Backlash 2004

| Date: April 18, 2004
| Venue: Rexall Place | City: Edmonton, Alberta
| Attendance: 13, 000 | Buys: 320, 000

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The Backlash from Wrestlemania features the Raw Brand picking up where they left off on the biggest show of the year. And the main event will be a Wrestlemania re-match with Chris Benoit defending his World Heavyweight Championship against the two men he beat at Madison Square Garden, Triple H and Shawn Michaels. Eric Bischoff made the re-match to put an end to this rivalry once and for all. It’s last chance saloon for Helmsley and Michaels, if they don’t take the belt tonight. The Intercontinental Championship will also be defended tonight as the rivalry between Randy Orton and Mick Foley comes to a close. Foley has said that the match will be a no holds barred, falls count anywhere match with the rest of Evolution banned from ringside. Mick Foley has also hinted that Backlash will see the return of Cactus Jack.

The World Tag Team Championships won’t be defended tonight as Ric Flair, who with Batista beat Rob Van Dam and Booker T for the championships, is in singles competition against Shelton Benjamin. Shelton was the first name drawn to join Raw in the draft lottery that took place on Raw a few weeks ago. Since being drafted to Raw, Shelton Benjamin has beaten Triple H no less than two times. Ric Flair now wants a piece of the rookie and Bischoff made a match between the two. The other title that will be on the line tonight will be the Women’s Championship. Lita won a battle royal to determine the number one contender, beating the likes of Trish Stratus, Jazz, Molly Holly, Gail Kim an Nidia.

Arguably the biggest signing to Raw as part of the draft was Edge. Edge is coming off the injured reserve list and is scheduled to return to action a Backlash tonight. Edge has already made an impact on Raw by attacking General Manager Eric Bischoff. Bischoff is therefore punishing Edge by booking him against Kane in his first PPV match back since Royal Rumble 2003. Chris Jericho looks to get revenge on Christian and Trish Stratus by taking on the pair of them in a handicap match. This match was set up by Christian and although Trish is feeling anxious about it, the match goes ahead. Also tonight, The Coach takes on the man that sprayed him in the face with green mist and the man that was drafted over from Smackdown, Tajiri. And a bonus match that was made on Heat pits La Resistance against The Hurricane and Rosey.

On Heat before the event Val Venis defeated Matt Hardy. The burying of Matt Hardy continues.

Let’s get to the show.

A video package kicks us off hyping up the main event between Chris Benoit, Triple H and Shawn Michaels. Benoit has caught lightning in a bottle but could it be all over tonight? Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler welcome us to Backlash 2004 and we are right into it.

Shelton Benjamin vs. Ric Flair

This is a first time PPV meeting between these two men. They both won matches at last years Backlash PPV. Shelton Benjamin is the only man to have fought on all four WWE PPVs so far this year. Jim Ross keeps calling Shelton “Sheldon”. Benjamin takes Flair down as the bell rings but Flair is up and strutting. Benjamin hits a firemans carry and tries to out-wrestle Flair who keeps getting to the ropes. Ric pushes Shelton who slaps him back and Flair just hits the mat. Benjamin goes into this match with two big wins over Triple H. Shelton shows a lot of agility, jumping onto the top rope. He has a hell of a jump. Shelton dropkicks Flair and then clotheslines him out of the ring. The two men battle outside the ring where Benjamin hits a back body drop.

Back in the ring and Flair hits a thumb to the eye before going up to the top where Shelton throws him down to the mat. This is Benjamins first ever singles match on a PPV that isn’t a Royal Rumble match. Flair goes for a figure four but Benjamin rolls him up for the first near fall of the night. Shelton hits 5 big right hands in the corner but Ric takes the advantage with a cheap shot to the knee. Ric is one half of the World Tag Team Champions, it’s a shame they aren’t being defended tonight. Flair works on Benjamins knee now, as he usually does. Ric was a special guest referee in at the 2002 Backlash event. Flair hits some chops and then goes back to work on the knee of Benjamin. Flair then locks on the figure four! Shelton reverses it but Flair reverses it again before breaking the hold.

Flair exits the ring and grabs a steel chair but the referee throws it back out of the ring. Flair and Shelton then slug it out with chops, right hands and kicks. Flair catches the leg and gives a “woo” but Benjamin hits him with an enzeguri. Benjamin hits a spinning heel kick but oddly Flair is the first man up. He hits a chop but it’s Shelton with big right hands and then a hard Irish whip sending Flair to the outside. Flair is actually undefeated on pay per view so far in 2004 having won both of his previous matches. He goes to the top and loads his hand with brass knucks but Benjamin knocks it out of his hand. Shelton then hits a clothesline off the top and hooks the leg for the three! Shelton Benjamin continues his hot streak with a big win over Ric Flair! This was a good match to kick things off between these two.

