Wrestlemania 17

| Date: April 1, 2000
| Venue: Reliant Astrodome | City: Houston, Texas
| Attendance: 67, 925 | Buyrate: 1, 040, 000

Houston….We have a problem. And that is the biggest show of the year coming to Texas this very evening to the biggest buyrate of all time to this point. And what an incredible line up  we have. It’s going to be a 4 four spectacle with no less than 11 matches with 6 titles on the line. In the main event, The Rock, who won the WWF title at No Way Out, defends against the man that won the 2001 Royal Rumble, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. The two biggest crowd favourites on the roster and arguably two of the most popular superstars of all time going one on one two years after they previously main evented Wrestlemania together. This rivalry has been as heated as you would expect with Vince McMahon driving a bigger wedge between the two by assigning Austins wife Debra as The Rocks manager over the last few weeks. Both men have hit their finishers on each other and proved that they cannot trust one another. Tonight, they main event the biggest show of the year.

Arguably the biggest story of the year so far is the WWF buying out wCw. Vince McMahon thought he had it all sewn up but at the very last minute it was swiped from under his nose by none other than his son, Shane. Shane isn’t happy with the way that his father has been treating Shane’s mom, Linda and he challenged Vince to a match at Wrestlemania. Vince will be joined by Linda as well as his daughter Stephanie and girlfriend Trish Stratus. This match will be sure to have huge ramifications. Triple H will be in action against the one man he has never beaten (well not on PPV anyway) The Undertaker. These two have never gone one on one on PPV so this is a big first. Ever since The Undertaker called Triple H out, Triple H has had the better of the dead man, going as far as to destroy The Undertakers bike. Undertaker has promised to make Triple H famous tonight. We’ll also get a battle between former WWF Champion Kurt Angle and rival Chris Benoit. This is based on nothing but to see who is the better technical wrestler. Both men have tapped to each others finisher over the past week and since Benoit has left The Radicalz, he doesn’t have that back up anymore.

Intercontinental Champion Chris Jericho has been a thorn in commissioner William Regals side over the past few weeks both verbally and physically. Jericho has even pee’d in Regals teapot and so Regal has booked himself in an Intercontinental title match against Jericho tonight. The European title will be on the line as Test defends the belt against Eddie Guerrero. There hasn’t been much to this rivalry but Guerrero was special guest referee in a non title match between Test and X Pac and as you can probably guess, X Pac won that match with a lot of help from an impartial referee. When we left No Way Out, The Big Show was the Hardcore champion but the next night on Raw, Raven won that belt back. Those two will continue to battle over the belt tonight but Kane has also got involved so we’ve got ourselves a triple threat match for the championship tonight.

Speaking of title matches, the tag team titles will be on the line with three teams vying for the belts. A couple of weeks ago on Raw, the belts went from The Hardy Boyz to Edge and Christian to The Dudley Boyz in quick succession so with all three teams wanting the belts, what better way to re-visit this rivalry than by having another TLC match? TLC II should be interesting tonight especially as all three teams have allies. The Hardy Boyz have Lita and The Dudley Boyz now have Spike Dudley but both of those allies were injured by Edge and Christians all friend Rhyno who gored them both. There will be 6 title matches tonight and the final title match will be Ivory defending her Women’s title against Chyna. Ivory injured Chyna a few months ago and she’s back to full fitness now following the neck injury she suffered in her match against Ivory at The Royal Rumble. Does Ivory stand a chance against the much bigger Chyna, looking to hold the Women’s title for the very first time.

Right To Censor have made no friends since coming together in the WWF and tonight they will be taking on The Acolytes and Tazz. And we’ll also get a gimmick battle royal full of old school WWF superstars such as Kamala, Doink The Clown and Sgt Slaughter. So let’s get to it.

We kick off with a package reminding us of Wrestlemania moments gone by. Shots of Muhammad Ali, Hulk Hogan, The Ultimate Warrior, Yokozuna, Shawn Michaels, Mike Tyson, Triple H, The Undertaker, Rock and Austin. All voiced over by “Classie” Freddie Blassie. There’s a short opening titles and then Jim Ross welcomes us to Houston, Texas. We see the awesome set and then get a shot of WWF New York before Paul Heyman chimes in.

Chris Jericho (c) vs. William Regal – Intercontinental Championship Match

We’re kicking off the night with a first time PPV match between two great technical wrestlers. As Regal makes his entrance we get a video package for the rivalry between these two men. Jericho has won his last 3 PPV matches, at No Way Out, The Royal Rumble and Armageddon. Jericho gets the first offence in, a clothesline and flying forearm. This stadium looks huge. Jericho hits a spinning heel kick and Regal heads outside but Jericho dives over the top rope and barely hits the challenger for his title. Back in the ring and Jericho hits a reverse elbow off the top for the first near fall of the night. Jericho goes for the Walls of Jericho early but Regal kicks him off and shoots him into the ring post. Jericho has a damaged shoulder and Regal continues to work it. It’s a Wrestlemania debut for Regal but Jericho fought at last years event, winning the European title. Regal takes down Jericho and gets a near fall before applying a wristlock. Jericho manages to knock Regal down and goes for a Lionsault but Regal gets his knees up.

