This Tuesday In Texas

This Tuesday in Texas was the final pay per view of 1991 and was live only six days after Survivor Series. The main event for this feud as announced at Survivor Series is a World Heavyweight title rematch between champion The Undertaker and Hulk Hogan. This is due to Ric Flair getting involved in the previous title match causing Hulk Hogan to lose his belt.

The other main event is the long awaited battle between “Macho Man” Randy Savage and Jake “The Snake” Roberts. Jake Roberts has turned into a bastard that has drawn Savage out of retirement and into the match tonight. Jake has taken shots at both Savage and Miss Elizabeth and his snake actually bit Savage one week.

Sean Mooney opens up and lets us know that Randy Savage will be in action before going straight to the event!

Bret “Hitman” Hart (c) vs. Skinner – Intercontinental Title Match

Bret Hart defends his title for the first time on pay per view since winning it at Summerslam against Skinner who partakes in his first singles match on pay per view. According to Bobby Heenan, Skinner is undefeated in singles action. Bret Hart hands his sunglasses over to some girls at ringside and their screaming almost bursts my eardrums. Bret Hart starts well using his technical ability to drop Skinner down to the canvas. Neither of these guys were successful in their respective Survivor Series matches. Hart works the arm in the early going, the left arm to be exact. Danny Davis is the referee for this one. He’s an old friend of Bret Hart’s. They actually teamed together at Wrestlemania 3.

Bret Hart continues to dominate and Skinner does some great over-selling as he hits the mat. Hart teases a sharpshooter and the crowd get very excited but he decides not to go for it. Skinner eventually gets the advantage after throwing Hart into the ringpost. It’s Skinners time to go technical as he locks on an abdominal stretch. Skinner follows up with a shoulder breaker and gets a near fall. Skinner spits some tobacco into a jar and as the referee grabs the jar out of Skinners hand, the challenger grabs a claw (an alligator claw) and hits Hart with it. Oddly though he doesn’t go for a pinfall. Instead he continues his attack, choking and stomping on the Intercontinental champion.

Skinner then hits what is presumably his finisher. A falling reverse neckbreaker of sorts. He only gets a two count though. Skinner opts to go up to the second rope but Hart catches him with his boot. and it’s comeback time for the champion! We see all of Bret Harts classic moves. Russian leg drop, backbreaker, elbow off the second rope. Hart then knocks Skinner to the outside and the two men go at it out there until the challenger gets the advantage and rolls back in. Skinner tries to go for a move off the top now but Hart catches him and locks on the Sharpshooter! Skinner submits and Hart wins, retaining his Intercontinental championship!

Rating: 5/10

We now go backstage to Jake Roberts who has some words for Randy Savage. He compares himself to his snake and talks about eyes and looking into them. Jake’s favourite eyes are Elizabeths. The snake is barred from ringside for this one.

We then go to Randy Savage and Elizabeth who are backstage with Mene Gene. Savage cuts an odd promo, he seems a bit off today, he said “Oooh yeah” every few seconds.

“Macho Man” Randy Savage vs. Jake “The Snake” Roberts

Well as Roberts is walking to ringside, Randy Savage runs down and attacks him. The crowd go nuts as this one gets underway before the bell and Savage goes crazy! Still in his wrestling gear Savage dives off the top causing Roberts to retreat! But Savage goes after him and we’re underway! The referee gets in Randy’s way back in the ring allowing Roberts to get in a cheap shot and throw Savage to the outside. It’s all Roberts now. Jake is looking a bit older now and not in as good shape. Savage is definitely the quicker of the two and the crowd are far more vocal in this one, supporting The Macho Man. The former World Heavyweight champion gets the odd bit of offence in but Roberts keeps on top of it.

The only match that either of these guys have won on pay per view this year is Jake Roberts defeating Rick Martel at Wrestlemania. Granted, neither of them wrestled at Survivor Series, Battle Royal or Summerslam. Roberts signals for the DDT but Savage backs him into the corner and takes him down before dropping the Big Elbow from the top! It’s over! And it’s over quickly! His music doesn’t hit though and Savage then motions for something else! He goes outside and grabs a chair but Tony Garea grabs it off him! So instead he gets the ringbell! Hebner grabs it off him though which is just enough distraction for Jake Roberts to get up and DDT Savage into the mat! I’m not actually too sure what’s going on here, I had to wind back the tape to see if Savage actually won and he definitely did. But the commentators are talking as if the match is still going!

