King Of The Ring 98

Off With Their Heads. Off with whose heads? I don’t know. The bad guys. Or the losers. You take your pick. In any case, welcome everybody to this review of King Of The Ring 1998. A show with a double main event and King Of The Ring tournament semi finals and final being he main focuses of the show. In the main event, WWF Champion “Stone Cold” Steve Austin will defend his title against Kane. It was The Undertaker who wanted the title shot but Vince McMahon demanded that The Undertaker fight Kane in a number one contenders match and it was Kane that won. Kane won with a little help from Mankind who just the week before was fired by Vince McMahon. Well, Dude Love was fired. Kane and Mankind who have somewhat teamed up under the guidance of Paul Bearer have been running roughshot ever since and have had the better of Steve Austin and The Undertaker. A Hell In A Cell match was then made between The Undertaker and Mankind for King Of The Ring. Kane and Austins match was then made a First Blood match in which you have to bust your opponent open to win. They are the two big main events for tonight.

That leads us on to the annual King Of The Ring tournament. Like the last two years, we will only get the semi finals and final on the PPV. The first semi final will be between Ken Shamrock and Jeff Jarrett. Ken Shamrock defeated Nation members Kama Mustafa and Mark Henry to get to the semi finals whilst Jeff Jarrett defeated Faarooq and Marc Mero. In the other semi final, The Rock, who defeated tough opponents in Vader and Triple H will go one on one with Dan Severn who beat D-lo Brown and Owen Hart. Dan Severn actually seriously injured D-lo’s chest in their match. Who will follow in the steps of Bret Hart, Owen Hart, Mabel, Steve Austin and Triple H?

Also tonight we will see the former Leif Cassidy in action under his new name of Al Snow. Al has been petitioning for an interview with Vince McMahon as he’d like to get his job back. Jerry Lawler tried to help him out until Al Snow’s Head stole Lawlers crown. Al Snow gave the crown back in exchange for a meeting with Vince McMahon, but to get the meeting Al Snow and Head must defeat Too Much, Brian Christopher and Scott Taylor. On top of that, expect a match with Kaientai against Taka Michinoku and The Headbangers. Let’s get to it.

We start with a cool video package with Classy Freddie Blassie voicing over pictures of Kane and Stone Cold Steve Austin. They meet in a First Blood match for the WWF title. It then moves on to Mankind and The Undertaker who fight in Hell In A Cell. No mention of The King Of The Ring tournament. Jim Ross then welcomes us to the Igloo in Pittsburgh, he’s joined by Jerry Lawler and reminds us that a new King Of The Ring will be crowned tonight. Go time!

The Headbangers (Mosh & Thrasher) & Taka Michinoku vs. Kaientai (Mens Teioh, Dick Togo & Funaki)

This is the first of two bonus matches added to the card. Kaientai come out with their manager Yamaguchi San. Taka didn’t fair too well when he teamed with Bradshaw against these guys, maybe he’ll do better tonight. He comes out moshing with Mosh and Thrasher. Teioh starts against Thrasher and it’s the Headbangers with the early advantage. Thrasher hits a couple of slams for the first near fall of the night. Mosh is tagged in and hits a dropkick off the second rope. Funaki tags in and gets powerbombed early on. Mosh tags Taka who hits some chops. Kaientai currently undefeated on PPV. The Headbangers and Taka both have good PPV records too. Taka hits a missile dropkick sending Funaki to the outside then hits a plancha to the outside. Dick Togo attacks Taka from behind and is then tagged in to take the advantage for Kaientai.

Big monkey flip by Taka but he gets sent over the top. Teioh tags in and hits a DDT then tags Funaki back in. Funaki hits a knee and flips the double bird to The Headbangers. Quick tags between Kaientai and some nice double teaming between Funaki and Togo. This soon backfires as Funaki accidentally nails Teioh. That allows Taka to make the tag. All 6 men are then in and it’s The Headbangers cleaning house. Funaki manages to slam Thrasher but misses with an elbow off the top. Thrasher then hits a slam and tags Taka. Taka hits a splash with help from The Headbangers then hits the Michinoku Driver on Funaki for the win! Big and slightly unexpected win for Taka Michinoku and The Headbangers! Nice way to start the show, lots of quick action.

