Capital Carnage

| Date: December 6 1998
| Venue: London Arena | City: London, England
Attendance: 10,441

Carnage in the UK Capital City of London. That is what we have tonight, one week before the official PPV of the month, Rock Bottom. Going into this one no matches have been announced although there are rumours of The Rock vs. Triple H and Jeff Jarrett vs. X Pac. I can’t tell you anything else though as all of the build on Raw for the past few weeks has been for Rock Bottom. Not a lot has changed in the past few weeks except that Duane Gill shocked the world when he beat Christian for the Light-Heavyweight title. We’ve also seen Marc Mero and Jacqueline split up and Vince McMahon has recruited Ken Shamrock to his Corporation. So let’s get to to it.

We get a video package to kick things off with footage of Austin and The Undertaker nailing each other with shovels and The Big Boss Man winning the Hardcore Title. There’s a Michael Cole voiceover then announcing a fatal 4 way match between Austin, Undertaker, Kane and Mankind with The Big Boss Man as the Special Guest Enforcer. Jim Ross then welcomes us to London, he’s joined by Jerry “The King” Lawler.

Gangrel vs. Al Snow

We kick things off with a first time PPV meeting between two leaders of stables. Al Snow gets a very good reaction. Gangrel looks for his first PPV victory after previously losing to D-lo Brown at Breakdown. Al Snow has been on a good PPV run as of late beating the likes of Marc Mero and Jeff Jarrett. He hits a hip toss and multiple headbutts on Gangrel followed by a suplex for the first near fall of the night. Snow goes up top and hits a cross body for another two count. Gangrel gets back into it with a DDT and a near fall of his own. It’s all Gangrel now as he hits a few clotheslines. A “we want head” chant breaks out as Gangrel hits a side Russian leg sweep. Jim Ross makes an Austin Powers reference. Al Snow hits a clothesline of his own and a suplex for a two. Edge and Christian show up at ringside and Snow hits a slam but misses a moonsault!

Gangrel hits a double armed suplex for a two count then Snow hits a tornado DDT. Christian then distracts the referee which allows Al Snow to pick up his Head and nail Gangrel with it! Edge then dives off the top with a big dropkick! Gangrel covers Snow and picks up the win! I’m a little surprised Gangrel won this one, I was expecting Al Snow to win! Not too much energy in this one but it wasn’t a bad match.

Rating: 4.75/10

Mankind is in a boiler room, the coolest boiler room he’s ever been in. He makes it clear that there will be no disqualifications in the fatal four way match tonight and no friends either.

L.O.D 2000 (Animal & Droz) vs. The Headbangers (Mosh & Thrasher)

This is the first time ever that Animal will fight on PPV and Hawk won’t be in the same match. The Headbangers get the better reaction, probably because of Droz pushing Hawk off the Titantron. Droz and Mosh kick things off and it’s Droz with the early advantage, dropkicking both members of The Headbangers. Mosh tags Thrasher and Droz hits him with a big powerslam. Droz is getting lots of boos tonight. Thrasher tags Mosh who comes in off the top with a clothesline for a two count. The Headbangers have a very good win/loss record on PPV. They double team Droz but Droz comes back with a clothesline. Animal is tagged in and hits a big shoulderblock on Mosh. He hits a powerslam on Mosh and gets a two count. All 4 men are suddenly in and Droz pushes Animal out of the ring then gets rolled up for the three! The Headbangers win the match out of nowhere! It was short but sweet because the action wasn’t too bad. Droz and Animal show signs of weakness. The Headbangers keep up their great win record. Animal and Droz lay into each other after the match!

Rating: 4/10

We get some footage from Raw and Austin attacking The Undertaker with a shovel. Undertaker then gets sent off to the insane asylum mistakenly and Austin and Kane throw Paul Bearer into the sewer!

Michael Cole is backstage with The Undertaker and Paul Bearer. Undertaker tells Cole to pray for the soul of Stone Cold Steve Austin. Undertaker focuses all of his attention on Austin in this interview.

Val Venis vs. Goldust

Val gets on he stick before the match and compares himself to the tower of London. This is the third PPV meeting between these two men and they’re currently tied at one win a piece. Both men are fan favourites now and it’s a quick start to the match that results in both men battling to the outside. Goldust throws Venis into the ring steps then drops him on them. Back in the ring and Goldust hits a hiptoss and a powerslam. Venis gets back into it with some right hands and a choke in the corner. Goldust hits a clothesline and a side suplex then lays into Val with some right hands. Val stops a monkey flip attempt and nails Goldust with clothesline for a two count. Val hits a side Russian suplex and gets a few boos. He grinds the hips and hits some right hands.

