Bad Blood 2004

| Date: June 13, 2004
| Venue: Nationwide Arena | City: Columbus, Ohio
| Attendance: 9,000 | Buys: 264, 000

He’s Back. Watch Yours. That’s the tagline and judging by the big picture of Edge on the poster, it suggests that Edge is the man to watch in this show. He’ll be teaming up with Chris Benoit as they challenge for the World Tag Team Championships against the two men that beats them for the belts, La Resistance. Chris Benoit will be pulling double duty as he also defends his World Heavyweight Championship against the number one contender determined by winning a battle royal on Raw, Kane. Kane already holds a pinfall victory over Benoit when Kane teamed with La Resistance against Benoit and Edge on Raw last week. Could Kane win the title tonight? Kane has also got some weird storyline going on with Lita and Matt Hardy at the moment, he’s been creeping all over Lita and Lita has agreed to something with Kane but we don’t know what.

The other main event tonight is Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels. Michaels cost Triple H in the number one contenders battle royal and the two have been going at it ever since. Michaels demanded that Eric Bischoff make their match a Hell In a Cell and Bischoff agreed. This match could end the long standing rivalry between the two. Evolution member Randy Orton will also be in action as he defends his Intercontinental Championship against Shelton Benjamin. Benjamin has been a thorn in Evolutions side since being drafted to Raw and holds pinfall victories over Ric Flair and Triple H. Orton tried avoiding Benjamins challenge for his title for weeks but eventually the match was made and Benjamin gets his shot at Bad Blood.

The WWE Women’s Championship will also be defended tonight as Victoria defends her championship in a fatal four way. Originally it was scheduled to be Victoria vs. Gail Kim after Gail got a couple of submission victories over Victoria. Meanwhile Trish Stratus was goading Lita over her business with Kane and the two former friends would get involved in brawls. As a result Eric Bischoff added Lita and Trish to the Women’s title match, making it a fatal four way. Also tonight, Jonathan Coachman takes on Raw newcomer Eugene with Coach looking to end Eugene’s career early under orders of Eric Bischoff and Chris Jericho takes on Christians problems solver Tyson Tomko with Christian being on the shelf.

On Sunday Night Heat prior to the event Batista defeated Maven.

A video package kicks us off focusing on the Hell In A Cell match between Shawn Michaels and Triple H  and then there’s a little bit about Chris Benoit and Kane. I think it’s fairly obvious which they consider the main event tonight. No other match gets a mention. Jim Ross welcomes us to Ohio, he’s joined by Jerry “The King” Lawler.

La Resistance (Sylvain Grenier & Rob Conway) (c) vs. Chris Benoit & Edge – World Tag Team Championship Match

Unsurprisingly it’s this tag team title match that kicks off the show. Chris Benoit is pulling double duty tonight so it gives him a nice rest before he defends the World Heavyweight Championship against Kane later. It’s a first time meeting between these two teams on PPV and it’s a Bad Blood debut for Edge, Benoit and Conway. Edge interrupts La Resistance’s rendition of Oh Canada. Edge and Sylvain Grenier kick off the match with some hammerlocks before Edge tags in Benoit. Benoit applies a headlock and after Grenier gets out of it, Benoit takes him down with a clothesline and tags Edge back in. Edge is a 9 time tag team champion. Grenier tags in Rob Conway who gets plenty of boos. Edge hits a knife edge chop and tags in Benoit who hits some chops of his own.

I like La Resistance as champions, they’re a proper team in my opinion. Benoit hits a side suplex on Conway for the first near fall of the night. Benoit then tags Edge back in and Conway tags in Grenier. Grenier chokes Edge on the ropes but Edge reverses an Irish whip and hits a flapjack for a near fall. Conway breaks up the count and Edge goes after him allowing Grenier to knock Edge out of the ring. Conway then rams Edge into the security barrier and tosses him back in the ring for a near fall. Grenier tags in Conway who continues to lay into Edge. Conway drops an elbow on Edge and then tags in Sylvain who drops an elbow of his own for a near fall before applying a chinlock. Grenier and Conway lost to The Hurricane and Rosey in their last PPV outing at Backlash. Edge and Benoit were both successful that night.

