King Of The Ring 2002

| Date: June 23rd, 2002 | Venue: Nationwide Arena | City: Columbus, Ohio | Attendance: 14, 198 | Buyrate: 320, 000 | tweet me: @BastionBlogger The tenth annual King Of The Ring pay per view is upon us and as we would later find out, it is also the last ever KOTR PPV. The King Of The Ring tournament takes centre stage as it always does in June and like we have … Continue reading King Of The Ring 2002

King Of The Ring 2001

| Date: June 24, 2001 | Venue: Continental Airlines Arena | City: East Rutherford, New Jersey | Attendance: 17, 777 | Buyrate: 445, 000 My muscles ache. My mind is spent. My body is broken. Lead me to my throne. Those would be the words uttered by our four King Of The Ring semi finalists. The annual tournament is back to just the semi-finals unlike last year when the PPV hosted the … Continue reading King Of The Ring 2001

King Of The Ring 2000

| Date: June 25, 2000 | Venue: Fleet Centre | City: Boston, Massachusetts | Attendance: 17, 651 | Buyrate: 475, 000 King Of The Ring 2000 had the highest buyrate for any King Of The Ring in history so the build was good and the tournament itself had a lot of interest behind it. That would be because it is the biggest King Of The Ring history with no less than 32 … Continue reading King Of The Ring 2000

King Of The Ring 99

| Date: June 27, 1999 | Venue: Greensboro Coliseum | City: Greensboro, North Carolina | Attendance: 19, 761 | Buyrate: 430, 000 King Of The Ring can make careers and has springboarded the likes of Steve Austin, Triple H, Owen Hart, Mabel, Ken Shamrock and Bret Hart. Tonight, 8 men will compete in the tournament in hope of becoming the next King Of The Ring. As you can see in the first … Continue reading King Of The Ring 99

Stat Pack Vol 14

70 PPVs in the bag, all reviewed, all ranked and all ripped apart for statistics. So welcome everybody to the 14th instalment of stat pack. In this blog expect to see stats such as every PPV ranked, all wrestler stats such as most matches, wins, most tag team wins, highest managerial win percentage, best matches and much much more. Since the last Stat Pack, Bret … Continue reading Stat Pack Vol 14