Survivor Series 95

Teams of Federation Superstars battle it out, who’s fit to survive? That’s the big question tonight as we go into our ninth annual Survivor Series. Tonight we have four classic Survivor Series match, a WWF title match and a bonus contest. The Survivor Series match go back to the 8 man format and for the first time ever we have a Wildcard match. This match features mixed teams of heels and faces. One one team Razor Ramon is forced to team with the man he’s had problems with as of late, Dean Douglas as well as former tag team champions Yokozuna and Owen Hart. On the other team is captain Shawn Michaels who has to team with the man who powerbombed him the night after Wrestlemania, former bodyguard Sid as well as turncoat The British Bulldog and newcomer Ahmed Johnson.

Diesel defends his WWF title against number one contender Bret Hart. This is a battle between two of the biggest babyfaces on the roster. Hart lost the title one year ago to Bob Backlund, can he be the one to derail Big Daddy Cool? Also tonight is the first women’s Survivor Series match since 1987 where a team led by Women’s champion Alundra Blayze will go up against Bertha Faye’s team which features the gigantic Aja Kong. Goldust is also in action tonight when he takes on Bam Bam Bigelow.

The Undertaker returns tonight and he leads The Dark Side, a team made up of Savio Vega, Henry Godwinn and Fatu against The Royals. Jerry Lawler leads The Royals made up of his personal dentist Isaac Yankem DDS, Hunter Hearst Helmsley and the man that put Undertaker out of action, King Mabel. The other Survivor Series match tonight is The Body Donnas against The Underdogs. The Body Donnas are captained by Skip and he leads Body Donna in training, Rad Radford, The “Heavenly Body Donna” Dr Tom Prichard and The 123 Kid who’s new manager Ted Dibiase bought a spot into this team. Marty Jannetty leads The Underdogs, Hakushi, Barry Horrowitz and Bob Holly into action. So let’s get to it.

We start the show with Mene Gene announcing Mr Perfect! The familiar chords to his theme music hits and out comes Perfect dressed in a tuxedo. He gets a good reaction. Why? Because Mr Perfect is awesome. We haven’t seen him since Wrestlemania X, 18 months ago.

Now to a video package promoting Bret Hart and Diesel one on one tonight. Bret Hart is the most decorated superstar in WWE history and Diesel is the leader of the New Generation. The previous two PPV matches between these guys haven’t ended cleanly. This one is a No DQ match so has to end properly.

Perfect has joined Vince McMahon and Jim Ross at ringside. Who will survive tonight?

The Underdogs (Marty Jannetty, Hakushi, Bob Holly & Barry Horrowitz) vs. The Body Donnas (Skip, Rad Radford, Dr Tom Prichard & The 123 Kid)

Well this is our first look at a heel 123 Kid, the man who is now managed by “The Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase. This match is full of jobbers, men scratching and clawing away at the midcard of the WWF. Razor Ramon makes an appearance but referees make sure he doesn’t get involved. This match also gives us the PPV debut of Rad Radford who is a Bodydonna in training. After last years switch back to 10 man tag matches at this show, this PPV reverts back to 8 men matches. Prichard starts the match against Marty Jannetty. Jannetty was a survivor in his Survivor Series match in 1993 alongside The 123 Kid. Jannetty starts well taking every member of the Body Donnas down. Jannetty was unsuccessful against Goldust at the last PPV, In your House 4. This is Prichards third Survivor Series in a row. He’s won one and lost one before . Tags are made are in come Radford and Bob Holly. Holly hits a standing hurricanrana then Radord goes for one but gets powerbombed. Bob actually replaces Avatar in this match. Holly tags Hakushi  but he receives a big spinebuster. Radford then tags in The 123 Kid who gets a near fall after a splash.