Goldust hits a bulldog in what has been a back and forth match so far. Venis then hits a spinebuster for  two count. Val goes up top and hits a cross body but Goldust rolls through it and nearly gets a three. Val hits a fishermans suplex for a two then Goldust hits an atomic drop. Both men then collide and Goldust accidentally nails Venis in the crotch. Lots of newcomers on this show so far with the likes of Val, Droz, Gangrel and Al Snow. Goldust goes for Shattered Dreams but Val pulls the the referee in the way. Val then rolls Goldust up and it’s over! Val wins out of nowhere with a roll up! After the match Goldust nails Shattered Dreams on Val Venis! Big win for Val though who is now 2-1 up over Goldust on PPV.

Rating: 5.5/10

There’s a video clip next with Vince McMahon giving a talk at Oxford. Not sure if there were some audio problems at the back end of it.

Vince McMahon comes out to the stage with Shane McMahon, Pat Patterson and Gerald Briscoe. Patterson says the line-up has been changed for tonight to please the crowd. The Rock was supposed to meet Hunter Hearst “Hemsley” but a change has been made and “Hemsley” instead will meet Jeff Jarrett and The Rock will meet X Pac. I’d rather have seen The Rock and Triple H but there must be a reason to change it up. Gerald Briscoe then says he has an announcement regarding Vinnie Jones. Shane McMahon then takes the mic and says Vinnie Jones is dubbed a “Hard Man”. Shane then starts going on about how he watched a George Michael interview last night and George kept going on about his boyfriend. Shane wonders if Vinnie Jones is George Michaels boyfriend and that’s what makes him a “Hard Man”. Vince then has some bad things to say about The British and says that everyone there wishes they were American. This goes on a bit long.

Edge vs. Tiger Ali Singh

The last time Tiger Ali Singh fought on PPV was in the UK in 1997 at One Night Only. He beat Leif Cassidy that night in an awful match. Tiger gets on the mic before the match and says he’d like to dedicate this match to his forefathers in India. Lawler makes a joke about him having four fathers, brilliant. We saw Edge earlier in the night costing Al Snow his match against Gangrel. You wonder if that will come to bite him on the arse tonight. Edge gets right into this one after coming through the crowd, he hasn’t fought on the last 2 PPVs. He applies an armlock to Tiger Ali. I think both of these men are heels. Edge hits dropkicks on Tiger Ali who leaves the ring. Edge follows him and throws him back in the ring before crotching him around the ringpost. Edge seems to be playing the babyface in this one, he hits an inverted atomic drop and a couple of clotheslines before going up to the top and hitting a missile dropkick for a two count.

Edge goes to the top again but Tiger Ali catches him and hits a powerslam! Tiger urns it into a pin and puts his feet on the ropes for the three count! Tiger Ali Singh wins the match just like that. After the match the two continue to fight and Edge sends Tiger Ali Singh out of the ring. Well, an unexpected win for Tiger Ali. Way too short.

Rating: 3/10

Vinnie Jones comes out now in his leather jacket. Michael Cole asks Vinnie what he thinks of Vince McMahon and Vinnie says he’s going to knock him out later. Jones says he’s willing to mix it up with anybody. He’ll be at ringside later for the fatal four way and he’ll sling any Americans out of England.

Marc Mero & Jacqueline vs. Christian & Sable – Mixed Tag Team Match

Mero had said on Raw that if he lost his match against Duane Gill then he would retire and he lost. I think this will be his last match for the WWF. Mero has to team with Jacqueline who he recently fired as his manager. On the other side is the odd team of Sable and Christian who have no background whatsoever except that Edge teamed with Sable at Summerslam. Jacqueline attacks Mero before the other team has even come out! Christian is undefeated on PPV having wrestled one previous match at Judgement Day and beaten Taka Michinoku. He’s lost the Light-Heavyweight title to Duane Gill since then. This is Sables 6th PPV, more than any woman in history. Mero and Christian kick things off as Jim Ross announces that this is Mero’s last match in the WWF by his own admission. Christian hits a dropkick and Mero tags out to Jacqueline. Jacqueline is happy to fight Christian but he tags out to Sable. Jacqueline then tags Mero and after Christian pulls his shorts down, Sable lays in some boots to Mero.

