Wrestlemania 7

Superstars and Stripes forever was the tagline for this PPV and it was fitting in the battle between American and Iraq represented by Hulk Hogan and Sgt Slaughter. This is the seventh Wrestlemania event and features a lot of the biggest stars to ever step foot in a WWE ring. The main event features Sgt Slaughter defending his World Heavyweight title against Jack Tunneys hand picked opponent Hulk Hogan.

Also on this card Ultimate Warrior takes on the man that cost him with World Heavyweight title at the Royal Rumble, Randy Savage in a retirement match.Which is huge being that both guys are former World Heavyweight champions and two of the biggest stars in the history of the WWE. Aside from those two big matches, Jake Roberts and Ric Martel have one of the biggest feuds going into this show as Martel blinded Roberts six months ago. Both the tag team and Intercontinental title are on the line also tonight as Mr Perfect defends against The Big Boss Man and The Hart Foundation defend against The Nasty Boys.

Since The Royal Rumble, Saba Simba has left the promotion and Greg Valentine has turned face after Jimmy Hart hit him with the guitar. So Let’s begin.

We’re treated to the American flag and the announcement of SGT Slaughter vs Hulk Hogan in the main event. The theme to the PPV is very red, white and blue which includes the logo. It sounds like we’ve got Gorilla Monsoon and “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan on commentary for this one.

The Barbarian & Haku vs. The Rockers (Shawn Michaels & Marty Jannetty)

Two of Bobby Heenans stable, The Barbarian and Haku team up on PPV for the first time to take on the high flying Rockers. The Rockers are always great in the opening match because they set the pace and get the crowd going. It’s power vs speed in this one. Haku and Michaels to start. It’s back and forth to being with and Michaels gets the first near fall of the match. The Rockers with some good double teaming to take their opponents to the outside. Shawn and Marty are still looking for their first Wrestlemania win. It’s The Barbarian in now with Jannetty and the big man takes control. It’s been a year since Barbarians last PPV win. He tags out to Haku who is a legit tough guy. Some double teaming from the heels now as they guillotine Jannetty on the top rope. Haku tags out to Barbarian who gorilla press slams Jannetty. You’d have to go a long way back to find Hakus last PPV victory.All the way back to Royal Rumble 89. Things go pair shaped for Heenans men as Barbarian misses a headbutt off the top! Hot tags made to Haku and Michaels! Michaels goes craxy, taking Haku down with high cross bodies! He hits a high cross body from the top and pins Haku for the three count! The Rockers with back to back pay per view wins!

Rating: 5.25/10

Backstage to some people I don’t know. One of them in a dinner suit complains about Earthquake. Now some blonde bird says she’s excited. Mene Gene gets very excited. Now to the presenter of celebrity jeopardy who has a stupid question.

The Texas Tornado vs. Dino Bravo

Well, Tornado has slipped out of the Intercontinental hunt and faces veteran Dino Bravo who attacks him before the bell! The two men go to the outside and Bravo throws him into the post then back into the ring. And it’s Tornado with the advantage now! And we now have Bobby Heenan on commentary! It’s back and forth now but Dino has the advantage. He hits a couple of elbows and a near fall on the former Intercontinental champion  before nailing a backbreaker. I think that’s his finisher but it’s only a two count. Bravo comes off the second rope but Tornado catches him with The Claw! He then comes off the ropes and hits the spinning tornado punch and pins him for the three! Tornado with a good win, hopefully he can work his way back up the card.

Rating: 3.5/10

Backstage to The British Bulldog who’s with his dog Winston. He claims to be the strongest man in the WWF then says that Winston has just told him that there’s no “bull” in this bulldog.

The Warlord vs. The British Bulldog

This is the Bulldogs first singles match on PPV since The Wrestling Classic when he faced Steamboat. Warlord looks for his first PPV win since Survivor Series. The two men start by not being able to get the other man down until Bulldog knocks Warlord off his feet! Bulldog goes for a crucifix but Warlord reverses it into a somoan drop. Warlord then tries for the full nelson but can’t lock the fingers. Bulldog gets out of it and Warlord can’t believe it. Bulldog then lifts Warlord up for the running powerslam and nails it! Three count and Bulldog wins! Three face wins on the bounce to start the show.

