In Your House 24: Breakdown

| Date: September 27 1998
| Venue:  Copps Coliseum | City: Hamilton, Ontario
| Attendance:  17, 405 | Buyrate: 315, 256

Breakdown. As in Break It Down? As in DX entrance music? I don’t know but DX are on the poster so expect to see those boys (and girl) tonight. What else to expect tonight? Well “Stone Cold” Steve Austin has to defend his WWF title against both Kane and The Undertaker in a triple threat match. This was Vince McMahons plan all along to take the WWF title from Austin and to make matters worse, McMahon has decreed that Kane and Undertaker can only win the match by pinning Austin. That puts a big bullseye on the champion who must defeat the two brothers whose relationship is stronger than ever.

Also tonight, we’ll see the men on the Breakdown poster, X Pac, Billy Gunn and Road Dogg in 6 man tag action against Jeff Jarrett and Southern Justice. In the past few weeks, since X Pac shaved Jarretts head, we’ve seen Jeff attack Road Dogg even injuring his throat with his guitar. Southern Justice have got involved and also attacked The Outlaws which has given us this six man tag. The only other match announced for tonight is between Val Venis and Dustin Runnels. Dustin has been telling us for weeks that “he is coming back” and his Christianity has led him into run-ins with Val Venis. Venis has recently been appearing in adult movies with none other than Dustins still wife, Terri Runnels. So let’s get to it and see what other surprises we’re in for tonight.

We kick off with an elaborate video package comparing Vince McMahon to various dictators and politicians. He had a masterplan all along to rid Steve Austin of his WWF Title belt and tonight the plan comes together when Austin must defend against Kane and The Undertaker in a triple threat match. The show opens up with crowd shots, we’re in Canada tonight and Jim Ross welcomes us to Breakdown with Jerry Lawler. Brian Pillman sign, nice.

Edge vs. Owen Hart

This match has no build but it should be a good one. Both men get good cheers being countrymen of Canada. A “nugget” chant then breaks. This is Edge’s second PPV match, he won in tag team action at Summerslam. Owen on the other hand has wrestled on more PPVs than anyone in the history of the WWF, minus Bret Hart, The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels. We get some chain wrestling to start with, with both men getting the advantage briefly. Plenty of reversals so far then Edge hits a hurricanrana and clotheslines Owen out of the ring before hitting a baseball slide. Hart takes the advantage with a powerslam then a dropkick off the top rope for the first near fall of the night. A loss for Owen tonight would mean that he has lost more PPV matches than anyone else in the history of the WWF up to now. Plenty of “Nugget” chants. Owen hits a neckbreaker for another two count.

Owen Hart has slipped right down the pecking order in the WWF and finds himself wrestling in a lower card match with no build. He locks a sleeper on Edge now. Edge gets out of it but Owen manages a victory roll similar to the one he used on his brother at Wrestlemania 10. Edge kicks out but Owen hits a hurricanrana for another two count. Edge hits a cross body for a two but Owen is first up and hits his trademark enzeguri! Owen then goes to the top but Edge gets up with him and drops him on the mat face first! Edge hits a swinging neckbreaker for a two. Edge hits a big DDT for another near fall. Plenty of near falls in this one. Another one from Edge. Edge is yet to have a PPV match with somebody he’s feuded with. Edge goes for a superplex but Owen reverses it then tries for a Sharpshooter but Edge reverses it into an inside cradle which Hart kicks out off.

Edge hits a spinning heel kick but then spots somebody at ringside. Somebody we haven’t seen before. Edge stares at the man but Owen comes from behind and rolls him up for the win! Owen Hart wins the match after a distraction from a mystery man at ringside! Owen needed the win but Edge is no longer undefeated on PPV. Not a bad way to start the night. This could have been spectacular but something didn’t quite click. Not bad though.