Christian and Mero go at it now but Christian tags Sable who hits a kick to Mero. Jacqueline doesn’t want the tag so Christian stays in the ring. Christian comes of the top with a cross body but Jacqueline breaks up the fall. Sable chases Jacqueline around the ring as Mero hits a Samoan Drop in the ring on Christian. Mero then goes to the top but Christian knocks him off. Christian then hits a spinning heel kick and a reverse DDT. Christian tags Sable who hits a low blow on Mero then a SableBomb! Sable brings Jacqueline into the ring as Mero leaves and walks to the back. Christian fights with Mero up the aisle as Sable hits Jacqueline with the TKO! Sable pins and gets the three! Sable and Christian win the match! After the match, Jacqueline attacks the referee and Sable pulls Jacquelines top off! Her boobs are out! What a finish to this one!

Rating: 7/10

Ken Shamrock (c) vs. Steve Blackman – Intercontinental Title Match

This is Blackmans first PPV match since Over The Edge back in May. Shamrock attacks him before the bell. Shamrock is out here with The Big Boss Man. Blackman hits a nice roundhouse kick. There is a lot of history between these two men, they’re former partners. A “You Fat Bastard” chant is aimed at Boss Man. Shamrock hits a big powerslam and a knee to the collarbone. The World’s Most Dangerous Man then hits a suplex for a two count. Reverse elbow by Ken as a “Shamrock sucks” chant breaks out. It’s all Shamrock so far as he hits a clothesline and a knee to the face. Blackman rolls up Shamrock from nowhere but receives a kick to the face for his troubles. Ken hits a dropkick then applies a reverse headlock. The Intercontinental Champion continues to dominate hitting another high knee then going back to the headlock. Blackman gets out of it this time and hits some right handed slaps.

Blackman hits a spinebuster for a two count as he starts to get more momentum. He hits a shoulder barge then a baseball slide to The Big Boss Man. This is a first time meeting on PPV between these two. Blackman hits a backbreaker to Shamrock but as he bounces off the ropes, Boss Man lamos him with the nightstick! Shamrock then applies the Ankle Lock and Blackman taps out! Shamrock retains his Intercontinental Title in London tonight with a lot of help from The Big Boss Man. Boss Man lays into Blackman after the match.

Rating: 5.5/10

The Rock is stood by, eating an apple backstage. The Rock says it wasn’t a shock that Triple H isn’t fighting him tonight. He refers to X Pac as a “Boney Jabroni” brilliant. The Rock then quotes Hogan, Austin, Flair and Bret Hart before using his own catchphrase.

Jeff Jarrett vs. Triple H

This is a first time meeting between these two on PPV. Jarrett is joined by Debra whilst Triple H comes out with Chyna who is wearing very little. This is Triple H’s first PPV match since Summerslam 1998 where he won the Intercontinental title. That night, Jarrett got his head shaved by Helmsleys good friend X Pac. Triple H starts well taking Jarrett down with headlocks. Both men are former Intercontinental champions. Triple H hits a spinebuster for a two count then goes back to the headlock. Jarrett elbows Helmsley out of the ring then goes out to meet him but Triple H lands Jarrett with a right hand. Jarrett comes off the top with a cross body and Triple H rolls through. Jeff then hits an armbar takedown as Ross puts it. Debra gets involved, pulling Helmsleys hair on the ropes. Jeff hits a swinging neckbreaker for a two. Debra once again gets involved but this time Chyna goes round and chases Debra off.

Jarrett locks a sleeper on Helmsley who fades down to the canvas. Helmsley does get out of the sleeper and lands some right hands and a side suplex. Both men take their time getting to their feet and both men exchange right hands before Triple H hits a high knee and an inverted atomic drop. Triple H nails ten right hands in the corner then goes for the Pedigree but Jarrett gets out of it. Triple H clotheslines Jarrett to the outside and Debra gets up on the apron to distract Triple H. Chyna chases her off again and now the referee is distracted by Chyna. Debra then gets in the ring and distracts Triple H allowing Jarrett to bring a chair into the ring. Chyna grabs the chair and Triple H spins Jarrett around and nails the Pedigree for the win! Big win for Triple H on his return to action.

Rating: 7.25/10

Michael Cole is backstage with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin who is here to whoop anyones ass.

We then get a VT of D-lo looking around London. He tells us Big Ben has been renamed The Big D after him. Great stuff, D-lo is good value.