Regal hits a belly to back suplex for a two count. Jericho fought on every PPV in 2000 and every PPV so far in 2001. Regal takes off one of the top turnbuckles and throws Jericho into it a couple of times. Jericho comes off the middle rope with a dropkick for a two count. Regal then takes Jericho to the top rope and hits a tiger suplex for another near fall. Jericho goes for the Walls of Jericho but Regal reverses it into the Regal Stretch! He’s near to the ropes though and manages to grab them. Jericho hits some chops and smashes Regals head into the exposed turnbuckle. The Intercontinental Champion then hits a bulldog, slam and a Lionsault. He pins Regal and the referee counts the 3! Jericho wins the match and retains his Intercontinental title in the opening contest! Jericho remains unbeaten at Wrestlemania. Last year he left with the European title and this year the Intercontinental title!

Rating: 6.5/10

We get a shot of Shane McMahon arriving.

The Acolytes and Jacqueline are backstage and Bradshaw is nervous because this is the arena he used to come and watch wrestling when he was younger. Bradshaw gives a big speech and it’s time to go!

Right To Censor (Val Venis, Bull Buchanan & The Goodfather) vs. The Acolytes (Bradshaw & Faarooq) & Tazz

Steven Richards is at ringside for Right To Censor whilst Jacqueline joins The Acolytes. This match gets right into it with Val Venis going after Tazz. Jacqueline even nails Steven Richards with a DDT. Bull Buchanan starts the match officially with Faarooq and Bull hits a springboard clothesline off the top. Faarooq hits a powerslam for a two count and then tags in Tazz. Tazz hits a big t-bone suplex on Buchanan but gets hit with a big boot. Bull tags in Val who hits some big right hands and knees to the abdomen. Venis hits a side Russian leg sweep for a two count. Val tags in The Goodfather and the two men hit a double elbow on Tazz. Tazz lost his stepping there. The Goodfather hits a slam and a legdrop and follows it up with a reverse elbow and side suplex for a two count. The Goodfather then hits the Hoe Train but misses with a Vader Bomb type move.

Tazz tags in Bradshaw who hits a big back body drop on The Goodfather before taking apart the whole of Right To Censor! He hits a fallaway slam on Val and Faarooq then comes in and both Acolytes hit a double spinebuster on Val. Bull Buchanan was the only man in this match successful at last years Wrestlemania. He and Goodfather hit a double powerbomb on Bradshaw. Goodfather then tries for a Hoe Train on Bradshaw but Bradshaw moves out of the way and hits Goodfather with a Clothesline From Hell! And that’s all she wrote! The Acolytes and Tazz beat Right To Censor tonight! Tazz was knocked out in this match but Bradshaw bought the match home. Fast paced 6 man tag match.

Rating: 6.5/10

We see Trish Stratus wheeling Linda McMahon in her wheelchair. Stephanie then patronises her mother and tells Trish to crack some ice for the celebrations later.

Raven (c) vs. Kane vs. The Big Show – Hardcore Championship Match

This is a Wrestlemania debut for Raven who defends his Hardcore title tonight. Kane has won 2 of his 3 Wrestlemania matches, his only loss coming to his brother The Undertaker. The Big Show is looking for his first victory at Wrestlemania on the third time of asking. Big Show beat Raven at the last PPV, No Way Out but it’s the first time all three men will be in a match together on PPV. Raven attacks Kane before Big Show enters the match. Raven and Kane are looking for their first PPV victories of 2001. Kane throws Raven out of the ring at Big Show who catches him. Kane then dives out from the top rope on Big Show. Kane and Big Show have had their matches over the years. Kane takes Raven through the crowd and Big Show follows. Big Show has now been in a singles match, a triple threat and fatal four way at Wrestlemania. It’s the first time Mick Foley hasn’t been on the opposite side of the ring to him on the grandest show of the year. The three men battle through the crowd and into the backstage area!

Kane throws Big Show into a wall but Raven nails Kane with a street sign. Kane then throws Raven into a wall, damaging the wall. Big Show slams Kane on a wooden pallet and then chases after Raven. Big Show locks himself and Raven in a room until Kane busts open the door. They appear to be in a cleaning room. Kane lays into Big Show with anything he can find. Raven then chokes Kane with a hose. They leave the room and Kane chokes Raven with the hose before throwing Raven through a window! Big Show throws Kane through a door and then the two men battle through a wall! Raven appears and hits Big Show with a table before getting in a golf cart! Big Show jumps on the back and then Kane gets in a golf cart and follows before running down Raven with it! It’s hard to be unique in these matches and do stuff we haven’t seen before but these three guys are succeeding. They battle through a corridor, throwing each other into anything they can find.

They battle up some steps and back out through the entrance curtain. Big Show clotheslines Kane up on the stage before lifting Raven up high above his head. Kane then boots Big Show and both Show and Raven fall through some set below. Kane hits a legdrop off the stage on top of Big Show and pins him for the three! Kane wins the Hardcore title tonight!

Rating: 7/10

Kurt Angle is backstage watching a video of himself tapping out. Edge and Christian then show up and are looking forward to celebrating tonight but Kurt is serious. Kurt says that because it wasn’t an official match with an official referee then he didn’t officially tap. Edge and Christian agree and leave.