Rating: 6/10

Sable, who was recently fired then bought back by Vince McMahon, makes her way to the ring and introduces Vince McMahon. It’s amazing how quickly the cheers can turn to boos. McMahon walks out to no music accompanied by Pat Patterson and Gerald Briscoe. Briscoe tries to escort Sable out of the ring and Patterson slaps her ass and gets a slap for his actions. McMahon slates the crowd telling them all that they were a disappointment to their parents. McMahon talks about Kane becoming champion tonight in what is a pretty pointless segment.

Ken Shamrock vs. Jeff Jarrett – King Of The Ring semi-final

Jarrett got a pretty big pop when his music hit which surprised me. Double J has previously participated in a King Of The Ring tournament but went out in the quater finals to the 123 Kid. Tennessee Lee accompanies Jarrett  to the ring who proclaims “Aint I Great”. I can’t see him winning this one though, Shamrock advances. It’s a first time meeting on PPV between these guys though so I look forward to it. Shamrock is quick in the early going and throws Jarrett around the ring. Jarrett takes the advantage and hits a dropkick but it’s not long before Shamrock hits a kick and clotheslines Jarrett out of the ring. Outside of the ring Shamrock drops Jarrett on the guardrail before throwing him into the ring steps. Back in the ring and Tennessee Lee distracts Shamrock long enough for Jarrett to hit a chopblock. Tim White pulls Jarrett away by his hair at one point! That just allows Tennessee Lee to get involved again.

This is the first time Shamrock has wrestled on PPV in 1998 and The Rock hasn’t been on the opposite side of the ring. Shamrock comes out of the corner with a spinning heel kick and follows it up with an elbow and a dropkick. Ken then gets a near fall after hitting a powerslam. Shamrock then hits a standing hurricanrana and locks on the Ankle Lock! Jarrett quickly taps out and Shamrock goes on to the finals of the King Of The Ring tournament! Predictable enough but definitely the right result. Michael Cole interviews Shamrock after the bell and he says he’s not here to be second best. Decent match, although nothing spectacular.

Rating: 5.75/10

The Rock vs. Dan “The Beast” Severn – King Of The Ring semi-final

The Rock gets a big cheer when he comes out. This guy is over. He comes to the ring with Mark Henry and “The Godfather” Kama. They get sent to the back though as they reach the ring. This is a PPV debut for Dan Severn who they seem to be hinting will meet Shamrock in the final. There’s a lot of history between these two former UFC fighters so who knows. D-lo Brown isn’t present as Dan Severn injured him with one of his submission holds. Severn is just a cold bloke. Cold in two ways as he wears a grey t shirt to wrestle in. This is the 10 PPV The Rock has fought on consecutively, more than anyone else on the roster right now. Severn takes his t shirt off! The Rock obviously has a lot of history with Ken Shamrock too. Severn takes The Rock down multiple times in the early going. This is the first time either of these men have fought in King Of The Ring matches on the June PPV. The Rock hits an elbow and a few slaps to take the advantage.

Severn hits a firemans carry then locks on an armbar. Rock gets to the ropes and once again hits an elbow and a clothesline to take Severn down. The Rock then mocks Dan Severn and gets a pop for it. Big suplex by the Intercontinental champion for a near fall. Both men collide and go down. The Godfather and Mark Henry then get up on the apron distracting the referee and D-lo comes in and hits a frog splash off the top, wearing a chest protector! The Rock turns round and pins Dan Severn for the three! Another pop. The Rock is popular and he goes one on one with Ken Shamrock in the final tonight.

