In Your House 6

Welcome everybody to this review of In Your house 6! It’s the final stop on the road to Wrestlemania so expect to see all the biggest stars in action as everybody jocks for position.

Bret Hart is still WWF champion and tonight he defends against former champion Diesel. This match was made at the end of the last PPV, Royal Rumble much to the dislike of The Undertaker. Not only that put Gorilla Monsoon made the title match a cage match just to make sure The Undertaker stays out. But who will the champion defend against at Wrestlemania? Shawn Michaels won the Royal Rumble but Jim Cornette convinced Michaels to put up his title shot against the man that put him on the shelf, Owen Hart. Shawn and Owen meet tonight with a Wrestlemania title shot hanging in the balance.

Since the Royal Rumble, Yokozuna has had his problems with the rest of Camp Cornette. After he lost a tag match by count out, Cornette, Bulldog and Owen Hart turned on Yokozuna and now Yokozuna is a top babyface. Tonight Yokozuna takes on former partner The British Bulldog. Razor Ramon has plenty of history with The 123 Kid. Kid defeated Razor back in 1993 and over time Kid earned Ramons respect and the two would become close friends and tag team partners. That was until 123 sold out to The Million Dollar Man and at the Royal Rumble he cost Razor the Intercontinental title. Tonight the two meet in a Crybaby match where the loser will be made to wear a diaper. Also tonight Hunter Hearst Helmsley takes on the man who’s head he shaved, Duke “The Dumpster” Droese.

We start the show with a hot warning from Sunny who is in a bikini warning us that viewer discretion is advised. Then  to a video package promoting Bret Hart and Diesel who meet tonight for the WWF title. And where does Undertaker fit in? Vince McMahon then welcomes everyone to Louisville, Kentucky, he’s ringside with Jerry Lawler for this one.

Razor Ramon vs. The 123 Kid – Crybaby Match

The loser of this match will have to wear a diaper! Interesting stipulation. Razor Ramon has fought on all 6 In Your House PPVs. He and Diesel are the only two to have done so. Loads of history between these two leading up to the first ever PPV match between the two. 123 Kid comes out with his manager, “The Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase and a pushchair! Razor takes it to Kid in the early going with slaps and right hands before clotheslining him over the top and out of the ring! Kids PPV debut was Summerslam 1993, the same PPV that Ramon met Dibiase in the opening contest. Kid springboards back into the ring whilst Razor is distracted with Dibiase and this gives Kid the advantage. He kicks Ramon off his feet and the tables have turned. Ramon gets back into the match with some chops before hiptossing 123 across the ring. Kid then goes for a cross body but Razor catches him and hits his trademark fallaway slam. Ramon then goes for the Razors Edge but Kid escapes out of the ring.

Ramon goes over to Kid but Dibiase throws baby powder in his face! The referee doesn’t do anything about that but it allows Kid to comes off the top with a dropkick and get a two count. He then hits a standing dropkick then goes up top and hits a big splash which just earns him a two count. There’s a bit of a botch as both men don’t seem to know what to do but it ends in Kid locking on a sleeper. Razor goes all the way down to the canvas and the crowd are right behind him. The Bad Guy gets up to his feet and Ramon drops Kid on the top rope! Kids last win came at Survivor Series 95 when he was the sole survivor. Razor won at the PPV after that, defeating Kid in tag team action. Kid goes up to the top now and hits a flying body press but Razor rolls through and gets a 2 count. Razor takes Kid over to the corner and hits a fallaway slam off the second rope! He then motions for the Razors Edge! Dibiase distracts Razor and the referee though allowing Kid to get more baby powder. Ramon turns around and kicks it in Kids face then hits him with the Razors Edge! The referee counts 2 and Razor pulls him up!

Ramon motions for one more and hits him with another Razors Edge! The referee counts and this time it’s over. The referee hands Razor the diaper and baby bottle. Dibiase tries to get involved and gets a  load of powder in his face. Ramon then puts the diaper on Kid and gives him some milk to top it off. Big win for Razor Ramon. Is this the end of this feud? I think it might be. Kid cost Razor the Intercontinental title and now he’s humiliated for it. Decent opening contest between these two guys.

Rating: 6.25/10

Backstage now to Ray Rougeau and Sunny. Sunny is looking smoking hot. They’re trying to get people to phone the superstar line.

Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs. Duke “The Dumpster” Droese

Hunter walks out with Elizabeth Hilden who is a Penthouse model. We see some footage of what led to this match with Helmsley attacking Droese with his own trash can and cutting his hair off. Droese runs down to the ring and hits some big right hands on Hunter. Droese beat Helmsley in the Free For all before the Royal Rumble PPV which meant Helmsley had to enter the Rumble at #1. Duke throws Hunter across the ring then hits a gorilla press slam. Droese then hits Helmsley with his belt. Not a DQ though. The Dumpster hits a big boot then goes to town on Helmsleys face in the corner until the Blueblood drops Duke on the top turnbuckle. Hunter then sets up for the Pedigree but Dumpster gets out of it with an atomic drop and a clothesline. Duke is extra vicious in this one. Hunter back body drops him over the top. Hunter has never lost a singles match on pay per view. This is actually Droese’s first PPV appearance where he’s not been in a Royal Rumble match. Back in the ring now and Hunter gets a two count. Hunter drops a knee which always looks painful and gets a two count.

Hunter has defeated the likes of Henry Godwinn, Fatu and Bob Holly in singles matches on pay per view. His only losses come from a Survivor Series match and the 1996 Royal Rumble. He hits a high knee for another two count. And a suplex for another 2. Hunter hits an Irish Whip but Duke big boots him on the follow up. Both men then clothesline each other down. Both men get back up to their feet and it’s Droese with a spinebuster. He follows it up with a big back body drop, a clothesline and a powerslam. Duke then shouts “It’s time to take out the trash”! He bounces Helmsley off the ropes then hits his tilt-a-whirl powerslam aka The Trash Compacter! Instead of pinning Helmsley though he goes outside and throws his trash can in the ring. The referee takes it out of the ring but behind his back Helmsley smashes Droese in the face with the lid! Duke goes down and Hunter hooks his leg for the three count! Another big win for Hunter Hearst Helmsley! This match was ok, this one might not be quite over though.

Rating: 5/10

Now to a promo for the store. A one size fits all Undertaker jumper which is roughly an XL! Plenty of Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart and Diesel merchandise also in the store.

Now to some footage from Raw a couple of weeks ago when British Bulldog accidentally legdropped Yokozuna. Shawn Michaels then Sweet Chin Music’d hit out of the ring where the big man got counted out. After the match Jim Cornette berated him and Yokozuna attacked him. Yokozuna then chases off British Bulldog and Owen Hart. A face turn for Yokozuna! We then get an interview with Yokozuna who sounds very Samoan. He’s going to burn Camp Cornette down to the ground.

The British Bulldog vs. Yokozuna

Yokozuna gets to the ring very quickly. I like to see that in a heated feud. And the two men get straight into it. Bulldog is looking for his first win since Survivor Series and he gets out of the way of an elbow drop. I can’t remember the last time Yokozuna won on pay per view. Maybe when he and Owen Hart defeated The British Bulldog and Lex Luger at In your House 2? Yokozuna goes for the Banzai Drop but Cornette pulls Bulldog out of the way. Outside the ring and Yoko attempts to crush Bulldog in the ringpost but Bulldog gets out of the way. In the ring now and Bulldog gets a two count. Yokozuna catches Bulldog coming off the top the next time and then hits a Samoan Drop. The former WWF champion then hits a belly to belly suplex. Yokozuna then goes to drag Bulldog over to the corner but Jim Cornette comes in and smashes the big man with his tennis racket! It has no affect on Yokozuna though and the big man forces Cornette into the corner. But in comes Vader! Vader attacks Yokozuna from behind and the two men get into a slugfest! Bulldog gets involved and it’s 2 on 1! They then handcuff Yokozuna to the top rope! Yokozuna fights back with one arm but it’s not enough as Vader and Bulldog hit him with big right hands. Cornette also goes nuts with his tennis racket. Not a great match but the aftermath was decent.

Rating: 3.75/10

Now to Goldust who is all over some man typing away on a laptop. Goldust wants the Bad Guy on Raw. Would have been nice to see Goldust in action tonight.

Now to a video package about Shawn Michaels. He’s had many setback including when Owen Hart took him out on Raw a few months ago. Michaels would come back though and win the Royal Rumble match.

Shawn Michaels guarantees us that he’s off to Wrestlemania via beating Owen Hart.

