Insurrextion 2002

| Date: May 4th, 2002
| Venue: Wembley Arena | City: London, UK
| Attendance: 10, 500

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Insurrextion 2002, the third annual Insurrextion PPV. It’s held in the UK as it always is but this year moves away from Earl’s Court and into Wembley Arena. These shows are always a mystery heading into it. There is never any build towards this specific show but they will continue storylines and anything major that happens tonight will get mentioned on Raw. This is a Raw brand show, the first ever Raw branded pay per view and I can give you a bit of a run-down of what to expect.

Triple H lost his Undisputed WWF Championship at Backlash to Hulk Hogan mostly due to interference from The Undertaker. Since then, Triple H has invaded Raw, taking his frustrations out on The Undertaker. Hulk Hogan, Undertaker and Triple H are the top three men in the company at the moment so expect to see some combination of them in the main event. Stone Cold Steve Austin has had his problems with the nWo as of late and he teamed up with The Big Show expecting to see the end of his problems but Big Show turned on Austin and joined the nWo to the surprise of everyone. Ric Flair is also expected to be in London tonight, he has had on going problems with Austin, will we see him make a difference tonight?

Also on the Raw brand Spike Dudley shocked the world when he beat William Regal for the European Championship, will we see some fallout from that tonight? Steven Richards is the new Hardcore Champion, beating Bubba Ray Dudley for the gold. With that title back in the spotlight, will we see some championship pinball on the line? In the dark match before Insurrextion went on the air, Mr Perfect defeated Goldust. Now let’s get to the show.

A video package kicks us off showing various Raw superstars whilst soundbites of the likes of Steve Austin, Triple H, The Undertaker and Ric Flair play over the top. Jim Ross welcomes us to the Wembley Arena in London. He’s joined by Jerry “The King” Lawler who can’t wait!

Eddie Guerrero (c) vs. Rob Van Dam – Intercontinental Championship Match

Eddie Guerrero becomes the first man to have wrestled at all three Insurrextion events. He’s won matches on the last two Insurrextion events over Chris Jericho and Grand Master Sexay. Guerrero and Rob Van Dam have only wrestled on pay per view once before, a couple of weeks ago at Backlash and it was Eddie that won the match and the Intercontinental Championship that night. The Backlash match was a little disappointing so I’m hoping for more in this one. Van Dam becomes the first man to have fought on all five PPVs so far in 2002.

There are plenty of takedowns and chain wrestling in the early going of this one that ends in a stalemate. Guerrero has come back with a new mean attitude whilst Van Dam is still as laid back as ever. RVD hits a spinning heel kick sending Guerrero to the outside before hitting a baseball slide and a springboard moonsault off the apron. Back in the ring and Van Dam hits a legdrop for the first near fall of the night. Van Dam then hits a split legged moonsault for a two count. It’s been a fast paced start to the match. Van Dam shows his amazing agility by doing the splits but Eddie sends him to the outside and throws him into the steps. Back in the rind and Guerrero hits a reverse elbow for a two count.

Guerrero hits a suplex for a near fall and then hits a belly to back suplex and a flying senton for a two count. Eddie applies a chinlock as the crowd gets behind Rob Van Dam. Van Dam gets his foot on the ropes to break the hold and Eddie then slingshots the challenger into the bottom rope before choking him with his foot. Van Dam nearly gets a three count after rolling Eddie up as he argues with the referee. Guerrero applies a leglock which Van Dam gets out of but Eddie goes right back to work on his left leg. RVD has won two of his four PPV matches in 2002 so far, beating the likes of William Regal and Goldust. He hits a big martial arts kick to Guerrero’s face followed by a big monkey flip and a suplex for a two count.

