Survivor Series 98

| Date: November 15 1998
| Venue: Kiel Centre | City: St Louis, Missouri
| Attendance: 21,779 | Buyrate: 478,000

Deadly Game! That is what we face tonight, a deadly game in the form of a tournament to determine a new WWF Champion. There is a lot of interest in this one, it’s the highest buyrate for a Survivor Series in history. So what we have is a 14 man single elimination tournament to crown a new champion. The Undertaker and Kane get a bye and will meet in quater finals. For me, they are two of the five favourites to win this. The Rock, Mankind and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin are the only other viable options to win. The Rock is in the tournament and will meet Triple H in the first round, which is interesting in itself because Triple H hasn’t been in action for weeks. Steve Austin will meet Vince McMahons head of security, The Big Boss Man and Mankind, who is Vince McMahons chosen superstar will fight a mystery opponent.

Elsewhere in the tournament, Intercontinental Champion Ken Shamrock takes on Goldust, European Champion X Pac takes on newcomer Stephen Regal and Jeff Jarrett meets Al Snow. If you ask me, Austin and Mankind have clear routes to fight in one semi final whilst The Rock should make the semi finals to take on The Undertaker. I would like to see Kane win the belt but Undertaker as the heel in the match would be a perfect opponent for he Rock in the final 4. The finals could go any way. Austin and The Undertaker would be the predictable final but that would be a rematch from Summerslam. The Undertaker and Mankind maybe? Or what about Mankind and Kane? We will have to wait and see.

Also tonight, Jacqueline defends her Womens title for the first time against Sable and The New Age Outlaws defend their Tag Team titles in a triple threat tag team match against The Headbangers and D-lo Brown and Mark Henry. This will be the first ever Survivor Series that Bret Hart hasn’t fought on. Unless he shows up as Mankinds mystery partner! Let’s get to it.

We kick off with a video package about the 14 man tournament for the WWF title. Shots of The Rock, Steve Austin, The Undertaker, Ken Shamrock, Kane, Mankind, Al Snow, X Pac and Goldust as well as others I probably missed. Then the catchy “Deadly Game” tune hits and Jim Ross welcomes everyone to the Survivor Series.

The Fink introduces Mr McMahon who is already at ringside with his stooges and The Big Boss Man. McMahon introduces Mankind who has been working closely with McMahon as of late. Mankind takes on a mystery opponent in the first round. The fans are chanting “HBK”, they’ll be disappointed. McMahon introduces Mankinds opponent as a charismatic Legend who debuted in 1990. He jumped to wCw then came back to the WWF but has been injured for 2 years.

Mankind vs. Dwayne Gill – WWF Championship Tournament 1st Round Match

Gill gets little to no reaction. Mainly just disappointment from the crowd. Mankind has his best suit on for this match and he attacks Gill before he even gets in the ring. Mankind stomps away at Gill then hits a double armed DDT and pins him for the win. Mankind progresses to the quater finals, joining The Undertaker and Kane. He’s one of the favourites, that’s for sure.

Rating: N/A

We see some footage from Heat earlier tonight and Jacqueline attacking Sable in the ring.

Kevin Kelly is backstage with Sable and she is angry. She’s pissed off actually. Sable guarentees that tonight she will become the WWF Womens champion.

Jeff Jarrett vs. Al Snow – WWF Championship Tournament 1st Round Match

The winner of this match takes on Mankind in the quater finals. Neither have been WWF champion and although both are solid mid-carders, I don’t think either of them will be getting past Mankind tonight. Snow gets a good reaction as he comes out. Jarrett is joined by Debra McMichael who manages on PPV for the first time. These two have been feuding for a couple of months now so it makes for a good first round match. We also see Mankinds Socko around Al Snows prosthetic Head. This one starts outside of the ring then eventually back in. Al hits a legdrop on Jarrett but Jeff soon takes control. This is a first time meeting between these two men on PPV. Snow hits a clothesline then goes to the top but Jeff gets out of the way of a legdrop. Jeff hits a dropkick and gets the first near fall of the match. We then get a succession of near falls from both men.

