Rebellion 2002

| Date: October 26, 2002
| Arena: The Manchester Arena | City: Manchester, England
| Attendance: 13, 416

This is the 4th annual Rebellion pay per view and like always, it’s held in the UK. This one is being held in Manchester for the second time. As always there are no matches previously announced going into this show but it will be a Smackdown brand only PPV and should give the lower carders an opportunity to shine. The rumours are that the main event will be Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman against The Undertaker but with The Undertaker wheeled out on a stretcher following attacks from The Big Show on Smackdown two days ago, will he make it? Undertaker and Rob Van Dam are the only two men to have fought on every PPV so far in 2002, that is likely coming to an end at Rebellion.

Edge, Christian, Chris Jericho and The Rock are the only men to have fought on every Rebellion pay per view so far but of those four I would only expect to see Edge in action tonight as Jericho and Christian are Raw superstars and The Rock is on hiatus. If I was to predict the card tonight I would have Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit defending the WWE Tag Team titles against Eddie and Chavo and Rey Mysterio and Edge. I’d expect No Mercy rematches with Jamie Noble vs. Tajiri and Torrie Wilson vs. Dawn Marie. Maybe something like Billy Kidman vs. John Cena and Rikishi vs. Matt Hardy? Let’s hit play and see what’s in store.

In a dark match before the event, Bill DeMott defeated Shannon Moore.

A video package kicks us off with a British voice over. Shots of Brock Lesnar, Chris Benoit, Kurt Angle and Eddie Guerrero are shown and then The Undertaker, Edge, Rey Mysterio, Rikishi and erm Chuck Palumbo. The little boy that voices over the opening package is a big believer in good conquering evil and he has hope. The Rebellion has begun. Nice idea.

Michael Cole welcomes us to Manchester for Rebellion, he’s joined by Tazz. Stephanie McMahon then makes her way to the ring. Stephanie announces that due to actions by Brock Lesnar and Big Show and also due to the fact his wife is heavily pregnant, The Undertaker will not be here tonight. The main event is then changed to a handicap match with Brock Lesnar defending his WWE Championship, teaming up with his agent Paul Heyman against Edge. Stephanie then announces that Booker T is here tonight and out he comes.

Booker T vs. Matt Hardy

It’s a first time match between two of the most charismatic superstars on the roster to kick us off. Matt has his awesome “version 1” entrance inside of a windows media player skin. Matt gets on the mic before the bell and says the fans don’t need a sucka from Raw then need a European dose of Mattitude. Matt has lost his two previous matches at a Rebellion PPV, Booker has yet to wrestle at Rebellion. Matt takes Booker down in the early going with an armdrag. Booker hits a couple of clotheslines and a dropkick which knock Hardy to the outside. Matt rolls Booker T up for the first near fall of the night. Booker goes for a spinning heel kick but Matt heads to the outside. Booker follows him, chops him about a bit and then rolls Matt back into the ring.

Back in the ring and Matt hits a hotshot and a swinging neckbreaker for a two count. Mat is aggressive now as he steps on the back on Bookers head and chokes him on the top rope. Matt mocks Booker T before hitting him with a right hands. Booker hits a sunset flip out of nowhere but can’t keep the advantage as Matt hits a side effect. Hardy applies a sleeper to slow down the pace but Booker gets out of it before getting hit with an elbow and a legdrop. Matt hits another neckbreaker for a two count before going back to the sleeper. Booker gets out of it and this time hits a spinebuster to get back into the match. Booker hits some big right hands, chops, a forearm and a kick to the face for a two count. Booker then hits a big spinning heel kick for another near fall.

Matt hits a boot and then goes to the middle rope but Booker gets out of the way of a legdrop. Booker goes up top and hits a missile dropkick for a near fall. Booker T hits a spinning heel kick and then motions for the spin-er-oonie but Hardy makes sure it doesn’t happen! Booker hits the Book End and makes the cover but Hardy gets his foot on the rope. From nowhere Matt hits the twist of fate but he’s too slow with the cover and Booker kicks out. Matt goes for it again but Booker counters it and hits his trademark scissors kick for the three count! Booker T beats Matt Hardy in the opener! After the bell Booker gets on the mic and says he’s in the UK for one reason only and that’s to give the people what they came to see before giving them the spin-er-oonie!