Rating: 3/10

Backstage now to Mene Gene who is with Jimmy Hart and the Nasty Boys. They’re convinced that they will be the next tag team champions. Now we go to the tag champs, The Hart Foundation. Neidhart with an intense promo followed by Bret Hart who thinks The Nasty Boys are scum.

The Hart Foundation (Bret Hart & Jim Neidhart) (c) vs. The Nasty Boys (Brian Knobbs & Jerry Saggs) – Tag Team Championship match

Well the titles have changed hands the last two times they were defended on pay per view, which was at Wrestlemania and Summerslam last year. Hart and Saggs start the match and Saggs with a cheap shot gives The Nasty Boys the advantage. This is actually Jerry Saggs PPV debut as he did not feature in the Royal Rumble. Hart takes down both Nasties and then Saggs tags out to Knobbs. And Knobbs wants Neidhart and gets his wish. Back and forth between the two big men then Neidhart hits a hiptoss and throws Knobbs to the outside. Back in the ring now and it’s all Neidhart. Saggs and Hart back in now and Hart throws Saggs into the corner and hits some big right hands. Nice Russian leg sweep from Hart and then his trademark elbow from the second rope. In comes Knobbs but Bret sees him coming. The Nasties eventually outnumber Hart and takes him down with no thanks to Neidhart. Saggs knocks Bret to the outside and the Hitman looks hurt.

Back in the ring and Saggs hits a hard irish whip into the corner. He follows it up with a backbreaker and a near fall. Saggs tags out to Knobbs who hits some elbows to the small of Harts back. Hart manages to power back though and tries to crawl over to Neidhart but Saggs makes sure he doesn’t. The Nasty Boys try a double team in the corner but Hart gets out of the way and tags out to Neidhart! But the referee doesn’t see it! Whilst the referee tries to get Neidhart out, Knobbs tries to hit Hart with the helmet but he hits his own man! Neidhart now tagged in and he takes out anybody moving! Knobbs is the legal man and now we’ve got all four men in there. Knobbs colides into Saggs and now the Hart Foundation hit the Hart Attack! The referee gets Neidhart out of the ring and Saggs clobbers Neidhart with the helmet! He rolls Knobbs on top of him and the referee counts the three! New tag team champions! The Nasty Boys with a huge victory!

Rating: 5.75/10

Now to a video package of sorts showing the history between Rick Martel and Jake Roberts. A ridiculous feud that involves Roberts being blind and DDTing the wrong person.

“The Model” Rick Martel vs. Jake “The Snake” Roberts – Blindfold match

This feud has been going on for six months and is a one of the big ones going into this PPV. Roberts gets a huge reaction, he is just so damn intense. This is the biggest singles match of Martels career up to now. Both men have the bag put over their heads in what is a ridiculous stipulation. Both men stumble around the ring completely avoiding each other. Martel crawls around in what is probably a good tactic. Roberts finds Martel the two men go at it. Back to looking for each other again now. Roberts gets help from the fans as both men stumble around. Martel hits the ropes and hits the deck. They find each other and Martel hits a slam then misses an elbow by about five minutes. Roberts knocked to the outside now and Martel follows with a chair. He backs into a ringpost and thinks it’s Roberts so swings the chair into it, hurting his hands. Back in the ring and Martel locks in the Boston Crab but Roberts gets out of it. Both men back up and Roberts nails the DDT! He puts his arm over and pins Martel for the win! Jake grabs The Arrogance spray and stomps on it. Now he’s got Damien and he throws it on Martel who manages to escape!

Rating: 2.75/10

The Nasty Boys are backstage celebrating with Jimmy Hart, The Mountie, Earthquake and Dino Bravo. And a few bottles of champagne.