Jimmy Snuka is at WWF New York.

Jonathan Coachman is with an Australian who is at her first ever WWF event. Great event to go to.

We get a shot of The Rock arriving.

Test (c) vs. Eddie Guerrero – European Championship Match

How can you not love Eddie Guerrero? It’s a first time meeting between these two on PPV, much like it has been for every match so far tonight. Test gets a good pop. Test has won one and lost one at Wrestlemania before this whilst Guerrero lost at last years event. Eddie is joined by Perry Saturn who is wearing a hat that Droz would be proud of. Guerrero tries to attack Test early but Test sees him coming and hits a powerbomb for a two count. The two then battle to the outside where Test gets a little distracted by Perry Saturn. Back in the ring and Test lifts Eddie up and rope him on the top turnbuckle for a two count. Test hits an elbow and a slam before going to the middle rope. Guerrero meets him up on the ropes and tries for a hurricanrana but Test holds onto the ropes and then dives off with an elbow for a two count. Test goes for a boot but Eddie ducks it and Test goes over the top rope but gets his foot stuck in the ropes. This allows Perry Saturn to take some free shots.

Eddie is a former European Champion, he beat Jericho for the title the night after Wrestlemania last year before going on to lose the title to Perry Saturn. Eddie stomps away at Test on the outside before throwing the current European champion back into the ring. Eddie works the injured leg of the much bigger Test now. This is Tests first Wrestlemania as a crowd favourite. Eddie locks on a sleeper now. He had an Intercontinental Title shot at the last PPV, No Way Out in a fatal four way match in which Chris Jericho won by pinning X Pac.Test gets out of the sleeper and hits a big tilt-a-whirl slam. Test then hits a tilt-a-whirl powerbomb for a two count. Eddie hits a low blow and the referee gives Guerrero a telling off, meanwhile Saturn gets in the ring and hits Test with a brainbuster! Eddie slides over and pins Test but only for a two. Guerrero hits a suplex and heads to the top but Test rolls out of the way of a Frog Splash. Test then hits his Pumphandle Slam and Saturn gets up on the apron but Test smashes him off. Test pins Eddie who kicks out. Saturn gets in the ring again and Test nails him with a boot before nailing Eddie with a boot! Test pins Eddie but Dean Malenko pulls his foot!

The referee sees to Malenko and Saturn throws Eddie the European title to which Eddie smashes Test with it! Eddie pins Test and gets the three! Guerrero wins the European title tonight with a lot of help from The Radicalz!

Rating: 6/10

Michael Cole is backstage with Mick Foley asking him if he can be fair in the match he’s refereeing tonight. Mich says he’ll call it right down the middle…..right here in Houston, Texas!

We get a shot of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin arriving.

Kurt Angle vs. Chris Benoit

Kurt gets on the mic before the match and berates the crowd. Great stuff from him. This is the second meeting between these two men on PPV, their first was at Insurrextion last year when Kurt beat Chris. The two men were involved in a triple threat match at last years Wrestlemania, a match where Kurt lose both of his title. Both men are in red, white and blue tonight. Kurt takes down Benoit early on and they wrestle on the mat. Both men get back up to their feet and once again Kurt takes down Benoit in an amateur wrestling style. We get a lot of rolling around on the mat in this match with both men avoiding getting their shoulders pinned to the mat. Both of these men have main evented PPVs over the past 12 months. Benoit looks for the Crippler Crossface but Angle quickly gets to the ropes. Benoit has not missed a PPV since his debut in the WWF just over a year ago. Kurt wrestled on every PPV in 2000 and every one so far in 2001. Benoit goes for the Crossface once again and like last time, Kurt gets to the ropes and slides out of the ring.

Kurt hits a clothesline to take Benoit down and then throws the Canadian out of the ring. Kurt smashes Chris into the announce table and then throws him hard into the ring steps. Back in the ring and Kurt gets the first near fall of the match. Angle then hits a suplex for another near fall. Kurt drives his elbow into Benoit and then gets into a chopping match with Benoit. Angle hits two belly to belly suplexes.Benoit fights back with some big right hands and an elbow for a two count. Benoit hits a snap suplex for a two count. He then props Angle up on the top rope and hits a “Dynamite Kid style” superplex for another two count. Plenty of near falls in this one. Benoit hits 2 successive German suplexes but before he can hit a third, Angle rolls him through and tries to lock on the Ankle Lock! Benoit manages to reverse the hold and lock the Ankle Lock himself! Angle kicks him off but Benoit then locks on the Crippler Crossface! Angle gets out of it and locks the Crossface on Benoit!

Angle goes for the Ankle Lock again but Benoit kicks him off and into the referee! Benoit then locks on the Crippler Crossface and Angle taps! But the referee is down! Benoit goes to see to the referee and Angle hits the Olympic Slam on Benoit! He hooks the leg but Benoit kicks out. Angle hits a powerslam and heads to the top before attempting a moonsault but Benoit gets his knees up! I’m not sure I’ve ever seen Kurt hit the moonsault. Benoit then goes to the top and leaps off with the flying headbutt! He hooks the leg but Angle kicks out. Benoit is no longer associated with The Radicalz these days. Benoit applies a waistlock but Angle hits a low blow. Kurt then tries for the Olympic Slam but Benoit rolls him up into a pin but Angle reverses the pin, rolling Benoit up and he pulls on the tights and gets the 3! Kurt beats Benoit tonight with a handful of tights!

