In Your House 25: Judgement Day

| Date: October 18 1998
| Venue: Rosemont Horizon | City: Rosemont, Illinois
| Attendance:  18,153 | Buyrate: 327,000

Judgement Day: noun the time of the last Judgement, the end of the world. Will tonight be the end of the world? The Undertaker or Kane will become WWF champion which for a lot of people means, the end of the world. At Breakdown we saw both men pin then champion “Stone Cold” Steve Austin at the same time so this match was made to decide who is the undisputed champion. Not only that but to stop Steve Austin from ruining the match, the Texas Rattlesnake has been assigned as the special guest referee and if he does not raise the winners hand then he will be fired. So everything is at stake in the main event tonight.

Since the last PPV Breakdown we have two new champions. D-lo beat X Pac for the European title with a lot of help from Mark Henry and so D-lo and X Pac will meet against on this PPV with the European title at stake. We also have a new Intercontinental champion as Vince McMahon stripped Triple H of the title due to the champion being too injured to wrestle. A tournament was then made on Raw and it was Ken Shamrock who beat Steve Blackman, Val Venis and X Pac to raise the title. He has continued his rivalry with Mankind and tonight Shamrock defends his title against the former 4 time tag team champion. The tag team titles will also be on the line when The New Age Outlaws defend the gold against the newly heel turned Headbangers who attacked the champions with a boom box and Taka Michinoku will defend his Light-heavyweight title against the man who made his debut at Breakdown, Edge’s brother Christian.

One of the biggest feuds in the company has been between Val Venis and Dustin Runnels. Well Dustin Runnels has now gone and back in his place is Goldust. Venis still has Goldusts wife by his side and the bizarre one is looking for revenge. The Nation of Domination has finally imploded and tonight The Rock will take on the man he bought into the fold, Mark Henry. Also tonight, LOD & Droz team up to take on DOA & Paul Ellering.

It’s a video package to kick things off with Vince McMahons voice all over it and evil music. McMahon will fire Austins ass if he doesn’t raise the hand of the winner tonight. Fireworks then go off in the Rosemont Horizon in Chicago as Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler welcome us to Judgement Day.

Al Snow vs. “Marvellous” Marc Mero

This match has absolutely no build. I actually thought Al Snow was fighting Jeff Jarrett tonight. Al Snow grabs a mic and talks over Mero’s music. Both of these men won on the last PPV, In Your House: Breakdown. Mero beat Droz and Al Snow won in tag team action with Scorpio against Too Much. Jeff Jarretts music then hits and out comes Jarrett! Jarrett tells Mero and the referee that he wants to fight Al Snow. Mero won’t swap with Jarrett though which surprises me. Mero attacks Al Snow before the bell but Snow soon takes the advantage with a powerslam and a clothesline for the first near fall of the night. Snow has only ever one won pay per view match and that was at the last PPV. Big flying elbow on Snow from Mero. Mero gets distracted by the Head for a few seconds allowing Al to roll him up for a two.Nice dummy by Snow allowing him to hit a DDT. Snow then goes to the top and hits a moonsault! Jacqueline gets up on the apron, distracting Snow which allows Mero to hit a low blow and a DDT for a two.

Jacqueline gets involved again, choking Al on the ropes as Mero distracts the referee. Marc goes to the top and hits a lovely springboard moonsault for a two. I’ve always been a big Marc Mero fan. Al catches Meros arms and hits some headbutts but Mero gets back into it with a clothesline. Al hits an enzeguri and starts a comeback. He hits a sit out powerbomb then goes to the top but Jacqueline pulls Mero out of the way. Mero then rolls up Snow in what was definitely a three count but it’s called a two. Samoan drop by Mero and then he goes to the top but Snow gets out of the way of Marvellosity!  Mero then goes for the TKO but Snow slides down and hits the Snow Plough! And that’s all she wrote! Al Snow wins the match! Back to back PPV victories for Al Snow in a decent enough PPV opener.

Rating: 6/10

We then see a shot of Steve Austin turning up and being told he has to get dressed in the referees locker room which is basically a closet.

