No Mercy 99 (UK)

| Date: May 16, 1999
| Venue: The MEN Arena | City: Manchester, England
| Attendance: 18, 107

No Mercy is the theme for tonight, but who will be having No Mercy? Going into this, there has been no build towards any of the matches. Everythng is pretty much unknown as the build for the last few weeks on Raw has been towards the next major PPV, Over The Edge which is one week away. This No Mercy is just being shown in the UK so don’t expect any major title changes. Going into this, there has been one title change and that is that Sable has lost her Women’s title to Debra after Shawn Michaels changed the rules of an evening gown match after the match had already been won! So with Stone Cold Steve Austin still has WWF Champion, The Godfather as IC champion, Kane and X Pac as the Tag Team champions and Al Snow as the Hardcore champion, let’s see what’s in store.

We kick off with a video package announcing the main event between Steve Austin, Triple H and The Undertaker. The WWF title will be on the line in a match that could end up being a handicap match against the champion.

Jim Ross welcomes us to the M.E.N arena in Manchester. He’s joined by Jerry “The King” Lawler in what Ross describes as one of the most anticipated events in WWF history. Can’t see that being the case, they didn’t announce any matches in the run-up.

The Corporate Ministry’s awesome music hits and out comes Shane McMahon, The Undertaker, Triple H, Chyna, Viscera, Mideon, Paul Bearer and The Acolytes. Just the Boss Man missing by the looks of it. And the Mean Street Posse! Chyna’s face looks weird tonight. Shane gets on the stick and says tonight the Corporate Ministry will have no mercy on their opponents. He announced that The Brood will take on The Acolytes and Viscera. We’ll also get Mideon against Kane. And Shane then announces that he will defend his European title against X Pac! Then in the main event Austin defends in a triple threat against Triple H and The Undertaker under no holds barred rules.

Tiger Ali Singh vs. Gillberg

Tiger Ali Singh takes ages to come out of the entrance curtain. He really built the anticipation. The fans had given up booing by the time he actually came out. Singh gets on the mic and says that the people don’t like him because they think he should be driving a taxi. He then says that he’s richer, more powerful and better looking than everyone else. And then goes on to say that the only thing England has going for it is the millions of Indians that live there which got a boo. Racist. Tiger Ali Singh has a great record in England having won his two previous matches there over Leif Cassidy and Edge. Gillberg makes his usual fantastic entrance with the Light-heavyweight championship around his waist. That title isn’t on the line tonight. Gillberg starts well, evading Singhs attacks but his fortune soon chance as the Indian gorilla press slams the smaller man. Gillberg manages a powerslam, just. And then he hits the spear! But then wastes too much time celebrating. Tiger hits a neckbreaker and that’s enough for the win! A quick opener tonight with Tiger Ali Singh picking up the win in a bit of a squash.

Rating: 2.75/10

We get a video package about the Ministry of Darkness now focusing mainly on the Brood. They joined and left soon after.

The Brood (Edge, Christian & Gangrel) vs. The Acolytes (Bradshaw & Faarooq) & Viscera

This is actually Viscera’s first PPV under that name. He’s previously wrestled under Mabel but tonight he joins The Acolytes in what is a sort of rematch from Backlash. Viscera replaces Mideon from that contest. Last time the WWF were in the UK for Capital Carnage, Edge lost his match whilst Christian won his. Gangrel kicks things off against the big man Viscera. Gangrel can’t seem to faze Viscera who hits a big powerslam. Gangrel avoids a splash in the corner then goes for a suplex but there’s no way he can get Viscera up and the big man reverses it. It takes a double team from Gangrel and Edge to take Viscera down. Edge is officially tagged in but on his own he can’t keep the advantage. Viscera tags Bradshaw who hits some hard elbow drops for a near fall. He gors for a powerbomb but Christian makes sure that doesn’t happen which gives Edge the advantage. Edge tags Christian and Bradshaw tags Faarooq. Christian takes him down with a spinning heel kick and tags Edge.

Edge hits a cross body off Christians back but then gets caught from with a spinebuster for a near fall. Bradshaw lays into Edge behind the referees back. Viscera is tagged in and hits a big clothesline and elbow drop for a two count. It was the Acolytes and Mideon who won this match at Backlash, so if they lose this one they can blame Viscera. Bradshaw and Christian are tagged in and Cristian goes for a cross body but gets caught and hit with a fallaway slam. Faarooq then lays into Christian behind the referees back. He rolls Christian back into the ring and Bradshaw pins him for a two count. Bradshaw then hits a hard Irish whip before locking in a bear hug. Christian fights out of it but Bradshaw hits him with a big boot for a two count. Lawler makes some Manchester United reference. Viscera is tagged in and hits a sidewalk slam for a two count. Christian goes for a crucifix pin but Viscera hits a Samoan Drop for a two count. Edge keeps saving the pinfalls. Viscera tags in Faarooq who locks a sleeper on Christian.