Grenier tags in Conway who hits a nice suplex for a two count. Conway then hits some big right hands and tags Grenier back in. Grenier hits a side suplex for a near fall and goes back to the chinlock. Edge is quick to get out of the chinlock  and he takes Grenier down with a spinning heel kick. Conway runs in and knocks Benoit off the apron and then La Resistance attempt a double suplex but Edge nips down and hits them both with a neckbreaker. Edge then attempts to make a tag but Benoit isn’t there. Edge hits an enzeguri and then tags in Benoit who is there! Benoit hits both tag team champions with German suplexes, chops and then disposes of Conway. Benoit locks a sharpshooter on Grenier but Conway is back in to break it up.

Edge disposes of Conway and then motions for a spear but Grenier sidesteps it and Edge stops himself from hitting Benoit. Benoit then grabs Grenier and locks on the crippler crossface! Edge disposes of Conway but out comes Kane! Kane bounds towards the ring and then chokeslams Benoit and Edge! It’s a disqualification win for the challengers but La Resistance will retain their World Tag Team Championships tonight. Edge throws Benoit into the steel steps and then backs up the entranceway. The finish completely makes sense. Good booking here. Benoit and Edge win but don’t capture the World Tag Team Championships.

Rating: 4.5/10

Eric Bischoff is backstage with Coach who is excited for his match tonight. Bischoff tells Coach that William Regal won’t be at ringside tonight for Coach’s match with Eugene. Coach laughs at something off camera and Bischoff walks over to Eugene who is looking sad. Eugene heard it all and is upset but Bischoff says that he’s trying to protect him. Bischoff says he can put an end to the match tonight but Eugene instead wants to wrestle.

Chris Jericho vs. Tyson Tomko

This is a pay per view debut for Tomko. Jericho lost to Goldberg at this event last year. Tomko is accompanied by Trish Stratus but there’s no sign of Christian who is presumably out with an injury. Tomko lays into Jericho in the early going with right hands and elbows. A loss for Jericho tonight would make him the first person ever to lose two matches at Bad Blood. Tomko takes Jericho down with a clothesline before dragging him back up to his feet and laying into him in the corner. Jericho gets back into it with a dropkick off the middle rope and then his trademark springboard dropkick to the apron. Jericho shoves Tomko into the ringpost and then heads to the top but Tomko sees him coming and holds him high in the air before dropping him on his knee. Tomko hits a slam and then stomps away at the ribs of Jericho.

Jericho fights back with some kicks and then bounces off the ropes but Tomko sees him coming and sideslams him for a near fall. Tomko applies a bear hug, the staple of any big man. Tomko slams Jericho to the mat and then misses a splash on the floor and a splash in the corner. Jericho hits a right hand, a chop and a clothesline before hitting a bulldog and missing with a lionsault. Tomko then hits a big shoulderbreaker for a near fall. Tomko holds Jericho above his head again but Jericho rakes the eyes, nips down and hits a chop block. Jericho then sets up for the walls of Jericho but Trish gets up on the apron, distracting Chris and allowing Tomko to get out of the hold. Jericho then shoves Tomko into Trish and hits Tomko with a running enzeguri which is enough for the three! Jericho wins the match tonight! Not the best between these two.

Rating: 3.75/10

We see some footage from the last few weeks with Shelton Benjamins issues with Evolution. We then go to Todd Grisham who is with Randy Orton. Orton tells us that we’re one day away from Ortons 6 month anniversary as Intercontinental Champion. Orton shouts some abuse at the live crowd, looking off camera which seems a bit odd. Orton then grabs the mic and heads to the ringside area, telling everyone to look at greatness. This is something out of The Rocks playbook. Orton isn’t The Rock though. Randy gets into the ring and demands respect. Shelton Benjamins music then hits and surely this match is about to get underway? Benjamin has a moustache these days. He says nobody cares about what Randy has to say and they should get the match underway now.