Rating: 5.75/10

Paul Heyman is walking about backstage and enters Stephanie McMahons office. Heyman isn’t happy to be booked in a match tonight, he was injured at No Mercy last week. Stephanie says it’s what he deserves. Paul doesn’t have his wrestling gear so Stephanie tells him to wrestle in his suit.

There’s some recent clips showing the problems between Dawn Marie and Torrie Wilson.

Billy Kidman & Torrie Wilson vs. John Cena & Dawn Marie

This is a first time mixed tag between these four. Torrie is the only person in this match to have wrestled at a Rebellion event before and she won her tag team match last year. John Cena and Dawn Marie have only wrestled at one PPV before, Cena goes into this match with a 100% win record and Dawn Marie a 100% loss record. The guys have to hold back the girls as the bell rings and then Cena attacks Kidman when he has his back turned. Kidman takes the advantage with a flying head scissors but Cena gets back into it, dropping Kidman on the top rope. Cena hits a hard Irish whip but Kidman rolls him up for a two count. Cena hits a clothesline and Dawn Marie tags herself in. Kidman tags in Torrie who spanks Dawn and then lays in some boots.

Torrie hits an armdrag and a hard looking dropkick for a two count. Dawn Marie gets back into it hitting an X Factor facebuster for a two count. Torrie avoids a clothesline with a forward roll which was nice and then the two girls roll around the floor. Kidman gets involved in the rolling before celebrating to a pop. Cena then powerslams Torrie Wilson. Cena tags himself in, cheap shots Kidman and then forces Torrie down to her knees. Torrie low blows Cena and then tags in Kidman. Dawn Marie cheap shots Kidman and then Cena hits him with a spinebuster for a two count. Kidman hits a bulldog for a two count. Dawn Marie broke it up but accidentally hit her  own man. Torrie gets rid of her and then Kidman hits Cena with an enzeguri.

Kidman sets up Cena for a shooting star press and he hits it which is enough for the three. Kidman only just hit that. Was more of a shooting star headbutt. Kidman and Torrie win the match though. And they make out after the match! Anyone would think that they are a real life couple.

Rating: 5.5/10

Edge is backstage and Cole tells him that if he pins Heyman tonight then he’ll be the new WWE Champion. Edge says that is his first shot at the belt and whether he pins Heyman or Lesnar tonight, he will be WWE Champion.

Funaki vs. Crash Holly

Funaki gets on the ic before the match and says that this is Funaki, Smackdowns number one announcer. Tonight though, he’s number one top hat? Neither of these men have fought on PPV since Survivor Series 2001 in the immunity battle royal. It’s a first one on one PPV meeting between these two men. Crash has fought at the 1999 and 2000 Rebellion events, he lost in 1999 but beat William Regal for the European title in 2000. This is the kind of match we’ve come to expect at the UK PPVs. Funaki has only won one PPV match before. The two men get into some chain wrestling in the early going which gets a good reaction from the crowd. Funaki offers his hand which Crash slaps away. Crash pulls a Japanese headband out of his tights and then does some comedy karate moves. Funaki kicks him in the head and then hits him with some hiptosses and a dropkick.

Funaki lays into Crash and hits a sunset flip for a two count. Crash takes the advantage sweeping Funaki down to his feet and hitting him with an elbow to the face. Crash hits a sidewalk slam for a two count and then applies a sleeper. Funaki gets out of it but gets hit with a big clothesline. Crash misses with a splash in the corner so Funaki hits him with a bulldog and then a DDT. Funaki hits a dropkick for a two count. Crash hits an atomic drop but Funaki knocks him down with a clothesline. The two men exchange pinfalls and then Crash attempts another roll up but Funaki puts the breaks on and gets a three count! Funaki wins the match! Pretty terrible match.

Rating: 3/10

Nidia is backstage with Jamie Noble and she tells him that the people in Manchester smell. Noble can’t wait to get the hell out of here.

