Judgment Day 2000

| Date: May 21, 2000
| Venue: Freedom Hall | City: Louisville, Kentucky
| Attendance: 16, 827 | Buyrate: 420, 000

Tonight will be Judgment Day for one of two men. The Rock, who won the WWF title at Backlash, defends against long standing rival Triple H. The match was made pretty early on and Triple H made the challenge to The Rock to make the match an Iron Man Match. It’ll be the first Iron Man match since Wrestlemania 12 when Shawn Michaels beat The Rock. Speaking of Shawn Michaels, he made a comeback on Raw a couple of weeks ago claiming that Linda McMahon had asked him to be the special guest referee for the main event and so the scene is set. The Rock defends his WWF title against Triple H in an Iron Man Match with Shawn Michaels as the special guest referee. There have been some creepy videos recently saying that Judgment Day is coming, will we find out the answer to what the videos are all about tonight?

The Intercontinental title will also be defended tonight as Chris Benoit defends against Chris Jericho. Last time I reviewed a show it was Insurrextion and Chris Jericho was Intercontinental champion then. Since that show, Chris Benoit won the title back after Jericho was forced to defend the title three times in one night. Tonight we find out once and for all who is the Intercontinental champion. Eddie Guerrero’s European title will also be defended. He tried to be the mediator as Dean Malenko and Perry Saturn’s relationship broke down. Guerrero would end up getting involved in the reivalry and so tonight these three Radicalz go at it for the European title. Shane McMahon has been winding up The Big Show over the last few weeks, mocking him and was filmed telling his stock broker that he has Big Show wrapped around his little finger. Now the two meet in a No Holds Barred match in Shane’s first PPV match since Summerslam last year.

The Dudley Boyz have continued their habit of putting women through tables by recently targetting Stephanie McMahon and Tori. DX have taken exception to this and so tonight there is a tables match scheduled between The Dudley Boyz and Road Dogg and X Pac. And we’ll also get a 6 man tag match between tag team champions Edge and Christian and their new found friend Kurt Angle against Rikishi and Too Cool.

A video package kicks us off showing us what occurs in one hour. Babies born, deaths, flights taking off, lightning striking the earth, amount of ties you blink etc. Then of course we get shots of Triple H and The Rock who partake in the one hour iron match tonight. Jim Ross then welcomes us to Kentucky, he’s joined by Jerry “The King” Lawler. We go straight backstage to the McMahon-Helmsley faction where Vince is giving a speech. Briscoe then turns up and has to go on a coffee run. Patterson isn’t here tonight, he missed his flight. Three big matches for this faction tonight with Road Dogg and X Pac against The Dudleyz, Shane McMahon against The Big Show and Triple H against The Rock. Suddenly we see Briscoe getting asaulted whilst on his coffee run by The Headbangers. Shawn Michaels is also shown walking backstage.

Kurt Angle, Edge & Christian vs. Rikishi & Too Cool (Grand Master Sexay & Scotty 2 Hotty)

Kurt Angle is out first and tells us that since he’s starting hanging with Edge and Christian, he’s a lot more appealing to teenage girls. Edge and Christian then comes out and give us a 5 second pose, dressing as country boys, mocking the Kentucky fans. There aren’t many left on the roster that fought on the first Judgement Day PPV just over 18 months ago, but Christian became the first man (of potentially 2, maybe 3) to have won on both. He became Light-Heavyweight champion at Judgement Day 1998, beating Taka Michinoku. Edge and Grand Master Sexay kick things off and Sexay gets the first knock down with an enzeguri. He then hits a dropkick off ther middle rope and tags in his partner, Scotty 2 Hotty. Edge tags Christian who gets knocked down. Plenty of back and forth action between these men until Scotty hits a suplex on Christian. Too Cool and Rikishi are undefeated as a three on PPV having previously beaten The Radicalz at No Way Out.