The two men collide and both go down. Debra then gets up on the apron with Snows Head! Jeff grabs the Head as Debra distracts the referee and Snow grabs Jarretts guitar. Jeff clobbers Al with the Head and the referee turns around and takes the guitar out of the ring. Snow then hits Jarrett with the Head and that’s enough for the three! Al Snow progresses and takes on Mankind in the next round!

Rating: 4/10

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin vs. The Big Boss Man – WWF Championship Tournament 1st Round Match

There has been a lot of tension between these two men going into this match as you would expect. This is Boss Mans big return to PPV, his first PPV match since Royal Rumble 1993 when he lost to Bam Bam Bigelow. Austin takes it to Boss Man before the bell and takes much of the advantage until Boss Man hits a low blow. This is the first time The Big Boss Man has wrestled as a heel on PPV since Royal Rumble 1990 nearly 9 years ago. He apples a chinlock on the last official WWF Champion. The two battle to the outside and Boss Man beats Austin with his nightstick! The referee calls for the bell, it’s a disqualification win for Austin who will be hurting going into his next match. We see a shot of Vince McMahon looking very happy.

Rating: 3/10

X Pac vs. Steven Regal – WWF Championship Tournament 1st Round Match

X Pac is the reigning European Champion and he takes on a debuting Steven (William) Regal. Regal is a real man’s man and comes out in a hard hat. Regal has attacked X Pac recently and wants to be European Champion. X Pac takes him down with a roundhouse kick and then a suplex for a two count. The winner of this one takes on Austin, you’ve got to fancy Regal. X Pac hits two legdrops for a near fall. Jim Ross refers to Regal as “Blackman” twice. Regal locks on a submission hold. A “Regal sucks” chant breaks out. The newcomer hits a hard looking knee to the face then catapults X Pac face first across the ring. Regal has used a variety of submission holds in this one so far. X Pac manages to reverse a head scissors into a submission hold of his own. This one has gone longer than any other first round match, there’s a ten minute time limit on it.

Regal suplexes X Pac onto the top turnbuckle then hits a double armed suplex from the top! That gets Regal a two count. Regal goes back to a seated submission hold. X Pac gets out of it but can’t take the advantage. Pac reverses an Irish whip and hits a spinning heel kick for a two count. Both men get up and X Pac hits a dropkick and then a Bronco Buster! X Pac follows it up with a suplex and then goes to the top but Regal gets up and back into the ropes causing the European champion to fall out of the ring. Regal goes for a suplex outside of the ring but X Pac reverses it into a suplex of his own! As they do, the referee counts them out! Both men have been eliminated from the tournament! We see a shot of Vince McMahon asking for overtime. Sgt Slaughter runs down to the ring and tells The Fink that there is going to be 5 minutes of overtime. X Pac is on the floor in the entrance way as Regal waits in the ring. X Pac gets up and walks to the back. Regal goes after him and it looks like this one is over! Austin gets a bye to the semi finals!

Rating: 5/10

Ken Shamrock vs. Goldust – WWF Championship Tournament 1st Round Match

Ken Shamrock, who in still Intercontinental Champion takes on Goldust now. This is a first time meeting between these two men who once teamed up at Canadian Stampede. Shamrock starts well with a dropkick and powerslam. Goldust eventually gets back into the match with a clothesline of his own then slams the Intercontinental champion and drops a knee. Shamrock gets back into it and applies a chinlock. Neither of these men have been WWF Champion before. Goldust is a former two time Intercontinental champion. Shamrock hits a Russian leg sweep for a two count then goes back to the chinlock. Both men got victories at the last PPV, Judgement Day, Shamrock beat Mankind and Goldust beat Val Venis. Ken hits some big right hands on Goldust then Goldust reverses a suplex and hits a drop toe hold. Goldust goes for a powerbomb but can’t hit the move. There’s a fast pace to this one so far.

