In Your House 26: Rock Bottom

| Date: December 13, 1998
| Venue: General Motors Place | City: Vancouver, British Columbia
| Attendance: 20, 042 | Buyrate: 287, 090

Rock Bottom. A pay per view named after the WWF Champions finisher. They must have a lot of faith in The Rock at this point. The buyrate for this show was pretty bad. Only Over The Edge (Austin/Dude Love) and No Way Out (8 Man Tag main event) had worst buyrates in 1998. All three feature Mick Foley in the main event but I’m sure it’s just a co-incidence. Tonight Foley, as Mankind, will take on the man that defeated him in the finals of the Deadly Game tournament at Survivor Series, The Rock. There was no real reason as to why Mankind was given this match but he did and so we have our rematch tonight. The other main event is a Buried Alive match between “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and The Undertaker. Since Survivor Series, both men have attacked each other with shovels. Undertaker leads his Ministry Of Darkness against Austin and Vince McMahon has said that if Austin wins this match then he will be entered into the 1999 Royal Rumble match so the stakes couldn’t be higher.

Also tonight, The New Age Outlaws are expected to defend their Tag Team titles against Ken Shamrock and The Big Boss Man. The Outlaws teased joining The Corporation only to u-turn and reveal it was all a joke. The Outlaws have already been made to defend their titles against the new team of Faarooq and Bradshaw on Heat and now have to defend against the Intercontinental and Hardcore champion. Former Intercontinental champion Jeff Jarrett and Goldust will go one on one tonight in a striptease match which means if Goldust loses the match then he will have to strip but if Jarrett loses then Debra will have to strip. Both Goldust and Debra have already flashed each other so excuse me for saying that I am firmly behind Goldust in this one.

Steve Blackman and Owen Hart go one on one tonight in Owen Harts return to PPV. Blackman has been convinced that Owen is under the mask of The Blue Blazer whilst Hart denies it. Blackman attacked Owen a couple of weeks ago on Raw dressed as The Blue Blazer so it’ll be interesting to see if he shows up tonight. A few weeks ago on Raw The Headbangers cut off some of Lunas hair and so tonight they will meet Lunas Oddities. Also tonight, The Brood take on The J.O.B Squad and Mark Henry and D-lo meet Val Venis and The Godfather. So let’s get to it.

The Rock kicks us off in Hollywood with all of his favourite catchphrases. He says all PPVs going forward will be called In The Rocks House and look out for “Laying The Smack Down”, that could be coming soon.

We then get a video package highlighting Steve Austin and The Undertaker and their Buried Alive match. Michael Cole welcomes us to Vancouver, he’s joined by Jerry “The King” Lawler. We see the mounds of mud over by the entrance aisle and big pictures of The Rock hanging from the ceiling.

Val Venis & The Godfather vs. D-lo Brown & Mark Henry

Val Venis and The Godfather get a good pop as they come out. This is a new partnership but because of their gimmicks, it works quite well. The Godfather hasn’t had a PPV match since Over The Edge back in May, teaming with Owen Hart and D-lo in a winning effort over Triple H and The New Age Outlaws. Val beat Goldust at the last PPV, Capital Carnage, only one week ago. The Godfather offers Val his hoes to which Val says that he has the Yule Log if they have the Fireplace. The Godfathers ex Nation Of Domination partners D-lo and Mark Henry come out with Terri Runnels and Jacqueline! Val Venis and D-lo Brown kick things off. They opened Summerslam earlier this year in a European title match. D-lo won that one by disqualification and it’s all Val in the early going. He hits a big spinebuster and tags in The godfather. These two teamed up in Godfathers last PPV match and Godfather misses with a splash in the corner.

Godfather hits a nice thrust kick to D-lo’s chest but it doesn’t have much affect because of D-lo’s chest protector. D-lo tags Mark Henry who receives a few right hands and a splash in the corner. Henry hits a powerslam on The Godfather not once but twice. Henry and D-lo have lost to the tag team champions The New Age Outlaws at the last two PPVs. Henry hits another slam but Godfather rolls out of the way of an elbow drop and tags in Val Venis. Henry hits a splash on Val Venis in the corner then tags in D-lo. D-lo hits a nice powerbomb for the first near fall of the night. Godfather breaks up that cover then D-lo hits a slam and goes for his Sky High but Venis rolls out of the way and both men make tags.

