Summerslam 98

| Date: August 30 1998 | Venue: Madison Square Garden
| City: New York City, New York
| Attendance: 21,588 | Buyrate: 700,000

Highway To Hell. That is what the WWF has been on for the past few months with all of the summers build leading up to this epic pay per view. Look at that buyrate of 700,000. That is the third biggest buyrate for a WWF PPV at this point, behind Wrestlemania 5 and Wrestlemania 14. Even as I write this in 2016 it is the highest buyrate of any PPV ever outside of Wrestlemania and Invasion 2001. That shows how popular the product was at this point.

So why is it so popular? Why are the people tuning in? For starts we have “Stone Cold” Steve Austin defending his WWF title against The Undertaker. The Undertaker won number one contendership back in July by beating Mankind. Everybody has wanted to know whether The Undertaker and Kane are in cahoots and we finally found out that they are. You’ll remember that Austin and Undertaker won the tag team titles at the last PPV, Fully Loaded, well they lost them back to Mankind and Kane after Kane beat Undertaker with a chokeslam. A chokeslam. The brothers have revealed their loyalty to one another and although Undertaker has said he doesn’t want Kane to get involved tonight, will he? Undertaker previously beat Austin on PPV at Cold Day In Hell: In Your House in 1997, can he repeat it tonight and win the title? We’ll have to see.

Kane is in action tonight defending his tag team titles with Mankind against The New Age Outlaws. Kane and Mankind haven’t been seeing eye to eye recently and Mankind was not happy with Kane and Undertakers treatment of Paul Bearer so it will be interesting to see if they can function tonight. The Intercontinental title will also be defended tonight when The Rock takes on Triple H in a ladder match. Triple H beat DX teammate X Pac to win number one contendership with a little help from Chyna, potentially causing a rift in the faction. In a devious move, The Nation then locked DX in their locker room and bullied Chyna, only for Shawn Michaels to make the save. Tensions have been running high between DX and The Nation since Wrestlemania and the feud continues tonight.

DX’s X Pac will also be in action tonight against Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett has had a new attitude as of late, disassociating himself from Tennessee Lee and carrying around a guitar with the phrase “don’t piss me off” on. Needless to say, he’s been using the guitar as a weapon. Jarrett has also been shaving wrestlers heads and recently took a chunk out of X Pac, so tonight the two will meet in a hair vs hair match where the loser will have their head shaved. Twp men that have had quite the rivalry recently, Ken Shamrock and Owen Hart will also be in action tonight, this time in a Lions Den match. It will be contested in an MMA style octagon, something Shamrock is very familiar with. Dan Severn recently turned on Shamrock, renewing their UFC rivalry and has been training Owen for this match. With Owen winning in his home last month, can Shamrock win in his?

Another feud with a lot of history is between Marc Mero and Sable. Mero and Jacqueline challenged Sable to a mixed tag team match at Summerslam with Sable having to find a partner for the occasion. She’s recently been aligned with the Oddities so could we see one of them with Sable tonight? It’s unlikely as The Oddities will be in action against Kaientai who have now strengthened with Taka Michinoku. Taka turned heel on Val Venis after revealing that Yamaguchi Sans wife was Taka’s sister and the Light Heavyweight champion joined his fellow countrymen. So let’s get to it.

Things kick off with a video package about Undertaker and Kane. Austin knew it was a conspiracy all along and now he has to deal with both brothers. The shot changes to the familiar stadium of Madison Square Garden. Fireworks and Jim Ross welcome us to Summerslam 98. Ross is joined by Jerry Lawler and we’re straight into it.

D-lo Brown (c) vs. Val Venis – European Title Match

Val Venis opens the show for the second PPV in a row. There has been no build to this match whatsoever so I’m expecting D-lo to win. Venis is undefeated in PPV though so you never know. Venis grabs the microphone and says that he came, he saw and he came again. The fans love it. D-lo is announced that he is from Helsinki, Finland! This is a first PPV defence for D-lo since beating Triple H for the gold. There is n Nation presence at ringside for this one. D-lo has only not wrestled on one PPV this year and that was King Of The Ring. He has his chest protector on. I love how you can see the entrance way on the hard camera on Madison Square Garden shows. Val Venis tries a forearm on the chest but it does nothing to D-lo because of the chest protector. This is a Summerslam debut for both of these men. D-lo takes Val down with a chest bump.

