King Of The Ring 2000

| Date: June 25, 2000
| Venue: Fleet Centre | City: Boston, Massachusetts
| Attendance: 17, 651 Buyrate: 475, 000

King Of The Ring 2000 had the highest buyrate for any King Of The Ring in history so the build was good and the tournament itself had a lot of interest behind it. That would be because it is the biggest King Of The Ring history with no less than 32 competitors. Like last year, the PPV itself will feature the quater-finals, semi-finals and final. In the quater finals, Kurt Angle will take on Chris Jericho with the winner of that facing the winner of Crash Holly and Bull Buchanan. In the other half of the bracket we’ll have Chris Benoit against Rikishi and Eddie Guerrero vs. Val Venis. What I would like to say about the brackets is that it’s a shame Chris Jericho and Kurt Angle can’t go at it in the semi finals or even the final. It would have been better to see Angle vs. Crash and Jericho vs. Bull in the quater finals. A semi final line up of Kurt Angle, Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero would have been the best final four of all time.

The other half of the bracket is tough to call. The purest in me wants to see Chris Benoit vs. Eddie Guerrero, which for me is the obvious route. But due to the fact they’ve been feuding recently, we could see Rikishi vs. Val Venis. We’ve seen Venis brutally attack Rikishi in recent week and have even seen Rikishi dive off the stage on top of Venis. Rikishi beat Chris Benoit last week for the Intercontinental championship and goes into this PPV as the champion. Eddie Guerrero goes into the King Of The Ring tournament, having beaten his mamacita Chyna in the last round, as the reigning European champion.

The WWF title will also be on the line tonight for the first ever time in a 6 man tag team match. Triple H goes in as WWF Champion and teams with Vince and Shane McMahon to take on the formidable team of The Rock, Kane and The Undertaker. Should Triple H’s team win then Triple H retains the WWF title and at Fully Loaded will defend his title against the King Of The Ring. But if any member of the other team beat anyone on Triple H’s team then they will win the Championship. It’s a huge stipulation and a first ever in the WWF.

Also tonight, the Hardcore title will be on the line as Gerald Briscoe defends against his former friend and the man that defeated him for the title, Pat Patterson. Patterson attacked Briscoe after he beat Crash for the title and pinned Briscoe to take the gold. Patterson would hide from Briscoe, dressing up as a woman and hiding in the womans locker room. Briscoe dressed as a woman himself to hunt out Patterson only for Vince McMahon to find the two brawling and tell them that the Hardcore title will be defended at King Of The Ring between the two in a Hardcore Evening Gown match. The tag team titles will also be defended by new tag team champions Too Cool, who beat Edge and Christian for the gold on Raw a few weeks ago. The former champions will get an opportunity at their old title in a 4 way elimination match also involving T & A and The Hardy Boyz. The tag titles have never changed hands at a King Of The Ring event before.  As well as that we’ve seen a 3 on 2 handicap tables/dumpster match between The Dudley Boyz and X Pac, Road Dogg and Tori.

We kick off with a video package for the King Of The Ring tournament, showing a bit of history, shots of all of the old kings. Then we go into a package for the WWF title match. Jim Ross then welcomes us to Boston, he’s joined by Jerry “The King” Lawler who speculates about the main event tonight. Will we see a new champion?

Rikishi vs. Chris Benoit – King Of The Ring Quater-Final Match

Big quater final match to kick things off. And these two men get into it before the bell rings. These two have a lot of history, with the two men being somewhat “leaders” of their 6 man teams in Benoits PPV debut at No Way Out. Benoit also lost his Intercontinental title to Rikishi 3 days ago on Smackdown. Rikishi throws Benoit into the ring steps in the early going. The fight goes into the ring where Benoit hits a German suplex to get the first near fall of the match. It’s a first one on one PPV since match between these two men. Benoit lays into Rikishi in the corner. He then applies a Crossface in a standing position. The big man goes down to one knee but the crowd are behind the reigning Intercontinental champion. Rikishi gets out of the hold but Benoit hits some knife edge chops. Rikishi reverses an Irish whip but misses with a splash in the corner. Benoit then locks on the Crippler Crossface but Rikishi gets to the ropes.

