In Your House 23: Fully Loaded

This show guarantees to be one thing, Fully Loaded. There have been a lot of title changes since the last PPV, King Of The Ring. Following KOTR, Kane was WWF Champion, Triple H was European champion and the tag team champions were The New Age Outlaws. Well, they have all lost their titles. Kane lost his WWF title back to “Stone Cold” Steve Austin the night after King Of The Ring. The Outlaws lost their titles to number one contenders Kane and Mankind and Triple H was beaten by D-lo with a little help from The Rock.

The tag team titles will be defended in tonights main event when Mankind and Kane go up against WWF Champions “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and The Undertaker. Undertaker is number one contender to Austins WWF title which makes their team even more interesting. And it also seems that The Undertaker and Kane might be in cahoots, so what will that mean for the main event? We’ll find out soon. Can Austin and Undertaker get along? Will Undertaker and Kane go head to head? The match was put together by Vince McMahon to answer those two questions.

The Intercontinental title will also be defended tonight as The Rock takes on Triple H in a 2 out of 3 falls match. Triple H has led DX into battle against The Rocks Nation on numerous occasions but tonight the two leaders go head to head. The highlight of this feud was DX imitating the Nation which included Triple H dressing up as “The Crock”. That isn’t the only DX vs. Nation match we’ll see tonight as D-lo takes on X Pac in a non title match. D-lo is refusing to defend his newly won European title so the match between these two athletic superstars should be a good one.

Another Nation member will be in action tonight with Owen Hart taking on Ken Shamrock in a Dungeon Match. That means that this match will be taking place in the legendary Stu Hart Dungeon located underneath the Hart household. This feud goes back to Owen Hart turning on Shamrock to join the Nation. Recently Ken Shamrock defeated former Kings Of The Ring Owen Hart and Triple H in a King Of Kings match which only fuelled the fire. Dan “The Beast” Severn will be the special guest referee for this one and it’ll be interesting to see if he can stay unbias. Mark Henry will also be in action representing the Nation tonight when he takes on Vader in a battle of the big men.

Away from The Nation we will also see LOD 2000 against DOA. DOA are now fully fledged heels and are led by their manager Paul Ellering. LOD bought Ellering back to the WWF but he was quick to turn his back on the former tag team champions and side with the Disciples Of Apocalypse. This should be a toughly contested contest. And one of the main feuds going into this show is between Sable and Jacqueline. Jacqueline challenged Sable to a bikini contest on this show and there has been a lot of build between these two girls. So let’s get to it.

The show kicks off with Jerry Lawler backstage getting an interview with Sable about the bikini she’ll be wearing tonight. She gives King a preview and he nearly explodes. What a way to start Fully Loaded, I’m sure it sets the tone for the rest of the night.

Then to a video package about whether The Undertaker is in cahoots with his brother Kane. Can Austin trust him tonight? The show then opens with fireworks and Jim Ross welcomes us to Fully Loaded. It’s quite a small set with no stage at the entrance curtain.

Val Venis vs. Jeff Jarrett

Val Venis makes his PPV debut tonight. The adult film star says hello to the ladies and teases them before being interupted by Tennessee Lee and Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett is also joined by the former Godwinns, now suited up and referred to as Southern Justice. Val Venis is currently undefeated in the WWF but Jeff Jarrett has been on a great run, reaching the semi finals of the King Of The Ring last month. Before the match can get started though, Kaientai’s music hits and out comes Yamaguchi San and Kaientai. The referee sends Southern Justice to the back and then Kaientai also get sent to the back. Yamaguchi San stays at ringside and joined JR and The King on commentary. Val Venis recently made an adult movie with Yamaguchi Sans wife. The match between Val Venis and Jeff Jarrett hasn’t had any build.

It’s back and forth to start with, no man getting the advantage. Val gets the first near fall of the match after dropping Jarrett on the top rope. Val follows it up with running knees and a side Russian leg sweep. Yamaguchi San says that tomorrow night on Raw, Val Venis is in big trouble. Jarrett takes the advantage with some knees of his own but can’t get Venis over with a sunset flip. Val lowers the head and Jarrett hits a powerbomb! Unexpected move from the former Intercontinental champion. Jarrett then clotheslines Venis over the top rope and Tennessee Lee lays in a boot. It was Jarrett that ended Steve Blackmans undefeated streak, could he do the same to Val Venis? Jarrett and Venis exchange chops in the ring then Jeff hits a DDT. Venis has also had his problems with the former Goldust, Dustin Runnells recently. Jarrett locks on a sleeper but Val gets out of it. Jeff hits a suplex then Venis hits a belly to belly.

