Survivor Series 99

| Date: November 14th, 1999
| Venue: Joe Louis Arena | City: Detroit, Michigan
| Attendance: 18, 735 | Buyrate: 448, 000

Welcome everybody to this review of Survivor Series 1999. This Survivor series goes back to the traditional format with no less than 5 traditional Survivor Series matches. I’ll get to those shortly because the main event tonight features three of the biggest stars of the Attitude Era. Triple H defends his WWF title against both The Rock and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. Austin would have won the title at the last PPV, No Mercy if it wasn’t for The Rock so Vince McMahon has made a triple threat with all three men. Vince McMahon himself has nailed The Rock with the WWF title. Triple H has no reformed DX with X Pac and the New Age Outlaws but if they get involved tonight then Helmsley will be stripped of his title. This could be one of the biggest matches of the Attitude Era.

The Intercontinental and Tag Team titles will also be defended tonight. Chyna, who defeated Jeff Jarrett for the IC title will defend it against Chris Jericho. Jericho, like Jarrett, has a problem with a woman as champion and has challenged the 9th Wonder Of The World to a title match. Chyna is now flanked by Miss Kitty. The New Age Outlaws are the tag team champion after beating Al Snow and Mankind for the belt. They had beaten The Holly Cousins a few days earlier. Mankind and Al Snow get their rematch tonight. The other member of DX, X Pac will bw in singles action as he takes on his former friend, Kane. X Pac turned his back on Kane and joined DX and has attacked Kane since then and made remarks about his burnt manhood. Kane’s new girlfriend Tori denies all the accusations. The only other non traditional Survivor Series match tonight will be the debut of Kurt Angle taking on Shawn Stasiak.

As for the Survivor Series match ups we have The Godfather, D-lo Brown and the recently re-formed Headbangers taking on two teams with a strong dislike for one another in the Dudley Boys and The Acolytes. There isn’t much history with this Survivor Series match, as is the case with pretty much all of them. The British Bulldog teams up with his new mates The Mean Street Posse to take on the mis-mash team of Val Venis, Mark Henry, Steve Blackman and Gangrel. Then there will be four tag teams in an exciting tag team division going at it in Survivor Series action as The Hardy Boyz team with Edge and Christian against The Holly Cousins and Too Cool. Too Cool, if you’re wondering are Too Much under the new monikers of Grand Master Sexay and Scotty Too Hotty.

The Big Show is supposed to be teaming with The Blue Meanie and Kaientai but he did take out all three of his partner on Heat before Survivor Series went on air. He wants to go alone against Prince Albert, Mideon, Viscera and the man that crashed his dads funeral, The Big Boss Man. There is a lot of heat between Big Show and The Boss Man and the law enforcer has taken on Prince Albert as a prodigy. The other traditional Survivor Series match is a Women’s match between The Fabulous Moolah who lost her Women’s title back to Ivory, teaming with Mae Young, Tori and Debra against Ivory, Luna, Jacqueline and Terri Runnels. Hopefully Tori will do the majority of the work for her team in that one. Let’s get started.

A video package kicks us off about the three hottest superstars in the company. Triple H, The Rock and Steve Austin. And Vince McMahon of course. Who in the hell will survive tonight? Jim Ross then welcomes us to the 13th Survivor Series, he’s joined by Jerry Lawler.

The Godfather, The Headbangers (Mosh & Thrasher) & D-lo Brown vs. The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray & D-Von) & The Acolytes (Bradshaw & Faarooq) – Traditional Survivor Series match 

D-lo Brown and The Headbangers come out dressed as pimps in Godfather attire! I have no idea how The Dudleys and Acolytes are going to get on in this one. Mosh kicks things off with Bubba Ray Dudley who is looking for his first PPV win. He and D-Vons only previous PPV match was against The Acolytes. Bubba hits a clothesline out of the corner to take the advantage for his team before tagging in D-Von. Mosh hits an arm drag and tags Thrasher who hits a big clothesline for the first near fall of the night. It’s all Thrasher now as he hits a jawbreaker but then gets caught with a clothesline. D-Von tags Bradshaw who gets hit with a dropkick but the big Texan soon takes control. He bounces off the ropes and hits the Clothesline From Hell to eliminate Thrasher from the match.

