The Great American Bash 2006

|Date: July 23, 2006
|Venue: Conseco Fieldhouse |City: Indianapolis, Indiana
|Attendance: 9,750 |Buys: 232,000
|Brand: Smackdown

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The Great American Bash is back again and once again it is a Smackdown branded PPV. The World Heavyweight Championship is set to be defended in the main event when Rey Mysterio defends the title he won at Wrestlemania against King Booker. Booker T earned his opportunity by winning a 20 man battle royal, last eliminating William Regal and Matt Hardy. Since then Rey Mysterio has battled with William Regal, a member of King Bookers court. Booker has had to put it with Chavo Guerrero who has stood by Rey Mysterio’s side, although not as a competitor as he has retired from the ring. Rey Mysterio actually scored a victory over King Booker in a non-title encounter on Smackdown when Chavo Guerrero interfered.

Batista made his triumphant return to Smackdown and targeted the man that put him out of action, Mark Henry. A match was made between Batista and Mark Henry for The Great American Bash but in a 6 man tag team match Mark Henry got injured and so the match was called off. Mr Kennedy would challenge Batista for a match at the GAB, a challenge that Batista accepted. The other big rivalry on Smackdown has been between The Undertaker and The Great Khali. The Great Khali beat The Undertaker at Judgment Day but Undertaker has continued to haunt The Great Khali. Khali then challenged Undertaker to a rematch but on his terms, a match inside a Punjabi Prison. Little is known about this match but it is expected to be inside some sort of cage structure. Undertaker accepted the challenge and so those two big men will meet inside the prison tonight.

The WWE Tag Team Championships are set to be defended as Paul London and Brian Kendrick defend against The Pitbulls, Kid Kash and Jamie Noble. Kash and Noble have scored victories over the champions in recent weeks and have been named number one contenders in what is currently as very weak tag team division on Smackdown. The Cruiserweight title is expected to be defended as Gregory Helms claimed on Smackdown that he has been given a spot defending the title at the PPV whilst on commentary during a Super Crazy vs. Psicosis match. The United States Championship will be defended. A few weeks ago it was announced that Bobby Lashley would defend against both William Regal and Finlay in a triple threat match at the Great American Bash. A week later Lashley lost the title to Finlay in a shocking turn of events. The triple threat match is still expected to go ahead tonight though.

The only other match announced for tonight is a fatal four way bra and panties match between four of Smackdown’s women’s division. Kristal hasn’t been happy with some of Ashley’s comments as of late whilst Jillian Hall has had her run-ins with Michelle McCool who returned to Smackdown recently. The bra and panties match has been made for tonight.

In a dark match prior to the event Funaki defeated Simon Dean.

A video package kicks us off, first hyping the Punjabi Prison match between The Undertaker and The Great Khali and then hyping the World Heavyweight Championship match between Booker T and Rey Mysterio. Michael Cole and John “Bradshaw” Layfield then welcome us to The Great American Bash, throw to the Spanish announce team and then we are underway!

Paul London & Brian Kendrick (c) vs. The Pitbulls (Kid Kash & Jamie Noble) – WWE Tag Team Championship match

This is the first tag team match between these two teams on pay per view and a first PPV title defence for London and Kendrick. Kid Kash gets in the face of Paul London before the bell. Those two men start the match and end up rolling around the mat. Kid Kash has adopted a very scrappy style. Two teams of Cruiserweights, all but Kendrick have been Cruiserweight champions. Kash takes London down with a shoulder charge and then slaps him in the face before laying into the champion with right hands and headbutts. London fires back with a right hand and a dropkick and then a flying headscissors. London tags in Kendrick who is launched in by London before getting the first near fall of the night. Kendrick hits a couple of arm drags but Kash hits headbutts and tags out to Jamie Noble.

Kendrick hits an arm drag and then tags out to London who comes in off the top with a mule kick for a two count. Quick tags now between the champions as Kendrick tags back in. This is a Great American Bash debut for all four of these men. Noble lays into London now but London tags in Noble and the champions take out both challengers with hiptosses and clotheslines before diving to the outside on the Pitbulls. Kendrick then heads to the top but Kid Kash grabs his leg allowing Noble to throw Kendrick back into the ring. Noble hit some kicks to Kendrick and then tags in Kid Kash. Kash uses Kendricks hair to drive him into the canvas. Kash applies a chinlock which Kendrick gets out of. Kendrick hits a flying head scissors and tags in London whilst Kash tags in Noble. London hits a belly to belly on Noble and a flapjack on Kash before nipping up. The numbers then become too much for London and Noble hits him with a big dropkick. Noble gets a near fall on London and then applies a chinlock which London gets out of.

