Summerslam 99

| Date: August 22, 1999
| Venue: Target Centre | City: Minneapolis, Minnesota
| Attendance: 17, 370 | Buyrate: 600, 000

An out of body experience. That is what Summerslam 1999 will be. Any why? Well, we have a special guest referee for the main event tonight and that man is the same man that referee’d the main event of the very first Summerslam, Jesse “The Body” Ventura. He has been put in charge of the triple threat match for the WWF title match between WWF Champion “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Triple H and Mankind. Well, what a build this match has had. Triple H won number one contendership by defeating The Rock at Fully Loaded but after pissing commissioner Shawn Michaels off, Michaels made Helmsley defend his number one contendership against Chyna and The Undertaker in a triple threat match. Austin would help Chyna win the match but a week later Chyna lost number one contendership to Mankind. A match was then made between Helmsley and Mankind and they drew which meant we get a triple threat match tonight.

The tag team titles will also be defended tonight. On the night after Fully Loaded, The Undertaker put X Pac out of action. Pac woul return a few weeks later and he and Kane defeated The Acolytes for the tag team titles. Tonight they defend the belts against The Undertaker and The Big Show. Ben Stiller was a guest on Raw and found himself in trouble with Jeff Jarrett when he eyed up Debras puppies. The man to save Stiller was none other than European champion D-lo Brown. D-lo and Jarrett then met in a title vs. title match and it was D-lo that won the IC title becoming the first ever dual holder of both titles. Tonight D-lo defends both of his titles against Jeff Jarrett, who has been having his own problems with manager Debra as of late.

The Hardcore title will also be defended as reigning champion The Big Boss Man defends against the former champion, Al Snow. Snow has participated in every single Hardcore title match on PPV since the inception of the belt. Boss Man has attacked Snow a few times over the past few week but Snow seems more besotted with his pet dog, Pepper. Two other men who had their problems are The Rock and Billy Gunn. This feud has gone from a physical one to one that has been focused on their asses. It’s been a ridiculous feud for The Rock in which it peaked when The Rock paid a woman to rub poison ivy on Billy Gunns ass. Very silly.

Ken Shamrock and Steve Blackman have continued to have problems and at one point Steve Blackman ran over Shamrock. Shamrock then challenged Blackman to a Lions Den match at Summerslam and Blackman accepted provided there would be weapons around the cage. Shane McMahon has been vocal about his dislike for Test and that he is going out with Shane’s sister Stephanie. Test has been attacked  by Shane’s buddies the Mean Street Posse but Test responded by systematically taking out each member of the Posse. Now Shane and Test meet at Summerslam and if Test wins then Shane has to butt out of Test and Stephanie’s relationship. But if Shane wins then Test has to split up with Stephanie. High stakes! Also tonight, Ivory will defend her Women’s title against the woman she has spray painted “Slut” and “Skank” on, Tori. Let’s do it.



Interestingly we kick off with a video package going back to March 1998 and Mike Tysons involvement at Wrestlemania 14. We then see clips of Vince McMahon being a bias referee for Austin against Dude Love last year. Next up is Shane McMahon as Special Guest Referee at Over The Edge this year costing Austin the title. It’s all leading to Jesse “The Body” Ventura as Special Guest Referee tonight. Fireworks then go off and Jim Ross welcomes us to Minneapolis and Summerslam 1999. He’s joined by Jerry Lawler and they are excited over 6 title matches tonight.

We get a shot of Jesse Ventura backstage with Triple H and Chyna. He tells Chyna she can be out there but she better not interfere. Triple H says he will break every rule. They are in Ventura’s state.

Chris Jericho is backstage with The Fink who is carrying Y2J’s bags. Jericho says it’s all about making an impact.

