Unforgiven 99

| Date: September 26, 1999
| Venue: Charlotte Coliseum City: Charlotte, North Carolina
| Attendance: 15, 779 | Buyrate: 329, 687

It might be Unforgiven tonight but you’d be forgiven for thinking that The Undertaker will be in action due to him being the man on the poster for the event. He won’t be. He was originally scheduled to be in the main event but I’ll get to that shortly. Since Summerslam the World title picture has been mental. Mankind left Summerslam as champion but he lost the title the next night on Raw to Triple H. Triple H would hold the title for a few weeks until losing it to the re-instated chairman of the WWF, Vince McMahon. McMahon then vacated the title and announced that the winner of a 6 pack challenge match at Unforgiven would be crowned the new champion. The 6 men announced in the match were Triple H, Mankind, The Rock, The Undertaker, Big Show and Kane. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin was not only announced as ths epcail guest enforcer for the match but also the man that would get a title opportunity against the winner. The Undertaker then got injured, or for storyline purposes refused to fight on Smackdown, and was replaced by the recently returned British Bulldog.

Also tonight, the Intercontinental and European titles will be on the line. You’ll remember at Summerslam, Jeff Jarrett beat D-lo to take both titles. Well, after Mark Henry helped Jarrett to victory the champion gave Mark the European title. Jarrett left an open contract on his dressing room for an IC title shot and it was Chyna who was first to sign her name. Since then Jeff Jarrett has attacked women from fans to the elderley Fabulous Moolah to wrestlers like Jacqueline and even attacking his manager Debra. Tonight Chyna aims to become the first woman to win a mans title. Mark Henry will defend his European title against the man that he betrayed, his former best friend D-lo Brown.

Al Snow left Summerslam as Hardcore champion but not long after he lost the title back to The Big Boss Man. The Boss Man would then make an open challenge and it was none other than the British Bulldog that not only accepted it but went on to win the title. Straight after the match he handed the title to Al Snow, crowning him the new champion. The Big Boss Man kidnapped Al Snow’s dog Pepper and after inviting Snow round to his hotel room, he cooked him a nice meal…of his dog Pepper! Tonight Snow and the Boss Man meet in a Kennel from Hell match. What’s that you ask? Well the two men will be in a cage surrounded by a Hell in a Cell. And between the cage and the cell with be rottweilers, waiting to chew apart the competitors. The man to get out of both the cage and the cell wins the match.

The Women’s title will be on the line tonight when Ivory defends the belt against Luna in a Hardcore match. Luna has come to Tori’s aid a few times since Summerslam and now she gets a shot at the title she’s wanted since returning to the WWF. Val Venis takes on Steve Blackman in a match which it’s feud peaked when Val Venis replaced Blackmans weapons in his trademark bag with dildo’s and vibrators. Brilliant. Two matches were made on Heat that preceeded this show. It was revealed that Chris Jericho had injured Ken Shamrock (Shamrock has left the WWF) so Jericho attacked X Pac which was his way of challenging him to a match. Also, Edge and Christian, who are number one contenders to the tag team titles challenged champions The New Age Outlaws. Yes, the Outlaws are back together and defeated champions The Rock and Mankind (who had beaten The Undertaker and Big Show for the belts). So let’s get to it.

A black and white video package kicks us off highlighting the six men participating in tonights main event. Freddie Blassie’s voice is used in parts. Not the best package. Jim Ross then welcomes us to Unforgiven, he’s joined by Jerry Lawler and they are both excited that there is going to be a new WWF Champion tonight.

Val Venis vs. Steve Blackman

Val Venis returns to PPV in his first PPV match since Over The Edge back in May when he teamed with Nicole Bass. Blackman is fresh off losing a feud with Ken Shamrock and the original push he had when he returned is over. Venis gives us a hurricane based promo about being blown from one end of the state to the other. It’s a first meeting on PPV between these two men and it’s Val with the advantage in the early going. Blackman gets back into it with a dropkick. Steve Lombardi is the referee for this one due to the other refereees being on strike. Blackman hits a suplex and taunts the crowd before hitting a reverse atomic drop. Venis throws Blackman to the outside then stomps away at him and drops him on the barricade. Blackman throws Venis into the ring steps in what feels very much like a lower card match.