Rating: 5/10

Next up is a video package about Al Snow set to some comedy music. Al has been trying to get a meeting with Vince McMahon and has turned to Jerry Lawler for help. Al Snows head stole Lawlers crown and Lawler managed to set up the next match in order for Al Snow to get a meeting with Vince McMahon, he has to win.

Too Much (Brian Christopher & Scott “Too Hot” Taylor) vs. Al Snow & Head

Leif Cassidy wrestles as Al Snow for the very first time. Leif has never won a PPV match before. This is Scott Taylors second PPV match, he lost his previous match in the Battle Royal at Wrestlemania. Jerry Lawler is then announced as the special guest referee for the match. I’m sure he’ll be looking after his kid. There’s a big “Head” chant. It’s essentially a handicap match but Al Snow can use Head. Scott Taylor starts the match and receives some right hands. He throws Scott around until Taylor tags in Christopher. Lawler blocks Al Snows punch allowing Brian Christopher to take the advantage. Not for long though as Al throws Christopher off the top. Snow then hits a sunset flip/powerbomb off the top and covers Christopher but Lawlers incredibly slow count allows his son to kick out. Snow clotheslines both members of Too Much out of the ring then slams Christopher up the entrance ramp.

Al then heads to the back but turns round and runs at Christopher and hits a big clothesline. Scott “Too Hot” Taylor dives out of the ring on Snow. Back in the ring and Christopher tags Taylor. They hit a double atomic drop and Taylor follows it up with a dropkick. Taylor covers Snow and gets a quick two count. Taylor hits a pump handle slam then moonwalks into the corner. Snow gets back into it with a suplex then Taylor tags Christopher who hits a bulldog. Snow then hits both men with a DDT and crawls over to his corner. Al Snow tags the Head! He then nails both men with the head then hits the Snow Plough on Brian Christopher! Lawler doesn’t make the count though. Is the Head the main man? Snow hits Taylor with Head. Lawler then throws a bottle to Christopher. It’s a bottle of Head and Shoulders! Snow hits the Snow Plough on Scott Taylor and at the same time Christopher pins Head (with the Head and Shoulders stuffed up it). Lawler counts the three and Too Much win the match! Leif Cassidy/Al Snow still looks for his first WWF PPV win.

Rating: 5/10

Next up is a video showing how Owen Hart cost X Pac his King Of The Ring qualifier match. X Pac would get his revenge, smashing Owen Hart with a char the next week.

X Pac vs. Owen Hart

This is X Pac first PPV under his new name. He previously wrestled as the 123 Kid and last wrestled on WWF PPV against Razor Ramon at In Your House 6 back in February 1996. X Pac hits a dropkick through the ropes before the bell rings. These two have met in a singles match on PPV once before and that was King Of The Ring 94 which was the year Owen Hart won. He beat The 123 Kid in the semi finals. X Pac missed with a move in the corner allowing Owen Hart to take the advantage. No Nation or DX at ringside for this one, besides Chyna. Hart hits some hard Irish whips and a backbreaker. Owen Hart now rises to #4 on the all time most PPV matches list, overtaking his brother-in-law The British Bulldog. Hart hits a dropkick for a two count. X Pac and Owen Hart go back and forth with right hands and chops. Hart hits a fishermans suplex for a two count then a gut wrench suplex for another near fall. These are two great athletes. X Pac hits a back body drop then clotheslines Owen Hart to the outside.

Owen Hart reverses an Irish whip on the outside and sends X Pac into the timekeepers chairs. Hart then suplexes X Pac onto the Spanish announce table. Owen throws X Pac into the ring then comes off the top with a dropkick. Hart then locks on a sleeper hold. Pac gets out of it and locks on a sleeper of his own. Owen gets out of it though and X Pac hits a facebuster. Pac puts Owen in the corner and kicks him down to the floor before running at him and hitting the Bronco Buster! A weak looking one, mind. X Pac then powerslams Owen and goes to the top but Hart gets up and goes to the top with him. Both men fall in different directions, Owen Hart into the ring and X Pac to the outside. Mark Henry then runs down and hits a splash on X Pac! Chyna walks round and goes head to head with Mark Henry but in comes Vader who nails Henry with a big splash. In the ring Owen Hart locks on the Sharpshooter but with the referee distrscted with Henry and Vader, Chyna gets in the ring and nails Hart with a DDT! X Pac rolls on top of Hart and the referee counts the three! X Pac wins in his return to PPV! Good match between these two as expected.