RVD powerslams Guerrero and follows it up with rolling thunder for a two count. There’s a couple of counters that result in Rob Van Dam hitting a rolling senton and moonsault for a near fall. Van Dam hits a kick and goes up top before flying off with the 5 star frog splash but Guerrero moves out of the way! Eddie then grabs his Intercontinental Championship and rolls back in the ring. The referee attempts to get the title off him but Eddie throws the referee across the ring! The ref calls for the bell and this one is over. Eddie chases the ref around the ring but Van Dam catches Guerrero back in the ring with a kick before smashing his in the face with the belt! RVD then comes off the top with a big 5 star frog splash. Rob Van Dam wins the match by disqualification but Eddie Guerrero leaves with the belt! A better match than Backlash.

Rating: 6.75/10

Terri Runnels is backstage with Molly Holly and Jazz. Molly says she has a problem with Terri and all the other divas, saying they choose to exploit there bodies and are trash. Molly isn’t happy with page 3 in the UK newspapers. Terri takes offense and says Molly is jealous before exposing her breasts! (In a bra).

Trish Stratus & Jacqueline vs. Jazz & Molly Holly

Jacqueline goes into this one looking for her first PPV victory on the 9th time of asking. Only Koko B.Ware has a worst PPV record than her. Molly Holly and Jazz attack Trish and Jacqueline before the bell, throwing Trish out of the ring and hitting a double suplex on Jacqueline. Molly officially starts the match with Jacqueline and Jackie hits an atomic drop. The two girls then rolls around the ring, rolling all over the referee! Jacqueline rolls Molly up for the first near fall of the match. Molly and Jazz hit a double clothesline on Jacqueline and Jazz becomes the legal woman. Jazz hits a slam and a legdrop but doesn’t go for the cover. Trish has now wrestled the second most PPV matches for a female, 12, joint with Ivory.

Jazz hits a big boot and attempts another legdrop but Jacqueline gets out of the way and tag in Trish! Jazz hits Trish with a jawbreaker but Trish kicks her and then goes after Molly. Trish is too distracted by Molly though and Jazz takes her down with a big kick. Jazz lifts Trish high up in the air before dropping her face first for a two count. Molly Holly tags in and hits a handspring elbow for a two count. Molly tags Jazz and then left Trish up by her hair, throwing her down to the mat. Trish and Jazz exchange jabs and Trish rolls Jazz up for the three but the referee is distracted by Jacqueline. Trish hits a neckbreaker for a two count. Jacqueline tags in and hotshots Jazz before hitting a DDT for a two count. Jacqueline gets distracted by Molly Holly allowing Jazz to lift her up and lock in a half crab. Jacqueline gets out of it but Jazz locks on an STF which Trish breaks up.

All hell breaks loose and Trish and Jacqueline take down Jazz and Molly with clotheslines. Then at the same time, Jazz hits a springboard DDT on Molly and Trish hits her Stratus-faction on Jazz. They both make covers and the referee counts the 3! Trish and Jacqueline win the match giving Jacqueline her first ever PPV victory! About time too. Good match between these four girls.

Rating: 6.5/10

X Pac and Scott Hall are backstage and X Pac says that if he doesn’t win his match tonight then he’ll never come back to this lousy country again!

Bradshaw vs. X Pac

It’s a first time one on one meeting between these two men on pay per view. X Pac walks out in the Kane mask he stole a few weeks ago on Raw. Bradshaw has wrestled on every Insurrextion pay per view so far, he’s lost to Road Dogg and beaten The Big Show. He throws X Pac across the ring and knocks him down with shoulder barges and a big boot. It’s all Bradshaw in the early going. X Pac hasn’t been on pay per view since his match with Tajiri at Summerslam last year. Bradshaw hits a big slam on X Pac and follows it up with forearms. X Pac ducks a clothesline and hits a dropkick to Bradshaws knee. X Pac then takes the middle turnbuckle off and X Pac smashes his face into the exposed metal.

