King Of The Ring 99

| Date: June 27, 1999
| Venue: Greensboro Coliseum | City: Greensboro, North Carolina
| Attendance: 19, 761 | Buyrate: 430, 000


King Of The Ring can make careers and has springboarded the likes of Steve Austin, Triple H, Owen Hart, Mabel, Ken Shamrock and Bret Hart. Tonight, 8 men will compete in the tournament in hope of becoming the next King Of The Ring. As you can see in the first round we have Billy Gunn vs. Ken Shamrock. Shamrock has already been involved in a match on Heat before this PPV, taking on Shane McMahon but got brutally attacked by Steve Blackman. That’s got to make Billy Gunn the favourite for this one. Big Show and Kane take on each other in a battle of the big men. Kane and X Pac recently lost their tag team titles to The Acolytes and now persue singles careers once more. X Pac takes on former Hardcore champion Hardcore Holly with the winner of that one taking on the winner of Road Dogg and Chyna. X Pac and Road Dogg are the only members of DX remaining and would make for an interesting semi final but Chyna will be looking to continue her momentum after defeating Val Venis to get to the quater finals. In terms of the other qualifiers, Billy Gunn beat Viscera, Ken Shamrock beat Jeff Jarrett, Big Show beat Droz, Kane beat Test, Road Dogg beat Godfather, Hardcore Holly beat Al Snow and X Pac beat the Boss Man.

Also tonight the WWF title will be on the line when The Undertaker takes on the man that challenged him to the match, The Rock. The Rock was told to qualify he had to beat The Undertaker and Triple H in a triple threat match in which he did after some dissension between Corporate Ministry members Undertaker and Triple H. Also tonight Steve Austin will take on Vince and Shane McMahon in a triple threat match for 100% ownership of the WWF. Since Over The Edge, the “Higher Power” or “Greater Power” was revealed to be none other than Vince McMahon. As a result, Linda and Stephanie handed over their 50% stake of the company to Steve Austin. Austin, Vince and Shane then agreed to the handicap ladder match with the company on the line. So lets get to it.

A gritty video package kicks us off with sound bites from various leaders of the past over the top of Vince McMahon and Steve Austin. That seems to be the big match they’re hyping with ownership of the company on the line. We then get some cool graphics with the brackets of the King Of The Ring tournament falling like dominoes. Jim Ross welcomes us to the Greensboro Coliseum, he’s joined by Jerry Lawler. We get some pictures from Heat with Steve Blackman attacking Ken Shamrock as he took on Shane McMahon. Shamrock is bleeding from the mouth and doesn’t look in a fit state to participate in the King Of The Ring tournament.

Hardcore Holly vs. X Pac – King Of The Ring Tournament Quater Final Match

This is a first time meeting between these two veterans. They have both been in the KOTR tournament before, X Pac getting to the semi finals in 1994 and Holly in the quater finals in 1995. These two men are also former tag team champions together, they won a tournament in 1995. Holly takes down Pac in the early going. There’s a strange noise, like a buzzing or a plane going over but it’s constant. X Pac misses with a Bronco Buster early on and Holly hits him with a clothesline. X Pac hits a cross body for the first near fall of the night. Holly hits a big powerbomb. X Pac is only one of four men to have wrestled on every PPV in 1999 so far, along with Austin, Triple H and Mick Foley. Helmsley and Foley aren’t scheduled for tonight. X Pac hits a suplex and a big roundhouse kick then follows up with some more kicks in the corner. Holly hits the mat and X Pac hits him with the Bronco Buster!

Holly cleverly heads to the outside but not so cleverly grabs a steel chair and nails X Pac with it! Hardcore Holly lays into X Pac after the bell but it’s Road Dogg who comes out for the save. Road Dogg and Holly met in the KOTR quater finals in 1995 and Road Dogg won that one. X Pac advances tonight but he’s not in good shape. He’ll take on either Road Dogg or Chyna in the semi finals. This was a half decent match but given time could have been good. It just didn’t really get going.

Rating: 4/10

“The Red Rooster” Terry Taylor is backstage interviewing Hardcore Holly. Holly has no idea who he is but he says he plays by his own rules. Holly then says he hasn’t forgotten about Big Show!