Rating: 6.5/10

Paul Bearer comes out to the ring and says that he’s out tonight to represent his son, Kane. Kane grew up wanting to be like The Undertaker. Paul Bearer, like Vince McMahon is confident that Kane will be leaving as WWF champion tonight.

The New Age Outlaws (Road Dogg & Billy Gunn) (c) vs. The New Midnight Express (Bombastic Bob Holly & Bodacious Bart Gunn) – WWF Tag Team Title Match

This is the second bonus match of the night and the first title match. The Outlaws are out with Chyna. The Midnight Express are out with Jim Cornette. There was a tag team Royal Rumble to decide the number one contenders for the tag team titles and The New Midnight Express were the first team eliminated. So I don’t know how they’ve got this shot. Kane and Mankind won that match. Road Dogg and Bob Holly start things off. They go back and forth whilst the crowd are vocal but I can’t tell what they’re chanting. Holly hits a clothesline and Road Dogg tags Bully. Billy then tags Bart and it’s “brother” vs “brother”. Billy Gunn vs. Bart Gunn. This is the first time they’ve wrestled against each other on PPV since splitting up. Bart takes the advantage with a clothesline but Billy hits a Rockerdropper for a two count. Billy then hits a big clothesline sending Bart over 360 degrees. Billy tags Road Dogg and we get a drop toe hold/knee drop double team.

Bombastic Bob gets involved with a right hand then enters the match. Not for long though, he tags back out to Bart. Both members of the New Midnight Express are former WWF tag team champions and current NWA tag team champions. They make quick tags and double team moves. Bob gets a near fall then slams Road Dogg and hits an elbow off the top for another two count. Lots of quick tags between Bob and Bart. Bob hits a nice dropkick on Road Dogg then tells him to suck it. Billy Gunn runs in and hits a bulldog on Bob which Road Dogg covers for a two count. Bombastic Bob then goes to the sleeper. This is match number 6 and we know that we’ve still got 3 matches to come. Road Dogg gets out of the sleeper but receives a boot to the face and powerslam. Bob then goes to the top again but Road Dogg gets his foot up. Road Dogg finally tags Billy Gunn who hits everything that moves. Billy goes for a piledriver but Cornette gets in and smashes him with one of the NWA tag team titles. Bob covers him but Billy kicks out!

Billy rolls up Bob but Cornette comes back in. Gunn stands up but Chyna gets in the ring and hits a low blow on Cornette! The Outlaws then drop Bob on the top rope and Billy Gunn covers him for the three! The New Age Outlaws win the match and hang on to their titles! They’re having a great run with the belts.

Rating: 5.5/10

DX’s music hits and Triple H and Chyna walk out to provide colour commentary for this match. Triple H was last years King Of The Ring winner.

Ken Shamrock vs. The Rock – King Of The Ring Final

Ken Shamrock has fought The Rock on every PPV he’s wrestled on this year. The Rock beat Shamrock in singles action at Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania. Shamrock won in multiman matches at No Way Out, Mayhem In Manchester and Unforgiven. The Rock would make an awesome King Of The Ring but Shamrock could be the first face winner since 1993. This is a feud that has been going for 6 months and a great way to end this tournament. It’s a great start the match, very quick, until Shamrock hits a kick and The Rock rolls to the outside. Chyna is Spanish commentating whilst Shamrock hits Rock with a couple of clotheslines. Triple H pretty much admits to being bi-sexual, not what I think he meant. Shamrock throws The Rock to the outside again.