To be fair, you’ve got two men here who could do well in this tournament. Benoit leaves the ring and grabs a steel chair. He then leathers Rikishi with it multiple times! The bell rings, this one is a disqualification win for Rikishi! Benoit locks on the Crippler Crossface again, where are Too Cool to break it up? Referees come out and break it up but Benoit goes to the top and hits his diving headbutt! Somewhat of a shocking result here. Rikishi wins the match but Benoit leaves him laying in the ring!

Rating: 4/10

We see a clip from Heat with Lina McMahon wanting to confront her husband Vince. We then see Triple H backstage with Vince, Shane and Stephanie. Vince says he’ll be putting Linda in her place tonight.

Michael Cole is backstage with Chris Benoit asking why he threw his place in the King Of The Ring. Benoit says he does what he wants, when he wants.

Eddie Guerrero vs. Val Venis – King Of The Ring Quater-Final Match

Eddie Guerrero is accompanied by his Mamacita, Chyna whilst Val Venis, who has a remixed entrance theme, walks out with Trish Stratus. It’s a first PPV match between Guerrero and Venis. Guerrero has had a haircut for the occasion, losing his mullet. Val is the much bigger man and he uses his power in the early going. The winner of this one will face Rikishi, who Val has been feuding with as of late. Eddie hits a couple of dropkicks but Val comes back with some big chops and right hands. Eddie sends Val to the outside and goes out with him. Venis drops Guerrero onto the barricade, much to the delight of Trish Stratus. Back in the ring and Val goes to the top but Eddie joins him up there and hits a superplex for a two count. Guerrero applies a Mexican surfboard stretch that looks very painful but it takes a rake to the eye from Val to get out of it.

Guerrero hits a dropkick to Val in the corner and follows it up with a backslide for a two. A “we want puppies” chant breaks out. Val hits a couple of elbows for another near fall and follows it up with a backbreaker. Guerrero hits a hurricanrana and a side suplex before going to the top and jumping off. Venis moves but Eddie rolls up to his feet and Val hits a spinebuster and goes to the top. He attempts the Money Shot but Eddie gets his knees up! He rolls up Val and gets a two. Venis hits a side Russian leg sweep for another two count. Plenty of near falls in the one. Val hits an elbow and pins Guerrero with his feet on the ropes but Eddie kicks out. The European champion suplexes Val onto the top rope and hits a hurricanrana! Trish gets up on the apron, distracting the referee but Chyna pulls her down. Val attacks Eddie from behind and then attempts to hit Chyna but Chyna hits him with a right hand! Eddie rolls up Val for a two. It’s then Val with the advantage, he hits a fishermans suplex and gets the three! Val wins the match and goes on to face Rikishi in the semi-finals!

Rating: 6/10

Pat Patterson is backstage picking out a dress but he’s not happy with the ones he’s been offered.

The Coach is backstage with Rikishi who says what he’s been through is nothing compared to what he’s going to do to Val Venis.

Crash Holly vs. Bull Buchanan – King Of The Ring Quater-Final Match

This is the real oddball match of the tournament. Two men I can’t see going the whole way. What a story it would be for Crash to go the whole way though! He beat Albert and Hardcore Holly to get here. Bull has new music, which is terrible. Bull has won all of his tag team PPV matches and lost all of his singles PPV matches since re-emerging in the WWF earlier this year. Bull, who is the much bigger of the two throws Crash around the ring in the early going. He gorilla press slams the former Hardcore champion and hits him with clotheslines and backbreakers. Bull then hits a big boot which he looks like he struggles with. Bull hits some big lefts and rights and an Irish whip. The commentators talking about anything except the match during this one. Buchanan hits a suplex for a two count. The crowd don’t seem into this one too much. Bull throws Crash to the outside, into the barricade and then back into the ring.

Bull hits another big boot and some right hands. Crash attempts to come back with some rights of his own but Bull just picks him up and slams him, which Crash reverses into an inside cradle for a two count. Bull is quick to get up and hits a clothesline. He then goes for his scissors kick but Crash moves and rolls Bull up for the win! Crash wins the match and advances to the semi finals! Crash runs to the back and Buchanan can’t believe it. Crash joins Rikishi and Val Venis in an under-whelming semi-final line up.

Rating: 3.75/10

Vince McMahon is backstage with Linda McMahon ranting about the things she has done in the past. Linda asks Vince if he’s got any tricks up his sleeve for the main event tonight. Vince is convinced that Kane, The Undertaker and The Rock will fight amongst themselves tonight.

