Wrestlemania 9

Bret Hart vs. Yokozuna. Hulk Hogan and Brutus Beefcake vs. Ted Dibiase and I.R.S. Welcome to this Wrestlemania IX review. Much like last year we have a double main event, which basically means that Hulk Hogan isn’t in the WWF title match so his match is considered the joint main event. And this year Hogan teams up with his old friend Brutus Beefcake to take on tag team champions Money Inc. Dibiase and Shyster have been dominating the tag team scene for the last 12 months and after seeing off the likes of The Legion Of Doom, Natural Disasters and Nasty Boys, they still have the belts. However they made a mistake attacking the returning Brutus Beefcake with a briefcase. Hogan offered to help his mate out and that’s what leads to this big tag team title match tonight.

The other main event is between WWF Champion Bret Hart and Yokozuna. Yoko won the 1993 Royal Rumble to win number one contendership to Harts title. Yoko is undefeated thus far in the WWF and he’ll be a handful for Hart. There’s also a few people making their PPV debut at this Wrestlemania. Luna Vachon will be in the corner of Shawn Michaels making her debut as a valet. She’ll be something different to what we’ve ever seen before in the WWF. Giant Gonzalez is another man making his official in-ring debut. He attacked The Undertaker in the Royal Rumble match, led to the ring by Harvey Wippleman, a man seeking revenge on the dead man.

Lex Luger is another man that showed up at The 1993 Royal Rumble but makes his in ring debut tonight. He’s Bobby Heenans new guy and he’ll be taking on Mr Perfect. It’ll be a battle of egos no doubt but should make for a decent contest. Doink The Clown is the final man to make his PPV in-ring debut tonight. Doink has been winding up everybody since he showed up around the time of last years Survivor Series but he’s attacked Crush and now must face the big man in one on one action tonight. So let’s get to it.

We get a high tech intro to start us off with a video wall made up of clips of the likes of Bret Hart, Yokozuna and Bret Hart. We then go to Caesars Palace and Gorilla Monsoon who introduces us to the show. Monsoon is in full toga and he throws us over to Jim Ross who is making his debut in the broadcast booth. Ross reminds us of the two main events tonight with Bret Hart v Yokozuna and Money Inc vs. Hogan and Beefcake. Jim Ross then throws to “Finkus Maximus” in the ring. Fink introduces Cleopatra and Julius Caesar. They arrive on an elephant. This outdoor stadium really does look spectacular. By far my favourite arena ever. Fink then introduces “Macho Man” Randy Savage who gets carries to ringside. Savage gets a hell of an ovation. Bobby Heenan is the third man introduced and he comes out facing the wrong way on a camel. Bobby Heenan is awesome.

Shawn Michaels (c) vs. Tatanka – Intercontinental Title Match

Big match to start things off tonight. Michaels is still Intercontinental champion and interestingly, he comes out first. He’s not alone though as he has Luna Vachon in his corner, making her PPV debut tonight. Tatanka has Sensational Sherri in his corner which is an interesting twist. Michaels was successful in his last PPV match when he defended his title against former partner Marty Jannetty. Tatanka has never lost in a one on one match. His only pay per view loss was in the Royal Rumble match. Michaels takes his time getting ready in this opener. This is definitely Tatanka’s biggest PPV match to date. Tatanka has pinned Michaels twice in the lead up to this, once in a non title match and the other in a six man. Neither man can gain the advantage in the early going for too long. Michaels headlocks Tatanka and the challenger can’t get out of it until he hits a big back suplex. Tatanka hits some deep arm drags that look impressive before chopping the champion out to the floor. Michaels then struggles to get back into the ring because the Native American keeps chopping him down to the floor.

Both men back in the ring and Tatanka hits a nice atomic drop then a DDT. It’s still very rare that you see a DDT used as a regular move. Jake Roberts was the man to use it as his finisher. Tatanka locks on an armbar as Luna screams from the outside. Michaels gets out of it and tries a clothesline but it hurts his own shoulder! Tatanka goes back to the arm as the commentators sell Shawn Michaels injured shoulder. Tatanka hits a shoulder breaker then follows up with an elbow. He then goes up top and flies off with a tomahawk chop. He then goes for it again but Michaels sees it coming and hits a crescent kick! Michaels then throws Tatanka over the top rope to the outside. Sensational Sherri has been keeping Luna at bay all match. It’s weird to see Sherri as a face, she made such a good heel for so long. Michaels dives off the apron with a big clothesline to his challenger. It was at last years Wrestlemania that Tatanka made his PPV debut. Michaels gets a couple of near falls. Tatanka has been built up real well for this match. He’s still yet to lose in a one on one match and he’s a good worker which is the main criteria for the Intercontinental title.