Kid and Hakushi met in the opening contest at Summerslam and Kid was the winner in that one. Kid tags Skip and Hakushi tags Holly. This is Holly Survivor Series debut. Skip tags in Prichard as the crowd chant for Barry. Prichard goes for a moonsault but Bob gets out of the way. Holly then goes up top and hits a bodypress which gets a three count! Prichard is eliminated! Skip rolls up Holly and gets the 3! Bob Holly and Prichard are eliminated.

Hakushi goes for a splash now but Skip gets his knees up. Skip then hits a hurricanrana off the top rope on Hakushi! Skip tags the Kid who hits some big kicks on Hakushi. The Japanese superstar hits some kicks of his own though! The crowd go nuts for Hakushi! He goes for a springboard splash but Kid gets out of the way and tags in Rad Radford. Kid hits a roundhouse kick to the back of Hakushi’s head as he leaves the ring and Radford pins him for the three! Hakushi is eliminated! Barry Horrowitz and Rad Radford in now as the Body Donnas have the advantage. Radford gets a two count but lifted Horrowitz up to his feet. And does the same again, I think he might regret that. Skip shouts at Radford not to pin him. Radford then makes another mistake doing some push ups and Horrowitz rolls him up from behind! Horrowitz gets the three! Radford is out of here!

We’re down to Barry Horrowitz and Marty Jannetty against The 123 Kid and Skip. But not for long as Kid pins Horrowitz! We’re down to two one one. The crowd are right behind Jannetty for this one. Skip is looking for his first PPV victory tonight as he goes at it with Marty. Skip misses with a splash in the corner allowing Marty to take the advantage. He rolls up Skip and gets a two count. Interestingly The 123 Kid replaced Jean-Pierre LaFitte after Dibiase bought him out on Raw. Jannetty goes up top now but Sunny shakes the rope allowing Skip to get up on the top rope. Jannetty hits a big powerbomb from the top rope! He pins Skip for the three and we’re down to just 1 on 1.

The two men that won their match at Survivor Series 93 The 123 Kid and Marty Jannetty. Former tag team champions. Kid hits a legdrop off the top and just gets a two count. It’s all Kid now as he hits a dropkick. He then slams Jannetty again and goes up top but he misses a senton splash. Both men are down now in what has been a quick match between the lower carders of the WWF. The only match at Survivor Series either of these men have won was when they won together in 93. It’s Jannetty on top now as he hits a dropkick. The crowd boo now and it’s because Sid is walking towards the ring. Marty hits a Rockerdropper but celebrates in the ring so only gets a two count. Dibiase gets up on the apron distracting the referee allowing Sid to snap Jannetty across the top rope. Kid then pins Jannetty for the three! The 123 Kid is the sole survivor in this one and celebrates with Sid. I’m not sure who else is left in the Million Dollar Corporation. But this means that Dibiase has doubled the amount of PPV match he has managed to victory this year. A big win for The 123 Kid, this may be the start of a big push for him. We then go backstage to see Razor Ramon throwing a TV across the locker room, he’s not happy that Kid won.

Rating: 7/10

Back to Todd Pettingill who is backstage with Jim Cornette, Mr Fuji, Yokozuna, Owen Hart and Dean Douglas. Cornette rants on about Razor Ramon and how they didn’t want him in the first place. Hart wants Razor to get serious whilst Douglas thinks the team is united minus Razor Ramon.

Bertha Faye, Aja Kong, Tomoko Watanabe & Lioness Asuka vs. Alundra Blayze, Sakie Hasegawa, Kyoko Inoue & Chapparita Asari

It’s interesting that most of the women in the WWF at the moment are Japanese. I know Blayze fought in Japan and has probably recommended a lot of these women to the higher ups, but why aren’t there more American talents? Asuke starts the match with a big giant swing on Asari. Asari tags Alundra Blayze and hits a powerslam before tagging Asari back in and she hits an awesome twisting moonsault. Blayze back in and she hits a German suplex on Asuka which gets the three count! Quick elimination! Watanaba is in next and Blayze takes it to her too before tagging in Hasegawa! Hasegawa  suplex’s Watanabe all over the ring but Watanabe comes off the top with a big splash before tagging in Aja Kong. Kong is the one they’re really building up in this match. Sh’s a beast. Hasegawa comes off top Kong catches her and hits a big suplex for the three!

