In Your House 28: Backlash

| Date: April 25, 1999
| Venue: Providence Civic Centre | City: Providence, Rhode Island
| Attendance: 10, 939 | Buyrate: 398, 000

Backlash. What will the Backlash be from Wrestlemania? Tonight we find out. And in the main event of the final “In Your House” PPV we get a rematch from Wrestlemania with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin defending his WWF title against The Rock. Since Wrestlemania Austin has demanded that he be given his custom made Smoking Skull Belt but The Rock has refused to give it to him. He even goaded Austin into meeting him on a bridge and would end up throwing the WWF champion off the bridge followed by the title. The next week on Raw, The Rock would give Stone Cold a funeral, a funeral that would be crashed by the WWF champion. The Rock revealed that he had the smoking skull belt and we also found out that Shane McMahon would be the special guest referee for their main event at Backlash. We would also find out on Heat that this would be a No Holds Barred match.

In another Wrestlemania rematch, Mankind and The Big Show will go one on one tonight. But this time it will be in a match that Mankind has never lost in, a Boiler Room Brawl. There hasn’t been a lot of friction between these two men but they do in fact seem to be building a respect for one another. The Undertaker will be in action tonight when he takes on Ken Shamrock. Vince McMahon has left the Corporation since Wrestlemania to focus on his daughter Stephanie who has been stalked by The Undertaker. Ken Shamrock has stayed loyal to Vince, leaving the Corporation with him but as a result, The Undertaker sacrificed Kens sister Ryan. Undertaker and Ken Shamrock meet tonight for the first ever time.

At Wrestlemania, Triple H and Chyna turned their back on X Pac and DX. Triple H and X Pac have always been considered best mates but since Wrestlemania, Triple H has taken credit for X Pacs career since returning to the WWF. The other remaining DX members, Road Dogg and Billy Gunn will be back teaming together to take on former tag team champions Owen Hart and Jeff Jarrett in a number one contenders match for the tag team titles. This feud has mainly been based around Debra and her “puppies”. The Hardcore title will be on the line when Hardcore Holly defends the belt he won at Wrestlemania against his long time foe Al Snow. These two men will stop at nothing to tear each other apart and last time they fought they ended up in the Mississippi river, so expect the unexpected.

The other title that will be defended tonight is the Intercontinental title. Since Wrestlemania, Road Dogg lost the title to Goldust who in turn lost the belt to The Godfather. Tonight is a rematch between The Godfather and Goldust. Also tonight, Thr Brood, who have left The Ministry, will take on current Ministry members Bradshaw, Faarooq and Mideon. So let’s get to it.

A video package kicks us off promoting the WWF title match between Steve Austin and The Rock. They are polar opposites but more similar than they think. Two heirs to a throne, I like that. It’s a big title match, no doubt about it.

Jim Ross welcomes us to Backlash and lets us know that tonights main event is now No Holds Barred, shocker. Ross is joined by Jerry Lawler!

The Brood (Gangrel, Edge & Christian) vs. The Ministry (The Acolytes (Faarooq & Bradshaw) & Mideon)

Christian goes into this match with an undefeated PPV record. Dennis Knight looks or his first PPV win under the “Mideon” moniker. This is also Faarooq and Bradshaws first PPV match teaming together. Mideon and Christian start the match off. Christian takes the advantage with a spinning heel kick and an arm drag. He tags Gangrel in who still has blood dripping from his fangs. Mideon takes Gangrel down and tags in Bradshaw who hits a big boot to the leader of The Brood. Gangrel hits an elbow from the second rope whilst Lawler puts over Bradshaw. He hits a fallaway slam then Edge makes a blind tag and helps Gangrel take the advantage. Bradshaw tags his partner Faarooq and Edge hits a crucifix for the first near fall of the match. Nice spinning heel kick from Edge but Faarooq hits a big spinebuster.