Michaels headlocks Michaels but the crowd get behind Tatanka who breaks the hold. Michaels jumps off the second rope with a double axe handle but Tatanka starts skipping around the ring building up momentum. We even get the Hulk Hogan fingerpoint. Tatanka knocks Michaels down with chops and then hits a cross body from the top, getting a two count. Jim Ross brings so much energy to the match. Tatanka slingshots Michaels into the ringpost then rolls him up for a two. Tatanka then goes for the Samoan drop but Michaels gets out of it. The fight goes to the outside now and Michaels once again goes for the clothesline off the apron but Tatanka moves and Michaels hits the apron on the way down. The referee starts counting them out but Michaels drags the referee out! Michaels then slides back in and Tatanka hits him with the Samoan Drop! Tatanka covers Michaels and the referee calls for the bell! The announcement is then made that Tatanka has won the match by count out! It looked more like it should be a disqualification finish but the count out is given! Tatanka wins the match and his undefeated streak is in tact. Michaels retains the title though and leaves with his belt. A catfight then breaks out on the outside with Luna taking out Sherri! “A bad ending to a great match” is out Randy Savage described it and I would probably agree. Tatanka and Michaels put on a decent match and had a lot of chemistry. Would have been better without the rest holds.

Rating: 6/10

Backstage now to Mene Gene with The Steiner Brothers. Scott and Rick say it’s their first Wrestlemania and they’re going to make Julius Caesar proud.

The Headshrinkers (Fatu & Samu) vs. The Steiner Brothers (Rick & Scott)

The Steiners get a great ovation as they look to continue their unbeaten PPV record. They beat The Beverly Brothers at The Royal Rumble. The Headshrinkers are also unbeaten in tag team matches on pay per view as they beat High Energy at Survivor Series 92. The tag team division is at its strongest when there are about six tag teams. With these two plus the champs Money Inc as well as The Beverly Brothers, Nasty Boys and High Energy we have about six teams. The three I just mentioned seem to be on their way out though and won’t appear tonight. Scott and Fatu start the match and Fatu has the early advantage. You’d fancy the Steiners to win this and start to get pushed towards the tag team titles. Samu, the more experienced of The Headshrinkers is tagged in and continues to take it to Scott. Quick tags between The Headshrinkers as Fatu is tagged back in and he just punts Scott Steiner to the outside. Samu rams Scott into the ringpost on the outside. Rick rolls his brother back in and straight into the boot of Fatu. Fatu is actually the twin of former Islander Tama. Samu is tagged back in and hits a nice standing dropkick. It has all been Headshrinkers so far as Samu and Fatu take it in turns to beatdown Scott Steiner. Both of those guys were in the 1993 Royal Rumble match with Fatu lasting a couple of minutes longer than Samu.

Samu keeps Scott grounded with headbutts before going up top and going for a flying headbutt but Scott rolls out of the way! Samu crawls over and tags Fatu and Scott tags in Rick! Rick takes out everyone that moves until he makes the mistake of trying a double noggin knocker. That doesn’t affect The Headshrinkers at all and Rick gets a headbutt off both men for his troubles. Samu then gets Rick on his shoulders and as Fatu comes off the top Rick powerslams him down to the floor. Great move. Rick then tags in Scott but he doesn’t have much luck and gets a kick in the face from Samu. Samu then tries to throw Scott into the ropes but Scott reverses it and hits the Frankensteiner! It wasn’t the smoothest but it’s enough for a three count! The Steiner Brothers pick up back to back PPV victories!

Rating: 5.5/10

Backstage now to Sensational Sherri who gets an absolute ass kicking from Luna Vachon. Luna leaves Sherri on the floor and we go to Mene Gene.

Mene Gene is stood by with Doink The Clown who has drawn all over one of the statues backstage. We then see some footage of Doink The Clown pretending to have a broken arm then beating down Crush with a fake arm! Doink then says to Mene Gene that he’s bringing the fun to Wrestlemania 9. Doink then promises that after this match Crush may be seeing double vision!