The Acolytes remind me of The Powers Of Pain in some ways. Christian gets out of the sleeper and both men roll to their corners but it’s only Faarooq that makes the tag. In comes Bradshaw who covers Christian for a two. Bradshaw tags Faarooq as both Acolytes take it in turns to pin Christian. The Corporate Ministry triple team Christian who tries to make a comeback to no avail. Faarooq tags Bradshaw as Shane McMahon and Mideon emerge form the entrance curtain. Edge helps his brother Christian who hits a swinging DDT form the top rope. Christian tags Gangrel who hits a reverse elbow on Bradshaw but gets caught with a boot. All six men are suddenly going at it and Gangrel and Edge hit a double suplex on Bradshaw before Christian comes off the top with a frog splash Christian and Gangrel then hit a double DDT off the middle rope for a two count. Shane then sends Mideon to the ring and he hits a DDT on Gangrel. He throws Gangrel back into the ring where Bradshaw hits a clothesline from hell! He pins Gangrel and it’s a big win for the Corporate Ministry tonight! Shane gets on the mic after the bell and says “one down and four to go” but I can only think of three. A slow paced six man tag match.

Rating: 4.5/10

Next up is a VT for Steve Blackman. He must be returning soon. Oh, very soon, he’s up next.

Steve Blackman vs. Droz

This is both of these mens first PPV match since the Royal Rumble. Droz takes the early advantage with a reverse elbow. Blackman comes back with some big kicks in the corner. Droz avoids a kick and heads to the outside where he berates some fans. Blackman hits him with a baseball slide before sliding him back into the ring. The two men slug it out before Droz hits an inverted atomic drop and a clothesline. Droz misses with a splash in the corner allowing Blackman to hit a powerslam but then he misses with an elbow from the second rope. Droz hits a powerslam and then locks on a sleeper. Blackman gets out of it but gets caught with a knee. That earns Droz a two count. He throws Blackman over the top rope then nails Blackman with an elbow drop off the apron. Back in the ring and Droz comes off the top but Blackman gets a foot up. Blackman hits a shoulder charge then applies an armlock and Droz taps out! Blackman beats Droz tonight in what was a poor match.

Rating: 3.25/10

We get a Beaver Cleavage VT where he grins when offered his mothers milk. Very strange.

Mankind comes out and get on the stick. He asks whether they play football in Manchester which receives mostly cheers but some boos. He asks whether the team is any good which again gets mostly cheers. He says that Kay Parker (British porn star) and the British Bulldog are from Manchester. That’s not entirely true. Interesting how he talks about the British Bulldog (from Leeds) who is currently  wCw wrestler. Mankind says he’s been told not to say “wanker”. He has some words for Billy Gunn then says anybody that has seen Mankind in the shower knows what a real bad ass looks like! Great stuff from Foley.

We get some vox pops from fans about Shane McMahon. He has some fans and some aren’t as keen. Mixed predictions for the main event too.

Mideon vs. Kane

No real build for this match and I’m not expecting it to be a classic. This is Mideons second singles PPV match, he lost his previous one to the Big Boss Man. Kane lays into Mideon from the ring bell and chokes him in the corner. The big red monster then hits a big boot, a powerslam and a legdrop. Kane hits a mean uppercut but Mideon avoid a shoulder charge in the corner. Mideon starts to work Kanes arm and shoulder but Kane knocks him down with a big clothesline. Kane misses with the follow up elbow drop allowing Mideon to hit a jawbreaker. Mideon hits some right hands that have no affect. Kane knocks down the all seeing eye of the Ministry with some right hands before going to the top and hitting a big clothesline. Kane then hits a big clothesline but out comes The Acolytes, Viscera and Shane McMahon who lay into Kane! Viscera hits a big splash as Shane McMahon cheers him on. X Pac runs out with a kendo stick to chase off the Corporate Ministry! Short match here.

Rating: 3.75/10

We see some footage from Raw where Sable beat Debra to retain the WWF Women’s title in an Evening Gown match before Shawn Michaels came out and reversed the decision.