“Superfly” Jimmy Snuka vs. The Undertaker

The Undertaker walks down to the ring with Paul Bearer, who makes his PPV debut. Both men are still looking for their first PPV victory. Undertaker hopes it’ll be third time lucky. Taker starts off with some big shots on Snuka who looks in great shape. He then hits a huge flying clothesline on the veteran. Snuka gets knocked to the outside and we have a great shot on Bearer holding up the urn. Undertaker suplex’s Jimmy back in but then misses an elbow. Superfly on the comeback now with a big headbutt and some chops. Superfly misses a cross body and goes flying over the top rope. Undertaker just paces but Snuka slingshots himself back in. Undertaker now gets Snuka up and hits the Tombstone! Game over. Undertaker gets his first PPV victory.

Rating: 4/10

Now to the history behind Savage and Warrior. It goes back to Savage attacking Warrior when he was champion, the Randy costing Warrior the title at The Royal Rumble.

Ultimate Warrior vs. “Macho Man” Randy Savage – Career Ending Match

Well it’s two years since Randy Savages heel turn and in the crowd is Miss Elizabeth. This is definitely the match of interest for me. I’m a huge fan of both of these guys. Warrior walks out, obviously preserving his energy for the match. A huge match between two former World Heavyweight champions, Intercontinental champions and two former Wrestlemania headliners. Savage dressed in purple and white, Warrior in multi colours. Back and forth to start with. With Savage using quick jabs and Warrior using his power to ground Randy. Warrior hits an atomic drop and a reverse atomic drop! Sherri on the outside screams for Savage and then runs in the ring and Warrior throws Savage into his manager! Savage gets tied up in the ropes and Warrior lays in some boots. Savage hits a big clothesline to get back into the match. Savage goes up top but Warrior catches him. Savage gets down and the two men are face to face until The King skips to the outside.

Back in the ring and Warrior is dominate. He lays in the boots to Randy in the corner and then picks him up and hits a big right hand. Warrior has dominated most of this match and looks very strong. Savage plays the heel so well. Warrior tries for a big shoulder block in the corner but Savage sidesteps and Warrior flies to the outside. Sherri hits a big slap outside followed by a knee and an eye gouge but Warrior pushes her over! You don’t see that anymore. Savage uses the distraction to grab Warrior and throw him into the post. He distracts the referee long enough for Sherri to lay in another kick. Warrior gets back in the ring and Savage gets a near fall. Savage then tries for a neckbreaker but Warrior reverses into a backslide. Both men up now and Savage spits in his opponents face!

Warrior with a clothesline and a beauty. But once again he misses with a shoulder block which allows Savage to gain the advantage, locking in a sleeper. The crowd get behind Warrior who gets back up to his feet and knocks Randy down! Both men back up and both men hit a clothesline on each other! They both get back up and Warrior locks in a small package but Sherri distracts the referee long enough for Savage to kick out. As Warrior complains to the referee, Savage shoves him into the ref! Sherri up top now but she accidentally nails The Macho King! Warrior chases her to the outside of the ring and the back in. He grabs Sherri but Savage rolls him up for a two count! Warrior is the first man back up  but Savage throws him into the ringpost. And then guillotines Warrior on the top rope. The camera goes to Elizabeth who looks concerned. Savage with a powerslam and a two count. He goes up top now and hits the big elbow! He goes up a second time and hits a second elbow! Savage then goes up a third time and hits a third elbow! And again! Savage is up a fourth time and hits a fourth big elbow! And again! Five big elbows! But he can only get a two count! Can you believe it!

Savage can’t believe it. With pain dripping off his eyebrows, Warrior starts a comeback! He finds some energy from somewhere and goes marching around the ring before knocking Savage down. The crowd are going mental as Warrior hits three clotheslines! He signals for the end. Elizabeth looks nervous. Warrior with the Gorilla Press Slam and then splash off the ropes. One…..Two……kickout!!!! Nobody can believe it. Monsoon calls Warrior “Warlord” as he points to the heavens. He then climbs out of the ring. Warrior must think it’s not his night. So much emotion in this match at Savage knocks Warrior to the outside. Savage goes up top and vintage Savage, he flies off looking for the double axe handle but Warrior smashes him on the way down! Both men back in the ring and Warrior hits the shoulder block! Savage rolls to the outside of the ring and Warrior follows. Warriors drags Savage back in and hits another shoulder block causing Randy to once again roll out of the ring. Warrior throws him back in as Elizabeth looks on. Warrior hits a third shoulder block and Warrior puts one foot on top of Savage, pinning him for the three!