Godfather hits both men with right hands then tags Val back in. Venis and The Godfather hit a double suplex on Mark Henry. On the outside of the ring Terri and Jacqueline are kicking off with the Hoes. The Godfather goes out to see what’s going on, as does D-lo. The referee goes over and Jacqueline gets in the ring and slaps Val allowing Mark Henry to hit a big splash for the win! D-lo and Mark Henry get the win in the opening contest between two up and coming teams!

Rating: 6/10

Dok Henrix is backstage with Triple H and Chyna talking about the Superstar Line. Shawn Michaels has banned DX from ringside in the Tag Team title match but Triple H is confident the champions can get still get it done.

We see a clip from Heat earlier tonight with Mankind attacking The Rock up in a skybox. The Dr tells Rock that he can’t fight tonight but Mankind has it in writing that if The Rock doesn’t wrestle then he will forfeit the title!

The Headbangers (Mosh & Thrasher) vs. The Oddities (Kurrgan & Golga)

The Headbangers, who have a fantastic PPV record in tag team action, shaved Lunas head a few weeks ago take on the men they turned on. Kurrgan and Golga in action for the first time since Summerslam when they beat Kaientai. The Headbangers beat Animal and Droz at Capital Carnage. Mosh and Kurrgan kick things off and Kurrgan hits a sidewalk slam. It’s unusual to have two tag team matches back to back like this. Mosh tags Thrasher who also receives a sidewalk slam from Kurrgan. Kurrgan lays into Mosh who comes into the ring and hits a big splash on both men in the corner. Kurrgan tags in Golga, who once wrestled as Earthquake, who splashes both Headbangers. Golga hits a legdrop on Thrasher for a two count. Golga tags Kurrgan who hits a slam. Kurrgan then goes to the middle rope but Thrasher gets out of the way of a splash.

Thrasher and Mosh hit a double suplex, like we saw in the last match on Mark Henry. Thrasher can only get a two count, then he tags Mosh. Kurrgan was receiving a big push this time last year, he was the sole survivor at Survivor Series just over a year ago. He hits a back body drop and a clothesline to take Mosh down. Mosh tags Thrasher and Kurrgan tags Golga. Golga takes down both Headbangers and even nails Mosh with a dropkick” He hits a splash on Thrasher in the corner then Thrasher blind tags Mosh. Golga goes for his finisher on Thrasher but Mosh, the legal man comes in off the top with the Stage Dive which is enough for the three! The Headbangers pick up another big PPV win! Not the best in quality though, really slow and sluggish.  And not because of The Headbangers.

Rating: 3/10

Kevin Kelly and Dr Tom Prichard are backstage at talking about Austin and The Undertaker.

Owen Hart vs. Steve Blackman

This is a first time meeting between these two men on PPV and it’s Owen Harts first PPV match since Breakdown in September when he beat Edge. Owen gets a huge reaction whilst Blackman gets boo’d. That’ll be because we’re in Canada. Owen attacks Blackman before the bell. He hits a suplex and a legdrop before laying into Steve with some chops in the corner. Blackman gets back into it with a back body drop and a running chop before clotheslining Owen out of the ring. Owen heads to the back but Blackman goes after him and nails him with a clothesline before popping Hart back into the ring. Lots of “Owen” chants in this one. Blackman hits a suplex on Hart and a backbreaker. Owen hits an enzeguri on Blackman to take the advantage. He hits a suplex for a two count. Owen hits some hefty chops. It’s all Owen now as he hits a slam and goes to the middle rope but Blackman gets his foot up to knock the breath out of Owen Hart.

Blackman hits a suplex and drops an elbow for a two count. Owen avoid a kick then drops to the outside where Blackman hits him with a baseball slide. Back in the ring and Owen hits an atomic drop and a kick for a two count. Owen hits a suplex then heads to the top where he hits a big elbow drop for a two. The crowd are really into this one. Owen locks on a sleeper now.  Blackman gets out of it and we have a back and forth. Owen then takes off the top turnbuckle but Blackman reverses an Irish whip into it and Owen gets chest first into the exposed steel! Blackman hits a slam and drops a few elbows. Blackman locks on a sleeper of his own but Owen gets out of it and locks on a Dragon Sleeper! Blackman gets out of it with some knees to the face but Owen hits a DDT. Owen raises his thumb then goes to the top but Blackman sidesteps him and locks on a Sharpshooter! Owen manages to crawl to the ropes.

Owen once again goes to the outside and Blackman follows. The two fight on the outside until Blackman gets back into the ring and Owen Hart gets counted out! The crowd boo and Owen heads to the back. Interesting result. Not sure what the point in this result was.