Goldust hits a bulldog then sets up for his new finisher, Shattered Dreams. The refereee stops him from kicking Shamrock in the groin though which gives Shamrock opportunity to sit on the second rope. He then flies off and hits a hurricanrana! Great move. Shamrock follows it up with a belly to belly suplex and then applies the Ankle Lock! Goldust quickly taps out which means Shamrock goes through to the quater finals to take on either The Rock or Triple H!

Rating: 5/10

Backstage now to Michael Cole who tells us that Austin has refused medical attention.

The Rock vs. Triple H – WWF Championship Tournament 1st Round Match

The Rock gets an awesome reaction. This will be the first match between these two since the amazing ladder match at Summerslam. A lot of the build to this one has been about The Rock and Vince McMahon not wanting The Rock in this tournament. You would expect him to get past Triple H to take on Ken Shamrock in the next round. Triple H hasn’t been in action for 6 or 7 weeks and had to vacate the Intercontinental title. DX’s music hits and Gerald Briscoe and Pat Patterson walk out! Briscoe gets in the ring and announces that Triple H isn’t here tonight. Triple H was invited to come tonight despite being injured but hasn’t turned up so will be fined heavily. Pat Patterson then announces a last minute replacement has been found and it’s The Big Boss Man!

The Rock vs. The Big Boss Man – WWF Championship Tournament 1st Round Match

Boss Man races out and The Rock rolls him up right away and gets the 3! The Rock wins the match in 4 second and advances to take on Ken Shamrock in the quater finals! This isn’t great for the returning Big Boss Man who has lost out to Steve Austin and The Rock in the same night. The Rock joins Ken Shamrock, The Undertaker, Kane, Mankind, Al Snow. Steve Austin has already advanced to the semi finals due to Stephen Regal and X Pac drawing.

Rating: N/A

The Undertaker vs. Kane – WWF Championship Tournament Quater Final Match

These two brothers have met in 4 PPV singles matches before. Undertaker beat Kane at Wrestlemania, Mayhem In Manchester and Unforgiven. The two drew in their match at the last PPV Judgement Day. Kane has never beaten his brother on PPV. Undertaker is a two time WWF Champion and is re-united with the man that was by his side for the first two title wins, Paul Bearer. Undertaker first won the title 7 years ago at Survivor Series 91. Undertaker attacks Kane before the bell, they were given a bye into the quater finals, much like Hulk Hogan and Andre The Giant were at Wrestlemania 4. Kane hits a big boot to take his brother down then clotheslines him out of the ring. Kane was champion for one night when he beat Steve Austin at King Of The Ring. Outside the ring Undertaker drops Kane on the barricade. Jerry Lawler picks The Undertaker to win the tournament which means he probably won’t. Kane hits a powerslam but misses with the follow up elbow.

Undertaker hits a chopblock then applies a leglock. These are two of three men who have been WWF Champions before in this tournament. Undertaker hasn’t been champion since Summerslam 1997 when he lost the belt to Bret Hart. Undertaker chokes Kane in the corner. Kane has been a character in the WWF for over a year now but has only ever had 4 PPV opponents in The Undertaker, Vader, Mankind and Steve Austin. Both men slug it out now and both men try for a chokeslam and it’s Kane that hits it! Kane then motions for The Tombstone but Paul Bearer distracts him long enough for Undertaker to get up and hit the Tombstone on Kane! Paul Bearer holds Kanes foot to make sure he doesn’t kick out and Undertaker wins the match! Undertaker progresses to take on the winner of The Rock and Ken Shamrock in the next round!

Rating: 5.75/10

Mankind vs. Al Snow – WWF Championship Tournament Quater Final Match

Well, Al Snow is the odd man out in the quater finals as the others have all had main event experience. I was going to say that Mankind and Al become the first men to wrestle two matches tonight but Big Boss Man has wrestled two short matches already. Mankind and Snow have been teaming as of late so this makes for a good quater final. Snow goes right to work on Mankind and knocks him down with a clothesline. Al then dropkicks Mankind out of the ring. Mankind grabs a chair but Snow grabs it off him and nails Mankind with it! Apparently that’s not a disqualification. Snow comes off the barricade but Mankind hits him with a right hand then drops him on the chair. We get a shot of Vince McMahon admitting to stealing Mankinds Socko and putting it around Al Snows Head. Snow crawls over and grabs the Head but Mankind ducks the shot and hits a suplex.