Rey Mysterio is backstage and doesn’t say anything.

Jamie Noble (c) vs. Tajiri vs. Rey Mysterio – Elimination Match for the Cruiserweight Championship

This is a first triple threat match between these three men on PPV. Tajiri wrestled at last years Rebellion in a losing effort against William Regal. Rey Mysterio goes into this looking for his first PPV victory on the third time of trying whilst Jamie Noble has won all 3 of his previous PPV matches. Rey Mysterio comes out wearing a hat whilst Jamie Noble is flanked by Nidia. Noble attacks Mysterio before the bell. Noble clears the ring of Tajiri and then Mysterio throws Noble out of the ring on top of Tajiri before diving out at both men. Mysterio pins Noble but Tajiri breaks up the cover. Mysterio hits Tajiri with a bulldog for a two count. Noble hits a northern lights suplex on Mysterio for a two count. Tajiri hits some big kicks on Noble and then takes both men down with elbows.

Tajiri ties Noble up in the corner and then hits him with a dropkick to the face. Tajiri then locks the Tarantula on Mysterio until Noble breaks it up. Noble hits a tiger bomb on Tajiri which eliminates Tajiri from the match. 

We’re down to just Noble and Mysterio. Noble goes for a tiger bomb on Mysterio but Rey reverses it into a hurricanrana. Mysterio hits a head scissors into the turnbuckle and then goes up top but Noble sees him coming and powerbombs him into the mat for a two count. Noble rams Mysterio’s shoulder into the steel post and Nidia help her man out with an arm bar. Noble works away at Mysterio’s arm and takes him down with a clothesline for a near fall. Noble hits another northern lights suplex and then and then goes back to the arm bar. The match is a lot slower then Noble is in control. The pace starts to quicken as Mysterio makes a comeback with a big DDT. Mysterio then hits a facebuster and a springboard legdrop for a two count. The challenger goes up top and hits a seated senton for a near fall.

Noble hits a vertical bomb for a two count and then a sunset flip but Nidia distracts the referee so he can’t count the pin. Mysterio then drops Noble on the middle rope, set up for the 619 but as he bounces off the ropes Nidia grabs his leg. Noble then hits Mysterio with the tiger bomb but Mysterio kicks out. Mysterio gets up on Nobles shoulder and hits a victory roll but Nidia grabs onto Nobles arm and Jamie Noble wins the match, retaining his Cruiserweight title! Nidia slaps Mysterio after the bell for good measure so Mysterio hits both Noble and Nidia with a 619! Jamie Noble retains the Cruiserweight title tonight, keeping his PPV streak in tact. Mysterio looks for his first PPV victory still.

Rating: 6/10

Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit are backstage. Kurt says that he is the leader of the team but Benoit says that he beat Kurt at Unforgiven and on Smackdown so he’s the captain. Kurt calls Benoit a cheat and says that he fits in nicely in England because of his bad teeth.

Val Venis & Chuck Palumbo vs. D-Von Dudley & Ron Simmons

Faarooq is now going under his actual name of Ron Simmons. It’s a first time PPV pairing for both of these teams and a Rebellion debut for Chuck Palumbo. D-Von and Simmons attack Venis and Palumbo before the bell. Ron hits Chuck with a big powerslam but the referee is slow to see it and Chuck kicks out. Simmons applies an abdominal stretch which Chuck quickly gets out of. D-Von and Valbowski tag in and Val hits a big back body drop and a full nelson slam for a two count. Venis hits a butterfly suplex on D-Von but Simmons plants Valbowski with a spinebuster. Plenty of double teaming from Simmons and D-Von. D-Von hits his trademark spinning elbow and tags in Simmons. Simmons hits some stiff jabs to Venis and then a camel clutch.

Val gets back into it with a low blow and tags in Chuck. Simmons tags D-Von  but Chuck plants him with a belly to belly suplex and some big right hands. Val and Chuck hit a double hiptoss on D-Von. Chuck takes D-Von down and then hits a belly to belly on Simmons. Palumbo hits a superkick on D-Von for a two count. Chuck gets distracted by Simmons on the outside who hits him with a big right hand. D-Von then rolls up Palumbo and gets the three. D-Von and Ron Simmons win the match.

