Armageddon 99

| Date: December 12, 1999 | Venue: National Car Rental Stadium | City: Sunrise, Florida | Attendance: 17, 054 | Buyrate: 371, 000 Armageddon is upon us, could it be the end of the world tonight? The Undertaker is on the poster for the event but isn’t scheduled to wrestle, nor has he been seen for a couple of months. Could he return tonight? Armageddon would be the perfect time for him … Continue reading Armageddon 99

No Mercy 99

| Date: October 17th, 1999 | Venue: Gund Arena | City: Cleveland, Ohio | Attendance: 18, 742 | Buyrate: 327, 835 No Mercy is exactly what tonight’s main eventers WWF Champion Triple H and number one contender “Stone Cold” Steve Austin will have for one another. At Unforgiven last month Triple H became a two time WWF Champion after winning the 6 pack challenge. Austin knew he would be facing the winner. … Continue reading No Mercy 99

Rebellion 99

| Date: October 2nd, 1999 | Venue: The National Indoor Arena | City: Birmingham, England | Attendance: 13, 500 Welcome to the first ever Rebellion PPV! It’s being held in Birmingham, England and yours truly was there. Only 1 of 2 PPV’s I have attended. The other was Wrestlemania 30. As I write this, Rebellion 1999 was nearly 17 years ago so besides the main event, I cannot remember a … Continue reading Rebellion 99

Unforgiven 99

| Date: September 26, 1999 | Venue: Charlotte Coliseum | City: Charlotte, North Carolina | Attendance: 15, 779 | Buyrate: 329, 687 It might be Unforgiven tonight but you’d be forgiven for thinking that The Undertaker will be in action due to him being the man on the poster for the event. He won’t be. He was originally scheduled to be in the main event but I’ll get to that shortly. Since Summerslam … Continue reading Unforgiven 99

Summerslam 99

| Date: August 22, 1999 | Venue: Target Centre | City: Minneapolis, Minnesota | Attendance: 17, 370 | Buyrate: 600, 000 An out of body experience. That is what Summerslam 1999 will be. Any why? Well, we have a special guest referee for the main event tonight and that man is the same man that referee’d the main event of the very first Summerslam, Jesse “The Body” Ventura. He has been put … Continue reading Summerslam 99

Fully Loaded 99

| Date: July 25, 1999 | Venue: Marine Midland Arena |City: Buffalo, New York | Attendance: 16, 605 | Buyrate: 360, 000 New York will be Fully Loaded tonight for the last PPV before the biggest party of the summer, Summerslam. So expect a lot of this show to be laying the groundwork for the second biggest show of the year. So what is in store? Well for starters, The Undertaker … Continue reading Fully Loaded 99

King Of The Ring 99

| Date: June 27, 1999 | Venue: Greensboro Coliseum | City: Greensboro, North Carolina | Attendance: 19, 761 | Buyrate: 430, 000 King Of The Ring can make careers and has springboarded the likes of Steve Austin, Triple H, Owen Hart, Mabel, Ken Shamrock and Bret Hart. Tonight, 8 men will compete in the tournament in hope of becoming the next King Of The Ring. As you can see in the first … Continue reading King Of The Ring 99

Over The Edge 99

| Date: May 23, 1999 | Venue: Kemper Arena | City: Kansas City, Missouri | Attendance: 16, 472 | Buyrate: 416, 035 Over The Edge in the WWF and you would be excused for thinking this was Summerslam 1998. The two main events for tonight are rematches from Summerslam in “Stone Cold” Steve Austin vs The Undertaker and The Rock vs Triple H. The Undertaker and his Ministry have been taking over … Continue reading Over The Edge 99

In Your House 28: Backlash

| Date: April 25, 1999 | Venue: Providence Civic Centre | City: Providence, Rhode Island | Attendance: 10, 939 | Buyrate: 398, 000 Backlash. What will the Backlash be from Wrestlemania? Tonight we find out. And in the main event of the final “In Your House” PPV we get a rematch from Wrestlemania with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin defending his WWF title against The Rock. Since Wrestlemania Austin has demanded that … Continue reading In Your House 28: Backlash