Grand Master Sexay is tagged in and he drop toe holds Edge into Christians crotch. Grand Master then does some dancing and his pants fall down! Christian attacks him from behind and does some dancing of his own but Rikishi tags in and takes down everyone! He brings Angle in, who is wearing new gear tonight. It takes some triple teaming to get the better of Rikishi. But that doesn’t take long, he knocks all three men down and tags in Scotty who hits a bulldog on Christian. Kurt Angle stops him from hitting The Worm though. Kurt tags back in and lays into Scotty with right hands and a hard Irish whip. He hits a suplex for the first near fall of the night. Kurt tags Christian who gets a kick to the face but Christian stops him from tagging out. Scotty hits a hotshot and both men crawl to their corners. Christian tags Edge and Scotty tags Rikishi! Rikishi throws all three opponents into the corner before squashing them all in the corner. All six men are then in the ring and Rikishi hits Angle with the Stink Face! Rubbing his ass in Angles face.

Angle and Christian hit a double DDT on Rikishi but it has no affect. Edge then spears Rikishi but Scotty hits him with a bulldog and a Worm! Scotty then does thre same to Angle and Rikishi sets Edge up for the Rikishi Driver but Christian comes in and leather Rikishi with the ring bell! The referee doesn’t see it and Edge pins Rikishi but Grand Master Sexay comes in off the top with the Hip Hop Drop! He puts Rikishi on Edge and there’s a bit of confusion as he seems to get the 3! Kurt looked like he just made the save but awful referee Teddy Long awards the win to Too Cool and Rikishi! Some of them look a bit confused but it’s over! Rikishi and Too Cool give us their standard post-match dance.

Rating: 7/10

Michael Cole is backstage with Shawn Michaels who avoids any question about favouring Triple H. Can he call the match down the middle tonight?

Eddie Guerrero then arrives with Chyna. He seems excited but Dean Malenko then shows up and tells Chyna to stay out of it tonight. Perry Saturn then says he’ll win tonight.

Eddie Guerrero vs. Dean Malenko vs. Perry Saturn – European Championship Match

Three former Radicalz battle for the European title tonight. Perry Saturn is looking for his first PPV victory in this one. Malenko comes out to the Radicalz music and entrance video. Saturn and Guerrero are already going at it though. Saturn and Malenko double team Guerrero in the early going. Jim Ross gives us a fact that the European title has changed hands the last 2 times it’s been defended on PPV. That’s incorrect, didn’t Guerrero successfully defend against Essa Rios at Backlash? It doesn’t take long for Malenko and Saturn to go at it. Saturn takes down both men, hitting a gorilla press slam on Guerrero. Guerrero hits a dropkick on Saturn then a hurricanrana off the ropes on Malenko. It’s all Guerrero as he hits a hurricanrana on Saturn. Guerrero hits a nice tornado DDT on Saturn for a two count. Malenko hits a tiger powerbomb on Guerrero for a two. We get some nice reversals between Guerrero and Malenko, then Malenko takes down Saturn with a clothesline.

Malenko and Saturn have wrestled on every PPV since the Radicalz debuted in the WWF. Saturn pops Guerrero on his shoulders and then drops him on the ropes and hits a belly to belly suplex. Malenko is crotches on the top rope and Guerrero meets him up there but Malenko hit a gutbuster from the top rope! Saturn throws Malenko to the outside and then goes to the top and hits a frog splash on Guerrero! Malenko breaks up the cover but Saturn tries for a Texas clover leaf on him. Guerrero hits him with a brainbuster though. Saturn flies out of the ring and Malenko hits a suplex on Guerrero. Malenko then goes to the top and hits a splash but saturn breaks up the cover. Saturn suplexes Malenko who suplexes Guerrero. Chyna then nails Saturn with a bunch of roses! The roses must be loaded. Chyna then does the same to Malenko who blocks it but Guerrero rolls him up for the three! Eddie Guerrero wins the match and retains his European title tonight! Great match between these three.

Rating: 7.5/10

We see some footage from Smackdown with Gerald Briscoe pinning Crash Holly for the Hardcore title whilst he was asleep. We’re then live again and see Briscoe sneaking around the toilets. He’s scared by his own reflection in the mirror and he has a big rip down his pants.

Video package next for Shane McMahon and The Big Show. This goes back to Wrestlemania and Shane being pissed off that Big Show was the first man eliminated in the main event.