Crush vs. Doink The Clown

Doink is making his pay per view in ring debut tonight. But the man that plays him, Matt Bourne was actually on the first Wrestlemania PPV in a losing effort to Ricky Steamboat. Doink the Clown was last seen on PPV at Survivor Series 92 when he showed up during the Tatanka/Rick Martel match. Crush hasn’t been on PPV since his Summerslam victory over Repo Man. He attacks Doink before the bell, slamming Doink outside the ring. Back in the ring, Crush throws Doink around the ring taking down the clown. Crush is a former tag team champion as part of Demolition. He snaps Doinks head across the top rope, not giving his opponent any chance so far. He then hits a big backbreaker. Doink eventually gets the advantage, snapping Crush off the top rope then jumping off the top rope a few times. So far we’ve had two babyface wins tonight, could Crush make it three? As I say that Doink hits a piledriver on Crush before kicking him to the outside. Back in the ring and the evil clown hits a powerslam on his bigger opponent. He goes up top again but this time Crush sees him coming and gets his boot up.

Crush can’t maintain the advantage though until he sees Doink coming off the top and hits a powerslam. He then clotheslines Doink over the top rope to the outside. Doink then tries crawling underneath the ring but Crush drags him back out. He throws Doink back in the ring then lifts him high above his head with a gorilla press slam. Crush then motions for his finisher and starts to crush Doinks head but Doink “accidentally” knocks over the referee. Doink then crawls underneath the ring again but Crush once again drags him back out. He throws Doink back in the ring again and locks on his finisher but suddenly another Doink comes into the ring and smashes Crush with a cast! Both Doinks double team Crush, nailing him with the cast. The real Doink then covers Crush as the other one scarpers underneath the ring.  The referee conveniently wakes up just in time to count the three! Doink wins the match! Crush got screwed! Another referee then runs out and explains to the referee that there was another Doink under the ring. They have a look but can’t find anything. Not an awful match but certainly a memorable ending.

Rating: 4/10

Todd Petingal is up in the crowd interviewing Japanese photographers. They don’t make any sense but seem to mark out when he mentions Yokozuna.

Razor Ramon vs. Bob Backlund

Razor has main evented the last two pay per views but is yet to have any success. Tonight he take son Bob Backlund who returned at The Royal Rumble. He has a hell of a showing and is a former World champion. It’s a step down for Ramon but good experience to take on a former champ. Both of these men are looking for their first PPV win. I don’t think there’s any real backstory behind this match, not one I’m aware of anyway. The whole crowd are cheering for Razor who is suposed to be the heel in this one. He starts the match by throwing Backlund into two corners of the ring. Backlund soon comes into his own though, taking Ramon off his feet. Razor slams Backlund to the mat a couple of times then hitting him with some big right hands. We then hear some news that Lex Luger knocked out Bret Hart at the Wrestlemania lunch. In the ring Backlund has the advantage now, hiptossing Razor across the ring then hitting an atomic drop. Backlund then goes for a powerslam but Razor rolls up Bob in a small package and gets the three count! A first PPV win for Razor Ramon in a short match.

Rating: 3.5/10

Backstage now to Mene Gene who is backstage with Money Inc. We see some footage from Monday Night Raw with Money Inc ditching Jimmy Hart then smashing Brutus Beefcake with I.R.S’s briefcase. Dibiase cuts an awesome promo saying it’s time to put up or shut up. Dibiase says they’re in his city, the city of money. I.R.S has some words for the mega morons, saying they’ll take off Beefcakes mask and finish the job. I.R.S then tells us thar Hogan got a beating coming out of the gym last night. That’s what money can buy you.

Money Inc (“Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase & Irwin R Shyster) (c) vs. The Mega Maniacs (Hulk Hogan & Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake) – Tag Team Title Match

Our second title match of the night is dubbed as a second main event. Basically because Hulk Hogan is in it. Hogan competes in his first match since Wrestlemania 8 last year. Beefcake is in action for the first time since Wrestlemania 6, 3 years ago! Money Inc attack Hogan and Beefcake as they get into the ring but “Real American” continues giving the challengers time to pose as the guitar rift goes. The crowd don’t seem too into Hogan but Jim Ross makes you believe they are going mental for him. Great commentary by Ross. Beefcake has a mask on following his beating from Money Inc on Raw. Money Inc have been the top team in the WWF since Wrestlemania 8 last year but yet they haven’t won a match on PPV as a duo yet. Quite unbelievable to think. I.R.S is looking for his first PPV win since Summerslam 91 and Dibiase since This Tuesday In Texas at the back end of 1991. Dibiase and Beefcake start the match and it doesn’t take long before the dastardly tag champs double team the returning masked man.