Rating: 7.25/10

Michael Cole asks William Regal if he’s ok and Regal bats him away. He then walks into his office where Kim Chee is trying to get Kamala down from his desk! Kamala runs off with Regals picture of the Queen!

Next is a VT with the WWF stars visiting the troops.The likes of Bradshaw, Kurt Angle, The Undertaker, Trish Stratus, Lita and Jacqueline were all there.

Kevin Kelly is backstage with Chris Benoit asking Kurt if he respects Benoit after tonights match. Angle said it’s not about respect, he beat Benoit tonight. Benoit then shows up and locks the Crippler Crossface on Angle who taps out!

We get a video package for Ivory and Chyna. Ivory goads Chyna who she had previously injured until Chyna returned and attacked her!

Ivory (c) vs. Chyna – WWF Women’s Championship Match

This is the second PPV meeting between these two women. Ivory beat Chyna at The Royal Rumble earlier this year. Chyna has had more PPV matches than any other woman in history and in second place is Ivory. Chyna is looking good tonight, she’s never held the Women’s title before and she towers above Ivory. Ivory uses the belt to knock Chyna down before the bell. Chyna has signed a waver that means if her neck gets injured then it’s on her. Ivory works the neck until Chyna grabs her leg and throws her across the ring. Chyna lays into Ivory now with clotheslines and a back body drop. Chyna then hits a big powerbomb in the middle of the ring and pins her but instead of waiting for the three she pulls Ivory back up to her feet. Chyna then lifts Ivory high above her head and drops her before covering and getting the 3! Chyna wins the Women’s title tonight without breaking a sweat!

Rating: 4.5/10

Vince McMahon is backstage with Stephanie, Linda and Trish Stratus. Michael Cole walks in to interview and Vince says that tonight you’ll get shocking.

We then get a VT showing Vince humiliating Linda and Trish Stratus and what lead to Vince’s match with Shane.

Vince McMahon vs. Shane McMahon – Street Fight with Mick Foley as special guest referee

This is the first meeting between this father and son on PPV. Vince’s last PPV match came at King Of The Ring last year whilst Shane last fought at Summerslam against Steve Blackman. Both Vince and Shane have always been in entertaining matches and I expect this to be no different. Vince walks out with Stephanie behind him. The McMahons were all in different corners in the main event of last years Wrestlemania. Shane has been in action at Wrestlemania before, two years ago he beat X Pac. Vince slaps Shane before the bell and then chokes his son in the corner. Vince lays in some soft knees in the corner but Shane bursts out with a clothesline. Shane then hits a spear and some big right hands on his Dad before dropping some elbows. Stephanie then gets in the ring and pushes Shane away before slapping him! Shane hits a baseball slide on Vince and then lays into him in the aisle. Shane then leathers Vince with a sign potentially left over from the Hardcore match earlier. Shane grabs some cable and chokes Vince with it before throwing him into the ring steps.

Shane hops up onto a barricade and launches himself off it, taking down Vince with a clothesline. He then throws Vince into the barricade before grabbing a kendo stick from under the ring. Shane smacks his father with it five times as Mick Foley reminds everybody that it’s a street fight. Shane then hits his trademark jabs knocking Vince down. Shane smashes Vince into the Spanish announce table before hitting him with a monitor. Vince lays prone on the announce table and Shane heads to the top turnbuckle before flying off with an elbow drop but Stephanie pulls Vince out of the way and Shane goes crashing through the table! We see Trish Stratus wheeling Linda McMahon to ringside. Vince gave strict instructions to Trish to up Lindas medication for Wrestlemania. Trish drops Linda off in the corner and then sees to Vince before slapping him in the face! Stephanie then slaps Trish and Trish lays into Stephanie! The two girls go at it and Trish beats the hell out of Stephanie! Mick Foley breaks it up and Stephanie slaps Foley! Stephanie runs to the back and Trish goes after her! Stephanie does a dramatic fall and Trish continues to chase her.

Vince gets to his feet and calls Linda a bitch! She sits still in the wheelchair and Mick Foley walks over to him and tells him not to think about doing anything. Foley then wheels Linda away but Vince leather him with a steel chair! Vince rolls Linda into the ring and she just lies prone. Vince kicks Shane in the head for good measure and then sets up a chair in the corner of the ring and puts Linda in it. Vince rolls Shane back into the ring and throws in a few garbage cans for good measure. He nails Shane with a garbage can and grabs another before hitting Shane with that five times! All the while Vince screams at Linda. Vince grabs a third garbage can but behind his back, Linda stands up. Vince turns around and Linda hits him with a low blow! The crowd have come alive! Mick Foley gets back in the ring and beats the crap out of Vince! Shane puts a trash can in Vince’s lap as he sits in the corner. Shane then heads to the opposite side of the ring, goes up top and flies off with  dropkick, dropkicking the trash can into the face of his father! He hooks the leg and Foley counts the 3! Shane McMahon beats Vince McMahon as the likes of Chavo Guerrero Jr, Shawn Stasiak, Lance Storm and Stacy Keibler watch on. Great match between these two and all involved tonight.