This is D-lo’s second PPV in singles action, he beat X Pac at Fully Loaded. Venis hits a side Russian leg sweep, drop toe hold and a dropkick to send D-lo out of the ring. Val has had his problems with Kaientai as of late whilst D-lo has been mixing it up with DX. Lots of quick action in this one with both men bouncing off the ropes and countering each others moves until Venis hits a spinebuster for a two count. We see a shot of Edge in the crowd. Edge actually attacked D-lo a few weeks ago on Raw. D-lo hits a suplex on Venis as the pace slows down. It must be quite hard to wrestle D-lo with that chest protector on. This is definitely the biggest show either of these men have wrestled on up to now. D-lo hits a legdrop for a two count. He follows that up with a dropkick for another near fall. Venis tries to scoop D-lo up but can’t do it. D-lo hits a slam of his own and an elbow off the second rope for a two. Val goes for a suplex but once again can’t get D-lo up. D-lo takes Val down and locks on a Texas Cloverleaf. D-lo breaks the hold which is a bit odd.

Scoop slam from D-lo then back to the second rope but Venis gets out of the way. It’s advantage Val Venis now. He hits a back body drop then goes to the top but D-lo catches him on the way down and hits a version of his Low Down! But D-lo can’t find it in him to cover the challenger. He eventually does and gets a two. D-lo hits a DDT and gets another two. The European champion then heads to the top but Val gets up and tries for a superplex but D-lo blocks it and knocks Val down. D-lo then flies off the top but Val catches and slams D-lo into the ground for another near fall. Venis hits a double armed suplex and a scoop slam. He heads to the top and goes for the Money Shot but D-lo gets his knees up to block it! A “D-lo” chant breaks out now but that;s followed by a “D-lo sucks” chant. D-lo goes for a powerbomb but he drops Val right on his head. D-lo then gets Val back up and this time hits a running powerbomb!

D-lo goes to the top to hit his Frog Splash but Val rolls out of the way and D-lo eats the canvas! Both men have missed their top rope finishers. Val hits a clothesline and takes off the chest protector! Val hits a powerslam and puts on the chest protector. The referee asks him to take it off but Val goes to the top and the referee accidentally crotches Val as he climbs to the top! Val gets up though and manages to slam D-lo but the referee continues to try and take the chest protector off Venis. Val throws the referee across the ring and D-lo manages to get the chest protector off Venis! The referee is up though and calls for the bell! It’s a DQ win for D-lo! Venis shouldn’t have put his hands on the referee. Val isn’t happy and after the bell he slams the referee and hits the Money Shot on him! A decent way to start the night but I don’t think it’s over between these two.

Rating: 6/10

Michael Cole is backstage showing us the Hurst that Stone Cold Steve Austin destroyed on Heat thinking Undertaker and Kane were in it. Mankind is back there wondering how he can take it back, he wanted to put Kane in it. He has a sledgehammer for Kane later?

Kaientai (Taka Michinoku, Mens Teioh, Dick Togo & Funaki) vs. The Oddities (Kurrgan, Giant Silva & Golga)

This is a 4 vs. 3 handicap match with the smaller Kaientai guys have 4 against The Oddities 3. Taka Michinoku starts off against Golga. The Oddities entrance has been cut off from the Network version of this so they don’t have to pay for the Insane Clown Posse’s music. Golga takes down all the members of Kaientai then steals Yamaguchi Sans shoe before pouring water in it! Golga is making his PPV debut tonight somewhat, he is actually the former Earthquake wrestling under a mask. Golga tags Kurrgan who is a much more friendly Kurrgan than before. Funaki is tagged in and Kurrgan throws him across the ring. Kurrgan hits a big slam and the other members of Kaientai comes in but don’t haver any luck, Kurrgan throws them around like dolls. The Oddities have Luna and the Insane Clown Posse with them. Kurrgan tags The Giant Silva who is making his PPV debut tonight. None of Kaientai want to get in the ring with this guy, he is huge.