Val starts a comeback now with an inverted atomic drop and a fishermans suplex for a two. Interestingly, Val got a bit of a mixed reaction when he got on the mic earlier. Jarrett goes to the top and hits a cross body for a two. Venis hits a powerslam then goes to the top. Jarrett tries to stop him but Venis hammers Jeff into the referee. Venis goes to the top again but Tennessee Lee crotches him! Jarrett hits a superplex off the top then goes for the fogire four but Venis rolls him up for a two. Venis knocks Jarrett into Tennessee Lee, who is now up on the apron and rolls him up for a three! Val Venis wins the match and his PPV debut. Val then gets on the mic and tells Yamaguchi San that his wife, he will never measure up to the big Valbowski.

Rating: 6/10

D-lo Brown vs. X Pac

D-lo Brown is the new European champion. The Rock helped D-lo beat Triple H on Raw, giving D-lo his first ever title win. Kama Mustafa is now affectionately known as The Godfather and he’s out with D-lo. X Pac gets a decent pop and comes to the ring with Chyna. This is part of the bigger picture, the feud between The Nation and DX. X Pac beat Owen Hart at King Of The Ring, his return to PPV. This is a non title match and D-lo knocks X Pac down early. D-lo wears the chest protector that not only protects but also aids him. D-lo has only missed one PPV this year, he didn’t wrestle at last months King Of The Ring. X Pac gets him in a headlocks but D-lo gets out of it. X Pac hits a kick but then D-lo hits one of his own for the first near fall of the match. This is D-lo’s first ever singles match on PPV. X Pac hits an enzeguri but misses with a Bronco Buster in the corner. D-lo knocks him down with a clothesline for a two.

D-lo has been shining so far in his first singles match on PPV. D-lo locks on a sleeper as a “Chyna” chant breaks out. D-lo hits a hard Irish whip and a standing leg drop for a two. D-lo misses a splash in the corner and X Pac goes for a spinning heel kick but D-lo ducks it. D-lo pulls X Pac to his feet and hits a powerslam before a knee off the second rope for another two count. D-lo goes back to the chinlock. D-lo made his PPV debut last October at Badd Blood with a win as part of a six man tag. He goes for a moonsault off the top but X Pac rolls out of the way! The two men get to their feet and X Pac hits a big roundhouse kick then the Bronco Buster! Chyna gets up on the apron, allowing The Godfather to get to his feet and nail X Pac! X pac hits The Godfather back but turns around into a Sky High! D-lo nails his finisher and the referee counts the three! D-lo wins the match with a little help from The Godfather!

Rating: 6.5/10

We see a shot of Edge in the crowd then Kevin Kelly is backstage with tells us that The Undertaker has not arrived yet. It all looks out of sync.

Faarooq & Scorpio vs. Terry Funk & Bradshaw

We get an interview before the match with Terry Funk and Bradshaw where Terry lets us know that this will be his last match in the WWF. For at least 6 months anyway. Bradshaw is not happy about that. I don’t think this match will go too well for this one. Terry Funk and Scorpio were previously teaming up and they shake hands before the bell. Bradshaw is still really angry. He starts the match with Scorpio and Bradshaw uses his big frame to take down Scorpio. It’s been a while since we’ve seen Scorpio on PPV, he last fought on PPV at A Cold Day In Hell last May as Flash Funk in a losing effort against Triple H. Scorpio hits a hurricanrana to get back into the match then tags Faarooq. Faarooq hits an elbow but receives a clothesline in the corner. Bradshaw then goes to the top and hits a big shoulderblock off the top for a two count. Bradshaw tags Terry Funk who gets a big cheer. Terry hits a neckbreaker for a two count.

