King Of The Ring 2002

| Date: June 23rd, 2002
| Venue: Nationwide Arena | City: Columbus, Ohio
| Attendance: 14, 198 | Buyrate: 320, 000

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The tenth annual King Of The Ring pay per view is upon us and as we would later find out, it is also the last ever KOTR PPV. The King Of The Ring tournament takes centre stage as it always does in June and like we have come accustomed to in recent years, tonight will house the semi finals and final of the tournament. It’s the first tournament of the draft era and so there are two Smackdown superstars and two Raw superstars left. On one side of the bracket Rob Van Dam, who defeated Eddie Guerrero and X Pac in previous rounds takes on Smackdowns Chris Jericho who got a bye into the quater finals as Edge wasn’t able to compete before defeating Val Venis in the quaters. In the other semi final Raw’s Brock Lesnar who previous defeated Bubba Ray Dudley and Booker T, takes on Test who has beaten The Hurricane and Hardcore Holly. So with Chris Jericho the most experienced, Rob Van Dam the people’s favourite, Brock Lesnar the dominant monster and Test the dark horse in the tournament, who will become King Of The Ring?

The WWE Undisputed Championship will be defended tonight as The Undertaker, who beat Hulk Hogan for the gold back at Judgment Day, takes on number one contender Triple H. Triple H became number one contender firstly by winning a battle royal, however he and Hulk Hogan tumbled over the top rope at the same time so Helmsley and Hogan went one on one to decide who would face Undertaker at King Of The Ring and it was Triple H who came out on top. Undertaker and Triple H have been at each others throat since Undertaker cost Triple H the Undisputed title to Hulk Hogan at Backlash and tonight Triple H gets his revenge.

There are two other title matches tonight. Trish Stratus will be defending her Women’s title against Molly Holly. We’ve seen a different side to Molly as of late as she goes on her mission to become the first pure Women’s champion. Trish gave her the opportunity to fight for the gold should Molly defeat Trish in a non title match. Molly did just that and cemented herself as number one contender. The Hurricane became Cruiserweight Champion, beating Tajiri on Smackdown. Since then he has had cryptic messages, claiming that someone from his past is coming back. It turned out to be Tough Enough winner Nidia who has previously had a relationship with Helms. Nidia introduced Hurricane to her new boyfriend, Jamie Noble who went on to beat Billy Kidman in a number one contenders match for the Cruiserweight title. Jamie Noble meets The Hurricane for his gold tonight.

There are two other big matches tonight, one from Raw and one from Smackdown, featuring two legends and two future legends. From Smackdown, Hulk Hogan goes one on one with the man that recently attacked him backstage Kurt Angle. These two Real Americans have had a war of words over recent weeks with Hogan telling Angle that it’s ok to be bald. Kurt has hid his baldness with a wig held on by amateur wrestling headgear. Then representing Raw, Ric Flair takes on Eddie Guerrero. Guerrero was due to fight Stone Cold Steve Austin but Austin walked out of the WWE. Guerrero blamed Flair for Austin leaving and challenged him to a match at King Of The Ring. Flair accepted and they go toe to toe tonight.

A video package kicks us off taking us through previous King Of The Rings. Bret Hart, Owen Hart, Steve Austin, Triple H, Kurt Angle and Edge (they missed out Mabel, Ken Shamrock and Billy Gunn). There’s some sound bites from this years semi finalists. Jim Ross then welcomes us to the 10th annual King Of The Ring pay per view.

Chris Jericho vs. Rob Van Dam – King Of The Ring semi-final

This is the second meeting between these two men on pay per view. Van Dam previously beat Jericho at Unforgiven 2001. RVD is the Intercontinental Champion but this is of course a non title match. Van Dam beat X Pac in the quater finals whilst Jericho beat Val Venis. It’s a KOTR debut for Rob Van Dam whilst Jericho has never got this far in the tournament before. Jericho has fought at two KOTR PPVs before and lost both of his matches. He takes Van Dam down in the early going but RVD hits a reverse elbow and an arm drag. Jericho hits an armdrag and then both men go for a dropkick. RVD hits a monkey flip and a legdrop for the first near fall of the night.

Jericho gets back into it with a flying forearm and a spinning heel kick. Van Dam rolls out onto the apron and Jericho attempts his trademark springboard dropkick but Van Dam gets out of the way and hits a plancha. Back in the ring and Van Dam comes off the top rope with a big kick. He then goes up top for the frog splash but Jericho shoves the referee into the ropes crotching the Intercontinental Champion. Jericho then hits a double armed suplex off the top for a two count. Jericho is the biggest name left in the tournament and as the “king of the world” he would make a good king. The winner gets a WWE title match at Summerslam. Van Dam rolls Jericho up for a two count. Jericho takes the top turnbuckle off one of the corners. The referee tries to tie it back on but misses a roll up from Van Dam.