Tori vs. Sable 

This is a rematch from Wrestlemania and Sables 9th PPV match, more than any woman ever. Sable gets on the mic before the bell and gives us the grind! Sable then tells us that ever since arriving in gloomy, damp, England, she has picked up a chest cold. So tonight she’s not going to wrestle! Instead, Nicole Bass will wrestle Tori in her place.

Tori vs. Nicole Bass

So instead we get a PPV match debut for Nicole Bass who wrestles Tori who is looking for her first PPV victory. Good luck Tori. Nicole Bass cost Tori her match against Sable at Wrestlemania. Tori tries to attack Nicole Bass from behind but Nicole grabs her and chokeslams her for the win. Nicole Bass is a big old unit and she wins this match in a matter of seconds.

Rating: n/a

Next up is a video package for Shane McMahon and X Pac. Shane beat X Pac for the European title and has had the better of him since then. He beat him in a Greenwich Street Fight and with help from Triple H he defeated X Pac at Wrestlemania too.

Michael Cole is backstage with Shane McMahon and asks him whethewr he’s going to be any match for X Pac. McMahon has two words for X Pac…”No Mercy”.

Shane McMahon (c) vs. X Pac – European Title Match

Well this is a Wrestlemania rematch. Shane is technically undefeated on PPV going into this one having won his previous match against X Pac. X Pac goes into this looking for his first PPV victory since beating Gangrel at the Royal Rumble. X Pac lays into Shane before the bell and launches him over the top rope bufore doing his trademark crotch chop. Shane heads to the back but out come Gerald Briscoe and Pat Patterson to make sure he doesn’t go anywhere! Last time the WWF were in the UK, X Pac had a WWF title shot against then champion The Rock. As Shane and X Pac battl to the ring, Chyna comes out and takes out Briscoe and Patterson! This distracts X Pac and Shane knocks him outide the ring where Chyna rams him into the ring post! X Pac nearly gets counted out but the crowd are right behind him. Finally this one can get under way properly. Shane hits a suplex on X Pac then goes to the middle rope where he hits an elbow drop for a two count.

Shane slaps X Pac which riles up the tag team champion but Shane takes him down with an elbow. McMahon then locks on a sleeper but the crowd cheers X Pac on and he gets out of it and hits a suplex. X Pac hits two big spinning heel kicks but Chyna jumps up on the apron. Shane goes for a clothesline but X Pac ducks and McMahon nails the referee! X Pac sets up Shane for the Bronco Buster but Chyna nails him with the European title! Shane crawls over and covers X Pac but X Pac gets his shoulder up! Triple H makes his way to the ring now and Shane goes for a Bronco Buster but X Pac gets out of the way. X Pac then nails his finisher, the X Factor! He covers Shane but Chyna trips the referee! Chyna then goes to the top but X Pac crotches her!  X Pac hits TRiple H off the apron then goes for a Bronco Buster on Chyna but Chyna gets her foot up and Triple H gets in the ring and hits the challenger with the Pedigree! Shane covers him and that’s enough for the three!

Shane O’Mac retains the European championship tonight in a match that didn’t really feel like it got going. After the bell Shane hits a Bronco Buster on X Pac. As expected, Kane comes out to break up the party.

Rating: 4.75/10

Michael Cole is backstage with Mankind wondering whether the Corporate Ministry will get involved in his match later. The Corporate Ministry then come in and attack Mankind backstage! Undertaker attacks him with a chair and applies a leg lock!

Billy Gunn vs. Mankind

Billy Gunn has the best entrance music in the company. This is his first PPV match as a heel in a year. He gets on the mic and has two words for those who ain’t down with him! Whether Mankind will show up or not is the real issue here. His music hits and there’s no sign of him. Mankind is tough though, I would never count him out. Gunn finds it funny that Mankind has run into a little misfortune. He denies having anything to do with it and then asks Teddy Long to raise his hand in victory. Right on cue MAnkinds music hits and this time he limps out! If The Rock doesn’t wrestle tonight (which he hasn’t been nanounced to be but is on the poster) then Mankind will have fought on the most PPVs consecutively right now with 19. The fight begins outside the ring in this first ever singles match on PPV between these two.

In the ring and Billy Gunn hits a dropkick to Mankinds injured knee. Billy continues to work Mankinds knee, bending it around the ring ropes. Mankind is no longer in a smart shirt and tie, instead he wears plaid like Cactus Jack would. Outside the ring and Mankind knocks down Mr Ass with a clothesline before nailing him with a plastic lid. Gunn then reverses an Irish whip and throws Mankind over the security railing. The two battle back inside the ring where Mankind knocks Billy Gunn down with an elbow but misses with an elbow drop. Billy goes back to work on Mankinds knee and slams his head off the top turnbuckle before wrapping Mankinds knee around the ring post! Mankind gets out of it and hits a suplex on the outside of the ring. Back in the ring and Gunn takes the advantage with a chopblock. He then locks on a figure four! Mankind slaps his own face but Gunn grabs on to the ropes for extra leverage. Mankind reverses the hold but Billy quickly gets to the ropes.