Faarooq gets back into the match with a backbreaker for a two count. Faarooq then goes for the Dominator but Bradshaw comes in and boots Faarooq. Bradshaw gets tagged in and comes in off the top but Faarooq catches him and powerslams him into the mat. Faarooq tags Scorpio who hits a knee to the face and a bodyslam. Scorpio goes to the top but Terry Funk dives on the ropes and crotches him. Bradshaw hits a belly to back suplex off the top for a two. Bradshaw hits a big powerbomb and follows it up with an elbow for a two. Bradshaw tags fellow Texan Terry Funk who throws Scorpio out of the ring. Funk then throws Scorpio into the barricade and over it! The two men battle to the ring where Funk botches a moonsault. They get back into the ring where Funk rolls Scorpio up for a two. Scorpio then goes up to the top and hits a splash for another near fall. A “boring” chant breaks out as Scorpio comes off the top. Faarooq and Bradshaw battle to the outside now as Scorpio hits the 450 splash on Terry Funk inside. The referee counts and Scorpio and Faarooq win!

Bradshaw is not happy with Terry Funk. He slaps him a little then nails him with a huge clothesline. Bradshaw continues the beatdown and Scorpio runs to help him. Bradshaw takes out Scorpio too! Faarooq comes back to look at Scorpio and Bradshaw nails him with a steel chair! Bradshaw has left everyone laying! Terry Funk isn’t happy but Bradshaw has full on heel turned tonight. The clothesline on Scorpio on the outside was something else.

Rating: 4/10

Vader vs. Mark Henry

This is a battle between two big bulls. They start the match by running into one another and neither goes down. They botch a slam but Mark Henry hits it second time and follow it up with an elbow. Last time Vader was on Raw he was calling himself a fat piece of shit. Henry hits a double sledge to take Vader off his feet then pins him for a two. Henry hits a legdrop for another two. Vader lowers his head and Henry goes for a sunset flip but Vader sits his arse down on him for a two. Twp years ago Vader pinned WWF Champion Shawn Michaels at this PPV and a year ago he was fighting The Undertaker for the WWF Championship. Vader hits a splash in the corner and a clothesline then throws Henry to the outside. Vader then throws Mark Henry into the steel steps head first! Back in the ring and Vader hits right hands and a powerslam. Vader then goes up to the second rope and hits a big splash for a near fall. Mark Henry gets back into the match reversing an Irish whip and hitting a powerslam and a splash. The referee counts and Mark Henry wins! From nowhere! Mark Henry wins the match with a splash. It was short and sweet with no frills but a big win for Mark Henry none the less as the Nation go 2-0 so far tonight.

Rating: 3.75/10

We get a shot of the Hart family household now where we’ll get a Dungeon match between Owen Hart and Ken Shamrock later. Kevin Kelly is backstage with Tom Prichard and concerned that Undertaker still hasn’t turned up.

Paul Bearer, Kane and Mankind make their way to the ring where Bearer claims that The Undertaker is a coward and wants to stay in shape for Summerslam. They are then interrupted by the New Age Outlaws. Road Dogg refers to them as the Adams Family and then challenges them to a tag team title match on Raw. The four of them go at it until they’re broken up by referees. Considering as heels, The Outlaws would run away from fights as much as they could, as faces they are pretty bad ass.

The Disciples Of Apocalypse (Skull & 8 Ball) vs. LOD 2000 (Hawk & Animal)

The DOA are now managed by LODs former manager Paul Ellering and I think he’s a good fit for DOA. These two teams have met on PPV once before and it was LOD that won that one. DOA start well and take turns elbowing Animal. They’re selling that Hawk hasn’t been in a good place recently, will be interesting to see if that goes anywhere. Animal tags Hawk who comes in off the top and clotheslines both men. Hawk tags Animal back in and he hits a dropkick. Animal tags Hawk back in and they hit an clothesline similar to the old Hart Attack. Hawk gets a two count then hits a neckbreaker. Hawk tags Animal who hits a powerslam and an elbow for a two. Lots of quick tags between LOD as Hawk is tagged back in. Hawk hits a few hard chops but misses with a shoulderblock in the corner. Hawk falls to the outside and gets stomped all over by Ellering. I wish I knew which member of DOA is in the ring currently but he gets a near fall then locks on a sleeper.