The Big Show vs. Kane – King Of The Ring Tournament Quater Final Match

We see some footage from Raw with Big Show tipping a car over and just missing Hardcore Holly. The Big Show goes into this match looking for his first PPV win. It’s the first time he meets Kane on PPV but he’s previously lost to Mankind twice and was counted out in his 8 man elimination tag team match at Over The Edge. Kane has new ring gear tonight, pretty much the same as his old gear but a bit more see-through in the black. Both men miss with right hands in the early going and it’s Kane with the early advantage. Big Show looks so massive compared to Kane, he hits some kicks and a hip toss, throwing Kane across the ring. Kane gets out of the way of a big splash in the corner. It was this time last year that Kane won the WWF title from Stone Cold Steve Austin. Kane hits an enzeguri on Big Show which was impressive. Both men go for big boots and both men go down. Kane rolls outside of the ring then drops Big Show on the top rope.

The big red machine heads to the top rope before leaping off and hitting a clothesline for a two count. Kane gets on top of Big Show and hits some right hands and a choke. Big Show hits a jawbreaker on Kane then goes for a running boot but Kane ducks and Big Show hits the referee down! Kane hits a low blow on Show then out comes Hardcore Holly! He attempts to hit Big Show with a chair but Kane stops him and chokeslams the former Hardcore champion! That distraction gives Big Show the advantage but Kane ducks a clothesline and slaps his hand around the neck of the Big Show! Big Show goes down to one knee as the referee is still spark out. A “Big Show” chant breaks out but they goes on forever and eventually the crowd boo them! Big Show gets out of the choke but Kane picks up the chair and leathers Big Show with it. The referee wakes up and counts the three.

This match started ok but it really went downhill. Kane had a choke on Big Show for what felt like forever. Big Show loses another PPV match. The referee sprung into life when Kane pinned Big Show. Not a great match here.

Rating: 3/10

Michael Cole interviews Vince McMahon and says Shane is hurt and can’t compete. You can hear Shane in the background saying he can compete. We’ll have to see what happens there.

Billy Gunn vs. Ken Shamrock – King Of The Ring Tournament Quater Final Match

These two men have met one on one once before on PPV. It was at this years Royal Rumble event for the Intercontinental title and Shamrock won that one. Billy Gunn comes out with one of the tag team titles that he stole from the Acolytes. Gunn gets on the mic and calls Shamrock dumb and that tonight Gunn is going over the World’s Most Dangerous Horses Ass. Shamrock with bloody round his mouth comes out for the match! The winner of this one goes on to fight Kane in the semi finals. Billy Gunn has the best ring music. Referee Teddy Long tells Shamrock he’s in no condition to wrestle but Billy Gunn attacks him and this one is underway. Ken Shamrock is the reigning King Of The Ring having beaten The Rock in last years final. Ken hits a big martial arts kick to get back into the match but Gunn catches a cross body and hits him with a backbreaker. Gunn works Shamrocks injured ribs and Shamrock manages to get the Ankle Lock applied out of nowhere but Gunn hits his ribs to break the hold.

The two battle to the outside where Gunn drops Shamrock on the barricade. Shamrock applies an Ankle Lock again but once again Gunn targets the ribs. Back in the ring and Billy hits a powerslam before heading to the top and missing with a splash! Shamrock gains momentum and hits a couple of dropkicks. He then goes for his trademark hurricanrana but Billy hits him with a powerbomb. That causes more blood to spew out of Shamrocks mouth. Teddy Long calls for the bell and decrees that Shamrock can’t carry on. Billy Gunn wins the match and advances to take on Kane. Shamrock snaps after the bell and throws Teddy to the outside. Again, not the greatest of matches.

Rating: 3.75/10

Backstage Kevin Kelly interviews Chyna who says that when she was younger she wanted to be a princess but now she wants to be a queen. Triple H is then asked about the Undertaker vs Rock match and he says that nobody tells him what to do and he marches to the beat of his own drum.