Rating: 8.5/10

We get a VT from Axess with the Hardy Boyz getting interviewed by Kevin Kelly. Jeff says he’ll be going into the match tonight like it’s his last.

The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray & D-Von)(c) vs. The Hardy Boyz (Matt & Jeff) vs. Edge & Christian – Tables, Ladders & Chairs II

This is the third triple threat tag team match between these three teams. Edge and Christian won the ladder match between the three teams at last years Wrestlemania and they also won the first TLC match at Summerslam last year. The ring looks a lot smaller with 6 men in it. All three teams go right for it with the Hardy Boyz going after Edge and the Dudley Boyz going for Christian. The Dudleyz and Hardyz then pair off with Matt and Jeff hitting Poetry in Motion on Bubba Ray. Edge and Christian then come in and lay everyone out with ladders. Edge and Christian double team Matt Hardy and then drop toe hold Jeff on a chair. The Dudley Boyz drag Christian out of the ring and lay into him. Edge tries to climb the ladder but Matt pulls him down. Matt then climbs the ladder but Edge jumps off a chair and spears Matt off the ladder. Matt and Jeff then both set up a ladder each and climbs them before jumping off and hitting a legdrop and splash together on Christian!

The Dudley Boyz get back in and get rid of the Hardy Boyz. They hit the Wassup Drop on Edge and Bubba Ray calls for the tables! Bubba Ray lays Edge down on a table before powerbombing Jeff Hardy through Edge and the table! The Dudley Boyz then stack two tables on top of two others outside in the entrance way. Edge and Christian have a better tag team PPV record than the other two teams involved in this one. Back in the ring and bubba Ray nails Matt Hardy with a ladder. 3 ladders are set up and all 6 men climb the ladders! Bubba Ray pushes a ladder over with Matt and Christian and Edge pushes over a ladder with D-Von and Jeff Hardy! Edge and Bubba Ray then hammer each other off the ladder and everyone is down! Christian fell all the way down to the floor which looked painful. He looks ok though, he sets up a ladder outside. Spike Dudley then runs down and hits a bulldog on Edge and then a bulldog on Christian through a table! Rhyno then appears and throws Jeff Hardy off a ladder, smashes D-Von with a ladder and Gore’s Bubba Ray Dudley before Goring Matt Hardy through a table! And then comes Lita!

Lita pulls Edge down from a ladder and then hits a hurricanrana from the top on Rhyno! Edge climbs the ladder but Spike nails Rhyno with a chair and Rhyno accidentally tips over the ladder! The Dudley Boyz then hit the Dudleyville Device on Rhyno and Lita BELTS Spike Dudley with a chair! The Dudley Boyz then hit 3D on Lita! All hell has broken loose here! Edge and Christian take out anybody standing with chairs and then Edge sets up a ladder in the corner. Jeff sets up a huge ladder outside the ring as Spike and Rhyno lay prone on tables. Jeff then climbs the massive ladder and hits a Swanton Bomb through Spike and Rhyno! Edge has set up three ladders and he then puts the huge ladder in the ring next to them. Christian and D-Von climb the big ladder and both men hang on to the rope holding the titles. Matt moves the ladder away and both men hang. D-Von slips down and then Christian does. Jeff then attempts to walk the ladder but they give way. He then climbs the central ladder and grabs on to the rope. Bubba Ray takes away the ladder and Edge leaps off the huge ladder with a spear on Jeff Hardy! Jeff Hardy may be broken smack dab in half.

Bubba Ray and Matt climb the huge ladder in the middle of the ring but Rhyno pushes the ladder over, sending Bubba Ray and Matt Hardy through the tables that were set up outside the ring! D-Von climbs the big ladder in the middle of the ring but Edge grabs him. Christian then climbs the other side and Rhyno puts Christian on his shoulders and walks him up to the top! Christian grabs the belts and this one is over! Edge and Christian have won the Tag Team title again! Jesus Christ, what a match. Probably my favourite match of all time. The only time I have ever given a 10 out of 10.

Rating: 10/10

We get some more footage from Axxess with Lita, Chris Benoit, Trish Stratus, Kane, The Hardy Boyz, Steve Blackman, The Dudley Boyz, Eddie Guerrero, Kurt Angle, Perry Saturn, Triple H and Mick Foley. Some loser paid £200 for  personalised Mr Socko!

The Fink then announces that they’ve set the attendance record for any event in the Houston Astrodome. 67,925 fans, not bad at all.

The Fink then introduces two special guest announcers for the Gimmick Battle Royal, Mene Gene Okerland and my all time favourite….Bobby “The Brain” Heenan!

