Survivor Series 2005

|Date: November 27, 2005
|Venue: Joe Louis Arena |City: Detroit, Michigan
|Attendance: 15,000 |Buys: 400,000

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The Beginning Of The End. That is the tagline for this pay per view and I’m not really sure why. The Undertaker is on the poster so maybe that’s why. Undertaker is due to return tonight and due to the way he disappeared you can be sure he’ll be gunning for Randy Orton. Tonight the WWE Championship is set to be defended in what I see as the main event. John Cena defends the title once again against Kurt Angle who has a little extra help this time. Kurt has enlisted his own referee in Daivari who hasn’t been seen since Muhammad Hassan left the company. Tonight Daivari will referee the match which stacks the odds against John Cena more than ever.

The other big match of the evening is a traditional Survivor Series match between Team Raw and Team Smackdown. The rivalry between the two brands has been going on for a few months now, ever since Eric Bischoff turned the lights out as Smackdown wrestlers were given the opportunity to showcase on Raw. Then at Taboo Tuesday the team of Rey Mysterio and Matt Hardy beat the Raw team of Chris Masters and Snitsky and later on Batista defeated Jonathan Coachman. The two General Managers then made a 10 man traditional Survivor Series match to decide brand supremacy. Eric Bischoff was quick to name Shawn Michaels as the team captain and then add the new world tag team champions Kane and The Big Show. Carlito then beat Shelton Benjamin to win a place on the team and was shortly joined by Chris Masters. Over on Smackdown there were matches to decide who would join team captain Batista on the blue team. Bobby Lashley, Rey Mysterio and John “Bradshaw” Layfield all won their matches as did Eddie Guerrero who beat Mr Kennedy. Sadly Eddie Guerrero would pass away less than a week later. Randy Orton was quietly given Guerrero’s spot.

There are two other inter-promotional matches tonight. The two general managers have agreed to go one on one with Eric Bischoff and Teddy Long squaring up. The two GM’s have been at loggerheads for a while, made worse by Bischoff orchestrating an attack on Long, carried out by Chris Masters. There’s nothing on the line in this match, just bragging rights. The other inter-promotional match will be for the WWE Women’s Championship. On an Eddie Guerrero memorial episode of Raw, Melina won a battle royal filled with all of the female wrestlers. A week later two masked men kidnapped Trish and tied her up backstage. They were revealed to be Johnny Nitro and Joey Mercury and it was all a ploy for Melina to challenge Trish to a match at Survivor Series. Trish accepted and the match is on.

Triple H and Ric Flair will go toe to toe again but this time it’ll be a Last Man Standing match. Triple H lost the match between the two at Taboo Tuesday but the two will meet again tonight. I thought the Intercontinental Championship was original scheduled to be defended but apparently it isn’t. One other match tonight is between Booker T and Chris Benoit. Booker T turned heel recently, revealing that he knew Sharmell was getting involved in his matches and he attacked Chris Benoit. The two men had a match on Smackdown for Booker T’s newly won United States Championship and in a match filled with controversy the two men pinned each others shoulders to the mat and the match was drawn. Teddy Long then announced that the United States Championship was vacated (unnecessary if you ask me) and the two men would compete for the vacant title in a best of 7 series, much like they did in wCw all those years ago. The first of those matches will be contested tonight.

On Heat prior to the event Juventud Guerrera defeated Simon Dean.

A video package kicks off Survivor Series hyping up the traditional Survivor Series match for brand supremacy. The Raw matches between Kurt Angle and John Cena and Triple H and Ric Flair also get a mention, as well as the return of The Undertaker. Joey Styles then welcomes us to Detroit, Michigan. Joey is joined by Jerry Lawler and The Coach. The Spanish announcers welcome us and then hand over to Michael Cole and Tazz who are convinced that tonight Smackdown will be leaving victorious.