Mosh comes in off the top but Bradshaw hits a big boot and tags in Faarooq. Faarooq misses with a shoulder barge in the corner but tags in D-Von. D-Von misses with a splash in the corner allowing Mosh to take advantage. Bubba Ray hits a blind tag and the Dudleyz hit the 3D to eliminate Mosh!D-lo comes in and takes it to Bubba, hitting his powerslam and trademark legdrop for a two count. D-lo elbows Bradshaw off the apron and Bradshaw grabs a chair! He gets in the ring, nails D-lo with it and then nails Bubba Ray with it! Bradshaw is disqualified! D-Von and Faarooq then fight over who pins D-lo. D-Von makes the pin but Faarooq stops him and those two guys start going at it! They both fight up the entrance way and Bubba Ray Dudley pins D-lo but only for a two count.

Bubba hits a sidewalk slam for a two count and he seems to be left on his own now against D-lo and The Godfather. D-lo hits a powerbomb for a two count. We’ve not seen the Godfather in this match yet. D-lo sets up for a hurricanrana off the top but Bubba hits him with a powerbomb from the top! D-lo kicks out at two. D-lo tags The Godfather and Bubba realises he has nobody to tag! Godfather hits a big legdrop, the Hoe Train and then tags in D-lo who hit’s the Low Down for the win! Former Nation Of Domination members D-lo Brown and The Godfather win the match! This could be the blossoming of a new tag team tonight.

Rating: 5/10

Next is a video about Kurt Angle who makes his debut tonight. He’s an Olympics gold medalist.

Kurt Angle vs. Shawn Stasiak

PPV debuts for both men here tonight. It’s a WWF debut for Angle who comes out to music previously used by the likes of Sgt Slaughter and The Patriot. There’s plenty of chain wrestling in the early going with Stasiak getting a few reversals of his own in. Stasiak is slightly bigger and uses his size to his advantage. Saying that, Angle hits belly to belly suplexes all over the place. Shawn takes him down with a clothesline and stomps away at him on the mat. Stasiak hits a side suplex and a normal suplex for a two count. The crowd don’t seem too into this one, even chanting “boring” in places. Stasiak hits a dropkick for a near fall and then locks on a sleeper. Angle gets out of it and hits a clothesline before going to the outside and grabbing a microphone. He tells the crowd not to boo an Olympic gold medallist.

Kurt gets back in the ring but Stasiak takes control before applying another sleeper. Angle gets out of it and rolls Stasiak up for a two before hitting a powerslam for another near fall. Lot’s more booing in this one. Shawn hits some sort of facebuster and heads to the top but Angle gets out of the way of a cross body. Kurt then hits an Olympic Slam and this one’s over! Kurt Angle wins on his PPV debut. And he gets boo’d.

Rating: 3.5/10

We get some footage from Heat with Triple H calling out The Rock and Austin, setting them up for an attack by DQ. It didn’t go to plan though and they managed to clear the ring of X Pac, Helmsley and The Outlaws.