It’s three on three now as Asari comes in and Kong slams her to the mat. Aja then goes up to the second rope and hits a huge slam which is enough to eliminate Asari from the match. In comes Inoue now looking like she’s wearing Marty Jannetty’s ring gear. She goes for a sunset flip and Aja Kong just sits on her which is enough for the three. It’s three on one now but in comes Watanabe who is awful. She bothces everything Blayze does to her. Alundra eventually hits a piledriver which is enough for the three. Two on one now as Bertha Faye comes in. Faye lost to Blayze at Summerslam, dropping the title. Kong comes in now and Faye accidentally hits her own partner. Blayze then rolls up Bertha and she’s out of here. We’re down to just Alundra Blayze and Aja Kong. Kong hits a suplex off the top on Blayze and gets a 2 count. Blayze hits a hurricanrana and gets a 2 herself. This is the first womens Survivor Series match since the first of the PPV back in 1987. It’s all Kong now as she hits some sort of belly bump to knock down the champ. She then knocks her down with a reverse Judo chop which gets the three count! The Orient Express music hits as Aja Kong has won this one. Forgettable. Too many fillers and too many botches.

Rating: 4/10

Todd Pettingill now with President Clinton. Not convinced this is the real Bill Clinton at all.

Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Goldust

Bam Bam and Goldust up next. Goldust is undefeated thus far in the WWF and he won at the last PPV against Marty Jannetty. Bigelow hasn’t been in PPV action since In Your House 3 where he lost to The British Bulldog. Two guys in this one who are at the opposite ends of the masculinity spectrum. Goldust starts the match well and gets the better of Bam Bam psychologically. Bigelow was successful at last years Survivor Series, him and King Kong Bundy winning their Survivor Series match against Lex Lugers team. He dropkicks Goldust to the outside but the bizarre one drags out Bam Bam before missing a clothesline. Back in the ring and this time Goldust hits the clothesline, sending Bigelow to the outside. Back in the ring and Goldust locks on a front facelock before throwing Bam Bam back to the outside. Much like his match with Jannetty at the last In your House, Goldust match with Bam Bam has had a lot of outside action.

Back in the ring once more and Bam Bam hits a back suplex but misses with a follow up headbutt. Goldust then does a chinlock but Bigelow gets out of it with an electric chair drop. Bigelow can’t keep the advantage though, as Goldust hits a clothesline and gets a 2 count. Goldust works very slowly and methodically. Bigelow starts a comeback now hitting multiple clotheslines and getting a 2 count himself. Bam Bam goes for a splash in the corner but Goldust gets out of the way, bounces off the ropes and hits a bulldog! He covers Bam Bam and gets the three count! Goldust with a big win over Bam Bam Bigelow. That’s two out of two for this newcomer. Not the greatest match of all time but Goldust is definitely getting better.

Rating: 4.5/10

Pettingill is back with Bill Clinton who is now joined in his box by Mr Bob Backlund. This may not be the real Clinton but he does look a lot like him. Backlund berates Clinton.

Now to a package with a bit of background between The Undertaker and Mabel. It dates back to the King Of The Ring where Mabel defeated Undertaker in the first round. Then to an edition of Raw where Mabel crushed Undertaker face. This’ll be the first time we’ve seen Undertaker since.

The Royals (Jerry “The King” Lawler, Isaac Yankem DDS, Hunter Hearst Helmsley & King Mabel) vs. The Dark Side (The Undertaker, Henry Godwinn, Savio Vega & Fatu).