Shane McMahon vs. The Big Show – No Holds Barred Match

This is Shane McMahon’s fifth PPV match, he’s won 3 of his previous 4. His only loss was his last PPV match which was against Test last year at Summerslam. As Big Show makes his entrance, Shane dives over the ropes but gets caught. Big Show then throws Shane into the ring steps before powerslamming him on to them. Show pushes Shane into the crowd and then pulls him back out before gorilla press slamming him into the ring. Big Show boots Shane pretty hard in the ring sending him flying. Big Show won his matches at both Backlash and Insurrextion. He hits Shane with headbutts and a kick. He motions for the chokeslam but out comes The Big Boss Man who lays into Show with his nightstick! Big Show fights him off with headbutts and a powerbomb. T & A then run out with chairs but Big Show fights them off! Trish Stratus then hits a low blow but Big Show throws her oout of the ring onto Test and Albert. Shane, meanwhile is crawling to the back and Big Show goes after him and throws him into some steel grating that makes up the set.

Big Show takes apart some of the set but Shane dropkicks him and T & A double team Big Show again. Shane launches a flight case in Big Show and pins him but only gets a 2. Big Show fights off everyone inclusing his old buddy Test. Shane climbs up the set and as Big Show goes to get him, Bull Buchanan attacks Show with a nightstick. Shane then drops a speaker on Big Shows leg! Shane grbas a breeze block and smashes it over Big Shows head and then pins him for the three! Shane McMahon wins the match and beats Big Show! With a lot of help from Bull Buchanan, The Big Boss Man and T & A. The likes of Bruce Prichard, Tony Garea and Sgt Slaughter all come out to see to Show. Decent match between these two.

Rating: 7.5/10

Gerald Briscoe is sneaking around backstage again and hides out in the referees office. The referees look like they’re about to attack him and Briscoe isn’t happy.

Triple H is backstage with Shawn Michaels asking him how his family is. He then questions whether Shawn will be wearing those shorts, he looks like he’s smuggling bananas in them!

Video package for Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho next. Hardcore Holly attacked Benoits knee wit hthe chair a few days ago on Smackdown, that could be the story for this match.

Chris Benoit (c) vs. Chris Jericho – Submissions Match for the Intercontinental Championship

This is a rematch from Backlash where Benoit beat Jericho by disqualifiaction. The Intercontinental title has gone back and forth between this men and this stipulation could signal the end of this rivalry. Benoit has fought on every PPV since debuting in the WWF back in January. Benoit has a knee brace on. Val Venis has already said he wants to meet the winner. Jericho hits a bulldog in the early going and a few chops in the corner. He then puts on an arm bar in the first submission attempt in this match. Benoit gets out of it and looks to hit a tombstone but Jericho reverses it and Benoit reverses it and hits a shoulder breaker. Benoit then goes to the top and hits his trademark headbutt before applying a chinlock. Jericho gets out of it and goes for the Wall of Jericho but Benoit gets out of it before he can get the hold on. Jericho hits his dropkick to the apron, sending the champion to the outside. We then get a shot of Val Venis who is watching on in the back.

Benoit throws Jericho into the ring steps. Jericho drops Benoit onto the ring steps knee first. Jericho hits a double underhook backbreaker and goes to the cover which won’t count in this one. Benoit throws Jericho shoulder first into the ring post and then takes off the top turnbuckle. Benoit goes to the arm bar but Jericho gets out of it and the two get into a chopping contest. Benoit hits a snap suplex and a powerslam before nailing the challenger with a clothesline and locking on a Fujiware armbar. Jericho gets to the ropes to break the hold. Hardcore Holly is then shown looking on and watching the match. Jericho goes to work on Benoits knee. There is a “Huey Lewis F*n rules” sign in the crowd. Jericho takes the brace off Benoits knee and hits him with it! Jericho then goes for a spinning toe hold but Benoit kicks him off. Y2J then hits a dropkick to the knee and a Lionsault. Jericho then applies a Walls Of Jericho through the ropes! Benoit manages to release his arms and kicks Jericho away.

Benoit hits his trademark German suplexes, all three of them. Jericho gets out of them and goes for the Walls Of Jericho but Benoit grabs his knee brace and smashes Jericho with it! Benoit then locks on the Crippler Crossface! Jericho is near the ropes so Benoit pulls him to the centre of the ring and applies it again! Eventually the referee calls for the bell! Jericho didn’t seem to tap out though, he must be unconscious. Which isn’t true because I saw him say something. Benoit doesn’t release the hold though until the referees come out. Chris Benoit wins the match in any case and retains his Intercontinental title. Another great match tonight!