Jericho hits a full nelson face plant on Van Dam for a two count and then chokes Van Dam with his wrist tape. Jericho hits a knee to the middle section and then applies a submission hold. Van Dam gets out of it and then Jericho attempts a shoulder charge in the corner and misses. Van Dam hits a spinning heel kick and a springboard kick to the face. Van Dam hits a handspring moonsault but Jericho nails him with an enzeguri for a two count. Both men look like they’ve got new ring gear on for this one. Jericho hits a big German suplex for a two count. Van Dam drops Jericho on the top rope with a hotshot and follows it up with a split legged moonsault for a two count. Jericho then attempts the Walls of Jericho but Van Dam rolls Jericho up and gets a two count.

Jericho smashes Van Dams head into the exposed turnbuckle and then rolls Van Dam up, putting his feet on the ropes for extra leverage but only getting a two count! Jericho goes for a Lionsault but Van Dam rolls out of the way and hits him with a roundhouse kick. Van Dam goes up top but Jericho gets out of the way of the 5 star frog splash! Jericho hits a Lionsault but only gets a two count! Van Dam goes for a Hurricanrana but Jericho catches him and locks on the Walls of Jericho! Van Dam gets to the ropes. Jericho goes up top but Van Dam kicks him off. RVD then comes off the top with  5 Star Frog Splash and that’s enough for the three! Rob Van Dam wins the match and advances to the King Of The Ring final!

Jerry Lawler gets in the ring after the match to interview Van Dam. Surely RVD is getting attacked here. He asks RVD who he wants to face in he final and Van Dam doesn’t care who it is! Jericho then attacks Van Dam from behind and locks on the Walls of Jericho!

Rating: 7.5/10

Paul Heyman is backstage with Brock Lesnar. Heyman tells Brock he is the next big thing and tonight he becomes the next King Of The Ring.

Test vs. Brock Lesnar – King Of The Ring semi-final

It’s a first PPV match between these two men and the first time Lesnar has fought a pay per view match that Jeff Hardy isn’t on the other side of the ring. Test has fought at one King Of The Ring PPV before, in a losing effort in tag team action. These are two big men and a win for either of these men could prove to be a break-out event. Lesnar gets the advantage in the early going, hitting right hands and shoulder charges. A “Goldberg” chant breaks out aimed at Lesnar and Test hits some big clotheslines. Lesnar heads to the outside where Heyman gives him some advance. Back in the ring and Test lays into Lesnar, taking him down to the canvas. Test hits some elbows and then runs at Brock who catches him with a spinebuster.

Lesnar drops a couple of elbows on Test and then hits him with a hard Irish whip. Lesnar hits a side suplex for a two count and then Brock hits a big clubbing blow. Lesnar hits a backbreaker in what has been a back and forth match. Atomic drop from Test and then Brock hits a big powerslam for a near fall. There’s a bit of a miscommunication between the two that ends a bit messy. Test then hits a sidewalk slam and then a clothesline in the corner. The more experienced of the two then hits a full nelson slam but only for a two count. Test attempts his pump handle slam but Lesnar slips down the back. Test goes for it again and this time hits it but Brock kicks out! Test goes for his boot but Lesnar sidesteps it and tries for a powerbomb which Test lands on his feet and hits his trademark boot but Lesnar kicks out!

Test motions for his big boot again but Heyman gets involved and distracts Test! Test then turns around into an F5 from Lesnar! And that’s enough for the three! Brock Lesnar wins and advances to the final to fight Rob Van Dam! Not the smoothest of matches between these two. It started well.

Rating: 6/10

Coach is at the Raw locker room asking Raw superstars who they think will win the King Of The Ring. Coach asks Bubba Ray who is happy it’s two Raw guys in the finals. Bubba Ray thinks Lesnar wins the final. Dudley then says he’s going to make an impact to get to the top. Mark whatshisface is at the Smackdown locker room as Lance Storm and Christian leave. They’re not happy Jericho and Test aren’t in the final, they were hoping for an all Canadian final. They rant about America and Lance says they need to carry the flag for peace and tolerance.

Michael Cole and Tazz are up in the rafters. They introduce us to the next video package showing the history between The Hurricane and Jamie Noble.