D-lo Brown (c)(c) vs. Jeff Jarrett – Intercontinental & European Title Match

Debra walks out looking stunning but Jeff Jarrett sends her to the back! D-lo is defending both the Intercontinental and European title against Jeff Jarrett tonight which hardly seems fair! At last years event, D-lo successfully defended the European title against Val Venis. D-lo comes back out and he’s joined by Debra! The crowd give a huge pop for Debra and to a lesser extent, D-lo. Jarrett attacks D-lo early in their first time PPV meeting between the two. D-lo hits a big powerslam to get back into the match which gets him the first near fall of the night. The crowd are loud and behind D-lo tonight. He hits a powerbomb for another two count. Jarrett locks on a sleeper and I’m not sure who Debra is supporting. D-lo? He gets out of the sleeper and hits a suplex which the crowd are right behind! It makes such a difference when the crowd is vocal. Jarrett sidesteps a double axe handle and hits a sidewalk slam before throwing D-lo outside the ring. Jarrett throws D-lo into the steel steps and goes for a double axe handle of his own off the apron but D-lo sidesteps it and clotheslines Jeff over the barricade.

Jarrett throws D-lo into the ringpost and they both should have been counted out by now! They battle back into the ring where Jarrett hits a DDT from the second rope. A “we want puppies” chant breaks out as Jarrett goes to work on D-lo. D-lo hits a powerbomb and both men are down. They get up before the count of ten and D-lo hits a tilt-a-whirl slam, a dropkick, a powerslam and his trademark legdrop for a two count. A close two count. Brown hits a belly to back suplex and goes to the top but Jarrett avoids a senton! Debra then gets up on the apron, distracting the referee. Jarrett picks up his guitar but Mark Henry comes out and grabs the guitar off him! Shockingly Henry then nails D-lo with the guitar! Jarrett pins D-lo and it’s over! Jeff Jarrett wins the match and becomes a 6 time Intercontinental and 1 time European champion! Debra and Mark Henry celebrate with Jarrett and it looks like it was the plan all along! Unbelievable scenes! A great way to start the night.

Rating: 6.75/10

Michael Cole is backstage with Edge and Christian. We’ve got a tag team turmoil match tonight to crown number one contenders for the tag team titles. Edge and Christian will start the match and Edge looks forward to starting against The Hardy Boyz. Christian says he’s happy to be away from Gangrel and his lifestyle.

Tag Team Turmoil – Number One Contenders Match for Tag Team Titles

Edge and Christian vsThe Hardy Boyz (Matt & Jeff Hardy). The Hardy Boyz run to the ring and we are underway in this one. It’s an elimination match where when one team is eliminated, the next team comes down. Edge and Matt Hardy start the match but it’s not long before Edge tags Christian. Christian hits a spinning heel kick on Matt but Gangrel gets involved and nails Christian allowing Matt to roll him up for a two count. Matt tags Jeff and the Hardyz double team Christian for a two. Jeff hits a springboard moonsault on Christian for a two count and tags Matt. The former tag team champions hit a springboard body press for a two count. It’s all Matt Hardy now, he hits a legdrop. I’m not sure what other teams will be in this. The Acolytes, maybe Hardcore and Crash Holly? The Headbangers? Too Much? Jeff Hardy hits a sweet Senton Bomb for a two count. Christian hits a double reverse DDT and tags in Edge which the crowd love! All hell breaks loose and Edge hits a big time spear off the security rail on Jeff Hardy. Gangrel gets involved but Christian takes him out! Matt Hardy then hits a moonsault from the top to the floor. Back in the ring Edge hits an electric chair drop and Christian comes off the top with an elbow drop which is enough for the three count!

Edge & Christian vs. Viscera & Mideon. Viscera and Mideon are out next to slow down the pace. Viscera hits a big Samoan drop on Christian then tags in Mideon and the two hit a double elbow drop on Christian for a near fall. Mideon hits a slam and then misses with an elbow off the second rope. Christian tags Edge and he hits a big clothesline and a back body drop on Mideon. Viscera is in and he hits a spinning heel kick on Edge! Brutal. Viscera goes for a splash in the corner but Edge pulls Mideon in the way. Christian then comes in and they dropkick Viscera out of the ring before Edge hits a spear on Mideon for the three! Viscera and Mideon are gone.