This is an interesting one. The Royals are a good team on paper but it’s The Dark Side that are a bit more interesting. Three random mid carders who Undertaker deemed fit to team with. Helmsley is undefeated on pay per view going into this having previously beaten both Bob Holly and Fatu. Undertaker gets a good ovation. He’s got a white mask over his face. Helmsley, making his Survivor series debut, starts this match. This is also a Survivor Series debut for Savio Vega, Henry Godwinn and Isaac Yankem. It’s the man that fought against Helmsley at the last PPV Fatu that starts the match. Fatu takes it to Hunter in the early going hitting a back body drop and a clothesline. It’s not long before Fatu ducks his head and Hunter goes for the Pedigree but decides against it when he catches eye contact with The Undertaker. Fatu tags in Henry Godwinn now and Helmsley tags Lawler. Lawler quickly tags Yankem and in comes the big man. He tags Godwinn over with a big clothesline. It’s dentist vs hog farmer now.

Henry hits a hiptoss, a powerslam then drops the elbow. Isaac then sends Godwinn into the corner and hits a back suplex before tagging in Helmsley. Perfect dubs Hunter “Triple H” which is interesting. Mo gets involved and the referee tells him to stop, it must be no disqualification. Godwinn hits a big gorilla press slam on Helmsley and Hunter tags out to Jerry Lawler. Savio Vega then tags in and hits a hiptoss. Lawler was successful at last years Survivor Series leading his team against Doinks team. Savio tags in Fatu who is wrestling in his third Survivor Series match, he’s yet to win one. Yankem hits him with a knee allowing Lawler to take the advantage before tagging Yankem in. Yankem hits a legdrop then tags in King Mabel who misses with a splash. Fatu tags Savio who quickly gets squashed by Mabel. These two men met in the finals of the King Of The Ring tournament this year. Mabel hits an impressive looking belly to belly suplex, taking Savio over his head. Isaac Yankem tagged back in as all members of The Royals take shots at Vega. Yankem hits a decent dropkick then tags in Helmsley. He takes it to Vega before tagging in Jerry Lawler. Lawler hits his trademark Piledriver but only gets a 2 count!

Back in comes Yankem. We’re still yet to have an elimination in this one and we’re yet to see The Undertaker. Savio manages to hit a move from nowhere but in comes Jerry Lawler who hits another Piledriver but Savio totally no sells it and tags in The Undertaker! Lawler goes to run but nobody wants to tag in! Undertaker hits a double chokeslam then scoops up Lawler and hits The Tombstone! That’s Jerry Lawler eliminated! In comes Isaac Yankem but Undertaker hits a huge clothesline then scoops up his future brother (what?) and Tombstones him! Isaac Yankem has been eliminated. Hunter Hearst Helmsley is the next man in but he escapes under the bottom rope and backs off towards the entrance ramp. Henry Godwinn waits for him with a clop bucket though causing him to back towards the ring. Undertaker then grabs him and chokeslams him back into the ring which is enough for the three! Mabel quickly goes after Undertaker suplexing him then hitting a legdrop. But Undertaker sits up! Mo gets in the ring and Mabel runs to the back! Mabel gets counted out as Undertaker chokeslams Mo in the middle of the ring. It’s a clean sweep! Undertaker, Henry Godwinn, Savio Vega and Fatu win the match!

Rating: 5.5/10

Now to Bret Hart who lets us know that the winner of his match with Diesel will fight The British Bulldog at the next In your House PPV. Tonight Bret finds out if he’s the best there is. He doesn’t think Diesel has the technical ability to take down Bret.

Diesel is happy to go through Bret Hart to get to the Bulldog. Diesel admits as the match goes on then Bret has the advantage. Diesel doesn’t get paid by the hour so he’ll be hitting power moves.

Todd Pettingill backstage now with Jim Cornette, British Bulldog, Sid and Ted Dibiase. Cornette says he’ll be in Bulldogs corner. Dibiase says that nobody crosses the Million Dollar Man. In comes Shawn Michaels and Ahmed Johnson. Michaels says that he and Ahmed will be sticking together no matter what.