X Pac goes to work on Bradshaws knee in the corner as referee Nick Patrick tells him to get off. Bradshaw is busted wide open and blood streams down his face. X Pac hits a big martial arts kick for a very close two count. Backlash two weeks ago featured a heel winning every match except the main event. So far this show has had all babyface winners. X Pac hits some big kicks to Bradshaw before (softly) choking the big Texan. The crowd get behind Bradshaw who has always wrestled in singles matches on this PPV despite being a tag team wrestler up to now. X Pac hits some big right hands in the corner until Bradshaw powerbombs him to the mat. Bradshaw hits a powerslam for a two count and then a neckbreaker. Bradshaw goes up top and hits a big shoulderblock off the top which should be a 3 count but X Pac gets his foot on the bottom rope.

X Pac hits a spinning heel kick but can’t get a 3 count. He then goes up top but gets caught by Bradshaw who hits a fallaway slam. The crowd boo as Scott Hall makes his way to ringside and distracts Bradshaw. Hall then smashes Bradshaw with X Pacs nun-chucks behind the referees back. X Pac pins him but only for a two count as Bradshaw kicks out! X Pac then goes for the Bronco Buster but Bradshaw gets out of the way. Bradshaw goes for the clothesline from hell but X Pac ducks and Bradshaw nails Scott Hall with it! X Pac hits a low blow on Bradshaw and then the X Factor which is enough for the three! X Pac beats Bradshaw tonight will a lot of help from Scott Hall!

Rating: 6/10

The Undertaker is backstage with The Coach. He says this business gives him the opportunity to beat the hell out of people. And tonight that’ll be Triple H.

Steven Richards (c) vs. Booker T – Hardcore Championship Match

This was an unexpected match. Obviously it’s a first time meeting between these two men on pay per view. Don’t be surprised to see Goldust in this match. Jim Ross tells us that Bubba Ray Dudley isn’t here tonight, he’s looking after his ill mother back in America. Steven Richards has won 4 of his 5 PPV matches up to now. Richards hits an arm drag and celebrates it. Booker T takes the advantage with kicks and chops in the corner, taking Richards down to the mat. Booker then rifles under the ring and pulls out trash cans and throws them in the ring whilst Steven Richards throws them right back out. Booker then hits him with a tray and hits some kicks before throwing Steven out of the ring.

Booker smashes Richards into the ring steps and then drops him on the barricade. Booker T finds a broom under the ring and smashes it into Richards back. Back in the ring and Richards pokes Booker in the eye and hits some chops. Booker hits a martial arts kick for a two count and then a suplex. Booker grabs a trash can and smashes that into Richards head before kicking another into his face for a two count. I reckon Goldust will cost Booker the match in this one. Booker hits a flapjack but Richards hits a low blow to take the advantage. Both of these men fought for the Alliance last year. Richards hits Booker with a tray for a two count. Big back body drop from Booker T but then Richards back body drops Booker out of the ring.

Richards throws a trash can at Booker for a near fall and then mocks the former 5 time wCw Champion. Steven Richards applies a chinlock to the man that main evented Summerslam last year. The crowd are behind Booker T in this one who is in the process of a face turn. He gets out of the chinlock with a powerslam but Richards dropkicks a trash can into his face. Booker then reverses an Irish whip, sending Richards into a trash can. Booker hits a flying forearm and spinebuster for a two count. Booker then hits a scissors kick and grabs a trash can from outside the ring. He pops it over Richards head and then dropkicks him off the top but only for a two count. Richards has looked great in this match.

Booker sets up for his trademark scissors kick but Richards sees him coming and hits a Steven kick! Booker T then hits the Book End and gets the three count! Booker T wins the match and the Hardcore title!

Rating: 5.75/10

Crash Holly then turns up and rolls Booker up for the three count! Crash Holly wins the Hardcore title! Booker hits Crash with a scissors kick and wins the Hardcore title back! Out run Tommy Dreamer and Justin Credible who double team Booker! Dreamer slides a table into the ring and Credible sets it up. Credible then accidentally nails Dreamer and Booker takes down Credible! Booker does the Spineroonie and it looks like he’ll leave as Hardcore Champion! Maybe not! Jazz turns up with Steven Richards and low blows Booker! Richards puts Booker through the table (on the second time of asking) and then pins him for the three! Richards leaves with the Hardcore title tonight!

