Over The Edge 99

| Date: May 23, 1999
| Venue: Kemper Arena | City: Kansas City, Missouri
| Attendance: 16, 472 | Buyrate: 416, 035

Over The Edge in the WWF and you would be excused for thinking this was Summerslam 1998. The two main events for tonight are rematches from Summerslam in “Stone Cold” Steve Austin vs The Undertaker and The Rock vs Triple H. The Undertaker and his Ministry have been taking over the WWF and have even gone as far to kidnap Stephanie McMahon. So the match was made and tonight Austin will take on the most evil superstar in the company. In the other main event, The Rock takes on Triple H. Triple H threw The Rock off the stage a few weeks ago on Raw and broke the former WWF Champions arm. The match will go ahead though and this will be the fourth time the two men have met on PPV, with both having won one and the other previous encounter ending in a draw.

The Union made up of Mankind, The Big Show, Ken Shamrock and Test will team up tonight on PPV for the very first time to take on team Corporate Ministry made up of The Big Boss Man, The Acolytes and Viscera. The Union set themselves up to battle the Corporate Ministry as former members of the Corporation and the likes of Ken Shamrock has been loyal to Vince McMahon, helping to track down Stephanie McMahon. The Tag Team titles will also be on the line when X Pac and Kane defend against tag tram division mainstays D-lo Brown and Mark Henry. D-lo and Henry have recently turned heel again and have attacked the tag team champions on a couple of separate occasions. Plenty of history with X Pac and D-lo over the European title.

The Hardcore title will also be on the line when Al Snow defends against former champion Hardcore Holly. The feud between these two has esculated up to Hardcore Holly kidnapping Al Snow’s Head and Snow replaced him with Pierre the Deer head. Holly destroyred Pierre and the match has been made. Billy Gunn is a man that turned his back on DX recently and with him and Road Dogg splitting up, the two will go one on one tonight at Over The Edge. They have plenty of history as a team and are arguably the greatest tag team of all time. They have fought before on PPV but they’re no longer Jesse James and Rockabilly so it should make for a good contest tonight. Also tonight we’ll get a mixed tag team match with Val Venis and Nicole Bass taking on Jeff Jarrett and Women’s champion Debra and The Godfather defends his Intercontinental title against Owen Hart. So let’s get to it.

We kick off with an eerie video package voiced by The Undertaker. He’s mainly talking about evil. It’s very gothic and of the time.

Jim Ross welcomes us to Kansas City, he’s joined by Jerry “The King” Lawler. We see a clip from Heat with Vince McMahon getting his ankle crushed by Mideon of The Ministry. X Pac’s music hits and we’re into the first match!

X Pac & Kane (c) vs. D-lo & Mark Henry – Tag Team Title Match

D-lo and Mark Henry have had tag team title opportunities against The New Age Outlaws and Jeff Jarrett and Owen Hart and failed but tonight they take on Kane and X Pac. X Pac is one of the few that has wrestled on every PPV so far this year but he’s  looking for his first PPV victory since The Royal Rumble. Old rivals X Pac and D-lo kick things off and it’s D-lo that gets the advantage with his power. D-lo and Henry have recently turned heel again and a “D-lo sucks” chant breaks out. D-lo locks on a sleeper but X Pac gets out of it and arm drags D-lo across the ring. X Pac and Kane have been champions for a couple of months now but this is their first PPV defence of the belts. X Pac hits a belly to back suplex and a roundhouse kick then kicks D-lo down into the corner but D-lo gets out of the way of a Bronco Buster.

D-lo tags Mark Henry who is very casually dressed. Looks like he forgot his ring gear to be honest. X Pac tags in Kane who gets a big ovation. Kane takes it to Henry, choking him in the corner. Henry reverses an Irish whip and splashes the former WWF champion in the corner. Henry then gorilla press slams Kane which is pretty unbelievable. Kane is right back up though and hits a couple of clotheslines and a dropkick! He follows that up with a legdrop then goes for a chokeslam but Mark tags out to D-lo! D-lo isn’t overjoyed about that and tries to take the advantage but fails. Kane hits him with a big boot after D-lo lands on his feet following a back drop. Kane lays into D-lo in his corner then tags X Pac who hits some martial arts kicks. X Pac makes the mistake of knocking Mark Henry off his corner which allows D-lo to take the advantage. He hits a powerslam and his trademark legdrop.

