Armageddon 99

| Date: December 12, 1999
| Venue: National Car Rental Stadium | City: Sunrise, Florida
| Attendance: 17, 054 | Buyrate: 371, 000

Armageddon is upon us, could it be the end of the world tonight? The Undertaker is on the poster for the event but isn’t scheduled to wrestle, nor has he been seen for a couple of months. Could he return tonight? Armageddon would be the perfect time for him to return. Maybe he’ll show up in the WWF title match tonight? His old protegé The Big Show is now WWF champion, having won the belt at Survivor Series and tonight he defends the title against The Big Boss Man. The Boss Man has been traumatising Big Show and recently spoke to his mom, finding out that Show was born out of wedlock. This feud has been quite flat and has been far from the main feud heading into this PPV as the main focus has been around Triple H.

Triple H will be going one on one with Vince McMahon, who is now his father-in-law. How did that happen? Well, when Stephanie McMahon was on her hen do in Vegas, Triple H paid a waiter to drug her and then Helmsley kidnapped her and took her through a drive through wedding chapel and married her! It was all revealed on the night Stephanie was due to marry Test. So now Triple H goes up against McMahon and if Helmsley wins then he will get a WWF title shot but if he loses then he must end his marriage to Miss McMahon. It’s a very personal feud. The rest o DX will be in action, first The New Age Outlaws will defend their tag team titles against The Rock ‘n’ Sock Connection who have re-formed to go after the titles. They have had their problems recently with a jealous Al Snow. X Pac will also be in action against Kane, the man who beat him by DQ at Survivor Series.

The Intercontinental title will be on the line as Chyna defends her belt against Chris Jericho in a Survivor Series rematch. Jericho severely damaged Chyna’s thumb a few weeks ago on Smackdown, could that be a factor in this match? The European title will be on the line as champion The British Bulldog defends against both Val Venis and D-lo Brown in a triple threat match. Venis and Bulldog were team captains against each other at Survivor Series whilst D-lo got in the match as a result of Bulldog attacking him and Venis as they fought for number one contendership. The other title on the line tonight will be the Women’s title which will be defended in a fatal four way evening gown match as Ivory takes on Jacqueline, Miss Kitty and nurse B.B.

In the lower card we’ll have Kurt angle take on the man he has been teaming with recently, Steve Blackman. They have shared many victories recently but Blackman has been pinned a couple of times with Angle distancing himself from the loss, entirely blaming Blackman for the losses. In a battle of super heavyweights, The Holly Cousins, Hardcore and Crash will take on the huge team of Viscera and Rikishi Phatu. Rikishi is a newcomer but is familiar as he previously wrestled as Fatu and The Sultan. We’ll also get an 8 team battle royal to determine new number one contenders to the tag team titles. So let’s get to it.

We kick things off with a beautiful choir singing over the top of clips of Triple H and Vince McMahon. Jim Ross then welcomes us to Florida for Armageddon with some creepy music playing and fireworks blasting in the arena. Jerry Lawler joins Jim Ross at ringside.

The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray & D-Von) vs. The Acolytes (Faarooq & Bradshaw) vs. The Headbangers (Mosh & Thrasher) vs. Too Cool (Scotty Too Hotty & Grandmaster Sexay) vs. Edge & Christian vs. The Hardy Boyz (Matt & Jeff) vs. The Mean Street Posse (Pete Gas & Rodney) vs. The Godfather & Mark Henry – Battle Royal for Number One Contendership to the Tag Team Titles

The Dudleyz are the first team out but Edge and Christian are next and chase them out of the ring. When one member of a team is eliminated then the whole team is eliminated. Winner gets a shot at the tag titles at the Royal Rumble. Christian makes short work of Rodney but out comes Joey Abs! Joey is taking over from Rodney but Edge eliminates him! Rodney then slides back in but Faarooq eliminates Pete Gas. Finally the Mean Street Posse has been eliminated. The remaining 7 teams go at it with Thrash and D-Von pairing off and Jeff Hardy and Faarooq going at it. The Godfather then throws out Mosh and The Headbangers are done! Godfather and Faarooq actually teamed up at a Wrestlemania tag team battle royal that LOD 2000 won. The Acolytes eliminate Mark Henry taking him and The Godfather out of the match. Edge and Christian tee off with Too Cool and Edge pulls down Grand Master Sexay’s pants! The tag team division really is thriving at the moment. Loads of good teams. Christian and Scotty Too Hotty fight out on the apron and it’s Too Cool eliminated!