Rating: 7.75/10

We get a promo for King Of The Ring.

Then for some footage from earlier with The Headbangers attacking Gerald Briscoe. Michael Cole is then interviewing Gerald Briscoe who is paranoid from everyone attacking him. In the background a couple of vendors look like they’re going to go after Briscoe but Briscoe attacks then first and walks off.

The Rock tells Shawn Michaels that if he doesn’t call the main event down the middle then the next time it’ll be between Shawn Michaels and The Rock and it won’t take 60 minutes.

The Dudley Boyz (Buba Ray & D-Von) vs. X Pac & Road Dogg – Tables Match

This is a first time meeting between these two teams although at No Way Out this year, The Dudley Boyz beat Road Dogg and Billy Gunn for ther tag team titles. This is the Dudley Boyz trademark match and they walk out with a table. It looks like it’ going to be like a normal tag match as D-Von and Road Dogg start the match. D-Von hits a big shoulder block and a spinning elbow. Road Dogg tags X Pac who gets hit with a houlder block. D-Von tags Buba Ray who gets hit with a spinning heel kick. X Pac then goes to get a table but Bubba Ray throws him back into the ring before he can. The Dudley Boyz have only won one PPV match since their debut in the WWF and that was over the New Age Outlaws. They hit their trademark low blow headbutt off the middle rope on both men. Tori distracts the ref but it’s no disqualifications so it was unnecessary.

DX head to the back but the Dudley Boyz go after them and bring them back to the ring. Bubba Ray stares at Tori, he’d like to put her through a table tonight. In the ring, X Pac and Road Dogg double team D-Von. X Pac hits some martial arts kicks and then the Bronco Buster! Road Dogg tags in and we get some classic heel tactics as he distracts the referee and X Pac chokes D-Von. Road Dogg has a front face lock on D-Von but we get the old thing with D-Von making the tag but X Pac has the referee distracted so it doesn’t count. X Pac hits a spinning heel kick on D-Von and tags in Road Dogg. D-Von takes down both DX members with a clothesline. D-Von tags in Bubba Ray who hits a sidewalk slam on X Pac and a powerbomb on Road Dogg. He hits a Samoan Drop on X Pac and it’s time for tables! The Dudleyz set up tables in the corners but Road Dogg throws D-Von head first into the ring steps. Road Dogg then pump handle slams D-Von through a table! That’s him eliminated.

Bubba Ray lays into Road Dogg as X Pac keeps D-Von down on the canvas. X Pac looks to do a Bronco Buster on D-Von who is propped up on a table. Buba Ray saves his half brother and then powerbombs X Pac through a table! We’re down to Bubba Ray against Road Dogg. They slug it out and when the referees try to break it up, they both throws the referee through the table! Hardcore champion Gerald Briscoe then walks down to the ring and The dudley Boyz hit 3D on Road Dogg through a table! It should be over but the referee is down. Tori then gets up in Buba Rays face which is obviously a mistake. D-Von sets up a table and Bubba Ray sets Tori up for a powerbomb through it but Gerald Briscoe saves her. X Pac then goes up top and hits an X Factor on Bubba Ray through the table! Briscoe wakes up the referee who calls for the bell! X Pac and Road Dogg win the match! X Pac becomes the first and only man to have win at both the first Judgement Day PPV and this one.  The Dudleyz never win table matches. Briscoe makes the mistake of telling the Dudleyz to suck it andthey 3D him through a table! It’s a win for X Pac and Road Dogg tonight though!

Rating: 6/10

Video package next for the main event.

The Rock (c) vs. Triple H – Iron Man Match for the WWF Championship with Shawn Michaels as Special Guest Referee

This is the 8th meeting on PPV between these two men. They are currently tied at 3 wins a piece and one draw. If The Rock loses, then he would be the only man to have lost at both Judgement Day PPVs. He went down to Mark Henry in 1998. Triple H comes out joined by Vince, Shane and Stephanie McMahon. Triple H then gets on the mic and tells the McMahons to go to the back as he wants to do this himself. Both men go face to face as the bell rings. I can see this being a 2-1 win one way or the other. It’s a slow start with collar and elbow tie ups and headlocks. Jerry Lawler gives us the stat that The Rocks longest ever match has been 30 minutes. That’ll be the 2 out of 3 falls match with Triple H at Fully Loaded 98. The Rock takes Triple H off his feet to get the first near fall of the match. This is The Rocks 15th PPV in a row, currently more than anyone else on the roster for consecutive PPV matches. He also holds the record with 21. The Rock won matches at Backlash and Insurrextion whilst Triple H lost at both of those events. This is only the second ever Iron Match on PPV, Shawn Michaels previously beat Bret Hart at Wrestlemania 12.