There’s a VT up next showing the history between The Hardy Boyz and Brock Lesnar.

Paul Heyman, Brock Lesnar and Shawn Stasiak are backstage and Heyman tells Stasiak to calm down and stay out of the match tonight. Brock tells Shawn to stay out of the match or the beatdown he gave him on Raw will be nothing compared to what he does to him tonight.

The Hardy Boyz (Matt & Jeff) vs. Brock Lesnar & Shawn Stasiak

The Hardy Boyz join Bradshaw and Eddie Guerrero having fought on every Insurrextion PPV. They’ve beaten and lost to Edge and Christian at this even in the past. Stasiak runs into the ring, defying Heymans orders and he hits a spinebuster to Jeff Hardy. Shawn then hits a sidewalk slam for the first near fall of the match. Stasiak applies a chinlock but Jeff gets out of it with a jawbreaker. Jeff tags Matt who hits a side effect on Stasiak. The Hardyz attempt poetry in motion but Lesnar drags Stasiak out of the way and tags himself in. Brock lays into Matt Hardy and then stares at Stasiak.

Matt gets a couple of boots up on Brock and then comes off the second rope but Lesnar catches him and hits a backbreaker and powerslam. Brock hits another powerslam and then knocks Jeff off the apron. Jeff has fought on every PPV since last years Insurrextion show. Brock rubs Matt Hardys face on the top rope as Paul Heyman shouts instructions form the outside. Brock hits a stalling vertical suplex and then rams Matt into the corner a couple of times. Matt gets out of the way of a shoulder charge and then Stasiak tags himself in! He misses with a splash on Matt and Matt tags in Jeff! Jeff hits a dropkick and legdrop on Shawn and then whisper in the wind for a two count. The Hardyz fight off Lesnar and then Matt hits Stasiak with a twist of fate and Jeff comes off the top with a Swanton Bomb for the three count! The Hardy Boyz win the match! Lesnar hits both Hardyz with an F5 and a running powerbomb on Stasiak after the match.

Rating: 6/10

There’s a VT for the eve of Insurrextion charity dinner.

The Coach is backstage with William Regal who gets a decent pop. Regal changes that when he calls the English under-achieving tossers with divvy children.

Spike Dudley (c) vs. William Regal – European Championship Match

This is a first meeting between these two men on PPV. Regal was against Jericho at last years Insurrextion albeit in a losing effort. He takes Spike down in the early going and stomps on Spikes face. Regal then applies a facelock and takes Spike down before dropping a knee on him. Regal lays in some forearms before Spike comes back with some of his own. Spike gets a lot of boo’s surprisingly. He hits Regal with three dropkicks and a headbutt before attempting the Dudley Dogg. Regal throws him across the ring and it looks as though Spike has hurt his ankle. The referee asks for a trainer to come down to see to Spike. The trainer takes Spikes boot off and then helps Spike out of the ring.

Regal attacks Spike from behind and throws him back in the ring. The crowd are right behind Regal in this one. He powerslams Spike, slamming his ankle on to the middle rope. Regal hits a double underhook powerbomb and pins the champion but lifts Spike up before the three. Spike then rolls Regal up from nowhere and that’s enough for the three! Spike Dudley wins the match and retains his European title! Regal lays him out after the match with brass knucks. Pretty awful match.

Rating: 2.75/10

There’s a VT showing the last few weeks on Raw with Big Show joining the nWo, attacking Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Ric Flair comes out in a referees shirt and announces that he is going to be the special guest referee (number 2) aka special guest enforcer on the outside.