Randy Orton (c) vs. Shelton Benjamin – Intercontinental Championship Match

And the bell rings! It’s a first time PPV match between these two men and a Bad Blood debut for both. Benjamin starts quickly, rolling Orton up for a near fall and then dropkicking Orton out of the ring. Orton looks to head to the back but Benjamin hits him with a baseball slide and tosses him back into the ring. Back in the ring and Benjamin hits a cross body but Orton gets back into it by raking the eyes. Randy misses with a splash in the corner and Shelton hits him with an arm drag. Benjamin hits a clothesline for a near fall. I can definitely see Orton vs. Edge at Summerslam. Benjamin and Orton fight to the outside where Benjamin hits some right hands but Orton reverses an Irish whip and sends Benjamin into the barricade. Benjamin then back body drops Orton into the crowd before dragging him out and sending him into the side of the ring.

Back in the ring and Benjamin hits a half nelson into a cover for a two count. Orton heads to the outside but Benjamin suplexes him back in for another near fall. This is the second of four championship matches tonight. Shelton goes for a splash in the corner but Orton gets out of the way and Shelton falls to the outside. Back in the ring and Orton gets a near fall. Ric Flair then emerges from the back to offer his support to Orton. Randy applies a chinlock.Benjamin gets out of it with an electric chair and both men are down. Benjamin gets a near fall but its Orton who hits the next big move, an impressive looking neckbreaker for a near fall of his own. Orton then goes back to the chinlock. Orton breaks the chinlock and goes to the top for a high cross body but Benjamin gets out of the way. Shelton hits a northern lights suplex for a two count.

The two men get to their feet and exchange right hands and it’s Benjamin with a shoulder tackle, clothesline and back body drop. Benjamin then goes to the top rope and hits a clothesline for a close two count. Orton tries for a neckbreaker but Benjamin hits a side Russian leg sweep for a two count. Orton goes for an RKO but Benjamin counters it and hits a spinning heel kick. Benjamin hits a t-bone suplex and hooks the leg but Ric Flair puts Ortons other leg on the bottom rope. Benjamin goes after Flair and brings him into the ring, hitting a back body drop and a splash in the corner. Benjamin hits Orton with a splash and then lock a figure four on Flair! there’s quite a few boo’s for this. The crowd do not like that. Benjamin manages to roll Orton up at the same time but only for a two.

Benjamin shoves Orton into Flair and then rolls Orton up for a two count. Shelton goes up top and hits a cross body but Orton rolls through and grabs the tights and the referee counts the three! Orton wins the match and retains his Intercontinental Championship!

Rating: 5.75/10

Lita is shown getting ready backstage. Interestingly she’s dressed in red and black. Matt Hardy shows up and the two have a kiss. Eric Bischoff then shows up with security. Security escort Hardy from the arena to make sure he doesn’t get involved in the Kane/Chris Benoit match later. Hardy has to go or Lita will be removed from the Women’s title match. Hardy leaves.

Victoria (c) vs. Gail Kim vs. Trish Stratus vs. Lita – Sudden Death Fatal Four Way match for the WWE Women’s Championship

Fatal four way between four talented women. Gail Kim is announced as being from Korea and not Canada. Victoria has new music which I don’t think suits her at all. Four more Bad Blood debuts for these girls. No woman in history has wrestled as many PPV matches as Trish Stratus. This is her 25th. Victoria pairs off with Gail Kim in the early going, hitting her with a big back body drop. Trish and Lita go at it on the outside. Trish is accompanied by Tyson Tomko. Victoria hits a standing moonsault for a two count. Trish then goes after Gail Kim and then Lita shoves Trish to the mat. Trish goes for the chick kick on Lita but Lita ducks it and rolls Trish up! Tyson Tomko breaks up the cover and the referee then sends Tomko to the back.