Back in the ring and Blackman gets the first near fall of the night before throwing Venis one from corner of the ring to the next. Steve goes to the sleeper now, locking it on in the middle of the ring. Venis is quick to get out of it and he nails Blackman with a clothesline. Val hits some knees and a side Russian leg sweep before grinding over Blackmans body and covering him for a two. Blackman hits a spinebuster for a two count. This could’ve been much higher on the card if both men hadn’t been buried over the last few months. Venis hits a DDT then heads to the top and hits the Money Shot! That’s enough for the three and it’s a big win for Val Venis which might get him back on track. After the match Val makes the mistake of grabbing Blackmans bag and taking out a kendo stick. Blackman gets the kendo off him and nails him with it, giving him the final word on this one. The EMT’s come out and there’s a rather attractive blonde amongst them.

Rating: 5/10

Michael Cole is backstage with The Big Show who doesn’t know where The Undertaker is but it doesn’t matter. Big Show has learnt from The Undertaker and is ready to win the WWF title tonight.

Video package next for D-lo Brown and Mark Henry and how their friendship tore apart. That’s followed by Mark Henry backstage with Lilian Garcia, whispering something in her ear and getting a slap!

Mark Henry (c) vs. D-lo Brown – European Title Match

Henry gets on the mic before the bell and tells us that there isn’t going to be a European title match tonight. He says that after he got slapped backstage he felt something pop and can’t compete tonight. D-lo comes out though and this one in underway! These are the two remaining members of the Nation Of Domination and are meeting in their first ever PPV match. D-lo hits a sit out powerbomb early on which is pretty amazing in itself for a two count. D-lo jumps off the second rope with a knee drop to the face for another near fall. Mark Henry goes to the outside and D-lo flies at him over the top rope. Back in the ring and D-lo goes to the top and hits a cross body for another near fall. Henry holds D-lo high above his head and then drops him down with a front slam for a two count. Henry locks on a sleeper hold now. These two men teamed with The Rock at last years Unforgiven PPV in a losing effort against Steve Blackman, Ken Shamrock and Faarooq.

Henry throws D-lo onto the ring steps as this one goes to the outside. Not for long though, the two men get back into the ring where Henry hits a couple of clotheslines. Henry hits a powerslam and a legdrop that Hulk Hogan would be proud of. Henry crushes D-lo in the corner then pops him on the top rope and hits some sort of slam for a two count. D-lo gets back into it with a hurricanrana, a dropkick and his trademark legdrop for a two count. Henry goes to the second rope but D-lo hits him with a powerbomb then goes to the top and hits the Lo-Down for the win! D-lo beats Mark Henry and wins the European title!

Rating: 4/10

The Acolytes are backstage talking about their match with the Dudley Boys when suddenly we see a lot of the superstars laying into Chaz who has apparently been hitting his girlfriend. We then get an interview with Debra who seems to have ended her relationship with Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett tells her to stay out of his business tonight!

Jeff Jarrett (c) vs. Chyna – Intercontinental Title Match

Chyna gets a big pop which is surprising. Jarrett attacks her as she gets into the ring but Chyna soon takes him off his feet and nails him with a big clothesline. Jarrett comes off the top with a double axe handle but Chyna hits a low blow and clothesline him out of the ring. Jarrett crotches Chyna around the ring, which I’m sure is painful. Jarrett goes back to the top and hits a cross body but Chyna kicks out of the pinfall with power. Jeff hits a dropkick as he controls this one. Jarrett hits a superplex but once again, it’s a two. Chyna misses with a splash in the corner which allows Jarrett to hit a spinning DDT like move from the second rope. Chyna gets Jarrett up on her shoulders and drops him to the mat. Chyna is up first and goes for a clothesline but Jarrett ducks and locks on a sleeper. Chyna gets out of it and hits a suplex and both superstars are down. Chyna gets a near fall following a powerslam and another following a powerbomb.