Kurt Angle vs. Chris Jericho – King Of The Ring Quater-Final Match

This is definitely the pick of the first round matches. This would have been a phenomenal final to the whole thing. Angle and Jericho have met on PPV in singles action once before and that was at No Way Out when Angle beat Jericho for the Intercontinental title. Angle comes out and berates all of the teams in Boston and says that he will do what this town can’t do and win tonight. Jericho also comes out with a mic and tells “Kirk Angel” that he’s already a King of the Jerks. The two men slug it out in the early going and Kurt gets the first big move in, with a belly to belly suplex for the first near fall. Jericho fires back with a flying forearm and some stiff chops. He hits a missile dropkick for his first near fall of the match. Jericho hits a bulldog and then hits the Lionsault but Angle just gets his foot on the bottom rope. The winner of this one will take on Crash Holly in the next round. Jericho hits a springboard dropkick, knocking Angle off the apron to the floor.

The two men fight on the outside where Angle hiptosses Jericho into the crowd. He then Irish whips Jericho into the ring steps. A draw here would put Crash Holly in the final. Angle hits a suplex back in the ring for a two count before locking on a sleeper. Jericho gets out of it and hits an underhook backbreaker where Angle reaches the ropes once again when covered. Jericho then attempts a dropkick but angle puts the breaks on and catapults Jericho into the top turnbuckle for a two. The winner of this tournament has been guaranteed a WWF title shot at Fully Loaded if Triple H retains the title tonight. Angle chokes Jericho in the corner with his boot. Angle hits a German suplex but still can’t get the three. Jericho gets back into it with some chops and like Eddie Guerrero earlier, a hurricanrana off the top. Jericho hits a reverse elbow and a spinning heel kick, which was a bit messy, for a two. Jericho then once again goes for his trademark bulldog but Angle hits him with a clothesline for a two.

Kurt goes for the Olympic Slam but Jericho slips down and tries for the Walls Of Jericho. Angle taps out but the referee is distracted by Stephanie McMahon who has jumped up on the apron! Jericho breaks the hold and Angle attacks him from behind, knocking him into the referee. Stephanie then gets in the ring and tries to hit Jericho with the Women’s title but Jericho ducks and she nails Angle with it! Jericho then lays a big kiss on McMahon, distracting him long enough for Kurt Angle to get up and hit the Olympic Slam on Jericho! The referee wakes up and counts the three! Kurt Angle wins the match and goes through to the King Of The Ring semi-finals against Crash Holly!

Rating: 6.5/10

Vince and Shane are backstage and Shane isn’t happy for Vince for not keeping his cool. Vince is still confident that Rock, Undertaker and Kane won’t work as a team with the WWF title at stake. Shane is worried about Triple H though.

Mick Foley and Ivory are at WWF New York. You can barely hear what Foley is saying due to all the fans cheering. Ivory pours Foley half a pint but he’s not paying any attention to her. Foley has had a very short haircut!

Too Cool (Grand Master Sexay & Scotty 2 Hotty) (c) vs. Edge & Christian vs. T & A (Test & Albert) vs. The Hardy Boyz (Matt & Jeff) – 4 Team Tag Team Title Elimination Match

4 team tag title action up next with elimination rules. Could this be the first time that the tag titles change hands at a King Of The Ring PPV? Trish Stratus is present for T & A whilst Lita is out with The Hardy Boyz. Edge and Christian give us a 5 second pose with hockey connotations before the bell. Scotty always comes out wearing his title belt upside down. Albert starts the match with Jeff Hardy. Albert hits a big gorilla press slam in the early going but Jeff lands on his feet. Albert hits a back body drop and Jeff doesn’t have the same luck. Jeff exits the ring and tags in Matt Hardy and we get some double teaming from the former champions. Trish distracts Matt and Albert hits a big clothesline before tagging in Test. They hit a double flapjack on Matt. Test hits a big boot on Matt and follows up with some right hands. Test then goes for his pump handle finisher but Matt gets out of it. Trish gets up on the apron but Lita pulls her down. Test goes for Lita but she slaps Test and he turns around into a twist of fate from Hardy. All hell seems to break loose and Jeff Hardy hits a Swanton Bomb on Test, Matt covers him and T & A are eliminated! That’s their first loss on PPV as a team.