Road Dogg vs. Chyna – King Of The Ring Tournament Quater Final Match

We get Road Doggs unique entrance and the crowd chant along to every word of it. The winner of this one takes on X Pac. This is Chyna’s first singles match on PPV. You wouldn’t want to be Road Dogg if he’s going to lose this one. Chyna shoves Road Dogg over in the early going. Chyna beat Val Venis to get here. We have a bit of chain wrestling in the early going with hammerlocks and arm wringers. Chyna takes Road Dogg down again. Triple H circles the ring. Chyna powers out of a headlock and hits Road Dogg with a big forearm shot. This is Chyna’s third PPV match, a way off the record for PPV matches held by Sable at 8. Chyna hits another forearm shot and Road Dogg has really struggled in this one so far. With Triple H on the outside, it is reminiscent of Jeff Jarrett being on the outside for Road Dogg back in 1995.

Chyna stomps away at Road Dogg dropping him to the canvas before choking him with her boot in the corner. She hits a hard Irish whip and high fives Triple H. She hits another Irish whip and Road Dogg is not in a good way. Road Dogg reverses the next Irish whip and sends Chyna over the top and out of the ring. Road Dogg follows her out and Triple H causes the distraction allowing Chyna to push Road Dogg into the ring post. Chyna then distracts the referee allowing Triple H to throws Road Dogg into the ring steps. Helmsley throws Road Dogg back into the ring where Chyna takes advantage. She hits a reverse elbow for a two count. Chyna hits a DDT for another two count. They;re giving this match a lot more time than the previous three KOTR quater finals. She hits a powerslam and an elbow drop. She hits a second elbow drop and then hits him with his own shaky legs knee drop for a two count.

Road Dogg reverses an Irish whip then goes for a powerslam but Chyna nips down the back and locks on a sleeper! Jerry Lawler meanwhile is finding the whole match hilarious. Road Dogg gets out of it but Chyna seems to have poked him in the eye accidentally. Road Dogg manages to avoid a splash in the corner and lock on a sleeper of his own. Chyna seems to pass out but Triple H manages to get her foot on the rope. Road Dogg, distracted by Triple H gets rolled up by Chyna for a two count. During the kick out referee Earl Hebner gets hit by Chyna. Triple H then wraps a chain around his hand and nails Road Dogg with it! Helmsley then rolls Chyna on top of Road Dogg but the former tag team champion manages to kick out! Commissioner Shawn Michaels then makes his way to ringside and watches Triple H.

Road Dogg gets up and hits his trademark jabs and shaky legs knee drop! The crowd are loving it. Helmsley then gets up on the apron but Shawn Michaels pulls him down and sends him to the back. Road Dogg is distracted by what’s going on outside of the ring and Chyna hits a low blow! But it doesn’t affect Road Dogg because he’s wearing a cup! Chyna hurts her arm and Road Dogg nails her with the pump handle slam for the three! Road Dogg advances to the next round to fight his mate X Pac! Could we be heading towards a Billy Gunn vs. Road Dogg final? This match was the pick of the bunch for the first round matches.

Rating: 5.5/10

Michael Cole is backstage with The Rock who talks in a little tongue to the Undertaker. Not a better promo in the game than this guy.

The Hardy Boyz (Matt & Jeff Hardy) vs. Edge & Christian – Number One Contenders Match for Tag Team Titles

This is a PPV debut for the Hardy Boys. They were supposed to fight on Heat but the tag team champions The Acolytes came out and attacked both teams which resulted in this match. Matt and Christian start the match and the Hardys rush to the ring. It’s the first time Edge and Christian have teamed up in a 2 on 2 tag team match on PPV. Michael Hayes is in the corner of Matt and Jeff. Christian hits a dropkick on Matt Hardy and an armdrag. Matt tags Jeff who hits some Irish whips but Christian hits Jeff with a gutbuster. Christian tags Edge and the two hits a double hiptoss. Jeff hits a nice headscissors but that seems to rile Edge up. Edge hits a nice Alabama Slam but then goes to the middle rope and gets caught with Jeffs boots. Jeff tags Matt and they hit a double team cross body which I have seen Edge and Christian use before. Edge tags Christian who gets caught with a boot from Matt.