Chris Benoit vs. Booker T – The 1st match in a best of 7 series for the vacant United States Championship

This is a first match between these two men on pay per view. Booker T has a 0-4 PPV record at Survivor Series whilst Chris Benoit has a 2-2 record. Benoit goes right for Booker in this one but the match starts slowly. Booker hits a slam and both men are back to their feet. We’re told that match two in the series will be Tuesday night on Smackdown. Benoit hits Booker T with some knee shots, sending Booker out of the ring. Back in the ring and Benoit takes booker back down to the mat. Booker exits the ring by his own accord this time before talking to his wife Sharmell outside. Booker gets back into the ring and we have a test of strength. Booker hits a back kick to the face of Benoit and then a reverse elbow. Booker lost to John Cena in a best of 5 series for the United States title last year. Benoit hits a suplex for the first near fall of the night. Chris Benoit is slow and methodical in his attack, hitting right hands and an Irish whip before running into the boot of Booker T.

Booker hits a sidewalk slam for a two count and then applies an arm bar before turning it into an abdominal stretch. Benoit gets out of it with an arm drag but Booker hits a kick to the face to take Benoit back down. Booker then hits a big spinning heel kick and a few reverse elbows before nailing Benoit with a hard Irish whip. Booker T hits a neckbreaker for a near fall as Sharmell shouts on from the outside. Booker applies a chinlock which Benoit gets out of but Booker hits a knee and attempts a suplex only for Benoit to counter it into a German suplex. Benoit tries for another German but Booker stops it and takes Benoit down with a big kick for a two count. Benoit hits a dragon leg sweep and tries for the sharpshooter but Booker counters it. Benoit hits some chops and hits a couple of forearms for a two count. Benoit hits a snap suplex and then three German suplexes and then heads to the top but Sharmell gets up on the apron and distracts Benoit. Booker T gets up on the middle rope but Benoit repeatedly headbutts him, sending him to the mat below. Chris dives off with his trademark diving headbutt but Booker T rolls out of the way. Booker then rolls up Benoit and puts his feet on the ropes with Sharmell holding the feet for extra leverage and Booker gets the three!

Booker T wins tonight and gets the first victory in the best of seven series. Booker T’s first ever win at a Survivor Series, on the 5th time of asking.

Rating: 7/10

Eric Bischoff is backstage warming up for his match. Vince McMahon arrives and wishes Bischoff luck. Bischoff says he’ll wipe the mat with Teddy Long and his Raw team with decimate the Smackdown team later. Bischoff then promises to screw Cena tonight, like Vince did with Bret Hart in 1997. John Cena then shows up and makes a witty remark about Bischoff screwing guys. Vince then tells Cena to keep up the good work “my nigger”. We get a shot of Booker T and Sharmell who gives it the “tell me he did not just say that”. The end of this segment made me feel uncomfortable.

Trish Stratus (c) vs. Melina – WWE Women’s Championship Match

This is a first time meeting between these two ladies and it’s the first inter-promotional match of the night. It’s a Survivor Series debut for Melina whilst Trish has a 2-2 record at this event. Melina is joined by Nitro and Mercury whilst Trish is joined by Mickie James. Trish goes right for Melina before the bell even rings. Melina escapes the ring but Trish goes up top and jumps out at all three members of MNM. Joey Styles and Tazz are on commentary for this match and they are supporting the girl representing their respective brand. Back in the ring and Trish hits a head scissors and then a mule kick but Melina lays into the back of Stratus. Melina hits a kick to the ribs of Trish and then a head-scissors on the second rope. Melina then chokes Trish with her boot but Trish returns the favour. Melina rakes the eyes and kicks Stratus before going outside and getting into it with Mickie James. The referee is distracted so MNM get in the ring and pick her up for the snapshot but the referee sees them and ejects the WWE tag team champions from ringside!