Dibiase tries for a double axe handle off the top but hurts his hand on Beefcakes mask. Beefcake slams their heads off each other then Dibiases head off the turnbuckle. Beefcake then tags in Hogan which gets a good ovation. There’s a lot of history between Hulk Hogan and Ted Dibiase. He takes it to Dibiase then tags in Brutus. Both men hit a double big boot on the Million Dollar Man as Jimmy Hart cheers on the Mega Maniacs from the outside. I’m not 100% sure but this might be Jimmy Harts last appearance on WWF PPV. Hogan gets tagged back in and clotheslines Dibiase to the outside. I.R.S comes in but Hogan sends him to the outside too! Dibiase and Shyster then walk up the entrance ramp. They’ve had enough! An announcement is then made that if Money Inc don’t return to the ring then they not only lose the match but also their tag team championships! The crowd count along as the champions run back to the ring. With the match reset, Hogan and Dibiase circle the ring. With a cheap shot, Dibiase soon gets the advantage for his team. Then as Dibiase distracts the referee, Shyster chokes Hogan with the tag rope.

Quick tags now between Money Inc as they continue to take it to Hogan. Dibiase then locks on the Million Dollar Dream on Hogan! Could this be it? Hogan fades down to one knee as some of the younger audience members cheer for him to get back up. Hogans eye has stitches but in reality he’s lucky to be alive after being hit by a jetski! Hogan is the only man to have wrestled on all 9 Wrestlemania PPVs. The crowd now get behind The Hulkster, over 16,000 which doesn’t seem like many. Finally Hogan starts to Hulk up but I.R.S gets in the ring and as the referee tries to get rid of him Brutus Beefcake comes in and locks a sleeper on Dibiase, taking him down. The referee counts both men but on the 9 it’s Hulk Hogan that sits up! Dibiase then tags I.R.S and Hogan tags a fresh Beefcake! Beefcake takes both champions down then sends Dibiase to the outside. He then takes it to Shyster but as he bounces off the ropes, Dibiase smashes him with the briefcase! Money Inc are now in control and Dibiase tries to rip Beefcakes mask off and does! He then hits Brutus with right hands then tags in IRS who hits some right hands of his own.

Quick tags once again between Money Inc who target Beefcakes exposed face. Beefcake manages to take both men down with a clothesline though then instead of tagging Hogan, he locks a sleeper on I.R.S. Dibiase smashes into them to break it up and takes out the referee in the process! That’s the second time tonight the referee has gone down. Worked out ok for Doink. Dibiase and Hogan are tagged back in! Hulk hits the big boot! He then grabs Beefcakes mask and smashes both Dibiase and IRS with it! Hogan and Beefcake then pin their opponents! The referee is down though so Jimmy Hart runs in and turns his jacket inside out to reveal referee stripes! He counts the three then grabs the titles but it doesn’t seem official! The Mega Maniacs celebrate with the belts but then The Fink makes the announcement that as a result of a disqualification, the winners of the match are Money Incorporated! Money Inc retain by DQ! Jimmy Hart then throws the referee to the outside and he, Hogan and Beefcake celebrate in the ring! Not a bad match in what would be Brutus Beefcakes last ever WWE match. Hogan picks up Money Incs briefcase, opens it up to find some paperwork, a brick and money! Hogan throws the money all over the place, handing it out at ringside!

Rating: 6.5/10* Match Of The Night

Now back to Todd who is up in the crowd. He talks to Natalie Cole (who?) and the CEO of Caesars Palace. He seems happy, but he should be after what the WWF have done to his arena.

Now to Mene Gene and Mr Perfect. Perfect is one of the most popular babyfaces and he has some words for Lex Luger.

Then to Raymond Rougeau who is with Bret Hart. We see some footage of Lex Luger knocking Bret Hart out earlier in the day. Hart says that he will be 100% for his match and Yokozuna is in for the biggest beating of his life. Hart says Hogan gave him a pep talk earlier today.