The Hurricane (c) vs. Jamie Noble – Cruiserweight Championship Match

This is a pay per view debut for Jamie Noble who is flanked by Nidia. The Hurricane is looking for his first PPV victory tonight on the 6th time of asking. There’s a few takedowns in the early going and then Noble hits a few shoulder charges. Hurricane gets back into it with a reverse elbow, some big right hands and a shining wizard. Hurricane then goes for the chokeslam but Noble gets out of it. Hurricane hits a big kick for a two count and then applies a head scissors. A “she’s a crackwhore” chant breaks out. Noble sends Hurricane into the ropes and Nidia was supposed to grab Hurricane’s foot but she missed. Hurricane sold the distraction anyway and chased her around the ring before being hit with a clothesline from Noble.

Back in the ring and Noble rams Hurricane into the corner. Noble then hits a snap suplex for a two count and then locks on an abdominal stretch. Hurricane gets out of it but misses with a clothesline and Noble hits him with a side suplex for a two count. Hurricane hits a cross body for a two count. Hurricane then nips onto Nobles shoulder but Noble falls backwards, dropping Hurricane with him. Noble goes back to the abdominal stretch but Hurricane gets out of it and slams Noble down to the canvas for a two count. Hurricane applies a sleeper but Noble is quick to get out of it with a jawbreaker. Noble then applies a sleeper of his own which Hurricane gets out of. The two men exchange right hands and Hurricane hits a neckbreaker.

The Hurricane hits a clothesline and then smashes Nobles head into the top turnbuckle. Hurricane then comes off the top with a blockbuster for a two count. Hurricane tries for his finisher but Noble stops it from happening and gets a near fall from a German suplex. Hurricane then hits the Eye of the Hurricane but Noble kicks out of the cover! Hurricane grabs his cape which Nidia had stolen and she snatches it back off him! Hurricane suplexes Noble all the way out of the ring and that looked painful. Hurricane then flies to the outside with a cross body. Nidia distracts Hurricane allowing Noble to hit him with a baseball slide. Both men then go up top when Hurricane hits a swinging neckbreaker back into the ring! Hurricane crawls over to make the pin but Nidia gets up on the apron and distracts the referee. Hurricane shoves Noble into the referee and then hits Noble with the chokeslam! Hurricane makes the pin but Noble kicks out!

Hurricane goes up top but Noble bounces off the ropes, knocking him down! Noble hits a powerbomb and Nidia knocks Hurricanes foot off the ropes to get the 3! Jamie Noble wins the match and the Cruiserweight title!

Rating: 6.25/10

We get some footage from The Rock arriving earlier.

Terri is backstage with Eddie Guerrero. Guerrero gives a shout out to all his family and then turns from jovial to serious as he talks about Flair.

Ric Flair vs. Eddie Guerrero

Two very entertaining performers locking it up for the first time on WWE PPV tonight. Eddie has fought on one KOTR PPV before and he lost that night to Val Venis. Guerrero takes Flair down with a clothesline in the early going and then mocks Flair who is looking super tanned tonight. This match was supposed to be Guerrero vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin tonight but Austin walked out on the company so Flair has filled in. Flair has turned back from heel to face. Guerrero takes Flair down with a dropkick and mocks him again. Since returning to the WWE the night after Wrestlemania, Guerrero has only fought PPV matches against Rob Van Dam. Flair has fought the likes of Vince McMahon, The Undertaker and Stone Cold Steve Austin on PPV. Flair hits one of his trademark chops on Guerrero.

Flair hits a low blow much to the enjoyment of the crowd and then lays into Guerrero with right hands. Flair hits lefts and rights in the corner and then a big chop. So far anyone that has lost at King Of The Ring before has lost tonight. That applies to Chris Jericho and Test anyway. Guerrero applies a front face lock but Flair turns it into a suplex. Guerrero hits a dropkick to the knee and then Eddie drops a couple of elbows to Flairs knee. Guerrero then looks like he’s attempting a figure four but Flair rolls him up for a two count. Guerrero is quick to get up and apply a leglock. Guerrero smashes Flairs knee into the ring post. Ric has never fought at a King Of The Ring PPV before. Guerrero locks the figure four on Ric Flair! Flair screams in pain but manages to get to the ropes.