Melina hits a spear on Trish and then hits some forearms and a big clothesline. Melina applies a bow and arrow submission but breaks it up when she gets caught pulling the hair. Trish fights back with some right hands and forearms and then attempts the Stratusfaction but Melina counters it and gets a near fall. Trish avoids a clothesline with a matrish but Melina hits a double axe handle for a near fall. Trish fires back with some forearms but runs into Melinas elbow. Melina heads to the second rope but Trish hits her with her trademark head-scissors and then a spinebuster for a two count. Trish then attempts the chick kick but Melina ducks it. Trish attempts the Stratusfaction but Melina counters it and forces Trish onto the apron. Mickie pulls Trish out of the way of a shoulder charge and then Trish hits a kick and a bulldog from the top rope which gets the three count! Trish wins the match and retains her Women’s championship! Mickie James seems happier than Trish! Good match between these girls.

Rating: 6.5/10

Dmitri Young is at ringside. No idea who he is.

We’re then shown Triple H who is taping his hands backstage.

There’s a video package for Triple H and Ric Flair who are up next.

Ric Flair vs. Triple H – Last Man Standing match

This is the second match between these two men on PPV, Flair won the first at Taboo Tuesday. Triple H has wrestled at 7 Survivor Series PPV’s prior to this and he has never won. This is Flairs first match at a Survivor Series PPV since 1992 and he has a 1-1 record at the event. Triple H attacks Flair as he makes his entrance and lays into him with some big right hands in the entrance way. Triple H throws Flair into the ring and hits him with more right hands before throwing the Intercontinental title across the ring. That title isn’t on the line tonight apparently. Triple H grabs a steel chair but Flair sees him coming and hits him with a kendo stick! Flair sends Triple H into the crowd before laying into him amongst the fans. The two exchange right hands and chops before The Game back drops Flair back to the ringside area. Triple H then hits a suplex on the outside. Flair gets up before the ten count and so Triple H suplexes him back into the ring.

Triple H hits two elbow drops to the back of Flair and then lays into him with big right hands. Flair hits a few jabs of his own but Triple H throws him out of the ring. Triple H then throws Flair into the ringpost before jabbing away at Flairs head with a screwdriver, causing the Nature Boy to bleed like a stuck pig. Back in the ring and Triple H continues to use the screwdriver until Flair fights back with some chops only for Helmsley to throw Ric out of the ring again. Triple H then takes the Spanish announce desk apart but before he can do anything, Flair throws Helmsley into the ring steps! Flair runs at Triple H who takes him down with a spinebuster. Triple H then grabs a microphone and calls Flair an old bastard, tells him to get up and then tells him to stay down. Flair gets up and grabs Triple H by the balls! Triple H puts a stop to that by smashing the microphone into Flairs head. Triple H then sets Flair up for a pedigree on the announce desk but Flair back body drops Triple H sending him crashing through the Spanish announce table!

Triple H barely beats the count of 10 and stumbles around as Flair stands in the ring. Triple H gets back into the ring and Flair hits him with some chops. Flair lowers his head though and Helmsley hits him with a knee to the face. Hunter hits another big right hand and then holds a chair high above his head. He looks down at Flair and then drops the chair and instead hammers Flair with some big right hands. Flair gets up to his feet but Triple H hammers him right back down. Triple H sets up for a pedigree on the chair but Flair hits him with a low blow! Flair then smashes Triple H with the chair but again Triple H beats the count. Flair bites Triple H, chops him and hits him with a low blow. Flair then crotches Triple H into the ringpost before swinging The Game’s knee into the ringpost and then repeatedly crotching him! Back in the ring and Ric hits a chopblock and then bites Triple H’s leg! Flair stands Triple H up, hits him with a chop and then another chopblock.

Flair attempts to lock on the figure four but Triple H kicks him out of the ring! Flair grabs Triple H and then wraps his knee around the ringpost again before smashing a steel chair into his knee! Flair then applies the figure four and uses the top rope for leverage which is well within the rules of this type of match! Triple H taps out but that doesn’t mean anything in a Last Man Standing match. Triple H is looking for his first Survivor Series win tonight, that is pretty unbelievable. Triple H gets up for a second and then drops Flair with a clothesline. Triple H grabs the ring steps from the outside of the ring and rams them into the face of Ric Flair! Helmsley attempts to do the same again but this time Flair hits a drop toe hold and Triple H goes face first into the steps. Triple H then hits a pedigree out of nowhere on Flair! Flair manages to get back up to his feet but Triple H hits him with another pedigree! Flair gets up again and flips off Triple H who hits him with a third Pedigree! Flair once again manages to get up to his feet so Triple H grabs his trusty sledgehammer and smashes Flair with it. This time Flair stays down and Triple H wins the match.