The Rock stares out Triple H on commentary and Hunter spits in The Rock face. Rock then shoves Helmsley and Shamrock comes in from behind. The two fight back into the ring when Ken hits a suplex for a two. The Rock then sends Shamrock to the outside. Rock goes out to fight him in front of Triple H. Shamrock throws Rock into the barricade but The Rock fires out and hits a clothesline. Back in the ring and The Rock hits a neckbreaker for a two. The Intercontinental champion hits a DDT for another near fall then goes to the sleeper. Shamrock gets out of it and The Rock hits a slam then the Peoples Elbow! He covers Shamrock and just gets a two. Rock then goes back to the sleeper. Shamrock gets out of it and hits a suplex and both men are down. Both men get up in time for the 10 count and it’s all Shamrock now. He hits elbows and a powerslam for a two count. Ken then hits a fishermans suplex for another near fall. It’s back and forth for a minute until The Rock hits a powerslam for another two count.

The Rock goes for his spinning DDT but shamrock reverses it into a northern lights suplex! The Rock kicks out and hits a clothesline for a near fall of his own. Shamrocks turn to hit a clothesline and again The Rock kicks out. Shamrock goes for his hurricanrana but The Rock hotshots him onto the top rope and pins him for another two count. The Rock takes time to shout at the referee and then turns around into an Ankle Lock! Shamrock applies the pressure and The Rock taps out! Ken Shamrock wins the match and is declared the 1998 King Of The Ring! Good match between these two.

Rating: 7.25/10

No time for a coronation though, the Cell drops down which means Mankind and The Undertaker are up next.

Mankind vs. The Undertaker – Hell In A Cell Match

This is the first time Mick Foley has wrestled as Mankind since the 1998 Royal Rumble match. This is the 6th PPV match between Mankind and The Undertaker. As it stands, The Undertaker is up in the series 3-2. Their last match was April 1997 at IYH: Revenge Of The Taker. Mankind doesn’t go inside the cage, instead climbs up on top of the cell. This is the second ever Hell In A Cell match. Shawn Michaels defeated The Undertaker in the last one thanks to a debuting Kane. The feud began two years ago at King Of The Ring 96, does it end tonight? Undertaker climbs the cell and meets Mankind up there. Mankind took a chair up with him and he smashes Undertaker with it. The cell does not look strong enough to hold them both up there. Undertaker hits some right hands then throws Mankind off the top! Mankind drops through the Spanish announce table and the crowd go nuts. Mankind doesn’t move. Terry Funk comes out to check on Mankind who isn’t moving much.

Wee see replay after replay which shows Mankind almost bouncing off the table as he hits it. Referees, EMTs, Commissioner Slaughter and even Vince McMahon are out checking on Mankind. The cell starts to raise with The Undertaker on top of it. EMTs bring a stretcher round as a fan shouts “finish the match man”. Only Bret Hart has won more PPV matches than The Undertaker. Mankind is taken away on a stretcher as The Undertaker climbs down the cell. Mankind gets off the stretcher and climbs back up the cell! Undertaker climbs back up and the two men are back up there! Undertaker then chokeslams Mankind through the Cell! Mankind lands in a heap in the ring with the steel chair on top of him! Terry Funk once again checks on his long time friend. Undertaker drops down into the ring and lays out Terry Funk with a chokeslam. Terry Funks shoes are left in the ring as the former tag team champion leaves. The Undertaker then twists the arm and goes to the top but Mankind knocks him off!