Sgt Slaughter vs. Luke vs. Butch vs. The Iron Sheik vs. Duke “The Dumpster” Droese vs. Earthquake vs. The Goon vs. Doink The Clown vs. Kamala vs. Kim Chee vs. Repo Man vs. Jim Cornette vs. Nikolai Volkoff vs. Michael “PS” Hayes vs. One Man Gang vs. The Gobbledy Gooker vs. Tugboat vs. Hillbilly Jim vs. Brother Love – Gimmick Battle Royal

Bobby Heenan has a lot of great jokes for this. Michael Hayes disposes of Repo Man straight away! Tugboat then throws out the gobbledy Gooker. Earthquake eliminates his old mate Tugboard. One Man Gang goes for Kim Chee. Kamala throws out Earthquake, who Mene Gene calls by his real name. Doink and The Goon go at it. Kamala throws out Kim Chee! Jim Cornette throws out a Bushwhacker and Cornette is next out! Duke Droese is then eliminated. One Man Gang goes after Kamala, Sgt Slaughter eliminates Nikolai Volkoff and The Good is out and Doink eliminates the other Bushwhacker! Doink and Michael Hayes are then eliminated to boos. Kamala throws out One Man Gang and Slaughter throws out Kamala! We’re down to just Brother Love, Hillbilly Jim, Sgt Slaughter and The Iron Sheik! Slaughter throws out Brother Love, Hillbilly Jim throws out slaughter and Iron Sheik eliminates Hillbilly Jim all in quick succession! Slaughter then gets back in and chokes out Iron Sheik and it may be his music that hits tonight but it’s The Iron Sheik that wins tonight!

Rating: 3.5/10

There’s a VT for The Undertaker and Triple H next.

Triple H vs. The Undertaker

Unbelievably, this is the first time these two men have ever met in a singles match on PPV. Motorhead are there to sing Triple H in live. Both men go at it before Undertakers music has even finished. Undertaker lays into Triple H on the outside of the ring, putting him through the new Spanish announce table which replaced the one Shane McMahon destroyed. The bell rings as they get into the ring and Jim Ross points out that The Undertaker has never lost in his previous 8 Wrestlemania matches. Triple H hits a high knee to Undertakers face but the dead man is right back up. Undertaker hits a big clothesline in the corner before clotheslining Helmsley in the other corner. Undertaker then hits a running powerslam, similar to that the British Bulldog would do. Undertaker then attempts to drop an elbow but Triple H avoids it. Undertaker then hits a big clothesline before spinning the arm and going to the top to hit “old school” but Triple H pulls him down.

Triple H hits a neckbreaker for a two count then tries to intimidate the referee who pushes him back. Undertaker hits some right hands but Triple H hits a facebuster. Triple H then throws the timekeeper over the barricade and grabs a sledgehammer but the referee takes it off him before he can use it. Triple H then goes for a Pedigree but Undertaker gets out of it and catapults Triple H into the referee! Undertaker then hits a big chokeslam on Triple H and the referee is up for a two count! Undertaker isn’t happy, he drops an elbow on the referee! Undertaker then throws Triple H out of the ring and the two men battle through the crowd! The two battle into a technical area where the sound mixers are. Undertaker lays into Triple H in the scaffolding and Triple H keeps going higher and higher. Triple H jabs Undertaker with a chair before smashing it across The Undertakers back, head and knee. Undertaker gets up and chokeslams Triple H down into the crowd! A “Holy Shit” chant breaks out as we see Triple H down on the concrete floor. Well, on the replay you can tell there’s a crash mat. Undertaker then jumps down from the scaffolding, dropping an elbow on Triple H.

Up to now Triple H has won exactly 50% of his PPV matches. Undertaker has won 54% of his. Undertaker takes Triple H back to the ringside area, throwing him back into the ring and picking up the sledgehammer. He holds it high above Triple H who hits him with a low blow! Triple H then grabs the sledgehammer but Undertaker boots him. The two men exchange right hands and Triple H scoops Undertaker up in a Tombstone position but Undertaker reverses it and hits the Tombstone on Triple H but the referee is down! Undertaker wakes the referee up but signals for the Last Ride. He sets Triple H up for it but The Game grabs the sledgehammer and he nails The Undertaker with it as he is lifted up! Triple H hooks the leg but Undertaker kicks out! Undertaker is bleeding from the head and Triple H lays into him with right hands in the corner but Undertaker lifts him up and hits him with the Last Ride! He hooks the leg and it’s over! The Undertaker beats Triple H tonight!

Rating: 7.75/10

The Rock is seen walking backstage, he’s on his way to the main event. Austin is then shown sitting backstage and leaving his locker room.

We then get a video package for the main event to the tune of “My Way” By Limp Bizkit.

The Rock (c) vs. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin – No Disqualifiaction match for the WWF Championship

This is the fourth PPV match between these two rivals and Austin has won the first three. Their last match was at Backlash 99 but this is their second match headlining Wrestlemania and it is the first match ever that has main evented two Wrestlemanias. All 4 of their PPV matches have been for titles, one for the Intercontinental and three for the WWF. Austin attacks The Rock during his entrance and this one is underway! Austin hits a Lou Thesz press and drops two elbows! The Rock hits a neckbreaker and then goes for the Rock Bottom but Austin elbows his way out of it and sends The Rock out of the ring! The two then battle into the crowd, much like The Undertaker and Triple H did in the previous match. The Rock takes the advantage and sends Austin back to the ringside area, smashing Austins face off the announce table. These are the two most popular and the two most over superstars in the company and it has a big big match feel.