Taka gets in the ring and then tags Togo. Silva is wrestling in blue tracksuit bottoms and a pink shirt. He throws Togo across the ring then all four of Kaientai are in the ring but Silva gets rid of them all. Silva stacks Kaientai up in the corner and then squashes them all before throwing them all across the ring into the other corner. Kaientai exit the ring and Silva throws Taka over the ropes at them for good measure. Golga is tagged in and Dick Togo comes in but Golga hits a big powerslam. Funaki and Teioh come in and hit a double slam on Golga finally giving the little guys the advantage. All four of Kaientai then hit big splashes on Golga one after the other. Then they hit elbows one after the other. This is how midgets wrestle regular sized people. Golga manages to knock down all four men with one clothesline. Golga then tags Kurrgan who takes shots at all of Kaientai. He hits a sidewalk slam on Funaki which was the move that beat all of DOA back at Survivor Series. All 7 men are in the ring and in comes Yamaguchi San with his trainer but Luna takes care of him. Golga then hits a big splash on all four members of Kaientai and that’s enough for the win! The Oddities win this fun match. Nothing special but just good fun with some good spots.

Rating: 5.5/10

Jeff Jarrett vs. X Pac – Hair vs. Hair match

Jeff Jarrett comes out wielding his guitar with the words “don’t piss me off” on. Southern Justice accompany the former Intercontinental champion. Sgt Slaughter comes out to get rid of Southern Justice. X Pac comes out with The Fink who had his hair shaved off by Jeff Jarrett on Sunday Night Heat. The Fink has a bowtie over his DX t-shirt. The loser of this match will have his head shaved but it’s worth noting that Double J has had a considerable hair cut recently. Jarrett starts well until he gets caught in the mouth with a spinning heel kick. X Pac then clotheslines him over the top rope and hits a flying body press. The hair vs. hair aspect of this match makes it much more interesting as the match didn’t have a lot of build in the lead up. Jarrett crotches X Pac into the ringpost on the outside of the ring. Jarrett may not have had much of a push as of late but he has had a lot of PPV matches albeit losing to the likes of Val Venis and Ken Shamrock. X Pac made his PPV debut at the 1993 Summerslam event as the 123 Kid in a match against I.R.S. Jarrett gets the first near fall of the match after a powerslam.

This is Jeff Jarretts second Summerslam appearance, he previously beat Mabel at the 1994 event. Jarrett locks on a sleeper now. X Pac reverses the sleeper but Jarrett drops him on the top rope. X Pac uses it to his advantage and comes off the top rope with a cross body but Jeff ducks out of the way. X Pac previously lost to I.R.S and Hakushi at Summerslam events, he’s looking for his first Summerslam win. Ross’s commentary sounds like it’s coming through the loud speaker in the arena for a minute. Jarrett locks on the figure four and X Pac sells it well. Pac tries to roll onto his stomach but Jarrett blocks it. X Pac kicks Jarrett into the turnbuckle then hits a suplex on Jarrett. Both men get up and X Pac hits a big spinning heel kick and a Bronco Buster! He can’t keep the advantage though as Jarrett goes to the top and hits a cross body but X Pac rolls through and gets a near fall. X Pac hits a powerbomb for another near fall.

This is the second time these men have met on PPV, with X Pac previously beating Jarrett at King Of The Ring 94. The pair exchange near fall as The Fink cheers on X Pac. He goes for another Bronco Buster but Jarrett lifts his foot up. Fink gets up on the apron but Jarrett hammer him down to the floor. He turns around into X Pacs finisher and kicks out! Southern Justice come back down to the ring and Dennis Knight (formally Phineas Godwinn) attempts to nail X Pac with the guitar but X Pac grabs the guitar and leather Jarrett with it! X Pac pins Jeff and gets the three! X Pac wins the match! The New Age Outlaws run down to fight off Southern Justice then The Headbangers and Droz run out to assist X Pac in shaving Jeff Jarrett hair off! X Pac struggles with the clippers and some scissors appear! The scissors does the trick and Jarretts hair is cut from his head! I love how WWFs baldest superstars are out there helping X Pac. Methodman is shown in the crowd enjoying himself.

Rating: 6/10

Dox Hendrix is somewhere outside of the Lions Den which we’ll see later on.

Michael Cole is backstage with The Rock. We see some footage from earlier with The Rock smashing Triple H in the back of the knee with the Intercontinental title. Great interview with The Rock where he throws back to the “jabronis” at ringside.