Edge & Christian vs. Droz & Prince Albert. Droz and Albert are out next and Droz goes right to work on Edge. He hits an elbow and tags in Albert who is making his PPV debut tonight. Albert misses with a splash in the corner but soon gets back into it with a neckbreaker. Christian breaks up the cover and all four men are suddenly in. Droz misses with a football tackle on Christian and flies to the outside. Edge hits the Downward Spiral on Albert and that’s enough for the three!

Edge & Christian vs. The Acolytes (Faarooq & Bradshaw). The Acolytes are quickly down to the ring and Faarooq and Christian go at it on the outside. Edge hits a dropkick on Bradshaw from the top but Bradshaw hits a powerbomb for a two. Faarooq is in and hits Edge with a big right hand but Edge hits a spinning heel kick. Edge made his PPV debut at last years Summerslam and won a tag match with Sable. Faarooq tags Bradshaw who makes sure Edge doesn’t make a tag. This is actually a Summerslam debut for Bradshaw, Faarooq and Christian. Faarooq locks a sleeper on Edge now but the crowd are behind the youngster. Edge gets out of it but Faarooq hits a big spinebuster for a two count. Faarooq goes for the Dominator but Edge nips down and hits a DDT! Edge tags Christian who hits dropkicks on both Acolytes. Edge and Christian get rid of Faarooq then Christian goes to the top and hits a tornado DDT on Bradshaw for a two count. Hardcore and Crash holly suddenly come running from the back. Way too early. Bradshaw hits a clothesline from Hell on Christian and it’s over! One match left!

The Acolytes (Faarooq & Bradshaw) vs. Hardcore & Crash Holly. All four men go right at it and Faarooq takes it to Crash, who is making his PPV debut tonight. Faarooq hits a Dominator on Crash but Hardcore attacks him from behind. All four men go at it in the ring and The Acolytes hit a double shoulder block on Hardcore. Hardcore hits a suplex on Faarooq then Crash tags himself in. Surprised Val Venis and The Godfather weren’t involved tonight. Faarooq tags Bradshaw who lays into Crash Holly. Bradshaw tags Faarooq and Hardcore Holly tags himself in and hits Faarooq with a clothesline. The Holly cousins then start laying into each other! Hardcore kicks Crash to the outside and turns into a spinebuster from Faarooq! Faarooq covers Hardcore and that’s enough for the three! The Acolytes win the match and get a tag team title shot on Raw tomorrow night. Really good match between these 6 teams. A lot of fun.

Rating: 7.75/10

Al Snow is backstage with his dog pepper, telling him to get a grip! We also see The Undertaker and Big Show arriving.

Road Dogg is out to the ring next, unexpectedly. Road Dogg isn’t happy that he’s not involved in the Hardcore title match. But he’s making a challenge to the winner! Chris Jericho’s music then hits and he appears on an elevated stage! Jericho says he is disappointed with the WWF PPV Summersham and the worst thing is that the crowd have wasted their money on it. He says that the matches have useless performers, the worst of them is Road Dogg. Jericho says nobody cares about Road Dogg and the crowd are silent, to which they roar. Jericho mocks Road Doggs entrance and appearance. Road Dogg tells Jericho to suck it! In 3 consecutive weeks, Jericho has interrupted The Rock, Undertaker and Big Show and now The Road Dogg. Road Dogg then joins Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler for commentary for the next match.

Al Snow is backstage telling Pepper to stay backstage.

The Big Boss Man (c) vs. Al Snow – Hardcore Title Match

This is Big Boss Mans first Summerslam in 8 years, his last Summerslam match was a 1991 victory over The Mountie. Al Snow previously wrestled at the 1996 event as Leif Cassidy and looks for his first Summerslam victory tonight. Al Snow has been in every Hardcore title match that has ever been on PPV. How about that. This is a rematch from Fully Loaded when The Boss Man beat Snow for the gold. Snow finds a cheery picker to sit on and wait for the Boss Man and when the champion comes out, Snow leaps on him! Road Dogg grabs a mic and becomes “The Roving Road Dogg” commentating over the loud speaker. Snow and The Boss Man fight to the back where Boss Man hits Al with uppercuts, a white board and then Pepper the dog who is in a dog cage thing. Snow gets back into it with the white board and the two battle to the car park where the champion uses a crutch as a weapon. Boss Man then throws a gas canister at Snow but Al gets out of the way and Boss Man smashes a drinks machine.