Back in the ring and Austin chokes The Rock on the middle rope before getting the first near fall of the match. Austin then pops The Rock on the top turnbuckle and hits him with a superplex. This is The Rocks third consecutive Wrestlemania main event. Austin, who has main evented three of the last four, gets a near fall and then takes off the top turnbuckle. One would argue that Austin is working heel in this match. There’s mixed reactions for both men in this one. The Rock hits a belly to belly suplex for a two count. The Rock clotheslines Austin out of the ring. Austin has fought five singles matches at Wrestlemania, two against The Rock and once against Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart and Savio Vega. The two fight to the outside where Austin nails The Rock with the ring bell. The Rock is busted open now as Austin throws him back into the ring. Austin hits a few big right hands in his home state. Much like the last match, one man has a 50% win record on PPV (The Rock) and one has 54% (Austin). The Rock starts a comeback but gets boo’d! Austin hits a neckbreaker and gets a two count. The fans are definitely behind Austin in this one.

Austin stomps away at The Rock in the corner, keeping him grounded. The Rock eventually explodes out of the corner with a big clothesline! The Rock then grabs the ring bell and nails a bloody Austin with it! Rocky covers Austin and gets a 2 count. The Rock hits some big right hands of his own, knocking Austin down. Jim Ross sounds so damn passionate in this match. This is the first time since Wrestlemania 9 that Jerry Lawler hasn’t commentated at a Wrestlemania. The two fight on the outside where Stone Cold slingshots The Rock into the ringpost. Austin then leathers The Rock with a tv monitor! Austin rolls The Rock back into the ring and gets a 2 count. Austin then goes for the Stunner but The Rock takes him down and locks on the Sharpshooter! Austin is a bloody mess, reminiscent of Wrestlemania 13! Austin finally gets to the rope. Austin then locks the sharpshooter on The Rock! The Rock gets out of it but Austin gets it on again and once again The Rock gets to the ropes. In a nostalgia moment, Austin then locks on the Million Dollar Dream, the finisher he used as The Ringmaster. The Rock uses the same counter Bret Hart used against Austin once, pinning his shoulders to the mat but Austin kicked out.

The Rock hits the Stone Cold Stunner out of nowhere! He covers Austin but Austin kicks out! Vince McMahon then emerges from the back, walking up the entranceway to ringside. The Rock hits some right hands on Austin but Austin replies with a spinebuster for a two count. The Rock then hits a spinebuster of his own! He throws off his elbow pad, bounces off the ropes and hits The People’s Elbow! Vince McMahon then gets in the ring and pulls The Rock off Austin! The Rock chases McMahon and Austin hits Rock with a Rock Bottom! The Rock shoves Austin into the referee and then Austin tells Vince to get him a chair. Austin picks The Rock up and holds him for McMahon who hits Rocky with a chair! Austin covers The Rock but the referee is down. Vince throws Hebner back into the ring just in time for The Rock to get his shoulder up! Austin then picks up the chair again but The Rock leaps into action, hitting Austin with a Rock Bottom! Vince McMahon then distracts the referee so The Rock pulls McMahon into the ring and hits him with right hands before turning around into a Stone Cold Stunner!

Austin pins The Rock but Rocky kicks out! McMahon hands Austin a chair and Austin smashes The Rock with it and pins him but again The Rock kicks out! Austin then beats the hell out of The Rock with the chair. He pins The Rock and it is over! Stone Cold Steve Austin has won the WWF Championship with help from Vince McMahon! Austin and McMahon shake hands and after years of feuding with another, Austin and McMahon share a beer!

Rating: 8.5/10 


Wow, what a show that was. From top to bottom, I don’t feel like I’ve ever seen a show as good as that. 11 matches made this the longest PPV I’ve seen so far on my journey but it did not hinder the quality. It kicked off with a bang with Jericho and Regal who had a decent match despite only having about 7 minutes. Both men are not only great wrestlers but great performers and entertainers. Jericho won and would be the only champion to retain their title tonight. I like Jericho as IC champ and I wouldn’t have been against Regal winning it but I have no doubt that Regal will be busy over the next few months as commissioner of the company. Tazz and the APA then defeated Right To Censor in a very short match. Tazz’s in-ring career is coming to an end with him transitioning into a broadcast role and the concussion he suffered in this match will be sure to speed that transition up. I was expecting Right To Censor to win but maybe this group will come to an end over the coming weeks. Their loss is sure to affect them. Bring back The Godfather and the real Val Venis I say!

Kane then became Hardcore champion in the first title change of the night. I don’t mind ane as Hardcore champion. For a long time it was the lower carders that made up the Hardcore division but with Kane and Big Show battling over the belt it elevates that title. I’m sure this won’t be the last of Raven in this decision either. I was expecting the likes of Crash, Steve Blackman and Hardcore Holly to show up but they kept it to the three participants in the match. Eddie Guerrero beat Test for the European title which is great. I love Eddie so him as European Champion suits me down to the ground. He had a decent enough reign this time last year and I expect no different this reign. I can see Test disappearing into lower card obscurity. Kurt Angle beat Chris Benoit but due to the way he won I expect this feud to continue. They’ve created a good story between the two being submission specialists and there’s no reason for this one to end here. Benoit attacking Angle backstage would suggest that we’ll see a rematch at Backlash.