Rating: 6.75/10

Promo for The Royal Rumble. I love a Royal Rumble and am excited for this one.

Vince McMahon is backstage looking for Mankind. He found a cupboard with the words “Mankinds Office” and goes in to talk to Mankind.

The J.O.B Squad (Al Snow, Bob Holly & Scorpio) vs. The Brood (Gangrel, Edge & Christian)

This is Bob Hollys first PPV match since King Of The Ring back in June. He starts off the match against Edge. The two go back and forth until Edge hits an electric chair drop. Edge tags Christian who lost his Light-Heavyweight Title because of the J.O.B squad to Squad member Duane Gill. Christian is actually undefeated on PPV at this point. Holly tags in Scorpio who goes to town on Christian. He hits a powerslam then a 450 legdrop off the second rope for a two count. Scorpio tags Al Snow who hits headbutts on Christian. Bob Holly has a shaved head. Snow hits a suplex on Christian but Christian gets back into it with a dropkick then tags in Gangrel. Gangrel beat Al Snow at Capital Carnage. He hits a hard Irish whip then some big right hands in the corner. Al hits a suplex and bridges it for a two count. Lots of fast paced action in this one so far as Gangrel hits a clothesline on Snow.

Gangrel hits a DDT then tags in Edge. The Brood triple team Al Snow as Bob Holly tries to get into the ring. Edge locks on a sleeper now. Al Snow hits a clothesline and a powerbomb then tags Scorpio and Christian is tagged in too. Scorpio hits a dropkick and Edge breaks up a cover. All 6 men are in the ring now. Christian goes to the outside and Scorpio misses with a cross body  to the outside. As the referee tries to follow the action Al Snow nails Christian with Head! Scorpio then hits a moonsault legdrop from the top but Edge breaks up the cover! Edge dives to the outside wiping out Bob Holly and Al Snow. In the ring Christian hits a face first plant on Scorpio and hooks the leg for the three! The Brood win, continuing Christians undefeated PPV streak! I’m not sure if they are supposed to be heels or faces but it’s a big win for The Brood none the less!

Rating: 7/10

Jeff Jarrett vs. Goldust – Striptease Match

This is a first ever meeting between two experienced former Intercontinental champions who had their run-in with Razor Ramon. If Goldust loses this one he has to strip but if Jarrett loses then Debra has to strip! Both of these men lost their matches at both Capital Carnage and Survivor Series. The crowd are right behind Goldust in this one. Goldust starts well with snapmares and headlocks. These two men made their WWF PPV debuts in 1994 and 1995 respectively. And both men beat Razor Ramon at Royal Rumble PPVs to win the Intercontinental title. Jarrett goes to the top and hits a cross body that Goldust rolls through and kicks out of. Jarrett hits a DDT and a swinging neckbreaker. You’d have to go back to Over The Edge back in May to find the last time Jeff Jarrett won a PPV match. He beat Steve Blackman on that night. He hits a dropkick on Goldust now for a two count then locks on a sleeper. Goldust powers out of the sleeper but Jeff catches him with a clothesline.

Debra picks up the guitar and nearly hits Jarrett. Goldust then hits a big move and covers Jarrett but the referee is distracted by Debra! Goldust hits his trademark uppercut and a bulldog for a two count! Goldust then motions for Shattered Dreams but Debra gets in the ring and distracts Debra! As the referee sees Debra out of the ring, Goldust nails Shattered Dreams! Jarrett falls out of the ring and the referee starts to count which allows Debra to get into the ring and nail Goldust with the guitar! Jarrett crawls back into the ring and hits a face first Russian leg sweep then covers Goldust for the three! Jarrett wins on PPV after a terrible losing streak. Commissioner Shawn Michaels then comes out and sends Jarrett to the back. He reverses the decision and instead it’s Goldust that wins the match! Jarrett bad streak continues. But more importantly, Debra has to strip! She takes off her top and skirt then just as she’s about to take off her bra Jeff Jarrett and The Blue Blazer comes out and cover her up! Decent match and decent aftermath!

Rating: 7/10

Horrendous advert for Attitude cologne.