Jarrett hits a powerbomb and then goes for a figure four but Chyna kicks him out of the ring! She follows and grabs a steel chair before smashing it into Jarretts back! Scab referee Harvey Wippleman is stood right there and doesn’t do anything. Chyna backdrops Jarrett onto the Spanish announce table before throwing him back into the ring and setting up for a Pedigree. Jarrett counters it and catapults Chyna right into the referee. Miss Kitty hands Jarrett his guitar but the Fabulous Moolah and Mae Young who were sat at ringside, get into the ring and hammer away at the man who attacked them a few weeks ago. They hit a double body slam on Jarrett! Jarrett clotheslines both elderly women down and kicks them both. Jerry Lawler is in hysterics. Debra then emerges from the back, she pushes Miss Kitty over and gets in the ring as Jarrett goes for the figure four. Debra smashes Jarrett with his own guitar and the crowd go mental! Chyna covers Jarrett and this one is over! Chyna is the new Intercontinental champion! Dr Tom Prichard comes out and takes away the title before pointing out the footage of Debra smashing Jarrett with the guitar. He reverses the decision! Jarrett retains his Intercontinental title by disqualification and Chyna lays into Dr Tom, hitting him with a low blow and a Pedigree.

Rating: 5/10

We see an interview from Heat with Austin saying there will be a new WWF Champion tonight.

The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray & D-Von) vs. The Acolytes (Faarooq & Bradshaw)

This is a PPV debut for The Dudley Boyz and this one gets underway right away. Bubba Ray hits a big splash in the corner on Faarooq and a suplex. He hits a powerslam but goes for a splash and Faarooq gets his knees up. Faarooq tags Bradshaw and this one is going to be stiff. Bradshaw hits a big boot and gets a two count. Bubba Ray hits a slam and then a senton bomb from the second rope. Bubba Ray goes back to the second rope but Faarooq hammers him allowing Bradshaw to hit a suplex. Bradshaw then spears Bubba Ray out of the ring. The Acolytes are former two time tag team champions and Bradshaw launches Bubba Ray into the ring steps. Back in the ring and Bradshaw gets a near fall. Bradshaw goes for the Clothesline From Hell but Bubba Ray ducks it and hits a belly to belly suplex before tagging out to D-Von. D-Von hits a big shoulder block and a neckbreaker for a near fall.

Bradshaw hits his trademark fallaway slam and tags out to Faarooq. Faarooq hits a big slam for a two count. Faarooq could be the first man to have won at both last years and this years Unforgiven PPV. He tags out to Bradshaw who hits  a slam on D-Von but misses with an elbow allowing D-Von to tag out to Bubba Ray. They hit a version of the 3D but Bradshaw kicks out. Bubba then hits a powerbomb and D-Von flies off the top with a headbutt but Bradshaw kicks out. I’m not sure who the legal men are. The crowd are a bit dead for this one. D-Von goes to the top but Faarooq shakes the ropes, crotching him on the top. Bradshaw then hits a belly to back suplex from the top for a two count. Bubba Ray gets into the ring and hits a bulldog on Bradshaw as all four men continue to go at it. The Dudley Boys then hit the 3D on Faarooq! Stevie Richards then comes out dressed as an Acolyte. He nails D-Von with the Stevie Kick and Faarooq pins him for the three! The Acolytes win the match and they’re not happy with Richards, they hit him with a Dominator and Powerbomb after the match! It’s a big win for the Acolytes anyway, although the way they won was disappointing.

Rating: 5/10

Ivory (c) vs. Luna – Women’s Title Match

Well we see Luna walking backstage and Ivory throws a trash can at her and this one is underway already! Luna smashes Ivory into a photocopier and then nails the champion with the phone. Luna throws Ivory from one wall to the other. But Ivory takes the advantage, putting Luna in a bin! Luna beat Sable at last years Unforgiven. She throws Ivory into some boxes then gets on top of a forklift truck and leaps on Ivory for a two count. Luna chokes Ivory with a broom handle. We then see Tori getting photographed and she gets involved, attacking Ivory! Ivory then clobbers Luna with a broom handle and pins Luna for the three! Ivory wins and retains her title.

Rating: 3.25/10

Lilian Garcia is backstage with Fabulous Moolah and Mae Young. Ivory comes over and the three women get into a fight!