Lita hits a neckbreaker on Trish and Gail Kim breaks up the cover. Victoria hits a big time sidewalk slam on Kim for a near fall. Trish rolls up Lita for a two. Lita hits a flying head scissors on Trish sending her out of the ring. Gail Kim locks a handy looking submission on Lita but Victoria breaks it up. Gail Kim applies her trademark submission on Victoria but Trish breaks it up. Trish and Gail Kim exchange slaps and then Gail applies a dragon sleeper to Trish which Victoria breaks up. Lita suplexes Victoria and then the two girls collide into each other. All four girls are down. Gail Kim and Lita are up and Lita rolls Gail up for a near fall before hitting her with clotheslines. Gail Kim reverses an Irish whip but misses with a shoulder charge in the corner. Lita hits a DDT but Trish comes out of nowhere and rolls Lita up for the three! Trish Stratus wins the match and becomes the first ever five time Women’s Champion! A fast, action paced match between these four.

Rating: 6/10

There’s a hype video up next for Eugene and Coach.

Eugene vs. Jonathan Coachman

This is a pay per view debut for Eugene who goes up against the undefeated (on PPV) Coach. Coach has previously won in tag team action against Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler and he also beat Tajiri with a lot of help from Garrison Cade. Coach is great. His music is so fitting for him. William Regal is out briefly with Eugene but then heads to the back as he’s banned from ringside. Eugene powers Coach down to the mat with a handshake. Coach applies a headlock which Eugene gets out of, sending Coach into the ropes and then rolling up into a ball. Coach doesn’t know what to make of Eugene who springs to his feet and applies a headlock of his own. Plenty more comedy from Eugene as he rides Coach around the ring. Coach lays into Eugene with some clubbing blows and then the two do a criss cross.

Eugene goes out of the ring and grabs a teddy bear off a girl at ringside. Coach exits the ring and lays into him before tossing him into the ring. Eugene hits a headbutt and then applies a body scissors before rolling Coach around the ring. Eugene then hits some Junkyard Dog running headbutts and pretends to wee on Coach like a dog. Coach rolls out of the ring and motions to the back where a girl in a bikini walks out with a tray of cookies. Coach tries to coax Eugene out of the ring with the cookies and Eugene falls for it. Coach smashes Eugene into the cookies which even King can’t help but make a joke out of. Coach tries smashing Eugene into the top turnbuckle but it has no effect. Eugene hits a reverse atomic drop, a dropkick and then an aeroplane spin, Garrison Cade is then out at ringside and he rips apart the teddy bear. Cade holds Eugene for Coach but Eugene gets out of the way and Coach nails Cade.

Eugene hits a rock bottom on Coach and follows it up with a people’s elbow! Eugene hooks the leg and gets the three! Eugene wins the match! He then hits (a bit of a botched) stone cold stunner on Cade. William Regal is out after the match and celebrates with Eugene. Eugene hits a stone cold stunner on Coach for good measure. Mildly entertaining.

Rating: 3/10

There’s a video package up next for Chris Benoit and Kane. The World Heavyweight Championship is on the line next.

Chris Benoit (c) vs. Kane – World Heavyweight Championship Match

This is a first time meeting between these two men on pay per view. And it is the first ever World Heavyweight Championship match on pay per view to not involved Triple H. Triple H is of course main eventing the show. Kane debuted at this event in 1997 and lost with Rob Van Dam against La Resistance last year. A loss in this match for Kane would make him the first person ever to lose at two Bad Blood events. Chris Benoit makes his Bad Blood debut tonight. Benoit hits some chops in the early going with some kicks and Kane screams in pain. Kane takes Benoit down with a shoulder block, sending the champion out of the ring. Benoit gets back into the ring but Kane lays into him with big right hands. Benoit goes for a German suplex but Kane elbows him off and then misses with an elbow drop. Benoit hits an enzeguri and then goes for a sharpshooter but Kane powers out.