Flair hits some big chops, lighting up Guerreros chest. Eddie then applies a chinlock. Flair gets out of it and the two men exchange chops. Flair backdrops Guerrero out of the ring and then falls flat on his face like only Flair does. Back in the ring and Guerrero hits a suplex before going up top and missing with the frog splash! Flair gets up and chopblocks Guerrero’s knee. Chris Benoit appears from the back just to see Flair lock on the figure four leglock! Guerrero gets out of it and rolls Flair up, pulling the tights but Flair kicks out. The two men make a couple of pinfalls but only near falls. Guerrero goes up to the middle rope and hits a tornado DDT for a two count. Guerrero chokes away at Flair which the referee breaks up. Guerrero then distracts the referee allowing Benoit to drag Flair out of the ring and lock on the Crippler Crossface! The referee sends Benoit to the back.

Bubba Ray Dudley then appears from nowhere and hits the Bubba Bomb on Guerrero! Flair rolls back into the ring and covers Guerrero for the three! Ric Flair wins the match tonight with a lot of help from Bubba Ray Dudley! Unexpected but Bubba Ray did say he was going to make an impact to get to the top.

Rating: 6.5/10

William Regal and Chris Nowinski are at “The World” aka WWF New York. They mock the waitress. Not much more going on here.

Trish Stratus (c) vs. Molly Holly – Women’s Championship Match

This is a first one on one match between these two on PPV. Molly beat Trish in to earn herself a title match. Molly attacks Trish before the bell and hits Trish with a powerslam and an elbow for a two count. Trish hits some right hands but Molly hits a backbody drop for a two count. Molly then applies an armbar but Trish rolls her up for a two count. Molly has changed so much since turning heel. Trish hits a victory roll for a two count and then a neckbreaker for another near fall. Neither women have fought at a KOTR PPV before. Molly dropkicks Trish to the outside and then smashes her into the apron of the ring and over the barricade. Trish hits a kick to the face of Molly to send her reeling. Molly goes up top but Trish crotches her up there. Trish then hits a hurricanrana from the top!

Trish hits some big chops and a clothesline. It’s all Trish now as she hits a dropkick but Molly hits her with a jawbreaker. Trish hits a kick and then goes for Stratusfaction but Molly pushes her off and hits a German suplex. Molly clearly gets the 3 but the referee only counts 2. Bit of a botch there. Molly goes up top but misses with the Molly-go-round! Trish rolls up Molly but Molly reverses it and rolls Stratus up for the three! She held the tights but Molly won the match tonight and the Women’s Championship!

Rating: 5.75/10

Mark thingy is backstage with Kurt Angle. Angle is still in his wig and headgear. Angle says that Hogan isn’t an American hero, he’s an American hero because Vince McMahon told him to be an American hero. Michael Cole and Tazz then introduce the Hogan/Angle video package.

Hulk Hogan vs. Kurt Angle

Hulk Hogan and Kurt Angle have never fought before so this has a big match feel to it. Hogan last wrestled at  aKOTR PPV back in 1993 when he lost to Yokozuna. So far everyone with a 100% loss record at KOTR has continued that record following their match tonight. Just ask Chris Jericho, Test and Eddie Guerrero. Could Hogan see the same fate? Kurt Angle has wrestled 6 matches on the last 2 KOTR PPV’s and he’s won 5 of them. He’s beaten Chris Jericho, Crash Holly, Rikishi, Christian and Shane McMahon but lost to Edge.

Hogan uses his strength advantage in the early going, shoving Angle across the ring. Since returning to the WWE at No Way Out, Hogan has had PPV matches against the likes of The Rock, Triple H and The Undertaker. And now Kurt Angle. Arguably the top 4 guys in the company. Angle and Hogan get into a test of strength where Angle gets Hogan down to one knee. Hogan then takes Angle down and out of the ring. Angle has been feuding with Edge for the majority of the year. He knocks down Hogan with a clothesline. Hogan then sends Angle out of the ring before ramming him into the barricade and laying into the olympic hero with right hands. Back in the ring and Hogan rams Angles face into the top turnbuckle 9 times before knocking him down with a right hand. Hogan then tries to take Angles headgear off but Kurt hits him with a mule kick.

Kurt lays into Hogan with boots, chops and suplex for a two count. Kurt tries for another suplex but Hulk counters it into one of his own. Hogan then hits a slam but Kurt applies a sleeper. Hogan reverses it into a suplex of his own but Angle hits a jawbreaker to get out of it quickly. Kurt then hits an Angle Slam from nowhere! But Hogan kicks out! Kurt can’t believe it, he pulls down the straps but Hogan is Hulking up! Hulk hits the big boot on Angle and then pulls off the headgear and wig of Angle! Angle gets out of the ring and heads to the back and Hogan puts on the wig! Kurt grabs a steel chair and runs back to the ring, he swings the chair but it bounces off the ropes and he hits himself! Hogan then hits the big boot and attempts the legdrop but Angle catches the leg and locks on the Ankle Lock!