Mankind attempts to pick up the steps but can’t. That inspires The Undertaker to do just that and he rams the steel steps into Mankind over and over. Undertaker then goes for a suicide dive but Mankind moves out of the way and Undertaker goes right into the cage. What a way to start this match. Back in the ring and Mankind hits a piledriver on a chair for a two count. Undertaker is bleeding and Mankind hits a leg drop on a steel chair onto Undertaker. Mankind then hits his trademark doubled armed DDT. He doesn’t pin The Undertaker, instead pulls a bag out from under the ring and empties the contents, thumb tacks all over the ring. Mankind hits some right hands but Undertaker hits a boot. Mankind locks in The Mandible Claw! Undertaker fades but gets back up to his feet with Mankind on his back. Undertaker then drops back and Mankind lands on the tacks! Undertaker then chokeslams Mankind on the tacks before scooping him up and hitting the Tombstone! That is enough for the three! Undertaker wins the match after practically killing Mankind. Jesus Christ what a match. Foley gets a standing ovation as he walks to the back, choosing not to go back on a stretcher.

Rating: 9/10

Next up is a video package for “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and Kane. Kane won number one contendership by beating his brother The Undertaker with a little help from Mankind. Kane has got the better of Austin since then. Kane then made the match a First Blood match but if Kane doesn’t win then he’ll set himself on fire!

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin (c) vs. Kane – First Blood Match for the WWF Title

I love this match on paper. Kane is an absolute monster and although he’s lost to The Undertaker three or four times on PPV, he is still a formidable opponent for Austin. This is the first time Kane has fought somebody on PPV that hasn’t previously been managed by Paul Bearer. Kane has only ever fought The Undertaker, Mankind and Vader. Austin won the WWF title at Wrestlemania and has since successfully defended his title against Triple H at Mayhem In Manchester and Dude Love at Unforgiven and Over The Edge. Austin could become the 5th man to have successfully defended his WWF title 4 times on PPV. Austin and Kane get right into it and Austin hits the Lou Thesz press and takes off a turnbuckle cover. Kane has no exposed skin on his outfit. He chokes Austin but the champ comes back with some right hands. Kane then goes for the Tombstone but Austin slips down the back and throws Kane to the outside. The big man lands on his feet and pulls Austin out but Austin slams his face into the ring steps.

Suddenly the Hell In A Cell lowers! Kane drops Austin on the security railing in the entrance way then throws him into the ring steps. Kane then throws Austin into the cell which is still lowering. Kane continues to throw Austin into the cell, again and again. Kane again throws Austin into the ring steps and Austin is bleeding from the back but apparently that doesn’t count. The Cell then starts to raise with Kane in the doorway! Austin pulls Kane down and the cell hovers above them. Austin then throws Kane from one side of the entrance way to the other before going for a piledriver on the concrete.Kane back body drops him as we see a shot on Vince McMahon up in a box with Sable. Kane then suplex’s Austin right in the entrance way. Kane throws a security railing at Austins face and the champion sort of blocks it. Austin throws Kane back into the ring and slams the big red monsters face into the exposed turnbuckle. The two then fight outside the ring and Austin smashes a fan into Kanes face! Kane is of course in a mask which protects him. Kane throws Austin into the referee which sends Earl Hebner to the deck.

Back in the ring and Kane goes to the top and hits a clothesline. Kane goes to the top again but this time Austin sidesteps the clothesline. The champion smashes Kane into the exposed corner again and stomps him down to the floor. Mankind then comes out from the back with a chair! Austin hits him with right hands and a Stone Cold Stunner! But the cell has now been lowered right down. Austin nails Kane with a Stone Cold Stunner! The Undertaker then comes out from the back with a chair! Austin goes to nail Mankind but accidentally hits Austin! Austin is busted wide open and The Undertaker throws the referee back into the ring. Undertaker then pours gasoline all over the referee! Kane nails Undertaker with a chair sending him out of the ring. Austin nails Kane then smashes him with a chair! The referee then calls for the bell! The announcement is then made that Kane wins the match and is the new WWF Champion! We get a shot of a happy Vince McMahon and this one folks is over. Great match between these two.