Faarooq tags Mideon who has a real chance to make something of a singles career, albeit not in this match. He hits a suplex on Edge for a near fall. Undertaker has said there is going to be a tragedy tonight, could it be in this match? Mideon tags Bradshaw who hits a big shoulder tackle on Edge. Bradshaw tags Faarooq who hits a headbutt for a two count. A big “Mideon sucks” chant breaks out as Faarooq applies a headlock. Faarooq then tags in Mideon who hits a couples of snapmares then a headbutt to the groin of Edge. The Ministry take it in turns to take shots at Edge. Edge manages to hit a couple of boots to Mideons face then comes off the middle rope with a spear, nice. I’ve not seen that before. Edge tags Christian who hits a reverse DDT on Mideon then in comes Gangrel and all 6 men are in there! Christian hits crossbodies on both members of The Acolytes then a swinging DDT on Bradshaw for a two count.

All 6 men battle around the ringside area whilst in the ring Christian hammers away on Bradshaw but Bradshaw comes out of the corner with a big powerbomb. Gangrel breaks up the cover then Edge comes off the top with a dropkick. Christian rolls Bradshaw up for a two! Suddenly Viscera comes out and squashes Christian into the side of the ring. He then rolls Christian into the ring where Bradshaw hits him with the clothesline from hell! Bradshaw covers Christian for the three! The Ministry wins the match with a big assist from Viscera. Not a bad way to start the show off, some decent action.

Rating: 6/10

There’s a shot of The Rock arriving to the arena, dragging Austins smoking skull belt along the floor.

We see a bit of history between Al Snow and Bob Holly, they’re up next.

Hardcore Holly (c) vs. Al Snow – Hardcore Championship Match

This is a rematch from St Valentine’s Day Massacre when Holly won the Hardcore title. Since then he lost the belt to Billy Gunn and won it back again. Holly nails Snow with the gold before the bell and quickly covers him for the near fall. Snow throws Holly to the outside and we are straight into the hardcore action. The champion throws challengers into the ring steps then smashes his head off the barricade. Holly goes searching under the ring and finds a jug of water which he blasts Al with. Snow is bleeding from the head already! The two men fight into the crowd and back to the ring. Snow slams Holly then hits a moonsault off the barricade for a two count. Al finds a hockey stick and nails Holly with it in the ring. Snow then goes looking under the ring again and this time finds a table which gets a big pop. He sets it up but takes too long as the champion gets up and nails him with the hockey stick.

The two fight to the outside again where Snow hits Bob with a tray. The two then fight backstage where Bob Holly finds a sink but before he can use it Snow sprays him with a hose. The two then battle into the parking lot where Al throws Bob into the various cars there. Snow snaps a broom across the back of Bob Holly then throws him into the side of a truck. The two of them then fight up some stairs where Bob Holly pushes Al into some dumpsters below. Holly then jumps off and gets a near fall on top of some trash! Bob and Al then fight into the television production truck where a sound man cowers! Al drops Holly on a car and elbow drops him for a two count. There’s a big dent on that car! The two fight back into the arena now where Snow grabs a couple of frying pans and nails Bob with one of them. That only earns him a 1 count. Al points to the table he set up earlier and then lays Hardcore Holly on top of it. Snow goes up to the top rope but Holly gets up and leathers him with a frying pan!

Holly goes to the top and sets up for a superplex before nailing the big move through the table! And that table did not long very forgiving. The referee counts them whilst the commentators mock him as the match is no count outs. Holly covers Snow for a two. A “Head” chant breaks out and Snow crawls over to his mannequin head. He grabs it then nails Holly with it before covering Holly (with the head) for the three! Al Snow finally wins the Hardcore title! The match was as mental as you would expect but Snows 6 month journey has finally come to its conclusion. Now he’s just got to keep it!

Rating: 6.5/10

We get a shot of the WWF Champion Steve Austin arriving.

Then a promo with The Undertaker and the Ministry. Undertaker says that they must prepare for the arrival of the Higher Power but now the tragedy begins!