Hawk gets out of the sleeper but Ellering pulls his ankles as he runs into the ropes. DOA double team Hawk and hit him with a big boot. An “LOD” chant breaks out showing that they still have a lot of pull with the crowd. DOA triple team Hawk as Animal watches on. Near fall for DOA then back to the sleeper. Hawk finally gets back into the match, clotheslining both members of DOA then tagging Animal. Animal takes down everyone with shoulder blocks, powerslams and suplexes. LOD double team one member of DOA and Animal lifts him up onto his shoulders. Hawk goes to the top and nails the Devastation Device Animal covers but the pin gets broken up. DOA do the swticheroo as Animal is distracted by Ellering then Animal gets booted, DDT’d and rolled up for the three! DOA win the match in what was definitely the right result. Things aren’t looking great for LOD at the moment though.

Rating: 5.75/10

Vince McMahon, Pat Patteron, Gerald Briscoe and Commissioner Slaughter make their way to the ring now. McMahon says that if Undertaker doesn’t show up tonight then don’t blame Vince McMahon. He says that it’s Austin fault if Undertaker doesn’t show up tonight. McMahon pulls out the programme and reads out some small print that says the promoter can make a substitution if needs be. McMahon then says that if Undertaker doesn’t show up tonight, Austin will team up with The Brooklyn Brawler. The Brawler is a bonafied jobber in the WWF and hasn’t wrestled for a while.

Owen Hart vs. Ken Shamrock – Dungeon Match

Well this match is coming from Stu Harts dungeon in Calgary. Dan Severn is the referee for it. There is no ring, it’s just mats on the floor. Owen Hart takes down Shamrock and both men go for submissions. Shamrock locks on an arm bar then throws Owen into the wall repeatedly. Owen hits a low blow then a spinning heel kick.Dan Severn watches on as Owen Hart smashes Shamrocks face off the wall then hits a german suplex. Both men exchange punches then Ken once again throws Owen into the wall. Hart then uses a water pipe to dropkick Shamrock and hit a hurricanrana. Ken gets up and throws Owen into some weights. Owen then tries to nail Shamrock with a dumb bell but Shamrock blocks it. There’s a window in the dungeon, I thought it was underground. Owen powerbomb Shamrock then throws him into the wall and into the water pipe. Owen then lifts Shamrock up and puts him through the ceiling before locking on the Sharpshooter. Ken reverses it but Owen escapes.

Shamrock gets back into the match, throwing Owen into the wall. He then goes to hit Owen with a big kick but accidentally nails Dan Severn who goes down. Owen then nails Shamrock with a dumb bell knocking him out! Owen locks on a crossface and taps Shamrock hand which Dan Severn sees and says it’s over. Severn has proclaimed Owen Hart the winner! This was different. Not great, it’s amazing how much you miss an audience.

Rating: 3.75/10

The Rock (c) vs. Triple H – 2 out of 3 fall match for the Intercontinental title

Triple H is out first with Chyna, The New Age Outlaws and X Pac. The Rock is then out with D-lo, Mark Henry and The Godfather. This is the 11th PPV in a row that The Rock has fought on, more consecutive matches than anybody right now. Sgt Slaughter comes out and tells everybody except Chyna to leave. Apparently she has a lisence to be at ringside. This feels like a big match. They have previously fought for the Intercontinental title on PPV, back at Final 4 but this feels a lot bigger. The Rock won that one. The Rock hits some big right hands to start the match then Triple H comes back with some of his own. Rock hits a clothesline for the first fall of the match. JR has been very clear that this match has a 30 minute time limit. Triple H hits a big clothesline out of the corner to take the advantage. Chyna gets involved with a right hands too. Triple H then goes for the Pedigree but The Rock hits a back body drop. Triple H then sends Rock to the outside. The two men then battle in the entrance way where Triple H hits a slam on the floor. I could be wrong but this may be the first two out of three falls match on PPV since The Islanders and The Young Stallions met at Royal Rumble 88.