The Disciples Of Apocalypse (Skull, 8 Ball & Paul Ellering) vs. The Legion Of Doom (Hawk & Animal) & Darren Drozdov

This feud has been going on for many months now. Hawk wrestling tonight means that every PPV up to now has had somebody wrestle on it that has deceased. LOD are from Chicago so get a decent pop. Animal and Hawk have regular haircuts these days. Animal starts things off but doesn’t fair too well against Skull. Animal isn’t as ripped as he once was, he looks a bit fat. He tags Hawk who has had some alcohol problems as of late. He hits some big powerslams and a clothesline. Hawk tags Droz who is the newest members of the Legion Of Doom. Skull tags 8 Ball and DOA triple team Droz in the corner. Amazing to think that DOA have only been around just over a year. It seems like they’ve been on the roster a lot longer. They make quick tags and Droz hits a flying clothesline. Lawler refers to Hawk as “the alternate” as Droz and Animal have been teaming a lot recently. Paul Ellering is tagged in, hits a drop toe hold and tags back out.

Droz hits a DDT on Skull to get his team back into it. Skull tags 8 Ball and Droz tags Hawk! Hawk takes all three members of DOA out and all 6 men are now in. Animal hits a shoulder barge then LOD set up for the Devastation Device and nail it! Droz slides in out of nowhere and covers Skull for the win! Hawk can’t believe it! Droz celebrates, mostly with Animal but Hawk is miffed that Droz slid in and took the victory! Short match but pretty entertaining.

Rating: 5/10

Taka Michinoku (c) vs. Christian – Light Heavyweight Title Match

Christian is the younger brother of Edge and accompanied to the ring by Gangrel. Christian was the mysterious man that cost Edge his match at Breakdown. This is a PPV debut for Christian who faces long time Light Heavyweight champion Taka Michinoku. Taka comes out with Yamaguchi San, he hasn’t defended this belt on PPV since Wrestlemania. Christian is definitely the bigger of the two. Taka hits a spinning heel kick and clotheslines Christian out of the ring. Taka then hits his springboard plancha to the outside. We get a shot of Edge in the crowd. Christian, unlike Taka wrestlers like a bigger wrestler. Christian hits a reverse DDT and a dropkick then three suplexes in a row for a two count. The challenger locks on a sleeper now but Taka gets out of it. Taka goes for a clothesline but Christian ducks and Taka goes flying to the outside. Christian then dives to the outside on Taka.

Back in the ring and Christian hits a powerbomb for a two. This match has been quite slow for a light heavyweight match. Christian hits a slam then goes to the top and misses with a splash as Taka rolls out of the way. Taka comes back into the match with a dropkick which sends Christian to the outside then a springboard moonsault. Back in the ring and Taka hits a cross body from the top but Christian rolls it through for a two count. Christian hits a side Russian leg sweep for a two count. Taka hits a tornado DDT then motions for the Michinoku Driver. He goes for it but Christian rolls through and hooks the leg for the three! Christian wins the Light Heavyweight Championship! After 10 months, Takas reign has come to an end. Gangrel is very happy with Christian.

Rating: 4.75/10

Something is cut out of the show now as Jim Ross tells us “that was interesting”.

We then have a video package for Val Venis and Goldust. Goldust is back!

Val Venis vs. Goldust

Val comes out with Terri Runnels but as he gets on the mic, Goldust cuts him off and tells him it’s showtime! Goldust has a big coat with big shoulderpads these days. This is the first time since Survivor Series 1997 that Dustin has wrestled as Goldust. Val starts well, he’s been on a good run since debuting in the WWF. Venis actually beat Goldust (as Dustin Runnels) at the last PPV, Breakdown. The two take it to the outside where Goldust throws Venis into the barricade then drops him on the steps. The two get back into the ring then Val throws Goldust back out of the ring! Val goes to the top and hits a big (but messy) cross body to the outside. Back in the ring and Venis gets caught with a right hand as he comes off the top. Goldust hits a reverse atomic drop and a side suplex. It’s good to have Goldust back, he’s a much better character than Dustin being himself. Goldust hits a clothesline for a two.

Goldust has been in the WWF for three years now. He spent much of the first year as a heel, much of the second as a face and the third has been an odd mix of the Artist formally known as Goldust and Dustin Runnels. Val takes the advantage by side stepping a shoulder barge in the corner. Venis locks on an armbar but the former Intercontinental champion gets out of it. Val hits a clothesline for a near fall then locks on a hammerlock. The pace starts to quicken now as Goldust gets out of the hold. Val hits a side Russian leg sweep, we’ve seen a few of those tonight. That gives Val a two count. Val goes to the top but Goldust goes to meet him and hits him with some big right hands. Goldust then hits a superplex for a two! Val locks on a sleeper but Goldust manages to break it then lock on a sleeper of his own! Venis gets out of it with a belly t back suplex. Goldust has his wedding ring on!