Marc Mero & Jacqueline vs. Sable & Edge

Edge is the mystery partner for Sable in this one. Sable is now joint with Alundra Blayze and Leilani Kai for most matches for a woman on PPV with 4. She has lost 2 of her previous 3. One loss to Marc Mero and one loss to Luna. Sable introduces Edge as her partner and he comes through the crowd. This is a PPV debut for Edge. Mero has gone back to his old look with linger hair and the moustache. Mero and Edge kick things off and Edge hits a flying head scissors. Mero has wrestled at Summerslam once before in a losing effort to Goldust in 1996. Mero tags Jacqueline and in comes Sable but Jacqueline retreats and tags Mero. Edge comes back in and hits a flapjack. Jacqueline distracts Edge allowing Mero to take the advantage. Jacqueline gets involved again, slapping Edge. Mero goes for the TKO but Edge counters into a DDT. The men then tag the women and Sable goes to work on Jacqueline.

Sable hits some big kicks then throws Jacqueline across the ring before clobbering Mero. Jacqueline tags Mero and Sable kicks him in the nuts then goes for the Sable Bomb but Jacqueline makes sure that doesn’t happen. This is Jacquelines PPV debut in a proper match. Sable hits the TKO on her but Mero breaks up the pin. This is enough to distract Sable, allowing Jacqueline to attack her from behind and take the advantage. Mero then holds Sable but Jacqueline accidentally nails Mero! Sable tags Edge and he flies out of the ring on Mero! Jacqueline gets on Edges back but he shakes her off and gives her a spanking over his knee! Edge then goes to the top and hits a cross body on Mero but he kicks out. Edge hits a big neckbreaker and Jacqueline puts her mans foot on the rope. Jacqueline distracts Edge and this time Mero clobbers her! Mero hits a Samoan Drop then goes up to the top but Edge crotches him! Edge tags Sable and she hits a hurricanrana on Mero off the top!

Jacqueline comes of the top to break up the pin but Sable moves and Jacqueline hits Mero! Edge hits his finisher the Downward Spiral then drops Sable on top of Mero for the three count! Edge and Sable win the match! That’s a big win for Edge on his PPV debut and a big loss for Jacqueline on her first PPV match. Edge leaves through the crowd and it’s another win for babyfaces tonight.

Rating: 6.25/10

Michael Cole is backstage with Mankind. Cole lets us know that Kane isn’t turning up tonight, will Mankind defend his titles tonight? Mankind says Cole should be his tag partner tonight. Vince McMahon then turns up and convinces Mankind to defend his titles tonight at Madison Square Garden. McMahon guarantees that if Mankind can win tonight then he’ll be in the Madison Square Garden Hall Of Fame by next week. McMahon then hands Mankind some candles as weapons. Great sign of by Mankind, he’s got 13 words for the Outlaws….how much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood…

We get a video package now for Ken Shamrock and Owen Hart. Both men have snapped as of late and Dan Severn has got involved too. He’s training Owen Hart for this MMA style match.

Owen Hart vs. Ken Shamrock – Lions Den Match

This match is fought in an MMA style Octagon in a separate theatre within Madison Square Garden. This is the second match between Hart and Shamrock on PPV, Hart beat Shamrock in the Dungeon Match at Fully Loaded. They were also on opposite teams at Canadian Stampede in a match Owen won for his team. This match is right up Shamrocks street. It’s a very small octagon. The door is chained shut. Shamrock locks on an armbar very quickly but Owen gets out of it. Owen hits a spinebuster and the two men exchange right hands on the mat. Shamrock hits a suplex then locks on a sleeper. Hart hits a low blow to get out of it but anything goes. Only Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker and Bret Hart have fought in more PPV matches than Owen Hart. Shamrock hits a clothesline then chokes Owen with his own shirt.