Rating: 6.75/10

Todd Grisham is backstage with Randy Orton who doesn’t care that Shelton Benjamin won his match. Randy Orton is the longest reigning Intercontinental Champion of the last 7 years. That’s pretty impressive. I’m guessing the longest since The Rock. Orton says he’ll be retiring Mick Foley or Cactus Jack tonight. Randy says he’ll be showing Mick Foley a side of him that he hasn’t seen before.

Tajiri vs. Jonathan Coachman

It’s a first time meeting between these two men on pay per view. Coach is actually undefeated on pay per view going into this match. Tajiri beat Billy Kidman at last years Backlash pay per view. Coach hits an arm drag on Tajiri in the early going. Tajiri hits a couple of kicks until Coach ducks one and heads out of the ring. Tajiri attempts a kick outside of the ring but Coach ducks and Tajiri hits the ringpost. Coach then wraps Tajiri’s knee around the ringpost. Coach gets the first near fall of the match. Coach works the knee and looks like he may have done some training for this match. Coach hits a back heel trip and then applies a leglock. There’s a bit of a “boring” chant from a firey crowd tonight. Coach goes back to the leglock, using the ropes for leverage.

Coach goes to the top but Tajiri is up and crotches him. Tajiri then ties up Coach in a reverse tree of woe before hitting him with a dropkick. Tajiri hooks the leg but Coach kicks out. A replay of that previous dropkick makes it look very painful. Tajiri hits a handspring elbow and a low dropkick. Tajiri hits a hard kick and then lays into Coach with punches and kicks before trying a monkey flip but Coach grabs onto the ropes and rolls Tajiri up with his feet on the ropes for a two count. Tajiri applies the tarantula and then lines up for his finishing shot but Garrison Cade comes out from nowhere and nails Tajiri with a right hand! Coach rolls up Tajiri and gets the three! Coach wins the match! What is this relationship with Garrison Cade?

Rating: 4/10

There’s some footage from Heat with Triple H arriving with a big steel case. They didn’t mention the case but I thought it was worth noting.

Video package for the Chris Jericho, Trish Stratus and Christian love triangle. The more I see of this, the more I think the angle is stupid.

Chris Jericho vs. Christian & Trish Stratus

First time handicap match involving these three wrestlers. In terms of Backlash records, Trish has lost twice at the event, Jericho has a 1-2 record and Christian has won one and lost one. No woman in history has wrestled as many PPV matches as Trish Stratus. Jericho has lost his 2 previous PPV matches in 2004. Jericho lays out Christian as the bell rings and then chases Trish around the ring. Back in the ring and Jericho hits a reverse elbow and a back body drop. A “slut” chant breaks out aimed at Trish as Jericho hits a suplex on Christian. Jericho is distracted by Trish which allows Christian to lay into his former tag team partner. Jericho side steps Christian, sending him out of the ring. Jericho then hits his trademark springboard dropkick.

Jericho smashes Christian into the barricade and then rolls him back into the ring before hitting a reverse elbow off the top for a one count. Christian Irish whips Jericho into the ropes and it looked like Trish was meant to get a cheap shot in but instead Trish flies off the apron to the outside. Christian drops Jericho on the ropes and then throws him onto the barricade. Christian wrestled on the very first Backlash pay per view back in 1999. He tags in Trish who slaps Jericho a few times. Trish then hits a chick kick on Jericho before tagging out to Christian. Christian hits a snapmare and then applies a reverse chinlock. Jericho gets out of it and tries for the walls of Jericho but Christian kicks him away and Jericho bounces off the ropes and hits Christian with a headbutt to the crotch.

Jericho hits a clothesline, a shoulder block and a swingblade for a near fall. Christian then hits  an Irish whip and goes for the Unprettier but Jericho counters it into a northern lights suplex with a bridge for a near fall. Jericho goes to the second rope but Trish slaps him and Christian then hits an unprettier from the second rope for a near fall. Christian hits some right hands but Jericho takes him down and tries for the walls of Jericho but Trish gets in the ring and breaks it up. Jericho grabs Trish, puts her over his knee and spanks her! Christian comes from behind and hits the unprettier on Jericho! He tags in Trish who makes the cover but Jericho kicks out! Christian tags back in but in comes Trish who gets nailed with a clothesline. Christian and Jericho then both knock each other down with clotheslines and everyone is down!