Goldust hits a clothesline and a back body drop then a bulldog. Terri gets up on the apron and distracts Goldust momentarily but as the referee deals with Terri, Goldust kicks Venis right in the groin! Val hits the deck and Goldust pins him for the three! Goldust wins the match in his return to PPV. If anything, this match went on a bit too long. It dragged a bit in the middle.

Rating: 4/10

Michael Cole is backstage. He tells us about Triple H handing over the Intercontinental title to Ken Shamrock then backstage Shamrock attacked Triple H. X Pac then comes in and calls Ken Shamrock a jack off. Pac then says he’ll be winning the European title tonight.

D-lo Brown (c) vs. X Pac – European Title Match

This is a rematch from Fully Loaded a few months ago. D-lo beat X Pac that night with a lot of help from The Godfather. I’m a big fan of D-lo as European champion so I hope he retains. D-lo and X Pac have been going back and forth over the European title for a few months now. D-lo comes out alone whilst X Pac is accompanied by Chyna. This is D-lo’s second run as European champion. D-lo has won at the last 3 PPVS, beating X Pac, Val Venis and Gangrel. D-lo takes X Pac off his feet and celebrates. X Pac got to the finals of the Intercontinental title tournament on Raw last week before losing to Shamrock. D-lo takes X Pac down with an armbar. X Pac reverses it then drops D-lo with a roundhouse kick.  D-lo hits a clothesline for a two. He then hits a powerslam and an elbow then some right hands and chops in the corner. D-lo goes for a splash in the corner but X Pac gets out of the way.

X Pac hits some big kicks on the corner then goes for the Bronco Buster but D-lo gets his foot up! The European champion hits his trademark legdrop then covers X Pac for a two before locking on a sleeper. X Pac gets out of it but D-lo hits a big dropkick then a big powerbomb. X Pac hits a cross body from the top for a two count but D-lo quickly clotheslines him back down to the mat and applies a chinlock. D-lo hits a big kneedrop from the middle rope for a two count then follows it up with a backbreaker for another near fall. D-lo locks on a Texas Cloverleaf now. X Pac gets out of it but D-lo goes to the top and aims for the Low Down but X Pac rolls out of the way! Both men get to their feet and X Pac hits a spinning heel kick and a big flying clothesline! Pac then hits the Bronco Buster! The crowd love that one. Chyna then nails D-lo with a right hand and X Pac pins him but D-lo kicks out! D-lo accidentally runs into the referee, sending him to the outside.

Mark Henry then makes his way to the ring. Henry licks his lips and approaches Chyna. D-lo grabs the European title and nails X Pac with it! Henry then throws the referee back in the ring and he counts 2! D-lo can’t believe it.He gets up and hits a running powerbomb which X Pac kicks out of again! The champ then goes to the top but X Pac reverses the leap into a facebuster! The referee counts the three! X Pac wins the match and is a two time European champion! Decent match as always between these two.

Rating: 6.5/10

Michael Cole reports that Paul Bearer was seen going into The Undertakers locker room then The Headbangers interrupt and say the only thing the New Age Outlaws are tag teaming is each other!

The New Age Outlaws (Billy Gunn & Road Dogg) (c) vs. The Headbangers (Mosh & Thrasher) – Tag Team Title Match

The Headbangers attack The New Age Outlaws as they’re doing their in-ring spiel so we’re right into this one. Billy Gunn leaving DX has never been mentioned again since it happened. Billy Gunn starts the match with Mosh and Billy hits a swinging neckbreaker for a two. Billy tags Road Dogg who hits a hip toss. Mosh takes the advantage with a poke in the eye and tags Thrasher. Road Dogg hits Thrasher with a dropkick and a big right hand for a two. The Headbangers have only recently turned heel and have one of the best PPV records as a tag team in the history of the company. Thrasher tags Mosh and the Headbangers double team Road Dogg. Mosh drops Road Dogg on the top rope and tags Thrasher. This is the first time The Headbangers have ever wrestled as a heel team on PPV. Thrasher pins Road Dogg for a two. Thrasher misses with a splash in the corner allowing Road Dogg to hit a belly to back suplex. Thrasher tags Mosh and Road Dogg tags Billy Gunn! Gunn hits everyone with right hands then a big splash on Thrasher in the corner.