This is Shamrocks second Summerslam, he lost to British Bulldog at last years event. Shamrock hiptosses Owen but Owen throws Ken into the support of the cage. Hart then hits his trademark enzeguri. It’s all Hart at the moment as he drops Shamrock face first onto the chainlink fence then follows it up with a backbreaker. A “nugget” chant breaks out and Shamrock counters a piledriver attempt with a back body drop. Owen hits another low blow then tries for a hurricanrana but Shamrock powerbombs him. Ken hits a clothesline then flies off the cage with a back elbow. He tries for it again but this time Owen catches and slams him into the mat. Owen hits a belly to belly suplex then locks on the Sharpshooter! Shamrock climbs up the cage which breaks the hold. Shamrock then hits a spinning DDT. Owen then goes for the choke that Dan Severn taught him but Shamrock climbs up the cage and gets out of the hold before locking on the Ankle Lock! He locks it on and Dan Severn leaves just as Owen Hart taps out! Ken Shamrock wins the match! Shamrock celebrates on top of the cage. I enjoyed that match much more than I thought I would.

Rating: 7/10

Backstage now to “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. Michael Cole tells him that The Undertaker has said that he’s here alone. Austin doesn’t trust The Undertaker and he’ll do what it takes to hang on to the WWF title.

Mankind (c) vs. The New Age Outlaws (Road Dogg & Billy Gunn) – Tag Team Title Match

Well Kane isn’t here tonight so Mankind has to defend the Tag Team title on his own. Mankind, like Owen Hart, The Rock and Steve Austin has fought on every PPV so far in 1998. The Outlaws missed Fully Loaded which is the only major show they’ve not wrestled on this year. At Wrestlemania 14 earlier in the year, The Outlaws defended their tag team titles against Mick Foley (then as Cactus Jack) and Chainsaw Charlie. The Outlaws bring out a dumpster but Mankind clobbers both men with a metal tray. Billy Gunn is undefeated at Summerslam, he’s won 3 matches at the event. The Outlaws double team Mankind in the early going and take it in turns to take shots with  metal tray. Mankind gets rid of Billy Gunn then takes it to both challengers individually. He gets the first near fall of the match against Billy Gunn. Falls count anywhere in this one. You can’t help but feel  bit sorry for Mankind. Road Dogg sets up a table in the corner but Mankind hiptosses Billy Gunn through it!

The Outlaws hit a double neckbreaker for a near fall. They then hit a double powerbomb through two chairs for another near fall. Oddly the first chord of the Outlaws theme music played after that near fall. The challengers hit a spike piledriver on the tag team title for the three count. The New Age Outlaws win and become three time tag team champions. The Road Dogg announces them as the winners. They then pick Mankind up and drop him in the dumpster. Kane then pops out of the dumpster. He picks up a sledgehammer and (presumably) drops it on Mankind! The Outlaws scarper and Kane soon follows, taking the dumpster with him.

Rating: 6.25/10

A video package is next for Triple H and The Rock. We see some highlights from the last few weeks of Raw with Triple H dressing up as The Rock and The Rock costing Triple H the European title. The Rock introduced a ladder in a street fight and Triple H would challenge The Rock to a ladder match. The Rock then locked DX in their locker room and humiliated Chyna. It was actually Shawn Michaels that made the save.

The Rock (c) vs. Triple H – Intercontinental Title Match

The Rock has been champion all year, he’s had one hell of a reign. The DX band sing live for Triple H’s entrance and they’re awful. Triple H is accompanied by Chyna and The Rock comes out with Mark Henry. Mark Henry seems very into Chyna. The last ladder match on PPV was between Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon at Summerslam 95. This is the third PPV match between these two. The Rock won the first at In Your House: Final 4 and the second was a draw. The two men slug it out in the early going and The Rock goes for the Rock Bottom but Triple H elbows his way out of it. Chyna is looking better than she’s ever looked. Triple H goes for the Pedigree but The Rock back body drops him out of the ring. The two men fight in the narrow entrance way then back to the ring. Triple H hits a high knee. Remember, The Rock defeated Triple H for the Intercontinental title back at the beginning of 1997. They were two very different superstars back then.