The Godfather (c) vs. Goldust – Intercontinental Title Match

The Godfather is the new Intercontinental champion and defends the title against the man he defeated for the belt, Goldust. Goldust comes out with The Blue Meanie who grabs the microphone and mimics Sable before the match. The Godfather gets a great pop but that turns to boos as he comes out alone. But he’s just teasing us, he waves out the hoes and the cheers come back! This is Godfathers first PPV match since The Royal Rumble match. He’ll be looking to last longer in this match than the 1:40 he managed in the Rumble. Godfather gets on the mic but he refuses to offer Goldust any hoes! There have been more Intercontinental champions in the last 6 weeks than there were in the year that preceded them. Goldust attempts to get the early advantage but it’s Godfather with some big clotheslines. Godfather then back body drops Goldust out of the ring. This is a first time meeting between these two men on PPV. Goldust heads for the back but The Blue Meanie convinces him to go back to the ring.

A “We Want Hoes” chant breaks out as Godfather slams Goldust and follows it up with a legdrop. Blue Meanie soon gets involved, grabbing Godfathers leg and beating on the champion when Goldust had clotheslined him out of the ring. Not many at all have had more PPV matches than Goldust, he’s a grizzled veteran. Godfather is no rookie either, he’s wrestled as Papa Shango and Kama. Goldust hits an uppercut and a clothesline and then the Meanie hands him some powder before distracting the referee. Godfather smacks the powder into Goldusts own eyes! Meanie then gets in the ring but Goldust hammers him thinking it’s The Godfather! Goldust then hits Shattered Dreams on The Blue Meanie thinking it’s The Godfather! Godfather then whips The Blue Meanie into Goldust before hitting the Death Valley Driver on Goldust for the win! Godfather retains his Intercontinental title tonight!

Rating: 5.75/10

Michael Cole is at the urinals with Al Snow. Snow refers to Cole as “Todd”. Snow then has a conversation with Head about who covered Hardcore Holly.

The New Age Outlaws (Road Dogg & Billy Gunn) vs. Jeff Jarrett & Owen Hart – Number One Contenders match for the Tag Team titles

This is the first time The Outlaws have teamed together at a PPV since Rock Bottom last December. It’s a first time meeting between these two tag teams on PPV. Debra joins Jarrett and Hart wearing her underwear and a jacket. Road Dogg grabs the match before the bell and says that everyone came here tonight to see Debras puppies. Debra wants to oblige but Jarrett and Hart makes sure she doesn’t. Gunn then moons Hart and Jarrett and this one is underway. Owen Hart and Billy Gunn start the match, they are two of the most experienced wrestlers on the roster. Gunn hits a dropkick and a gorilla press slam on Hart before tagging in the Road Dogg. Hart hits a neckbreaker then tags in Jarrett who hits a swinging neckbreaker. Jarrett had his problems with the Outlaws last year and has problems in this match as Road Dogg hits his trademark jabs and shaky legs knee drop for a two count.

Jarrett tags Owen Hart in and suddenly all four men are in the ring. Road Dogg sends Jarrett into Owen but it becomes too much and Hart takes the advantage with an enzeguri for a two count. Owen tags in Jeff who stomps away at Road Dogg. Jarrett dropkicks Road Dogg out of the ring where Billy Gunn and Owen Hart fight over him! Owen Hart tags in after nailing Road Dogg with a clothesline from the apron but Road Dogg rolls Owen up, pointlessly because the referee is distracted with Debra. Hart hits a spinning heel kick for a two. Jarrett illegally tags in and hits a powerslam on Road Dogg for a two. There’s a mid air collision which is hard to tell whether it was a botch or not. The winner of this match will take on Kane and X Pac. Owen Hart tags in and applies a sleeper on Road Dogg. Road Dogg gets out of it and locks a sleeper on Owen but Hart gets out of it and both men clothesline each other. This time last year The Outlaws were taking on LOD 2000 whilst Owen Hart battled Triple H.

Billy Gunn finally tags in and all four men are in the ring! The Outlaws hammer away at Jarrett and Hart before throwing them into one another. Gunn then clotheslines Jarrett over the top and goes out with him. Owen Hart takes advantage of a distraction from Debra but Road Dogg hits a pump handle slam on Hart! I’m pretty sure Gunn is the legal man. All four men are back in and Hart applies the Sharpshooter to Road Dogg! Gunn kicks Jarrett out of the ring then hits the Fame-asser on Hart. He covers him and gets the three! Billy Gunn and Road Dogg win the match and are number one contenders for the tag team titles! Road Dogg gets on the mic after the bell and for old time sake instructs Billy Gunn to show off his ass! Road Dogg does a little dance. Really good tag match between these teams.