Warrior celebrates in what was an absolute beast of a match. He then leaves and Sherri gets in the ring and screams at Savage. She then boots him! She hits him with a few kicks but looks who’s coming It’s Elizabeth! She grabs Sherri and throws her to the outside. Elizabeth tries to revive Savage but he shoves her off thinking it’s Sherri. He then stands up and sees that it’s Elizabeth. Everybody in the building is standing. The referee takes Sherri away leaving Savage and Elizabeth in the ring. The crowd go nuts and the two embrace in the middle of the ring much to the delight of the crowd! What a moment. Savage lifts her up on to his shoulder  as his music plays. Members of the crowd are in tears, Heenan claims their shoes are too tight or they’ve had a chilli dog with onions. Savage poses as his career is now over. What a guy.

Rating: 9/10* Match Of The Night

Demolition (Smash & Crush) vs. Tenryu & Kitao

Well I’m not sure why Demolition aren’t fighting The Legion of Doom but it’s Kitao and Crush that start the match. Smash comes in and distracts the ref giving Mr Fuji opportunity to smash Kitao with his cane. Smash in now and in comes Tenryu who is apparently the most popular wrestler in Japan. He misses an elbow allowing smash to hit a clothesline. Smash tags in Crush who hits s backbreaker. Crush still looking for his first PPV win. It was last years Wrestlemania that Demolition (Smash and Ax) won the tag titles last. All four men in the ring now and Crush gets rid of Kitao. Demolition go for their backbreaker/elbow finisher but as Crush goes up top the big Kitao throws him off. Tenryu with a powerbomb to Smash and with the help of a fast count, he gets the three count! Upset win for Kitao and Tenryu! Awful match.

Rating: 2/10

Backstage now to The Big Boss Man who gets an Intercontinental title match tonight. He’s a great contender. Boss Man has had his momma’s feelings hurt over the past few weeks.

Now to Sean Mooney with Mr Perfect and Bobby Heenan. Perfect is an awesome Intercontinental champion. Perfect is cool as a cat.

Mr Perfect (c) vs. The Big Boss Man – Intercontinental Title Match

Some great steady cam action on the entrances. Lord Alfred Hayes back on commentary for this one for the first time in years. This is probably Boss Mans biggest PPV match as he gets a title shot. Perfect throws his towel at Boss Man who wipes his arse with it and throws it back. Boss Man then spits in Perfects face but gets a slap back. Boss Man swings Perfect around by his hair! Boss MAn with some quick attacks, sliding in and out of the ring and then throws Perfect to the outside! Boss Man get a big win at the Royal Rumble against The Barbarian. As Perfect throws Boss Man out, Heenan gets involved. But who’s this? Andre The giant is out to even up the odds! Andre can barely walk but he’s out here and grabs the Intercontinental title. In the ring Perfect takes it to Boss Man as he questions what Andre is doing! As Perfect leans over to get the belt, Andre smashes him with it!

Perfect hasn’t won on PPV since Survivor Series 89. He has Perfect covered but can only get a two count! But wait, he come Haku and The Barbarian! It;s a disqualification as Boss Man takes out both men. Andre gets involved and takes out both men on the outside. Big Boss Man wins by disqualification. It was nice to see Andre again.

Rating: 4/10

Backstage to the Big Boss Man who stands tall and pride. Andre had enough with the Weasel family which is why he came out to help The Boss Man. Andre claim he’s going to help law and order.

Earthquake vs. Greg “The Hammer” Valentine

Well the story here is that Greg Valentine has face turned after Jimmy Hart accidentally hit him with the guiter in a match against Saba Simba. Not sure why Earthquake isn’t fighting Tugboat though. Quake slams Valentine early into the match and pins him but Greg kicks out. Valentine was on the first ever Wrestlemania as Intercontinental champion so he’s done well to stick around. He’s on the comeback now but can’t get Quake down. Eventually he gets him down to one knee. He goes up to the second rope and hits him with an elbow, taking the big guy down! Valentine follows it up with an elbow and headbutts him in the groin. He goes for the figure four but can’t lock it in. Jimmy Hart then distracts him allowing Earthquake to knock him down and then he hits the Earthquake splash! Three count and it’s over.