The Rock throws Triple H into the ring steps and the referee isn’t counting them out. The Rock knocks Triple H down with a clothesline in the ring for a two count. Triple H hits a suplex and a knee drop for a two then lays into The Rock on the canvas. The Rock counters an Irish whip and sends Triple H out of the ring. It doesn’t get any better for Triple H though as The Rock suplex’s him outside the ring. Mark Henry then makes his way to the ring and hits a big splash on Triple H as The Rock has the referee distracted. Billy Gunn then runs to the ring and chases off Mark Henry. Chyna then gets up on the apron and The Rock nails Triple H with the Intercontinental title. The Rock covers Helmsley but the challenger kicks out at two! The Rock locks on a sleeper now. Triple H gets out of it but The Rock nails him with a clothesline for the near fall. The two men go to the outside now where The Rock chokes Hunter with a cable. Back in the ring and The Rock hits his trademark DDT despite botching it half way through and that’s enough for a two count.

The Rock goes back to the sleeper with no falls as of yet. Triple H gets out of the sleeper and hits a high knee. Hunter can’t keep the advantage though and gets dropped on the top rope. The Godfather then walks down to the ringside area. The New Age Outlaws run out and point him to the back and off he goes. D-lo then comes out to the ring as The Rock distracts the referee. He goes to the top but Triple H crotches him and lamps him with the European title! He then turns around into a Rock Bottom! The IC champion hooks the leg and The Rock gets the first fall! There’s a minute rest period and then we’re back to it and The Rock smashes Triple H into the ring steps. D-lo is still lurking about at ringside. Helmsley hits a big clothesline on The Rock but The Rock catapults Helmsley into the Spanish announce table! Back in the ring and The Rock hits the Peoples Elbow for a two! Both men hit each other with clothesline and as both men are down, D-lo gets up on the apron but then gets pulled down by Chyna.

The referee is distracted by Chyna now and in comes X Pac! X Pac hits a facebuster on The Rock and Triple H covers him but The Rock kicks out! Chyna distracts the referee and Triple H grabs a steel chair! The Rock kicks it out of his hand and then picks it up and attempts to nail Helmsley but he gets out of the way and The Rock hits the referee! The Rock then goes to hit Triple H but Chyna gets in the ring, hits The Rock with a low blow then a DDT on the steel chair! Triple H covers The Rock and gets the three! We’re at one fall a piece now, the next fall takes it. After the minute break Triple H covers The Rock again but the referee is injured and heading to the back. Another ref comes out and counts two as The Rock kicks out. The Funk then announces that there are two minutes remaining. The two men battle on the outside of the ring. They get back in and Triple H hits a clothesline for a two as a one minute remaining is announced. The Rock hits a Samoan drop for a two. The two men exchange lefts and rights, the Rock goes for a Rock Bottom but it’s countered. Triple H then hits a Pedigree and the ref doesn’t count. The bell rings and this one is over! The time limit expired which was largely predictable because they made such a big deal of it.

The match is a draw so The Rock retains his Intercontinental title. The Nation come out and so do DX and it’s an all out war. This was a really good match between two stars. It had a big match feel but predictably ended in a draw. This sets them up for a match at Summerslam.

Rating: 8/10

Kevin Kelly tells us that The Undertaker has arrived. That means Austin won’t be teaming with The Brooklyn Brawler.

We then see some exclusive footage of The Rock and D-lo leaving the arena. The Rock is happy to be leaving the Intercontinental champion.

Video package up next for Sable and Jacqueline who meet in a bikini contest.

Dustin Runnells is in the ring now and he asks everyone to pray with him. He’s not happy with the upcoming bikini contest.

Sable vs. Jacqueline – Bikini contest

Jacqueline is Marc Meros new main squeeze. Mero has taken a backseat to the women for a few months now. Both women come out to the ring and it’s Jacqueline first who looks smoking hot wearing next to nothing! She dances about a bit and it’s Sable up next. The crowd are very excited for this one. She takes off her t shirt and there’s a bit of disappointment because she has a top on underneath. Sable then grabs the mic and says that Vince McMahon said she should wear something conservative. But what she’s wearing isn’t her idea of conservative. Sable then takes her top off and there are just handprints painted on her boobs! The crowd love it and she’s soon declared the winner but Vine McMahon comes out and covers her up with a jacket. WWF is in some era right now!

We then get some exclusive footage of Sable and Jacqueline kicking of backstage until agents split it up.