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin vs. The Big Show

Amazingly this is the first ever one on one match between these two men on pay per view. Shocking considering Big Show made his debut in the WWF by attacking Austin. Show is the newest member of the nWo and he is a man that has wrestled on every Insurrextion pay per view, winning in tag team action two years ago but losing to Bradshaw last year. Austin gets a huge pop and he gets in the face of Ric Flair before the match begins. With Kurt Angle not on this show it means that currently Austin has wrestled on the most pay per views consecutively with 23. He flips off the Big Show. Big Show became WWF Champion when he replaced Austin who was ran over and unable to defend his belt at Survivor Series 1999.

Big Show uses his mass to throw Austin around in the early going. Austin doesn’t seem phased and does some press ups. A “you fat bastard” chant breaks out aimed at Big Show. Austin hits some right hands but Show takes him down with a reverse elbow. Austin kicks away at the knees of Big Show but then gets caught with a clothesline. Big Show hits some big chops but Austin takes Show down with a standing axe handle, keeping him down with a low blow. Austin has only won one of his four PPV matches so far this year, beating Scott Hall at Wrestlemania. He continues to work the knee of Big Show, smashing it into the ring post. Big Show hits a headbutt but Austin takes him down and applies a leglock. Show gets up and hits a powerslam before taking down the straps and dropping an elbow.

Big Show lays in some more chops and a hiptosses Austin from one side of the ring to the other. Big Show hits a suplex and a very big back body drop. Show then hits a big clothesline for a two count before applying a bear hug. Austin gets out of it by biting Big Show and then hits a Lou Thesz press from the second rope! But Austin can’t keep the advantage as Big Show hits a big boot. Show then accidentally clotheslines the referee! Austin hits a Stone Cold Stunner on Big Show but the referee is down and Ric Flair is seeing off Scott Hall and X Pac who have emerged from the back. Flair runs off the nWo with a kendo stick whilst in the ring Big Show goes for a chokeslam but Austin fights him off.

Show hits a big boot and drops an elbow before taking Austin down with a headbutt. Kevin Nash then appears with the nun-chucks but Austin hits him with a Stunner and then hits two Stunners on Big Show which is enough for the three! Austin beats Big Show after a fun ending to the match. Flair runs Nash off with a chair after the match and Austin celebrates with some beers. Flair runs back to celebrate with Austin and then grabs a mic to tell Austin he’s the man. Austin Stunners Flair for good measure and tips beer on him!

Rating: 5.75/10

VT next showing the past few weeks history between Triple H and The Undertaker.

The Undertaker vs. Triple H

These two men have fought more PPV matches than any other wrestlers in history to this point. This is only the second time these two men have met in a one on one match on PPV. Previously The Undertaker beat Triple H at Wrestlemania 17. Triple H joins Eddie Guerrero, Bradshaw, Big Show and The Hardy Boyz as the only wrestlers to have wrestled on all three Insurrextion pay per views. Triple H has lost his previous two matches, both in handicap matches, two years ago he and Shane McMahon lost to The Rock and last year he and Austin lost to The Undertaker. Triple H is the only Smackdown competitor on this show.

Both men hit right hands in the early going and Triple H takes the advantage with a high knee and back body drop. You don’t see many of those on The Undertaker. Triple H clotheslines him out of the ring and the two men battle outside. The Undertaker has a slightly better PPV win record. He’s won on the last 2 PPVs, beating Ric Flair and Steve Austin. Undertaker lays into Triple H with big right hands and a clothesline for a two count. He then attempts old school but Triple H pulls him down off the top. Helmsley continues the advantage with a suplex and then drops an elbow for a two count. Triple H has main evented every Insurrextion PPV. Undertaker drops Triple H on the top rope and then hits him with a big clothesline in the corner. Undertaker has 50 PPV wins going into this show, more than anyone in history.