Shawn Michaels vs. Owen Hart – Wrestlemania title shot on the line

Shawn Michaels comes out on the roof of the In Your House set before swinging down to the ground. Awesome. He then runs down and throws Owen Hart out of the ring. I’ve always been a huge Shawn Michaels mark. Shawn Michaels is putting his WWF title shot on the line in this one. So we’re potentially looking at either Bret Hart/Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart/Owen Hart, Diesel/Shawn Michaels or Diesel/Owen Hart. The first three of those options look the most possible. Shawn Michaels gets whipped into the ropes, slides underneath Owens legs to the outside then runs round and high fives all the fans at ringside! Michaels is one hell of a showman. Lawler claims all the women here would love to kiss Cornette. Brilliant. Owen Hart then does the same but nobody wants to high five Owen. Michaels comes off the top with a cross body to Hart. Michaels takes Owen off his feet then walks up his back! Owen is doing a lot of talking in this match to Michaels. You can’t pick up exactly what he’s saying but you can hear him mumbling away. Cornette gets up on the apron and Michaels shakes Owen by his hair. We then get a nice wrestling sequence where both men kick up and Michaels hits a hurricanrana.

Owen gets into the match with a belly to belly suplex. He follows it up with a backbreaker as a “Go Shawn Go” chant breaks out. Hart hits a neckbreaker for a two count. He then goes for the Sharpshooter but Michaels kicks out of it. Hart then locks on a sleeper until Shawn gets up to his feet and out of the hold but gets grounded with a knee. Owen gets a two count, he actually defeated Diesel at the last In Your House, albeit by disqualification. He hits a spinning heel kick on Michaels that knocks him to the outside. Michaels suplex’s Hart to the outside then goes for a cross body off the apron but Owen powerslams him down to the canvas. Back in the ring and Owen gets another two count after a dropkick off the top. Owen hits a big clothesline then locks on The Sharpshooter! But Michaels makes it to the ropes. Owen hits his enzeguri, the move that put Michaels out of action. This sends Shawn to the outside of the ring and he looks to get counted out but Hart rolls him back into the ring just to cover him but he only gets a 2. Owen misses with a splash in the corner and Michaels hits an atomic drop and a clothesline.

A big “Go Shawn Go” chant breaks out again and it’s all Michaels now as he hits another flying forearm. He then hits a powerslam and goes up to the top, hitting a big elbow drop. He then nails Cornette off the apron, tries for sweet chin music but Owen ducks. Owen tries the enzeguri again but Michaels ducks then nails Sweet Chin Music for the win! Shawn Michaels is going to Wrestlemania after what was a brilliant match. A fan dances in the ring with Michaels after the match and the crowd love it.

Rating: 7.75/10

Next up is a promo about Wrestlemania. Lots o nice things said about Wrestlemania XI now it’s time for Wrestlemania XII.

Todd Pettingill is now joined by “Rowdy” Roddy Piper. Piper announces that Shawn Michaels is definitely the number one contender for the WWF title at Wrestlemania XII. He then says he has no sympathy for Yokozuna because Yokozuna is a beast before saying Vader must be inbred and wears a jockstrap on his face. Piper then makes the match, Vader vs. Yokozuna for Wrestlemania XII! Jim Cornette and Clarence Mason then get up on the stage. Cornette says that whatever happens to Yokozuna is on Pipers hands.

Bret Hart (c) vs. Diesel – Cage match for WWF Title

This is the fourth meeting between these two on pay per view. Diesel won the first by disqualification, the second was a draw and Bret won the third cleanly. You have to wonder whether Shawn Michaels or The Undertaker will get involved in this one. Unbelievably this is Diesels 15th pay per view in a row, more than anyone else ever. He’s fought on every In Your House PPV so far. The WWF title has never changed hands at an In Your House, could this be the first? Diesel starts well with some knee lifts in the corner. Hart has never lost a cage match. The last cage match on PPV was between Bret and Owen Hart at Summerslam 94. Diesel takes Bret down to the mat and slowly walks over to the door but Bret obviously catches him up. Bret hits some right hands and a headbutt to Diesels groin. All five Kliq members have been in action tonight. So far the only one to lose was 123 Kid and that was to another Kliq member. Diesel hits a sidewalk slam as a “Diesel” chant breaks out. The challenger goes for an elbow but Bret moves out of the way. Bret then tries to climb the cage but Diesel crawls to the door so Hart drags Big Daddy Cool back in.