Video package next showing The Undertaker costing Steve Austin the WWF title then Austin demanding a rematch and winning the WWF title back from Kane. Then we see footage implying that The Undertaker and Kane are in cahoots. Austin doesn’t know where he stands and whether it’s going to be a tag team match or a 3 on 1 handicap match.

Kane & Mankind vs. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin & The Undertaker – Tag Team Title Match

These four men have been the main event of the WWF since Wrestlemania. They have all crossed paths in that time and we know that The Undertaker will challenge for the WWF title at Summerslam. What makes this one more interesting is that it’s for the tag team titles. The Undertaker has new music tonight and he shows up. Austin comes out to his usual pop and he The Undertaker meets him in the entrance way, squaring up to him! Kane and Mankind come and attack both men and this one is underway! The bell rings and it’s Austin and Mankind that kick things off. Austin flips the bird to The Undertaker then hits some lefts and rights on Mankind. Mankind tags Kane who hits some right hands and books to Austin but the WWF champion hits Kane with a Lou Thesz press! Austin goes for the Stunner but Kane exits the ring, avoiding the finisher. Kane then heads for the back but Austin chases him down and clotheslines him to the floor. The Undertaker watches as Austin knocks Kane and Mankinds heads together.

Austin tags Undertaker who hits some shoulder barges and a side Russian leg sweep on Kane. Undertaker then flips Austin the bird as Mankind is tagged in. Undertaker hits Mankind with some rights and then a big splash in the corner. Mick Foley and Steve Austin are two of four men who have wrestled on all 8 PPVs this year along with Owen Hart and The Rock. Undertaker hits his single axe handle off the top rope. Mankind dressed in a shirt and tie lays into The Undertaker with right hands. Mankind tags Kane who comes in and hits a chokeslam on The Undertaker. Kane tags Mankind back in and he hits The Undertaker with a big knee in the corner. Mankind then hits a double armed DDT and covers the dead man but Austin breaks it up. Mankind then clotheslines Undertaker over the top rope and goes with him. Austin has a massive elbow pad on tonight. Mankind attempts the elbow off the apron but Austin shoves him off onto the Spanish announce table. This allows Undertaker to get back up but Kane clotheslines him right back down and then throws his brother into the ring steps.

Back in the ring and Mankind throws The Undertaker into the ropes but the dead man comes back at Mankind and hits him with a DDT. Mankind tags Kane who knocks Undertaker into Austin, making the tag! Austin comes in and stomps away at both tag team champions. Undertaker then comes in and clotheslines Mankind to the outside. Mankind throws a chair in the ring and Austin grabs it and smashes it into Kanes face! Austin covers Kane who kicks out! Both men get up and it’s Kane who hits Austin with a big boot. Kane throws Austin to the outside where Mankind rams him into the barricade. Kane then goes out and drops Austin on the guard rail. Kane throws Austin back in the ring where Mankind is the legal man now. Mankind tags Kane who hits Austin with boots in the corner. Kane tags Mankind who stomps away at Austin and drops an elbow on the champion. Mankind then locks on a sleeper. This time last year was Canadian Stampede, the best PPV of 1997. Austin and Mankind clothesline each other and go down. This is the third tag team match tonight. Mankind tags Kane who hits a legdrop on Austin for a near fall.

Kane and Mankind double team Austin now as Undertaker distracts the referee. Kane then hits the chokeslam on Austin in the middle of the ring. I’m predicting Austin and Undertaker to win this but not win the titles. Kane goes for the Tombstone but Austin slips down the back and hits a Stunner! Mankind then comes in and goes for the Mandible Claw but Austin Stunners him too! Undertaker doesn’t move. Austin crawls over to Undertaker but Undertaker doesn’t reach for the tag. He then changes his mind and makes the tag! Undertaker comes in and lays out both tag team champions! Undertaker chokeslams Kane then chokeslams Mankind! He then scoops his brother up and Tombstones him into the mat. Austin nails Mankind and they’ve done it! Austin and Undertaker win the tag team titles! What a red herring earlier with the Outlaws challenging Mankind and Kane. Undertaker leaves with both tag team title belts. Austin has now won the tag titles with Shawn Michaels, Dude Love and The Undertaker. Great ending to the match that leaves many more questions.

