers whole face is covered in blood now and Lesnar hammers away at him. Undertaker fights back with right hands of his own and then a clothesline. Undertaker then stomps on Lesnars wrist before spinning the wrist round and heading up top for old school but Lesnar throws him off the top rope with an arm drag. Lesnar then sets up for the F5 but Undertaker nips down and hits Lesnar with a chokeslam! He pins the champion but Brock kicks out!

Brock motions for the last ride on the man that invented the move but Undertaker hits him with a back drop and then a DDT for another near fall. Undertaker then motions for the last ride  but Brock forces him into the corner and lays in some big right hands. Undertaker lifts Brock up in the corner and hits him with the last ride! He hooks the leg but Brock reaches the bottom rope. Undertaker gets up and motions for the Tombstone. He scoops Brock up but Brock reverses it and then throws Undertaker onto his shoulders before hitting the F5! Lesnar pins Undertaker and gets the 3! Brock Lesnar wins the match and retains his WWE Championship! Lesnar climbs up to the top of the cell and celebrates with his title as No Mercy comes to a close.

Rating: 8.25/10

And that was No Mercy 2002. Most of the roster wrestled although it would have been nice to see Eddie Guerrero, Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy in some capacity. The night kicked off with a decent enough tag team title match. I think I was expecting to see Booker T and Goldust win but they have lost a lot of steam recently and this is their second shot at the tag team titles that they have lost in the last 3 PPVs so I can see them leaving the tag team title picture for the time being. Saying that, the division isn’t too strong at the moment with Lance Storm/William Regal, 3 Minute Warning and Bubba and Spike being the only other teams around at the moment. It was a good win for Jericho and Christian who have a lot of chemistry and if they are to be established as a proper tag team then this was a god way of doing it.

Torrie Wilson beat Dawn Marie clean which to me means that this feud has come to an end. There is no need for a rematch as Torrie won clean. It will be interesting to see if the storyline continues between Dawn Marie and Al Wilson though. The match itself wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Rob Van Dam then beat Ric Flair in a decent enough match. I’m glad Flair put RVD over as there isn’t a more over babyface in the company right now than Van Dam and I hope he can work his way back into the World Heavyweight title picture. Again, the clean finish tells me that this feud is over. Jamie Noble beat Tajiri in a decent match. Noble is a great champion at the moment but I can’t help but think that he’s just keeping the strap warm for Rey Mysterio. There aren’t too many other opponents for him in the Cruiserweight division at the moment. I’m happy with Tajiri as a face again.

Next up Triple H retained his title against Kane. There was a lot of interference but for the second PPV in a row, Flair helped Triple H retain. I’m fine with this and the relationship between the two. I don’t think Kane ever stood a chance but he has had decent momentum since his return. Going into Survivor Series I’m not sure who Triple H will square off against but a Shawn Michaels return can’t be far away. Angle and Benoit became WWE Tag Team Champions which was a bit of a surprise. They’re a hell of a team though and have a very interesting dynamic. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them turn face and feud with Eddie and Chavo now whilst Rey focus’s on the Cruiserweight division and Edge maybe goes up against Lesnar at Survivor Series. But that’s just me fantasy booking.

Trish Stratus successfully defended her title against victoria which was the right result. This was another clean victory for a babyface which makes me think this feud is over. Maybe Trish will continue with both Victoria and Molly Holly now, leading to a triple threat at Survivor Series. I’m happy with Trish as champion, she’s come a long way, is very over and a good champion until somebody better comes along. Then in the main event, Brock Lesnar beats The Undertaker. I can see this being the end of this feud as the heel beat the face clean. It was a decent match between two men that kept the match stiff and have a lot of chemistry. I’m not sure where Undertaker goes from here. I wouldn’t mind seeing him feud with an Eddie Guerrero or a Chris Benoit but I think they’ll be tied up for now. Overall this felt like a decent enough pay per view, nothing special but a solid enough showing to end a lot of rivalries before the Survivor Series programmes kick off next week.

Overall Rating: 65.31/100 (ranked 20th out of 143)

Match Of The Night: Edge & Rey Mysterio vs. Chris Benoit & Kurt Angle
Worst Match Of The Night: Torrie Wilson vs. Dawn Marie
Surprise Of The Night: Angle & Benoit win the WWE Tag Team titles
Worst Booking Of The Night: N/A
Superstar Of The Night: Brock Lesnar
No Mercy 2002 Will Be Remembered For: The Hell In A Cell match between Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker

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