Rating: 7.5/10

Trish Stratus and Mickie James are in the Instant Access Room.

Randy Orton is backstage with Rey Mysterio, John “Bradshaw” Layfield and Bobby Lashley telling them that Batista is the weak link tonight because of his injury. Orton says that he’s won at the last two Survivor Series PPV’s as JBL helps big him up. Batista then arrives and says that he is the leader out there tonight. He has the support of Rey Mysterio and Bobby Lashley. JBL caves and gives his support whilst Randy tells Batista that he’s the man.

Edge’s music hits and out comes Edge with Lita. Edge makes the announcement that coming soon will be “The Cutting Edge” which is Edge’s own chat show. Just what we need, another chat show. Edge then gives Dmitri Young some stick. Edge asks if he has a lack of talent or a lack of steroids and then calls him a fatty. Edge calls baseball a crock before shooting on the various Detroit sports teams. Edge then invites “Mark Henry” Dmitri Young to the show. Young gives a crappy scripted line about balls. Dmitri points out all the world championships form the various Detroit sports teams before asking Edge where his world championship is.

There’s a video package next hyping up John Cena and Kurt Angle’s match.

John Cena (c) vs. Kurt Angle – WWE Championship match with Daivari as special guest referee

This is the fourth PPV singles match between these two men. Kurt has won 2 of the previous 3 matches and Cena has just won 1. Kurt has a 2-4 record at Survivor Series compared to Cena’s unblemished 2-0 record. Since 1994 the WWE/WWF Championship has changed hands every time it has been defended at Survivor Series except for two occasions. Angle takes down Cena early and applies a leglock which Cena fights his way out of, hits an arm drag and then locks on an armbar. The crowd are hot in this match. Lots of “Angle” and “Cena” chants. John hits a shoulder charge knocking Kurt out of the ring. Daivari stops Cena from exiting the ring. I can’t remember the last time that I heard the crowd so loud. Angle hits an uppercut and some right hands, taking Cena down in the corner. Kurt then runs into Cena’s boot. Cena hits a reverse elbow, an arm drag and a side slam and makes the cover but Daivari refuses to make the count. Cena kicks off at Daivari which allows Angle to take Cena down with an ankle lock! Cena refuses to tap out though and gets to the ropes but Daivari kicks Cena’s hand off the rope!

Cena hits Angle with a spinebuster and then slaps Daivari a couple of times! Daivari looks to disqualify Cena but Kurt stops him from doing so! Cena then sends Kurt into Daivari, knocking both men out of the ring! Kurt pulls Cena out of the ring and smashes him into the ring steps before hitting John with a belly to belly on the outside of the ring. Angle rolls Cena back into the ring and calls for another referee to make the count. Chad Patton runs out but Cena kicks out of the pinfall. Kurt hits a suplex and gets a two count. Kurt then applies a waistlock and the crowd duel in their chants. Cena gets out of the waistlock and hits a cross body for a near fall. Angle hits a belly to belly suplex and a high knee. There’s a big “Cena sucks” chant in Detroit. Angle hits a side suplex for a two count and then applies a modified STF. Cena gets out of the STF and hits a DDT, three clotheslines and a side suplex before hitting the five knuckle shuffle. Angle gets to his feet and randomly clotheslines the referee down. Kurt then hits a low blow and calls for another referee so out comes Mickie Henson. Kurt hits the Angle slam but Cena kicks out at 2!