Noble hits a big spinning heel kick on London for a near fall and then tags in Kid Kash. Kash stomps on Londons face and then hits him with a big chop and some knees to the face. Kid Kash rams Londons face into Noble’s boot and then tags in Noble. Noble and Kash hit a big double chop on London for a near fall. London starts to fight back but Kash won’t let him tag out. London then kicks Kash into Noble, knocking him off the apron. Noble runs round and pulls Kendrick off the apron to stop him from tagging in. Kash hits London with headbutts but London manages to flip over Kash and tag in Kendrick! Kendrick lays into both challengers, hitting them with forearms and kicks. Kendrick gets a near fall on Kash. Kendrick hits a hurricanrana on Kash and pins him but Noble breaks it up. London hits Noble with a spinning heel kick sending him out of the ring. Kash floors London but Kendrick kicks Kash out of the ring.

Kendrick goes up top and then flies to the outside onto Noble. Kash gets back in the ring and attempts a brainbuster on London who blocks it. Kendrick then comes in off the top with a sunset flip, London dropkicks Kash and Kendrick rolls him up for the three! London and Kendrick retain their WWE Tag Team Championships tonight! Good match between these two teams.

Rating: 6.25/10

The Great Khali and Daivari are backstage and Khali wants to call out The Undertaker now! Daivari tries to stop him but Khali holds him in the air.

Teddy Long comes out and announces that he has some bad news. He announces that Lashley can’t compete tonight because he has elevated enzymes in his liver. Lashley’s music then hits and out comes the former United States Champion dressed to compete. Lashley says that there’s nothing wrong with him and that he’s ready to fight. Teddy says that he can’t let him fight but when he returns he will get the opportunity to become United States Champion again. Lashley heads to the back as Finlay and Willian Regal make their entrance. They get in the ring where Finlay berates Lashley. Finlay asks for his arm to be raised but Teddy Long doesn’t. Teddy Long says there is still going to be a match taking place and it’ll be between Finlay and Regal.

Finlay (c) vs. William Regal – United States Championship match

Well Lashley is out of the match leaving these two accomplices to go at it. It’s a first PPV meeting between these two men. Regal has a look under the ring for the leprechaun but he’s not there. Finlay then rolls Regal up quickly for a one count. Regal hits Finlay with a right hand and this one is underway. The two men lock up and roll out of the ring before getting back in where Regal takes Finlay down. Finlay flips out of a leglock and then applies a headlock. Regal gets out of it but Finlay sends him to the outside. The little bastard under the ring grabs onto Regals leg and then hits him with a shillelagh! He chases Regal around the ring! Regal gets back into the ring but right into a clothesline from Finlay. Finlay then applies a nerve hold and then a few uppercuts. Regal replies with some uppercuts of his own. The two men slug it out until Finlay pokes Regal in the eye and rolls him up for a near fall. Finlay hits Regal with a headbutt to the stomach and then hits a hard Irish whip.

Regal hits a big boot for a near fall but the little bastard under the ring bites Regals hand! Finlay then works on Regals hand Regal fight back and applies a sleeper. Finlay gets out of it and knocks Regal down before hitting an Earthquake splash. The two battle to the outside where Finlay rams Regal into the ring apron. Back in the ring and Finlay hits a snapmare before applying a chinlock once again. Regal gets out of it and knocks Finlay down before hitting him with a knee drop. Regal gets three straight near falls and then hits a questionable dropkick for a two count. Regal hits a suplex and another knee drop for another near fall. Regal throws Finlay out of the ring as a “boring” chant breaks out. Regal attempts to jump from the apron but Finlay crotches him with the apron cover. Finlay hits some big forearms to the face of Regal and then rolls him back into the ring. Regal is now missing a boot! Finlay steps on Regals exposed foot and then attempts a shoulder charge in the corner but Regal moves and Finlay hits the ringpost. Regal then picks up the shillelagh but the referee takes it off him and puts it out of the ring. Whilst he does that the little bastard hands Finlay the boot of Regal and he clobbers Regal with it! The referee turns around in time to see Finlay pinning Regal and counts the three! Finlay retains his United States Championship tonight!