Gunn clotheslines Thrasher out of the ring then hits a gorilla press slam on Mosh. Thrasher pulls down the top rope as Billy Gunn runs into it so Billy goes flying out of the ring. Outside the ring Thrasher throws Gunn into the steps. Mosh slams Gunn in the ring then Thrasher suplexes Mosh onto Gunn. Billy Gunn is in the top 10 of all time for most PPVs wrestled on, he’s been on the roster for over 5 years now. Mosh applies a headlock to the veteran. Billy Gunn bounces off the ropes and hits a flying head scissors! Don’t think I’ve ever seen that form Billy Gunn before. Mosh tags Thrasher who prevents Gunn from tagging out. Thrasher gets a near fall following a jawbreaker. The Headbangers haven’t wrestled on PPV since King Of The Ring back in June when they teamed up with Taka Michinoku to beat Kaientai. Mosh applies an armbar to Billy Gunn now. There isn’t a thriving tag team division at the moment. Mosh tags Thrasher who locks on a sleeper. The Headbangers have won 4 of their 5 two on two tag team matches on PPV. Their only loss came to The Godwinns one year ago at Badd Blood. They lost the tag team titles that night.

Billy Gunn gets out of the sleeper and applies a sleeper of his own but Thrasher hits a suplex and tags Mosh. Mosh goes for a splash in the corner but Gunn catches him and drops him down to the mat! Mosh tags Thrasher who runs in and takes out Road Dogg. The Headbangers then hit a flapjack on Billy Gunn then go for the stage dive but Road Dogg runs in and nails Mosh with the boom box! The Headbangers win the match by disqualification but they won’t be taking home the titles.

Rating: 6/10

Michael Cole is backstage now confirming that Paul Bearer is in Kanes locker room. Mankind then appears with Mr Socko. He says Ken Shamrocks interviews are brutal.

Ken Shamrock (c) vs. Mankind – Intercontinental Title Match

This is a first one on one match between these two men. The Rock beat them both in a triple threat cage match at Breakdown but this time a title is on the line. Triple H had to forfeit his title and an 8 man tournament was made on Raw last week. Shamrock won the tournament beating Steve Blackman, Val Venis and X Pac. Shamrock kicks away at Mankinds legs then locks on an armbar. The last time Mankind won a match on PPV by pinfall or submission was King Of The Ring 1997 when he beat Jerry Lawler with the Mandible Claw. That’s an unbelievable stat! This match is back and forth with both men hitting right hands now. Shamrock hits a hurricanarana then Mankind locks on the Mandible Claw but Shamrock escapes. I’ll be surprised if Shamrock drops the title tonight. It’s his first title in the WWF. He’s a good fit for the title. Mankind drops Shamrock to the floor with a sleeper and tries to look on the Mandible for Shamrock escapes and lays in some right hands.

The two fight to the outside and Mankind throws Shamrock into the steps. Mankind then grabs a chair but the referee stops him from using it. In the commotion, Shamrock boots the chair into Mankinds face. Shamrock then grabs the chair and leathers Mankind with it! The referee clearly sees it but does nothing! The match continues. Back in the ring and Shamrock hits a clothesline for a two count. Ken now locks on an armbar. Mankind bites his way out of a hammerlock then lands some right hands but misses with a splash in the corner. Shamrock hits a belly to belly suplex but Mankind gets up and hits a double armed DDT. Mankind then ties Shamrock upside down in the corner then runs at him and hits an elbow. Mankind then hits a legdrop on the ring ropes and motions for something. Mankind hits a clothesline and both men go flying to the outside of the ring. The challenger then dives off the apron onto Shamrock with an elbow! Jim Ross makes the point that none of the defending champions have won their match yet tonight. Outside the ring and Shamrock powerslams Mankind into the ring steps.

Back in the ring and Shamrock locks the Ankle Lock on Mankind! Mankind crawls to the ropes and he makes it! Shamrock then drags Mankind to the middle of the ring and locks the Ankle Lock back on! Mankind punches himself in the face then puts his own fingers down his throat! Mankind locks the Mandible Claw on himself! He passes out and the referee calls for the bell! Ken Shamrock wins the match! But the announcement is made that Mankind put himself out! Shamrock loses the plot and kicks away at Mankind and then hits a belly to belly suplex on the referee! Mankind finds Mr Socko from somewhere and he rams it down Shamrocks throat! Shamrock wins the match but Mankind comes out of it smelling like roses!