“The Narcissist” Lex Luger vs. Mr Perfect

Luger is an impressive specimen but I’m not sure this narcissist gimmick is getting over. Luger comes to the ring with four women who hold up mirrors for him with sparklers on. His entrance music is horrendous. This is Lex Lugers PPV in ring debut so he’ll be looking to get off to a good start. This isn’t Perfect first rodeo though and he’ll be looking for his first PPV victory since Survivor Series 92. This match has been building since The Royal Rumble PPV and I think it’s a pretty good match. Perfect starts with energy, taking Luger down with knee lifts and dropkicks. Perfect targets the left leg, locking on various submission moves and stomping away at it. Luger sells the leg and Perfect chops his chest. Luger reverses an irish whip to gain the advantage. Perfect holds his lower back, the injury that sidelines Perfect for over a year. I’ve just noticed that the cameramen are dressed in beige togas. Luger continues to go after Perfect back. He hits a backbreaker and is slow and methodical to wear Perfect down.

Luger takes Perfect down in the corner and pins him with his feet on the ropes but the referee spots it and breaks the count. Luger then hits a powerslam but is slow to pin Perfect and just gets a 2. Perfect starts a comeback with some big right hands but it’s back and forth. Perfect hits a big back body drop in what has been quite a high energy match. He then slingshots Luger into the top turnbuckle then knocks him down with a right. Another near fall. Perfect pulls the strap down which gets a pop. He knocks Luger down with clotheslines but still can’t defeat Lex. He hits a big dropkick off the top rope but as he covers the newcomer, Luger gets his foot on the rope. Both men fight for the backslide now but it’s Luger that gets it and although Perfects feet are clearly on the ropes, the referee counts the three! Luger picks up the win! After the match he knocks Perfect out with the running forearm! Luger then exits but what a big win for him! Perfect gets back up to his feet and can’t believe it. He leaves and looks to be going straight after Luger. The camera follows him and he finds Luger talking to Shawn Michaels! Perfect goes after Luger but Michaels attacks him with some really stiff shots. The referees break it up but it’s not over between those 3.

Rating: 6/10

Now backstage to Mene Gene again who is questioning a few things. He’s convinces he saw double with two Doinks. He knocks on Doinks trailer but as Doink slams the door in his face another Doink appears and walks into the trailer. Funny stuff.

Giant Gonzalez vs. The Undertaker

Well it’s time for Giant Gonzalez’ PPV debut. He is huge. Over 7 foot. And led to the ring by Harvey Wippleman. Undertaker then comes out, led to the ring by Paul Bearer. Undertaker comes out to the ring on a chariot and even has a vulture! I’m not expecting this to be a classic. Undertaker has appeared on more PPVs consecutively than anybody else at the moment. This is his 10th PPV in a row. Gonzalez has a bizarre body suit. Undertaker is huge but has to stare up to this guy. Gonzalez pushes Undertaker back with one hand and Undertaker has to go up to the middle rope to stand above him. The former WWF champion then walks the top rope and dives off but can’t get the big man down. The Giant then hits a big boot and clothesline to take the dead man down. He throws Undertaker from one side of the ring to the other like he weighs nothing. Gonzalez locks on a sleeper taking Undertaker down to one knee. Paul Bearer holds up the urn which gives Undertaker the power to get back up to his feet. Gonzalez throws him out of the ring though and continues to take it to him outside, throwing him into the ringsteps.

Again Bearer holds up the urn which helps ‘Taker get back into the ring. Gonzalez headbutts Undertaker but he keeps getting back up. Undertaker then starts a comeback. He hits rights and left and takes the Giant down to one knee. Wippleman then throws Gonzalez a cloth. Undertaker takes down Harvey Wipplemen then after taking down Paul Bearer, Gonzalez holds the cloth in Undertakers face. The commentators claim that it’s chlorophyll and the referee calls for the bell. It seems to be a disqualification win for Undertaker but the dead man is down in the ring. Referees and EMTs rush out with a stretcher to take The Undertaker back and Gonzalez takes out one of the referees in the ring. He might need a stretcher too. Undertaker gets taken to the back and the fans chant for Hogan! Undertakers music hits though and the dead man returns from the back! The crowd go nuts as he takes it to Giant Gonzalez! He knocks the big man down with a clothesline and Gonzalez scarpers! He can’t believe it!