Rating: 3.75/10

Backstage to Hawk and Animal who are pissed off with Power and Glory costing them the tag team titles.

The Legion of Doom (Hawk & Animal) vs. Power & Glory (Paul Roma & Hercules)

The Legion of Doom are still looking for their first victory on PPV in the WWE. Roma and Hercules attack them before the bell but Hawk takes them both down. Hawk and Hercules go at it on the outside whilst on the inside Animal lifts Roma onto his shoulders. Hawk comes flying off and they roll it up for the win! A quick squash win for the Legion of Doom! They’re on a pth to the tag team titles.

Rating: N/A

“The Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase vs. Virgil

After Dibiase, out comes Rowdy Roddy Piper who has been helping Virgil train. He comes out on a crutch and announces Virgil who has no music. This match has a lot of history actually as Virgil has been Dibiases bodyguard for three years. This is Virgils first ever singles match on PPV. Virgil starts off with some jabs to Dibiase. Ted has been the man for so long. I would have liked to seen Dibiase vs. Piper but this has a lot of history. Virgil takes him down with jabs and boxing shots. Dibiase soon gets the advantage and takes Virgil down. He even shoves Piper down on the outside. Back in the ring Dibiase hits a big powerslam on Virgil. As Dibiase bounces off the ropes, Piper pulls it down sending the Million Dollar Man to the outside. Dibiase smashes Piper with a right hand kicks him. In the meantime, the referee counts Dibiase out! Virgil wins by count out! Ted gets back in the ring and locks on the Million Dollar Dream. Piper gets in the ring and smashes Dibiase with the crutch to break it up! Sensational Sherri then comes running out and attacks Piper from behind! Dibiase and Sherri take it to Piper as it seems Ted has bought out Sherri! But this time Virgil makes the save, grabbing the crutch!

Rating: 4/10

Backstage to SGT Slaughter now as they show a video of him burning the Hogan flag. He says he might even get himself counted out.

The Mountie vs. Tito Santana

Well the match gets underway and straight away Tito hits his big forearm. Mountie rolls to the outside but Tito rolls him right back in. Tito tends to put over up and coming heels, see Warlord and Barbarian amongst others. Mountie zaps Santana with the cattleprod and it’s over! Very quickly. Mountie wins on back to back PPVs.

Rating: N/A

Backstage to Hulk Hogan who we see for the first time tonight. Hogan says Slaughter won’t get the last laugh. Hogan says that he is new technology. Slaughter doesn’t know what secret battle plans Hogan has up his sleeve. Slaughter will have to rip out Hogans and Americas heart to retain the title!

Sgt Slaughter (c) vs. Hulk Hogan – World Heavyweight Title Match

Some of the celebrities seen earlier come out to do various jobs. Ring announcing, time keeping and such. I still have no idea who any of them are. Hogan starts the match by chasing Slaughter and Adnan around the ring. The crowd are behind Hogan who once again main events a Wrestlemania. 4 was the only Wrestlemania he wasn’t in the main event of but he still got involved. A collar and elbow tie up to start the match. Hogan keeps shoving away the referee which shows how much he wants Slaughter. A shoulderblock and neither man goes down but a second one and Hogan sends Slaughter sprawling across the ring. They take it to the outside now where Adnan gets involved but Hogan grabs him. Slaughter than attacks hogan with a steel chair and it’s not a DQ. Hogan no sells anyway and throws the Sarge back in the ring. The champion gets the advantage though and keeps Hogan grounded. He misses an elbow though which gives Hogan the advantage. He takes the champ down with a clothesline and then takes Adnan down off the apron.