Both men get up and Jericho hits a flying forearm before dropping Christian on the middle rope. Jericho hits a running knee and a bulldog before trying for the lionsult but Christian gets his knees up. Christian then goes for a Texas cloverleaf and locks that on but Jericho gets out of it and goes for the walls of Jericho but in comes Trish. Jericho slingshots Christian who crushes Trish in the corner. Jericho then hits a running enzeguri and that’s enough for the three! Jericho wins the handicap match! Decent match between these three.

Rating: 6.75/10

Eugene Dinsmore is backstage reading a divas magazine when he walks into the divas locker room. Gail Kim is getting changed and screams and then Molly Holly turns up so Eugene screams at her shaved head. William Regal shows up and gets Eugene out of there!

Victoria (c) vs. Lita – WWE Women’s Championship Match

This is a first time PPV meeting between these two ladies. Interestingly both women made their WWE on-screen debuts as one of Godfather’s Hoes. This is an in-ring debut for both ladies at Backlash events. Victoria has her assets on show in this match. Lita hits an arm drag in the early going and then Victoria applies a headlock, taking Lita down. Lita reverses it into a head scissors and we get some nice chain wrestling between the two. The two girls shake hands, both women are fan favourites although I think the crowd are more behind Lita in this one. The two girls lock up and then roll to the outside which looked a bit painful.

Back in the ring and Lita hits a backslide for a two count as a “we want puppies” chant breaks out. The two women exchange near falls until Victoria hits a powerslam and a standing moonsault for a two count. Victoria hits a suplex for a near fall. Victoria then applies a surfboard stretch until she breaks the hold herself. Lita hits a headscissors, clothesline and a monkey flip before dropping Victoria with a scoop slam. Lita hits a suplex and nips up before hitting another head scissors and applying a sleeper. Victoria gets out of it and hits an elaborate sidewalk slam for a near fall. Victoria then goes up top and half hits a moonsault as Lita didn’t get out of the way properly. Lita rolls Victoria u but only for a two count.

Lita hits a neckbreaker which Victoria just about gets her shoulder up for. Lita then goes for a twist of fate but Victoria counters it and rolls Lita up for the three count! Victoria wins the match and retains her Women’s Championship. Molly Holly and Gail Kim then show up and attack Victoria and Lita! They leave Victoria and Lita laying before walking to the back. Not the worst match between these two.

Rating: 5.75/10

Video package next for Randy Orton and Mick Foley. Great video package at that.

Randy Orton (c) vs. Cactus Jack – No Holds Barred match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship

It’s a first singles match between these two men. Mick Foley wrestled on the first Backlash PPV, beating The Big Show. It’s a first Backlash PPV for Randy Orton. Cactus chases Orton around the ring with a barbed wire baseball bat until Orton drop toe holds Foley into the steps. Orton smashes Foley with a trash can three times but Jack gets his foot up for the fourth. It’s then Cactus Jacks turn to hit Orton with the trash can. Back in the ring now and Cactus chokes away at Orton before hitting him with a running knee and dropping a legdrop for a near fall. Cactus goes back to choking Randy with his boot and then baseball slides him out of the ring. Cactus hits a neckbreaker outside of the ring and then goes up to the middle rope but Orton crawls away. Randy hits a side suplex on the entrance ramp and then pins Foley who kicks out at 2.

Foley is looking for his first PPV victory of 2004 on the third time of asking. Orton smashes Foley into the entrance ramp again for another near fall. Orton bounces Cactus Jack off the ring steps and then rolls him back into the ring. Orton picks up the barbed wire baseball bat but Foley fights him off and hits him with a low blow. Cactus hits a clothesline and pulls out Mr Socko! Cactus then picks up the barbed wire baseball bat and decides to use that instead! He smashes it into Ortons face busting him wide open! Cactus Jack then drives it into Orton again before hitting the Intercontinental Champion with big right hands. Cactus then runs his knee into the face of Randy before rubbing the barb wire bat into his face. Foley then places the bat on Ortons crotch and hits a legdrop much to the crowds enjoyment.