Rating: 7/10

And that was Fully Loaded 98. It seemed like a prelude to Summerslam with the WWF using this final major show to further rivalries before the second biggest show of the year. The three main events in particular all felt like build ups to a bigger match. In any case, we kicked off with Val Venis and Jeff Jarrett. I don’t think this rivalry is going anywhere as Venis has his problems with Kaientai and to a lesser extent, Dustin Runnels. Venis got a big win on his PPV debut and he seems very popular with the crowd right now. Jarrett isn’t up to much at the moment but seems to be fairly popular with management as he was in the King Of The Ring semi final last month. It was a good night for the Nation with 4 wins from 4 for the stable that at one point were floundering. The first victory was a win for D-lo who is a breath of fresh air at the moment. It’s amazing what a chest protector can do for your career. It was a non title match as I guess making it a title match would have made it predictable. D-lo got the win none the less with a lot of help from The Godfather. I can definitely see this feud continuing as it gives X Pac a decent feud. The dirty win would suggest it’s not over between these two.

The third match was an interesting one and the story of it was much more important than the winner. Terry Funk seems to be done with the WWF which is a bit of a surprise but with all the stick the WWF give wCw for using old guys, maybe it’s a bit hypocritical if Funk is still around. This mainly served the purpose for Bradshaw to turn heel. He’s had feuds with Jeff Jarrett, Barry Windham and Kaientai as a face but I definitely think he’s more effective as a heel. Maybe he’ll find a partner to feud with Faarooq and Scorpio, I’m not sure. I may not be a fan of the Faarooq/Scorpio team but I liked the story told in this one. The second Nation match was up next with Mark Henry and Vader going at it. This just seemed to be a passing of the torch with Mark Henry beating Vader clean. The crowd don’t seem to be into Henry at the moment but he’s still very young and has a way to go. This was a big win for Mizark who beat a man that has been in two big matches on the last two July PPVs.

DOA got their win back over LOD 2000 in a victory that made a lot of sense. DOA are the hotter team right now, especially with Paul Ellering by their side. I like Ellering, he’s a very interesting character in a Matrix style way. I’m not sure where this leaves LOD. Their stock seems to have crashed over the past few months. They’re far from the tag title picture but I’m sure they’ll get put in a feud with someone. DOA could be headed towards the tag team titles if this feud is over. The dungeon match was an interesting one, not like anything I’ve ever seen before. Owen Hart won it after knocking Shamrock out with a dumb bell. It’s definitely not over between these two, I think they are capable of having a very good match at Summerslam. I’m not sure about Dan Severns involvement but I think this will end up being a feud between Severn and Shamrock. I am sort of glad this match happened though as the commentators will often refer to the Hart dungeon and we finally got to see it tonight.

In what I think was the match of the night, The Rock and Triple H wrestled to a draw in a 2 out of 3 falls match. This feud is definitely not over and I think it’ll go all the way to Summerslam. They will have to add a bigger gimmick to the match though, bigger than 2 out of 3 falls. Maybe a cage match? This was a really good match though and the first fall went on for a long time. It’s a perfect feud for both men at the moment and it has elevated the Intercontinental title higher than it has been for a while. Then in the main event we crowned new tag team champion which was a bit of a surprise for me. I thought Austin and Undertaker would win as they’re on a collision course to the Summerslam main event but I don’t see why they’ve taken the titles. I figured Mankind and Kane would go on to feud with the Outlaws into Summerslam over the tag titles but now I’m not sure where it leaves them.

Overall Rating: 55.9/100 (ranked 35th out of 84)

Match Of The Night: The Rock vs. Triple H
Worst Match Of The Night: Mark Henry/Vader & Ken Shamrock/Owen Hart
Surprise Of The Night: Austin & Undertaker win the Tag Team titles
Worst Booking Of The Night: None
Superstar Of The Night: Sable
Fully Loaded Will Be Remembered For: Sables “bikini”



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  1. Two things of note:

    1.J.R. and King only mentioned the name of this PPV once, and spent the rest of the night talking about SummerSlam.

    2.The crowd attendance was 9,855.

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