D-lo tags out to Mark Henry who is looking for his first title in the WWF. Henry, who looks like he’s wearing a t-shirt, trousers and smark shoes, lays into X Pac, hitting a big powerslam and a legdrop. Everyone but X Pac has hit a legdrop in this match. Henry misses with a splash and D-lo comes in to make sure X Pac doesn’t make the tag. Kane takes offense which allows Mark Henry to drop X Pac on the barricade. He rolls X Pac back in the ring and D-lo covers him for the first near fall of the match. D-lo locks on a sleeper now. X Pac gets out of it but D-lo maintains the advantage with a running powerbomb. Kane breaks up the cover. D-lo misses with a springboard and both men make a tag! Kane and Mark Henry come in and it’s Kane with a big powerslam! Kane then hits a slam on D-lo but on the outside Mark Henry rams X Pac into the ringpost. D-lo and Mark Henry are looking for their first PPV victory of 1999.

Mark Henry drops Kane on the top rope and D-lo hits a spinning heel kick for a two. D-lo and Mark Henry then pound on X Pac outside of the ring but Kane goes up top and flies off with a big clothesline on both men! Kane rolls Mark back in the ring and goes up top again, hitting a flying clothesline in the ring. He pins Henry but D-lo breaks it up. Henry and D-lo have never won a PPV match with Ivory on their corner. All four men are in the ring now and X Pac hits a Bronco Buster on D-lo! But from behind, Henry hits a big splash on X Pac! Kane gets up and hits a chokeslam on Mark Henry which is enough for the win! Kane and X Pac retain their tag team titles tonight. Mark Henry, D-lo and Ivory still look for their first victory of 1999. A decent way to start the night.

Rating: 6/10

Michael Cole is backstage and informs us that Vince McMahon has a damaged ankle and there is a strong possibility that he won’t be able to referee the main event tonight.

Kevin Kelly is backstage with Hardcore Holly. Holly tells us about his imaginary friend when he was a child, little Joe. He tells us Al Snow will get punished tonight. He also says that he will show the people what is inside Al Snows mind by peeling back Snows head!

Al Snow (c) vs. Hardcore Holly – Hardcore Title Match

This is the rubber match between these two men Holly beat Snow at St Valentine’s Day Massacre to win the vacant Hardcore title and then Snow beat Holly at Backlash to win the Hardcore title. So this decides the series. Al Snow has Pierre, the deer head with him and swings for Hardcore Holly with it and misses. Snow hits a back body drop to get into the match and then clotheslines Holly out of the ring. Let the madness begin. The two men exchange right hands on the outside and Hardcore drops Snow on the barricade. Al throws Holly into the steps and then rolls back into the ring. Holly finds a tray under the ring and he leather Al with it twice which gets him the first two count of the night. Holly then grabs a fire extinguisher and he tries to spray it in Snows face but it doesn’t work! Snow smashes him with the tray for a two count and then sprays the fire extinguisher in Hollys face! This is the fourth Hardcore title match on PPV so far in 1999 and both of these men have been in every match so far. The two men battle through the crowd and into the concessions. Plenty of fans around cheering them on.

Holly smashes Snow into some popcorn then Snow replies by throwing some coke into Hardcores face. Icing sugar then goes everywhere and they battle into the women’s toilets. They come back out and Snow lays into Holly and covers him for a two. They then fight back into the arena through the crowd where Snow smashes some candy floss into Holly’s head. The seller took a bump. Al legdrops Holly over the barricade and they then fight back into the ring. Snow stomps on Holly’s groin then grabs a steel chair from ringside and throws that in the ring before getting a table and putting that in the ring too. He props the table up in the corner and turns around into a dropkick. Holly hits a stalling falcon arrow or the “Hollycaust” as Ross calls it. He gets a two count that definitely looked like it should have been a three. Holly takes exception to that and is distracted long enough for Snow to get up and hit the Snow Plough which also gets a two count. Al rams the steel chair into Holly’s abdomen then attempts to get Head, which he does but Holly ducks the swing and DDTs Snow on the chair! That gets him a two count.