Matt applies a sleeper to Christian but the former Light-heavyweight champion gets out of it but gets caught with a suplex. Matt and Jeff whip their t shirts off but Matt gets caught with a reverse DDT. Matt tags Jeff and Christian tags Edge. Edge takes apart both Hary Boys but Gangrel gets up on the apron and Michael Hayes attacks Edge! All hell breaks loose now and Hayes once again goes in the ring but Edge hits him with a spear. Edge then hits a spear off the middle rope on Jeff but Matt breaks up the cover. Christian leaps on Matt over the top rope then Gangrel attempts to spit “blood” in Jeff Hardy’s face but Jeff ducks and Gangrel nails Edge! Jeff hits a DDT and this one is over! The Hardy Boys start their PPV journey with a win! Great match between these two young teams.

Rating: 7.25/10

Michael Cole asks The Undertaker if he can withstand the charge if the Brahma Bull. Undertaker asks Cole what happens when you rip the balls of a bull.

Vince McMahon comes out and isn’t happy with the audience who chant “asshole” at him. Vince McMahon then tells us Shane can’t compete tonight and so the handicap ladder match will not take place. Shawn Michaels then came out and said that Vince won’t be weaseling out of this match. Vince McMahon then says that earlier Shawn Michaels said that Vince could have a suitable replacement and Vince says he will find one. This has “Triple H” written all over it. Unless Mick Foley fancies a heel turn.

Billy Gunn vs. Kane – King Of The Ring Tournament Semi-Final Match

Only 6 men in history have had more PPV matches than Billy Gunn at this point. I tend to find that the King Of The Ring gimmick favours heels more than faces and Gunn is the only heel left in this tournament. Imagine King Kane? We could get Billy Gunn vs. Road Dogg or how about Kane vs. X Pac in the final? Two big matches right there. This is a first time meeting between these men on PPV. Gunn hits some big right hands in the early going but Kane hits some uppercuts of his own. You’d think that X Pac and Road Dogg would both be routing for Billy Gunn to win this one so take him on in the final. Kane stomps away at Mr Ass in the corner. Gunn exits the ring and Kane follows and hits him with another big uppercut before ramming his face into the ring steps. Kane then grabs the ring steps but Billy Gunn dropkicks them into his face. Billy keeps the advantage by throwing Kane into the ring post twice.

This would be a huge win for Billy Gunn, should he beat Kane. Gunn continues to hammer away at Kane outside the ring and it should definitely have been  a double count out by now. The two men get back into the ring where Billy chokes Kane. The two were suposed to be on opposite teams at Summerslam last year but Kane no-showed leaving his tag team partner Mankind to fight both New Age Outlaws. Gunn goes for the Fame-asser but Kane hits him with a powerslam before nailing the former Hardcore champion with clotheslines and a big boot. Kane then dropkicks Billy Gunn off the apron! Gunn heads round and grabs a steel chair but out comes The Big Show! Big Show grabs the chair off Billy Gunn and looks to nail Billy with it but instead hits Kane! I’m not sure how accidental that was but Big Show helps Billy Gunn progress to the final! An average match between these two men.

Rating: 5/10

Kevin Kelly is backstage with X Pac who says “Brian….Jesse James” is one of his best friends so let the best man win!

X Pac vs. Road Dogg – King Of The Ring Tournament Semi-Final Match

This is the second ever meeting between these two men on PPV. The two met at In Your House 2, four years ago, and it was The Road Dogg who picked up the win that night. X Pac takes the early advantage with a suplex and a snapmare before hitting a legdrop for a two count. X Pac locks on a sleeper but Road Dogg gets out of it. Road Dogg attempts his jabs but X Pac ducks and tries his roundhouse kick but Road Dogg ducks that and nails X Pac with a right hand and a shaky legs knee drop for a two count. X Pac hits a spinning heel kick for a near fall. He then goes for a Bronco Buster but Road Dogg rolls out of the way and attempts his pump-handle slam but X Pac slips down the back, spins Road Dogg round and hits the X Factor! And that’s all she wrote! X Pac wins the match and goes on to fight Billy Gunn in the final. That was the first clean finish to the King Of The Ring tournament tonight. On the 6th time of asking. This match was short and sweet. X Pac sells his neck going into the final.