Cactus Jack finds a can of gasoline under the ring and pours it all over the barbed wire baseball bat before picking up a lighter. Eric Bischoff then comes out and tells him that if he lights the bat then not only will Foley lose the match but the show will also come to an end! Mick throws the bat out of the ring and instead leathers Orton with a tray. Cactus then looks under the ring and pulls out some wood with barbed wire all over it. He puts it in the ring but Orton throws some powder into his face and then powerslams Foley into the bar wire! Orton covers Foley but Cactus Jack kicks out. Orton sets up the barb wire in the corner and then Irish whips Foley face first into it! Orton then picks up a bag of tacks and spreads them across the mat.

Randy tries to RKO Foley into the tacks but Foley puts the brakes on and sends Orton into the tacks! There’s a good shot of all the tacks stuck in Ortons back. Foley rolls Orton up but Orton kicks out at 2! Foleys arm has a nasty gash in it. Randy rolls out of the ring and heads to the back but Foley goes after him and the two men go to the backstage area. Foley brings Orton back to the stage before throwing him off it into some sort of wooden structure. EMTs come out with a stretcher as Cactus celebrates on the stage. Foley  fights off the referees and then drops an elbow off the stage onto Orton! Foley pins Orton but Randy kicks out! The two men then crawl back to the ring where Orton hits a double armed DDT into the thumb tacks! Foley hooks the leg but Orton kicks out again! This is a hell of a showing for Orton.

Orton exits the ring and picks up the barbed wire baseball bat, hitting Foley with it. Orton then swings it Foley three times. He tries for a fourth but Cactus locks on the mandible claw courtesy of Mr Socko! Orton gets out og if with an uppercut and then a low blow but Cactus locks the mandible claw back on and Orton hits him with an RKO! Orton hooks the leg but Cactus kicks out again! Orton then hits another RKO, this time onto the barbed wire baseball bat and that’s all she wrote! Randy Orton wins a fantastic match! Flair and Batista come out to help Orton to the back.

Rating: 8.5/10

There’s a promo for the new John Cena DVD.

Triple H meets up with Evolution backstage and tells Randy Orton that he’s just become a legend. Todd Grisham then asks Triple H about his match tonight and Triple H says not to bet against him.

The Hurricane & Rosey vs. La Resistance (Sylvain Grenier & Rob Conway)

Well this is somewhat of a bonus match. All four men make their Backlash debuts tonight. The Hurricane looks to win on PPV for the first ever time. He starts the match with Conway and applies a headlock. Conway gets out of it and hits a hiptoss. Hurricane goes back to the headlock which Conway gets out of but Hurricane hits a head scissors. Rosey comes in and slams Conway to the mat before hiptossing Hurricane onto him for a near fall. Hurricane hits an uppercut and then heads to the top but a momentary distraction from Grenier is enough for Conway to get up and hit a neckbreaker off the top on Hurricane.

Conway tags out to Grenier who hits a suplex on Hurricane and then applies a bear hug. Eugene then comes out from the back. He’s had his issues with La Resistance as of late. Grenier tags in Conway and Hurricane tags Rosey. Rosey hits a slam on Conway and then a sidewalk slam on Grenier. Rosey then hits a Samoan drop on Conway but Grenier breaks up the cover. Rosey takes both members of La Resistance down with a clothesline. Rosey then misses with a splash in the corner but Hurricane clotheslines Conway out of the ring and then dives out at both members of La Resistance. Hurricane rolls Conway back into the ring and then Eugene gets in the ring and runs back and forth repeatedly! William Regal is out to sort on Eugene but Conway is distracted by it all and Hurricane hits Conway with the eye of the hurricane! That’s enough for the three! Hurricane and Rosey win the match. It’s taken Hurricane 3 years but he’s finally won a PPV match. Pretty terrible match.

Rating: 2.5/10

There’s a shot of Shawn Michaels arriving.

Edge vs. Kane 

This is a first PPV meeting between these 2 WWE veterans. It’s Edge’s first PPV match since the 2003 Royal Rumble match. Kane has a 1-1 record at Backlash PPV’s whilst Edge has a 1-2 record. Edge has his left hand and wrist in a cast. A “you screwed Bret” chant is aimed at referee Earl Hebner. Edge avoids some right hands before hitting some of his own. Kane is looking for his first PPV victory of 2004 tonight. Edge hits some more right hands but Kane fights him off with a double armed chokeslam. Kane then chokes Edge but Edge fights him off and hits a clothesline off the second rope. Kane heads to the outside where Edge hits him with a baseball slide and then smashes him into the ring post. Kane is one of the few men that was drafted to Raw in the original draft back in 2002 and has stayed there. On the outside Kane smashes Edge’s injured arm into the ring steps.