We’re down to The Dudley Boyz, Edge and Christian, The Hardy Boyz and The Acolytes. Arguably the four biggest teams in the match. D-Von and Christian fight to the outside whilst The Acolytes have The Hardy Boyz teetering on the top rope. The Dudleyz then eliminate Edge and Christian! Lawler says he doesn’t like the Hardyz chances which means that they will probably win. The Dudleyz double team Jeff Hardy whilst the Acolytes double team Matt. Bubba hits a DDT on Bradshaw and Matt has Faarooq balanced on the top rope. The Dudleys then hit their trademark headbutt to the groin on Bradshaw. They then hit a double neck drop on Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy eliminates D-Von! We’re down to the Hardyz and The Acolytes. Jeff hits a springboard moonsault on Faarooq whilst Matt Hardy and The Acolytes go over at the same time together! The match continues! Bradshaw gets back in the ring and hits a clothesline on Jeff Hardy. Jeff then hits a head scissors on Faarooq and sends him over the top rope! But Faarooq isn’t seen and he slides back in. In a fast paced finish Faarooq back body drops Jeff Hardy out of the ring for the win! Both Acolytes and both Hardy Boyz were eliminated in this one but it’ll go down as a win for the Acolytes. Good fun way to kick off the night!

Rating: 7/10

Lilian Garcia is backstage with Kurt Angle who is proud of being undefeated in the WWF. Angle hasn’t been happy with the response he’s been getting but he knows that tonight he’ll be appreciated as a true American hero.

Kurt Angle vs. Steve Blackman

Kurt gets on the mic before the bell but gets cut off pretty sharpish by Blackman who runs out to the ring. Blackman goes right to work on Angle with quick shots and a dropkick off the top. He hits a slam and goes to the middle rope where he misses with a headbutt. Kurt misses with a dropkick but they ride it out and Blackman sells anyway. Angle hits a flying forearm ala Tito Santana for the first near fall of the night. He then heads to the top and attempts a beautiful moonsault which Blackman gets out of the way of. Steve takes advantage with a backbreaker and a version of an STF. Angle won’t submit that easily though. Angle hits a DDT for a two count. Kurt is undefeated on PPV at this point. He hits a suplex for another near fall. A big “Boring” chant breaks out. The two men battle on the outside of the ring where Blackman throws Angle into the steps. Back in the ring and Blackman rolls through a cross body for a two count but Angle hits a double underhook suplex.

Kurt chokes Blackman with his boot in the corner as an “Angle sucks” chant breaks out. Blackman hits some right hands and a big shoulder block followed by a suplex for a near fall. Blackman gets another near fall following a spinebuster. He then hits a sidewalk slam but misses with a Vaderbomb in the corner. Angle hits a belly to back suplex into the bridge which is enough for the three! Angle celebrates like he just won the Olympics but Blackman gets in the ring and nails him with some nun-chucks. Angle wins back to back PPV matches!

Rating: 5.75/10

Michael Cole is backstage with B.B who is very smitten with the busty blonde.