Hogan tries to kick Angle off but he can’t. He gets to the ropes but Angle pulls him back to the middle of the ring and eventually Hogan taps out! Kurt wins the match, a huge victory over Hulk Hogan! Kurt puts his wig back on and celebrates. Not Kurts best match ever but a fairly entertaining contest between two of the all time best.

Rating: 6.25/10

Now time for one of my favourite promos ever. Booker T and Goldust are backstage with Goldust mimicking The Rock when The Rock shows up. Rock and Booker have got common ground. Rock is here to watch the Undisputed Championship match. I’m not sure why Booker is wearing a “crew” t shirt. Absolutely fantastic promo.

Rob Van Dam v. Brock Lesnar – King Of The Ring final

It’s a first meeting between these two men on pay per view. The winner of this match not only becomes the 2002 King Of The Ring but the winner will also get a WWE Undisputed Championship match at Summerslam, the second biggest show of the year. So high stakes. Paul Heyman is present against for his client. Van Dam uses his speed in the early going to get the advantage, hitting right hands and big kicks. Lesnar gets back into it with a powerbomb and then he rams Van Dam into the corner. Brock hits a huge slam for a two count. Brock then hits a couple of backbreakers before locking on a bearhug. Lesnar uses the corner effectively, ramming Van Dam into it and trapping him there so he can’t move. Lesnar attempts a big shoulder charge but RVD gets out of the way.

Van Dam hits some big kicks and then an even bigger karate kick from the top. The Intercontinental Champion then hits rolling thunder for a two count. Van Dam hits his spinning legdrop and then goes up top and hits the 5 star frog splash! Heyman gets up on the apron and gillutines Van Dam on the top rope but RVD falls back onto Brock for a two count. RVD springboards off the middle rope but Lesnar catches him and hits him with the F5! He makes the cover and that’s all she wrote! Brock Lesnar wins the match, the King Of The Ring and a main event spot at Summerslam! A good match but very short. Could have been really good if given more time.

Rating: 6.75/10

Triple H is backstage walking toward the entrance curtain when he bumps into Shawn Michaels and Kevin Nash. The two nWo members give Triple H a hug and wish him luck. X Pac does the same and Nash then tells Triple H that if they need him out there, just throw up the symbol.

Video package next for The Undertaker and Triple H. Paul Heyman is then out to join Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler on commentary.

The Undertaker (c) vs. Triple H – WWE Undisputed Championship Match

This is the third PPV match between these two men, they’ve both previously won one, Undertaker at Wrestlemania 17 and Triple H at Insurrextion last month. They slug it out in the early going and Triple H clotheslines Undertaker out of the ring. Helmsley then lays into Undertaker on the outside before putting him back in the ring and laying into him in the ring! Triple H hits some big right hands and then Undertaker drops him on the top turnbuckle. Undertaker gets a two count there and then hits some right hands. Undertaker hits a sidewalk slam and then drops an elbow on the challenger for a two count. There’s a slow pace to this match between two competitors that prefer the slow pace. The Undisputed Championship has changed on every major PPV since Wrestlemania with the title going from Jericho to Triple H to Hulk Hogan to Undertaker. The last 4 PPVs (backlash, Judgment Day, Insurrextion & KOTR) have been main evented by combinations of Triple H, Undertaker and Hulk Hogan.

Undertaker hits a legdrop on the apron for a two count. The dead man then hits a big boot for a two count before throwing Triple H out of the ring. Back in the ring and Undertaker sets Triple H up for a superplex but Triple H pushes Undertaker down to the mat. Triple H then hits a back body drop but Undertaker gets back into it with a big clothesline for a two count. I could definitely see Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar at Summerslam. Triple H hits a neckbreaker and then some big right hands and a spinebuster for a two count. Triple H hits a high knee for a two count. Undertaker hits a DDT for a two count of his own. Triple H attempts a Pedigree but Undertaker counters it, catapulting Triple H into the corner and the squashing the referee as he does! Triple H and Undertaker then both go for clotheslines and both men go down!