Rating: 5.5/10

Dok Hendrix backstage with Sunny now. They’re advertising the Superstar Line. I phoned it once, it was very expensive and I got in a lot of trouble. But I did get to listen to Jeff Jarrett. Dok can’t help looking at Sables tits.

Too Much (“Too Sexy” Brian Christopher & Scott “Too Hot” Taylor) vs. Al Snow & Scorpio

At King Of The Ring we saw Too Much defeat Al Snow and Head but now Al Snow has a proper partner. Al Snow won his job back in the WWF, beating Sgt Slaughter in a Boot Camp match. Scorpio would come out to save Al Snow from Too Much on Raw and so this match was made. Scorpio won in his last PPV outing in a tag team match with Faarooq against Bradshaw and Terry Funk. Scorpio and Scott Taylor start and exchange wrist locks. Scorpio hits a big kick to take Scott Taylor down but Taylor hits a pump handle slam to get back into the match. Scorpio tags Al Snow and Taylor tags Christopher. Al Snow hits multiple headbutts causing Christopher to tag back out. Snow hits big clotheslines on Taylor then tags Scorpio. Al Snow goes round and picks up a chair then throws it to Scorpio! Scorpio sets it up in the ring and Al Snow uses it to catapult himself into Taylor. Scorpio then tries the same but slips on the chair and just about catches Taylor. That gets a laugh.

Al Snow and Christopher go at it on the outside now as Scorpio hits a splash off the top on Taylor! Scorpio breaks his own count at 2 as Al Snow hits a moonsault on Christopher on the outside! Snow gets in the ring and hits a slam on Taylor. Scorpio goes to the top but Christopher knocks him off! Too Much have the advantage now, double teaming Scorpio on the outside. Taylor tags Christopher and Too Much hit a double back body drop on Scorpio. Christopher hits a nice bulldog on Scorpio then tags Taylor. They go for the double back body drop again but Scorpio lands on his feet and takes both men down with a dropkick. Scorpio tags Snow and distracts the referee and Al goes to town on both members of Too Much with the Head before knocking his own man down with Head! Snow pins Taylor and Christopher is very late with his break up of the pin. Al then hits the Snow Plough on Taylor for the win! Al Snow and Too Cold Scorpio win the match! Scorpio isn’t happy about being hit with the Head though. Now a bad match, just a few botches along the way.

Rating: 5.5/10

Michael Cole is backstage with The Undertaker and Kane, asking who will win the triple threat match later. Undertaker says that he and Kane have come to an understanding.

Marc Mero vs. Darren Drozdov

This is a PPV debut for Droz. And the third match so far that I didn’t know was happening on this show. Mero starts the match hitting some jabs to Droz. Droz comes back into it with a clothesline and a dropkick, sending Mero to the outside. Mero looks to head to the back but Droz throws him into the steel steps then back into the ring. Jacqueline is the new Womens Champion after she beat Sable for the vacant title. Droz comes of the ropes with a big shoulderbarge then a clothesline. Mero then back drops Droz out of the ring before hitting a big plancha over the ropes. He hasn’t done that move since turning heel. Back in the ring and Droz hits some big right hands and a flying elbow smash. Droz then hits an inverted atomic drop and a powerslam but Jacqueline puts Meros foot on the rope to break the cover.

It’s advantage Mero now. He hits a clothesline then chokes Droz with his tape. As the referee sees to Mero and his tape, Jacqueline comes off the top and nails Droz with her high heel! Mero then goes to the top and hits Marvelousity which is a shooting star press off the top. And that’s enough for the win! Marc Mero wins the match, his first PPV win since Wrestlemania. Droz starts his PPV career with a loss.

Rating: 4/10

Promo for the new DX t shirts next.

