Capital Carnage

| Date: December 6 1998 | Venue: London Arena | City: London, England Attendance: 10,441 Carnage in the UK Capital City of London. That is what we have tonight, one week before the official PPV of the month, Rock Bottom. Going into this one no matches have been announced although there are rumours of The Rock vs. Triple H and Jeff Jarrett vs. X Pac. I can’t tell you anything … Continue reading Capital Carnage

Survivor Series 98

| Date: November 15 1998 | Venue: Kiel Centre | City: St Louis, Missouri | Attendance: 21,779 | Buyrate: 478,000 Deadly Game! That is what we face tonight, a deadly game in the form of a tournament to determine a new WWF Champion. There is a lot of interest in this one, it’s the highest buyrate for a Survivor Series in history. So what we have is a 14 man single elimination tournament … Continue reading Survivor Series 98

In Your House 25: Judgement Day

| Date: October 18 1998 | Venue: Rosemont Horizon | City: Rosemont, Illinois | Attendance:  18,153 | Buyrate: 327,000 Judgement Day: noun the time of the last Judgement, the end of the world. Will tonight be the end of the world? The Undertaker or Kane will become WWF champion which for a lot of people means, the end of the world. At Breakdown we saw both men pin then champion “Stone Cold” Steve … Continue reading In Your House 25: Judgement Day

In Your House 24: Breakdown

| Date: September 27 1998 | Venue:  Copps Coliseum | City: Hamilton, Ontario | Attendance:  17, 405 | Buyrate: 315, 256 Breakdown. As in Break It Down? As in DX entrance music? I don’t know but DX are on the poster so expect to see those boys (and girl) tonight. What else to expect tonight? Well “Stone Cold” Steve Austin has to defend his WWF title against both Kane and The Undertaker in … Continue reading In Your House 24: Breakdown

In Your House 23: Fully Loaded

This show guarantees to be one thing, Fully Loaded. There have been a lot of title changes since the last PPV, King Of The Ring. Following KOTR, Kane was WWF Champion, Triple H was European champion and the tag team champions were The New Age Outlaws. Well, they have all lost their titles. Kane lost his WWF title back to “Stone Cold” Steve Austin the … Continue reading In Your House 23: Fully Loaded

In Your House 22: Over The Edge

Over The Edge. That’s where a lot of the superstars will need to go if they want to succeed on the show tonight. Dude Love and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin will have to go Over The Edge. They meet in a rematch from the last PPV with the WWF title on the line. It’s very much like Unforgiven except this time Vince McMahon has announced that … Continue reading In Your House 22: Over The Edge

In Your House 21: Unforgiven

Welcome everybody to this review of Unforgiven: In Your House. This is the first major PPV off the back of Wrestlemania XIV and features two rematches from the bigest event of the year. It seems as though the WWF have pressed the restart button (not in all cases) but there is a level of freshness, especially to the main event scene. There are 6 matches advertised … Continue reading In Your House 21: Unforgiven