Ivory (c) vs. Miss Kitty vs. Jacqueline vs. B.B. – Evening Gown Match for Women’s Title

It’s the last woman to keep her evening gown on wins this match. Oh and it’s to be contested in a swimming pool. Ivory and Jacqueline get right into it as a “let’s go puppies” chant breaks out. Jacqueline is the first girl to lose her evening gown. And half her bra by the look of it. Ivory and Miss Kitty then double team B.B. And they rip off her evening gown! We’re down to just Ivory and Miss Kitty. Ivory then tries to rip off B.B.’s bra but fails. Miss Kitty then manages to take Ivory’s evening gown off! Miss Kitty wins the match! She’s the new Women’s champion! Miss Kitty grabs the mic after the match and says that everyone has come to see her naked but she was made to wear underwear! She then takes off her dress and then her bra! Sgt Slaughter and Tony Garea get her covered up and out of there. Mae Young then gets on the mic and says that everyone came her to see her naked and she whips off her dress! Luckily Slaughter is there to make sure nothing else comes off! Bloody hell. I can’t rate this.

Rating: N/A

Kevin Kelly is with Rikishi and we see some footage from Heat with Rikishi attacking the Holly cousins. Rikishi says that he represents the healthy fat people out there. Or should it be phat?

The Holly Cousins (Hardcore & Crash) vs. Viscera & Rikishi

This is the match of the alleged super heavyweights against the actual super heavyweights. Rikishi takes down both Holly’s as the bell rings. Crash goes for a sunset flip but Rikishi just sits on him. This is Rikishi’s first PPV since wrestling as The Sultan a long time ago. Crash tags Hardcore who gets crushed in the corner by Rikishi. The big man then hits a belly to belly suplex. Rikishi goes to tag Viscera but big Vis isn’t interested. Rikishi tags him anyway and Vis hits a Samoan drop on Hardcore. Crash gets involved and Viscera hits him with a chokeslam and a belly to belly. Vis then misses with a splash on both men. Hardcore goes to the top and hits a nice dropkick to take Vis down for a two count. Hardcore tags Crash and they hit a double elbow and dropkicks on Viscera. Viscera fights off both men and hits a legdrop on Crash.

Viscera tags Rikishi who hits a diamond cutter type move on Crash. He then hits a crescent kick on Hardcore and a brainbuster on Crash. Viscera then gets involved and accidentally nails Rikishi with a spinning heel kick. Hardcore pins him and it’s over! The Holly Cousins win the match. After the match Rikishi kicks Viscera to the outside of the ring and the two big men start going at it! It’s like Men On A Mission vs. The Headshrinkers all over again.

Rating: 5.25/10

Lilian Garcia is backstage with Val Venis who is looking forward to winning European gold tonight. He then claims to be the Eiffel Tower and Big Ben rolled into one!

The British Bulldog (c) vs. D-lo Brown vs. Val Venis – European Title Match

Plenty of first time ever matches on this card and this one is no exception. D-lo is arguably the greatest ever European champion. He’s had his run-ins with Val Venis. It’s the first time Bulldog has ever met either of these men on PPV and he comes out flanked by the Mean Street Posse. I can’t explain the relationship between the Posse and Bulldog but referee Teddy Long sends the Posse to the back! All three men go at it in different airings but as Bulldog and Venis go at it on the outside, D-lo flies over the top and takes out both men! Val and D-lo then go at it in the ring and Venis hits a powerslam for the first near fall of the match. Val then hits an elbow off the second rope but Bulldog breaks up the count. Bulldog and Venis then go at it outside the ring and Bulldog throws Val into the ring steps. D-lo tries to cut a deal with Bulldog and those two men then take shots at Venis. I think D-lo is supposed to be a face and Venis a heel. D-lo then nails Bulldog with a right hand and a few stomps.

D-lo goes for a springboard off the middle rope but he misses Venis in a nasty looking botch. Venis hits a suplex on D-lo then goes to work on the Bulldog. He knocks them into one another then slugs it out with D-lo. Both D-lo and Venis then hit Bulldog with a double clothesline double hip toss. Bulldog lands right on his head during that last move. They then hit a double stalling suplex. The two men try to pin Bulldog who’s first PPV match was 14 years ago. Val straddles D-lo on the top turnbuckle then goes for a superplex but instead D-lo hits a sunset flip/powerbomb but Bulldog pulls out the referee and blames it on a fan. Bulldog and Venis then double team D-lo before kicking him out of the ring. Venis hits a spinebuster on Bulldog for a two count. Lots of quick action so far in this one, it’s been good. Bulldog hits his finisher, the Running Powerslam on Venis and D-lo puts Vals foot on the rope. D-lo gets in the ring and hits a dropkick, powerslam and trademark legdrop on the Bulldog.