Vader vs. Bradshaw – No Holds Barred Match

This is a match between two big bulls. These two men once teamed up in a pre show match but Bradshaw turned on Vader. Bradshaw has had a haircut, a short back and sides! He calls Vader a fat bastard in a pre-match interview. Both men look like they’ve lost weight. Bradshaw said in his interview that he’s not here to wrestle, he’s here to fight, yet they start with a collar and elbow tie up. Bradshaw then hits some big right hands in the corner. Anything goes in this match. Bradshaw hits a clothesline in the corner, a powerslam then an elbow for a two count. Vader takes the advantage using his body then a splash. Bradshaw clothesline Vader out of the ring and the match takes to the outside. Bradshaw smashes Vader face first into the ring bell then accidentally punches the ringpost a couple of times as Vader gets out of the way. Vader then throws Bradshaw into the ring steps before picking up the steps and softly hitting Bradshaw with them. Soft.

Vader throws Bradshaw back into the ring then misses with some rights and lefts. Bradshaw doesn’t miss with his then hits a suplex. Vader ducks a clothesline so Bradshaw falls to the outside. Vader heads out and throws his opponent into the barricade for a two count. It’s all Vader now as he throws Bradshaw into the ring apron and follows it up with a clothesline before getting back into the ring. Vader sets Bradshaw up then goes to the middle rope and hits a splash! Vader goes to the middle rope again and this time hits the Vader Bomb but Bradshaw kicks out! Vader then sends Bradshaw into the ropes but the big Texan hits the Clothesline From Hell! Bradshaw doesn’t look happy. He hits another Clothesline From Hell then a neckbreaker for the three! Bradshaw doesn’t look happy despite winning.

Rating: 4.75/10

Kevin Kelly, Tom Prichard and Jason Sensation are backstage with Sensation does a mediocre impression of The Rock then decent impressions of Jeff Jarrett, Road Dogg and The Undertaker.

D-lo Brown vs. Gangrel

D-lo is a former European Champion now, he lost his title to X Pac on Raw. D-lo comes out with his chest protector still on. This is a PPV debut for Gangrel who has the coolest entrance in the company. He spits “blood” all over the front row who look annoyed. Two heels (I think?) in this match. Gangrel goes right for D-lo before the bell which was a bit unnecessary considering the lack of history between the two. Gangrel hits a couple of corkscrew elbows that Lawler points out don’t get anywhere because D-lo has his chest protector on. D-lo gets back into the match with some big right hands. D-lo hits a slam but misses with an elbow off the second rope. D-lo hits a subtle low blow then a running powerbomb on Gangrel. The crowd actually cheer D-lo at this point. He wastes a lot of time then gets a two count. D-lo then hits a legdrop and a soft pinfall for a two.

Gangrel goes for a DDT but D-lo pushes him off then hits a suplex. I’ve just noticed D-lo’s tights say “European” on one side which suggests he may not be finished with that title yet. Gangrel hits a clothesline  but can’t keep the advantage. D-lo hits a headbutt to the groin then talks some smack. He goes for a superplex but Gangrel pushes him off then covers him for a two. D-lo hits a clothesline then some sort of modified Samoan Drop for a two. D-lo locks on a sleeper now. He’s not joined by any Nation members tonight, nor was Owen earlier. The second I’ve typed that, Mark Henry has made his way to the ring. Gangrel goes to the top and hits a flying clothesline for a two. D-lo sends Gangrel into the ropes and Mark Henry pulls the top rope down sending Gangrel to the outside. Henry then smashes Gangrel into the ring post before throwing him back into the ring. D-lo hits the Low Down on Gangrel which gives him the win! D-lo picks up a big win at Breakdown. Gangrel gets up and spits blood in Mark Henrys eyes before hitting his Spike DDT on D-lo! Decent aftermath to this but it’s a win for the former European champion, D-lo none the less!

Rating: 5/10

We see some footage from Raw and a triple threat match between Mankind, Ken Shamrock and The Rock. Kane and Undertaker came out and took out all three men.

Michael Cole interviews Ken Shamrock backstage who says he will go as far as it takes.

Dok Hendrix is then with The Rock who the crowd pop for. The Rock asks if Mankind and Shamrock have enough sugar in their testies to get it on with The Rock. Brilliant interview by The Rock, catchphrase heavy but brilliant.