Scotty Too Hotty comes in and takes Jeff Hardy down. I’d fancy this to come down to Too Cool and Edge and Christian. Scotty hits a flapjack on Jeff then nips up and dances. He moonwalks into a corner where Christian tags himself in. Jeff tags Matt who hits a big right hand on Christian and then a powerslam and a legdrop off the second rope for a near fall. Matt tags Jeff back in and we get some double teaming from the Hardy Boyz. They then double team Edge. Edge seems to be the legal man now as Christian throws Jeff into the barricade outside the ring. He rolls Jeff back in where Edge gets a two count. Both men then clothesline each other down. Matt and Christian start going at it which distracts the referee allowing Lita to come in off the top and hit a hurricanrana on Edge which Matt gets a near fall from. Matt hits a twist of fate on Christian but Edge pulls Matt out before the three. Jeff then goes to the top but Edge pulls him down. Christian hits his reverse DDT on Matt which is enough for the three.

We’re down to Edge and Christian and Too Cool. Grand Master Sexay comes in for the first time in the match. He knocks Edge down before hitting him with a neckbreaker. He then hits a dropkick off the middle rope on Edge and tags in Scotty. They hit double elbow drops on Edge and a double clothesline on Christian. Edge hits a spinning heel kick on Scotty and then Christian comes in. He mocks Grand Master Sexay with some dancing of his own. Christian tags Edge and the former champs hit headbutts for a near fall. Edge tags Christian who hits some chops but gets caught with a boot to the face and a clothesline. Both men are down, looking to make tags and both do! Grand Master comes in and takes down both men with slams. He then catapults Edge into Christian and rolls up Edge for a two. Christian gets in the ring and we get a comedy spot with Christian headbutting Edges crotch. Sexay then hits a powerbomb on Edge for a two.

Edge and Christian hit a flapjack on Grand Master before mocking Scotty and going for the Worm! Scotty gets in the ring and takes them both down with bulldogs before going for the Worm on Edge which he hits! Christian then comes in with the tag title belt but gets thrown back out the ring. Scotty then holds Edge and Grand Master comes off the top with a legdrop! The referee gets Scotty out the ring and Christian comes back in with the belt and nails Grand Master Sexay with it! He rolls Edge on top of him and the referee counts the three! Edge and Christian become two time tag team champions! Scotty is furious! This match was furious! The tag titles change hands for the very first time at a King Of The Ring PPV.

Rating: 5.5/10

We get a video package for Fully Loaded next, highlight the different title belts and Edge and Christian are advertised as the tag team champions, that was quick!

Crash Holly is backstage with Michael Cole and Crash isn’t happy about the Hardcore title situation. He also says that Kurt Angle is in big trouble!

Rikishi vs. Val Venis – King Of The Ring Semi-Final Match

These two men have had quite the rivalry as of late. Rikishi has even dived off the Raw stage on top of Venis on Smackdown a couple of weeks ago. It’s a first PPV meeting between the two though. The bell rings and this one starts quickly. Rikishi hits a big crescent kick sending Venis to the outside where he throws Val into the ring steps. Back in the ring and Rikishi drops a legdrop on Val and follows that up with a splash in the corner, arse first. Val manages to get back into it with an armbar takedown. Val works the already injured arm, smashing it into the ringpost. Val is a former Intercontinental and European champion. Rikishi is the current Intercontinental champion and former tag team champion. Val hits a DDT which usually doesn’t phase a Samoan but the big man stays down. Venis then goes to the top but Rikishi gets up. Val still launches himself off but Rikishi catches him and hits a belly to belly suplex which is enough for the three! Rikishi wins the match and goes on to the finals. Trish then gets in the ring and jumps on Rikishi’s back but the big man shakes her off and looks to squash her with a Banzai Drop but Val saves her and smashes the ring steps into his already injured arm! Val then smashes a steel chair into his arm! Rikishi is left laying again!

Rating: 4.5/10

The Coach is backstage with Gerald Briscoe who isn’t happy that he;s got to go out and wrestle in a dress. Briscoe wants revenge and he wants his Hardcore title back. A runner then hands Briscoe his dress and asks if he wants regular panties or crotchless. Jesus Christ.