Val Venis, Gangrel, Steve Blackman & Mark Henry vs. The British Bulldog & The Mean Street Posse (Joey Abs, Rodney & Pete Gas) – Traditional Survivor Series Match

The heels are an interesting mis-match of a team. Venis has had PPV matches against Mark Henry and Steve Blackman recently. At least Venis and Henry have something in common. Gangrel and Blackman haven’t been up to much recently. None the less, I love random teams. I don’t know why we’ve got two heel teams against each other. The Bulldog has had decent success at Survivor Series, being the lone Survivor in his last match in 1997. He actually wrestled on the very first Survivor Series back in 1987. Val Venis and The British Bulldog start the match and Val hits a hip toss before running to his corner and tagging in the inexperienced Pete Gas. Gas tags the Bulldog back in and he hits a stalling vertical suplex on Venis. Pete Gas then wants to tag in. This is an in-ring PPV debut for The Posse. Gas catapults Venis into the top turnbuckle and follows it up with  suplex for a near fall. Val gets back into it with a headlock and then tags in Blackman. Blackman hits a big martial arts kick on Gas which is enough to eliminate him from the match.

Rodney comes in to avenge the loss of his friend but he gets hit with clotheslines and chops before Blackman tags out to Gangrel. Rodney manages a crucifix and a clothesline on Gangrel. Rodney then holds Gangrel for Joey Abs but Abs hits Rodney! Gangrel hits him with a big spike DDT which eliminates Rodney from the match. Bulldog looks like he regrets teaming with these idiots. Joey Abs gets involved and hits a suplex on Gangrel for a near fall. Gangrel hits a suplex and tags in Mark Henry. Joey Abs manages to drop Henry on the top rope but misses with a guillotine on the middle rope. Henry makes him regrets that and nails a big splash on Abs for the three count.

The Bulldog is now left against all four men on the other teams. Henry tags in Gangrel who heads to the top. Bulldog meets him up there and hits a big superplex on Gangrel which is enough for the three! Steve Blackman is quick to get in the ring and hits a snap suplex on the current European champion. Blackman tries rolling Bulldog up but only gets a two. Bulldog hits a fishermans suplex which is enough for the three! It’s down to Venis and Henry against The Bulldog! Venis comes in and Bulldog hits a sunset flip which gets broken up by Henry. Bulldog hits a clothesline on both men but two men are too many and Val rolls him up for a two. Bulldog sends Val to the outside and Mark Henry gets involved. Henry hits a big splash in the corner and a splash on the mat! Venis then goes to the top and flies off with the Money Shot! That’s enough for the three! Val Venis and Mark Henry win the match! Could that be another new team in the making?

Rating: 5.5/10

Michael Cole is in the Women’s locker room and has Ivory flirting with him! Lucky man.

The Fabulous Moolah, Mae Young, Tori & Debra vs. Ivory, Luna, Jacqueline & Terri Runnels – Sudden Death 8 Women Tag Match

This match is first fall to the finish. Moolah’s team has no right winning this as they only have one woman with any wrestling ability at this point and even she, Tori, is green. The other team have the top three women in the company in terms of wrestling in Ivory, Luna and Jacqueline. It’s one fall to the finish and Moolah attacks Ivory as she makes her way out! I believe this match is the first in-ring PPV match for both Terri and Mae Young. Luna kicks off the match with Mae Young. And Luna doesn’t hold back. She throws Mae out of the ring by her hair. Tori tags herself in and takes down Luna who tags out to Jacqueline. There’s a couple of botches as they attempt a double suplex. Lots of quick tags then as they keep Tori in the ring. She takes Ivory and Luna down with clotheslines and tags in Moolah. Moolah hits a snapmare on Ivory and a powerslam and tags out to Mae Young. They hit a double clothesline on Ivory and that’s enough for the three! Mae Young pins Ivory to win the match! Debra rips of Terri’s top for good measure! The wrong team won. What have I just watched? There was glimpses of decent action but generally awful.