Roberts then hits another DDT! This is actually Randy Savage’s first pay per view win since Summerslam 1990 where he beat Dusty Rhodes. Roberts now goes to the outside where he pulls a small bag from underneath the ring. Not his usual size snake bag. Is this the bag that contains the cobra? Out runs Miss Elizabeth who pleads with Roberts. The aftermath to this match has been longer than the match itself! Roberts now hits another DDT, this one right in front of Savage’s wife Elizabeth! Roberts opens his bag up now and puts a huge glove on. Miss Elizabeth and Hebners poor excuse of “begging” doesn’t stop Roberts from continuing. He then grabs Elizabeth by the hair and slaps her! Despicable behavior! Danny Davis is out now and so is Jack Tunney. Tunney sends Roberts to the back. Controversial.

The match itself was ok, but clearly the talking point is the controversy after the match. Jake Roberts came across as a total heartless bastard whilst Savage was the innocent victim. It keeps this feud going, presumably into Wrestlemania.

Rating: 5/10 

Backstage now to Jake Roberts. He says that nobody wants a woman who begs and cries. That justifies why he slapped her.

The Warlord vs. The British Bulldog

A Wrestlemania VII rematch between two big powerful wrestlers. They were also on opposite teams at both Summerslam and Survivor Series. British Bulldog has featured on every pay per view this year and thus far he’s the only one to do so. The Warlord is looking for his first win since Survivor Series 1990. Warlord seems to feature a lot more than his ex tag team partner The Barbarian who went off on a similar route. Warlord is just huge. Bulldog is big but Warlord is just massive. Bulldog starts well and knocks Warlord to the outside of the ring. The big man waits for the former tag team champion though and rams him into the post.

Harvey Wippleman continues to manage The Warlord, carrying on where Slick left off. Davey Boy hits a dropkick off the top which is quite impressive for such a big guy. He can’t keep the advantage though as The Warlord throws Bulldog from one corner to the other. He hits a nice belly to belly suplex and the crowd boo him. So far we’ve seen two wins for two babyfaces in Bret Hart and Randy Savage. Could Bulldog make it three from three? Not looking good at the moment as Warlord clotheslines Davey Boy to the mat. He now motions for the Full Nelson but he can’t lock it on properly! Heenan compares Bulldogs hair to Whoopie Goldberg. Brilliant. Eventually he powers out of the full nelson in an unconvincing way.

But Warlord just throws him down to the ground and continues his advantage until Bulldog explodes out of the corner and follows it up with a stalling suplex. This earns him a near fall. He then goes for him running powerslam but Warlord grabs onto the ropes and lands on top of him. It takes a crucifix pin from The British Bulldog to roll The Warlord up for the three count! Another big win for the man from Leeds. In all four matches Warlord has had against The Bulldog on pay per view this year he has lost. This one was a slightly better match than the Wrestlemania encounter. Bulldog should move on to bigger and better things now.

Rating: 3.75/10

Now we go backstage to Sean Mooney who is stood by with Randy Savage. Savage is pissed that Roberts degraded Elizabeth. Randy blames himself. He then says that he’ll get revenge. This feud has really heated up. I can’t wait to see how this one develops. Savage looks possessed.

The Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase & Repo Man vs. Virgil & “El Matador” Tito Santana

Well this is an interesting tag team match. For starters we’ve got the debut of Repo Man. This is Demolition’s Smash under a new guise. Also it seems that Ted Dibiase is amongst the jobbers in this one. He’s one of the top heels on the roster! It’s Repo Man and Santana that start the match though. Being fully covered as The Repo Man, he doesn’t look as big as he was when he was Smash. Repo can’t get any offence in as Santana and Virgil slap him around! Sensational Sherri supports her man Dibiase and you can also hear her screaming for Repo Man. Tito launches Repo over the top rope allowing them to get a quick rest in.

Repo then tags in Dibiase. And in comes Virgil. This feud continues between bodyguard and employer. Or former bodyguard and employer I should say. An atomic drop from Virgil sends Ted Dibiase over the top rope in quite dramatic fashion. Santana was successful at Survivor Series as part of his team. Repo Man back in now. He’s hilarious when sneaking around. some classic heel tactics from Repo Man and Dibiase to double team Virgil, making quick tags. Virgil hits a neckbreaker out of nowhere and both men make tags. Matador is all over Repo Man and he hits the flying forearm! Dibiase with the distraction though and as Heenan makes racist jokes about tortillas and jalepinos, Dibiase takes out Santana on the outside.

Repo can’t pin Santana though and he tags in Dibiase. You’ve got to fancy the heels in this one. Dibiase has gone the longer than Santana and Virgil without a win so is definitely due one. Virgil finally gets the tag and he goes mad on everyone! He hits a Russian leg sweep on Dibiase but Repo makes the save and all four men are in! Dibiase then holds Virgil for Sherri but Sherri accidentally nails Dibiase with her shoe! Virgil then turns his attention to Sherri but Repo attacks him from behind and Dibiase rolls up Virgil for the win! A win that was much needed for Dibiase and Repo Man. I’d like to see The Million Dollar Man move on to bigger and better things. Virgil, Santana and Repo should continue to make up the lower card. An entertaining bout.