Rating: 7.25/10

Michael Cole is backstage with Shane McMahon. Shane gives his word that if Austin can The Rock shoulders to the mat then he will count the three.

Kevin Kelly is with Vince and Stephanie McMahon. Vince says that Shanes behaviour is surreal. He hopes Shane McMahon doesn’t make a big mistake tonight.

Mankind vs. The Big Show – Boiler Room Brawl

This is the second ever boiler room brawl. To win you simply have to leave the boiler room. Mankind attacks Big Show from behind and this one is underway. Big Show throws Mankind into the walls. This is a rematch from Wrestlemania which Mankind won by disqualification. The boiler room has a kitchen! Mankind nails Big Show with some sheets of some kind but he can’t knock the big man down. Big Show boots a trashcan into Mankinds face then beats him with the can. Big Show then puts Mankind into a shopping trolley before ramming him into something. Between this, the hardcore title match and the no holds barred main event, there is plenty of hardcore matches tonight. Referee Teddy Long is stood outside of the door waiting for a winner. Mankind breaks a pane of glass over Big Shows face but he’s clearly cut his own hand in doing so. Mankind then climbs a ladder but Big Show chokeslams him off it and through two tables and panes of glass! The same spot that cost Mankind the WWF title.

Big Show breaks a mop over Mankinds back then throws him into some boxes. This is Mick Foleys 18th consecutive PPV, only The Rock has fought on more consecutively right now. Mankind smashes something open that sprays steam in Big Shows face. Very original. He then goes to work on the Worlds Largest Athlete with a pipe.He then throws Big Show into some pipes and they all land on top of him. Mankind crawls for the exit and he makes it! Mankind wins the match but he doesn’t get long to celebrate as The Big Boss Man and Test attack him! Big Show then gets up and lays out Test before Mankind rams Mr Socko down his throat! Mankind wins the match in any cae, beating Big Show on back to back PPVs!

Rating: 5/10

Michael Cole is backstage with Triple H and Chyna. Chyna says that it was her and Triple H that got X Pac over and tonight they’ll put him in his place. Triple H then says that he made X Pac and tonight he’s going to break him.

We then get a shot of the doctor seeing to The Big Show telling him he’s gong to need stitches. Then we go to Mankind who says he doesn’t want to fight Big Show anymore. He takes us on a tour of the boiler room with all the smashed glass and tables.

X Pac vs. Triple H

This is a first time meeting between these two best friends. Triple H has new entrance music. I’ve never heard this before, it’s very generic rock. Triple H slaps X Pac before the bell and this one is underway. Triple H hits an elbow to kick down X Pac but X Pac hits an enzeguri and lands on his neck which looks painful. Triple H rolls to the outside and X Pac follows and slams him into the ring steps. Back in the ring and back out of it and Triple H throws X Pac out of the ring. Chyna looks to get involved but X Pac stops her. Triple H slams X Pacs face off the Spanish announce table then into the steps. Helmsley rolls X Pac into the ring and hits him with right hands. X Pac gets back into it with a spinning heel kick for the near fall. Triple H hits a thumb to the eye but X Pac kicks Triple H down into the corner before going for the Bronco Buster which Triple H rolls out of the way of. Helmsley hits a clothesline to take the kid down.

The referee is concerned about X Pacs neck but Triple H hammers away at X Pac and stomps down on him. The referee keeps trying to drag Helmsley away but without success. Chyna then gets involved with a big right hand which earns Triple H a two count. Triple H works the neck of X Pac now, he’s had two surgeries on it before. X Pac gets out of a front face lock but Triple H hammers him right back down. Helmsley hits a couple of knees to the back of X Pacs neck. He’s doing a good job of working it. He then goes back to the front face lock. X Pac gets out of it but can’t take the advantage as Triple H hits a knee to the face for a near fall. He then throws X Pac back out of the ring where Chyna drops him on the barricade. Triple H rolls Chyna back in the ring and X Pac will not give up. Triple H locks on a sleeper. X Pac gets out of it and locks a sleeper of his own on! Triple H gets out of it by backing X Pac into the corner but X Pac keeps getting the sleeper back on. A side suplex puts a stop to that.