Rating: 7/10

Michael Cole is backstage hoping to get a word with Mr McMahon. The Big Boss Man appears then and says he is the law. He then throws Michael Cole out of there.

The Rock vs. Mark Henry

Two former members of the Nation in this one. The Nation are well and truly split up with only Mark Henry and D-lo remaining partners. D-lo was scheduled to come out for this one but he’s nowhere to be seen. Henry grabs a mic before the match and he dedicates a poem to Chyna. The Rock gets a huge pop as he comes out. The Rock gets right into it and nails Henry with a big clothesline. He then hits a suplex on the big man. I know these two men both trained together and then came into the company together. On the outside Henry throws Rock into the announce table. The Rock is the number one contender to the WWF title when there is a champion. Back in the ring and Henry hits some big elbows on Rocky and gets a near fall. Henry knocks Rock down and hits a legdrop for another two count then applies a chinlock. The Rock fights out of it then hits some big right hands then a DDT. The former Intercontinental champion then hits a powerslam, throws away his elbow pad and hits the Peoples Elbow!

D-lo runs out to the ring and The Rock nails him with a right hand. Mark Henry then hits The Rock with a clothesline and hits a big splash! Henry covers The Rock and D-lo holds down The Rock feet! The referee counts the three! Mark Henry wins in an absolute shocker of a result! That’s a big upset no matter how it happened!

Rating: 4/10

Video package now for the main event. If Austin doesn’t raise the winners hand then he’ll be fired.

The Undertaker vs. Kane – WWF Title Match

Kane has never beaten The Undertaker on PPV. Undertaker beat Kane at Wrestlemania, Mayhem In Manchester and Unforgiven. Undertaker even beat Kane in tag team action at Fully Loaded. Kane is looking for his second WWF title reign tonight whilst The Undertaker is looking for his third. This PPV equals Wrestlemania 10 and Wrestlemania 14 for most title matches with 5. There have been two new champions crowned tonight with Christian and X Pac winning titles. Undertaker and Kane shake hands pre-match. Austin comes out and flips both men off before the bell, he’s the special guest referee for this one. Undertaker attacks Kane from behind and this one is underway. Undertaker hits his twist the arm and clothesline off the to move in the early going. Kane gets back into it with a powerslam. With this match, Undertaker has main evented more PPVs than anyone else in history to this point. This is his 25th main event from 85 PPVs, ahead of Bret Hart by one. Austins slow counts Undertaker then fast counts Kane!

Kane clothesline Undertaker out of the ring then Undertaker pulls Kane out. The two men then fight outside the ring with Undertaker ramming Kanes head off the barricade then the ring steps. Undertaker then tries to nail his brother with a chair but Kane ducks out of the way. Kane rams Undertaker into the announce table then into the ring post. Back in the ring and Undertaker hits a suplex but it’s Kane that’s up first. The two botch something and then seem to botch something else and an “Austin” chant breaks out. Undertaker applies a leglock to Kane now. Kane gets out of it and hits a sidewalk slam and an elbow drop. Undertaker takes Kane down with a chop block then once again applies a leglock. A win for Undertaker would put him one behind Bret Hart and second of all time for most PPV wins. Undertaker breaks the hold and ties Kane upside down in the corner. Kane is so huge he’s practically lying on the mat. This has been quite a slow match so far. Plenty of “boring” chants so far.

Undertaker goes for an Irish whip but Kane reverses it and sends Undertaker into Austin! Kane then chokeslams Austin! The brothers of destruction then stomp away at Stone Cold! The two men then turn their attention to each other and Kane chokeslams The Undertaker! Paul Bearer then comes to the ring with a steel chair in hand. He asks Kane if he can hit Undertaker with the chair and Kane obliges but Bearer then nails Kane! Undertaker then picks up the chair and nails Kane with it! Austin is now up on his feet and instead of making the count, he hits the Stunner on Undertaker and nails him with the chair! With both men down Austin then slaps the mat three times and announces himself as the winner!

Rating: 6/10

Austin then says that McMahon has a promise to keep and goes looking for him! He goes on a mission backstage but McMahon is nowhere to be seen. Austin then gets back in the ring and the screen comes up where Vince McMahon is in a box behind it! I did notice the screen rocking from left to right earlier in the night. Vince McMahon then fires Austin and rolls away. Austin says that you ain’t seen the last of Stone Cold Steve Austin and celebrates with a few Steveweisers!