The Rock slaps Triple H to the outside of the ring but leaves him to get back to his feet. No PPV match has been fought as many times as Triple H and The Rock. Triple H hits a big clothesline, knocking The Rock down for the first time in this match. Helmsley goes to the arm bar as we approach the ten minute stage in this one. Triple H hits an armbar takedown for a two count and then goes back to the arm bar. The Rock then hits the Rock Bottom for nowhere to get the first fall! The Rock goes up 1-0. There’s no rest period between falls to The Rock goes right after Triple H who had exited the ring. The Rock takes Triple H up the entrance way, where he loves to fight. He throws Triple H into the entrance way and then onto the barricade. He suplexes Triple H back into the ring for a two count as we hit the 15 minute mark. Rocky whips Triple H’s leg into the ring post as he is in full control. The Rock focuses on Triple H’s left knee. He applies a figure four! Triple H manages to reverse the hold but The Rock quickly gets to the ropes. Shawn Michaels breaks the hold and the competitors roll to the outside.

They battle into the crowd until eventually getting back into the ring where Triple H tries to cover The Rock who keeps kicking out. The Rock then gets back into it, working the knee of Triple H. The Rock goes for a figure four but Triple H reverses it into a Pedigree! Triple H covers Rocky and gets the 3, tieing the score to 1-1. The Rock throws Triple H into the and ducks his head allowing Triple H to roll The Rock up in an inside cradle for the 3! Triple H is now up in this match 2-1. The Rock then limps towards the back but Triple H follows him and attempts to throw him into the set but The Rock reverses it and throws the Game into the set! We’re at the half way mark now. Triple H hits a suplex in the entrance way. It seems as though referee Shawn Michaels isn’t going to count them out. Wouldn’t make any difference to the score to count both men out though. Both men head to the back and The Rock hits a belly to back suplex in the entrance way. Back in the ring and The Rock knocks Triple H down with a right hand. Triple H hits a piledriver which gets the three and puts Triple H up 3-1.

Triple H goes to the top which is unusual for him but The Rock goes up and pulls him down, throwing him across the ring. The Rock then rolls up Triple H but just gets the 2. Triple H replies with a high knee for a near fall of his own. Helmsley then locks on a sleeper. He uses the ropes for leverage but shawn Michaels catches him and stops him from doing it which the challenger takes exception to. The Rock gets up and hits a belly to belly. Only 20 minutes left in this one. The Rock hits a DDT and gets the three. It’s now 3-2 to Triple H. The two battle to the outside where Triple H picks up a chair. Shawn Michaels stops him from using it though and The Rock throws Helmsley into the ring steps. The champion hits a neckbreaker on the outside. Back in the ring and Triple H grabs a chair and smashes The Rock with it! That’s a disqualification and we’re all even here at 3-3! Triple H then pins The Rock and uses the ropes for leverage and gets the 3! It’s now 4-3 in favour of Triple H. The Rock is busted open now.

15 minutes to go in this one and it’s advantage Triple H. Helmsley locks a sleeper hold on The Rock and Shawn Michaels checks him and Rocky is out. Triple H is now up 5-3. Michaels forces Triple H to break the hold and it results in a shoving match between the two former DX members. The Rock gets up and throws Triple H out of the ring. They fight back into the ring where The Rock hits a superplex! They fight to the outside again where The Rock catapults Triple H into the ring post. Less than 6 minutes left now. Triple H sets up Rocky on the announce table for a Rock Bottom but The Rock elbows his way out of it and Pedigrees Triple H on the desk! The table doesn’t give way and The Rock rolls back into the ring. Triple H is now bleeding fro the face and Shawn Michaels counts him out! It’s now 5-4 to Triple H! Vince, Shane and Stephanie walk out from the back with 3 minutes left to go. Triple H nearly gets counted out again.