Rating: 1/10

X Pac vs. Kane

Lots of history between these two ex partners. This is X Pac’s 13th PPV in a row. Nobody else comes close but Kane is actually second, this is his 9th PPV in a row. X Pac attacks Kane as he ignites the corner pyro. Kane comes back with some big right hands though until he misses with a splash in the corner. X Pac hits some martial arts kicks but Kane hits a clotheslines and double armed chokeslam. Kane goes to the top but X Pac dropkicks him to the outside. The two men go at it on the outside but Kane accidentally wraps his arm around the ringpost when he misses with a right hand. Back in the ring and X Pac hits a couple of spinning heel kicks. He then goes for the Bronco Buster but Kane catches him by the throat! He follows it up with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and a big boot. The big red machine then goes to the top and hits his big clothesline before nailing his trademark chokeslam! But as he pins X Pac, The Road Dogg comes out and pulls his leg! Kane goes after him then gets back into the ring where X Pac hits him with the X Factor! Kane kicks out at 2. X Pac goes to the top but Kane catches him and spins him round for the Tombstone but Triple H comes out and nails him with the WWF Title. Billy Gunn is there too and the four men take Kane apart! Tori then runs out and grabs X Pac but he spins round and kicks her in the face! Presumably not knowing it was her! Kane can’t believe it. DX scarper whilst Kane sees to Tori.

Rating: 5.75/10

Michael Cole is backstage with The Rock. Triple H gets in The Rocks face and the two men start scrapping in the back! Referees split up the fight which at the moment seems pointless! But realistic I guess.

The Big Boss Man, Prince Albert, Mideon & Viscera vs. The Big Show – Handicap Survivor Series match

The Big Show disposed of his partners, Kaientai and The Blue Meanie earlier. Show runs down to ringside and takes down everyone. He pins Mideon and eliminates him within second. He then does the same to Prince Albert and he’s gone too! Viscera comes in and Big Show body slams him and then nails him with a chokeslam! Viscera is done and now it’s one on one! The Boss Man won’t get in the ring though and instead heads to the back and gets counted out! A huge win for the Big Show! In record breaking time.

Rating: N/A

We now see Triple H attacking Steve Austin backstage. Triple H runs off and Austin chases him! Austin gets to the car park where a car comes from nowhere and runs him down! Austin is out cold as the car speeds off. The McMahons and Test soon see to him where an EMT says that he is breathing.

Chyna (c) vs. Chris Jericho – Intercontinental Title Match

Jericho’s music hit and Jim Ross came running out having been to see Steve Austin backstage. Chyna has Miss Kitty in her corner whilst Jericho has nobody for once. Jericho gets right into it, attacking Chyna and then shoving Kitty aside. Both Jericho and Chyna go to the outside where Chyna misses as she jumps off the steps. Jericho then chokes Chyna with some cable which apparently isn’t a DQ. Back in the ring and the crowd seem very much behind Jericho who gets dropped on the top rope. She hits a dropkick to Chris’s gut then Jericho tries for a low blow which doesn’t really work. Chyna hits a hurricanrana but Jericho tosses her out of the ring where Miss Kitty sees to her. Jericho then springboards off the top and hits Chyna with a cross body and just squashes the champion. He throws Chyna over the announce table, covers her with water and then calls her a filthy disgusting slut!

The challengers pulls away some of the padding from the barricade and then throws Chyna into it. He throws her back into the ring and then goes to the top and hits Chyna with a missile dropkick for a two count! Jericho slows down the pace now until Chyna gets back into it with some forearms. Chyna gets a very mixed reaction, it seems as though the males are behind Jericho who hits a bulldog and a splash for a two count. Jericho gyrates at Miss Kitty! Jericho hits a spinning heel kick on Chyna and then throws her out of the ring. He goes outside and kisses Miss Kitty before throwing her aside! She jumps on his back but again Jericho throws her aside. The distraction is long enough for Chyna to get up and hit a spear on her challenger! Back in the ring and Chyna hits some right hands but Jericho kicks her in the gut and hits a powerbomb for a two count. He then goes for a springboard moonsault but Chyna rolls out of the way. Chyna hits a weak clothesline and her trademark springboard elbow followed by a DDT for a two count. Chyna accidentally nails the referee and Jericho takes advantage by smashing Chyna in the face with the Intercontinental title! But Chyna kicks out at two!