The Rocks music then hits and out comes The Rock! The Rock chases Paul Heyman from his commentary position and puts on the headset himself. Undertaker grabs a steel chair but Triple H sees him coming and fights him off, hitting a knee to the face. Triple H clotheslines Undertaker out of the ring. Presumably The Rock will face the winner of this match at the next PPV? Would make sense to be Undertaker I guess. Undertaker boots The Rock in the face! He then grabs the chair The Rock was sitting on and gets ready to use it on Triple H but The Rock lays into Undertaker! The Rock swings a chair at Undertaker but he ducks it and The Rock nails Triple H with it! Undertaker lays out The Rock and then rolls Triple H back into the ring. Undertaker hits the Lat Ride on a bloody Triple H. Another referee comes out to make the count but Triple H kicks out!

Undertaker lays out the second referee and The Rock gets back in the ring and hits Rock Bottom on The Undertaker! The Rock heads to the back as Triple H sits up in the ring. He lays an arm on The Undertaker and referee Earl Hebner slowly comes to his senses and slowly counts but Undertaker kicks out! This match has been reminiscent of an attitude era main event. Absolute carnage. Both men get up to their feet and Triple H hits Undertaker with a Pedigree! The referee is down though and as Triple H tries to revive him, Undertaker hits Triple H with a low blow. He then rolls up The Game and holds onto the tights and the referee slowly counts the 3! Undertaker wins the match and retains his WWE Championship! A good main event between these two!

The Rock is still at the top of the entrance way looking disappointed. Undertaker talks some trash to him and so The Rock runs down to the ring, hits him with a spinebuster and hen the People’s Elbow! Triple H lays out The Rock with a Pedigree and then Undertaker chokeslams Triple H! It’s Undertaker that stands tall at the end of the night!

Rating: 7.75/10


And that was King Of The Ring 2002. What a huge night for the Next Big Thing Brock Lesnar. Two of his biggest scalps to date when he beat Test and Rob Van Dam. Brock now goes on to Summerslam to take on the WWE Undisputed Champion whoever that may be. At the moment it stands to be The Undertaker who successfully beat Triple H with a lot of help from The Rock. Could we be heading for Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker? There is another pay per view before then and it looks as though Triple H and The Rock are very much still in the running for the gold. This felt like a good quality pay per view overall, with the Rob Van Dam/Chris Jericho and Undertaker/Triple H matches being the most entertaining.

Two new champions were crowned tonight, first Jamie Noble became the new Cruiserwight champion. I like this move, it freshens up the division and now Hurricane can chase for the gold. I’m sure that feud will continue maybe all the way up to Summerslam where they could have a blow off ladder match or something? Also Trish Stratus lost the Women’s title to Molly Holly. The Women’s division isn’t too strong at the moment, especially with Jazz and Lita on the injury list. Trish and Molly may have to carry the division with the likes of Ivory and Jacqueline.

I was surprised to see Ric Flair beat Eddie Guerrero and equally surprised that Bubba Ray Dudley was the man to cost Eddie Guerrero the match. That should lead to a Bubba Ray/Eddie Guerrero feud going forward but I’m not sure where it leaves Flair. If he’s staying face then maybe a feud with the nWo who are at a bit of a loose end at the moment? Kurt Angle beat Hulk Hogan cleanly which was a big decision. I like it though, Kurt gets a good rub here, not many can say they’ve beaten Hogan clean. Overall a really solid show with no bad matches on the card.

Overall Rating: 65.9/100 (ranked 16th out of 139)

Match Of The Night: The Undertaker vs. Triple H
Worst Match Of The Night: Trish Stratus vs. Molly Holly
Surprise Of The Night: Bubba Ray costs Eddie Guerrero his match
Worst Booking Of The Night: Ric Flair beats Eddie Guerrero
Superstar Of The Night: Brock Lesnar
King Of The Ring 2002 Will Be Remembered For: Brock Lesnar becoming KOTR and #1 contender to the WWE title

3 thoughts on “King Of The Ring 2002

  1. Three things of note:

    1.In the Sunday Night Heat match, the Hardy Boyz defeated Raven and Steven Richards when Jeff pinned Richards with the Swanton Bomb after Raven walked out on his partner.

    2.Austin was originally meant to put over Lesnar in the KOTR Qualifiers. But when Austin walked, Lesnar squashed Bubba Ray instead.

    3.After this show, it was definitely time for a major change in the overall product since the post-Invasion performances had been solid and middling, but unspectacular at the top. Lesnar was one new breath of fresh air, but more needed to come.

    We would get a big influx of talent over the next few weeks as the stars of the next generation began to sprout up, making 2002 very similar to 1996 in terms of the future development of the company.

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