Back in the ring and Kane lays into Edge’s injured wrist, hitting it with knee drops and right hands. Kane then applies a top wristlock but Edge fights out of it only to get hit with a sidewalk slam. Kane tries an elbow drop but Edge rolls out of the way and hits a flying forearm and spinning heel kick. Kane hits Edge with a big boot and then goes to the top but Edge sees him coming and goes up with him. Kane fights him off and then flies off with a clothesline but edge gets out of the way and hits a DDT. Kane sits up and Edge goes for a spear but Kane gets out of the way. The referee also dives out of the ring so Edge hits Kane with a low blow and then smashes Kane with his cast before taking the big man down with a spear! Edge hooks the leg and Hebner is back in to count the three! Edge beats Kane tonight in his return to the ring! Ok match here.

Rating: 5/10

There’s a promo for the Judgment Day main event between Eddie Guerrero and John “Bradshaw” Layfield.

Video package next for the main event.

Chris Benoit (c) vs. Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels – World Heavyweight Championship Match

This is the second triple threat match between these three men following Chris Benoits win at Wrestlemania. Triple H is the only man to have fought on all 6 Backlash PPV’s and up to now he has a 3-2 record. Michaels has a 0-1 record and Benoit has a 2-0 record at the event, previously beating Chris Jericho and Kurt Angle. Shawn Michaels gets a lot of boo’s, he did screw Bret in this country. Benoit gets a huge pop in his home city. Benoit holds up his World Heavyweight title in both mens faces. The match begins with Benoit and Michaels double teaming Triple H. They dispose of him and then battle it out between them with the crowd firmly behind Chris Benoit. Benoit hits Michaels with a big clothesline but Michaels gets back into it with a swinging neckbreaker.

Triple h gets back into the ring and slugs it out with Shawn Michaels, hitting him with a high knee. Triple H then lays into Benoit and throws him out of the ring. Michaels hits Triple H with an atomic drop and a right hand before hammering Benoit off the apron. Triple H tries for a Pedigree on Michaels but Shawn gets out of it. Michaels and Triple H then double team Benoit, sending him back to the floor. Benoit gets back in the ring and hits both men with German suplexes. Benoit then hits both men with chops and back body drops Triple H. Michaels hits Benoit with some chops and then Benoit reverses an Irish whip, sending Shawn Michaels out of the ring. Triple H comes off the second rope but Benoit catches him and applies the crippler crossface. Michaels gets up on the apron so Benoit goes after him and lays into him on the outside.

Benoit goes to the top but Triple H is up. Triple H hits some headbutts and then looks to hit a superplex but Shawn Michaels makes sure that doesn’t happen. Michaels hits an electric chair drop on Triple H for a two count. Triple H hits a facebuster and both men go down. Benoit then heads to the top and hits a diving headbutt on Shawn Michaels for a near fall. Benoit and Triple H slug it out until Benoit throws Helmsley out of the ring. Triple H has main evented 4 of the 6 Backlash PPVs. Michaels aims to hit a flying forearm on Benoit but Benoit ducks and Michaels takes out the referee. Triple H gets back in the ring and tries to pedigree Benoit but Benoit counters it and locks on a Sharpshooter! Shawn Michaels breaks the hold but Benoit locks a crippler crossface on Michaels but there’s no referee.

Benoit breaks the hold but Shawn Michaels locks a Sharpshooter on Benoit! Lots of boo’s for this one. And even more as Earl Hebner runs down to fill in as referee. Michaels breaks the hold as he sees Triple H coming. A big “you screwed Bret” chant breaks out. Benoit then locks a crippler crossface on Michaels but Triple H breaks it up. Triple H hits a DDT on Benoit and covers him for a two count. Benoit throws Triple H out of the ring but gets caught with a clothesline from Shawn Michaels. Michaels throws Benoit out of the ring and heads to the top before jumping to the outside, missing and going straight through the Spanish announce table. Triple H throws Benoit into the ring post and then into the steel steps. Back in the ring and Triple H applies a camel clutch to Benoit. Benoit gets out of it and hits 3 German suplexes on The Game and then heads to the top but Triple H gets out of the way of a diving headbutt.