Chyna hits the Pedigree! But Jericho kicks out of that. They’ve both kicked out of big moves now. Chyna goes for a standing hurricanrana but Jericho catches her with the Walls Of Jericho! She eventually gets to the ropes and Jericho can’t believe it. Jericho sets up for a superplex but Miss Kitty distracts the referee and Chyna hits a low blow! She then hits a Pedigree off the top rope! Unbelievable scenes! Chyna wins the match and retains the Intercontinental title! Definitely the best match of the night so far.

Rating: 7.5/10

Backstage Triple H and X Pac barge into Shane McMahon and Tests locker room. Triple H denies having anything to do with the hit and run. Helmsley then says that the match is no longer a triple threat is it? Shane says he’ll think about what he’s going to do.

Edge, Christian, Matt & Jeff Hardy vs. Hardcore Holly, Crash Holly, Grand Master Sexay & Scotty Too Hotty – Traditional Survivor Series Match

The Hardy Boyz have Terri Runnels out with which is still a very odd combination. Scotty Too Hotty starts things off with Edge and they slug it out. Scotty hits some big chops on Edge as Grand Master Sexay aka Brian Christopher cackles from the outside. Edge hits a spinning heel kick and Scotty tags in Crash. Edge tags in Matt and he and Edge hit a flapjack on Crash. Matt drops Crash on the top rope and follows it up with a suplex for a two count. Matt knocks Crash to the outside and suddenly all 8 men are jumping to the outside! Except Hardcore Holly who gets dragged out by Edge. Back in the ring Christian hits a powerslam on Crash for a two. Crash tags Hardcore and they hit a Hart Attack on Christian. Hardcore hits a clothesline and tags in Grand Master Sexay. He hits a bulldog on Christian for a two count. Scotty throws Sexay his goggles and he goes for another bulldog but this time finds himself wrapped around the ringpost. Hardcore Holly is tagged in and so is Edge. Edge spears both Holly Cousins and then Grand Master Sexay! He then goes for a spear on Scotty Too Hotty but Scotty leapfrogs it and Edge hits Matt Hardy. Hardcore then rolls up Edge and eliminates him! And straight away Scotty hits a DDT from the top on Matt Hardy and gets the three!

It’s down to 4 on 2 now. Christian and Jeff Hardy are the two remaining men. Scotty hits the Worm on Jeff and tags in Grand Master Sexay. They hit a double powerbomb on Jeff Hardy and only get a two. Christopher goes to the middle rope and hits a dropkick but only for a two again. He tags in his partner Scotty Too Hotty and they hit a Hart Attack. Christian breaks up the cover causing the Holly Cousins to come in. Hardcore and Crash then start arguing over who lays in the boots on Christian. Too Cool go for a double suplex off the top rope on Jeff Hardy but Christian hits them both with low blows. Jeff knocks Scotty off and then hits what looks like a 450 splash to eliminate Scotty! Christian and Jeff Hardy work well together as they make quick tags and hit a springboard cross body in the corner. They try for it a second time but Hardcore Holly hits Jeff Hardy with a dropkick. Grand Master Sexay then comes off the top with a legdrop to eliminate Hardy! Christian quickly hits a reverse DDT on Grand Master and he’s out!

We’re down to the Holly Cousins against Christian. Crash stomps away at Christian and then tags Hardcore. They hit a nice double team with a Boston Crab and an elbow drop. Hardcore hits a powerslam on Christian and a backbreaker for a two count. Hardcore tags Crash who gets hit with a reverse DDT which eliminates Crash! We’re down to Hardcore Holly and Christin! Hardcore throws his cousin Crash out of the ring and then gets Christian up on his shoulders. Christian goes for a victory roll but Hardcore sits down and wins the match! Hardcore Holly is the sole survivor for his match!

Rating: 5.5/10

Shane McMahon tells us there is still to be a triple threat match tonight but it won’t be with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin which gets boo’s.