Hardcore Holly sets up the table in the ring and picks up Al Snow but Snow just collapses to the floor. He picks him up again but Snow nips down and powerbombs Holly through the table! That’s enough for the three! Al Snow retains his Hardcore title! That is the first time anybody has retained the Hardocre title on a PPV. Not a bad match but not up to their usual standard.

Rating: 5/10

Michael Cole is backstage with Pat Paterson and Gerald Briscoe who aren’t happy. Patterson says that as far as he’s concerned, McMahons ankle is broken.

Jeff Jarrett & Debra vs. Val Venis & Nicole Bass – Mixed Tag Team Match

Well this is a PPV in-ring debut for Debra. I’m not sure what to expect from her. It’s also the biggest PPV Nicole Bass will have wrestled on, following her win over Tori at No Mercy 99 UK last month. Val gives us some mic time before the match asking ladies to show him theirs and he’ll show them his. Nicole Bass comes out to some familiar music but I can’t place it. It sounds a lot like Tests music, possibly his old music. Debra has very high heels on her boots. They look to high to wrestle in! Val Venis and Jeff Jarrett met in Venis’s PPV debut at Fully Loaded 98. Val won that one. He and Jeff start the match and Val takes Jarrett down with a reverse elbow and a double armed suplex for a two count. Jarrett hits a swinging neckbreaker and an uppercut to get back into the match. An armbar takedown earns Jarrett a two count. Jeff won’t be wanting to get Debra into this match. Venis hits a powerslam for a two.

Big spinebuster from Val and he tags in Nicole Bass. Referee Teddy Long tells Jarrett he has to tag in Debra and in she comes. She ducks a clothesline then hits Nicole with a slap. She then jumps on Nicoles back but gets crushed in the corner. Debra gets out of the way of a splash in the corner and Debra rams her head into the turnbuckle. Debra then intelligently tags in Jeff Jarrett so Nicole tags Val. Jeff locks on a sleeper but Val gets out of it quickly and hits some running knees and a side Russian leg sweep. Val then grinds all over Jarrett and lays in some right hands. He goes to the middle rope but Jarrett rolls out of the way. Jeff hits a front Russian leg sweep but Nicole Bass breaks up the cover. Nicole then does some posing and Debra comes in and attacks her with the guitar! Nicole rips Debras top off then Jarrett grabs the guitar but Val hits a belly to back suplex and goes to the top where he lands the Money Shot! He hooks thel eg and gets the three! Val Venis and Nicole Bass win the match, which makes it three wins from three for the babyfaces tonight! An unsurprising win to tell you the truth and as it was really a handicap match. Nicole Bass is very happy and lays on a big kiss which Val looks like he enjoys! It also looks like Nicole’s back is cut open, probably from the guitar shot.

Rating: 4.75/10

We see a shot of Vince McMahon getting loaded into an ambulance. Shane McMahon shouts at him, telling him The Undertaker will be WWF Champion tonight.

Next up is a video package highlighting The New Age Outlaws. They had a great run but Billy Gunn turned on Road Dogg and X Pac. Tonight it’s Outlaw vs. Outlaw.

We get an interview with Kevin Kelly and Road Dogg which seems to catch Road Dogg mid sentence. Road Doggs music hits and he begins his legendary entrance.

Road Dogg vs. Billy Gunn

These two have met on PPV once before and that was at In Your House: Revenge Of The Taker in April 1997 before they started teaming. Road Dogg won that one. Both men have been on great runs this year in singles and tag action. They get straight into it before the bell. Billy Gunn stomps away at Road Dogg in the corner and then hits a powerslam and a knee drop. Road Dogg fights back with some right hands before sending Gunn to the outside. Billy then walks back up the entrance way but Road Dogg makes sure he doesn’t go to the back. He hammers away at Gunn in the entrance way in what should definitely be a count out. Road Dogg whips Billy Gunn into the ring steps and continues the fight outside. Both men are former Hardcore champions. They fight back into the ring before Gunn sends Road Dogg back out of the ring.