Kane hits an uppercut and the pace slows down. Benoit hits a boot and smashes Kane arm into the top turnbuckle before trying for the crippler crossface but Kane lifts him up and drops Benoit on the top turnbuckle. Kane drags Benoit to the side of the ring and then smashes him into the hard edge of the ring. Kane drops Benoit on the top rope and then chokes the World Heavyweight Champion on the bottom rope. Benoit has won every PPV match he’s wrestled in 2004 so far. Kane hits a neckbreaker for a two count. The big red machine then applies a neckvice. Benoit gets out of it but Kane takes him right back down to the mat with a sidewalk slam for a two count. Kane then goes back to the neck vice. Benoit gets out of it with some elbows but Kane just clubs him back down to the mat. Kane throws Benoit out of the ring but it’s Benoit that ends up shoving Kane into the ring post.

Kane has had his opportunity against World Heavyweight Champions Triple H, Goldberg and now Chris Benoit. He hits a big clothesline on Chris Benoit for a near fall. Benoit delivers a couple of dropkicks to the knees of Kane and then a chopblock. Benoit then tries to lock on a sharpshooter but Kane fights out of it. Benoit hits another dropkick to the knee and then once again tries to lock on the sharpshooter but Kane grabs him by the throat. Benoit fights him off but Kane hits an uppercut. Kane misses with a big boot in the corner and Chris Benoit once again hits a dropkick to the leg. This match has had a very slow pace to it. Benoit locks on the sharpshooter but Kane gets to the ropes. Benoit hits three consecutive German suplexes and then looks to head to the top but Kane sits up.

Benoit hits another three consecutive German suplexes and this time makes it to the top where he launches off with a diving headbutt. Benoit gets up to his feet and Kane sits up but Benoit tries to lock on the crossface. Kane powers him off and then hits a chokeslam before pinning Benoit who kicks out at 2! Kane notions for a tombstone but Benoit nips down only to be hit with a big boot instead. Kane then heads to the top and dives off with a clothesline but Benoit catches him and locks on the crippler crossface! Kane manages to get up to his feet and Benoit rolls him up and gets the 3! Chris Benoit wins the match! Not the best match in the world but Benoit retains his World Heavyweight Championship tonight.

Rating: 5.75/10

Todd Grisham grabs Benoit after the match and Benoit says that Chris Benoit is for real. We see some highlights from the match and we get a bit of a post match analysis from Chris Benoit. I’ve never seen anything like this before.

There’s a video package up next for Triple H and Shawn Michaels.

Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H – Hell In A Cell Match

Shawn Michaels is the only man to have wrestled at all three Bad Blood PPVs. All three Bad Blood shows have had a Hell In A Cell Main event, Shawn Michaels won the first, Triple H won the second. The winner of this match will be the only person to have won two matches at Bad Blood events. These two men have wrestled in three singles matches against each other on PPV, they’ve both won one and they drew the other. This is essentially the rubber match. Triple H is undefeated in Hell In a Cell matches having previously beaten Mick Foley, Chris Jericho and (at last years Bad Blood event) Kevin Nash. This may be the first PPV to have a WWE World Heavyweight Championship match not involving Triple H but The Game is still in the main event.

Shawn Michaels gets the first shot in but the two men end up exchanging right hands in the early going. Michaels hits a couple of knife edge chops and Triple H takes him down with a reverse elbow to the throat. Michaels hits a takedown and follows it up with some right hands. Only The Undertaker has wrestled more pay per view matches than Triple H. Triple H throws Michaels out of the ring and slowly makes his way over to him and tossing him back into the ring. Michaels hits a swinging neckbreaker for a one count. Triple H once again throws Shawn Michaels out of the ring and attempts to throw Michaels into the side of the cell but HBK reverses it. Triple H is bleeding now and Michaels hits him with some right hands. Triple H takes the advantage with a boot and for a third time he throws Shawn Michaels out of the ring. Won’t be long until Shawn Michaels is bleeding. Michaels throws Triple H into the side of the cell and then back into the ring.