Chyna beat Ivory to become Women’s champion and my first question is, who the hell is going to beat Chyna for the gold? They’ve got the likes of Ivory, Molly Holly and Trish Stratus who don’t stand a chance but maybe Lita and the ultra tough Jacqueline would put up a better fight? I think Chyna will help elevate this title and any woman associated with it. Shane McMahon then beat his father in an epic confrontation. Any match Shane (or Vince seemingly) have on PPV is always an epic and this one was no different. There was a big storyline going into it and it now seems as though Linda is fine and Trish has left Vince which leaves just Stephanie by Vince’s side. I think these two will be embroiled in a big rivalry going forward with WWF vs. wCw and I can’t wait for it. TLC II was phenomenal. My favourite match of all time due to the spots all 6 men (or 9 participants with Lita, Spike & Rhyno) took. I could watch the match over and over again. It’s incredible that Edge and Christian have won all 3 triple threat matches between the three teams. I’m not sure where they all go from here. Matt Hardy has been teasing a heel turn over the past couple of months, could this be the end of The Hardy Boyz?

The gimmick battle royal was good fun and it didn’t really matter who won, it was just nice to see all the old school guys back in the ring one more time. Some of them were out of shape and unable to go whereas some of them probably should have done better than they did. Former WWF Champion The Iron Sheik won the match but the other former WWF Champion in the match Sgt Slaughter got his revenge after the bell. It was fun to see the old schoolers going at it. Corporal Kirchner and Gillberg were both scheduled to be in the match at one point but weren’t in it for whatever reason. The Undertaker then beat Triple H in one hell of a match. Going into the match I definitely though Triple H would win being the more over guy and the push he’s had over the past 18 months. It’s interesting that Jim Ross bought up Undertakers unbeaten Wrestlemania record and you wonder if that was in the thoughts when booking. The Undertaker won pretty cleanly though and maybe he’ll be in line for a title shot against new champion Stone Cold Steve Austin in the near future.

Speaking of the new champion, he had a great match with The Rock in the main event. In one of the most shocking endings in history, Austin joined forces with Vince McMahon to win the WWF title. This feud is far from over and with this new spin on the rivalry then it has plenty of potential. An epic conclusion to an epic pay per view.

Overall Rating: 69/100 (ranked 4th out of 121) 

Match Of The Night: TLC II
Worst Match Of The Night: The Gimmick Battle Royal
Surprise Of The Night: Austin turns heel and aligns with Vince McMahon
Worst Booking Of The Night: I would have booked Right To Censor to win
Superstar Of The Night: “Stone Cold” Steve Austin
Wrestlemania X7 Will Be Remembered For: The night Austin turned heel and the Attitude Era came to an end

One thought on “Wrestlemania 17

  1. Twelve things of note:

    1.This WrestleMania was billed as a celebration of life, as the intro showed people watch WrestleMania with TV’s that can’t possibly receive PPV signals. One bit showed an Asian man watching WrestleMania 9.

    2.Paul Heyman made his proper WWF debut on the March 5th episode of Raw, telling the audience at home that on February 27th, The Kat was released by the WWF, and her husband Jerry “The King” Lawler walked out right alongside with her. But where there’s chaos, there is opportunity, and just like how TNN threw off ECW for the WWF, the King is gone, and his chair is Paul E. Dangerously, and the E is for Extreme!

    3.In the Sunday Night Heat match, the newly-formed X-Factor, which consisted of X-Pac, Justin Credible, and Albert, defeated Grand Master Sexay and Steve Blackman.

    4.The only champion to not appear on this PPV was the Light Heavyweight Champion Crash Holly, who beat Dean Malenko on the March 18th episode of Sunday Night Heat to win the title.

    5.Decked out in all pink, Chyna was dressed like Bizarra a.k.a. Bizarro Wonder Woman from Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham.

    6.From SummerSlam 2000 to No Way Out 2001, the Right to Censor always won at least one PPV match. That was until WrestleMania X-Seven, which spelled the beginning of the end for RTC, who lost the six-man tag match to Tazz and the APA, and the Women’s Title to Chyna in the same night. Over the next few weeks, RTC started to fall apart, attacking each other until they were finally split up in May, which coincided with the WWF winning their legal battle against the Parents Television Council.

    7.The Doink the Clown in the Gimmick Battle Royal was clearly played by Ray Apollo, not Matt Bourne.

    8.One Man Gang was supposed to compete in the Gimmick Battle Royal as Akeem, but OMG lost so much weight from a heart attack that he couldn’t fit into the Akeem costume.

    9.King Kong Bundy and The Honky Tonk Man were also invited to be in the Gimmick Battle Royal, but both men declined.

    10.Iron Sheik won the Gimmick Battle Royal because he was in no physical condition to be taking bumps.

    11.The Goon, a bad-tempered ex-hockey player, was played by “Wild” Bill Irwin, who competed in WCCW and the AWA throughout the 1980’s.

    12.Shawn Michaels was originally booked to do a run-in during Taker vs. HHH, but was sent home the week prior after showing up at the March 26th simulcast of Raw in a drugged-up state. This was the straw that broke the camel’s back, as Shawn would start to find Jesus at the end of the year, before coming back to the WWF the next year.

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