Rating: 4.5/10

Eddie and Chavo are backstage looking forward to their tag team title match. They then get confused over where they are which earns them some heat. Wherever they are, it’s not as good as Mexico! Grandma is cooking up a celebration dinner for when they win the tag team championships!

Rikishi vs. Albert – Kiss my ass match

Like every match on the card tonight, this is a first PPV meeting. Albert gets on the mic before the match and calls himself wicked sexy. Albert and Rikishi both wrestled at the 2000 Rebellion event and both lost. Both men struggle to take the other one down in the early going but Rikishi does take Albert down with a clothesline. Albert runs out of the ring when he gets a view of Rikishi’s backside. Plenty of “you fat bastard” chants during this one. Rikishi hits Albert with a headbutt to no affect, Albert hits a headbutt of his own which knocks Albert down. Albert then takes off the top turnbuckle and Rikishi hits him with some jabs. Albert Irish whips Rikishi into the exposed steel of the top turnbuckle and follows it up with a splash. Albert gets a near fall and then applies a sleeper, using the ropes for leverage.

The loser of this match has to kiss the winners ass. Rikishi gets out of the sleeper but Albert knocks him back down. Both men then clothesline each other down to the mat. They both get to their feet where Rikishi hits some jabs, a Samoan drop and a DDT for a two count. Albert then hits a pump kick for a near fall and misses with a splash in the corner, going straight into the exposed turnbuckle. Rikishi hits him with a superkick and then the rumpshaker (formally known as the banzai drop) which gets him the 3 count. Rikishi beats Albert tonight. Albert gets out of the ring and heads to the back but Rikishi calls him back to kiss his ass. The referee tells Albert that he has to kiss Rikishi’s ass or face an indefinite suspension. Albert gets in the ring, hits Rikishi with a low blow and then the baldo bomb! He gets read to give Rikishi the stink face but Rikishi hits a low blow and then Rikishi hits the stink face on Albert! Rikishi calls Tazz, Michael Cole and Tony Chimmel in the ring for a dance. Cole is beyond terrible.

Rating: 4/10

Video package next for the Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle winning the tag team titles, beating Eddie and Chavo in the semi finals.

Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit (c) vs. Eddie Guerrero & Chavo Guerrero – WWE Tag Team Title Match

It’s a first time meeting between these two teams on PPV. It’s only Chavo’s second PPV match, he lost in a battle royal at Survivor Series previously. Kurt has wrestled twice at Rebellion before, winning and losing once. Benoit and Eddie Guerrero have both wrestled once and lost. It’s Angle and Benoit’s second time teaming together on PPV, they previously beat Edge and Rey Mysterio at No Mercy. This is their first defence of their titles on PPV. Eddie and Chavo pose with the tag team titles before all four men circle the ring. Kurt and Eddie start the match but Eddie quickly tags out to Chavo. The crowd are behind Angle who takes down Chavo in the early going. Kurt hits a hiptoss and a back body drop before taking Eddie Guerrero down. Benoit tags himself in and the crowd chant “we want Angle”.

Chavo tags in Eddie who gets into some chain wrestling with Benoit. Eddie applies a headlock but Benoit gets out of it and hits a backbreaker. Benoit then Irish whips Eddie and the top turnbuckle hasn’t been put back on so Eddie sells it. Kurt tags himself back in and Eddie tags Chavo who hits an uppercut on Kurt. Kurt hits a German suplex on Chavo and then Eddie attacks Kurt from behind. Benoit then comes in and hits a German suplex on Eddie. Both Kurt and Benoit then hit German suplexes on Eddie and Chavo at the same time! In the ring Angle hits a suplex on Chavo for a two count whilst Benoit rams Eddie into the steel post on the outside. Angle tags in Benoit who hits a big knee to the middle section of Chavo. Chavo tags in Eddie who lays into Benoit with kicks. Eddie distracts the referee while Chavo chokes Benoit.