Michaels hits a snapmare and then stomps on Triple H’s face. Triple H hits a hard Irish whip. There are only five men that wrestled on last years Bad Blood PPV as well as this one, Triple H and Shawn Michaels are two of them. Triple H hits a backbreaker as blood trickles down his face. Helmsley hits a stalling vertical suplex for another near fall. Triple H hits another back breaker for another near fall and then grabs a steel chair. Triple H sets it up and looks to hit a backbreaker onto it but Michaels counters it. Shawn hits some chops and then throws Triple H out of the ring. HBK attempts a double axe handle off the apron but Triple H hits him with a right hand and then rams him into the side of the cage. Somebody at ringside shouts “get up you sissy” at Michaels which made me laugh. Triple H Irish whips Shawn into the side of the cell.

Back in the ring and Triple H hits Michaels with a sidewalk slam onto the chair. Triple H sets up the chair and then backbreakers Michaels onto it which earns Triple H a few near falls. Helmsley nails Michaels with a steel chair for good measure. Triple H attempts to lock on an abdominal stretch but Michaels counters it by hiptossing him over the top rope. Triple H gets back into the ring and the two men slug it out. Triple H sets up for a Pedigree but Michaels hits him with a low blow. Shawn hits a couple of atomic drops and a right hand to knock down The Game. Michaels gets a near fall. These two men make up 50% of the men that have held the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Goldberg and Chris Benoit being the other two. Michaels Irish whips Triple H into the side of the cage and then into the steps. Michaels then attempts a piledriver on the steps but Triple H back body drops him to the floor.

Back in the ring and Triple H leathers Shawn Michaels with a chair. Triple H brings the steel steps into the ring but Michaels fights him off and then nips up to his feet. Shawn attempts sweet chin music but Triple H ducks it, picks up the steps and rams them into Shawn Michaels face. Michaels is now busted open. Triple H uses the steps again and then throws them to the outside. Triple H gets a near fall. Helmsley throws Michaels out of the ring and then rams him into the side of the cell. Back in the ring and Triple H hits a big Arn Anderson type spinebuster on Michaels for a near fall. The two men slug it out until Triple H applies a sleeper. Michaels gets out of it by dropping Triple H face first on the top turnbuckle. Helmsley then sets up for the pedigree but Michaels gets out of it and hits a DDT. Michaels then swings a chair into the face of Triple H a couple of times for a near fall.

Michaels exits the ring and pulls a ladder out from under the ring. He battering rams it into the face of Triple H and then jabs it into his ribs. Shawn sets up the ladder in the corner and then Irish whips Triple H right into it. Michaels Irish whips Triple H into the ladder for a second time and then kicks Triple H in the ribs for good measure. Michaels hits another Irish whip on Triple h into the ladder sending him all the way to the outside of the ring. Michaels rubs Triple H’s face into the mesh of the cell and then sets up a ladder in the corner of the ring before slingshotting Triple H into it. Michaels gets a near fall. Michaels hits a slam and then goes to the top before diving off with an elbow but Helmsley rolls out of the way. The two men get up to their knees and exchange lefts and rights until Michaels floors Triple H.

Michaels drags Triple H up to his feet but Triple H throws Shawn shoulder first into the ring post. Triple H pulls a table out from under the ring and slides it into the ring. He sets it up in the middle of the ring but Michaels hits him with some chops and right hands, dropping him down to the canvas. Michaels rolls Helmsley on top of the table and then climbs up the ladder and dives off with an elbow drop right through the table! Michaels covers Triple H who kicks out! Michaels then motions for sweet chin music but Triple H ducks it and hits him with a low blow! Triple H then hits the Pedigree! He rolls on top of Michaels for the pin but Michaels kicks out! The two men get up to their feet, using each other for support and then Michaels hits sweet chin music from nowhere! Both men collapse and Shawn slowly rolls over to Triple H and covers him but Triple H kicks out!