Kurt hits a superplex but again Cena kicks out at 2. Kurt heads to the top and then jumps off with a beautiful moonsault but Cena rolls out of the way. Cena then gets Kurt up for an FU but angle saves himself by grabbing onto the referee. Kurt then takes out the referee with an uppercut! Charles Robinson heads out from the back as Cena takes Daivari down with a DDT. Cena then scoops Angle up and hits him with the FU! John hooks the leg and Charles Robinson counts the 3! Cena wins the match and retains his WWE Championship! But I have a feeling there may be a twist in this tale. There isn’t! Cena wins the match!

Rating: 7/10

There’s a promo video for Jake Roberts new DVD.

Teddy Long vs. Eric Bischoff

This is a first time meeting between these two general managers. It’s an in-ring debut for Teddy Long who is joined by Network representative Palmer Cannon. Michael Cole and Jonathan Coachman are on commentary for this and Cole gives Coach a very hard time. Teddy goes up to the middle rope and gets an ok reaction. Teddy then avoids a clothesline. I find Teddy Long annoying. Bischoff attempts a martial arts kick but Long gets out of the way. Palmer Cannon gets up on the apron which actually distracts Teddy Long and allows Bischoff to choke Long with his belt. Eric then kicks Cannon off the apron. Bischoff chokes Long and then applies a sleeper. Again Palmer Cannon gets up on the apron which distracts the referees. Teddy then hits Bischoff with his trainer ti break the sleeper. Bischoff hits a karate thrust to Long’s chest but Cole sells it as a throat shot. The Boogeyman’s music then hits and Bischoff sends the referee out to the entranceway. The Boogeyman then appears in the ring and hits Bischoff with a pump handle slam. I can’t believe the referee’s haven’t noticed this. Long covers Bischoff and gets the three! Teddy Long wins the match thanks to The Boogeyman! Terrible.

Rating: 1.25/10

Team Smackdown are shown backstage with the Smackdown superstars clapping them and giving them support. Team Raw are then shown and they are given an guard of honour too by the rest of the Raw roster.

Team Raw (Shawn Michaels, The Big Show, Kane, Carlito & Chris Masters) vs. Team Smackdown (Batista, John “Bradshaw” Layfield, Rey Mysterio, Bobby Lashley & Randy Orton) – Traditional Survivor Series match

This is the only traditional Survivor Series match of the night. Carlito, Chris Masters and Bobby Lashley make their Survivor Series debuts tonight. Big Show has a 2-3 Survivor Series record, Kane a 4-3 record, Shawn Michaels is 3-8, Batista is 0-1, JBL is 1-4, Rey Mysterio is 0-2 and Randy Orton is 2-0. Shawn Michaels kicks off the match with Randy Orton. The man with the best Survivor Series record against the most experienced Survivor Series competitor in this match. Michael Cole and more specifically Tazz are both very aggressive on commentary. Randy slaps Michaels who replies by slapping him back. Michaels slap looked and sounded like it hurt. The pace then quickens with Michaels taking Orton down three time with headlocks and then slapping Randy who has Cowboy Bob in his corner. Shawn hits some chops on Randy and then a boot to the face. Randy gets back into it with an uppercut for a near fall. Randy hits a powerslam and then misses with a knee drop.

Michaels tags in Chris Masters who hits a few shoulder charges. Orton hits a thumb to the eye and then a high knee lift. Masters hits some chops in the corner and then a shoulder charge knocking Orton down for a one count. Orton tags in Lashley who is undefeated on pay per view so far with a 1-0 record. Lashley and Masters are two big guys but Lashley hits a big powerslam but then misses with a splash in the corner. Masters takes Lashley down with a clothesline and then tries for the Masterlock but Lashley fights him off and hits a belly to belly suplex. Masters tags in Carlito and Lashley brings Carlito in the hard way. Carlito gets to his feet and hits a big right hand on Lashley but Lashley takes Carlito down with two clotheslines and a running powerslam for a two count. Carlito hits a reverse elbow and tag in Shawn Michaels. Michaels goes to the top but Lashley throws him off the top, hits him with a clothesline and a powerslam. Lashley hits a belly to belly suplex but in comes Carlito. Lashley hits Carlito with a dominator and then attempts the same move on Michaels but Kane grabs Lashley by the throat and hits him with a chokeslam. Michaels pins Lashley and gets the three, eliminating Lashley from the match.

