This Tuesday In Texas

This Tuesday in Texas was the final pay per view of 1991 and was live only six days after Survivor Series. The main event for this feud as announced at Survivor Series is a World Heavyweight title rematch between champion The Undertaker and Hulk Hogan. This is due to Ric Flair getting involved in the previous title match causing Hulk Hogan to lose his belt. … Continue reading This Tuesday In Texas

Survivor Series 91

The Gravest Challenge! Hulk Hogan defends his World Heavyweight title against The Undertaker. Hogan has held the World title since defeating Sgt Slaughter at Wrestlemania VII. The Undertaker who debuted at this pay per view one year ago gets a huge opportunity against the champ. You would think it’d be a definite hogan win so he can start the build up to Wrestlemania and his … Continue reading Survivor Series 91

Battle Royal 91

Battle Royal at The Royal Albert Hall is the second PPV in 1991 to be held in the UK. It’s only 5 or 6 weeks removed from Summerslam so there aren’t too many changes to the roster. The Ultimate Warrior was first following Summerslam for holding up the main event for more money. Former Intercontinental champion Mr Perfect was put on the shelf after picking … Continue reading Battle Royal 91

UK Rampage 91

UK Rampage 1991! The first show I’ve reviewed to be held in the United Kingdom which should make this one interesting. This is only a month after the last PPV, Wrestlemania VII so you’d think there’d be a lot of re-matches….well there aren’t. See back in the 90’s Wrestlemania was the end of the wrestling year. So obviously all champions are still in tact although … Continue reading UK Rampage 91

Wrestlemania 7

Superstars and Stripes forever was the tagline for this PPV and it was fitting in the battle between American and Iraq represented by Hulk Hogan and Sgt Slaughter. This is the seventh Wrestlemania event and features a lot of the biggest stars to ever step foot in a WWE ring. The main event features Sgt Slaughter defending his World Heavyweight title against Jack Tunneys hand … Continue reading Wrestlemania 7