The New Age Outlaws (Road Dogg & Billy Gunn) (c) vs. Mankind & Al Snow – Tag Team Title Match

This is the New Age Outlaws 5th reign as tag team champion. Billy Gunn has been an 8 time champion and even more surprisingly, Mankind has also been an 8 time tag champ. He’s been champion with Kane, Chainsaw Charlie, Steve Austin, Al Snow and The Rock. Billy Gunn loses rock/paper/scissors so starts the match against Mankind. Both men slug it out in the early going and it’s Gunn with the first move of the match, a neckbreaker which leads to the first pinfall of the match. Gunn then applies a sleeper to Mankind. Mankind gets out of it by rolling out of the ring with Billy. Road Dogg gives his partner a hand as Al Snow distracts the referee but then accidentally nails Gunn! Road Dogg and Al Snow tag in and these two men have had their battles over the Hardcore title. Snow hits a jawbreaker and a clothesline for a two count.

Mankind tags in and lays in some right hands on Road Dogg and a running knee to the face in the corner. Mankind then dumps Road Dogg out of the ring. Al Snow grabs a red chair and jabs Road Dogg in the gut with it. Mankind then takes the chair and smashes it across Road Doggs back. Mankind tags Al Snow who stomps away at Road Dogg. He then tags Mankind back in and the two odd balls hit a double team move for a two count. Lots of quick tags between Mankind and Al Snow now. Road Dogg goes for his trademark jabs on Road Dogg but Al Snow catches him and hits headbutts. Road Dogg eventually does get his jabs in but can’t make the tag. All four men are then in the ring until they all go out of the ring! Gunn drops Al Snow on the commentators desk. Billy Gunn seems to be the legal man in the match now but the Outlaws take it in turns to lay into Snow. Road Dogg hits a hard Irish whip but Snow gets back into the match with a clothesline.

Mankind and Billy Gunn get the tags and all four men are suddenly in the ring. Mankind gets thrown into the ref accidentally which was interesting because the ref doesn’t sell. Billy then hits Mankind with the Fame-asser but Mankind kicks out! Mankind hits the double armed DDT on Billy Gunn and Al Snow hits the Snow Plough on Road Dogg! Mankind then gets Mr Socko and rams it down Billy Gunns throat. But Road Dogg kicks him off. Al Snow then nails Billy Gunn with head, Mankind pins him and Billy kicks out! The Outlaws hit a spike piledriver on Mankind and that’s enough for the three! The New Age Outlaws win the match and retain their tag team titles! I can’t help but think that the crowd seem a bit dead which is ruining the mood a bit.

Rating: 6.75/10

Triple H (c) vs. The Rock v. The Big Show – Triple Threat Match for WWF title

It’s The Big Show that fills in for “Stone Cold” Steve Austin! The WWF title has changed hands at the last 5 Survivor Series’ to 5 different men. It was won by Bob Backlund in 1994, Bret Hart in 1995, Sycho Sid in 1996, Shawn Michaels in 1997 and The Rock in 1998. Triple H and The Rock double team The Big Show in the early going to try and take him out of the equation but it doesn’t work. Big Show hits them with clotheslines, headbutts and big boots. He then goes for a chokeslam on Triple H but The Rock actually saves Helmsley. Show hits a big chop on Triple H then The Rock hits Show with some big right hands before clotheslining him out of the ring. The Rock pushes Big Show into the ring post then Triple H jumps off the apron onto The Rock. In the ring and The Rock hits a side Russian leg sweep on The Big Show before throwing Triple H out of the ring. Rocky then hits the People’s Elbow on Big Show but Triple H breaks up the count. Triple H lays into The Rock, stomping and choking him in the corner.