The New Age Outlaws (Billy Gunn & Road Dogg) (c) vs. Ken Shamrock & The Big Boss Man – Tag Team Title Match

This is tag team champions against Intercontinental and Hardcore champions. On the tag team titles on the line though. Shawn Michaels is out with Boss Man and Shamrock. Road Dogg and Shamrock kick things off and it’s a big clothesline from Shamrock. First time meeting between these two teams. Shamrock tags Boss Man who hits a big slam on Road Dogg but misses with a splash. Road Dogg tags Billy Gunn who hits some jabs on Boss Man. Boss Man is looking for his first PPV win since returning to the WWF. Gunn tags Road Dogg and the Outlaws hit a double back body drop for a two count. The Outlaws have beaten the likes of The Headbangers and D-lo and Mark Henry on PPV recently. Boss Man tags Shamrock but Road Dogg lays into him with his jabs and a shakey leg knee drop. Billy Gunn is tagged in but Shamrock hits him with a big hip toss.

Billy Gunn hits a rockerdropper from nowhere then tags Road Dogg who receives a belly to belly suplex. Shamrock then rams Road Dogg into Boss Mans boot before tagging in the Hardcore Champion. Boss Man hits a big splash in the corner on Road Dogg then locks on a front facelock. Boss Man tags in Shamrock who hits a flying elbow. The Big Boss Mans last PPV win came at Survivor Series 1992 when he beat Nailz. He comes in now and chokes Road Dogg on the ropes. Boss Man tags Shamrock who defeated Steve Blackman at Capital Carnage. He also beat Goldust at Survivor Series. Road Dogg fights back with right hands but Ken drops him with a dropkick. Shamrock hits a big Irish whip then applies a front facelock. Road Dogg gets out of it but gets dropped with a clothesline. Shamrock tags Boss Man who continues to dominate Road Dogg. Shamrock is tagged back in and goes back to the front facelock.

Road Dogg tags Billy Gunn but the referee doesn’t see it so Billy is sent back out. Shawn Michaels and Billy Gunn have been verbally abusing each other all match. Shamrock tags Boss Man who can’t hit a piledriver. Road Dogg back body drops him to the outside and follows him out where Shawn Michaels gets involved. Shamrock is tagged in and back in the ring he works on Road Doggs knee. Road Dogg hits an elbow that knocks the Intercontinental champion down. Road Dogg then tags Billy Gunn! Gunn takes down both challengers and powerbombs Shamrock for a two count. Shawn Michaels actually pulled the referee out of the ring. That allows Boss Man to lay out the champions with the nightstick! Shamrock then covers Gunn but only for a two count! Gunn goes for a suplex but Michaels grabs his ankle! Shamrock falls on top of Gunn but Billy uses his momentum to roll on top of Shamrock! The referee counts and it’s a 3! The New Age Outlaws retain their tag team titles! A decent enough tag team title match that slowed down towards the end.

Rating: 7/10

Video package now showing how The Rock became WWF champion.

Vince McMahon is backstage with Shane McMahon and The Rock. Vince passes on a message (presumably from Mankind) saying that Mankinds wants to sort out his problems in the ring.

The Rock (c) vs. Mankind – WWF World Heavyweight Title Match

Mankind comes out first to a remix of his theme tune. It sounds like when The Rock took over as leader of The Nation and they remixed his entrance music. The Rock gets a huge cheer as he comes out, flanked by Vince and Shane McMahon. The Rock has defended his title at Capital Carnage and now Rock Bottom and his title match hasn’t closed either show. This is the third one on one meeting between these two men on PPV. Mankind beat The Rock at In Your House: Cold Day In Hell, whilst more recently, The Rock defeated Mankind at Survivor Series. Vince gets on the microphone before the bell and says we have business to attend to before pointing out a hole in Mankinds tights. Mankind then says he’s happy to put a line through the clause that says Rock must vacate the title if he can’t wrestle. Mankind says he’ll do it if Vince McMahon gets on his knees and admits that Mankind never said “I Quit” at Survivor Series. McMahon says that he heard someone say I Quit. Mankind rips up the contract and this one is underway.

This is The Rocks 17th PPV in a row and Mankinds 14th. More than anyone else on the roster right now. Mankind knocks Rock out of the ring and throws him into the ring steps. Mankind then picks up the steps and drops them on the champion. The two continue to battle outside the ring with Vince McMahon watching on. The WWF title has never gone from one man to another at an In Your House event. Back in the ring and Mankind lays into The Rock with right hands. Vince McMahon then tells the referee to disqualify Mankind if he has good reason to. The Rock drops Mankind with a clothesline and chokes him with his boot. A “Rocky sucks” chant breaks out as The Rock knocks Mankind out of the ring. Mankind hits a baseball slide on The Rock then goes up to the middle rope but Shane McMahon grabs his foot allowing The Rock to throw Mankind off the middle rope to the outside of the ring. The Rock gets on the commentary mic and tells Michael Cole he’s awful before spitting water in Mankind face.