Undertaker has an Undisputed WWF Championship shot at the next PPV, Judgment Day against Hulk Hogan. He hits a legdrop on the prone Triple H. Triple H gets back into it with some right hands but Undertaker hits a chop block and works the knee of The Game. Triple H throws Undertaker into the ropes and the rope gives way. Undertaker lands badly. He seems ok though, hitting Triple H with a low blow and dropping an elbow for a two count. ‘Taker applies a chinlock but nobodies every lost to a chinlock so Triple H gets out of it and hits a suplex. Both men then go down as they clothesline each other. Undertaker goes for a big boot but Triple H sidesteps it and hits a neckbreaker. Helmsley then hits a big spinebuster for a two count.

Triple H goes for a Pedigree but Undertaker charges him back into the corner. Undertaker follows up with a big boot and attempts a chokeslam but Triple H reverses it into a DDT for a two count. Triple H once again goes for a Pedigree but Undertaker gets out of it and hits a chokeslam but only for a two count. Undertaker grabs a chair which Triple H knees into the Dead Mans face for a two count. Undertaker ducks a clothesline and hits a DDT for a two count. Undertaker drops Triple H on the top turnbuckle with snake eyes but Triple H hits him with a high knee and a Pedigree! That’s enough for the win, Triple H wins the match surprisingly.

Rating: 6.75/10

Well that was Insurrextion 2002. It was very much a two match show with Stone Cold vs. The Big Show and Undertaker vs. Triple H being the two focal points of the show. Don’t get me wrong, the opener between Eddie Guerrero and Rob Van Dam had a lot of importance and was a decent enough match. It gave Eddie a title defence, albeit a losing one but his rivalry with RVD continues and this win keeps Van Dam in the title picture. It would have been nice to see the Women’s title defended but instead we got a tag team match between the four women in the limelight at the moment. Trish Stratus got the pin on the Women’s Champion which keeps her in the hunt for the belt. I think it’s a matter of time until Molly Holly is fighting for the Championship, she’s been great recently. This was Jacqueline’s first ever PPV victory!

X Pac beat Bradshaw with a lot of help from Scott Hall.  X Pac and Hall have beaten Bradshaw in back to back singles matches on PPV now. Bradshaw is getting a decent push but it seems as though the nWo are seen as more important for the time being. I think when the dust has settled it’ll be Big Show and Bradshaw in future PPV matches. Booker T replaced Bubba Ray Dudley in the Hardcore title match and actually won the gold before eventually losing it back to Richards. This was complete filler as Dudley was at home with his ill mother. Hardcore matches are always fun though and give something a bit different.

The Hardy Boyz beat Brock Lesnar and Planet Stasiak. I’d have had Lesnar win this and continue his unstoppable streak. Stasiak is a joke but I do find him hilarious. The Hardy Boyz probably should be on Smackdown where they can fight for the Tag Team titles but instead they give Lesnar the rub. Definitely one of the most surprising results of the night. Spike Dudley beat William Regal in a match where I thought the title might change hands. Spikes win was made to look like a fluke and it’ll be interesting to see if he continues to sell the injury on Raw in 2 days time. Spike is somebody who has benefitted from the brand split so far.

Stone Cold beat The Big Show despite interference from the nWo. This result was fine, Austin needed the win after losing at Backlash against Undertaker. This doesn’t hurt Big Show too much, no more than his multiple face/heel turns. Then in the main event Triple H beat the number one contender to the WWF Champions, The Undertaker. Again, I’m not sure this was the best result. Undertaker should’ve got the win really, seeing as he’s in the main event of the next PPV, Judgment Day. Triple H is the former champion though and he gets a measure of revenge against the man that cost him the belt. Overall a really average show with no major occurences.

Overall Rating: 57.812/100 (ranked joint 62nd out of 137)

Match Of The Night: Eddie Guerrero vs. Rob Van Dam / Triple H vs. The Undertaker
Worst Match Of The Night: Spike Dudley vs. William Regal
Surprise Of The Night: N/A
Worst Booking Of The Night: Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker losing
Superstar Of The Night: Triple H
Insurrextion 2002 Will Be Remembered For: The only PPV meeting between Steve Austin and The Big Show

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