Rating: 4/10

Backstage once more to Mene Gene now who is giving us a bit of a history lesson on Yokozuna. We see one of the first man to step up to challenge Yokozuna, “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan who got squashed. We then see some highlights from the contract signings for the main event tonight at Yokozuna squashing Bret Hart. It’s then Hulk Hogan who joins Mene Gene. Hogan gives some advice to Bret Hart, telling him The Hulkamaniacs are on his side. Hogan issues a challenge to eithe Hart or Yokozuna, whoever wins, Hulk wants the winner.

Now back to Todd who is up in the crowd being a comedian. Two guys in togas start arguing and fighting, brilliant.

Bret “The Hitman” Hart (c) vs. Yokozuna – WWF Title Match

Well here we go, it’s the big one. This Wrestlemania main event seems different to the ones we’ve had in the past. It just doesn’t seem as big. This is the first Wrestlemania main event ever to not feature either Hulk Hogan or Randy Savage. Bret Hart is the new poster child of the WWF though. He beat Ric Flair for the title last year and now defends against relative newcomer Yokozuna who won the 1993 Royal Rumble match to get this opportunity. Bret Hart is still popular and he hands his sunglasses to a youngster at ringside. Hart successfully defended his title against Shawn Michaels at Survivor Series and Razor Ramon at Royal Rumble. Bret starts with a dropkick and smashes Yoko with right hands. The big man keeps batting the champion away though. Yokozuna then runs full speed at Bret Hart and barges him out of the ring. This is the third championship match of the night and the previous two sets of champions have retained their belts in controversial circumstances. Hart manages to tie Yokozuna up in the ropes and dives off the second rope with his trademark elbow. Hart has wrestled on every Wrestlemania event except for the first. Yoko soon gains the advantage and hits a legdrop on Hart.

A “USA” chant breaks out, presumably in support for….the Canadian. Bret is all in pink tonight as the challenger slowly wears Hart down. He Irish Whips Hart but misses with the follow up avalanche. Hart then hops up onto the second rope and nails a bulldog before getting a 2 counts. It’s all Hart now as he hits a big clothesline to once again knock down Yokozuna. He then sends Yoko into the corner and hits him with right hands but Yoko drags Bret away from the corner and through doing so, Hart takes off the turnbuckle pad! He then smashes Yokozunas face into the exposed steel. Yoko goes down and Bret Hart manages to lock on The Sharpshooter! As he does though Mr Fuji throws salt in Yokos eyes! Hart releases the hold and Yokozuna pins him for the three! We’ve got a new World Heavyweight champion! Yokozunas music hits and Hulk Hogan comes down to check on Bret Hart!

Rating: 3.5/10

Mr Fuji now grabs the microphone and challenges Hulk Hogan to a WWF title match right now! Hogan doesn’t know what to do but Bret Hart tells him to go do it! Hogan slides into the ring and Yoko kicks him then holds him for Fuji! Fuji throws the salt but Hogan ducks and it goes in the eyes of Yokozuna! Hulk then takes down Fuji then clotheslines Yokozuna and hits the legdrop! Hogan pins Yoko and the referee counts the three! We’ve got another new World Heavyweight champion! Hulk Hogan is champion! Nobody cant believe it! Hulk is a five time WWF Champion and he celebrates in the ring as the show goes off the air.

And that was the 9th annual Wrestlemania pay per view. In hindsight it was quite a weak show. There were also two matches that didn’t make it to the card, The Nasty Boys were scheduled to fight The Beverly Brothers and Kamal and Bam Bam Bigelow were due to square off. It started off quite well with Tatanka and Shawn Michaels putting on a decent match for the Intercontinental title. They were both hot property at the time so it made sense the pair the two up and they didn’t disappoint. The tag match that followed it wasn’t bad either with the Steiner Brothers getting a lot of momentum. I’m sure they’ll push on to the tag team title picture. The next two matches were much weaker in comparison, Doink and Crush just didn’t really click and seemed like filler until the ending and Backlund/Ramon seemed like it was just a way to get Razor onto the card with a win.

Following that, the tag team title match woke the crowd up and turned out to be match of the night. The crowd seemed into Hogan and Beefcake and because of a great build up, it added a lot more to the match. From there, the show was on a downhill fall. Luger and Perfect put on an ok match, a lot more watchable than most and both guys played up to their characters well. Undertaker and Giant Gonzalez was never going to be a classic but the ending leaves the feud open to continue. Which at this stage is quite rare to continue a feud post Wrestlemania. The main event between Bret Hart and Yokozuna was really weak and I hated the ending. I guess Yoko will take the belt of Hogan and it’s all designed to get Yoko over but Hulk didn’t need the belt to lose to Yokozuna.