The two men throw each other into a metal gate which is then opened and the two battle into the street. Snow gets a 2 count out on the streets then Boss Man throws Snow into tables outside of a bar for a two count. The two then fight into the bar where Snow hits some big lefts and rights on Boss Man. The two men tear the bar up. They fight into the bathrooms where Al uses a urinal soap. Road Dogg is still giving commentary from the scene. Someone hands Al Snow a chain and he leathers Boss Man with it. Boss Man is bleeding now and Snow hits a moonsault off a bar on Boss Man! Boss Man smashes Snow with a beer bottle and then lays into Road Dogg. Road Dogg nails Boss Man with the nightstick then Al smashes Boss Mans balls with some pool balls! That’s enough for the win! Al Snow wins and becomes a two time Hardcore champion! Al Snow runs back to the arena and bumps into The Blue Meanie and Stevie Richards so he takes out both of those guys! A big win for Al Snow!

Rating: 6/10

Jesse Ventura and Mankind discuss politics backstage.

Ivory (c) vs. Tori – Women’s Championship Match

This is an in-ring debut for Ivory tonight. She takes on Tori who is looking for her first PPV win on the third time of asking. She’s previously lose to Sable and Nicole Bass. Tori races down to ringside and hits a powerslam to get us going. Ivory gets back into it with an elbow for a near fall. Tori hits two suplexes and a dropkick. Very basic moves in this one so far. Ivory hits a few snapmares using Tori’s hair and executes a legdrop. Ivory then swings her challenger and pins her for a two. Tori hits a spear from nowhere and now it’s her turn to get some attack in. She hits a mental reverse powerbomb thing and a cross body off the middle rope for a two count. Tori attempts a sunset flip and Ivory sits down on her and in a complete bodge, wins the match. Ivory then tries to strip Tori after the match and Luna saves the day. Awful.

Rating: 2/10

Michael Cole is backstage with The Rock who takes complete control of the interview. He gets all his catchphrases in and cuts an awesome promo. Great stuff Rocky.

We then see Billy Gunn who is walking somebody into the arena under a cover. Who was that?

We get a video package for Steve Blackman and Ken Shamrock next.

Ken Shamrock vs. Steve Blackman – Lions Den Weapons Match

This is a Summerslam debut for Blackman. The two fight in the Lions Den surrounded by weapons. This is their third PPV match against each other, Shamrock has won the last two. Blackman has num-chuks hidden in his pants  and right off the bat he blasts Shamrock with them. Blackman uses them to choke Shamrock but it isn’t long before Shamrock has them in his hands. He tosses them out of the ring and then repeatedly throws Blackman into the side of the cage. Shamrock has been in all three Lions Den matches, the first of which was at last years Summerslam when he beat Owen Hart. He did technically lose to Vince McMahon in the second though. Shamrock grabs a kendo stick and nails Blackman with it but it doesn’t phase Blackman. Blackman throws Shamrock into the side of the cage and hits some boots and an atomic drop. Blackman finds more weapons and lays into Shamrock with them.

Blackman chokes Shamrock which is the way Shamrock beat Blackman at Fully Loaded. Ken flies off the side of the cage and hits Steve with an elbow. Blackman gets back into it with a DDT and both men are down. The Lethal Weapon is the first man up but Shamrock hits a big powerslam. Blackman hits an enzeguri then grabs a kendo stick before leathering Shamrock in the knee with it. He hits Shamrock in the chest and shouts “that’s it”. He nails Shamrock in the head with it but the referee refuses to open the door for him. Blackman goes for a kick but Shamrock sidesteps it and hits a belly to belly suplex. The former Intercontinental champion then grabs the kendo stick and hits Blackman with it a few times. He hits Steve in the head with it and he goes down like a video games character. There looks like there’s some blood on the canvas but I’m not sure where that’s come from. The bell then rings and apparently it’s over by Knockout! Shamrock beats Blackman again and makes it three from three against his rival on PPV.