Rating: 3.75/10

Next up is a video package for The Rock and The Undertaker with some techno music running over it. The Rock won a triple threat match over Triple H and Undertaker to get the title shot tonight.

The Undertaker (c) vs. The Rock – WWF Championship Match

The Rock has been in the WWF title match at the last Survivor Series, Royal Rumble, Wrestlemania and now King Of The Ring. The 3 1999 PPVs all have been gaainst different opponents in Mankind, Steve Austin and The Undertaker. It annoys me that this match isn’t closing the evening. The WWF title match should always be last in my opinion. I guess they see Austin and McMahon as a bigger deal. This is the second time these two men have fought on a PPV. The first being in the semi finals of the Deadly Game at last years Survivor Series. The Rock won that match with help from Kane. Undertaker is flanked by Paul Bearer. Jim Ross tells us that Triple H has challenged the winner of this match. Both men won their matches at the last PPV, Over The Edge. The Undertaker starts the match by laying out the referee! The Rock then hits The Rock Bottom but the referee is down! Another referee comes out but Paul Bearer whips him out the ring and lays him out! Undertaker hits a big chokeslam but The Rock kicks out. The initial referee is back in action now.

The Rock hits a big clothesline then clotheslines The Undertaker out of the ring. The two men then slug it out up the entrance way. Which seems to be the case in every Rock match these days. Undertaker lays out The Rock with a clothesline on the concrete and it seems as though count outs are a thing of the past. Undertaker launches Rocky into the barricade before the two men slug it out back towards the ring. Not before Undertaker reverses a suplex on the entranceway though. The WWF champion then throws The Rock into the ring steps. Nobody has fought as many PPV matches as The Undertaker.Back in the ring and Undertaker gets a 1 count. He then spins the arm of the challenger and goes to the top but The Rock not only crotches him but grabs a bottle of water and spits it in Undertakers face! The two men then battle into the crowd. The Rock throws a berage in the face of his opponent! The two then fight back to the ring where The Rock tries to hit The Undertaker with a chair but Undertaker blocks it with the ring bell! Back in the ring and Paul Bearer nails The Rock with his shoe.

The Undertaker goes to work on The Rock with big right hands in the corner. The Rock fights back until Undertaker lays him out with a DDT. That gives the dead man a 2 count before he applies a sleeper. The Rock gets out of it but runs into a big boot for another 2 count. Undertaker locks on another sleeper but The Rock gets out of it and hits a Samoan Drop! Both men get up and Undertaker attempts a Tombstone but The Rock slips down and hits a DDT for a 2 count. Undertaker reverses an Irish whip and The Rock nails the referee with a clothesline! Rocky then hits the People’s Elbow! But there is no referee to make the count. Undertaker hits The Rock with a low blow and Paul Bearer then pours what looks like chlorophyl on a cloth and hands it to The Undertaker. The Rock fights him off though and picks up the cloth before putting it into The Undertakers face! Triple H comes out and gives The Rock a Pedigree before heading to the back. The referee gets back up and counts both men down but The Undertaker breaks the count. Undertaker lays a hand on The Rock but only gets a 2. He then nails Rocky with a Tombstone which is enough for the three!

Undertaker retains his WWF title with help from Triple H. This was a decent match which was given plenty of time. That is The Undertakers 38th PPV win, more than anyone else in history.

Rating: 7.5/10

Backstage we see Shawn Michaels kicking Triple H out of the arena because of his involvement in the last match. Vince McMahon isn’t happy because that was going to be his partner for the main event!

X Pac vs. Billy Gunn – King Of The Ring Tournament Final

This is a first time singles meeting between these two men on PPV. Billy Gunn attacks X Pac before the bell but misses with a big splash in the corner. X Pac clotheslines him out of the ring then hits a big plancha over the ropes. Back in the ring and X Pac hits a cross body off the top for a two count. Gunn reverses an Irish whip and hits a bulldog for a two count. He’s already said that he’ll be focusing on X Pacs bad neck. This is the first time Billy Gunn has been in a King Of The Ring tournament. He made his PPV debut at the 1993 King Of The Ring PPV. He locks on a front face lock now. X Pac gets out of it but is soon on the wrong end of a powerslam. Gunn then hits a Fame-asser and surely that’s it? Gunn hesitates before the pin and X Pac kicks out! Gunn shouts “Bullshit” at the referee and turns around in an X Factor! X Pac is slow to make the cover and Billy kicks out! The crowd seem a bit quieter for this one, the last match was so hard to follow.