It’s advantage X Pac now as he hits a spinning heel kick and a flying clothesline. X Pac hits a DDT for a two count but Triple H tries for a Pedigree. X Pac gets out of it and hits a low blow with a little help from Chyna who distracts the referee. Triple H sends X Pac to the outside but it’s X Pac that reverses an Irish whip into the ring steps. X Pac gets back into the ring then tries for a baseball slide but Pac wipes out the referee! Back in the ring and X Pac hits the X Factor! But there’s no referee to make the count. Chyna gets in the ring and hits a low blow and a reverse DDT. She rolls Triple H on top of X Pac but the lights go out and Kane’s music hits! Kane makes his way towards the ring and Chyna stands her ground. Kane chokeslams Triple H and then chokeslams Chyna! He then sets up both Triple H and Chyna in the corner before leaving. Jim Ross says that Chyna is the second woman to take Kane for a ride but I’m not sure who the first is supposed to be. X Pac hits a Bronco Buster on Triple H and then the same to Chyna! It’s a mistake though and he turns around into Triple H’s Pedigree! Helmsley wins an action packed match that was a little slow in parts.

Rating: 5.5/10

Ken Shamrock vs. The Undertaker

I like this match a lot on paper. Shamrock has fought the likes of Mankind, The Rock, Owen Hart and Vader whilst The Undertaker has battled Hulk Hogan, Jake Roberts, Steve Austin and Kane but the two have never met each other. The Undertaker, who is joined by Paul Bearer, was successful at Wrestlemania whilst Ken Shamrock looks for his first PPV win since retaining the Intercontinental title against Billy Gunn at the Royal Rumble. Shamrock goes for Undertaker before the bell as a “we want Ryan” chant breaks out. Undertaker soon takes the advantage, hitting some big clotheslines on Shamrock and getting the first near fall of the match. Undertaker spins the arm and heads to the top and then hits his flying clothesline. He then drives his knee into Shamrocks face. Undertaker then hits his flying clothesline on Shamrock for a two count. Ken hits some hard kicks to Undertakers legs before wrapping it around the rope to apply more pressure. The Ministry have had a good night so far, winning the 6 man tag match that kicked off the PPV as well as Viscera’s win over Test on the pre-show.

This is Shamrocks 12th PPV in a row, only Mankind and The Rock have fought on more consecutively. Undertaker hits a suplex and a headbutt. Shamrock manages to apply a leglock to Undertaker which the dead man gets out of. Ken continues to attack the leg, doing the damage so the Ankle Lock will be more effective. Shamrock is the reigning King Of The Ring. A tournament which isn’t too far from coming back round. Undertaker hits some shots to the ribs of the former Intercontinental champion. Ken manages to roll through and apply another leg lock. Undertaker rolls to the outside and Shamrock follows. Ken stomps on the ankle of Undertaker repeatedly on the steel steps. Back in the ring and Shamrock hits some right hands but Undertaker hits a drop toe hold and leathers Ken with some right hands. Shamrock reverses it and locks on a Fujiwara arm bar! A “boring” chant breaks out, this crowd aren’t happy with submissions.

Undertaker exits the ring and Shamrock attempts to jump on him but ‘Taker catches him and drives him into the ring post. Back in the ring and Undertaker hits a backbreaker. Undertaker then tries for some submissions of his own but Shamrock won’t tap. He then slams Ken and hits a legdrop but Shamrock grabs his leg and applies another leglock! Undertaker counters it into a half Boston crab but Shamrock will not submit. Undertaker is so much bigger than Shamrock. Shamrock hits an elbow and a dropkick but he can’t take the big man down. A big boot from Undertaker does knock Shamrock down though. That gets him a two count. Ken hits a hurricanrana for a two count. He then applies the Ankle Lock but Undertaker quickly kicks him off. Undertaker then goes for the Tombstone but Shamrock slides down the back and locks on the Ankle Lock! Bradshaw gets up on the apron with a baseball bat which distracts Shamrock, then Paul Bearer distracts him! It doesn’t work though, Shamrock hits a belly to belly suplex on Undertaker and then he goes for a Tombstone? Undertaker reverses it though and nails the Tombstone for the victory.