The New Age Outlaws (Billy Gunn & The Road Dogg) (c) vs. D-lo & Mark Henry – Tag Team Title Match

D-lo and Mark Henry come out to new music. This is a first time two on two meeting between these two teams. Road Dogg and D-lo kick things off. This rivalry goes back to the DX vs. The Nation days. Road Dogg nails D-lo with a right hand, knocking D-lo out of the ring. Road Dogg tags Billy Gunn and D-lo lays into him. Billy hits a Gorilla press slam and dropkicks D-lo, once again sending him out of the ring. D-lo tags Mark Henry who is still looking for his first title win in the WWF. Henry locks a bear hug on Gunn. Gunn gets out of it and the Outlaws hit a double dropkick on Henry then a double hiptoss on D-lo. The Corporation are trying to recruit the Outlaws at the moment. Road Dogg is the main man now against Mark Henry. Henry hits a big powerslam then tags D-lo who also slams Road Dogg before hitting his trademark legdrop. A “D-lo sucks” chant breaks out as the former European champion hits Road Dogg with a clothesline. D-lo is the only man in this match to have won a singles title.

D-lo hits a powerbomb on Road Dogg then tags Mark Henry who hits a legdrop then a splash. Billy Gunn breaks up the cover. The Outlaws have been the champions since Summerslam. Road Dogg tags Billy Gunn after Billy dragged his partner to the corner. Gunn takes on both D-lo and Henry until it becomes too much. Henry slams Gunn then D-lo drops an elbow. Gunn gets back into the match as he hits a Rockerdropper. Both men slowly get back to their feet and it’s D-lo up first but Billy rolls him up and the fall is broken up by Mark Henry. Gunn then hits a piledriver on D-lo which is enough for the three. Again, a fall out of nowhere. It’s rare you don’t see a hot tag in a match. Road Dogg doesn’t seem in a good way, maybe that’s why he wasn’t tagged in.

Rating: 7/10

Video package up next about The Rock and his journey to winning the WWF title.

The Rock (c) vs. X Pac – WWF Title Match

This is a first time meeting between these two men on PPV. A huge opportunity for X Pac and a first PPV defence for The Rock. X Pac is still the European champion. These two men did recently have a match on Raw, a match that Shawn Michaels cost X Pac. The Rock starts well with a boot and a couple of well placed right hands. X Pac comes back into it with a couple of arm drags and an armlock. This is The Rocks 16th PPV in a row, more consecutively than anybody else on the roster right now. X Pac hits a nice spinning heel kick and two more sending The Rock sprawling to the outside. The Rock grabs his title belt and the microphone and announces that he is out of here. Triple H and Chyna come out and make sure The Rock doesn’t go anywhere. X Pac then throws The Rock back into the ring and into the corner but he can’t follow up with the Bronco Buster as The Rock moves out of the way.

The Rock takes the advantage now with a clothesline for a near fall. Rock then hits a swinging neckbreaker for another near fall. The two then fight on the outside of the ring then back into the ring where Rocky slaps on a sleeper. X Pac gets out of it but The Rock nails a low blow to keep the advantage. Side Russian leg sweep from the WWF champion and another near fall before going back to the sleeper. X Pac gets out of it but The Rock slams X Pac in the middle of the ring then hits the Corporate Elbow for another 2 count. Back to the sleeper. X Pac gets out of it and tries for the X Factor but The Rock escapes it and sets up for the Rock Bottom but Triple H gets up on the apron, distracting the referee allowing Chyna to hit The Rock with a low blow which gives X Pac another near fall. The Rock reverses an Irish whip sending X Pac into the referee. The Rock grabs his WWF title belt but X Pac ducks and Triple H nails The Rock with the European title! X Pac covers The Rock but by the time the referee has come around, The Rock kicks out!

X Pac hits the Bronco Buster and The Rock slides to the outside and pushes Chyna. Triple H attacks The Rock from behind and the referee calls for the bell, giving The Rock the disqualification win! The Rock grabs the mic after the match but quickly gets attacked by Triple H and X Pac. The crowd then boo as Ken Shamrock comes out to even up the odds but Triple H gets rid of him.