Kevin Kelly is then with Mankind who is looking for an end to world hunger. He’s seen a lot of stupid things and he won’t be selling the people’s elbow. The crowd are pumped for this match.

Ken Shamrock vs. Mankind vs. The Rock – Triple Threat Cage Match for Number One Contendership to the WWF title

Shamrock is out first to a lot of boos which is surprising. He beat Owen Hart in a Lions Den match at Summerslam. He was the only one of the three to win his match at Summerslam. Mankind gets a mixed reaction, plenty of cheers though. He’s a four time tag team champion. A “Rocky” chant breaks out before The Rocks music has even hit. When it does hit, there is a huge ovation. The Rock goes right for Shamrock, those two feuded for the first 6 months of this year. Mankind goes right for the door but he’s stopped by The Rock. This will be a tough match to do for these guys. The Rock is definitely the crowds favourite. Mankind hits a big knee to Shamrock but The Rock clotheslines Mankind to the mat then goes for the door but Shamrock stops him. Shamrock drives his boot into Maninds throat then locks on an abdominal stretch. The Rock then comes and locks an abdominal stretch on Shamrock! I’ve never seen that before! The Rock and Mankind agree to go after Shamrock but Rocky cheap shots Mankind!

Mankind attempts to climb the cage but The Rock throws him off the cage. Shamrock kicks away at The Rock then slams Mankind before trying to get out of the door. The Rock stops him from climbing out then holds him for Mankind. The two double team Shamrock now and throw him into the cage. None of these three men have been WWF champion before. Shamrock hasn’t held any titles in the WWF yet. Mankind is a four time tag team champion whilst The Rock is a two time Intercontinental champion. Shamrock and The Rock double team Mankind now. Shamrock locks the Ankle Lock on Mankind now but The Rock breaks it up. Mankind and Shamrock double team The Rock now. Plenty of boos for that. This might be the first cage match since Summerslam 1997 when Triple H beat Mankind. The Rock hits a double Peoples Elbow on both Shamrock and Mankind and the crowd absolutely love it! The Rock climbs the cage but he gets caught and roped on the top rope by Mankind. Shamrock goes after The Rock but Rocky hits a low blow on Ken then the Rock Bottom on Mankind. Rock covers Mankind but Shamrock breaks it up. A “Shamrock sucks” chant breaks out now!

The Rock lays into Shamrock with some right hands but gets caught with a belly to belly suplex. Shamrock then locks on the Ankle Lock on The Rock! Mankind breaks it up to a big pop though. Mankind then climbs the cage but The Rock stops him. The two men the exchange right hands at the top of the cage. Shamrock climbs up the cage but gets booted off by The Rock. Mankind then kicks The Rock off the cage but instead of climbing down, Mankind stands on top of the cage. He then flies off the top with an elbow but The Rock rolls out of the way! Blood is running down The Rocks face but it’s Shamrock that tries to exit the cage, only to be stopped by Mankind. Shamrock manages to reach a chair but misses when he swings at Mankind. Mankind hits the double armed DDT and grabs the chair himself. Mankind nails Shamrock with the steel chair then climbs up the cage! He gets up to the top as The Rock covers Shamrock. It’s awfully timed though, The Rock gets the three and wins the match! Mankind then climbs down the cage and thinks he’s won despite The Rocks music already playing. Not great timing but overall a fantastic match. The Rock is now number one contender to the WWF title. Great match between three talented performers.

Rating: 9/10

There’s an ad for Judgement Day, only three weeks away, that’s the next PPV.

Video package now for Dustin Runnels and Val Venis. Runnels is pro Jesus and anti smut, the complete opposite to Val Venis. Venis has made a couple of adult movies with Dustins wife, Terri aka Marlena.