Mankind then realises where his Socko is! He gets the sock back and nails the Head a few times! Snow grabs Mankind but gets taken down with a clothesline. Snow gets back into it with a powerbomb for a two count. Mankind then hits a doubled armed DDT and puts the sock on his hand. Mankind then rams the sock down Al Snows throat! Snow eventually submits and Mankind wins the match! Mankind goes on to the semi finals to take on “Stone Cold” Steve Austin!

Rating: 5/10

The Rock vs. Ken Shamrock – WWF Championship Tournament Quater Final Match

The winner of this final quater final match goes on to face The Undertaker in the semi finals. I can only see this going The Rocks way. These two met in the finals of this years King Of The Ring tournament. Ken Shamrock won that match but The Rock beat Shamrock at The Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania in singles action. They have had matches at practically every PPV this year. It’s back and forth in the early going with Shamrock hitting a suplex. Interesting that of the five major PPVs this year, Shamrock and The Rock have fought in singles matches against each other at four of them. The two battle to the outside where Rock grabs a swig of water and spits it out at Shamrock. Ken throws The Rock into the ring steps then slams him down on the mat. Jim Ross tells us that The Rock flew his family in tonight. Back in the ring and Shamrock hits a Russian leg sweep for a two count.

Shamrock applies a chinlock but The Rock gets out of it. The Big Boss Man then walks out to the ring and Shamrock goes back to the chinlock. The Boss Man isn’t having the best of nights so far. A “Boss Man Sucks” chant breaks out. The Rock gets out of the chinlock but Shamrock takes him down with a hurricanrana then locks on the Ankle Lock! The Rock gets to the ropes to break the hold but Shamrock goes right back to work on the ankle. Both men go down with clotheslines. The Rock is first up and hits his big spinning DDT. He then powerslam Shamrock and the fans go mental as The Rock hits the People’s Elbow! The Rock gets a two and the people can’t believe it. The Rock then goes for the Rock Bottom but Shamrock gets out of it and hits a belly to belly suplex. Boss Man gets up on the apron and as the referee goes over, he throws the nightstick to Shamrock but The Rock intercepts it and nails Shamrock with it! The referee turns around as The Rock pins Shamrock and that’s it! The Boss Mans bad night continues as The Rock progresses to the semi finals to face The Undertaker. A perfectly timed throw and catch with the nightstick. We have our final 4. The Rock vs. The Undertaker and Mankind vs. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.

Rating: 6.5/10

Backstage Paul Bearer tells us that tonight The Undertaker will walk out as WWF Champion.

Jacqueline (c) vs. Sable – Women’s Championship Match

This match officially makes Sable the most experienced women’s wrestler on PPV. This is her 5th PPV match, more than any woman in history to this point. Jacqueline has new music. Shane McMahon is the referee for this match. Mero distracts Sable allowing Jacqueline to jump Sable before the bell. Sable gets back into it with a hiptoss and a big boot. Sable then gets Jacqueline up and hits a TKO but Mero pulls Sable out of the ring. Sable hits a low blow on Mero then a Sablebomb outside the ring! Jacqueline attacks Sable from behind again and rolls Sable into the ring. Jacqueline beat Sable in an Evening Gown Match but lost in tag team action at Summerslam. Jacqueline goes for a powerbomb but Sable back body drops the move. Jacquline goes for a tornado DDT but Sable counters it and hits the Sable Bomb which is enough for the 3! Sable wins the WWF Womens title!