Billy Gunn smashes Road Dogg into the steel steps and then into the ring post. Back in the ring and Billy Gunn hits a suplex for a two count. This match has been a slower pace than I thought it would have. Gunn applies a reverse chinlock now. Road Dogg manages to get out of the hold but is the recipient of a powerslam. They botch a clothesline, I think that was a communication issue. At this stage, only 5 men in history have appeared on more PPV’s than Billy Gunn. He’s been a mainstay on the roster since his debut in 1993. He goes back to the chinlock. Road Dogg gets out of it but Gunn hits a neckbreaker. Gunn then locks on a sleeper but Road Dogg gets out of it and locks on a sleeper of his own! Gunn gets out of that and Road Dogg face plants him before hitting his trademark jabs and knee drop. That only gets him a two count though. Billy heads for the outside and Road Dogg follows but Gunn lays him out with the timekeepers hammer! The referee doesn’t see it and Gunn rolls Road Dogg back in the ring and pins him but only for a two!

Gunn goes for a big splash in the corner but Road Dogg nails him with a right hand which gets him a two count. Road Dogg hits an Irish whip but Billy strikes Road Dogg in the throat with his wrist tape! Billy follows it up with the Fame-asser which is enough for the three! Billy Gunn beats the Road Dogg and his push continues. This felt like a really slow match.

Rating: 3.5/10

Michael Cole is backstage with Shane McMahon who says as the sole referee he will call the main event right down the middle.

The Corporate Ministry (The Big Boss Man, The Acolytes (Bradshaw & Faarooq) & Viscera) vs. The Union (Ken Shamrock, The Big Show, Mankind & Test) – 8 Man Elimination Tag Match

This is very much like a Survivor Series match. It is Mick Foley’s 20th PPV in a row, only one off the all time record of 21 held by The Rock. Test and Viscera start things off, they’ve had their fair show of matches on Heat, usually won by Viscera. He hits a slam but Teest rolls out of the way of an elbow drop. Viscera hits a big slam and Test kicks out at two. Test takes the advantage with a low blow and a dropkick he then hits right hands on the rest of The Corporate Ministry but gets caught with a belly to belly. Viscera tags out to Bradshaw who hits a side Russian leg sweep on Test for a two count. Test hits a big running boot sending Bradshaw out of the ring. Bradshaw is right back in the ring and he hits a boot on Test but gets caught with a powerslam for a two count. Test hits a sidewalk slam and goes up to the top where he hits an elbow drop and covers Bradshaw but Faarooq breaks it up. Bradshaw then hits a Clothesline From Hell on Test which is enough for the three! Test is the first elimination of the match.

Ken Shamrock comes in but gets caught with a fallaway slam. Bradshaw goes for a clothesline from hell on Shamrock but Ken takes his arm but Faarooq makes sure there’s no submission. Ken hits a hurricanrana and locks on the Ankle Lock and Bradshaw taps out! Faarooq is in and hits a powerslam for a two count. Faarooq tags Viscera who hits a sidewalk slam on Shamrock for a two count. Both of these men are former Kings Of The Ring. Viscera in 1995, Shamrock in 1998. Viscera hits an elbow drop for a two count and then tags out to Faarooq. Faarooq and Shamrock have had their battles against each other and with each other. Ken hits a dropkick and a belly to belly suplex. He then applies an Ankle Lock on Faarooq but the Boss Man helps Faarooq get to the ropes. Shamrock won’t break the hold but he eventually does and hits a belly to belly suplex on the referee! Referee Teddy Long comes out and tell Shamrock to head to the back. Big Show comes in and hits a big chokeslam on Faarooq!

We’re down to the Boss Man and Viscera against Big Show and Mankind. Mankind is in the top 10 for most PPV losses of all time. He’ll be looking for a win. Boss Man goes for a test of strength and Big Show clotheslines him out of the ring. Boss Man then heads to the back! Big Show follows and runs the Boss Man back to the ring! Big Show throws Boss Man across the ring and the Boss Man is a big guy! Big show chokes Boss Man with his foot but the former Hardcore champion hits a low blow. Boss Man and Viscera double team Big Show to take him down to the mat but Boss Man can’t get the three. He applies a sleeper to Big Show now. Big Show gets out of it and hits a big boot, then goes for a chokeslam but Viscera breaks it up. All four men are then in the ring and Big Show impressively powerslams Viscera. Big Show and Viscera fight to the outside whilst Mankind and Boss Man fight in the ring. Well it seems Viscera and Big Show have been counted out but the referee hasn’t counted them out. Teddy Long is an awful ref.