Dustin Runnels vs. Val Venis

Dustin has previously fought as Dustin Rhodes and Goldust but never Runnels. This is his first PPV match since Wrestlemania when he was wrestling as The Artist Formerly Known As Goldust. Val comes out and introduces Terri who accompanies him to ringside! Dustin hates that. He hits a powerbomb in the early going then some right hands to the adult movie star. Val hits a big clothesline to Runnels outside the ring then throws him back into the ring. Val hits some chops and knees to Dustin then a Russian leg sweep. Venis is a very popular with the audience tonight. He locks a camel clutch on the former two time Intercontinental champion but Dustin won’t submit. Val kicks Dustin to the outside then drops him on the announce table. Back in the ring and Dustin blocks a suplex and hits one of his own. But then misses with an elbow.

Venis locks on a sleeper now. A “take it off” chant breaks out, presumably aimed at Terri. Just spotted an Iron Mike Sharp sign, nice. Venis hits a clothesline on Dustin for a two but Dustin comes back with a DDT. Dustin then goes to the top but Venis shoves him off to the outside. Val and Terri then get very close outside the ring. Dustin then hits a bulldog and Venis doesn’t kick out! The referee stops the count though. That was a mistake. Venis slams Dustin then hits the Money Shot for the win. Ok match here between these two. With Terri’s involvement, it’s definitely not over.

Rating: 5/10

We see a bit of background for DX, Jeff Jarrett and Southern Justice.

D Generation-X (X Pac, Billy Gunn & Road Dogg) vs. Jeff Jarrett & Southern Justice (Mark Canterbury & Dennis Knight)

The New Age Outlaws attack Southern Justice from behind, jumping the guardrail and this one is underway quickly. Jeff Jarrett starts with the man that defeated him at Summerslam, X Pac. Gone is the country singer gimmick but he does still carry a guitar. Pac hits a powerbomb for a near fall then tags Road Dogg, the former running buddy of Jarrett. X Psc tags Road Dogg who gets triple teamed. Jarrett tags Dennis Knight, the former Phineas Godwinn. Knight tags Canterbury, the former Henry Godwinn. Canterbury hits an elbow for a two count. Road Dogg then hits his trademark jabs but gets clotheslined to the mat. Canterbury tags Jarrett who stomps away at Road Dogg. Jeff then hits a DDT for another near fall. Both men collide heads in the corner and judging by the pace so far in this match, it won’t go on long.

Road Dogg tags X Pac who hits a spinning heel kick on Jarrett. Canterbury gets in the ring and slams X Pac, slowing his momentum. Dennis Knight then comes in and hits a headbutt on the European champion. Knight and Canterbury look like they’re off to play snooker after this match. Knight hits a suplex for a two count. Knight tags Jarrett who hits a big powerslam on X Pac. Jeff tags Canterbury who hits a slam and tags Knight. Dennis comes in with a knee to the face then tags Jarrett. Lots of quick tags from Jarrett and co. X Pac misses with a bronco buster allowing Jarrett to tag Canterbury. Dennis Knight is back in and works on X Pacs knee. Knight tags Jarrett who locks on a sleeper! X Pac manages to counter the sleeper with one of his own then hits a belly to back suplex. Jarrett has a massive gap in the middle of his hair, he’ll have X Pac to thanks for that. Both men crawl to their corners, Jarrett tags Knight and X Pac tags Billy Gunn! Gunn takes down everyone, he gorilla press slams Jarrett but then gets back body dropped out of the ring. X Pac hits the Bronco Buster on Jarrett but gets clotheslined by Canterbury. Jarrett grabs his guitar but Gunn grabs it off him. The referee takes it off Gunn though.

Jarrett takes the guitar back and nails X Pac with it outside the ring! Inside the ring Billy Gunn hits the Rockerdropper on Dennis Knight which is enough for the three! X Pac and The Outlaws win the match! Billy Gunn seems to be getting a big push right now. This match could’ve gone either way and with DX holding all the titles, I expected Jarrett and Southern Justice to win! X Pac sells his eye after the match.