Mankind starts a come back with some big right hands and a running knee in the corner. He then goes to the outside and grabs a steel chair! Teddy Long takes it off him but Mankind still manages a double armed DDT! He then signals for Mr Socko and then rams it down Gunns throat! Billy manages to get out of it though, dropping Mankind on to the chair that is till in the ring. Gunn then hits a piledriver right on the chair but Mankind gets his shoulder up! The bell rings but the referee only signals for two! Gunn hits a Fame-asser on the chair and this time does get the three. Billy Gunn beats Mankind in somewhat of an upset! Watching back, Teddy did slap the mat three times. Teddy Long is a pretty awful referee. Gunn isn’t happy but it’s arguably one of the biggest wins of his career. Best match of the night so far.

Rating: 6.5/10

Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler give a shout out to the British Bulldog who has had a bad injury as of late in wCw.

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin (c) vs. Triple H vs. The Undertaker – No Holds Barred match for the WWF Title

This is similar to the main event in the UK last May at Mayhem In Manchester where Austin successfully defended his WWF title against Triple H. Undertaker is in the mix this time though in a big triple threat match. Triple H’s second ever PPV main event. Chyna and Paul Bearer acompany their clients. Triple H wrestles in trunks and not tights for the first ever time. I’m not sure why we haven’t had an interview with Austin tonight. Triple H tries to attack Austin during his entrance but the champion fights him off. Undertaker nails Austin with the title belt as the three men fight up the entranceway. Austin does his best to fight off both men but can’t keep it up. Undertake chokes Austin with some cable whilst Triple H lays in some boots. Triple H accidentally nails The Undertaker which allows Austin to go for both men. Triple H and Austin fight into the ring where Austin hits the Lou Thesz press! Undertaker takes him off his feet and gets a two count.

Undertaker locks a sleeper hold on Austin now before choking the champion whilst Triple H lays in more boots. Helmsley stomps away at Austin in the corner and Undertaker hits some elbows. Triple H and austin slug it out in the crowd and then back to ringside. Helmsley slams Austin into the ring steps before attempting suplex which Austin reverses! Austin then attempts a piledriver on Undertaker but the dead man back body drops him. Triple H and Undertaker take it in turns to hit Austin with right hands in the entrance way. Back in the ring and Undertaker pins Austin for a one count. Austin explodes out of the corner and knocks Triple H down with a clothesline before getting caught with a clothesline by the Undertaker. Triple H is looking for his first ever WWF title tonight and he tries to hit Austin with a steel chair but the referee takes it off him! Austin manages to grab the chair and knock both of his opponents down with it. Back in the ring and Austin covers Triple H for a two count. Undertaker gets the upper hand on Austin and pins him for a two count. Undertaker and Triple H start showing some friction as they both want to stomp away at Austin. Outside the ring and Austin smashes Triple H’s face off the ring steps and ring post.

Back in the ring and Undertaker applies a leg lock to the champion. Triple H breaks it up though and they get into a pushing match. Undertaker then lays into Triple H as Chyna and Paul Bearer have words too! This allows Austin to take on both men separately and goes quite well until Undertaker hits a low blow on the rattlesnake. Back in the ring and Undertaker goes for a chokeslam on Austin but Triple H breaks it up. Austin and Triple H then double team Undertaker until Helmsley clotheslines Austin down. Triple H hits a facebuster on Austin and pins him but Undertaker breaks up the cover. Undertaker goes for a Tombsonte but austin slips down the back and goes for a Stunner! Undertaker pushes him into Triple H who attempts a Pedigree but Austin gets out of it and slingshots him into Undertaker who hits a chokeslam on Helmsley! Austin breaks up the count and hits a Stunner on Undertaker! He pins the dead man but Triple H breaks it up. Austin then hits a Stunner on Triple H! Austin covers Helmsley but Undertaker breaks up the cover! Suddenly the whole Corporate Ministry are out there laying into Austin!