Eddie hits a side suplex on Benoit and then tags in Chavo. Benoit tries to lock on the crippler crossface but Chavo gets to the ropes. Eddie hits a suplex on Benoit on the outside. Chavo tags in Eddie who hits a springboard senton on Benoit for a two count. Eddie locks on the Gore special on Benoit who gets out of it with a roll up for a two count. Eddie tags in Chavo who lays in the boots and uppercuts to Benoit. Chavo hits a suplex for a two count and then tags in Eddie. Lots of quick tags from the Guerreros. Benoit hits a flapjack and a powerbomb to Eddie but Chavo quickly drops Benoit with a clothesline. Eddie tags in Chavo who gets caught with the crippler crossface. Eddie breaks it up and Angle disposes of Eddie. The referee gets rid of Angle allowing Eddie to come off the top with the frog splash but Benoit moves out of the way and Eddie nails Chavo.

Benoit finally tags in Angle who drops both Guerrero’s with clotheslines, back body drops and German suplexes. Kurt pins Eddie for a two count. Chavo hits Angle with a dropkick and then Benoit drops Chavo with a German suplex. Benoit hits Eddie with a German and then a headbutt off the top rope. Kurt pins Eddie but Chavo breaks it up. Chavo hits Angle with a suplex and Eddie pins him for a two count as Chavo and Benoit tumble  to the outside. Eddie goes to the top for the frog splash but Angle jumps up with him. Eddie shoves him down and then nails Kurt with the frog splash but Benoit breaks up the cover. Eddie shoves Kurt into Benoit who goes into the referee. Eddie then locks the lasso from El Paso on Angle but the referee is down. Angle counters it into the ankle lock and Eddie taps but still no referee.

Chavo nails Angle (softly) with the tag team title and then shoves the referee back into the ring. Eddie pins Angle but Angle kicks out. Chavo heads to the top and Benoit shoves him off. Benoit then drops Eddie on the top rope and Angle hits him with an Angle Slam which is enough for the three! Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit retain their tag team titles tonight in a good match tonight. After the bell Kurt and Benoit shove each other and the Guerrero’s try to steal the tag team titles but the champions run them off.

Rating: 7/10

Backstage Brock Lesnar is stood over Paul Heyman doing press ups. Lesnar tells Heyman that if Edge beats him tonight then Brock will bust Heyman in half.

Brock Lesnar (c) & Paul Heyman vs. Edge – Handicap Match for the WWE Championship

Edge becomes the only man to have wrestled on all four Rebellion pay per views. He’s won 2 and lost one of his previous 3 matches at the event. This is Edge’s first ever PPV main event. He previously had the record for wrestling the most PPV matches without main eventing but that record now goes to Christian. If either Lesnar or Heyman are beaten by Edge tonight then Edge will become WWE Champion. Heyman has wrestled one PPV match before, teaming with Lesnar against the Hardy Boyz and it was team Lesnar & Heyman that won so Paul goes into this match undefeated on PPV. Heyman is dressed in his suit. Brock unsurprisingly starts the match and he tells Heyman to stay in his corner.

Brock shoves Edge to the mat in the early going. It’s a first time on PPV that these two men have been in the same ring. Edge uses his pace to get out of the way of Brock and then mocks him. Brock powers Edge into the corner and stomps him down to the mat. Edge drop toe holds Brock into the middle turnbuckle and then dropkicks the champion out of the ring. Back in the ring and Edge rolls Brock up a couple of times for near falls. Edge ducks a clothesline which sends Lesnar out of the ring again. Edge attacks Brock outside the ring but Lesnar soon takes the advantage until Edge reverses an Irish whip, sending Lesnar into the ring post. Heyman gets involved, grabbing Edge’s leg, allowing Brock to attack Edge. Edge avoids a corner attack and then hits a spinning heel kick on Brock and a spear to Heyman.

Lesnar hits a belly to belly on Edge and then takes the fight to the outside. Brock rams Edge into the ring post and then rolls him back into the ring for a two count. Brock hits a backbreaker, slowing the pace and getting a near fall. Lesnar locks on a unique looking wishbone Boston crab that looks quite impressive. Edge gets to the ropes and Lesnar lays in some more boots before applying a chinlock. Edge gets out of it and manages to roll up the champion for a two count before getting caught with a clothesline. Brock then locks on a bear hug or a “brock lock” as the commentators call it. Brock breaks the hold in the corner but Edge dropkicks him before baseball sliding Heyman off the apron. Brock hits a suplex for a near fall.