Both men get up to their feet and Triple H nails Michaels with another Pedigree. Both men just lay down for a long time without moving. Triple H is first to move but Michaels stirs too just for Triple H to hit a third Pedigree on Triple H. Helmsley rolls on top of Michaels and this time gets the 3. Triple H beats Shawn Michaels tonight in 47 minutes and 26 seconds. This should put an end to their rivalry. Both men get a standing ovation.

Rating: 7.5/10

And that was Bad Blood 2004. It kicked off with Edge and Chris Benoit beating La Resistance by disqualification. I thought this was a smart finish. The faces get the win and look strong and it uses logic for Kane getting an early attack on his opponent for later in the show. I like La Resistance as tag team champions even if they are in a weak division. Move Edge on to a feud with Randy Orton I reckon. Chris Jericho then beat Tyson Tomko in a forgettable match for Jericho. Tomko didn’t look up to much in the ring, I can’t se him featuring in a high spot anytime soon. Jericho had to win although it does make the problem solver look weak. Hopefully Christian isn’t too far away from a comeback and maybe he and Tomko will get involved in the tag team division. Jericho can fit just about anywhere on the card. He could easily feud with Batista, Kane or continue his feud with a returning Christian into Summerslam.

Next up Randy Orton beat Shelton Benjamin with a tug on the tights. I really like Orton as Intercontinental Champion at the moment so I’m happy with this result. I feel like the title has really helped him and he has helped the title. He and Edge is a natural fit to feud into Vengeance so I won’t be surprised to see that match in a months time. I’m not sure where it leaves Shelton Benjamin though. Trish Stratus then became the first ever 5 times Women’s Champion in history. She’s really freshen up since turning heel so I don’t mind this at all. The other three are all missing something at the moment. Eugene beat Coach in an interesting match up. I think some people will have found this entertaining. It was what it was. I have no idea where the Eugene character goes but Nick Dinsmore is great at this character.

Then came the two main events. Chris Benoit retained against Kane in a match that made Benoit look pretty strong. This was a standard defence against a go-to guy for putting World champions over. I thought this match was a little slow and other reviewers have rated it higher than me. This will be the end of this feud and it’ll probably be back to busy with Triple H come Summerslam. Triple H beat Shawn Michaels in the main event. I love how if Triple H isn’t involved in the World Heavyweight Championship match he’s still got to main event the show. This was definitely the match of the night for me and although it wasn’t the best hell in a cell match ever it was still one hell of a match. Both men got the standing ovation that they deserved. Could this really be the end of the rivalry? We’ll find out soon.

Overall Rating: 51.78/100 (ranked 130th out of 165)

Match Of The Night: Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H
Worst Match Of The Night: Eugene vs. Jonathan Coachman
Surprise Of The Night: Kane gets involved in the opener
Worst Booking Of The Night: N/A
Superstar Of The Night: Chris Benoit
Bad Blood 2004 Will Be Remembered For: The Hell In A Cell Match

One thought on “Bad Blood 2004

  1. Six things of note:

    1.Regarding the “reaction” that Maven received before he got DESTROYED by Batista on the pre-show, might I suggest that the next time you watch a Maven match and you hear the opening bit of his theme song, just mute the sound and watch Maven walk to the ring to complete silence.

    That is my vision for what Maven should’ve entered to.

    2.Christian defanately went down with an injury when Jericho defeated him in a steel cage match on the May 10th episode of Raw.

    Don’t worry, because Christian will return in time for Unforgiven.

    3.The reason why Victoria has new music is because Vince didn’t wanna pay t.A.T.u. for the rights to their song “All the Things She Said” anymore.

    4.During the build-up for his match against Coach, Eugene met and defeated Bischoff’s other lackey known as Johnny Nitro on the June 7th episode of Raw:

    Once he lost the match, Nitro was fired and sent down to OVW, but we’ll be seeing him again the following year.

    5.The HHH/HBK match was good, but ran a bit too long.

    6.The next night on Raw, HHH and HBK were about to shake hands and make up, but Kane stormed the ring and injured HBK’s throat with a steel chair, putting him out of action until September.

    In reality, HBK asked to be taken off TV because his wife was giving birth to their second child.

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