Rating: 3.75/10

Mankind vs. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin – WWF Championship Tournament Semi Final Match

Well this is the most unpredictable match so far tonight. Mankind has been hand picked by Vince McMahon whilst Austin is the former champion and a thorn in McMahons side. You’ve got to fancy Austin as the favourite to win the tournament, I’m surprised this wasn’t the final in some ways. Austin goes right for Mankind. These two had their battles at Over The Edge and Unforgiven with both men getting a victory. Vince McMahon and his cronies come out to the ringside area for a closer view. Mankind takes the advantage and hits a running knee in the corner. Mankind and The Rock are the only two men to have wrestled on every PPV so far this year and they’re the only two men in the semi finals to have wrestled in every round so far. Austin goes for the Stunner and Mankind gets out of the ring and runs up the aisle! Briscoe and Patterson convince him to go back to the ring. Austin goes after Mankind and goes for a piledriver but Mankind back drops the former champion.

Mankind Irish whips Austin into the ring steps and gets back into the ring as McMahon screams at the referee to count Austin out. Mankind throws Austin over the barricade and the two men fight out in the crowd. Back in the ring and Mankind applies a chinlock. You would fancy either Austin or The Rock to progress so McMahon has somebody to cheer against. Austin gets out of the chinlock and both men go down with clotheslines. Austin and Undertaker are both former WWF Champions and probably the two favourites. We could get a rematch from Summerslam. Both men get up and Austin lays in some right hands. Mankind has been wrestling all of this match in his socks after Austin took his shoes off. Mankind grabs a chair now but Austin kicks it in his face. Austin misses with a legdrop then Mankind hits a DDT on the chair but Austin kicks out!

Mankind then goes for a piledriver on the chair but Austin back drops Mankind on it. Austin then hits the Stone Cold Stunner! Just as the referee is about to count the three Vince McMahon leaps out the wheelchair and drags out the referee! McMahon hammers the referee! Shane McMahon runs down in his referee attire as Austin hits another Stunner on Mankind and makes the count but stops before the three! Austin looks up and Shane McMahon gives him the middle fingers! There seems to be a bit of confusion now but Briscoe nails Austin with the chair! Mankind pins him and Shane McMahon counts the 3! Mankind wins the match and progresses to the final! Austin can’t believe it. Vince Shane, Briscoe, Patterson, Slaughter and Big Boss Man run to the back and to the car park. They take off in a limo and Austin jacks a car and follows!

Rating: 7/10

The Undertaker vs. The Rock – WWF Championship Tournament Semi Final Match

Here we go, The Undertaker vs. The Rock with the winner taking on Mankind for the WWF title. This is a first time meeting on PPV between The Rock and The Undertaker. Undertaker is the only former champion left in the tournament. This is The Rocks 15th PPV in a row, a longer run than anybody else right now. Mankind is second with 12. The two men get straight into it. Undertaker first won the WWF title at Survivor Series 91 whilst The Rock made his WWF PPV debut at Survivor Series 96. The two men battle on the outside and then back into the ring. Undertaker gets the first near fall of the match. The Undertaker has main evented more PPVs than anybody else in history to this point, The Rock has main evented zero. Undertaker and The Rock battle into the crowd. Paul Bearer looks like a big old unit.

Back in the ring and Undertaker continues to go to work on The Rock. Paul Bearer gets a couple of cheap shots in with his shoe. The two men slug it out and Rock hits a Samoan Drop. The Big Boss Man then walks down to the ring. I thought he’d left in the limo! The Rock hits a DDT on Undertaker then calls Paul Bearer a big fat piece of shit. He hits a low blow on The Undertaker as the referee is distracted with Paul Bearer. The Rock then goes for the Peoples Elbow but the Boss Man grabs his leg. Undertaker then nails Boss Man off the apron. Kane then comes out and chokeslams The Rock! That costs The Undertaker the match! He did it on purpose and fights with The Undertaker! The Rock progresses to the final against Mankind! We’ll be crowning a first time WWF Champion tonight. Undertaker and Kane fight through the crowd! Something about this match didn’t quite click.

Rating: 4.75/10

Michael Cole is stood backstage with Mankind who says Lady Luck is shining down on him tonight if you smell what the sock is cooking.