D-lo then hits a powerbomb on Bulldog and goes to the top where he hits the Low Down but just as he lands, Val jumps off the top with the Money Shot! He pins Bulldog and gets the three! Val Venis wins the European title tonight! Bit of a surprising result in this one but not in a bad way. Good match between these three.

Rating: 7/10

Michael Cole is backstage with X Pac. Kane has challenged X Pac to a cage match which X Pac has agreed too. But only if Kane agrees to being only able to win the match by pinfall, whereas X Pac can climb out of the cage if he wishes.

X Pac vs. Kane – Cage Match

X Pac is the only man to have fought on every single PPV in 1999. This is his 14th PPV in a row, more than anyone else but in second place is Kane who is wrestling on his 10th PPV in a row. X Pac gets in the face of Tori before the bell and Kane climbs the cage and smashes X Pacs face into the ring steps. X Pac then nails Kane with the ring bell. Pac climbs the cage and gets into the ring and Kane chases. The bell finally rings and Kane hits a slam and a headbutt. This is the second meeting on PPV between these two men, Kane won the first by disqualification. Kane military presses X Pac as Kane’s girlfriend Tori watches on. X Pac hits a roundhouse kick to knock Kane down for the first time in this match. X Pac then climbs the cage and Kane chases. X Pac kicks Kane onto the top rope then once again climbs the cage before leaping off with a legdrop. X Pac hits a DDT and one again climbs the cage and one again flies off but this time Kane catches him. Kane hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and throws X Pac into the cage.

Kane hits a big boot and heads to the top rope but out come the New Age Outlaws with bolt cutters. They break into the cell and smash the cage door into Kanes face before throwing X Pac a chair. X Pac hits the X Factor on a chair and then grabs some handcuffs. He handcuffs Kane to the cage and then smashes him with a chair a couple of times. X Pac then climbs the cage but Tori gets in the ring and pulls him down. X Pac then spits in Tori’s face and hits her with the X Factor! He gets the chair but Kane kicks it into his face! X Pac one again climbs the cell but Kane breaks the handcuffs. Kane exits out of the cell and catches X Pac on his shoulders. He throws the DX member back into the ring and slams the door in his face. Kane then goes to the top of the cage and comes off with a big clothesline! He then scoops X Pac up and hits him with the Tombstone! And that’s enough for the three! Kane wins the match! Good cage match between these two men. This could spell the end for this feud.

Rating: 7.5/10

Video package now for Jericho and Chyna.

Chyna (c) vs. Chris Jericho – Intercontinental Title

Chyna comes out with the new women’s champion Miss Kitty. So far tonight every title that has been defended has changed hands. Chyna hits a reverse elbow to start the match and a knee. She then hits some forearms on Jericho who gets back into it with some knees of his own. Chyna avoids a cross body in the corner and Jericho falls to the outside. Chyna then nails him with a clothesline to the outside. Jericho suplexes Chyna onto the announce table then tries to hit her with a chair but Chyna dropkicks it into his face! Jericho throws her into the ring steps and stomps away at her. Back in the ring and Chyna hits a low blow and a handspring elbow followed by a DDT for a two count. Jericho then ties up Chyna in the ring and focuses his attacks on Chynas injured thumb! Jericho hits a suplex and a painful looking chop in the corner. He then takes off the top turnbuckle but before he can do anything with it Chyna nails him with a clothesline. Jericho hits a bulldog and a slam in the middle of the ring before trying for his springboard moonsault but Chyna gets her knees up!