Hulk hits an atomic drop and covers Slaughter but gets a two. Lots of “USA” chants. Slaughter is up there with Piper, Andre and Savage as one of the biggest and best heels Hogan has come up against. Hulk hits a back body drop and Slaughter looks worse for wear. Both of these men got big wins at the last PPV, Royal Rumble. Hulk slingshots Slaughter into the post which is the first time I’ve seen that. He then nails Slaughter with ten right hands. Hogan goes up top but Adnan grabs him and Slaughter catches Hogan. But Hulk still has the advantage. Strange. Hogan goes up top again and Adnan grabs him again. Slaughter then throws Hogan off the top. I think that was the spot that was suposed to happen, Adnan shouldn’t have grabbed him last time. Anyway, Slaughter clotheslines Hogan over the top rope and follows him out. He then smashes hogan with the chair on the outside twice! And it’s still not a disqualification. He then chokes Hogan with a cable.

Back in the ring and Slaughter has the advantage as he locks in a Boston crab! They are really close to the ropes though so I’m not sure why Hogan isn’t reaching for the ropes. Slaughter thinks he’s won. He hasn’t. He then goes after Hulks back, taking the big man down. Slaughter goes up top now and jumps on Hogans back. Ouch. That looked like it could hurt. Adnan then goes up and distracts the referee. Tit! Slaughter would have had a three count. When the referee turns round Hogan kicks out. Slaughter grabs the chair again and smashes Hogan with it. Still not a DQ. Slaughter covers and gets a two count. Hogan has been busted wide open. We have colour. Slaughter now locks on the camel clutch and eventually Hogan stands up with the champion on his back! Slaughter shoves him into the corner though! Slaughter covers Hogan with the Iraqi flag and pins him for a 2. Hogans up though and rips up the flag! Hogan Hulks up! He hits some right hands and then the big boot! He hits the ropes and legdrop! Hogan wins! We’ve got a new World Heavyweight champion! Hogan is a three time champion! He celebrates with the belt and the American flag to close the show!

Rating: 7.75/10

Well, six years into the WWF PPV history and is the product improving? It’s hit and miss really. This had some great matches and some throw away ones. The Ultimate Warrior/Randy Savage match was the best PPV match I have seen up to this point. So much emotion, it really was an amazing encounter. The main event was good but not as good as Warrior/Savage. None of the other matches came close. The tag matches  involving The Rockers and The Hart Foundation were ok, but everything else didn’t live up to expectations. I think Roberts and Martel could have had a great match if they didn’t have bags on their heads. Their match was one of the worst ever as was the Demolition match. Very disappointing on both parts.

Wrestlemania VII did see PPV debuts for the likes of Jerry Saggs of The Nasty Boys, Tenryu and Kitao, all of which had winning debuts. The big stories of the night were Hulk Hogan winning the World Heavyweight title for a third time, Randy Savage being forced into retirement but reuniting with Miss Elizabeth and The Nasty Boys winning the tag team titles.

Overall Rating: 45/100 (Ranked 12th out of 20)

One thought on “Wrestlemania 7

  1. Seven things of note:

    1.Macaulay Culkin was in attendance, as during the Hart Foundation’s entrance, Gorilla quipped that Macaulay does not want to be home alone with the Nasty Boys.

    2.Warrior destroyed Brother Love on an episode of Superstars prior to the PPV.

    3.Another factor that contributed to the LOD/Demolition feud (which had a pretty crummy match on the February 10th episode of Wrestling Challenge, which resulted in LOD winning by a very cheap DQ) never getting its big PPV blow-off was the Nasties showing up in the WWF and becoming Hogan’s mates.

    4.Sour & Gory (the nickname that LOD gave Power & Glory) both had injuries going into this PPV; Roma with a torn bicep, and Hercules with a groin tear, which explains why their match with the LOD was kept short. After LOD won, Herc just stood there like a twat instead of checking on Roma. Also, it’s a shame that Herc and Jerk’s big push ended with a fizzle, and we can once again thank the Nasties for that.

    5.Piper throwing his crutch at referee Danny Davis’ groin was an unplanned spot.

    6.Jimmy Hart wore four different jackets throughout the PPV.

    7.It’s not right for Hogan to tear up the Iraqi flag, because he’s supposed to be a huge babyface, love the whole world over.

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