Bret lays in the boots then climbs up and over the cage but Diesel gets up and drags him back in. Diesel hits a belly to back suplex but both men stay down. They both get up and Diesel tries for a knee in the corner but Hart gets out of the way and stomps Diesel down to the mat. Bret goes for an Irish whip but Diesel reverses and it smashes Hart into the corner hard. It sounded painful. Diesel throws Bret into the corner and hits more knees. A “Diesel sucks” chant breaks out now. Bret escapes Diesel and quickly climbs up the cage and over and nearly wins but Diesel grabs him back in by his hair. Diesel looks confident now as he motions at the title belt. Once again he Irish whips Bret into the corner, hard. As the big man goes to ram Bret into the cage, the champion slips down the back and pushes the challenger into the steel. Bret then goes for the Sharpshooter but a thumb to the eye from Diesel makes sure that doesn’t happen. A “Diesel” chant once again breaks out.

Bret goes after Diesels lower back and then he hits the Russian leg sweep. Nobody has fought on as many PPV and had as many PPV matches as Bret Hart. He climbs up the cage then comes off with his trademark elbow drop. Bret once again climbs the cage but this time Diesel hits a blatant low blow to knock him off. Diesel slides towards the cage door but Bret grabs his ankle. Diesel manages to kick Bret off and looks to win but The Undertaker comes out of the ring and grabs Diesel into the ring! Bret Hart climbs out of the cage to win the match and Diesel emerges seconds later, running away from the Undertaker, over the cage himself! Bret Hart wins the match as Undertaker costs Diesel! The Undertaker stands up the cage pointing at Diesel as the dead mans music plays to end the show. Decent enough match with an awesome ending. The Diesel/Undertaker feud has been really good.

Rating: 5.5/10

And those five matches made up In Your House 6. We saw what looked like the end to a feud with Razor/123 Kid, the beginning of another with Vader and Yokozuna and the continuation of feuds such as Diesel and Undertaker. This was the last stop on the road to Wrestlemania XII so this show was about continuing feuds and setting up things for the biggest event of the year. Razor Ramon defeated The 123 Kid cleanly in a match essentially three years in the making. It was a silly stipulation with the diaper but for me it pulls the full stop on this feud and allows both guys to move on to other things.

Hunter Hearst Helmsley and Duke Droese looked to put to bed their issues which stems from upper vs. working class. Hunter has been on a big roll since arriving in the WWF and beating Droese means that he can now move on to a bigger mid card feud whilst keeping half an eye on the Intercontinental title. It’ll be interesting to see where Yokozuna’s face turn goes. He’s got his issues with Camp Cornette and he’s now on for a head on collision with Vader. That should be an interesting one.

In the first of the two main events Shawn Michaels defeated Owen Hart to guarantee his shot at the WWF title at Wrestlemania. This was an excellent match between two of the best athletes in the company. I’m glad Michaels won, they haven’t really built Owen up as a contender for the title so it wouldn’t have made much sense for him to win. Then in the main event Bret Hart stamped his ticket to the Wrestlemania main event. I love the ending to this match with Undertaker coming up through the ring. It wasn’t the best main event of all time and wasn’t even the best match these two have had but it gets me very excited for Diesel and Undertaker.

Overall Rating: 56.5/100 (Ranked joint 10th  out of 53)

Match Of The Night: Shawn Michaels vs. Owen Hart
Worst Match Of The Night: Yokozuna vs. British Bulldog
Surprise Of The Night: Undertaker comes up through the ring
Worst Booking Of The Night: None
Wrestler Of The Night: Shawn Michaels
IYH6 Will Be Remembered For: Undertaker dragging Diesel to hell

One thought on “In Your House 6

  1. Four fun facts:

    1.On the Free for All, Jake “The Snake” Roberts beat Tatanka (with Ted DiBiase) by pinfall with the DDT.

    The funny thing is, these two men criss-crossed career paths four years earlier, as Jake left the WWF for WCW immediately after WrestleMania 8, right when Tatanka made his WWF PPV debut. Jake then returned to the WWF in time for the 1996 Royal Rumble, right as Tatanka was leaving. Weird stuff.

    2.In a Coliseum Video exclusive match taped after the PPV, The Undertaker beat Goldust by count-out after giving him a chokeslam, but didn’t win the Intercontinental Title.

    3.In two other dark matches held after the PPV, Ahmed Johnson beat Isaac Yankem DDS by pinfall with the Pearl River Plunge, while the Godwinns jobbed out the Bodydonnas when Henry pinned Zip with the Slop Drop.

    4.Bret had a very weird third World Title reign during late 1995/early 1996.

    After looking awesome at In Your House #5 against Bulldog, Bret was forced to carry both Taker and Diesel, but for some reason he just wasn’t up to the task.

    I really think Bret was burnt out from going virtually non-stop since 1984 without much time off, a point that is evidenced by his long holiday following WrestleMania 12.

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