Rating: 6/10

Video package for the main event now.

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin (c) vs. The Undertaker vs. Kane – WWF Championship Match

This is the only title match tonight and it’s the biggest one of all. The WWF title has never changed hands on an In Your House PPV before, could this be the first? Austin is essentially in a handicap match. Austin attacks The Undertaker with a chair as he makes his entrance. Kane runs out and Austin attacks him with the chair too! Great start to the match. Kane and Austin wrestle to the ring and the bell finally rings. Kane misses with a clothesline off the top and it’s not long before The Undertaker walks to the ring with a chair. Kane throws the WWF champion outside the ring where The Undertaker takes a shot but Austin reverses an Irish whip and sends Undertaker into the steps. Austin crotches Kane into the ring post then continues to go to work on Kane.

Austin then hits the Stone Cold Stunner in the middle of the ring but as he pins Kane, The Undertaker pulls him out of the ring. Undertaker then throws Austin into the ring post then back into the ring. Undertaker hits his big flying clothesline on Austin for a two count. Stone Cold gets back into the match hitting a Lou Thesz press on Undertaker and a neckbreaker. On the outside, Undertaker accidentally hits Kane and as the two discuss it, Austin pushes Undertaker into his brother. Back in the ring and the brothers double team Austin. Gerald Briscoe, Pat Patterson and Sgt Slaughter appear at the top of the entrance ramp now. The three men in the match battle up the entrance ramp now and Austin goes for a piledriver on the concrete but Undertaker back body drops the champ. Austin then goes for Gerald Briscoe but Slaughter lays in some boots and his two challengers fight him off. Kane and Undertaker then drag Austin back to the ring. Austin manages to fight back, taking shots at both brothers but it doesn’t last long. Austin grabs a chair and leathers Kane with it. He pins the big red machine but Undertaker breaks up the cover with a chair shot of his own. Undertaker pins Austin but Kane breaks up the cover! Undertaker isn’t happy with that.

Kane hits a big sledge to Austin and covers him but Undertaker breaks up the cover this time. Undertaker then nails his brother! The two big men go at it. Austin and Kane take it in turns to hit right hands on Undertaker. Kane then hits his brother with a big boot and Austin clotheslines him out of the ring! Austin then goes after Kane, hitting a side Russian leg sweep for a two count. Undertaker gets back into the ring and it seems as though the brothers are on the same page again. Austin gets thrown to the outside where Kane smashes his head into the ring steps. Undertaker throws Austin into the ring where Kane pins him but Undertaker shoves his brother off! Undertaker pins Austin and Kane shoves him off! Undertaker then hits Kane with a right and the brothers go back at it. The two men then clothesline each other down. Austin gets back up and he lays in boots to both men! Austin throws Kane at Undertaker which sends Undertaker out of the ring. Kane scoops Austin up and Undertaker goes to the top but Austin throws Kane into the ropes which crotches Undertaker!

Austin goes for a Stunner but Kane fights him off. Undertaker and Kane hit a double chokeslam on Austin then both men cover Austin! There’s confusion as to who has won now. Vince McMahon comes out to ringside and gets given the WWF championship belt but who is the champion? McMahon runs off with the belt and gets in a limo! Austin goes after the stooges but McMahon is gone. Stone Cold is no longer champion!

Rating: 7.5/10


Well that was an interesting pay per view. Essentially 5 of the 9 matches on this show were not advertised and 3 of those 5 had no build whatsoever. Edge and Owen Hart, who kicked off the show, was one of those matches. Two Canadians who were both over in their home country started the show in a pretty good match. This match had two purposes, to debut the mysterious figure who cost Edge the match and to give Owen Hart a win. Owen needed the win as he hasn’t been up to a lot recently. He’s loosely connected to the Nation, a faction without unity right now. D-lo and Mark Henry seem strong but Hart doesn’t have  a lot to do with them any more and The Rock seems on the verge of a face turn. With Edge seemingly caught up in a new storyline, I don’t know where this leaves Owen Hart but he definitely needs a new storyline.