Rating: 4.5/10

We see some footage from Heat with Shane McMahon attacking Test with a kendo stick.

Test vs. Shane McMahon – Love her or leave her Greenwich Street Fight

Both Shane and Test have had three PPV matches before this one. Test has lost all of his and Shane has won all of his. Test comes out with taped up ribs due to the attack from Shane. As Shane gets to the ring, the music of the Mean Street Posse hits and the injured posse walk out to the ring. There is a couch in the front row for them so they take a seat. I love the Posse. Shane and Test get into it in the ring and Test lays into Shane with right hands and a big back body drop. The two battle to the outside of the ring and into the crowd where Test continues to lay into McMahon. Shane gets some shots in but gets powerslammed on the floor by Test. Test and Shane fight over by the MEan Street Posse where Test throws Shane into his buddies! We see Stephanie McMahon laughing backstage. Test attacks the Posse but all three members eventually get the better of him and slam him on the floor. I’m not sure how injured they actually are. They give Shane a mailbox to nail Test with and he obliges.

The Posse give Shane a framed picture of the four of them and McMahon nails Test with it! Shane rolls Test back in the ring and gets a two count. Test goes to the top and tries a corkscrew moonsault but Test rolls out of the way! A fantastic looking move from Shane though. Test hits a powerbomb but Rodney distracts the referee long enough for Shane to kick out. Test goes for a running boot but Shane gets out of the way and Test nails the referee! That seems pointless in this match because there are no disqualifications. Test grabs a road sign that nails Shane with it then powerslams him on the outside. He rolls the former European champion in the ring and the Mean Street Posse jump Test! Rodney softly hits Test with a monitor and they place him on the Spanish announce desk. Shane then goes to the top rope and leaps off hitting a perfect elbow drop. Both men struggle to get up and Pete Gas distracts the referee whilst Rodney and Joey Abs wake up Shane with water. Shane pins Test in the ring and Test gets a shoulder up! Rodney distracts the referee and Pete Gas accidentally nails Shane with a road sign! Test pins Shane but Joey Abs pulls Shane to the ropes.

Rodney nails Test with the cast on his arm and puts Shane on top of him but again Test kicks out. Pat Patterson and Gerald Briscoe then run out and take out the Mean Street Posse! We’re back to one on one in the ring and Test sidesteps a shoulder barge in the corner. Test hits a Pump Handle Slam then goes to the top and hits a big elbow drop for the three! Test wins! Shane has to stay out of Test and Stephanie McMahons relationship. Stephanie runs down and embraces Test to a massive cheer. This was a decent match, lots of fun with the Mean Street Posse, I can’t help but like those guys!

Rating: 7/10

Video package now showing the history between Kane, X Pac, Undertaker and Big Show.

Michael Cole calls X Pac “Kane” and calls the tag team champions the underdogs. X Pac says he and Kane are closer than The Undertaker and Big Show have ever been.

X Pac & Kane (c) vs. The Undertaker & The Big Show – Tag Team Title Match

Here’s a good fact for you. Between them, X Pac and The Undertaker have had 100 PPV matches but this is the first time ever that they have been in the same PPV match. Undertaker and X Pac start the match but X Pac soon tags out to Kane who is wearing new ring gear. Kane hammers away at The Undertaker and X Pac gets a few cheap shots of his own. Kane sends Undertaker to the outside allowing X Pac to take more shots at him whilst Kane knocks Big Show off the apron. Kane goes to the top and nails Undertaker with a big clothesline. Big Show breaks up the cover and Undertaker takes the advantage with a DDT. Undertaker tags Big Show who hits some big slaps on Kanes chest. Big Show hits a kick and drops on elbow on Kane who sits right back up. Big Show hits a powerslam for a two count. Paul Bearer is ringside for The Undertaker and Big Show.