Rating: 5.5/10

Backstage to Mene Gene Okerland and Hulk Hogan. We see a replay from Survivor Series when Ric Flair cost Hogan the World Heavyweight title. Hogan says that he is the designated hitman for the Hulkamaniacs and he’s confident he’ll be taking the WWF title back.

The Undertaker (c) vs. Hulk Hogan – World Heavyweight Title Match

This is the second title match of the night and it’s a Survivor Series rematch between Undertaker and Hulk Hogan. This one gets underway before the bell! Paul Bearer and Undertaker stomp on Hogan as he gets into the ring. But it doesn’t take long before Hogan gets the advantage and even bites Taker. Hogan can’t get Undertaker down and in a classic Hogan moment, he can’t slam Undertaker. He finally does and it seems to hurt his back. Undertaker does a lot of choking but the referee doesn’t seem to mind too much. He then walks along the top rope and hits the big single axe handle off the to before going back to choking.

There are still a lot of “Hogan” chants despite a somewhat transitional phase for the face of the WWF. Undertaker continues to choke and now squeeze the face of Hulk Hogan. If the title wasn’t on the line in this match then the Savage/Roberts match should have been the main event. There was a lot more fire in that one. Undertaker bounces off the rope and it seems to buckle and Undertaker falls down to the mat! I’m not sure what happened there but hogan check if he’s ok. Yes, the ropes definitely seem a bit too loose as Hogan bounces off them and Undertaker nails a big clothesline. Undertaker then once again goes up to walk along the top rope but this time Hogan pulls him down!

But who’s this? It’s Ric Flair of course and he’s walking down to ringside. As Jack Tunney tries to see him off, hogan spots him and attacks him from behind with the chair! Flair goes into Tunney and both men are down. Flair gets back up to his feet but Tunney is still down. Flair then gets up onto the apron with the chair but Hogan throws Undertaker into him! Taker slams into the chair and Hogan is quick to capitalise with a big boot! Undertaker gets up though and holds Hogan for Paul Bearer but Bearer smashes Undertaker with the urn by accident! Ash falls out and hogan picks up a handful and throws it into Undertakers face! Tunney appeared to see it though as Flair pulled him to his feet. Hogan then rolls Undertaker and gets the three count! Hogan wins the World title back! “Real American” blasts over the speakers and like most PPV endings, Hogan celebrates in the ring with the belt! Hulk Hogan is now a four time World Heavyweight champion! But you get the feeling this isn’t over between Hogan and Undertaker!

Rating: 5.75/10* Match Of The Night


Well that was an interesting show. It didn’t really feel like a pay per view despite the stacked roster. It was nice to see Bret Hart defend the Intercontinental title albeit against Skinner. A defence is a defence though and Hart looks a stronger champion. It was a good way to start the show and it’ll be good to see who Hart goes on to feud with into Wrestlemania.

Following that we had the match with the biggest and best build but the match that turned out to be the shortest. The aftermath was the important part though with Jake Roberts continuing to torment Savage and Elizabeth and really crossing the line this time when he attacked Savage’s wife. It really is the hottest feud in the WWF at this point in time and I can’t wait to see where it goes.

After that we had two lower card matches in Bulldog/Warlord and the tag match between Ted Dibiase and Repo Man against Virgil and Tito Santana. The right men won these matches which were based around two feuds (Bulldog/Warlord & Dibiase/Virgil) that have been going for a year now. British Bulldog is the only man to have wrestled on all seven pay per view that I reviewed in 1991. That is an impressive feat and the only two he lost were multiman matches in the Royal Rumble and Survivor Series.

The main event between Hogan and Undertaker was an improvement on their Survivor Series match and Flair continues to get involved. On a side note Ric Flair beat Roddy Piper in a dark match prior to the show. After two shady finishes it’ll be interesting to see where this feud goes leading into The Royal Rumble.

So Overall it was an ok show but didn’t have the grandeur of a pay per view.  It felt bigger than a weekly Main Event or Superstars but not quite as big as a Summerslam or Survivor Series.

Overall Rating: 50/100 (Ranked Joint 9th out of 25)

One thought on “This Tuesday In Texas

  1. In regards to Hogan throwing his strop to get a rematch with Taker for the title, no other former world champions (Savage, Warrior, and Slaughter) ever went crying to Jack Tunney for an instant rematch after losing their belt.

    Also, Hogan was a fucking prick to throw those ashes in Taker’s face in order to win.

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