Yokozuna, Owen Hart, Razor Ramon and Dean Douglas vs. Shawn Michaels, Sid, The British Bulldog and Ahmed Johnson

This is Ahmed Johnsons PPV debut and there are Survivor Series debuts for Dean Douglas and Sid in this one too. Perfect makes a joke about Johnsons nose, racial. Michaels gets a great reaction, he’s obviously better now after vacating his Intercontinental title at the last PPV. This match is the first and only ever Wildcard match featuring faces and heels teaming together. Owen Hart and Shawn Michaels start the match. Michaels has NEVER won at a Survivor Series which is an unbelievable statistic. Owen Hart hasn’t won any of his three previous attempts either. Owen hits a decent belly to belly suplex then tags in Dean Douglas. Douglas hits some big right hands then a suplex to keep Michaels down. Not long before Michaels gets back into it though, he hits a big forearm then goes up top and hits a double axe handle for a two count. Douglas then gets back into it but misses with a splash. Michaels then goes up top and hits a moonsault for a two count. Michaels then tags Ahmed Johnson and he takes down Douglas and Owen but he can’t slam Yokozuna. Yokozuna looking for his first Survivor Series victory since 1992 now.

Dean Douglas tagged in and he locks a sleeper on Ahmed. Douglas tags in Owen Hart and interestingly Razor gets a shot in on Ahmed Johnson. Dean Douglas tagged back in and he hits a clothesline and gets a 2. Johnson manages to get back into it with a powerslam then tags in Michaels. Johnson gorilla press slams Michaels into Douglas. Razor and Douglas then get into i and Razor slaps Dean allowing Shawn Michaels to roll him up for the three! Dean Douglas is out of here! Owen Hart then comes in and Michaels tags the Bulldog. Bulldog and Owen both go for a cheap shot on one another then Bulldog takes the advantage with a monkey flip. Bulldog tags Michaels and Owen tags Razor. Razor points up and says there’s no ladder this time. Chico. Both men edge towards each other but Razor takes the advantage with a clothesline. It’s back and forth now but Michaels hits a clothesline and nips up. Michaels drops his head and Razor gets him up for the Razors Edge before hitting it! Ahmed Johnson breaks the count though.

It’s 4 vs. 3 and both Razor and Michaels are down. With Sid back turned Michaels tags him in. Sid hits some big right hands on Ramon then hiptoss’s him out of the corner. As Sid stomps away at Ramon in comes Yokozuna to make the save. Sid still has the advantage though. Mr Perfect on commentary once fought Razor Ramon at a Survivor Series PPV in tag team action back in 1992. Ramon runs off the ropes and both he and Sid hit clothesline and both men go down. Sid is the first up and he goes up to the top but Ramon gets up and throws him across the ring. Both men get up and Sid hits a one handed chokeslam on the bad guy! Sid then motions for the powerbomb but instead Sid tags Michaels. Michaels goes for Sweet Chin Music but Razor gets out of the way and Michaels hits Sid! Razor covers Sid and Bulldog stops the count! I don’t think that was meant to happen as Razor pins Sid again and this time gets the three. Sid is eliminated and he takes his frustrations out on Shawn Michaels, powerbombing him in the ring.