Rating: 7.25/10

Tony Chimmel announces Shane McMahon as the special guest ring announcer for the next match. Shane announces that there have been a couple of changes to the main event, first off, Pat Patterson is the special guest time keeper for the main event. Gerald Briscoe is then announced as the special guest referee for the main event. “The referees a wanker” chant breaks out. Vince McMahon is then announced as the special guest commentator for the match. Big Boss Man is then announced as the special guest enforcer for the match. Vinnie Jones is then introduced and squares up to the Boss Man before shoving him out of the ring! Gerald Briscoe shows Jones the red card sending him to the back!

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin vs. Mankind vs. Kane vs. The Undertaker

Mankind and Kane are the first two man out and they go right for each other before the other two men have even come out. The Undertakers music hits and the arena is black as former tag team partners and champions, Mankind and Kane slug it out. I’m not sure who McMahon and co are backing in this one. I’m guessing The Undertaker but they’ve had their problems in the past few months. These four men have dominated the main event scene since Wrestlemania with The Rock being thrown into the equation at Survivor Series. Kane nudges Mankind into Undertaker who chokeslams the former hardcore champion. Kane and Undertaker then go at it and Undertaker sends both men to the outside. The glass then shatters and out comes Austin who Undertaker goes to meet in the entrance way. Kane and Mankind go at it in the ring whilst Austin and Undertaker fight it out in the entrance way.

The crowd are right behind Austin in this one as Undertaker turns his attention to Mankind. At the last PPV Survivor Series we got Austin vs. Mankind and Undertaker vs. Kane. Undertaker and Mankind won those matches. Mankind is one of two men (with The Rock) to fight on every PPV so far in 1998 and they are due to meet at the final PPV of the year, Rock Bottom. Undertaker hits a leg drop on Austin in the ring for a two count. Undertaker and Austin are also due to meet at Rock Bottom. Paul Bearer wallops Austin with his shoe. Austin then hits the Lou Thesz Press on Undertaker and pins him but Kane breaks up the cover. Outside the ring Kane chokes Undertaker with some cable and Austin chokes Kane with cable! Mankind then lamps Undertaker with a microphone. Austin throws Kane into a table as Mankind goes to work on The Undertaker. All four men are back in the ring now and Paul Bearer hits Mankind with his shoe.

Undertaker and Austin are paired off as are Mankind and Kane. Undertaker spins the arm of Austin and heads to the top but Kane knocks him off! Austin nails Undertaker to the outside then helps double team Kane with Mankind. Mankind hugs Austin and holds his hand out but Austin hits him with some boots. Austin goes for the Stunner but Mankind avoids it and locks in the Mandible Claw! Undertaker breaks it up though. Undertaker, Kane and Mankind triple team Austin until Kane and Undertaker take down Mankind. Mankind pulls Mr Socko out and stops Kane from Tombstoning Austin on a chair. Undertaker then smashes Mankind and Kane with a chair. Austin then picks up the chair and nails Undertaker but Briscoe makes a very slow count. Undertaker and Mankind fight to the outside whilst in the ring Austin hits Kane with the Stunner! Briscoe doesn’t make the count and Austin boots him to the outside. Undertaker chokeslams Austin and then Kane but there’s no referee to count.

Another referee comes out but Mankind breaks up the count. Mankind and Undertaker fight to the outside of the ring and Kane goes for a Tombstone on Austin but Austin slips down the back and nails Kane with the Stunner! Earl Hebner makes the count and Austin wins! Briscoe gets in the ring and Austin nails him with a Stunner! Vinnie Jones then comes back out and nails Boss Man allowing Austin to Stunner him too. Hebner then kicks Boss Man to the outside and flips him the bird! Austin then gets some beers and celebrates with Vinnie Jones and Earl Hebner.

Rating: 8/10


And there you go, that was Capital Carnage. This is (as I write this) the oldest WWE PPV in which everyone who wrestled on it is still alive today. This is, of course, subject to change. Overall it was a decent card and in my opinion, the best UK PPV up to now. The first three matches were pretty average but gave a solid showing of the midcard. On paper, you may think there were three upsets as the less experienced WWE guys won their matches. Especially the opener with Gangrel beating Al Snow. Gangrel got a lot of help from Edge and I can definitely see this going the way of The Brood vs. The JOB Squad. The Headbangers then beat a dysfunctional LOD 2000. There is clearly  a lot of heat between Animal and Droz and you can only see Droz turning heel down the line. The Headbangers continue their very good PPV win/loss record. Val Venis then beat Goldust with a roll-up. In my eyes Val Venis wins the series between these two guys.