The New Age Outlaws (Billy Gunn & The Road Dogg) (c) vs. Edge & Christian

This big title match is a first time meeting on PPV between two of the greatest teams of all time. Billy Gunn is looking for his first PPV victory since winning the King Of The Ring in June. Billy Gunn and Edge kick off the match with some tight wrestling. Edge hits a hip toss and a couple of arm drags before going to a headlock. Billy Gunn gets out of it with a belly to back suplex. Billy Gunn tags Road Dogg who quickly rolls up Edge for a two count. Edge tags Christian for the first time in this match and Christian hits a couple of dropkicks and an arm drag. Christian is a former Light-Heavyweight champion. Billy Gunn has acted quite like a heel in this one. He pulls Christians hair, distracting him and allowing Road Dogg to take the advantage. Road Dogg tags Billy and they hit a double sledge. Road Dogg and Billy Gunn won their last PPV tag team match together against Jeff Jarrett and Owen Hart. Billy Gunn holds Christian high above his head and drops him on Road Doggs knee. Christian tags Edge who hits a dropkick on Road Dogg then hammers Gunn off the apron.

Road Dogg hits his jabs on Edge and follows up with his shaky legs knee drop. Christian makes sure Road Dogg doesn’t get the three, then tosses Road Dogg out of the ring where Christian follows and throws him into the ring steps. Edge and Christian have yet to win the tag team titles. Edge is a former Intercontinental champion, holding that belt for a matter of days. The New Age Outlaws are looking to join Faarooq as winners on last years Unforgiven and this years. Christian applies a chinlock on Road Dogg. The champion gets out of it and both men hit a cross body on each other. Christian tags Edge who stops Road Dogg from tagging Billy Gunn. Edge and Christian hit a double sidewalk slam/DDT but Billy Gunn stops a pin from happening. Edge hits a hard Irish whip and tags Christian but as they try to double team Road Dogg, the champ avoids it and nails both men with a DDT. Road Dog tags Billy Gunn who hits everyone with right hands. He hits Christian with a big powerslam for a two count and all four men are in.

Christian hits a reverse DDT on Billy Gunn but the Hardy Boyz are out and Jeff Hardy hits a dropkick on Edge and Billy Gunn hits the Fame-asser on Edge for the win! The Hardy Boyz cost Edge and Christian the match and the New Age Outlaws retains their titles! This was a decent match, the best match of the night so far.

Rating: 6.5/10

We see some footage from Smackdown with The British Bulldog costing The Rock his match against Triple H. Lilian Garcia is then backstage with Bulldog and Triple H. Bulldog says he was the man to put The Rock in his place. Triple H says that in this game you get the job done in any way you can. Triple H says that he will leave as WWF Champion tonight.

Michael Cole is with The Big Boss Man who says he doesn’t regret what he did to Pepper. Tonight will be a night nobody will forget, especially Al Snow.

Al Snow (c) vs. The Big Boss Man – Kennel From Hell match for the Hardcore Title

So just to be clear, there is a cage around the ring and a Hell in a Cell around the cage. And between the cage and cell are rottweilers. To win the match you have to get out of both the cage and the cell. The Hardcore title is on the line. This is the third PPV these two men have fought each other at and so far they are tied at one win a piece. The two men go at it before the dogs come out. Al Snow then locks himself in the cage, locking The Boss Man between the cages. The dogs are then bought out and Boss Man climbs up the cage to get in. Snow does his best to stop the Boss Man from getting in the ring but instead, Boss Man brings Snow over the cage. Boss Man then gets in the ring and Al Snow falls to the outside and runs away form the dogs. Snow then climbs up the inside of the hell in a cell then onto the cage. This has been awful so far. Boss Man suplexes Al Snow into the ring. Boss Man throws Snow into the side of the cage and then nails him with something. He then nails Snow with the metal end of a shovel, busting Al wide open.

Boss Man climbs to the top of the cage with pliers and tries to cut his way out of the top of the cell. Snow drills Boss Man with some wood but Boss Man nails him with the pliers. Boss Man then fills his hand with some powder but Al Snow throws it into the Boss Mans face. Snow hits the former Hardcore Champion with the shovel then throws him into the cage. Both men are bleeding and the dogs are pretty calm. Boss Man softly hits Snow with the shovel then lams him in the head with it. The crowd boo the match and you can see why. Boss Man cuffs Snow to the corner then climbs up the cage but Snow manages to break the handcuffs. Al shakes Boss Man off the cage then pulls Head out of a bag in the ring. Snow nails Boss Man with Head for the first pop of the match. He then climbs up the cage and Boss Man gets up and does the same. Snow heads for the door whilst Boss Man climbs through the hole in the top of the cell. Snow is first out of the door and he wins! Snow wins the match and it was awful.

