Mayhem In Manchester

Welcome everybody to my 80th WWE PPV review. This one is not a memorable show by any means. For this one we go to Manchester for a show that promises 30 of the biggest superstars. WWF Champion Steve Austin, Triple H, Cactus Jack, The Rock, Ken Shamrock, Owen Hart, LOD 2000 and The New Age Outlaws are all expected tonight. Since Wrestlemania there has only been one episode of Raw but it was a big one. Shawn Michaels is gone and Triple H has taken over the reigns as leader of D-Generation X. He’s recruited the 1-2-3 Kid, now known as X Pac and The New Age Outlaws. The Outlaws defeated Cactus Jack and Chainsaw Charlie for the tag team titles with a little help from Triple H, X Pac and Chyna. Also Faarooq has been kicked out of The Nation Of Domination and The Rock is the new leader of that faction. So let’s see what’s in store for this show.

We kick things off with an advert about WWF Attitude featuring Steve Austin, Sable, The Rock, Kane, Undertaker and Mankind. That’s followed by the “Worldwide Leader In Sports Entertainment” sting.

Then to a very 90’s looking opening package about the wrestlers arriving in Manchester. We then see some shots from previous UK events such as Summerslam 92 in London and One Night Only in Birmingham.

Then we’re straight into it with Michael Cole voicing over the event.

Jeff Jarrett vs. Brakus

This is a debut for Brakus who is a big old mean looking guy. He hiptosses Jarrett in the early going. Jarrett locks on a sleeper which Brakus gets out of and hits a clothesline. Brakus then gorilla press slams Jarrett and hits an atomic drop. Jeff grabs the leg though and locks on a figure four leg lock. Brakus taps. Erm, that was it. It seemed like a highlights package. Jarrett wins which is a bit of a shock being that it was Brakus’ debut. Obviously, I can’t review this, good win for Jarrett though.

Rating: N/A

The Disciples Of Apocalypse (Skull & 8 Ball) vs. The Godwinns (Henry & Phineas)

This is the DOA’s first 2 on 2 tag team match on PPV as a team. The Godwinns don’t have a great tag team record on PPV. Again, we get highlights. Henry smashes one of DOA with a strap to take the advantage. Standard heel tactics in this one and suddenly all four men are in there. DOA use the strap and the referee lets it go. Henry then hits the slop drop and it’s enough for the win. The Godwinns win. Again, just highlights. The Godwinns get the dirty win.

Rating: N/A

Bradshaw vs. Marc Mero

Bradshaw still looks for his first victory on PPV by pinfall or submission. Bradshaw has the advantage in the early going with an elbow and a big boot. Mero goes for the TKO but Bradshaw nips down and hits the Lariat for the win.

Rating: N/A

The Rock & D-lo Brown vs. Ken Shamrock & Owen Hart

Interesting looking tag team match here. Shamrock holds up a sign saying “Rocky sucks Val Venis”. Val Venis makes his debut soon. Shamrock and D-lo kick things off with Shamrock hitting some big clotheslines. D-lo wants to wrestle with Shamrock but D-lo hits some big knees and right hands instead. Shamrock hits some big kicks to take D-lo off his feet then tags in Owen Hart. Owen looks like he has his old ring gear on. D-lo pokes Owen in the eye but Owen hits a monkey flip and armdrag to take the advantage back. Hart tags Shamrock who hits a fishermans suplex for a two count. No sign of The Rock in this one yet. D-lo finally tags The Rock who gets a mixed reaction. The Rock is quick to get out of the ring, he wants no piece of Shamrock. Shamrock fights The Rock in the entranceway and into the crowd.

This feels like the first time on this PPV we’ll be getting the whole match. The Rock, who is now the leader of The Nation tags in D-lo. Shamrock tags Owen in and they hit a double back body drop and Owen covers D-lo for a two. The Rock clubs Hart from behind to give the Nation the advantage. No sign of Kama Mustafa or Mark Henry. I think some has been edited out as Ken Shamrock is now back in the ring and he hits a hurricanrana on D-lo and then locks on the Ankle Lock! D-lo taps out and it’s Shamrock and Owen that win the match!

Rating: N/A

Goldust vs. Cactus Jack

This is a first time meeting on PPV between these two. Cactus takes the early advantage after Goldust went for the handshake. Jack hits a back body drop and it’s the former tag team champion that stomps away at Goldust. Luna soon gets involved, grabbing Cactus Jacks leg. Goldust who is now wrestling in a short sleeved version of his old wrestling attire hits Cactus with some big right hands. Goldust hits an elbow for a two count then locks on a chinlock. Goldust seems to be growing his hair. Cactus hits Goldust with a clothesline and follows it up with some big right hands. Cactus hits the Double Armed DDT but he’s close to the ropes and Luna pulls Goldust out of the ring. Cactus suplexes him back in but Luna grabs Jacks legs and Goldust lands on top of him and pins him for the three! Luna help the leg but it’s a win for Goldust none the less! Cactus takes it to Goldust after the bell but Luna jumps on Jacks back and here comes Sable! We’ve got a catfight. Mero and Goldust try to get between them but it’s all kicking off.