The crowd are right behind The Rock in this one. The three men battle up the entrance way which is where The Rock tends to take his matches. He nails Big Show with a big clothesline, then Triple H knocks him down with a clothesline. Big Show then turns his attention to The Rock but Rocky nails him with a fire extinguisher! The Rock then hits a suplex on Triple H on the concrete! Big Show sets Rock up for a chokeslam on the concrete but Triple H saves him with a low blow. Triple H hits a belly to back suplex on the ramp. Big Show comes up to meet them and he lays into both men. He throws Triple H into the ring steps and then into the other set of ring steps! The Rock comes back and spits some water in Big Shows face. It doesn’t phase Big Show too much, he drops Triple H on the announce table. The Rock then nails Big Show with the ring bell! Triple H and Rock then hit a double suplex on Big Show through the Spanish announce table! The Rock and Triple H battle into the crowd and then back to the ringside area.

Rock and Triple H get back into the ring where The Rock stomps away at the champion. He then goes for a clothesline but accidentally takes down the referee. The Rock goes for The Rock Bottom but fail then Triple H tries for the Pedigree but Rock slingshots Helmsley into the top turnbuckle. The Rock then hits Rock Bottom but the referee is down! Shane McMahon runs out but it’s just a two. The Rock hits another Rock Bottom but this time Big Show pulls Shane out of the ring. Big Show pulls The Rock out of the ring and then throws him onto the announce table. Big Show gets in the ring and man handles Triple H before going back outside and throwing The Rock into the ring steps. Triple H grabs the WWF title belt but Shane takes it off him! Triple H then Pedigrees Shane McMahon! The Rock gets back in the ring and hits Triple H with a DDT. Big Show is back and he disposes of both men. DX then come out and lay into Big Show and The Rock. The Crowd chant for Austin but here comes Vince McMahon!

Vince grabs the WWF title belt and nails Triple H with it! Big Show then chokeslams the champion and Vince counts the three! Big Show wins the WWF title with thanks to Triple H! What a shocking result! Big Show is in tears as he holds the belt up. He buried his father three days ago and now he’s won the big one.

Rating: 7.5/10 


Well that was the 1999 Survivor Series. As you can see, it’s gone back to the traditional format with no less than 5 Survivor Series matches. Although only 3 of those 4 on 4 elimination matches. The first of those kicked off the night with The Dudley Boys and Acolytes taking on The Godfather, D-lo and The Headbangers. This was an interesting one because you’ve essentially got 4 jobbers taking on two teams that do not like each other so it could have gone either way. As it turned out, The Headbangers were both eliminated early and then the breakdown of the Dudleys and Acolytes left a 2 on 1 situation that led to victory for The Godfather and D-lo. It was a fun enough way to start the night and was slightly reminiscent to the 1993 Survivor Series and 4 Doinks, except this time we have 4 Godfathers. This was a good win for Godfather and D-lo who I’d like to see team up actually. They’ve both had runs with the European and Intercontinental title respectively and now they’re both floating around a bit.

Kurt Angle and Shawn Stasiak were next and this match really wasn’t great. The crowd were not into it at all and the quality was pretty bad. Angle shows a lot of potential and his mic skills were good but he got heavily boo’d. And the crowd obviously aren’t into Stasiak either. A forgettable debut for Angle despite the win. Then we had The British Bulldog and The Mean Street Posse against the most random Survivor Series team of the night. Val Venis, Mark Henry, Gangrel and Steve Blackman. You had 8 heels in this one with a crowd having no idea who they are supposed to be rooting for. The Posse were treated as jobbers and were eliminated quickly. That left the Bulldog against the mis-mash team. He ran through Gangrel and Steve Blackman, both of which haven’t featured much recently but then fell fowl to Val Venis and Mark Henry. Venis has been involved in some big storylines recently, most notably with Mankind but then he has been teaming with the Bulldog as of late as well. In a similar fashion to the opening match, you wonder whether Venis and Henry will go on to team together. It’s a random victory in a match that Bulldog could easily have won.