Kane and Undertaker exchange right hands then both men take each other out with clotheslines. So far only Ivory has held on to her title, Kane and X Pac will be hoping to join her. Kane tags X Pac who hits a big kick on Undertaker for a two count. X Pac bounces off the ropes but Big Show catches him and Undertaker hits him with a right hand and throws him to the outside. Big Show attacks X Pac on the outside then throws him back in the ring over the top rope. Kane goes out to lay into Big Show whilst Undertaker crotches X Pac into the ring post. No tag is made but Big Show is in the ring with X Pac and he hits a low blow on X Pac. He slams the former European champion but misses with an elbow drop. X Pac fights back but gets caught with a bear hug. There’s been a good pace to this match so far. This is X Pacs 9th PPV in a row, only Steve Austin has fought more. Big Show goes for a chokeslam but Kane makes sure he doesn’t hit it. X Pac then hits a low blow and both men crawl to their corners.

Big Show tags Undertaker and X Pac hits him with a low blow and tags Kane! Kane hits right hands on both of his opponents. X Pac gets involved and kicks Undertaker out of the ring then tries for a plancha but gets caught. Undertaker tires to ram X Pac into the ring post but X Pac nips down and pushes Undertaker into it. X Pac tags himself in and hits a Bronco Buster on Big show! Kane and Undertaker fight on the outside and Big Show gets up and hits a big chokeslam on X Pac! He puts a boot on X Pac but X Pac kicks out! A furious Undertaker tags himself in and hits X Pac with a Tombstone! Kane can’t get in quick enough and we’ve got new Tag Team champions! Big Show wins his firs title in the WWF and Undertaker becomes a two time tag team champion. There was a good pace to this match, I enjoyed it.

Rating: 7/10

Jesse Ventura is backstage telling Austin to make sure he makes the pin inside the ring.

The Rock vs. Billy Gunn – Kiss My Ass Match

Billy Gunn comes out for this match with the person under the cover. It seems to be a woman because she’s wearing lady shoes. This is a first time meeting between these two men. Billy Gunn is four matches unbeaten at Summerslam. The Rock is looking for his first Summerslam victory having only wrestled once before and lost to Triple H. Billy Gunn unveils the woman and tells everyone that The Rock will be kissing her ass tonight. She’s a rather large lady. This is a big match for Billy Gunn who is getting his King Of The Ring push. Gunn attacks The Rock before the bell and hits him with right hands. The Rock comes back with some right hands of his own sending Gunn to the outside. Rocky follows him out and smashes his face into the barrier The Rock loves to go up the entrance way and that’s exactly where he’s going. He bounces Billy Gunn off the barricades at the top of the entrance way but Billy Gunn takes the advantage with a clothesline. Both men take it in turns to hit each other into the barricades.

Back at ringside Billy Gunn throws The Rock into the ring steps. They fight round to the announce table where The Rock puts Jerry Lawlers crown on Billy Gunns head before hitting him with a right hand. Billy Gunn responds by nailing Rocky with the ring bell and the get back into the ring. The Rock hits a big clothesline but Billy Gunn hits a neckbreaker for a two count. Billy Gunn slows the pace of the match now, hitting elbows. Billy Gunns first Summerslam was in 1993 successfully teaming with Bart Gunn and Tatanka against Bam Bam Bigelow and The Headshrinkers. He hits a bulldog on The Rock for another near fall. Gunn hits a big splash in the corner but The Rock explodes out of the corner with a clothesline. The former WWF champion follows it up with a DDT but both men are down. Billy Gunn is great at selling, no doubt about that. The Rock hits a neckbreaker for a near fall. Samoan Drop from The Rock, another near fall. Rocky then goes for The Rock Bottom but Billy Gunn gets out of it and hits the Fame-asser! The large lady then gets in the ring and pulls up her skirt! Gunn attempts to put The Rocks face in it but The Rock reverses and plants Gunns face right in her ass! The Rock hits Rock Bottom and The People’s Elbow and gets the three count! The Rock beats Billy Gunn, ending his unblemished Summerslam record! This match was ok, a bit slow in parts.

Rating: 5.75/10

A video package is next showing the complicated build to the triple threat main event tonight.