Triple H hits a Pedigree but Shawn Michaels breaks up the pinfall attempt. Michaels is first up and slams Triple H. Shawn then heads to the top and drops an elbow on Triple H. Michaels tunes up the band and sweet chin musics Benoit off the apron. Triple H then sets Michaels up for a Pedigree but they’re too close to the ropes so as expected Michaels back body drops Triple H out of the ring. Triple H pulls a sledgehammer from out of the ring and smashes it into Shawn Michaels back. Benoit drags Triple H out of the ring but Triple H smashes Benoit into the ring steps. Triple H then sets Benoit up for a pedigree on the steps but Benoit fights out of it and slingshots Triple H into the ringpost. Shawn Michaels then sets up Benoit for sweet chin music but Benoit catches his foot and locks on a sharpshooter! Triple H crawls into the ring but Michaels taps out! Benoit wins the match and retains his World Heavyweight Championship!

Rating: 8.5/10

And that was Backlash 2004, the beginning of the next WWE year that ends at Wrestlemania 21. 8 matches, which we’ve come to expect and there was some hits and some misses. The opening match was good fun between Benjamin and Flair and could have been a real classic in Flairs prime. Benjamins solo push continued tonight with him getting a big win over Flair. I can see him getting involved in the Intercontinental picture before long which is a good spot for him. He has limited charisma but he makes up for it by being so entertaining in the ring. Flair should be used as an integral park of the tag team division. Tajiri and Coach was good for comedy purposes. Coach has come a long way in the ring. This match leaves us with more question than answers though as Garrison Cade’s involvement left me a bit perplexed. I figured this is more to start a feud between Tajiri and Cade rather than begin a relationship between Coach and Cade.

Jericho beats Christian and Trish in what should be the end of this rivalry. This storyline has been a dud if you ask me, not a good use of Jericho or Christians talents. I think they can draw a line under it here and move on. I’m not a huge fan of Christian and Trish together either. I’d split all three up! Victoria beats Lita in an above average match. I’m not really buying Victoria as a babyface. Molly Holly and Gail Kim attack the two babyfaces after the match in what should be the next rivalry over the Women’s Championship. Gail Kim has been a bit of a failure since her debut, maybe this is last chance saloon for her. Randy Orton beat Cactus Jack in one hell of a match. Really good stuff from these two in a throwback to the attitude era. This is a big rub for Orton who looks to be a huge star in the future. I’m assuming this is the end of this rivalry and if it is then it was done perfectly.

The Hurricane finally got his first PPV victory on WWE soil as he teamed with Rosey to beat La Resistance. This match was a joke. Eugene coming out and getting involved was daft and a distraction to what was going on in the ring. Hurricane didn’t really look like he was into this and Rosey just does nothing. Not much more to say on this. Would’ve been better served as a proper match over the World Tag Team Championships. Edge beat Kane in a very average match. There was no heat going into this match so it was hard to get into it and the storytelling was ok but there was very mixed messages. Kane is the big monster whilst Edge looks to be someone they’re moulding for the future. This rivalry main continue and they should build a proper storyline around it.

Then in the main event Chris Benoit retained his World Heavyweight Championship in a really good match. This draws a line under the rivalry between these three men and they can move Benoit onto the likes of Kane and I’m not sure who else because there isn’t much of a main event scene at the moment, Randy Orton? I hope all three men go off in different directions now. We don’t need to see Triple H and Shawn Michaels fight again. Triple H has been involved in the Raw main event scene for nearly two years now so it will be weird not to have him as the main antagonist. Great match between these three tonight. Overall there were a couple of really good matches worth checking out. The triple threat main event and Randy Orton matches were both exceptional. Oddly this show is rated exactly the same as the very first Backlash event in 1999.

Overall Rating: 59.68/100 (ranked joint 59th out of 163)

Match Of The Night: Randy Orton vs. Cactus Jack / Chris Benoit vs. Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels
Worst Match Of The Night: The Hurricane & Rosey vs. La Resistance
Surprise Of The Night: Coach beats Tajiri
Worst Booking Of The Night: N/A
Superstar Of The Night: Randy Orton/Chris Benoit
Backlash 2004 Will Be Remembered For: The epic match between Randy Orton and Cactus Jack

One thought on “Backlash 2004

  1. Three things of note:

    1.As if losing to Val Venis on the pre-show isn’t enough, things are about to get worse for Matt Hardy in the next couple of months; same goes for Lita after she failed to win the Women’s Title…

    2.In Episode 4 from Season 2 of WWE Story Time, “It Wasn’t Always Easy”, Randy Orton talks about how much he dreaded the tacks during his match with Mick Foley. Look that episode up on Dailymotion, it’s a great watch.

    3.During the bonus tag match, The Hurricane and Rosey both took off their masks.

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