X Pac sets up for the Bronco Buster and nails Billy Gunn with it! He goes for a clothesline but Gunn ducks it and hits a neckbreaker for a near fall. Billy Gunn goes to the top but X Pac dropkicks him, crotching Mr Ass on the top rope. He then goes up with him but Gunn hits him off and hits a Fame-asser from the second rope! That’s enough for the win. Billy Gunn wins the match and is the 1999 King Of The Ring! I have no idea what the point of him having the tag team title is but he holds it high after the bell none the less. Billy Gunn has now won more PPV matches than Hulk Hogan and becomes the 6th man ever to have wrestled 40 PPV matches. He’s also won all 6 matches that he’s wrestled at King Of The Ring.

Rating: 5/10

Next is a video package rounding up the whole Higher Power storyline, with Vince McMahon being the man revealed to be the higher power. Linda and Stephanie McMahon then handed over their executive power to “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. All the power is now on the line as Austin takes on both Shane and Vince.

Vince McMahon & Steve Blackman vs. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin – Ladder Match for control of the WWF

Well this is without a shadow of a doubt the biggest match of Steve Blackmans career. We then see some “GTV” footage of Shane McMahon with his Mean Street Posse and Shane is fine! The four of them attempt to leave the arena but Shawn Michaels drags Shane McMahon out and tells him that he will be competing tonight! Blackman is relieved of his duties!

Vince McMahon & Shane McMahon vs. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin – Ladder Match for control of the WWF

So we’re back to the match we should have had in the first place. Shane McMahon goes into this undefeated on PPV having won his previous two matches over X Pac. Vince and Shane immediatly head out to get the ladder but Austin runs them down and takes out both men. Austin drags Vince into the ring and hits him with a big clothesline. Shane tries to sneak attack him but Austin sees him coming and hits him with a Lou Thesz press! He then hits an elbow on Vince McMahon and drags him out the ring. He turns his attention to Shane, dropping him on the top rope and crotching him around the ring post. Austin chases Vince around the ring but gets caught with a clothesline from Shane. Austin fights back, throwing Shane into the ring steps then stomping away at Vince in the entrance way. He then throws Vince into a big screen. Shane runs up the ladders that are set up as an entrance way and Austin follows him up. Shane falls off to the concrete floor.

Austin throws Vince into some of the ladders and then does the same with Shane! Austin then pulls a chain connected to one of the ladders and the ladders all fall down on Vince and Shane! All three men go back to the ring where Austin throws Shane out of the ring and lamps Vince with a ladder. Austin sets up a ladder outside the ring and jumps off it, hitting Shane with an elbow drop through Shane through the commentary table! Austin climbs the ladder again but this time Vince pushes him off! Vince then sets up a ladder in the ring and is very close to getting the briefcase but Austin just manages to get in the ring and hit McMahon with a low blow. He pulls Vince down from the ladder and then lays into Shane who is back in the ring. Stone Cold sling shots Shane face first into a ladder then drops the ladder on his back. Austin has dominated both McMahons in this match. He climbs a ladder but Vince pushes the ladder over. Vince then tries to give Shane a leg up and that fails. So Shane gets on Vinces shoulders and still Shane can’t reach the ladeer.

Austin hits Vince with a right hand sending Shane and Vince to the mat. He then gets both men up and hits them both with Stone Cold Stunners! Austin sets up the ladder and attempts to get the briefcase but the briefcase is hoisted up! Austin can’t rwach it  so goes to find out what’s going on. Vince then climbs the ladder and Austin meets him up there. Austin tries to grab the briefcase but once again it’s hoisted up. Shane then pushes the ladder over sending Austin and his dad to the mat! Shane sets up the ladder and climbs up it, grabbing the briefcase! Vince and Shane win the match and take 100% of the company back! This match was good fun. It was mainly Austin beating on the McMahons before getting screwed out of the victory. Good fun main event to end the show with.