Bradshaw asks Undertaker something and Undertaker nods his head. Bradshaw then gets in the ring and attacks Shamrock with the baseball bat and then hits a powerbomb. Bradshaw then chokes Shamrock with the baseball bat. I’d love to see a match between these two guys. The match between Undertaker and Shamrock was a bit slow at times. I’m not a big submissions fan myself but it made Shamrock look good for a lot of the match.

Rating: 5/10

Video package now for Stone Cold and The Rock.

Vince McMahon pops Stephanie in a limo. He won’t be long. This won’t end well.

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin vs. The Rock – No Holds Barred Match for the WWF Title

This is the third meeting between these two men on PPV. Austin has won the last two! It’s also The Rocks 21st PPV in a row which is a record, breaking the previous record of 20 held by The British Bulldog. The Rock is first out and Austin races to the ring! Shane McMahon is the referee for this one remember. He’s already told a floor manager to take Austins Smoking Skull belt back to Shanes office. Austin gets the first cover of the match and Shane counts it. Rock hits a swinging neck breaker. The two men battle up the entrance ramp where Rocky smashes Austin with a monitor. The Rock is looking to become a four time WWF champion tonight. Austin, like The Rock is a three time WWF champion. The two men destroy the set up by the entrance curtain. Austin then suplexes The Rock on the concrete. Austin then climbs up on some flight cases and leaps off with a clothesline to the challenger. He then throws Rocky into the barricade before ramming a flight case into him. Austin attempts to jump off it but The Rock catches him with a right hand.

The Rock throws Austin into a jib and then clothesline him down to the concrete. This whole match practically has been in the entrance way. Austin reverses an Irish whip into the barricade and follows it up with a clothesline. Austin then hits a powerslam on the concrete as Shane McMahon watches on. Austin takes Rocky back to the ring and throws him into the ring steps. They finally get back into the ring where Austin stomps away at The Rock. Shane McMahon then gets involved, pushing and shoving Austin. Austin doesn’t bite though and throws The Rock out of the ring. The champion then takes apart the Spanish announce table but it’s The Rock that uses it to his advantage, hitting a big Rock Bottom to Austin right through the table! Shane McMahon applauds The Rock who gets back up to his feet and puts on a Spanish commentators headset. He give the Spanish commentators some stick and then calls Austin a piece of trash. The Rock grabs a chair but Shane McMahon grabs it off him and throws it to The Rock. Austin manages to fight it off but The Rock throws him over the railing and into the crowd.

The Rock hits a low blow and Shane tells him to get Austin back in the ring. The Rock takes a poor quality camera and flips Austin the middle finger.Austin then gets up unbeknown to The Rock and Stunners him on the commentators desk! Austin throws Rocky back into the ring where Austin goes for the Stunner but The Rock pushes him into Shane McMahon! Rock then hits The Rock Bottom! Shane puts The Rocks arm on Austin and then counts but Austin kicks out at 2! Shane heads out of the ring and grabs the WWF title. I can see where this is going. Accidental hit on The Rock? Correct. Austin covers The Rock but Shane only counts to two! He flips Austin the bird much like he did at Survivor Series and then heads to the back. Vince McMahon then heads out with the Smoking Skull belt and he nails Shane with it! In the ring The Rock nails Austin with the actual WWF title. Earl Hebner is out but Austin kicks out at 2. Austin then hits the Stunner and nails The Rock with the WWF belt! Hebner counts the 3!

Stone Cold Steve Austin retains his WWF title! He beats The Rock on PPV for the third PPV. Vince McMahon doesn’t look too happy but he throws Austin his smoking skull belt! Austin celebrates with the gold and we get a shot of Stephanie McMahon in the limo. The Acolytes suddenly appear and Stephanie tells the limo driver to go but as the limo driver winds down the window and it’s The Undertaker! Where to Stephanie?! Undertaker leaves with Stephanie as Stone Cold celebrates in the ring!