The Women’s match was next and that was awful. Really bad. But then when 2 of the competitors are in their 70’s and 2 of them can’t wrestle, it’s a recipe for disaster. You’re left with Jacqueline, Ivory, Luna and Tori who can wrestle. Oddly, the team with the non wrestlers won which doesn’t sit right with me. In fact, if I were Luna, Jacqueline or Ivory then I wouldn’t be happy. This was a bad match. Nobody needed to see this. Women’s wrestling despite having its best ever roster is putting on the worst matches right now and I think that’s down to the producers and road agents. Kane got a DQ win over X Pac next which suggests that this feud will continue. DX came out and saved X Pac before he nailed Tori in the face. I’m not sure how I feel about Kane with a girlfriend. I don’t think I like it anyway. This feud continues. The next match was over in a minute and a half. Afer Big Show destroyed his own team earlier in the night, he then destroyed his opponents. This match made Show look like an absolute beast. His feud will Big Boss Man will continue as he didn’t manage to get his hands on him tonight. This wouldn’t be the last time we see Big Show tonight.

Chyna retained her Intercontinental title against Chris Jericho next. I hate this result. Jericho has come in like a whirlwind and his promo and in-ring skills have both been phenomenal. So it’s disappointing to see this. I know Miss Kitty got involved in the ending but Jericho would make a perfect Intercontinental champion. The crowd were right behind him too despite being the heel. The match itself wasn’t too bad. Mainly because of Jericho but still a good match for Chyna too. Hardcore Holly was then the sole survivor in his traditional Survivor Series match. This result surprised me a bit, I thought the other team would win. Too Cool and Crash Holly are still trying to establish themselves really but the main talking point of the match was the miscommunications between Edge, Christian and The Hardy Boyz. Could Hardcore Holly be on the verge of a push? Or was this match designed to drive a wedge between the Hardy Boyz and Edge and Christian?

The tag team champions then saw off Mankind and Al Snow. Mankind can’t get a win for love nor money at the moment. It was a pretty clean win for the Outlaws which suggests Mankind and Al Snows tenure as a tag team might be over. Certainly in the tag title picture anyway. Then we had the main event in which the big story of the night was “Stone Cold” Steve Austin getting hit by a car and replaced by the Big Show. Big Show went on to win the title in the biggest win of his career. It was a decent enough triple threat and a great rub for The Big Show who has endured a tough week. Will he continue to feud with The Big Boss Man? Armageddon is up next, it’ll be interesting to see what the main event will be.

Overall Rating: 53.3/100 (Ranked 63rd out of 103)

Match Of The Night: Big Show/Triple H/Rock & Chyna/Jericho
Worst Match Of The Night: Moolah/Mae/Debra/Tori vs. Ivory/Terri/Luna/Jacqueline
Surprise Of The Night: Big Show enters the main event and wins the WWF title
Worst Booking Of The Night: The wrong women’s team winning.
Superstar Of The Night: The Big Show
Survivor Series 1999 Will Be Remembered For: Austin getting run over and Big Show winning the WWF Title

One thought on “Survivor Series 99

  1. I liked this Survivor Series. Sure, it’s not great, but it was a transitional show in the same vein as the 1992 edition… although not in the classic sense of firing a bunch of guys and re-stocking the roster, but more in a re-organising way.

    The new faces like Angle, Jericho, the Hardyz, the Dudleyz, Edge & Christian, and Big Show were starting to push their way to the forefront and they would add in a huge influx of talent soon as well, and the old guard like X-Pac, Kane, Bulldog, the Outlaws, the Acolytes, and Bossman had to step up their game or else be in danger of being dropped altogether. Fresh match-ups, new main event players, and a brand new wrestling-based attitude would keep the WWF on top for the foreseeable future.

    Also, the go-home editions of Raw and SmackDown respectively had Stevie Richards dressing up as Elvis Presley only to get floored by Jericho, and future WWE Hall of Famer Arnold Schwartzenegger decking HHH right in the face.

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