The Rock grabs the ladder and very slowly walks it towards the ring. The Rock reverses an Irish whip, sending Triple H into the ladder. This is the 12th consecutive PPV The Rock has fought on, more than anyone else in the company right now. Rock climbs the ladder but Triple H comes off the top and hits him off it. Helmsley is first up and he swings the ladder into the champion before climbing up the ladder but The Rock pulls him off. The Rock starts to work Triple H’s knee now. This is a Summerslam debut for The Rock whilst Triple H has previously beaten Bob Holly in 1995 and lost to Mankind in 1997. The Rock smashes a steel chair in Helmsleys knee before wrapping his leg around the ring post. On the last PPV, Fully Loaded, 4 members of the Nation were in action and none of them lost. So far the Nation is 1-1 whilst DX are 2-0 up. The Rock sets up the ladder and slowly climbs up it but just as he gets to the top, Triple H shoves him off. Triple H throws the ladder out of the ring then throws The Rock out of the ring.

The Rock catapults Triple H face first into the ladder. Helmsley then crawls up the entrance way but manages to block an attack from The Rock. Triple H then attempts a Pedigree on the ladder outside of the ring but The Rock back body drops him right on the steel. Chyna sees to Triple H whilst Mark Henry throws another ladder in the ring. The first one was bent out of shape. The Rock climbs the ladder and Mark Henry goes to stop Triple H but gets a right hand for his troubles. The Rock is so slow in the ring. Chyna hammers Mark Henry to get rid of him which allows Helmsley to push The Rock off the ladder. The Rock falls to the outside and Triple H baseball slides the ladder into his face which busts The Rock wide open! Hunter then slowly climbs up the ladder but The Rock pushes him off. Both men slowly get to their feet and The Rock takes Triple H down with a DDT.

The one thing that frustrates me in ladder matches is how slowly they climb up the ladder. Both men climb up the ladder and exchange right hands but it’s The Rock that shoves Helmsley off. Helmsley bounces off a set up ladder and into the ladder that The Rock is on, knocking the champion off. Chyna hands Triple H a chair and he smashes the ladder into The Rock with the chair! Both men get up and The Rock slams Triple H on the ladder. He then motions for the Peoples Elbow and hits it on the ladder which gets a huge pop from the crowd! A “Rocky” chant then breaks out. The champion is seriously over. He is a huge favourite of mine. He then hits the Rock Bottom in the middle of the ring. Rocky climbs up the ladder again but Triple H pulls him down by his tights. The challenger then hits the Pedigree and the crowd lose it! Mark Henry throws powder in Triple H’s eyes! He can’t see much but Triple H slowly climbs the ladder. The Rock climbs up the other side but Chyna nails The Rock with a low blow! Rocky hits the mat and Triple H slowly climbs the ladder and grabs the gold! Triple H wins the match and becomes a two time Intercontinental champion! DX come out and celebrate with Triple H, what a night for DX!

Rating: 8.25/10

I wonder if there was supposed to be a video package for Austin and Undertaker now. I seem to remember one with the AC/DC track which would be why it isn’t used on this edit of the show.

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin (c) vs. The Undertaker – WWF Title Match

This match has had two months of build which makes it a very big main event. The Undertaker lost the WWF back at Summerslam last year to Bret Hart and now a year later he has the chance to win it back. Will Kane get involved? Austin has his own WWF title belt now, the Smoking Skull Belt. We’ve had two title changes already tonight, could it be 3? These two have met in one on one action on PPV once before and it was The Undertaker that beat Austin at In Your House: Cold Day In Hell one year ago. It’s back and forth in the early going with the crowd behind Austin. Austin has wrestled on one Summerslam before, he beat Owen Hart last year. The Undertaker has lost at the last two Summerslams to Bret Hart and Mankind. Undertaker hits a suplex and drops an elbow but tries for a second and Austin gets out of the way. Undertaker then drops Austin on the top rope for a two count. The Undertaker is now joint with Shawn Michaels for most PPV matches, joint second to Bret Hart. Austin drops Undertaker down to the canvas and wraps the Dead mans knee into the ring post.

Back in the ring and Undertaker hits his trademark flying clothesline. This is Undertakers first WWF title shot on PPV since the Royal Rumble when Kane cost him the match against Shawn Michaels. Undertaker twists the arm and goes for his move off the top rope but Austin pulls him down. Kane then walks up the entrance ramp and stares at Austin. The Undertaker looks at Kane and tells him to go to the back. Kane obliges and Austin and Undertaker slug it out. Undertaker then hits a big chokeslam from one side of the ring to the other. The two then go at it on the outside of the ring. The two men battle into the crowd where Undertaker back drops Austin on the concrete floor. Undertaker clothesline Austin over the barricade and back into the ringside area. The two then go at it in the ring and Austin goes for the Stunner but Undertaker backs out of it all the way outside the ring before drilling Austins spine into the ring post. Both men are two time WWF champions. Undertaker beat Hulk Hogan and Sycho Sid, Austin beat Shawn Michaels and Kane.