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin (c) vs. Triple H vs. Mankind – WWF Title Match with Jesse “The Body” Ventura as special guest referee

The bell rings as soon as Austin gets into the ring and we’re right into it. Triple H has only ever main evented PPVs against Austin. No Way Out 1998, Mayhem In Manchester, Capital Carnage and now Summerslam. Austin and Mankind take it in turns to take shots on Triple H in the early going. They hit some double team moves and Mankind hugs Austin! Brilliant. Austin goes to work on Mankind now  and all three men are out of the ring. Austin takes care of Mankind then gets a right hand from Triple H. Chyna then throws Mankind into the ring post and Austin smashes Triple H into the commentary table. Jesse Ventura gives Chyna a talking to and Triple H nails Austin in the knee with a chair. Austin is undefeated at Summerslam having beaten Undertaker last year and Owen Hart the year before. Mankind actually beat Triple H in the opener to Summerslam 1997. Austin sells the leg and in the middle of the ring Mankind locks on the Mandible Claw on Triple H. Chyna breaks it up and Jesse Ventura sends Chyna to the back.

Austin attacks Triple H in the entrance way and they fight into the set around the entrance curtain. Mankind has a rest in the ring. This is Mankinds first PPV match since Over The Edge. Triple H and Austin fight back into the ring where Helmsley takes down Austin with a chopblock. Mankind and Triple H then take it in turns to lay boots into Austin. Jesse Ventura reacts to the crowd a lot which is sometimes a bit cheesy. The double team from Mankind and Triple H continues until Mankind goes for a pin. Mankind clotheslines Triple H out of the ring and then goes for a cannon ball but Triple H sidesteps and Mankind drops from the apron to the floor. Triple H goes back to working Austins knee. The two then battle into the crowd and Mankind follows. These three men are in the top 10 for most PPV matches of all time. They battle back into the ring where Austin lays out Triple H then goes to Mankind. Triple H gets up and goes for a Pedigree on Austin but Triple H gets out of it and catapults Helmsley into Mankind. Austin then hits Mankind with a Stone Cold Stunner! Triple H breaks up the cover with a steel chair. Helmsley then nails Mankind with a chair and pins him. Jesse Ventura isn’t happy and he refuses to make the count!

Helmsley threatens Ventura but from nowhere comes Shane McMahon! McMahon kicks off at Ventura but Austin spins him round and hits Shane with a Stunner! Ventura then picks up Shane and throws him out of the ring! Triple H and Austin take each other out with clotheslines. That allows Mankind to reach for Mr Socko! He puts it on his hand and rams it down Austins throat! Austin kicks his way out of it and Triple H goes for a Pedigree on Mankind but Austin clothesline Helmsley to break it up! All three men get up and Austin hammers both men and then hits Triple H with the Stunner! Mankind interrupts the count and tries to throw Austin out of the ring but fails. Triple H then hits Austin with a Pedigree but Mankind hammers him off Austin. Mankind hits a double armed DDT on Austin! He pins Austin and gets the three! I can’t believe it! It didn’t even seem like that was supposed to be the ending but it was! Mankind wins the WWF title for a third time! After the bell Triple attacks Austin with a steel chair whilst Chyna fights off the referees.

Rating: 7.5/10


And that was the 1999 Summerslam pay per view. We had 9 matches, most of which were good, a couple of average and one dud. The night started well with the Intercontinental and European title match. D-lo and Jeff Jarrett put a good show on and we had a shocking ending. Mark Henry turned his back on the man he has called his best friend for the last 18 months. As a result, Jeff Jarrett holds both titles and I wouldn’t mind seeing them merge the two belts. The European belt hasn’t been worth much since Wrestlemania so they may as well. I could see Mark Henry going forward as a bodyguard type figure for Jeff Jarrett as he goes on to take on his next challenger. That’ll leave D-lo and Mark Henry to feud into the next PPV.