We then get a hideous advert for

Kurt Angle vs. Crash Holly – King Of The Ring Semi-Final Match

The winner of this first time ever PPV match will go on to the final to take on Rikishi. Because this tournament started with 32 men, this is actually the fourth match these men have had in this tournament. We get some nice chain wrestling in the early going. Crash hits a powerslam and we get covers from both men. Kurt hits a belly to belly suplex and stomps away at Crash. Kurt hits a suplex for a two count then goes to the sleeper. Crash is quick to get out of it but Kurt drops him back down to the mat with a knee. Crash hits an elbow to knock Kurt down and then hits a back body drop. Crash hits a clothesline and then a dropkick from the top for a two count. Kurt hits a hotshot and then the Olympic Slam which is enough for the three. Kurt Angle wins in straight forward enough fashion to go through to the final.

Rating: 3.75/10

We see some pictures from a house show the night before and Donald Trump is on the front row. Jerry Lawler interviews Donald Trump who says his favourite superstar is The Rock.

Michael Cole is backstage with Kane who says that tonight is about him becoming WWF Champion.

The Coach is then with The Undertaker who says that he hasn’t come to Boston to lose.

We get a video package for Patterson and Briscoe. Best friends turned enemies, feuding over the Hardcore championship.

Pat Patterson (c) vs. Gerald Briscoe – Evening Gown Match for the Hardcore Title

Briscoe comes out to Real American whilst Patterson comes out to Mae Youngs music. Patterson is enjoying this way too much. Jim Ross makes a closet joke. This is actually both mens first PPV match. Patterson gets on the mic before the bell and tells Briscoe that he was always at Briscoe’s side. Patterson says that if Briscoe really wants the belt then he will lay down for Briscoe. The two men then embrace in a hug but Patterson hits Briscoe with a low blow! Pat then rams a banana down Briscoe’s throat. Patterson then pulls out a sanitary towel and slaps it in Briscoe’s face. Briscoe hits a low blow and this one properly gets underway. The crowd are not happy with this one. Briscoe hits a Bronco Buster. Patterson starts to rip Briscoe’s clothes off and Brisco rips off some of Pats. Crash Holly then comes out and lays into Briscoe. Crash or Al Snow have been involved in every Hardcore title match on PPV. Crash nails Patterson with the trash can and pins him for the three! Crash Holly wins the match after stripping both men! What the hell was that?! Briscoe takes down Patterson in the aisle!

Rating: 1/10

The Dudley Boyz are backstage. Bubba Ray has spray painted Tori’s name on a table. That match is up next.

The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray & D-Von) vs. X Pac, Road Dogg & Tori – Tables & Dumpsters Match

To win the match, DX must put The Dudley Boyz in a dumpster but for The Dudley Boyz to win they have to put DX through tables. This is the first time we’ve had this match as a 3 vs 2 on PPV. X Pac and Road Dogg beat The Dudleyz at Judgement Day in a tables match. Road Dogg and Bubba Ray start the match but Bubba is distracted by Tori so Road Dogg gets some cheap shots in. Bubba Ray gets back into it with a clothesline off the second rope. Bubba Ray tags D-Von who hits a spinning elbow shot. Road Dogg tags X Pac who gets caught with a shoulder block and a clothesline. Road Dogg gets involved which is enough distraction for X Pac to hit a spinning heel kick on D-Von. I thought this match would be more disorganised to be honest with all 5 competitors going at it. Tori tags in and lays some kicks into D-Von. She tags back out but D-Von takes down both Road Dogg and X Pac before tagging out to Bubba Ray. He hits his sit out atomic drop on Road Dogg and a sidewalk slam on Road Dogg. D-Von then hits his diving headbutt to both Road Dogg and X Pac. Tori then gets the sam treatment! D-Von seems to get his head stuck in her lower extremeties.

The four men battle into the entrance way where X Pac and Roadd Dogg throw The Dudley Boyz into the dumpster! This one should be over but the referee is seeing to Tori! The Dudleyz sneak out of the side of the dumpster and attack DX with chairs! They then stack some tables up on the outside of the ring. They get back into the ring where Bubba Ray powerbombs Road Dogg through the stacked up tables! They’re going to have to do the same to X Pac and Tori to win this match though. X Pac knocks both Dudleyz down with spinning heel kicks. He then rolls D-Von onto a table and heads to the top but Bubba Ray shakes the rope, crotching the former European champion! D-Von then suplexes X Pac through the table! We’re down to The Dudley Boyz against Tori! Tori throws herself into the dumpster! What a bizarre thing to do! It was a trap! Road Dogg and X Pac smash the Dudley Boyz with steel chairs and they both fall into the dumpster! Road Dogg, X Pac and Tori win the match!