Rey Mysterio gets involved and hits Michaels with a dropkick. Kane hits a cheap shot on Mysterio allowing Michaels to tag in Chris Masters. Masters drops an elbow on Mysterio and lays into him with right hands. Masters bench presses Mysterio before dumping him into the mat. Masters tags in Kane who misses with an elbow drop. Mysterio hits a dropkick to Kane’s face, a legdrop and a standing moonsault for a two count. Mysterio runs into a big boot and Kane takes the advantage with shoulder charge, boots and elbows. Kane hits a backbreaker for a two count and then applies a bearhug. We’re yet to see Big Show, Batista or JBL in this match. I take that back, Mysterio tags in Batista who lays into Kane with shoulder charges. Kane hits an elbow and a big uppercut to the ribs. Batista hits a spear and then takes down Michaels, Carlito and Masters. Mysterio hits the 619 on Kane and Batista hits him with a spinebuster, eliminating Kane from the match. 

Big Show hits Batista with a chokeslam and pins him but Batista kicks out at two! Big Show cleans house of the Smackdown guys and then both Kane and Big Show hit a double chokeslam on Batista which is enough to eliminate Batista from the match. 

JBL gets into the match and pokes Big Show in the eye. Bradshaw goes to the middle rope but Big show catches him and slams him into the mat. Big Show hits Orton with a boot and then throws Mysterio into the corner hard. Randy drops Big Show on the ropes and Layfield hits Big Show with a huge clothesline from hell! JBL tags in Mysterio who hits Show with a 619 and then Mysterio tags Randy Orton who hits Big Show with an RKO. Orton tags JBL who hits Big Show with another clothesline from hell! JBL tags Mysterio who hits a seated senton on Big Show! Mysterio pins Big Show and gets the 3 which eliminates Big Show from the match!

All remaining six men go at it in and out of the ring. Rey Mysterio and Chris Masters go at it in the ring and Masters hits a hard Irish whip. Masters tags Carlito who hits Mysterio with a suplex for a two count. Carlito applies a chinlock as the pace slows down. I definitely prefer what’s left of the Smackdown team compared to the Raw team. Mysterio fights out of the chinlock and Bradshaw tags himself in. JBL hits a big clothesline from hell on Carlito for the 3 eliminating Carlito from the match.

Chris Masters enters the match but JBL lays into him with big right hands. Masters hits a suplex for a two count. Shawn Michaels looks like he’s out cold on the outside. JBL tags Mysterio but Masters hits him with a shoulder charge. Masters misses with the second shoulder charge and Mysterio hits him with a 619 and the a springboard legdrop for the 3! Chris Masters is eliminated. 

It’s down to Rey Mysterio, John “Bradshaw” Layfield and Randy Orton against Shawn Michaels who is currently unconscious. JBL throws Michaels back into the ring where Mysterio hits Michaels with a right hand. Michaels hits a big chop but then Mysterio hits a drop toe hold and then the 619! Michaels completely over-sells it and then Mysterio hits a springboard something but Michaels hits him with sweet chin music, eliminating Rey Mysterio from the match. JBL then attempts the clothesline from hell but Michaels ducks it and hits JBL with sweet chin music, enough to eliminate JBL from the match! 

It’s now Shawn Michaels against Randy Orton. Both men attempt their finishers and both men counter them. Randy heads outside where Michaels dives out at him. Back in the ring and a “we want ‘Taker” chant breaks out. He is due to return tonight. Michaels hits a flying forearm on Orton and then nips up. Shawn hits an inverted atomic drop and then a couple of clotheslines. Michaels slams Orton in the middle of the ring and then heads to the top where he hits a flying elbow drop! This is exactly how the match began and it is how it will end. On the outside of the ring JBL grabs a steel chair. Michaels motions for sweet chin music but JBL swings a chair at him! Michaels ducks it and hits Bradshaw with sweet chin music but turns around into an RKO! Randy pins Michaels and gets the three! For the third straight year Randy Orton is the sole survivor for his team! The ring fills up with Smackdown guys, celebrating with Orton!