Rating: 2.25/10

Michael Cole is backstage with Mankind who says if it comes to it, he will lay the smack down on The Rocks candy ass.

Chris Jericho vs. X Pac

Chris Jericho makes his PPV debut tonight! He’s accompanied by Mr Hughes and was supposed to take on Ken Shamrock tonight but the story is that Jericho injured Shamrock. Shamrock actually left the WWF and has gone back to UFC. Jericho found a new opponent in X Pac, attacking him backstage. This is X Pacs 10th PPV in a row, more than anyone else. This should be a great match. The two men chain wrestle in the early stages with neither man getting the advantage. The two men slap each other and it’s Jericho with a clothesline. He follows it up with a suplex on the top rope. X Pac sidesteps a splash in the corner then goes for the Bronco Buster but Jericho gets out of the way. X Pac goes for the X Factor but Jericho counters it into a powerbomb and goes fo rthe Wall of Jericho but X Pac kicks Y2J outside the ring and then comes off the top with a big cross body. Mr Hughes gets involves and clotheslines X Pac done which the referee does nothing about. Jericho hits a suplex on the outside.

Jericho comes off the top with a missile dropkick for a two count. Chris then goes to the chinlock. X Pac gets out of it but gets caught with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. The crowd seem to be booing a lot in this one. I don’t know if the last match just drained them. Jericho gets a two count after a splash then applies a sleeper. Jericho starts to get out of it and the crowd boo but X Pac can’t get out of the hold. An “X Pac sucks” chant breaks out I think. Jericho throws X Pac onto the apron and then springboards off the top and hits a dropkick. Curtis Hughes gets involved again. X Pac gets back into the ring and hits a spinning heel kick. He follows it up by dropkicking Hughes on the outside and nailing a springboard clothesline to Jericho. He down Jericho in the corner and then goes for the Bronco Buster but Jericho gets his foot up and hits X Pac with a senton for a two count.

Jericho hits a backbreaker then goes to the top but X Pac dives at the ropes to crotch his opponent. X Pac hits a superplex and both men are down. Pac rolls on Jericho for a two count. Jericho hits a powerbomb then raises X Pac up and hits a second powerbomb for another near fall. Jericho gets tied upside down in the corner and X Pac hits essentially a reverse Bronco Buster! Mr Hughes then gets in the ring, knocks down the referee and then goes to town on X Pac. The bell rings and this one is a disqualification win for X Pac. Road Dogg runs out and makes the save for X Pac. Sadly, this match was a disappointment. I expected big things and in reality something just didn’t click. It was still above average, I think I was just expecting a lot more.

Rating: 5.75/10

There’s a video package next showing how we got to tonights main event. Since Summerslam, Mankind won th WWF title from Austin, then lost it the next night to Triple H. Helmsley then lost the belt to Vince McMahon who vacated the title and made this match.

The Big Show vs. The British Bulldog vs. Triple H vs. The Rock vs. Kane vs. Mankind – 6 Pack Challenge for WWF Title

This is the big one. The top 6 guys in the WWF battling for the WWF title. The Undertaker was originally in the match but replaced by The British Bulldog. Will the dead man show up tonight? The Bulldog and Big Show are the only two men in this match not to have been WWF Champion before. This is the Bulldogs first PPV match since winning his Survivor Series match at Survivor Series 1997 nearly 2 years ago. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin is the guest enforcer for this match, it’s the first PPV he isn’t wrestling on in a year. It was In Your House: Breakdown he last didn’t fight on and he was also the special guest referee at that one. Austin joins the commentators and The Rock and British Bulldog start the match. Bulldog is a former Tag Team, Intercontinental, European and Hardcore champion. Bulldog hits a big clothesline and tags Triple H. I’m not sure why you’d want to tag out of this one. Triple H lays into The Rock then cheap shots Kane. The Rock hits a clothesline then hotshots Triple H on the top rope for the first near fall of the match. The Rock hasn’t been WWF Champion since Wrestlemania.