And that was Judgement Day 1998 in all its glory. 9 matches with no less than 4 matches on Sunday Night Heat before hand, giving the live audience 13 matches to sink their teeth into. Al Snow and Marc Mero kicked things off in what was a bit of a throwaway match. Jarrett tried to get involved but in the end it was a clean victory for Al Snow. Mero did win at the previous PPV over Droz so he wasn’t a complete jobber going into this one. Al Snow has been on a good roll since returning winning in tag team action at Breakdown and now singles action at Judgement Day. I’m not sure where this leaves Snow going forward but I think Mero will play second fiddle to Jacqueline. Then we had LOD beat DOA in what was a surprise result. With LOD seemingly going down the pan with Hawk going through alcohol problems, I expected DOA to pick up the win. But then any team with a manager as one of the members shouldn’t expect to win. To me it says that this feud is over and I think the problems for LOD going forward will be internal.

Christian then beat Taka Michinoku for the Light-Heavyweight belt which was a bit of a surprise. Taka had been champion for 10 months but the division had been dormant since Wrestlemania. Gone are the exciting Mexicans and Taka has been teaming with his biggest competition. Maybe Christian will freshen up the division. I hope so. The Goldust/Val Venis match went on a bit too long but it gave Goldust a big win after a low blow. I’m glad the Goldust character is back, he’s way more entertaining than Dustin Runnels. Venis shows that he can be a big player if put in the right spot. He’s very popular and plays the part well. I can see him getting in the Intercontinental Title picture before long.  X Pac then beat D-lo for the European title. I like D-lo as champ more than I like X Pac as champ but the two have been going back and forth over the belt for a while now. I kinda hope it’s the end of the back and forth title changes although I would like to see D-lo as champion again!

The Headbangers somewhat surprisingly beat The New Age Outlaws in the tag team title match which keeps The Headbangers in the title picture. Maybe we’ll get a rematch at Survivor Series. The tag team division is somewhat sparse at the moment with the only proper teams being these two, Southern Justice, LOD, DOA and Too Much. There are enough heel teams to keep the Outlaws busy for the time being I guess but they are head and shoulders above anyone else. I loved the finish to Shamrock and Mankind. I have never seen that before, with Mankind choking himself out. Shamrock needs to full on heel turn now and continue with the snapping. He’s a great fit for the Intercontinental title just underneath the main event. I can definitely see him feuding with the likes of Val Venis and Triple H. Mark Henry then beat The Rock in a huge upset. They definitely kept us on our toes in this one. Obviously it wasn’t the cleanest win in the world for Henry but it’s a win none the less over the number one contender to the WWF title. The Rock is just going to keep getting bigger and bigger and I look forward to him main eventing PPVs.

Then in the main event, we had ourselves a draw which means there is still no World champion. Austin counted out both men which keeps the intriguing story alive. You have Kane, The Undertaker, Austin and The Rock as the top 4 men all vying for the title. And you can’t count out Mankind either. I’m looking forward to seeing how they develop this and how a champion will be crowned. Austin has of course been fired so it’ll be interesting to see how they bring him back.

Overall nothing spectacular on this show with my ratings going from 4 to 7. There are some very good storylines at the moment and they seem to be driving the show. I like that there is a new Light-heavyweight Champion in Christian and the WWF title situation is very interesting. There isn’t a lot of main eventers at the moment with Austin, Kane, Undertaker and Mankind being the only guys to main event PPVs since Wrestlemania although The Rock is definitely getting there. Although Austin is fired right? I enjoyed the D-lo/X Pac and Shamrock/Mankind matches but feel like a few of these matches weren’t built very well and could have easily featured on Raw. This was also the first PPV in 1998 that both Owen Hart and Steve Austin did not fight on.

Overall Rating: 54.72/100 (Ranked 44 out of 87)

Match Of The Night: Ken Shamrock vs. Mankind
Worst Match Of The Night: Val Venis vs. Goldust & Mark Henry vs. The Rock
Surprise Of The Night: The Rock loses to Mark Henry
Worst Booking Of The Night: LOD losing to DOA
Superstar Of The Night: “Stone Cold” Steve Austin
Judgement Day 98 Will Be Remembered For: Austin getting fired

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