Mankind and The Big Boss Man are the remaining two men in this match. Boss Man once beat Mankind for the Hardcore title. Boss Man locks on a sleeper but Mankind is up and out of it but Boss Man hits a big boot. Two count from the cover. Mankind fights back with right hands and then the double armed DDT. Mankind then pulls our Mr Socko! He rams it down Boss Mans throat and the referee calls for the bell! Mankind wins the match for his team! This was an entertaining enough match. Not the best in quality though.

Rating: 5.5/10

Next up is a video package for Triple H and The Rock. Triple H has had the physical advantage going into this one but The Rock has had the verbal advantage.

Kevin Kelly is backstage with The Rock when Chyna suddenly shows up. She distracts The Rock long enough for Triple H to attack him from behind and try to cut the cast off. Mankind then shows up to save The Rock but ends up being hit with an iron pipe. Triple H and Chyna leave, their match is up next.

Triple H vs. The Rock

This is the fourth time these two men have met on PPV. The Rock won the first back in early 1997, retaining the Intercontinental title. The two then met at Fully Loaded last year and draw. Triple H beat The Rock in a ladder match at Summerslam, winning the Intercontinental title. So this is actually the first time they will have met on PPV when the Intercontinental title hasn’t been on the line. That’s if the match even happens. Triple H is convinced The Rock won’t show up and asks the referee to count him out. The Rocks music hits and out comes the former WWF champion, with a cast on his arm. He runs down to the ring and we’re straight into this one. The Rock stomps and hits Triple H with right hands before hitting a clothesline out of the corner. Rock then throws Triple H out of the ring. Triple H looks to be only the second heel to win tonight. He throws The Rock into the crowd but THe Rock hammers his way out. The two continue to fight outside the ring where The Rock hits a weak looking clothesline. Rocky then hits Triple H into the Spanish announce table before grabbing a headset and doing some commentary.

Triple H smashes The Rocks broken arm into the commentary table and the cast comes flying off. Triple H then nails The Rock with the cast. The two men fight back into the ring where Helmsley smashes Rocky’s arm off the top turnbuckle. Both men then hit right hands and The Rock hits a Samoan Drop for a two count. Triple H hits a high knee for a two count as Chyna looks on. Triple H sends The Rock to the outside where Chyna gets involved, smashing The Rocks arm off the commentary table. Triple H goes outside and both men end up knocking each other down after (botched?) clotheslines. Triple H then rolls The Rock back in but it’s The Rock who’s up and hitting right hands and a DDT. Triple H hits an armbar takedown on The Rocks bad arm before dropping a knee on it. Helmsley applies an arm bar now but The Rock gets out of it with a right hand before being jerked back down to the mat. Triple H sends The Rock to the outside where he smashes The Rocks arm off the steps and then rams him into the ring post.

Back in the ring and The Rock goes for The Rock Bottom from nowhere but Triple H gets out of it and hits a DDT. Chyna then hands Triple H a chair  but a she goes to hit The Rock, referee Earl Hebner grabs it out of his hand and throws it out of the ring. Triple H isn’t happy and he nails Hebner with a right hand! The referee calls for the bell and Triple H grabs the chair again but The Rock fights him off and gets the chair before nailing Helmsley with it! Hebner goes to raise The Rocks (injured) arm and The Rock lays Hebner out! Triple H is bleeding from the head and The Rock lays into him on the outside of the ring. He throws Triple H into the steps and then nails him with a fan. They fight back into the ring where Chyna tries to attack The Rock with a chair! The Rock grabs the chair off her and Helmsley knocks The Rock into Chyna where she takes a bad bump out of the ring. The Rock then hits The Rock Bottom on Triple H and places a steel chair on Triple H before going for The Peoples Elbow but Chyna grabs his foot! Triple H nails The Rock with a chair whilst he’s distracted and out comes Mankind with the steel pipe that Hunter attacked him with earlier! Triple H and Chyna get out of there.