Rating: 8/10


And that was the 6th annual King Of The Ring PPV. In retrospect it was a decent PPV with the two main events really delivering. Especially Mankind and The Undertaker, their Hell In A Cell match was insane. The main event scene in the WWF is dominated by Steve Austin, Mankind, Kane and The Undertaker. The two main events tonight were very intertwined. Going forward we have Kane as the WWF champion and he has plenty of potential opponents, especially in Steve Austin and The Undertaker. Maybe a tag team match will be set up with Austin and The Undertaker taking on Kane and Mankind. Maybe for Raw but I’d prefer to see the WWF title defended on PPV. Regardless, the Hell In A Cell match was fantastic and the bumps Mankind took will be remembered forever. The main event between Austin and Kane also delivered and it was a creative ending with The Undertaker nailing Austin. Maybe we’ll get a triple threat between the two and Undertaker? Very intriguing going forward.

The main strand of the night was the King Of The Ring tournament. The first semi final was very predictable with Ken Shamrock going through. Then they could have gone the route with Dan Severn facing Shamrock but I think they chose the better option with The Rock winning. This was they can continue to build towards Shamrock and Severn in the future whilst the final between Rock and Shamrock somewhat brings the feud to an end and gives Shamrock his big win. Shamrock is the 1998 King Of The Ring and it seems as though he finally got something for all his hard work after failing to win the IC title on numerous occasions. Maybe he’ll start to work in that upper midcard now, a feud with Kane maybe? Who knows but I do think he’s on a collision course with Dan “The Beast” Severn. That’s if Severn doesn’t feud with D-lo Brown first.

The show kicked off with Taka Michinoku and The Headbangers taking on newcomers Kaientai. I certainly expected Kaientai to win this as they are the well oiled unit. Taka couldn’t beat them with Bradshaw but he did manage to win tonight. This sort of caps off the feud between Taka and Kaientai for me. Taka was never going to win on his own so Michinoku needed to find two guys to help him and that is what he did tonight. Normally I wouldn’t mind but the match wasn’t really announced weeks before and didn’t have a lot of build. The Headbangers have a very good PPV record though. Also tonight Al Snow attempted to get a meeting with Vince McMahon by teaming with his porcelain Head against Too Much. Too Much got the win with a little help from the Special Guest Referee and Brian Christophers father, Jerry Lawler. The ending made me chuckle actually with the Head and Shoulders. It was so ludicrous that it sort of worked. I’m sure Al Snows journey to the WWF will continue.

There were also two bonus matches tonight. In the first, X Pac defeated Owen Hart in a match that continues the feud between DX and The Nation.  This took place 4 years after the previous meeting on PPV between the two. It was a decent match between two of the most athletic superstars on the roster. It could lead to further matches between the two, we’ll have to see. In the other bonus match The New Age Outlaws defended their tag team titles against The New Midnight Express. The New Midnight Express don’t really have any right to be going after the tag team titles but they got their shot and lost. It was pretty cool to see Billy Gunn vs. Bart Gunn and it’s nice to get title matches on PPV. It gives the Outlaws a big win. Technically their number one contenders are Kane and Mankind so that will make for a good match in the future.

Overall a decent PPV. The main events were very good, especially the Hell In A Cell match, which was exceptional. The King Of The Ring  tournament was decent enough especially the final. I think it was safe to say that Jeff Jarrett and Dan Severn were never going to win this tournament. This is WWFs 5th biggest PPV of the year and we got a WWF title change, the first on this PPV since 1993 when Yokozuna beat Hulk Hogan. Going forward, who will be Kane’s first opponent? Did The Undertaker mean to hit Austin? Will Mankind wrestle again? Why didn’t Ken Shamrock had a ceremony?

Overall Rating: 64.4/100 (ranked 4th out of 83)

Match Of The Night: The Undertaker vs. Mankind
Worst Match Of The Night: Too Much vs. Al Snow/The Rock vs. Dan Severn
Surprise Of The Night: Mankind gets thrown off the cell
Worst Booking Of The Night: Kaientai lose to a make shift team
Superstar Of The Night: Mankind
KOTR 98 Will Be Remembered For: Mankind being thrown off the cell/Kane wins the WWF title

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