It’s now Michaels, Bulldog and Ahmed Johnson against Razor Ramon, Owen Hart and Yokozuna. Razor pins Michaels but Michaels kicks out. Ramon then tags Owen who takes it to Michaels then tags Yokozuna in. Yokozuna is the only former WWF Champion in this match. He keeps Michaels grounded with a nerve hold. Yoko tags in Owen Hart now but Hart misses a headbutt off the top! Michaels then crawls across the ring and tags in Ahmed Johnson. Johnson takes down everyone before hitting a powerbomb on Owen Hart which is enough for the three count! Owen is eliminated! It’s three on two now as Razor Ramon goes up to the second rope but Johnson walks away and Ramon hits a bulldog on Ahmed. Razor then takes cheap shots at Michaels and Bulldog. Johnson catches Razor with a spinebuster then goes to the corner celebrating. Razor then hits the Razors Edge on Ahmed Johnson! Bulldog then comes in and breaks up any count and hammers Razor Ramon down to the floor. Ted Dibiase then returns with Sid and The 123 Kid as Razor hits a fallaway slam on British Bulldog for a 2 count. Kid then gets up on the apron and Razor slaps him off. Bulldog then grabs Razor and hits him with the running powerslam eliminating Razor for the match!

It’s now Yokozuna against Shawn Michaels, Ahmed Johnson and British Bulldog. Bulldog tags Michaels and he hits some big right hands on Yokozuna but Yoko knocks Michaels down with one. Yokozuna slams Michaels down to the canvas then follows it up with a legdrop. The former WWF champion then drags Michaels over to the corner but misses with the Banzai Drop! Yoko hits the mat with a thud and Michaels crawls over to his corner. Michaels tags Ahmed Johnson and the newcomer powerslams Yokozuna! He then covers the big man but British Bulldog breaks it up! Michaels and Johnson then double clothesline Bulldog out of the ring. Michaels hits Sweet Chin Music on Yokozuna and Ahmed hits a splash which is enough for the three! Shawn Michaels, Ahmed Johnson and The British Bulldog win the match. Bulldog celebrates with Cornette as Michaels and Johnson raise each others arm.

Rating: 8/10

Back to Todd now who is with Bill Clinton. Sunny is now sit on his lap feeding him popcorn. Hot stuff.

More interviews from Bret Hart and Diesel. It’s technical wrestling vs power. Can Bret regain the WWF title a year after he lost it? Or can Diesel make it a year long reign?

Diesel (c) vs. Bret “Hitman” Hart – WWF Title Match

Well the first match between these two which was at King Of The Ring 94 ended in a disqualification win for Diesel after Jim Neidhart got involved. The second match between them at Royal Rumble 95 ended in a draw after more interference this time from Owen Hart, Bob Backlund, Shawn Michaels and Jeff Jarrett. This is the third big match between the two. As the bell rings Diesel takes off one of the turnbuckles. Bret Hart then decides to do the same. Diesel starts well with some big knees to Hart in the corner. Hart then goes to the outside where Diesel takes him down in the aisle. The big man then drops Bret on the guardrail. This one is no disqualification. It’s all Diesel now as he chokes Hart with his boot. This is Diesels 12th PPV in a row, he hasn’t actually missed one since Wrestlemania X. He is still looking for his first Survivor Series win though. Hart has wrestled on every Survivor Series. He’s the only one. Diesel smashes Bret with a chair and it isn’t looking good for the challenger. Back in the ring and Diesel motions for the Jackknife! Bret manages to block it though.

Bret starts to get back into the match with a rake in the face. The Hitman goes after Diesels leg, softening it up for the Sharpshooter. Bret locks on the figure four on Diesel now. Diesel doesn’t submit but it’s all Bret now. Bret smashes Diesels knee into the ringpost. This match definitely has a big fight feel to it. Hart then ties a cable to the ringpost then ties it around Diesels ankle. Bret then goes outside and grabs a chair. Diesel blocks the chair shot but he looks like he hurt his leg. Bret grabs the chair again and this time smashes it across Diesels back and leg. Hart goes to the top now with the chair but Diesel grabs him before he can and throws him across the ring. The champion then finally unties the chord from his ankle then uses it to choke The Hitman. He then picks Bret up and drops him with a sidewalk slam for a two count. Jim Ross correctly points out that this is Bret Harts 41st WWE PPV. Good, because that matches my records. Hart gets a near fall after a clothesline.