Kane tags himself in and hits some uppercuts on Helmsley. He then hits a double armed chokeslam. Kane hits a bodyslam but misses with an elbow. He hits a powerslam then cheap shots Big Show before going to the top but Show launches him off! Mankind comes in and lays into Triple H but Kane takes Mankind down with a clothesline. Kane pins Mankind for a one count. It’s onlt The Big Show that hasn’t been in the match yet. Kane and Mankind who have been tag team champions together go at it until Big Show tags himself in at the expense of Mankind. This is the first time Big Show has main evented a PPV. He hits  backbreaker on Kane then turns it into a submission. Neither Kane or Big Show have ben built to win this match. The majority of the build has been around Triple H. Kane hits an enzeguri on Big Show and British Bulldog tags himself in. Kane hits Bulldog with a big boot then Big show comes back in and kicks Kane and Mankind tags himself in. Mankind and Buldog are then in and in comes The Rock. Its hard to keep up with who the legal men are.

Bulldog hits The Rock with a suplex and tags in Mankind. Mankind tags Kane who is happy to come in. Kane goes for a Tombstone but The Rock slips down the back and hits a Russian leg sweep for a two count. Kane hits a sidewalk slam but The Rock tags Mankind who is one of four men that has been WWF Champion since the last PPV. He hits a piledriver on Kane for a two count. Kane tags Triple H who sends Mankind to the outside. Mankind smashes Helmsley into the ring steps and then goes for a suplex  up the entrance way but Triple H reverses it. The Rock runs down and nails Triple H with a clothesline. All 6 men are then battling in the aisle! Kane and Rock are paired off, Big Show and British Bulldog, then Mankind and Triple H. Mankind nails Triple H with the ring steps and then hits a brutal piledriver on the steps. Bulldog is in the ring with Mankind now and Mankind holds the former European champion for The Rock who gives Bulldog with a right hand. The Rock tags Big Show and does a hilarious impression of him. Kane then comes in and the referees suddenly all come out from the back.

In the ring, Kane lays into Big Show then tags Mankind. Big Show throws Mankind across the ring as the referees give Jimmy Korderes grief. Show hits a big slam on Mankind and follows it up with an elbow drop for a two count. The Rock makes sure that wasn’t a three. Mankind tags The Rock who hits Big Show with some big right hands and three big clotheslines. Triple H gets in the ring and disposes of The Rock before the two men go at it on the outside. Rocky tags Kane and in comes Mankind. Mankind hits a DDT on the big red monster.Kane then Tombstones Mankind in the middle of the ring. Big Show had tagged himself in though and he throws Kane out of the ring but Kane goes up to the top and clotheslines Big Show down. Bulldog then comes in and hits a powerslam on Kane. Triple H comes in and hits the Pedigree on the Bulldog! Then Mankind nails The Rock with a DDT before ramming Mr Socko down his throat! Rocky gets out of it and hits Rock Bottom on his tag team partner! Triple H breaks up the pin and all hell has broken loose.

Big Show takes down everyone with headbutts and then hits the big chokeslam on Mankind. He pins him but the referees drag on referee Jimmy Korderes! The striking referees then lay into Jimmy! Austin runs round and takes out all the referees! In the ring The Rock hits a DDT on Triple H. Austin slides in to make the count but Triple H kicks out! Rocky hits Rock Bottom and then the People’s Elbow! Austin counts the cover but Big Show pulls out Austin! Bulldog nails The Rock with a chair, then Austin nails Bulldog with the chair! Triple H hits the Pedigree on The Rock and Austin slides in and counts the three! Triple H wins the match and the WWF Title! Austin Stunners Triple H after the bell and those two men are now on a collision course! Great main event tonight after a lackluster show.

Rating: 8/10


And that was Unforgiven 1999. On the whole this was an average pay per view with a couple of really bad matches and one or two really good ones. Not a memorable one for any reason and I think a lot of that is down to all of the main eventers being in one match. It left the rest of the card a bit sparse. Val Venis beat Steve Blackman in a lackluster lower card opener. Blackman continues to get buried which is disappointing. Although it doesn’t offer much as a character. Venis benefits from the win and I guess he could get involved in the European title picture. What was interesting was the hot blonde that came out as an EMT. Was she really an EMT or just a hot lbonde to revive Venis? D-lo then beat Mark Henry which put an abrupt stop to Mark Henry’s heel turn push. Don’t get me wrong, I like D-lo as European champion and he’s the best European champion of all time if you ask me but if you’re going in a new direction with Mark Henry, why have him lose cleanly so quickly? It essentially ends this feud when it could have dragged on longer.