The next match gave us the most shocking result of the night when Tiger Ali Singh beat Edge. This was definitely booked wrongly and I could have forgiven the result if Al Snow got involved after Edge cost him the match earlier but he didn’t. I’d like to forget this. The match that followed was surprisingly good. Sable and her odd partner of Christian beat Marc Mero and Jacqueline in what was Marc Mero’s last ever WWF match. The aftermath also gave us Jacquelines boobs flying everywhere. This was an odd match to put together but it gave Sable a good win and Christian was there too. Nevertheless this was a really fun match and a bit of a hidden gem on this card. Ken Shamrock then beat Steve Blackman in what looked like the beginning of a Steve Blackman/Big Boss Man Feud. Blackman has his hands full with The Blue Blazer at the moment but you could definitely see a hardcore feud between Boss Man and Blackman down the line. This gave Shamrock a decent IC title defence between him and somebody he has a lot of history with.

Triple H then officially returned to action in a match against a man on the rise in the WWF Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett returned with a lot of fanfare a year ago but since then he has dropped right down the card as a horse riding, NWA loving throwback. Now he has found himself and is definitely capable of an IC title run with his current momentum. Triple H s a man with bigger things on his mind though and he beat Jarrett pretty easily. Triple H is a man that can fit right between the IC title and the main eventers.  Triple H’s DX teammates The New Age Outlaws then successfully retained their Tag Team titles against D-lo Brown and Mark Henry. The finish to this one came out of nowhere when Billy pinned D-lo after a piledriver. This was a rare tag team match in which there was no hot tag! How often do you not see a hot tag? That makes me think there was something up with this match. I don’t know if Billy Gunn was mad about something but there was something not quite right with this. A decent defence for the Outlaws who have been the top tag team in the company for the last 12 months.

The Rock defeated X Pac in his first WWF title defence after Triple H essentially cost X Pac the match. I’m guessing that will get ignored going forward. I wouldn’t have been offended if The Rock had beaten X Pac clean, I think that is what this match called for. The Rock goes on to defend his WWF title against Mankind at Rock Bottom in one weeks time. In the main event, Austin beat Kane, Mankind and The Undertaker in fatal 4 way action. This was a great main event for the people of London. I like Austin winning, it keeps the Texas Rattlesnake hot for the inevitable feud between he and The Rock down the line. With Mankind main eventing Rock Bottom and Austin taking on The Undertaker at that show, Kane was the right man to take the fall. Kane has had 11 PPV matches in just over a year since he debuted and has only ever fought the three men in this match and Vader. Good win for Austin.

Overall a decent enough show. Not the most memorable but as UK PPVs go, this has been the best up to this point. Three title matches and a really good fatal four way match between four men who have dominated the main event scene between Wrestlemania and Survivor Series. For me, this show is better than Survivor Series, Judgement Day and Breakdown, the last 3 PPV outings.

Overall Rating: 59.25/100 (Ranked 20th out of 89)

Match Of The Night: Austin vs. Mankind vs. Undertaker vs. Kane
Worst Match Of The Night: Edge vs. Tiger Ali Singh
Biggest Shock Of The Night: Tiger Ali Singh beats Edge
Worst Booking Of The Night: Tiger Ali Singh beats Edge
Superstar Of The Night: “Stone Cold” Steve Austin
Capital Carnage Will Be Remembered For: Vinnie Jones’ involvement?


One thought on “Capital Carnage

  1. If you ever watched Livewire and Michael Cole’s studio segments on Shotgun Saturday Night back in the day, the original planned card for Capital Carnage was gonna go like this:

    1.Steve Austin vs. The Undertaker vs. Kane vs. Mankind, as refereed by The Big Bossman

    2.The Rock vs. Triple H (with Chyna) for the World Title (this was originally booked long before Survivor Series as a straight up one-on-one match before Rock won the gold)

    3.Ken Shamrock vs. Steve Blackman for the Intercontinental Title

    4.X-Pac vs. Steven Regal for the European Title (that never took place because of Regal’s drug problems)

    5.The New Age Outlaws vs. D’Lo Brown & Mark Henry for the Tag-Team Titles

    6.Sable vs. Jacqueline for the Women’s Title

    7.Goldust vs. Val Venis

    8.Edge vs. Tiger Ali Singh

    9.Gangrel vs. Marc Mero

    10.The Legion of Doom 2000 vs. The Headbangers

    11.Al Snow (with Head) vs. Jeff Jarrett (with Debra)

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