Brock continues the attack in what has been a very one sided match. He misses with a shoulder charge in the corner and Edge rolls him up for a two count. Edge takes Lesnar down with a flying forearm and a facebuster. Edge clotheslines Lesnar out of the ring and then drags Heyman into the ring. Edge goes up top and hits Heyman with a double axe handle. He pins Heyman and Lesnar breaks it up. Edge kicks Brock to the outside and then goes up top and dives on the champion. Edge rolls Lesnar back into the ring and then goes up top again before flying off with a missile dropkick for a near fall. Edge goes up top and dives off with a cross body but Brock ducks and Edge takes down the referee. Lesnar then tries for the F5 but Edge nips down and hits an Edge-o-cution but the referee is down and unable to make the count.

Heyman throws Lesnar a chair but Edge ducks it and hits the champion with a spear for a two count. Edge goes up top but Brock sees him coming and jabs a steel chair into his gut. Lesnar then hits Edge with the F5 and that’s enough for the three. Lesnar (and Heyman) win the match and the beast retains his title. After the match Heyman berates Edge with a steel chair in his hand so Edge kicks the chair in his face and hits him with the Edge-o-cution. The fans go home happy.

Rating: 7/10

Well that was Rebellion 2002. The Smackdown roster doesn’t have a lot of depth so there were a few throw away matches but for me this was a 2 match show. We kicked off with a nice surprise in Booker T defeating Matt Hardy. Booker T is very popular at the moment but I wouldn’t have been against him putting Hardy over. Still, two superstars that are hot right now in the opener. Kidman and Torrie beat John Cena and Dawn Marie in mixed ta team action that combined 2 storylines. It works because Kidman and Torrie are a real life item. I think Cena and Dawn Marie should have probably won this one since Torrie beat Dawn at No Mercy but this result wasn’t the end of the world. Funaki then beat Crash in a pretty terrible match that didn’t provide enough comic relief for it to be novelty. UK PPV’s give these sort of guys a platform but looking back they probably could have done without it.

Jamie Noble successfully defended his Cruiserweight title in a triple threat elimination match. I think Tajiri was only in there so not to make it a singles match between Mysterio and Noble which was what the match came down to. Mysterio will take the title from Noble but I can see it being at Survivor Series. Noble is a great heel to hold the gold for the time being. Reverend D-Von nd Ron Simmons beat Val Venis and Chuck Palumbo in a predictable result. I like D-Von and Simmons as a tag team but the other team was just make shift to put them over. This wasn’t a great match. Nor was Rikishi and Albert which was to designed to bring the crowd back up. Rikishi beats an Albert who we’ve barely seen on Smackdown since turning heel. Rikishi wins and everyone gets to see him stink face Albert.

Then came the big two matches. Angle and Benoit got a big win over Eddie and Chavo but I’d love to see this match again on a grander scale. I’m secretly hoping Eddie and Chavo take the titles at some point and I think they will but I can see them turning face at some point too. And then Brock Lesnar beat Edge in the main event. This was a decent match and gave Edge his first taste of the main event. Lesnar is a beast and he looks to be on a collision course with The Big Show but I’m not sure where it leaves Edge. I don’t see the point in tagging him with Mysterio. I’d like to see a feud between him and Benoit when the tag champs split up. Overall a fairly average pay per view with only two matches of interest.

Overall Rating: 53.4/100 (ranked 100th out of 144)

Match Of The Night: Lesnar & Heyman vs. Edge/Benoit & Angle vs. Los Guerrero’s
Worst Match Of The Night: Funaki vs. Crash
Surprise Of The Night: Booker T’s one night only deal on Smackdown
Worst Booking Of The Night: Kidman & Torrie win
Superstar Of The Night: Brock Lesnar
Rebellion 2002 Will Be Remembered For: Nothing. It won’t be remembered.

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