The aftermath was better than the match itself. It was a little slow for my liking, which has been the case with a few of the matches tonight. It’ll be interesting to see if anything comes of this relationship with Mankind and The Rock. It definitely isn’t over between Triple H and The Rock.

Rating: 5.75/10

Next up is a video package for The Undertaker and Steve Austin. They have two referees for their WWF title match tonight. But will Vince show up?

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin (c) vs. The Undertaker – WWF Title Match

Main event time. Shane McMahon is out to referee it and Pat Patterson replaces Vince McMahon as the second referee. The Undertaker comes out with his manager Paul Bearer. This is the fourth meeting between these two men on PPV. Steve Austin beat The Undertaker at Summerslam and IYH: Rock Bottom last year and The Undertaker beat Austin at IYH: Cold Day In Hell exactly two years ago. The WWF title has never swapped hands from one man to the other. The Rock and Kane are the only two men to have won on last years Over The Edge event and this one. Austin winning would put him in that category too. The Undertaker chokeslams Pat Patterson before the bell, chokeslamming him out of the match. Austin marches down to ringside but is elbowed back out of the ring by The Undertaker. Austin comes back in off the top with a clothesline which earns him the first near fall of the match. Shane McMahon provokes Austin long enough for Undertaker to get back the advantage. Nobody has fought more matches on more PPVs in WWF history to this point than The Undertaker. Austin is in the top 10 too. Undertaker chokes Austin with his boot and lays into him with some right hands.

Undertaker works Austins left knee now, applying a leg lock after landing some elbow drops to it. Austin starts a comeback and begins to work Undertakers leg. He then hits a low blow right in front of Shane. The two men battle to the outside where Undertaker slams Austins face off the ring apron but Austin reverses an Irish whip and sends Undertaker into the steel steps. Austin then tries to pull Undertaker to the steps but Shane pulls Undertaker away! The two men get back into the ring where Austin stomps quite high up Undertakers leg. The champion then applies a leglock as Shane tries to pull Undertaker to the ropes! Undertaker reverses the leg lock into an armbar of his own. Austin gets out of it and goes back to working on Undertakers knee. Paul Bearer tries to get involved but gets hit with a right hand courtesy of Austin. It’s a long enough distraction for Undertaker to gain the advantage and ram Austins back into the ring post. Undertaker then throws Austin into the crowd and follows him in. The two men exchange right hands and Undertaker takes down Austin with a clothesline.

Undertaker uppercuts Austin back to the ringside area and chokes him with some cable. He then slams his head into the steps before kicking the steps into Austins knee. Back in the ring and Undertaker continues to stomp on the champions knee. I am fully expecting Vince McMahon to show up at some point. Austin starts a comeback but Undertaker knocks him back down with a right hand. Undertaker then scoops Austin up but Stone Cold slips down and clotheslines Undertaker out of the ring before kicking him into the commentary desk. Back in the ring and Austin goes for the Lou Thesz press but Undertaker blocks it! I don’t think I’ve seen that before. With both men down, Paul Bearer leathers Austin with his shoe twice! The two men battle up the entrance way and Austin smashes Undertaker through two glass windows that make up part of the set. The two men battle into the ring where Undertaker chokes Austin with his boot and Shane McMahon slowly counts it. Austin leaps out of the corner with a low blow and then jumps off the middle rope with an elbow. Shane McMahon counts to two but refuses the three! PAul Bearer throws Undertaker a chair but Austin sees him coming and whips Undertaker into Shane McMahon before hammering him with the steel chair. Gerald Briscoe comes running from the back and counts but Undertaker kicks out at 2!

Undertaker gets up and takes out Gerald Briscoe. A “HBK” chant breaks out as Undertaker hits a diving clothesline to Austin. Vince McMahon then hobbles out from the back. Austin goes for a Stunner but Undertaker pushes him off and both men take each other down with clotheslines. Vince McMahon counts them both out but they both get up at 7. Undertaker and Austin exchange right hands and then Austin hits the Stunner! He covers Undertaker but Shane McMahon stops his Dads count! Shane then shoves Vince into Austin and Undertaker rolls Austin up, Shane makes the fast count and it’s over! Undertaker is the new WWF Champion! He’s a three time WWF Champion! And Austin becomes the first ever man to come out of Wrestlemania as WWF Champion and lose the title before June! What an unexpected result! Not the best match but it was some finish.