Rating: 7.75/10


Well, that was the seventh annual King Of The Ring PPV. Billy Gunn joins Bret Hart, Owen Hart, Mabel, Steve Austin, Triple H and Ken Shamrock as King Of The Ring winners of the PPV era. Could this be the start to Gunns rise to greatness? Look at the past winners, Bret Hart was WWF champion less than a year after his KOTR win, Owen Hart and Mabel main evented the Summerslam that followed, Steve Austin won the Royal Rumble 7 months later whilst Ken Shamrock and Triple H still look to top the mountain. Gunn has been a mainstay in the WWF and has been on the active roster longer than anybody not named The Undertaker.

The King Of The Ring matches on this show lacked in quality. They went back to having the quater finals on the PPV and squeezing them all meant less time. Only one KOTR match was given longer than 6 and a half minutes and that was the Road Dogg/Chyna contest. As predicted, the final 4 had a DX theme and although I thought it could have been a Billy Gunn vs. Road Dogg or Kane vs. X Pac final, I wasn’t disappointed. Well, except with the match quality. Hardcore Holly and Big Show seem to be getting involved in a feud which is great for Holly but not so much for Show. I didn’t mind Hardcore getting himself disqualified against X Pac. He’s a big tough dude and that was a good way to get him out of the tournament. He would then get involved with the Kane/Big Show match but what seemed odd was that Kane stopped Holly from attacking Big Show but ended up using the chair himself. I think Jerry Lawler mentioned that later in the show and I’m inclined to agree.

The three matches outside of the King Of The Ring tournament were all really good. Although there was no tag team title defence, we did get a number one contenders match between two teams with a lot of chemistry. The Hardy Boys are really starting to come into their own as a team and potentially going forward could have some really high quality matches with Edge and Christian. The Hardys got the upset tonight and although I can’t see them beating The Acolytes for the titles yet, it puts them in a good position. The tag division definitely needs boosting right now. One man that doesn’t need a boost is The Undertaker. He beat The Rock tonight with a little help from Triple H which takes The Rock out of the title picture for the time being. Undertaker could go back to feuding with Austin or maybe even someone like The Big Show or his brother Kane.

The McMahons got the power back of their company. This wasn’t too much of a surprise because a heel in power makes for great tv. It’ll be interesting to see who rose the briefcase up, stopping Austin from winning. That will be a whole new feud for Austin. Meanwhile Vince and Shane can go back to making life difficult for Austin. This was a decent ladder match which mainly featured Austin beating the crap out of the McMahons for nearly 20 minutes. Overall this wasn’t the best show in the world and although I like them having the quater finals on the PPV, it definitely diminishes the quality of the night. Outside of the King Of The Ring tournament we had three good matches that are worth a watch. The overall rating is exactly the same as the last PPV, Over The Edge.

Overall Rating: 52.5/100 (ranked joint 63rd out of 97)

Match Of The Night: Steve Austin vs. Shane & Vince McMahon
Worst Match Of The Night: Big Show vs. Kane
Surprise Of The Night: The Hardy Boys beat Edge & Christian
Worst Booking Of The Night: N/A
Superstar Of The Night: Billy Gunn
KOTR 99 Will Be Remembered For: Billy Gunn winning the KOTR tournament


One thought on “King Of The Ring 99

  1. Two things of note:

    1.If anybody deserved to win this tournament, it was Big Show, since he was Vince’s first big steal from WCW that very year, and he needed the rub more than Mr. Ass.

    2.The next night on Raw, Vince, Shane, and the Corporate Ministry were celebrating in the ring when all of a sudden, The Big Bossman stormed to the ring to his old theme “Hard Times”.

    They teased a huge fight, but Bossman laughed, said “I love you guys”, and hugged Vince, who claimed his plan worked, and that it was inferred that Bossman raised the briefcase, since he technically was not a Corporate Ministry member during the PPV as he had been fired one week earlier after losing to Austin.

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