Chyna hits a neckbreaker for a two count. Jericho then goes for a hurricanrana but Chyna reverses it into a powerbomb! Chyna then catapults Jericho into the exposed turnbuckle for a two count before trying for the Pedigree! Jericho counters it into a backslides and Chyna kicks out. Jericho then pops Chyna on the top rope and hits a belly to back suplex fur Chyna reverses it and lands on top of Jericho but the challenger kicks out. Jericho looks on the Walls Of Jericho and the crowd are right behind him and Chyna taps out! Jericho wins the Intercontinental title! A clean win for Y2J.

Rating: 6.5/10

Jericho is backstage with his newly won title when Chyna comes out and says that he was the better man.

The New Age Outlaws (Road Dogg & Billy Gunn) (c) vs. The Rock n Sock Connection (The Rock & Mankind) – Tag Team Title Match

Road Dogg and Mankind start this first time PPV match between these two teams. Mankind applies a headlock which Road Dogg gets out of but Mankind knocks him down with a shoulder block and a leg drop. Mankind then goes to the chinlock. Road Dogg gets out of it and tags in Billy Gunn. Mankind and Gunn slug it out which results in Gunn smashing Mankinds face into the mat. Mankind tags in The Rock who goes toe to toe with the man he defeated at Summerslam. Gunn gets stuck taking his shirt off allowing The Rock to lay in some right hands. The Rock then tags in Mankind and Gunn tags Road Dogg. Mankind hits some headbutts but Road Dogg hits his trademark jabs. Mankind locks on the Mandible Claw before Road Dogg can hit his final jab and suddenly all hell breaks loose. All four men battle around the ring and The Rock smashes Billy Gunn into the announce table.

The Rock continues to take it to Billy Gunn in the ring but Billy reverses and Irish whip and hits a diamond cutter. Gunn gets a two count. Gunn then tags Road Dogg who stomps away at Rocky. Rock falls to the outside where Billy Gunn drops him on the barricade. He then throws The Rock back into the ring where Road Dogg lays into him. The Rock explodes out of the corner with a big clothesline but he can’t keep the momentum going at the Outlaws double team him to the mat. Billy Gunn gets tagged in and applies a sleeper to the former WWF Champion. Rocky gets out of it though and hits a big DDT on Mr Ass. Both men then make a tag! Mankind goes to town on both Outlaws! Mankind hits some Road Dogg type jabs on Road Dogg but accidentally nails the referee! All four men then get in the ring until Rock pairs off with Billy out of the ring. Mankind nails Road Dogg with a double armed DDT and then reaches for Mr Socko before ramming it down Road Doggs throat! Al Snow then runs out and nails Mankind with Head! Road Dogg falls on top of him as the referee gets up but The Rock interrupts the count! The Rock then chases after Al Snow and nails him with a clothesline!

In the ring Billy Gunn nails Mankind with the ring bell but Mankind kicks out of the pin! Road Dogg tags Billy Gunn who hits Mankind with a big piledriver for a two count. The Outlaws go for a spike piledriver but Mankind gets out of it and tags The Rock! The Rock hits Gunn with a big Samoan Drop for a two count then a spinebuster on Road Dogg. He then nails Gunn with the Rock Bottom but Al Snow comes back! Snow attacks The Rock and the referee calls the bell! It’s a DQ win for The Rock and Mankind but The Outlaws will take home the belts. The Rock then hits Rock Bottoms on The Outlaws and a People’s Elbow on Al Snow! Good match between these four men.

Rating: 7.25/10

We get a video package next for the Big Boss Man and The Big Show. Mainly based around the death of The Big Shows father.

The Big Show (c) vs. The Big Boss Man – WWF Championship Match

This is a first time meeting between these two men on PPV. Big Show goes right to work on the Boss Man who is wrestling in his biggest PPV match since returning to the WWF just over a year ago. Boss Man is the Hardcore champion but Show goes to town on him before Big Show chokeslams Prince Albert through the announce table. Boss Man then attacks Show with the ring steps. He then pushes Big Show into the ring post. Show seems to be out of it but Boss Man can’t pick him up to throw him into the ring. A “boring” chant breaks out. Boss Man covers Big Show for a two count. Big Show then nips up and hits Boss Man with a boot and a big chokeslam! The referee counts what has been a bit of a squash! Big Show retains his WWF title, destroying the number one contender in record breaking time. That nip up was damn impressive!