Rating: N/A

The New Age Outlaws (Road Dogg & Billy Gunn) (c) vs. LOD 2000 (Hawk & Animal) – Tag Team Championship Match

The sound is really bad on this. The New Age Outlaws are of course members of D-Generation X these days. Billy Gunn and Animal kick things off. Animal hits a powerbomb in the early going then clotheslines Billy Gunn out of the ring. Billy gets up and starts doing press-ups. Road Dogg tags in and so does Hawk. Hawk hits a clothesline causing Road Dogg to crawl back to his corner. Hawk throws Road Dogg into Billy Gunn and hits a clothesline on the Dogg. Road Dogg gets out of the way of a shoulder barge in the corner then tags Billy Gunn. Billy Gunn tags Road Dogg as the crowd chant for “LOD”. Road Dogg locks on a chinlock but Hawk won’t submit. Road Dogg tags Billy Gunn who hits some right hands.

There ust have been an edit again because it’s Animal that is in now. Gunn tags Road Dogg and the Outlaws hit a double elbow for a near fall. Road Dogg misses a guillotine on the ropes and tags Billy Gunn. Gunn tags Road Dogg and Animal tags Hawk! Hawk takes out both men and all four men are in. Animal pops Road Dogg up on his shoulder but in comes Chyna who hits a low blow on Animal! The New Age Outlaws are disqualified so it’s LOD 2000 with the win but the Outlaws keep their titles!

Rating: N/A

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin (c) vs. Triple H – WWF Championship Match

This is Austins first defence of his WWF title. He only won the belt 6 days ago from Shawn Michaels. Austin has the advantage in the early going. Triple H hits a big right hand. There seems to be dried blood on the mat, I don’t know where that came from. These two men led their respective teams at No Way Out a month ago. Austin hits the Lou Thesz press and goes for the Stunner but Triple H escapes the ring. The two men fight outside the ring and Austin drops Triple H on the barricade. Back in the ring and it’s all Austin. The champion hits an inverted atomic drop but Triple H hits a knee to the face. This is the second meeting between these two men on major shows. Austin previously beat Triple H at In Your House 11: Buried Alive back in 1997. Austin won that one with a little help from Mr Perfect. Triple H works Austins left knee now.

Triple H kicks Austin to the outside now where Chyna smashes him with a forearm. It would be shocking if Triple H was to win the title tonight. Triple H locks on a figure four now. Triple H uses the ropes for extra leverage. Triple H tells the referee to fuck off. Austin eventually reverses the hold but Chyna gets involved and Steve breaks the hold. Triple H continues with the advantage, going right back after Austins left knee. Triple H gets a two count off the back of a knee to Austins face. Triple H goes to the top rope but Austin is up and hits Helmsley with a right hand. It’s a comeback for the champion now who hits four big clotheslines. Triple H goes for the Pedigree but Austin drops down and slingshots Triple H into the referee! Chyna gets into the ring but Austin Stunner her then Stunners Triple H. The referee gets up and counts the three for Stone Cold! The crowd give Austin a big ovation as he celebrates with his gold.

Rating: N/A

The Undertaker vs. Kane

This is the big rematch from Wrestlemania 14. The Undertaker won that big match. The Undertaker comes out dressed in street clothes, almost looks like Crush. DX attack The Undertaker on his way to the ring! That seemed unprovoked. Kane has the advantage early on after the attack from DX and he smashes Undertaker into the ring steps. In the ring and Kane chokes Undertaker wit his boot in the corner then hits a hard Irish whip. Undertaker starts a comeback, hitting some boots to the middle section and right hands. It’s odd seeing The Undertaker in black jeans a a sleeveless denim shirt. He hits a clothesline and a chokeslam! Kane sits right back up. and Undertaker hits him with The Tombstone. He covers Kane and it’s over. The Undertaker beats Kane for the second time in a week. That was short. Although probably edited again. Undertaker hammers Paul Bearer for good measure.

Rating: N/A

And that was Mayhem in Manchester. It felt very much like a house show and not a major event at all. The production on it was really bad and hard to follow. This version was heavily edited, there doesn’t seem to be a full version out there. That it why I have chosen not to review the matches. The highlight on the night was probably when Shamrock teased D-lo by stretching his hand out before realising he was in the wrong corner. He and Owen Hart burst out laughing and The Rock shouted “bring him over here dumbass”. The only other notable thing coming out of this was DX attacking The Undertaker. Could that lead to something? Don’t rush out to watch this one, especially the edited version, it’s the worst show I’ve seen to this point.

Overall Rating: Bad. (Ranked 80th out of 80)

Match Of The Night: N/A
Worst Match Of The Night: N/A
Surprise Of The Night: Goldust beats Cactus Jack
Worst Booking Of The Night: Brakkus loses on his debut
Superstar Of The Night: Austin?
Mayhem In Manchester Will Be Remembered For: Absolutely nothing.Oh, actually, Undertaker wrestling in his street clothes.

One thought on “Mayhem In Manchester

  1. Seven things of note:

    1.The intro stupidly gave away the finish to the LOD/Outlaws match.

    2.The font for the Mayhem in Manchester logo looks very similar to that of the early Resident Evil games.

    3.The picture quality of this event looks just like those CZW shows that you can easily find on YouTube.

    4.Prior to this event, Brakus wrestled in ECW, even getting a huge “Steroids” chant from the ECW Arena crowd at Cyber Slam 1998, where he jobbed to Taz in under six minutes.

    5.Before losing to Bradshaw, Mero was accompanied to ringside by Sable, and then sent her to the back.

    6.Despite becoming the LOD’s manager at WrestleMania 14 one week prior, Sunny didn’t accompany the LOD to the ring for their match against the Outlaws, probably because WWF couldn’t be botherered to spring for her air fare.

    7.Triple H’s nametag during his entrance was mispelled “Triple HHH”.

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