Rating: 6.25/10


And that was Over The Edge 99. I watched this on the WWE Network and they have cut out any reference to Owen Hart on this show. He was due to fight The Godfather in an Intercontinental Title match but sadly Owen died when he had problems with his harness when descending from the rafters. WWE got a lot of criticism for continuing the show but as Vince McMahon said, Owen would have wanted the show to go on.

The show kicked off with the tag team title match and D-lo Brown and Mark Henry losing to another set of tag team champions. It was a decent tag team match to set the pace for the show. I like X Pac and D-lo, you get a lot of fast paced action with those guys. I’m starting to think D-lo and Mark Henry need to split up and focus on singles careers. I can’t see them winning the tag titles anytime soon and I liked D-lo as European champion so maybe they need to bring that title back and get him involved. X Pac and Kane will inevitably split up and feud with one of them turning heel but right now they have a good thing going. The Hardcore title was next and Al Snow retained his belt after powerbombing Hardcore Holly through a table. This was quite toned down compared to a lot of their previous matches. These two are the heart and soul of the hardcore division so I can only see them continuing in it. There aren’t a lot of compeititon for them at the moment, they probably need to introduce more people into the division. Both men have been in every Hardcore title match on PPV so far this year.

The mixed tag team match puts an end to that feud I think. Val and Nicole got the obvious win and now they can move on to different things. Both Jarrett and Venis could potentially get involved with the Intercontinental title scene. Debra is still Women’s champion and I think they need to get that title off her. Someone like Nicole Bass or Ivory would be perfect if they want to take that title seriously. Road Dogg and Billy Gunn were up next and the match was a disappointing. It was really quite slow. Billy Gunn won and is getting a decent push at the moment. I can see both men involved in the King Of The Ring tournament next month with the likes of Val Venis, Jeff Jarrett, Test, Ken Shamrock, Goldust and The Big Boss Man. Mankind won the 8 man elimination tag team match for The Union and it could have gone either way. They could have shown that the Corporate Ministry were a better group because clearly The Union have the better individuals. I’m not sure where this leaves The Union now unless they go on to feud with the The Undertaker and Triple H but I can’t see that.

Then were the two main events. Rock and Triple H didn’t put the best match of their career on. I don’t know if Rocks arm restricted it slightly but it wasn’t the best. The Rock won by disqualification which keeps the feud going. Triple H has really elevated himself to main event status and I think it’s just a matter of time until he’s main eventing pay per views. The Undertaker will definitely be main eventing going forward as he won the WWF title tonight. This result surprised me actually. I like it, but it did surprise me. It was a screwy ending but it worked pretty well. Undertaker as WWF champion makes the Corporate Ministry  very strong and he’s such an awesome heel, he has plenty of babyface competition from the likes of Steve Austin, The Rock and Mankind.

The show overall was one of the weaker PPVs from the past couple of years. The tag title match and main event stood out as the better matches but I wouldn’t be in a rush to watch it all again. Quality may have suffered because of what happened with Owen Hart and that would have been on the wrestlers minds. We had one title change and that was the biggest title of them all. The Undertaker became a three time WWF champion. This was the first “In Your House” PPV not to be an In Your House PPV,and if it was an In Your House show then it would have been the first to have a WWF title change.

Overall Rating: 52.5/100 (ranked joint 63rd out of 96)

Match Of The Night: “Stone Cold” Steve Austin vs. The Undertaker
Worst Match Of The Night: Billy Gunn vs. The Road Dogg
Surprise Of The Night: The Undertaker wins the WWF Title
Worst Booking Of The Night: N/A
Superstar Of The Night: The Undertaker
Over The Edge 99 Will Be Remembered For: The night Owen Hart passed away


One thought on “Over The Edge 99

  1. Jason Sensation said it best about Vince’s stupid decision to go on with the show after Owen just died: “If a wrestler dying can’t stop the show, what can?”

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