Undertaker starts taking apart the Spanish announce table, then throws Austin on the table, choking him out. Undertaker climbs to the top of the nearest ring post then comes off with a gigantic leg drop! Both men lay in a heap under the announce table. Undertaker rolls Austin back into the ring and gets a two count. The two men then attempt clotheslines and both men hit the deck. Austin starts a comeback, hitting chops and his trademark Lou Thesz press. He bounces off the ropes and hits an elbow. It’s Undertaker with the next big move though, he chokeslams Austin into the mat and then signals for the Tombstone. He scoops Austin up but the champion slides down the back. Undertaker crotches Undertaker on the top rope and hits a side Russian leg sweep. Undertaker twists the arm and goes to the top and once again goes for his single axe handle but Austin catches him with a low blow then hits the Stone Cold Stunner! Austin covers Undertaker and gets the three! Austin wins the match and retains the title! Undertaker gets up at the same point as Austin and grabs the WWF title belt before handing it to the champ! Undertaker leaves and Kane arrives! The two brothers then just stare down Austin from the entrance way as he celebrates. Good main event to a great PPV.

Rating: 7.5/10 


And that was the epic PPV bonanza that was Summerslam 1998. 8 matches that really delivered and you couldn’t help think that this was a big show. Austin retained his WWF title against an professional Undertaker. It makes you wonder where they can go from there. Maybe some sort of Austin and Mankind against Undertaker and Kane feud? I like a singles feud over the WWF title but you never know. Kane and Mankind are no longer tag team partners or friends after Kane smashed Mankind with a sledgehammer following what was essentially  handicap match. I’m happy with that as I’m a fan of proper tag teams and it’ll bring back a proper tag team division hopefully.

The big title change was Triple H winning the Intercontinental title which brings a lot of credibility to a hot title. Hopefully The Rock will go further up the card towards the WWF title as I am a big Rock fan. You can see how over the guy is now and maybe he’ll turn face in the near future. That was definitely match of the night for me. Great ladder match, that had a lot to live up to. Overall, a good night for DX as X Pac also beat Jeff Jarrett. They had trouble with the clippers when shaving Jarretts head and he’ll have to sort out the mess that they left. That gives DX a lot of momentum heading into the autumn. I can definitely see X Pac getting into the European title picture. Maybe DX can win all the gold?

Speaking of the European title, D-lo retained his belt and he’s having a great run at the moment. I’m not sure if the feud will continue but the result was a great way to have D=lo retain the belt without beating Val Venis cleanly. It also shows that Venis is a bit hot headed. Val has beef with Kaientai and Dustin Runnels so maybe he’ll move onto them next whilst I can see D-lo feuding with Edge, the man who speared him on Raw a few weeks ago. I’m not sure where Kaientai and The Oddities go, they both seem like comic relief to be honest. The Oddities have been feuding with Marc Mero so maybe that’s going somewhere whilst Kaientai have been feuding with Val Venis. I’d like to see the Light Heavyweight division make a comeback as that has been dead since Wrestlemania.

So overall a decent pay per view that featured all of the top WWF superstars. I’d like to see more guys get a main event push as Austin, Undertaker, Kane and Mankind need company. It’s not getting stale because the storylines are great but there needs to be more guys involved. I think this show is a must see for wrestling fans, it was a show that showcased guys like Austin and Undertaker at their peak whilst The Rock, Triple H and Mankind were on their way to the top and guys like Edge were just starting out.

Overall Rating: 66/100 (Ranked 3rd out of 85)

Match Of The Night: The Rock vs. Triple H
Worst Match Of The Night: Kaientai vs. The Oddities
Surprise Of The Night: Undertaker stays as a babyface
Worst Booking Of The Night: None
Superstar Of The Night: “Stone Cold” Steve Austin
Summerslam 98 Will Be Remembered For: It’s awesome card.

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