Rock then hits a DDT on Mankind on a steel chair. The two men get back in the ring where Rock hits a powerslam on Mankind before hitting him with the Corporate Elbow! Only a two count for The Rock. Mankind gets back into it with a swinging neckbreaker. The two men slowly get to their feet where Mankind hits some big right hands and a clothesline. Another near fall for Mankind. Mankind hits a legdrop for another two count. Mankind hits a legdrop, this time to The Rock crotch. Vince McMahon tells the referee to call for the bell but before he can, Mankind hits the referee with a piledriver. McMahon then turns to the timekeeper and tells him to ring the bell but Mankind takes him out as well! Mankind goes after McMahon but The Rock attacks him with a chair. The Rock then throws Mankind back into the ring and hits him with a Rock Bottom! The referee is down though. Shane gets into the ring and tries to hit Mankind with the WWF title but Mankind ducks and Shane nails The Rock! Mankind pins the champ and another referee comes out and makes the count but it’s only a two.

Both men get up and it’s The Rock who hits a big DDT. Mankind hits a double armed DDT though and both men only get a two count. Mankind pulls out Mr Socko and rams it down The Rocks throat! The referee calls for the bell! Mankind wins the WWF title! Mankinds music hits but Vince McMahon quickly grabs the microphone. He says that Mankind wins the match but as The Rock didn’t tap out or get pinned then The Rock is still the champion! Mankind puts Mr Socko down Vince’s throat but Shane nails Mankind with a chair! Mankind then puts Socko on Shane! Mankind takes down everyone including Patterson and Brisco who come from the back. Eventually it’s Big Boss Man and Shamrock that lay out Mankind. Well it’s Mankind that wins the match but The Rock that takes home the title.

Rating: 7.25/10

Video package now for Austin and The Undertaker. The video package only goes as far back as Undertakers heel turn. From when Austin screwed Undertaker and Kane at Judgement Day. Since then Undertaker and Austin have attacked each other with a shovel. Austin needs to beat Undertaker to get into the 1999 Royal Rumble match.

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin vs. The Undertaker – Buried Alive Match 

This is a third one on one PPV meeting between these two men, previously Undertaker beat Austin at Cold Day In Hell and Austin beat Undertaker at Summerslam. This, like The Rock/Mankind match is a PPV rubber match. It’s the second ever Buried Alive match, Undertaker previously lost to Mankind in this match type. Austin and Undertaker get straight into this one in the entranceway, fighting around the mound of dirt. They eventually make it to the ring where Austin hits Undertaker with the Lou Thesz press. He follows it up by wrapping Undertaker leg around the ring post. Steve then Irish whips Undertaker into the ring steps. Undertaker gets back into it with a boot and then throws Austin on to the Spanish announce table. These two men were semi finalists in the Deadly Game tournament at Survivor Series. Undertaker throws Austin into the ring post. This is the first PPV meeting between these two that hasn’t been for the WWF title. The champion has always retained in previous contests.

The two fight back up the entranceway towards the dirt. Stone Cold picks up a steel barricade and nails Undertaker with it. Austin then shoves Undertaker into the grave! He’s the first man to go in there but he pulls Austin down with him! Undertaker picks up a shovel but Austin fights him off. They fight out of the grave as Paul Bearer watches on. They fight towards the ring again and Austin shoves Undertaker into the ring post. Undertaker replies by smashing Austin with a steel chair. He then throws the rattlesnake back into the ring but Austin clotheslines him right back out. The two men fight into the ring where The Undertaker hits a big chokeslam. Bit soft though. Undertaker rolls Austin out of the ring and takes him towards the dirt again. They make it there and Undertaker rolls Austin into the grave. Somebody then throws a drink that lands Undertaker in the face!

Undertaker starts shovelling dirt into the grave but Austin makes it out. There is a canister of gas near the grave and Austin nails Undertaker with it twice. Austin then hits Undertaker with the Stunner and Undertaker falls into the grave! Austin throws some dirt into the grave then Austin chases Paul Bearer off. Austin then asks someone to lift up the set by the looks of it. Austin disappears off whilst The Undertaker gets out of the grave and hides behind the mound with a shovel. An explosion then happens in the grave and Kane climbs out! Kane and Undertaker lay into each other with rights and lefts then Undertaker attempts a Tombstone but Kane slips down and hits a Tombstone on Undertaker! Kane rolls Undertaker into the grave then Austin reappears with a JCB! Austin tells the person in the JCB to drop dirt on Undertaker but it’s a very slow job and the person in the JCB doesn’t seem to know what he’s doing. So Austin instead shovels the dirt in. Oh God, this is painful. Austin grabs some beers and tells the referee to raise his hand, which he does. Austin wins the match as Undertaker gets buried alive again. Not a bad match but the ending was painful. Absolute botch. Big win for Austin who is now 2-1 up against Undertaker. He goes on to participate in the Royal Rumble.

