Over The Edge 99

| Date: May 23, 1999 | Venue: Kemper Arena | City: Kansas City, Missouri | Attendance: 16, 472 | Buyrate: 416, 035 Over The Edge in the WWF and you would be excused for thinking this was Summerslam 1998. The two main events for tonight are rematches from Summerslam in “Stone Cold” Steve Austin vs The Undertaker and The Rock vs Triple H. The Undertaker and his Ministry have been taking over … Continue reading Over The Edge 99

In Your House 22: Over The Edge

Over The Edge. That’s where a lot of the superstars will need to go if they want to succeed on the show tonight. Dude Love and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin will have to go Over The Edge. They meet in a rematch from the last PPV with the WWF title on the line. It’s very much like Unforgiven except this time Vince McMahon has announced that … Continue reading In Your House 22: Over The Edge