Rating: 3.5/10

Video package now for Triple H and Vince McMahon.

Triple H vs. Vince McMahon

This is the big one. If Vince wins then Triple H’s married to Stephanie is over. But if Triple H wins then he gets a WWF title shot. Helmsley walks out with a sledgehammer. Stephanie McMahon is ringside. This is McMahons 4th PPV match, the first three had Steve Austin on the other side of the ring. McMahon throws powder in Triple H’s face as the match begins, blinding the former WWF Champion. Vince McMahon actually beat Triple H for the WWF title once upon a time. McMahon hits Triple H with some hard right hands. McMahon then hits Triple H with a low blow. It is a no holds barred match! It’s all McMahon in the early going. He throws Triple H onto the announce table and then into the ring steps. The two men then battle into the crowd and into a backstage area! It’s all Triple H now as he buries right hands into the head of his boss and father-in-law. McMahon back body drops Triple H back into the ringside area and lays in a boot. Mankind then comes out from the back with a trolley full of goodies!

McMahon grabs a trash can lid from the trolley. Probably the weakest of all the weapons he was offered. Triple H kicks it in Vince’s face but as he uses some water to wash the powder out of his eyes, Vince leathers him multiple times with the trash can lid! Vince then takes a garbage can and smashes that into Vince’s head. That sends Triple H into the crowd and practically into the lap of Stephanie. Vince then hits Helmsley with a crutch before choking him with it. Triple H manages to throws Vince into the trolley full of goodies before hitting him with a road sign. Helmsley then wraps a chain around his knuckles and lays into Vince with it. Triple H then throws Vince face first into the helicopter that makes up part of the set. He continues to use the set by hitting his father-in-law with a sandbag! He then gets the shopping trolley and runs it into Vince’s face at full speed! Triple H follows that up with a trash can to the face.

Most of this match has been fought up the entrance way. Triple H uses the set to take apart Vince McMahon, even swinging a machine gun into the side of his head. McMahon finally manages some offence, reversing an Irish whip into a plane! The two men that battle into the backstage area. Triple H throws McMahon onto a truck and then drops an elbow on him. Triple H then vanishes and Vince goes looking for him. Vince exits the arena where he’ll probably get hit by a car. A car then drives at McMahon but Vince gets out of the way! Triple H gets out of the car and throws McMahon onto it before hammering away at him. He then slams McMahon on top of a limo before dropping an elbow on him. Helmsley then takes McMahon back towards the ring. I’m bored of this match. It’s dragged on way too long. Triple H climbs up a tower and McMahon follows. They get to the top and Triple H knocks Vince off. Vince falls all the way down to a bunker underneath. It seems well padded.

McMahon is bleeding now and Triple H leathers him with a gas can. Triple H gets on the mic and tells Stephanie that he’s her daddy. He takes Vince’s bloody face over to his daughter and tells Stephanie to say goodbye. He throws Vince into the ring and then grabs his sledgehammer. McMahon hits him with a low blow before Helmsley can do anything and then hits him with a lead pipe! McMahon then picks up the sledgehammer but Stephanie gets in the ring and stops him! She then asks for the sledgehammer. Vince hands it over and she hesitates! Triple H takes it off her and nails Vince with it twice! He puts his foot on McMahons chest and the referee counts the three! Triple H wins the match. Stephanie apologises and Triple H holds the sledgehammer over Stephanie. She turns around and he drops it. She then grins and the two embrace! Triple H and Stephanie McMahon were together the whole time! This match went on way too long.