X Pac, Kane and The Brood make their way out to fight off the Corporate Ministry and Mankind joins them clearing the ring! Mankind fights The Undertaker to the back just leaving Austin and Triple H! Triple H hits the high knee as Shane McMahon claps him on from ringside.  Chyna gets in the ring and Triple H holds Austin for her. She does a backflip and a cartwheel but Austin fights off Triple H and lays her out with a Stunner before hitting a Stunner on Triple H! He pins Helmsley and gets the three! Stone Cold retains his WWF title! Shane makes a dash for the back but X Pac comes out and throws him in the ring where Austin hits him with a Stunner! X Pac then gets in the ring and hits a Bronco Buster on Shane, Triple H and Chyna! Austin, X Pac and Earl Hebner toast a beer and celebrate as No Mercy goes off the air!

Rating: 7/10


Well that was No Mercy 1999 UK. It was not the best show I’ve ever seen by a long way. The last couple of matches were decent but the majority of the show was far from decent. Tiger Ali Singh beating Gillberg was slightly better than a squash match. It wasn’t the best way to open the show, they should’ve used a quicker pace match to get the crowd going. Tiger Ali got the win and has become a bit of a force in the UK having beaten Leif Cassidy at One Night Only and Edge at Capital Carnage. Gillberg continues to be a jobber but a jobber with the Light-heavyweight title. The 6 man that followed had a very slow pace. It was just Viscera and The Acolytes beating down Christian for most of th ematch until he could make the tag. I don’t mind it though because it gives these guys something relevant to do.

The next three matches that followed were very poor. Steve Blackman beat Droz in a bore fest. These two do have a bit of history but not a lot of chemistry. Blackman wins which should hopefully end the feud and allow Droz to concentrate on tag team action with Prince Albert. Kane then beat Mideon by disqulification. Kane would have won clean but I guess they wanted a dirty finish. As long as it doesn’t lead to another PPV match then it’s fine with me. Kane can go back to the tag team division, maybe for a feud with the Acolytes? It would make sense considering the current cicumstances. The next match was a complete squash with Nicole Bass squashing Tori. Not the match we wanted to see but it made Bass look strong.

The show then started to improve with the three main events. Shane McMahon retained his European title in exactly the same way he beat X Pac at Wrestlemania. No creativity was used with Chyna and Triple H getting involved. Triple H hits the Pedigree, Shane wins the match. Billy Gunn then defeated Mankind in a bit of an upset. It seems as though Gunn is getting a bit of a push at the moment and I fully expect him to beat Road Dogg next week at Over The Edge. They can use the excuse of Mankind getting beaten up by the Corporate Ministry prior to the match but you can’t take away this win from Billy Gunn. Then in the main event Austin retained his WWF title in what was a handicap triple threat match against Undertaker and Triple H. This match was decent but if I’m being honest, I got a little bit fed up of the matches sprawling to the outside and into the crowd. It seems as though every other match followed this format. The last 3 certainly did anyway. It was a predictable result as the show wasn’t shown outside of the UK and with a big WWF title match next week between Austin and Undertaker, it just keeps the momentum going.

Overall a fairly disappointing show that missed the likes of The Rock, Ken Shamrock, The Big Show, Road Dogg, Jeff Jarrett, Owen Hart, Goldust, The Big Boss Man….plenty of big names. Match quality was pretty poor throughout and only inproved for the last two matches. There was no build for this show and although they made a nice thread with the Corporate Ministry inflicting No Mercy on their opponents, it wasn’t enough to improve the overall quality of the show.

Overall Rating: 46.4/100 (ranked 81st out of 95)

Match Of The Night: Steve Austin vs. The Undertaker vs. Triple H
Worst Match Of The Night: Tiger Ali Singh vs. Gillberg
Surprise Of The Night: Shane McMahon in action/Billy Gunn beats Mankind
Worst Booking Of The Night: None
Superstar Of The Night: Shane McMahon
No Mercy 99 UK Will Be Remembered For: Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

One thought on “No Mercy 99 (UK)

  1. To answer your question on where the bigger stars were, on the same night as this PPV, WWF also held a house show at the Richmond Coliseum in Richmond, Virginia, with the following results:

    1.The Hardy Boyz defeated Too Much

    2.Kurt Angle defeated Terry Taylor

    3.Test defeated Albert

    4.The Big Show defeated Mark Henry in a bodyslam match

    5.Road Dogg defeated Owen Hart

    6.Val Venis & Jacqueline defeated D’Lo Brown & Ivory

    7.The Rock defeated The Big Bossman

    8.Hardcore Champion Al Snow defeated Hardcore Holly

    9.Intercontinental Champion The Godfather defeated Goldust

    10.Ken Shamrock defeated 8-Ball

    Also, this is the PPV where Sable got a nice little farewell present from X-Pac and all the boys in the back, if you know what I mean.

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