The Dudley Boyz get out of the dumpster and grab Tori with them. X Pac and Road Dogg don’t seem eager to make the save. They eventually do and both men get hit with a 3D! D-Von then sets up a table and Bubba Ray goes to the top and powerbombs Tori through a table! The Dudley Boyz lose yet another PPV match, they’ve only won one since their debut nearly a year ago!

Rating: 6/10

Michael Cole is backstage with Kurt Angle who says King Of The Ring is the most important tournament in the world. Great promo from Kurt.

Jonathan Coachman is with Rikishi who says nothing will stop him from backing his ass up.

We then get a King Of The Ring promo, the same one that opened the show.

Kurt Angle vs. Rikishi – King Of The Ring Final

Who will join Bret Hart, Owen Hart, Mabel, Steve Austin, Triple H, Ken Shamrock and Billy Gunn? Kurt and Rikishi go at it in the entrance way, battling to the ring. Kurt goes for a slam but can’t get Rikishi up so Rikishi hits the slam instead. He then throws Angle into the corner where the former Euro-Continental champion is set up for a Stink Face. Angle hits a low blow to get out of it before taking Rikishi down with a clothesline. He then thrusts a boot into the throat of Rikishi and stomps away at him in the corner. The two go to the outside where Angle throws Rikishi into the ring steps. This is a first time PPV meeting between these two men. They were on opposite teams as Judgment Day last month where Rikishi and Too Cool beat Kurt Angle, Edge and Christian. Rikishi hits a big clothesline and Samoan Drop on Angle but winces in pain. Rikishi then hits somewhat of a Diamond Cutter for a 1 count. The big man then squashes Angle in the corner and Kurt drops down to his arse. Rikishi then lays on the Stink Face!

Kurt races out of the corner and hits the Olympic Slam! But Rikishi kicks out! This match continues. Kurt goes for a sunset flip but Rikishi sits down on Angle for a two count. Rikishi then heads for the top! He gets up there but angle hammers him, crotching him and then hitting a belly to belly suplex off the top! Kurt covers him and gets the three! Kurt Angle wins the King Of The Ring to a huge pop!

Rating: 6/10

Vince McMahon tells Triple H, Stephanie and Shane that he is still confident tonight.

Triple H (c), Vince McMahon & Shane McMahon vs. The Rock, The Undertaker & Kane – 6 Man Tag Match for the WWF Title

Well this is a first, the first 6 man tag match for the WWF title. If either Kane, Rock or Undertaker defeat any of the other three men then they will become the new WWF Champion. This is Vince McMahons first PPV match since Armageddon last December and Undertakers first PPV match since Summerslam last August. Triple H is accompanied by Stephanie McMahon but there is no Paul Bearer with Kane. Kane starts the match against Shane and Kane offers Shane a free shot. Shane takes it but can’t floor the big man. Kane throws Shane across the ring but Shane is the much quicker of the two and escapes the ring. Undertaker throws Shane back in the ring where he gets hit with a clothesline. Kane military presses Shane and then goes for a chokeslam but Vince comes in. It eventually takes the pair of them and Triple H but Kane takes the McMahons off their feet and tags in The Rock. The Rock and Triple H nearly get into it but Helmsley chooses not to.

Shane gets a cheap shot in on The Rock and Triple H clotheslines him down to the mat. Shane hits some right hands on the former WWF Champion but The Rock hits some rights of his own! Rocky throws Shane out of the ring and then Undertaker tags himself in. Undertaker rolls Shane back into the ring and lays into him with rights and lefts. Undertaker then hits a huge chokeslam on Shane and it’s The Rock that breaks up the cover. Shane tags Triple H who comes in and lays into Undertaker. Helmsley then gets distracted by referee Earl Hebner allowing Undertaker to take the advantage. Undertaker hits a big boot for a two count. He then hits a DDT and this time Kane breaks up the cover. They all want that WWF title. The Rock tags himself in as Undertaker gets in the face of Kane. Shane McMahon is tagged in against his will and The Rock slaps him down to the canvas before Rocky slaps Vince and Triple H too. Shane throws The Rock out of the ring where Vince and Triple H lay into him. Undertaker and Kane make the save, Undertaker taking Shane off whilst Kane takes Vince McMahon up the aisle.