The New Age Outlaws (Road Dogg & Billy Gunn) (c) vs. D-lo & Mark Henry vs. The Headbangers (Mosh & Thrasher) – WWF Tag Team Title Match

Every match tonight has got something on the line. This one is no different, it’s the second of three title matches tonight and the first ever triple threat tag team match on PPV. This is the first time the Tag Team titles have ever been defended at a Survivor Series PPV. D-lo, Mosh and Billy Gunn kick things off. Mosh stays out of the way until diving in to pin Billy Gunn which D-lo breaks up. Mosh then takes down both Gunn and D-lo then hits a nice springboard splash to the outside. Mosh pins D-lo and Road Dogg breaks it up, he’s the legal man now. The Outlaws, D-lo and Mark Henry are all in the ring and D-lo hits a running powerbomb on Road Dogg. The Headbangers then come in and hit a flapjack on Road Dogg. Mosh pins Road Dogg for a two. Mosh and D-lo take it in turns to pin Road Dogg. Mosh and D-lo double team Road Dogg then D-lo tags in Mark Henry. Mosh tags Thrasher and he and Mark Henry double team the Road Dogg. Henry tags D-lo and Thrasher lands him with a right hand.

The Headbangers are former tag team champion and Thrasher tags Mosh. D-lo throws Road Dogg to the outside then turns his attention to Mosh. D-lo then hits a hurricanrana off the top rope on Mosh. Road Dogg gets back into the ring and gets double teamed by D-lo and Mosh. Road Dogg manages to hit right hands on both men but Mark Henry comes in and levels him with a clothesline. D-lo covers Road Dogg but Mosh breaks it up. D-lo then goes for a running powerbomb on Mosh but Mosh very nicely reverses it into a sunset flip. Mosh has shone so far in this one. D-lo tags Mark Henry who slams Road Dogg and drops an elbow. Mosh and Thrasher double team Road Dogg. D-lo is tagged in as Billy Gunn is irate. Mosh nails D-lo from behind with a bit of a low blow for a two count.

The Headbangers defeated The Outlaws at the last PPV, Judgement Day by disqualification. Road Dogg finally tags Billy Gunn who takes down all 4 opponents. He’s slowed down with a powerbomb courtesy of D-lo. Road Dogg and Mark Henry go at it on the outside whilst in the inside Billy Gunn hits a Rocker Dropper on Mosh! Mark Henry breaks up the pin with a splash but Mosh kicks out. Billy Gunn then hits a piledriver on Mosh which is enough for the three! The New Age Outlaws retain their belts! Billy Gunn moons The Headbangers after the bell.

Rating: 6.5/10

Mankind vs. The Rock – Tournament Final for WWF Championship

We see some footage of Vince and Shane McMahon sending The Big Boss Man home, saying they personally want to handle the final. This match will crown a new first time WWF Champion. It’s a first main event for The Rock. Mankind has had a couple of shots at the gold on PPV this year as Dude Love. Mankind is McMahons chosen wrestler whilst The Rock is the enemy. It’s a slow start to this one with both men feeling each other out. The Rock then lands some right hands. This is the second ever singles match between these two on PPV. Mankind beat Rocky Maivia at In Your House: Cold Day In Hell back in May 1997. This is both of these mens 4th match tonight. Mankind has beaten Dwayne Gill, Al Snow and Steve Austin whilst The Rock has beaten The Big Boss Man, Ken Shamrock and The Undertaker. Mankind locks on a sleeper in the middle of the ring. Vince and Shane walk down to the ring with grins on their faces. Rock gets out of the sleeper and hits a suplex. Rock then slaps Mankind to the outside of the ring.

Outside of the ring The Rock reverses a suplex. The two then battle into the crowd where The Rock nails Mankind with a bin. Shane McMahon is dressed in his referee shirt. Back in the ring and The Rock applies a chinlock to Mankind. Mankind gets out of it and clotheslines The Rock out of the ring, going out with him. Mankind then grabs a chair and smashes The Rock with it! It looks like anything will go in this one. Mankind grabs the steel ring steps but The Rock leathers him with a chair. The referee isn’t happy but he’s letting it all go. Back in the ring and The Rock gets a two count. The two once again fight to the outside where Mankind nails The Rock with the top of the announce table. In the ring Mankind gets a two count. Mankind looks odd without his beard. The Rock hits a DDT and both men are down. Once again Rock is thrown to the outside. Mankind goes to the top and attempts an elbow but Rock moves out the way and Mankind goes crashing through the Spanish announce table!