I really enjoyed the tag team turmoil match. You had 6 of the top teams in the WWF in essentially 5 matches. The matches with Droz & Albert and Viscera & Mideon felt more like filler as they were over pretty quick. The main three matches were Edge & Christian vs. The Hardy Boyz, Edge & Christian vs. The Acolytes and The Acolytes vs. Crash & Hardcore Holly. The Hardyz and Edge and Christian have so much chemistry, we need more matches between those guys. I like the chemistry between th two big teams at the end too. Potential for some big matches between them. Later on we found out that Big Show and Undertaker became tag team champions. Their match with X Pac and Kane was a good pace and X Pac adds a lot to the match with the big guys. That means Undertaker and Big Show are on a collision course with The Acolytes. There are some big teams involved in the tag team title hunt at the moment and to be honest I prefer the proper tag teams like The Acolytes.

Al Snow then became a two time Hardcore champion when he beat The Big Boss Man. The highlight of this for me was Road Dogg commentating from the scene. Snow won after Road Dogg smashed Boss Man and Snow then hit his balls with some pool balls. I like Al Snow as Hardcore champion and he has been in every Hardcore title match on PPV since the inception of the Hardcore title. I can see this leading into a three way into the next PPV. There’s certainly a dog(g) there growing. This was followed by another title match when Ivory retained her title against Tori. The less said about this the better. It really wasn’t good. I don’t know if this was because Tori was so green but if this feud is to continue, she needs work with her work. They look to be setting up an Ivory/Luna feud which could work well. We then had Ken Shamrock beat Steve Blackman in the Lions Den. Bad call. Blackman should have won. He’s basically been buried since returning as a heel. This was the perfect opportunity to pull the trigger on this guy but they’ve missed the opportunity now. These guys could even work well as a team if they have nothing else for him.

Test beat Shane McMahon in what was an entertaining little match. That means Test gets to continue his relationship with Shane’s sister Stephanie and Shane has to butt out. This match was a lot of fun, I love the Mean Street Posse, they just bump like heroes. I don’t know where this leaves Test, maybe he’ll get involved in a European or IC title feud? I’m sure Shane will keep busy in one way or another. We then crowned new Tag Team champions with The Undertaker and Big Show beating X Pac and Kane. X Pac had his arse kicked in this one and took the pinfall. This keeps the three big men strong and shows that X Pac can’t hang with them. This could be the end for Kane and X Pac, I’m not sure. Maybe an X Pac heel turn? Or maybe Kane will turn on his partner? Either way, The Undertaker and Big Show go on to defend their newly won titles against The Acolytes. In a ridiculous ending to a ridiculous feud, The Rock beat Billy Gunn. At no point in this feud did Billy Gunn look like a threat to the former WWF Champion. The whole thing with the large lady and throwing Gunns face into her arse which stupid. Not either of their best matches ever.

The main event was a real shocker. Mankind won the WWF title after pinning Steve Austin. For starters, Mankind wasn’t supposed to be in the match and then he pinned Austin clean which is a once in a lifetime. I’m not a fan of Jesse Ventura so for me, he didn’t add anything to the match. I honestly thought Triple H would be taking home the gold but this should lead to a feud between Triple H and Mankind. Overall this was a decent show. Most of the matches were entertaining and well worth a watch.

Overall Rating: 60.27/100 (ranked 21st out of 99)

Match Of The Night: Tag Team Turmoil
Worst Match Of The Night: Ivory vs. Tori
Surprise Of The Night: Mankind wins the WWF Title
Worst Booking Of The Night: Shamrock beats Blackman
Superstar Of The Night: Mankind
Summerslam 99 Will Be Remembered For: Mankind winning the WWF title

One thought on “Summerslam 99

  1. Here are three more facts:

    1.This was Droz’s final WWF PPV appearance, as he and D’Lo had that match that was never shown to the public…

    2.The moment Rock shoved Mr. Ass’s face into that large woman’s rear, J.R. had the quote of the night: “The Rock just put Billy Gunn’s face in that large woman’s ass!”

    3.The triple threat World Title match marked the second time Austin lost clean (the first time was Survivor Series 1996 against Bret Hart, and the final two times were to HHH at No Way Out 2001, and Rock at WrestleMania 19).

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