Rating: 6.75/10


And that was Backlash 1999. 8 matches, none of which were awful. The match quality seemed a lot more consistent compared to Wrestlemania. The opener was a decent enough 6 man tag match that may give some closure to The Brood and The Ministry. The result went the right way I feel, it keeps The Ministry looking strong and beating those that turned their back on the stable. The Hardcore title match was second and gave Al Snow his first ever title win in the WWF. It’s a great belt for him and fits his personality perfectly. The match was mental and a lot of fun. I get the feeling these two could feud for a long time to come.

The Intercontinental title didn’t change hands tonight mainly due to a miscommunication between Goldust and The Blue Meanie. I think that’ll be the story to come out of this match and we’ll now get the disintegration of this partnership. There are a number of people who could find themselves in the Intercontinental picture. Anyone like Test, D-lo Brown, Val Venis or the man that The Godfather took out of the IC picture, The Big Boss Man. The New Age Outlaws get a shot at the tag team titles and partner X Pac with Kane. Maybe this feud will lead to the official demise of D-Generation X. I’d rather it wasn’t, I’d like to see a Shawn Michaels or a new leader to the group. Jeff Jarrett and Owen Hart will continue to keep the tag team division afloat, maybe a feud with the likes of Droz and Prince Albert? They could do with some competition.

Mankind and Big Show seem to have a mutual respect for each other and following the end of their match, maybe they’ll get into it with The Corporation? There definitely looks to be a Mankind & Big Show vs. Big Boss Man & Test feud on the cards. I wouldn’t mind seeing them go after The Ministry together too. The Undertaker seems to be done with Ken Shamrock and will go back to targeting Vince McMahon. I’m looking forward to seeing where his storyline goes, I could see him going on to feud with either The Big Show or maybe a WWF title match? Bradshaw came out and attacked Shamrock after the match and I’d love to see the two get into a program for the next PPV. Triple H is a man who could go anywhere following this PPV. Maybe he and X Pac will continue. Or maybe Triple H will continue to go up the card. I wouldn’t mind seeing Triple H and a partner (Chyna?) go after the tag team titles.

I also believe that the main event to this show puts an end to the Stone Cold Steve Austin and Rock feud for the time being. Austin has beaten The Rock twice now on PPV and it’ time for a new contender. Maybe The Rock and The Undertaker will get into it? Or maybe Austin and The Undertaker will? With the likes of Triple H, Mankind and Big Show up in the main event scene, we could get any number of combinations.

Overall this was a decent show. If I’m being honest, the undercard was somewhat better than some of the main event matches. Sadly, The Undertaker has had a couple of disappointing PPV matches but I’m sure he’ll turn it around. There was nothing spectacular on this PPV and it might be a bit of a surprise which match I gave match of the night. There was nothing too terrible though!

Overall Rating: 59.68/100 (ranked 22nd out of 94)

Match Of The Night: The New Age Outlaws vs. Jeff Jarrett & Owen Hart
Worst Match Of The Night: Big Show vs. Mankind/Undertaker vs. Shamrock
Surprise Of The Night: Vince McMahon helps Austin
Worst Booking Of The Night: N/A
Superstar Of The Night: “Stone C old” Steve Austin
Backlash 1999 Will Be Remembered For: The Undertaker kidnaps Stephanie McMahon


One thought on “In Your House 28: Backlash

  1. On Sunday Night Heat, the following matches occurred:

    1.Val Venis & Nicole Bass (subbing for Sable, who no-showed) defeated D’Lo Brown & Ivory in 1:43 when Bass pinned Ivory

    2.Droz & Prince Albert defeated Too Much in 1:09 when Albert pinned Taylor

    3.Kane defeated The Big Bossman (with Test) by pinfall with the Choke Slam in 2:45 after Kane whipped Bossman into Test, who was on the ring apron

    4.Viscera defeated Test by pinfall with a piledriver in 2:09 after Bossman “accidentally” hit Test with the nighstick

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