The Undertakers music then hits and out walks druids with a casket. They tip the casket up, some crappy lightning effect hits it which sets it alight. The front then flies off and out walks The Undertaker! Undertaker clears the ring as Orton and Cowboy Bob scarper up the ramp!

Rating: 8/10

And that was Survivor Series 2005. 6 matches in all, 3 of which were inter-promotional, 2 from Raw and 1 from Smackdown. It was the Smackdown match that kicked off the show, the first in a best of 7 series between Chris Benoit and Booker T. This was a good match between two good workers. Booker won and got the edge in the series. There are a few stories they can tell in this series and one possibility is that Chris Benoit will chase Booker T now. That’s fine ], I doubt they’ll be able to squeeze the whole series in before Armageddon in 3 weeks time so I can see it ending at The Royal Rumble. Unless Booker gets a clean sweep! Decent match though, I like the new heel Booker character, the dynamic with his wife Sharmell could just take him back to the top on Smackdown. Trish then beat Melina in a really solid match between these two women. It’s nice to see women that can actually wrestle battle for the title as opposed to models in training. I guess the girls will go their separate ways now and the story with Trish and Mickie James will continue.

Triple H and Ric Flair put on another good match. It was a bloody affair but Flair came out of it looking really strong despite losing. It wasn’t for the Intercontinental Championship which was a bit of a giveaway that Triple H would win. I think we’re destined for John Cena vs. Triple H at Wrestlemania so it’s just a case of keeping them apart until then. Flair is Intercontinental Champion so hopefully he gets some feuds with the likes of Carlito and Chris Masters until then. The WWE title match was up next and John Cena once again retained his title against Kurt Angle. This feud should come to an end soon as Cena has retained his title against Kurt at Unforgiven, Taboo Tuesday and now Survivor Series. Personally I think Kurt is the best thing on Raw at the moment and would like to see him have a reign as champion but Cena is the guy and I can’t see him losing the title anytime soon.

Up next was the terrible match between general managers. I cringe whenever I see Teddy Long. He shouldn’t be in that ring. Bischoff is more believable and has been a part of better matches. The Boogeyman came out and got involved and the whole thing was a bit of a joke. Teddy Long goes undefeated on pay per view! Then in the main event Randy Orton became the sole survivor for the third year in a row. I don’t mind that at all and it setup the aftermath with The Undertaker which is the biggest picture moving away from the brand war. Orton wasn’t originally supposed to be in this match which is interesting, he replaced Eddie Guerrero. I didn’t like Bobby Lashley going out first, he’s been pushed heavily on Smackdown, gets a surprise push into the main event and then is essentially shown that he can’t hang. I think he could’ve eliminated Kane. The rest was good. Shawn Michaels made a big comeback at the end but couldn’t beat Orton who is slowly becoming Mr Survivor Series. Overall a really solid pay per view except for the terrible general managers match. Would’ve been a top 10 PPV if not for that match.

Overall Rating: 62/100 (ranked 51st out of 187)

Match Of The Night: Raw vs. Smackdown traditional Survivor Series match
Worst Match Of The Night: Teddy Long vs. Eric Bischoff
Surprise Of The Night: The Boogeyman helps Teddy Long to win
Worst Booking Of The Night: Bobby Lashley gets eliminated first
Superstar Of The Night: Randy Orton
Survivor Series 2005 Will Be Remembered For: The battle between Raw and Smackdown

One thought on “Survivor Series 2005

  1. Two of the people who Taker beat up were Chad and James a.k.a. The Dicks.

    Also, I liked Melina’s furry ugg boots for her title match with Trish.

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