Jeff Jarrett then beat Chyna by disqualification which to me means that this feud will continue. Chyna got a big face reaction so maybe it’s time she moved away from Triple H. I wouldn’t mind seeing a DX reunion with her, X Pac and The Outlaws. Debra has moved away from Jarrett now so it’ll be interesting to see what direction she goes in moving forward. A Jarrett/Miss Kitty vs. Chyna/Debra feud maybe? The Acolytes then defeated The Dudley Boyz with help from Stevie Richards. This was a bizarre finish. I’m guess gin Richards (and The Blue Meanie?) will be worked into this feud but he cost the Dudleyz the match and then got powerbombed by the Acolytes. Both teams in this match are heels so I guess they’ll go their separate ways now. Either could have a fresh feud with the New Age Outlaws. Ivory beat Luna in a Hardcore match that never made it to the ring. Tori couldn’t even help Luna. This match did a lot to put Ivory over as she essentially won clean. Ivory is bringing some legitamacy to the Women’s title because she can actually wrestle but her PPV matches have been really bad. I’m sure she’ll get better.

The Outlaws retained over Edge and Christian with help from The Hardy Boyz. Edge and Christian will go back to feuding with the Hardyz now I expect whilst the Outlaws can deal with the likes of The Acolytes, Dudley Boyz and Holly Cousins. This match was the second best on this show and both teams always put on a decent match. Two very important teams for the WWF right now. Sadly I can’t say the same about the next match. The Kennel from Hell match was awful. The dogs had no involvement whatsoever. I like Boss Mans tactic of trying to get out of the top of the cage but if the competitors were going to avoid the dogs like they did then why not have the dogs loose? Both men are capable of a lot better. They must know how bad it was. Sadly, the next match wasn’t what I was hoping for. I had big expectations from Jericho and X Pac but something didn’t quite click. Don’t get me wrong, it was above average but I feel like these two guys could have had a really good match. Anyway, they didn’t. Mr Hughes cost Jericho his first PPV match in a contest that really Jericho should have won. There would have been no harm in making Jericho look really strong in this one with a clean win but as is with tradition, when somebody is replaced in a match, the person who replaces them tends to win. Both of these men are solid midcarders and could feud with anyone from the 6 pack challenge off the back of this show.

The 6 pack challenge was really good. I loved all the different combinations in this match and the storytelling was on point. Austin as the referee added a dynamic to it as well, knowing that he would fight the winner. The only slightly confusing part was Triple H and British Bulldog started going at it towards the end of the match but at the very end Bulldog helped Triple H. I guess he coiuld have been looking out for himself. Triple H went on to win the match which for me really begs the question, why bother having him lose it to Vince McMahon a few weeks ago? He could have defended it in this match and retained but no, Vince Russo likes his shock booking. So it’ll be Triple H and Austin going forward. The other five guys in this match could go anywhere.

Overall Rating: 49.7/100 (ranked 77th out of 100) 

Match Of The Night: The 6 Pack Challenge
Worst Match Of The Night: Kennel From Hell Match
Surprise Of The Night: Stevie Richards gets involved in Acolytes/Dudleyz match
Worst Booking Of The Night: Mark Henry losing clean
Superstar Of The Night: Triple H
Unforgiven Will Be Remembered For: The 6 Pack Challenge & Kennel From Hell

One thought on “Unforgiven 99

  1. Fun Facts:

    1.This was the first WWF PPV appearance for the lovely Lilian Garcia, who debuted on the Raw after SummerSlam.

    2.Just like Mideon, Mizark was also a transitional champion when he held the Euro Title.

    3.The build-up for the Dudleyz/Acolytes match mentioned the Public Enemy’s brief cup of coffee stint in the WWF earlier that year, and how the Acolytes potato’ed the shit out of them on one March episode of Sunday Night Heat, all because Public Enemy refused to be put through their own table.

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