The Rock starts taking apart the announce table but Triple H floors him with a clothesline. Back in the ring and Triple H Pedigree’s The Rock! He pins the People’s Champ who just kicks out. Undertaker drags Triple H out of the ring and throws him into the ring post before throwing him back into the ring. The Brothers Of Destruction are back at their corner but The Rock chooses not to tag out. Triple H knocks The Rock down with a clothesline and then tags out to Shane. Shane hits an elbow and his trademark jabs until The Rock blocks him but after a distraction from Triple H, Shane takes Rocky down with a clothesline. Shane tags in his Dad who knocks The Rock down and then tags out to Triple H. Helmsley hits a suplex on The Rock and drops a knee for a two count. He hits a neckbreaker on The Rock and Kane breaks up the pinfall. Triple H then tags out to Vince who hits The Rock with a right hand. He then coaxed Kane into the ring.

The Rock starts to fight back but McMahon hits a low blow as the referee is distracted. Vince tag in Triple H and he and Rocky slug it out. The Rock hits a Samoan Drop and Shane breaks up the count. All 6 men are then in the ring and all hell has broken loose. Just a thought, would it not make sense for Kurt Angle to get involved? He’ll get a title shot if Triple H wins this match. We don’t see why but Kane and Undertaker start going at it! In the ring, The Rock hits a spinebuster on Triple H. He goes for the People’s Elbow but Kane gets in the ring and nails The Rock with a chokeslam! Triple H looks pleased with Kane but Kane nails the champion with a Tombstone! Undertaker breaks up the count and lays into Kane on the outside. Undertaker then grabs a chair off Jerry Lawler and nails Kane with it. Shane is up top but Undertaker grabs him and chokeslams him through the announce table!

Everybody is out except for Vince McMahon who attempts a People’s Elbow on The Rock! He bounces off the ropes but The Rock gets up and hits Vince with a Rock Bottom! He pins Vince and gets the three! The Rock is the new WWF Champion! The Rock is a 5 time WWF Champion after pinning Vince McMahon tonight!

Rating: 7.25/10


Well, that was King Of The Ring 2000 which featured 11 matches, a lot more than the usual PPV. The biggest news to come out of the show was the new WWF Champion crowned as The Rock pinned Vince McMahon. That should create a rift with Vince and Triple H, could this be the end of the Regime? The match itself was decent enough with all 6 men having a good showing. The action broke down as you would expect and Shane McMahon took a hell of a beating. The title seems to be bouncing between Triple H and The Rock at the moment with both men having 2 reigns since Wrestlemania. It would be quite nice to see one of them (preferably The Rock) hold the title for a while. He’ll have them queueing up for a title shot though, with Triple H, Kane, The Undertaker and even Kurt Angle all wanting a shot.

Speaking of Kurt, he had a great night, becoming a worthy King Of The Ring after defeating Chris Jericho, Crash Holly and Rikishi. The tournament went the way of Rikishi vs. Val Venis which was one of my predictions but I’d have preferred to have seen Benoit and Guerrero. The match of the tournament was between Angle and Jericho in the first round which isn’t a surprise and it looks as though they might go the direction of Jericho vs. Triple H as Chris had an encounter with Stephanie. It’s a good push for Rikishi who beat both Benoit and Val Venis, albeit not cleanly, on the way to the final. This could really elevate Kurt into the main event, unlike the past two winners, Ken Shamrock and Billy Gunn.

New champions were also crowned tonight with Crash regaining the Hardcore title. He took both Briscoe and Patterson out before running off with the belt. Crash didn’t have a bad night at all remembering he also beat Bull Buchanan in the tournament. The Evening Gown match itself was terrible. I definitely popped when Crash came out and cleaned up the mess. Edge and Christian also became two time tag team champions as they won the four way elimination tag match. I love Edge and Christian so having them as tag champs is fine with me. The match itself seemed quick and rushed and certainly not the 15 minutes that the match actually was. Then in the other match tonight, The Dudley Boyz lost yet another tables match. They really need to win one of those matches. They have only won one PPV match since their debut. It wasn’t a bad match tonight. Not the best show overall because of the quick matches and the bad ones.