The challenger then goes to the middle rope and drives Diesel to the canvas with a bulldog for another two count. Bret hits his trademark side Russian leg sweep. Hart then clotheslines Diesel over the top rope but the big man lands on his first. Hart attempts some sort of spinning splash to the outside but Diesel gets out of the way and Bret falls flat on his face. Diesel rolls into the ring and Bret climbs up onto the apron but diesel shoves him off and Hart goes flying through the Spanish announce table! Big Daddy Cool then rolls Hart back into the ring then slowly gets back himself. He motions for The Jackknife and the crowd boo! It seems that Diesel has lost the fans. He tries to set Bret up but Bret just slumps to the floor. Diesel then pulls Bret up to his feet and The Hitman rolls up the champion and the crowd counts three! Bret Hart wins the WWF title! Diesel isn’t happy, he shoves the referee then grabs Bret and Jackknives him not once but twice! Referees pour out and Diesel shoves them all. He then looks into the camera and says “I’m baaack”. Does that mean Diesel has officially turned heel? It seems that way. Bret Hart is the new WWF Champion none the less.

Rating: 7/10

And that was Survivor Series 1995. Overall a really enjoyable show. The show started well showcasing the lower card in the WWF. 123 Kid was definitely the star of that match and his push begins as a heel. It also gave some good exposure to the likes of Rad Radford, Bob Holly, Hakushi and Tom Prichard. The women’s match was ok, it wasn’t the best but featured some really good spots and continued the on going rivalry between Alundra Blayze and Aja Kong whilst leaving you wondering where Bertha Faye fits into the mix. Goldust got a big big win over Bam Bam Bigelow which shows you that Goldust is rising up the card whilst the man who main evented both Wrestlemania and King Of The Ring is on a slow downward spiral.

The Dark Side/Royals match was fun and made Undertaker look like an absolute beast. He defeated everybody in that match, Mabel aside as he ran to the back. This made Mabel look like a coward but he wasn’t actually beaten. The Wildcard match that followed was a lot of fun. We saw a great dynamic between both teams. Razor slapping Douglas leading to his elimination, Shawn Michaels hitting Sweet Chin Music on his own partner Sycho Sid to eliminate him. But in the end Shawn Michaels, British Bulldog and Ahmed Johnson won the match and seeing Bulldog celebrate his win despite saving the other team at one point was great. The main event between Bret Hart and Diesel was also a classic. Lots of hardcore action and a new attitude for Diesel. Bret Hart takes the title and will go on to defend it against The British Bulldog.

Overall Rating: 60/100 (Ranked 5th out of 50)

Best Match Of The Night: The Wildcard Match
Worst Match Of The Night: Women’s Survivor Series Match
Surprise Of The Night: Aja Kong wins The Women’s Match
Worst Booking Of The Night: None
Wrestler Of The Night: Bret Hart
Survivor Series 95 Will Be Remembered For: Bret Hart becoming WWF Champion/the only ever Wildcard match

One thought on “Survivor Series 95

  1. Five things you never mentioned:

    1.This Survivor Series not only brought Diesel’s miserable title reign to an end, but it also killed off some characters that really needed to go.

    2.In a dark match, the Smoking Gunns defeated the Public Enemy.

    3.Alundra Blayze defeated Bertha Faye by pinfall on the October 23rd edition of Raw to win back the Women’s Title thanks to some heel miscommunication between Faye and Harvey Wippleman.

    4.After jobbing to Goldust, Bam Bam Bigelow is done with the WWF, as he left before In Your House #5 and would head off to ECW.

    5.Savio, Henry, and Fatu all looked great in those Undertaker t-shirts they were wearing during the Darkside/Royals match.

    This was also because these three lads were members of Taker and Bearer’s clique entitled the Bone Street Krew, alongside Yoko, Mideon, Godfather, Crush, and Mr. Fuji.

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