The Rock hits a big clothesline in the ring and a DDT. Shane and Vince then get up on the apron but The Rock slaps them back down. The Rock sets up for the People’s Elbow on Triple H and he nails it! He covers Triple H and gets the 3! It’s 5-5! If it stays like this then The Rock will retain. Shane pulls Michaels out of the ring and Michaels lays out Vince and Shane. X Pac and Road Dogg then appear and lay into The Rock. Michaels is down. The Rock is down. A creepy video then appears on the Titantron and out comes The Undertaker on a motorbike! The Undertaker comes out and lays out everyone! He Tombstones Triple H in the middle of the ring as Shawn Michaels gets up. Michaels awards Triple H the last fall and the match! Triple H wins the match 6-5! He’s the new WWF Champion. It’s dubious as it looks like the time ran out. Vince McMahon looks very happy. What an amazing finish to a fairly average match.

Rating: 6.25/10


Well, that was Judgment Day 2000. Only 6 matches but the quality was high throughout. Rikishi and Too Cool won the opening match over Kurt Angle, Edge and Christian. There was a bit of confusion in the ending to this match as it looked like Kurt made the save. I would have preferred to see “Team ECK” win but this keeps Too Cool in the running for a Tag Team title shot which I guess was the prupose for this match. Maybe Rikishi and Kurt Angle will go on to feud or be a feature in the King Of The Ring tournament next month? Guerrero then beat former team mates Saturn and Malenko, retaining his European title. This marked the end of The Radiclaz and it looks as though it’s be Benoit and Geurrero getting the inital pushes. Eddie won this one by cheating which is how he tends to win and that’s fine. He continues his relationship with “Mamacita” Chyna. He’s a really strong European champion at the moment and a perfect fit for that belt.

Shane McMahon and Big Show then had their high profile match up. Shane won after getting help from T & A, The Big Boss Man and Bull Buchanan. I wasn’t sure which way this match would go but the way it went was fine. Non-wrestlers such as Shane McMahon are much better off in no disqualification matches and it definitely improved this one. I think Big Show will take some time off after this and come back to renew this rivalry with Shane down the road. Chris Benoit then defeated Chris Jericho is a fantastic match. These two men just have chemistry. With guys like Benoit, Jericho, Guerrero and Angle on the roster at the moment, good matches are ten a penny. Jericho didn’t tap out which doesn’t make him look weak. He’s elevated himself recently and is places between the Intercontinental title and the main event so will definitely be one of the odds on favourites for the King Of The Ring next month. Benoit continues his Intercontinental title reign which has elevated the belt over the last couple of months.

X Pac and Road Dogg beat The Dudley Boyz in a Table match next. I think this was the wrong result. I would have liked to see The Dudley Boyz win their trademark match. If this wasn’t a Tables match and the feud was to continue then X Pac and Road Dogg winning is fine but as this match stipulation would suggest that this ends the feud then it would have been a good win for The Dudley Boyz. With heel tag team champions it definitely made more sense for Bubba Ray and D-Von to pick up the win. Then in the main event Triple H defeated The Rock 6-5 in an Iron Man Match. Much like the opener there was a lot of controversy in the ending as the bell had already rung as referee Shawn Michaels claimed there was another fall. The big news, besides Triple H becoming the new WWF Champion, was the return of the man who has fought more PPV matches than anyone else, The Undertaker. But he’s no longer the Dead Man, he’s a motorbike riding bad ass! It’s a shame they can’t use his old music on the network, I loved the Kid Rock and Limp Bizkit tunes. None the less, a decent enough Iron Man match that crowned Triple H the new WWF Champion following another short reign from The Rock. Really solid PPV from top to bottom.

Overall Rating: 70/100 (ranked 2nd out of 110)

Match Of The Night: Chris Benoit vs. Chris Jericho
Worst Match Of The Night: The Dudley Boyz vs. X Pac & Road Dogg
Surprise Of The Night: Return of The Undertaker
Worst Booking Of The Night: X Pac & Road Dogg defeat The Dudley Boyz
Superstar Of The Night: Triple H
Judgment Day 2000 Will Be Remembered For: Triple H winnning the WWF title and the return of The Undertaker

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