Overall Rating: 49.31/100 (ranked 89th out of 111) 

Match Of The Night: Triple H, Vince & Shane vs. The Rock, Undertaker & Kane
Worst Match Of The Night: Briscoe vs. Paterson
Surprise Of The Night: The WWF title changes hands again
Worst Booking Of The Night: Not having Jericho and Angle is the semi’s
Superstar Of The Night: Kurt Angle/The Rock
KOTR 2000 Will Be Remembered For: Kurt Angle becoming King


One thought on “King Of The Ring 2000

  1. I will give my two pence worth on this PPV:

    1.The Hardcore Title 24/7 defense storyline was still very funny and entertaining around the time of this event. The hardcore evening gown match between Patterson and Brisco, however, isn’t. It’s bad enough both these guys are way past their prime, but to dress up like women? I’m sure the ribs in the production meetings were hilarious. We, the fans both in the arena and at home, didn’t think so though. The Patterson/Brisco union was hilarious in 1998, still kind of funny in 1999, but old and stale in 2000, yet here they are, battling in drag over a midcard title. Thankfully, Crash ran in, layed out both Stooges with a dustbin lid, and won back the title, only to lose it to Steve Blackman four days later on SmackDown.

    2.I will admit that D-Generation X is, and always will be, one of the greatest stables in wrestling history. They sold t-shirts, action figures, pillows, videos, and even made the crotch chop look really cool. However, I have my tolerance.

    But by mid 2000, it’s time to move on. The Dudley Boyz are one of the most over tag-teams in the WWF, and they have to job two PPVs in a row to two guys (Road Dogg & X-Pacc) who haven’t been over in at least a year? This isn’t the New Age Outlaws, move on. Once the X-Pac/Kane storyline ended at WrestleMania 16, Tori’s presence in DX was unnecessary and had run its course. However, the ending of Bubba powerbombing Tori off the top rope through the table was so worth it!

    3.What could’ve have been an incredible tournament turned into a complete joke. It’s great that Angle picks up the win, when you look back, how can you be impressed that two of his wins were against Crash and Rikishi? Angle should have fought either Benoit and Guerrero or Venis and Jericho, and you could have him say that he defeated all the young talent and deserves to be in the main events. But no, Benoit looks stupid for getting disqualified, Jericho is a moron for being distracted by Stephanie, Rikishi is rubbish because he got cheap wins and then was decimated in the grand final, Venis goes nowhere after losing to Rikishi, Guerrero is stuck in the neutral zone, and Crash looks like a jobber who got a fluke win. Just a second straight year of an eight-man tournament that suffered from bad booking.

    This is the way I think the 2000 King of the Ring tournament should’ve gone (using the eight guys they chose):

    Quarter-Finals: Jericho d. Buchanan, Benoit d. Rikishi, Guerrero d. Venis, and Angle d. Crash.

    Semi-Finals: Jericho d. Benoit, and Angle d. Guerrero.

    Grand Final: Angle d. Jericho with help from Stephanie to become the 2000 King of the Ring.

    Now, you have a legit King of the Ring who went through stiffer competition in the later rounds. Plus, Jericho, Benoit, and Guerrero all look better, and you really haven’t hurt anyone’s credibility.

    4.After Backlash and Judgment Day, I would have been fine with Rock vs. HHH for the World Title one last time, as well as Taker & Kane vs. Vince & Shane as a seperate tag match.

    On a side note, because HHH lost his belt thanks to Vince getting pinned by Rock, it was probably done to tease a HHH babyface turn, but as we would see later in the year, that didn’t happen.

    5.Save for the iffy ending at WrestleMania 16, every WWF PPV from the first half of 2000 (that even includes Insurrextion) had been superb, with good in-ring action, logical booking, and great main events. But then, we get to this show, and everything that worked from Royal Rumble to Judgment Day didn’t work here. The workrate was average, the booking was stupid, and the main event was a catastrophe.

    Why is it that every year, King of the Ring kills any momentum the WWF has after WrestleMania? At least since the advent of monthly PPV’s in 1995, the only year where a KOTR show actually advanced storylines was Steve Austin’s win in 1996. The main event between Shawn Michaels and Davey Boy Smith was awesome, and Austin winning the 1996 KOTR tournament started a legacy. Other than that, King of the Ring hadn’t really been good since Owen Hart’s win in 1994.

    Luckily, Fully Loaded would undo all the damage done by this poorly booked show.

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