What I like about this show is that it gave some of the lower carders time and opportunity. An example of that is the tag team match between Al Snow, Too Cold Scorpio and Too Much. This gave Al Snow his first ever win on pay per view. I’m not sure if he and Scorpio work better as a team that he does on his own but I can’t see this team lasting in any case. Too Much show a lot of potential, I wouldn’t mind seeing them feud with a tag team higher up the ranks. Another lower card match between Marc Mero and Droz was next. Mero won this match with some help from Jacqueline which suggest that Marvellous Marc will be in a more prominent feud going forward. Droz has mainly been involved with LOD recently so maybe he’ll help them get back on track. Bradshaw then defeated Vader. I can see a big future for Bradshaw if they don’t lumber him with stupid gimmicks. Vader seems to be on his way out and mostly putting people over.

In the 5th and final unannounced match D-lo defeated Gangrel. D-lo is a man on the rise at the moment and it’s amazing to see how over he is compared to 6 months ago. Gangrel got his heat back after the match but I think D-lo winning shows who is going to be more of a focus in the next month. I can see D-lo getting back into the European title hunt whilst Gangrel may go back to feuding with Edge. Or maybe Gangrel will continue with D-lo and Mark Henry with Edge by his side? We’ll find out soon. The first 5 matches were all very average. Nothing spectacular so far but with very little build, it’s difficult to tell a story.

The next match however was phenomenal. A triple threat match between three unique workers who are all on the verge of the main event. The Rock won this one and became number one contender to the WWF championship. He is over as hell right now and was definitely the peoples choice in this one. Maybe Ken Shamrock and Mankind will branch off and feud with each other but Shamrock may have to turn heel soon because he is getting negative reactions whereas Mankind seems to be playing the face but has been going back and forth a lot recently. Val Venis then defeated Dustin Runnels in a feud that looks far from over. Terri Runnels partnership with Venis means the feud with Dustin could go on for a long time. You can’t help but feel sorry for Dustin though so maybe we’ll get a face/heel switch between these two.

Next up DX beat Jeff Jarrett and Southern Justice. I was surprised this result but I can’t help but think that maybe Jarrett and the former Godwinns will go their separate ways soon. I’m surprised this feud between X Pac and Jarrett has gone on for so long considering it came from nothing. The injury Jarrett inflicted to X Pacs eye in this one does suggest that this feud may continue between the two, maybe over the European title? The Outlaws could then possibly go on to feud with Southern Justice who are one of the few teams they haven’t worked with yet. In the main event, Undertaker and Kane both pinned “Stone Cold” Steve Austin to take the WWF championship. This leaves us with more questions than answers. Could they be co-champions? That’s never been done before. Or will they fight each other to decide the champion? I’m sure Austin will still be around the title hunt as will The Rock who is the new number one contender.

Overall an enjoyable enough show. It started slowly with a series of average matches but the cage match is one of the best matches I’ve ever seen and the triple threat main event was decent too. This was a show that will have huge implications on the future of this company. The show could have done with an Intercontinental title match, what has happened to Triple H? He wasn’t on the show at all. A good show though and one worth watching for the cage match, the controversial finish to the WWF title match and a good showcase of the lower card.

Overall Rating: 58/100 (Ranked 25th out of 86)

Match Of The Night: The Rock vs. Mankind vs. Ken Shamrock
Worst Match Of The Night: Marc Mero vs. Droz
Surprise Of The Night: Austin loses his WWF title
Worst Booking Of The Night: N/A
Superstar Of The Night: The Rock
IYH: Breakdown Will Be Remembered For: The rise of The Rock, the fall of Steve Austin


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  1. Vader is finished with the WWF, though he would make a one-off appearance at Taboo Tuesday 2005 seven years later.

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