Rating: 5/10


And that was the inaugural Armageddon pay per view. It started off well with the battle royal, which I really enjoyed. It showed how much the tag team division is thriving right now. The Acolytes won which was a surprise to me as I thought it would be a good opportunity to push somebody like the Hardy Boyz into the tag team title picture or even Edge and Christian. Maybe even the Dudley Boyz. But it’s the Acolytes that get their tag team title shot at The Royal Rumble. It was a fun match. Presumably they’ll face The New Age Outlaws who retained their tag team titles by disqualification when Al Snow attacked The Rock. Could this lead to a Rock vs. Al Snow feud? I have my doubts. Who wouldn’t want to see Mankind as special guest referee for it though? They’ll probably have a blow off on Smackdown. I can’t see them opening The Royal Rumble next month though. What we will (probably) see is The New Age Outlaws vs. The Acolytes for the tag belts. A first time meeting between the two teams on PPV.

Kurt Angle continued his unbeaten streak against Steve Blackman. They’re really pushing his undefeated run so it will mean a lot when it comes to an end. Blackman hasn’t been up to much since he returned as a heel so Angle had to win this one. Kurt is still finding himself in the WWF but his mic skills are brilliant and he should fly up the card at this rate. He’ll move on to bigger and better things now. The first title change of the night was Miss Kitty winning the Women’s title. I’m not a big fan of this because Miss Kitty clearly can’t wrestle. But she can win an evening gown match in a bowl of gravy. She did get her boobs out after the match though in an unforgettable moment in WWF history. The Holly Cousins, who I really like as a team, then beat Rikishi and Viscera after Viscera hit a rolling kick on Rikishi. This was a fairly predictable result, I just hope it doesn’t lead to a feud between the two big men. It was good fun filler with a decent back story. It’s nice to see the likes of Hardcore Holly and Al Snow doing a bit more than beating each other with baking trays.

The triple threat European title match was really good. It was fast paced and exciting and exceeded all expectations. I was slightly surprised to see Val Venis win the gold but not in a bad way. I liked Bulldog as champion and D-lo is arguably the best European champion of all time It’s Vals time to shine now, he joins D-lo and Bulldog as a man that has held both the European and Intercontinental title. He has been working hard recently especially in recent feuds with Mankind and The Rock. He’s on a good roll at the moment. Kane then beat X Pac cleanly in the cage. This match was all about the finish with Kane coming off the top of the cell then hitting the Tombstone. Could this end the feud between the two? It was a pretty clean victory for the big red monster in one of the matches of the night. Jericho then beat Chyna for the Intercontinental title. I’m happy with that, Jericho has been awesome since his debut and is a perfect fit for the IC title. It was a nice novelty having Chyna as champion and to be fair she’s had some decent matches with Y2J but Jericho should make a brilliant champion.

Big Show retained his WWF title in a very short match with the Boss Man. It would have been cool to have The Big Boss Man as champion, I wouldn’t have been against it but this was just to show the dominance of the champion. It’s just a shame his reign has been so overlooked. Big Show continues as champion. Then in the main event, Triple H defeated Vince McMahon after Stephanie turned on her dad and helped Triple H win. This was the biggest shock of the night and a great swerve. It puts Triple H in the world title picture, could we see him vs. The Big Show at the Rumble? And where does Mankind fit into it all? He helped Vince in this match. A match that probably went on a bit too long. Overall a decent enough show. Nothing too memorable but a good half way point between Survivor Series and the Royal Rumble.

Overall Rating: 60.8/100 (ranked joint 18th out of 104)

Match Of The Night: Kane vs. X Pac
Worst Match Of The Night: The Big Show vs. The Big Boss Man (discounting the gravy bowl match)
Surprise Of The Night: Stephanie McMahon turns heel
Worst Booking Of The Night: Miss Kitty winning the Women’s title
Superstar Of The Night: Triple H
Armageddon 99 Will Be Remembered For: Stephanie McMahons heel turn and Miss Kittys boobs

One thought on “Armageddon 99

  1. According to Mick Foley’s book “Foley is Good”, the original planned finish for the Tag-Team Title match was for Mankind to turn on Rock, thus setting up a huge feud between the two that would involve Foley becoming Cactus Jack, a big showdown at Royal Rumble 2000, and an even bigger rematch at No Way Out 2000, resulting in Foley putting over Rock.

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