Rating: 7/10

And that was the 26th instalment of In Your House, Rock Bottom. The biggest build was around Austin and Undertaker but I think I would have ended the show with The Rock and Mankind. Unless something real big is going down, nothing tops the WWF title. Rank might have been pulled on that one. Both main events were decent enough. Nothing spectacular from either of them but decent. The Rock retained the WWF title but because of the way it ended, I don’t think the rivalry between these two men is over. Like we saw earlier in the year, Dude Love beat Austin in their first encounter but didn’t win the WWF title so that led to a second match. So I can definitely see a repeat of that with Mankind and Rocky. Austin beats Undertaker which earns him a spot in the 1999 Royal Rumble. Undertaker looks like his feud with Kane will continue.

The night opened with two tag team matches between four tag team in very different stages of their career. Val Venis and The Godfather are a new tag team whilst D-lo and Mark Henry are more experienced. D-lo and Henry won the match thanks to their new allegiance with Terri Runnels and Jacqueline. I don’t mind those four being together, they seem well suited. I’m just not sure how it plays into Mark Henrys on-going storyline with Chyna. I like D-lo though so hope he gets some decent storylines. Godfather and Val Venis are well suited to one another but with The New Age Outlaws as the face tag team champions, the heel teams need building, hence wins for Mark Henry, D-lo and The Headbangers. The Oddities seem done really, they don’t seem to be going anywhere so I was happy with a win for The Headbangers.

Then we had Owen Hart and Steve Blackman who put on a decent match. I just really really disliked the ending. This match was made for Owen Hart to win. He was over as hell, Blackman wasn’t. Unless they have big plans for Blackman, I’m not really sure what the point was in him winning. Maybe this feud will continue, I don’t know. But is Owen the Blue Blazer? If he is then he showed up later after the Goldust/Jeff Jarrett match. Again, another decent match with a screwy finish. Jarrett seemed to win, then the decision was reversed. The crowd really seemed into this one, probably because they were hoping to see Debra naked at the end of it. And they weren’t too disappointed. It was interesting to see The Blue Blazer get involved though, we’ve seen him and Jarrett together as of late, maybe there will be a more permanent alliance.

The New Age Outlaws retained their Tag Team titles tonight over The Big Boss Man and Ken Shamrock. Michaels sort of contributed towards the Outlaws winning, will The Corporation pick up on that? I don’t mind Boss Man and Shamrock as a tag team but they are both singles champions right now so they can go their own separate ways for now. I would have preferred to see them defend their singles titles than get a shot at the tag team titles. It’ll be interesting to see who gets a shot at the Outlaws next. They’ve pretty much ran through everyone on the roster in the past 12 months. The other match we got tonight was between The Brood and The J.O.B Squad. Another decent enough match, this one was between three veterans and three upstarts. I like that The Brood won, they have a big upside right now. I see them as above the likes of Bob Holly and Scorpio on the card. A decent match between these six men though.

Overall, nothing too memorable from this show. There were a lot of above average matches but nothing spectacular. The main events had a lot of potential but maybe didn’t live up to them as much as I would have liked. There were a lot of screwy finishes which I didn’t like. Owen Hart getting counted out? Jeff Jarrett and Goldust having their result switched? Mankind winning the match but not the title? Jacqueline costing Val Venis and The Godfather, Shawn Michaels getting involved in the tag title match, Kane costing The Undertaker. The Headbangers/Oddities and Brood/J.O.B Squad matches were the only clean finishes really. Not the best show but match quality wasn’t actually that bad.

Overall Rating: 63.75/100 (ranked 6th out of 90) 

Match Of The Night: The Rock vs. Mankind
Worst Match Of The Night: The Headbangers vs. The Oddities
Surprise Of The Night: Mankind beats The Rock
Worst Booking Of The Night: Owen Hart getting counted out
Superstar Of The Night: Mankind
IYH: Rock Bottom Will Be Remembered For: Austin burying The Undertaker

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