The Rock smashes Mankind with the top of the announce table then back in the ring The Rock hits the People’s Elbow for a two count. Mankind ducks a clothesline and hits the double armed DDT. Mankind then rams Mr Socko down The Rocks throat! The capacity crowd breaks out in a “Rocky” chant as The Rock fades but he gets out of it and hits the Rock Bottom! The Rock takes a while to crawl over to Mankind and only gets a 2. The Rock then locks on a Sharpshooter! Vince McMahon calls for the bell and Shane runs into the ring and raises The Rocks hand! The Rock then embraces Vince and Shane! Vince grabs the microphone and says seeing is believing. Vince then says that the people screwed the people tonight and all of the people are as pathetic and gullable as Mankind. McMahon is happy that Austin was screwed tonight and The Rock is happy about that too. Mankind is confused because he didn’t get pinned or submit which leads to The Rock hitting the Rock Bottom on Mankind. Austin then shows up and hiyts the Stone Cold Stunner on The Rock before holding the title himself. He then gives Mankind a Stunner for good measure.

Rating: 7.25/10

And that was Survivor Series 1998. It was the first ever Survivor Series PPV to not have a traditional Survivor Series match on the show. The “Survival” aspect was still prominent in the tournament though so it works.  The big news of course is that The Rock has won the WWF title for the first ever time and turned heel in the process. Tonight was all about the masterplan from Vince, Shane and The Rock coming together. Shane screwed Austin out of the title in the semi finals whilst all three men screwed Mankind in the final. Everything was expected up to the semi finals with the final four being exactly as I predicted. Match quality wasn’t fantastic throughout but there was a good pace to the tournament that kept everything moving. There were four stand out matches in the night, those being The Rock vs. Ken Shamrock, Steve Austin vs. Mankind, The triple threat tag team match and The Rock vs. Mankind.

The whole tournament was cleverly thought out for The Rock to win whilst it made you sympathise with Mankind. The Rock beat The Big Boss Man with ease in the first round then the Boss Man helped him win in the quater finals. Boss Man was out again for The Rocks semi final match but he didn’t need to get involved because Kane cost his brother. McMahon and co just needed to make sure Mankind got to the final because it would be easier to screw him out of winning. Going forward The Rock has ready made opponents in Stone Cold and Mankind then with Kane and The Undertaker also in the main event scene it means there are options for main events in the future.

In the other matches, Sable defeated Jacqueline to become the Womens champion. The division needs work at the moment as there is only Sable, Jacqueline and Luna whilst the likes of Debra and Terri seem more for eye candy and Chyna would kill them all. Jacqueline would have made more sense as champion for the time being as she has two babyface women to work with. Then the New Age Outlaws defeated D-lo and Mark Henry and The Headbangers to continue their reign. The Outlaws need new opponents right now as nobody else seem to come close. There doesn’t seem to be another team that is getting the build.

Overall a decent pay per view that is well worth a watch. The match quality isn’t fantastic because there were a lot of matches to get through (14) but it is a fast paced show with plenty of suprises and twists and turns.

Overall Rating: 53/100 (ranked 54 out of 88)

Match Of The Night: The Rock vs. Mankind
Worst Match OF The Night: “Stone Cold” Steve Austin vs. The Big Boss Man
Surprise Of The Night: The Rock turns heel and wins the WWF title
Worst Booking Of The Night: On the face of it, Sable winning the Womens title
Superstar Of The Night: The Rock
Survivor Series 98 Will Be Remembered For: The Rock siding with the McMahons and winning the WWF title


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  1. I heard rumours that Bossman was originally supposed to interfere the Austin/Mankind match and hit Austin with the chair, but he missed his cue and wasn’t ready when the time came, so Brisco had to hit the ring and deliver that very weak chair shot to polish Austin off.

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