Overall Rating: 48.75/100 (Ranked 18th out of 32)

One thought on “Wrestlemania 9

  1. Fifteen things to point out:

    1.In the dark match, Tito Santana pinned Papa Shango in eight minutes.

    2.Strange that there’s no mention of Macho’s history with Sherri during the Shawn/Tatanka match.

    3.Speaking of which, that’s what the IC Title match was – a backdrop to set up a feud between Sherri and Luna, which would’ve culminated with a mixed tag match pitting Tatanka & Sherri against Bam Bam & Luna at SummerSlam 1993, but Sherri was out the door in July and off to WCW the next year.

    4.The referee for the Steiners/Headshrinkers match was Bill Alfonso, the future whistle-blowing manager of Taz, Sabu, and Rob Van Dam in ECW.

    5.The second Doink was played by Steve Keirn a.k.a. Skinner.

    6.The original finish for the Crush/Doink match was for Crush to do his finisher on Doink, who would then activate a device around his wrist which would trigger tubes hidden inside a false compartment attached to his head. Multi-coloured matter would then explode ten feet out in different directions from the top of Doink’s head, thus blinding Crush and costing him the match. But unfortunately, this idea was canned when Dave Meltzer got word on the stunt.

    7.The reason for the abrupt finish to the Razor/Backlund match was because Backlund refused to take the Razor’s Edge.

    8.The Tag-Team Title match was originally booked to be the blow-off to the feud between Money Inc. and the Nasty Boys, but Knobbs and Saggs were taken off the card and replaced by Hogan and Beefcake. The whole thing is sort of ironic, as it was just two years earlier that the Nasties jumped from WCW and screwed up the scheduled push of Power & Glory heading into WrestleMania 7, so in a way, this was a taste of their own medicine.

    9.It’s odd to hear Macho being so pro-Hogan considering their huge Mega Powers breakup four years earlier.

    10.The Money Inc/Mega Maniacs match was the final TV match for Beefcake in the WWF, as he would leave right after King of the Ring and join Hogan in WCW the following year.

    11.In regards to why Gonzalez is wearing that bodysuit spraypainted like the human body, let’s just say that he’s meant to be Bigfoot.

    12.The best parts about the Taker/Gonzales match were Taker’s awesome entrance on a chariot with a vulture, and Taker waking up backstage, returning to the ring, and knocking down Gonzales with three clotheslines, which the crowd popped for.

    13.Bret has claimed his match with Yoko was the best match that Yoko ever had in the WWF. Bret also stated in his book that he was disappointed at Yoko for getting tired and deciding to end the match prematurely, dropping five minutes of action they had rehearsed, leading up to the finish.

    14.Macho not wrestling on this PPV is a total sin. We all know that Vince was trying to focus on younger stars and thought of Macho as getting too old to draw and headline as a main eventer, despite stealing the show at the previous two WrestleMania’s, and SummerSlam 1992. But still, Macho’s commentary was just plain awful, because he just kept talking and talking in a way that he thought commentators talked, and even tried to engage with Heenan, which left poor J.R. doing nothing. On the bright side, Macho is great if you’re going through this PPV looking for stupid things that he says.

    As a matter of fact, Macho had offered to wrestle Shawn and Bret in 1993, putting both of them over as huge stars, but Vince shot down the idea because he’s the biggest Hulkamaniac, alongside Beefcake, Dave “Evad” Sullivan, and that Hogan superfan from Survivor Series 1991 and King of the Ring 1993. No wonder Macho left the WWF for WCW in late 1994.

    15.Like OSW said in their review of this PPV, before Hogan came back, the orignal plan for the World Title match here was for Bret to defeat Yoko and then move on to feud with Luger. But, once Hogan did come back, the new plan was now changed to Bret dropping the title to Yoko, who then drops it to Hogan at King of the Ring, which would set up Hogan vs. Bret at SummerSlam, which ends with Bret winning and Hogan passing the torch.

    But, thanks to Hogan’s politicking, Bret loses to Yoko, who then gets destroyed by Hogan right after he just won the title, so Hogan is supposed to drop the belt to Bret at KOTR, but Hogan refuses, so he drops it back to Yoko instead, thus never wrestling and putting over the WWF’s top babyface and future of the company.

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