Rating: 4/10

Chavo Guerrero is backstage telling Rey Mysterio how proud he is of Rey. The whole Guerrero family is proud of Mysterio. Chavo tells Rey that he is living Eddie’s dream. Chavo says that he is here to make sure dreams do come true.

Matt Hardy vs. Gregory Helms

Gregory Helms claimed on Smackdown that he would be defended his Cruiserweight title at The Great American Bash. Contrary to that though he isn’t defending the title because Matt Hardy isn’t a Cruiserweight. These two are good friends in real life and it’s a first PPV meeting between these two men. Hardy hits an arm drag and then applies a headlock which Helms gets out of. Hardy hits another hiptoss and then a headlock takedown. Hardy mocks The Hurricane and then clotheslines Helms out of the ring before diving out at it. Matt Hardy has wrestled more PPV matches without main eventing than anyone else in history up to now. Back in the ring and Hardy gets a couple of near fall. Helms then drops Hardy on the top rope to take the advantage before hitting a comedy spinning neckbreaker for a two count. Helms hits another neckbreaker for another near fall and then applies a chinlock and then a front facelock. Hardy gets out of it but Helms takes him back down with a clothesline for another near fall.

Helms re-applies a chinlock which Hardy gets out of again but he runs into the boot of Helms. Helms then mocks Matt Hardy but runs into his opponents right hand. Hardy hits a Russian leg sweep for a near fall and then tries for a side effect but Helms counters it into a pinfall for a near fall. Helms heads to the top but Hardy hits him with a right hand. Helms manages to get Hardy up to the top rope and then hits him with a top rope swinging neckbreaker! That gives Helms a near fall as Hardy gets his foot on the bottom rope. Helms hits a snapmare and then applies a chinlock once again. Hardy gets out of it and the two men slug it out. Hardy hits a side effect for a near fall. Matt hits a bulldog for another two count as Helms kicks out again. Hardy then attempts the twist of fate but Helms counters it. Helms then hits the shining wizard and hooks the leg but Hardy kicks out! Helms pops Hardy on the top rope but Hardy elbows him off and then hits a moonsault for a near fall. Hardy hits an elbow off the middle rope for a near fall. Loads of near falls in this match, some of them unnecessary. Helms drops Hardy no the top rope and then rolls him up, holding the tights for the three! Gregory Helms wins the match tonight!

Rating: 5.75/10

The Great Khali and Daivari are arguing backstage as they walk towards the entrance curtain. The Undertaker then appears and goes for Khali but from nowhere appears The Big Show who takes The Undertaker out! Referee’s and Teddy Long break it all up.

There’s a video package next for The Undertaker and Great Khali Punjabi Prison match.

Backstage Teddy Long runs into Big Show, Daivari and The Great Khali backstage. Long tells Big Show that he will be the one to go one on one with The Undertaker inside the Punjabi Prison, not The Great Khali. Khali must be injured. No Mark Henry, no Bobby Lashley and no Great Khali? Card subject to change I guess.

The Undertaker vs. The Big Show – Punjabi Prison match

This is only the second ever PPV match between these two men. The Undertaker won the first at No Way Out 2003. Big Show looks petrified of the Punjabi Prison. We’re given the rules, there are two cages to get through both made of bamboo. Four matches in and only the opener was advertised before the show. Big Show attacks Undertaker as he gets into the ring. Big Show is the current ECW Champion after he beat Rob Van Dam for the belt a couple of weeks ago. Big Show hits some big right hands and Undertaker fires back with some lefts and rights. Undertaker has a 2-0 record at Great American Bash PPV’s, Big Show makes his debut at the event tonight. Undertaker hits a big boot and then some kicks to Big Shows knees. Undertaker hits a boot to Big Shows face and then some kicks to his ribs. Undertaker attempts to climb up the inside bamboo cage but can’t get over the spikes at the top of the cage. Big Show crotches Undertaker on the cage and then hits him with some headbutts. There are leather straps hanging from the cage and Big Show chokes The Undertaker with them.

Back on the canvas and Big Show drives Undertaker into the corner. Big Show hits a big clothesline knocking Undertaker down and then drops an elbow. Undertaker fights back with some elbows and kicks taking Big Show down. This cage is terrible. Undertaker knocks Big Show into it and there’s some much give that it doesn’t look remotely painful. Big Show grabs Undertaker by the throat and looks to hit a chokeslam but Undertaker counters it into a DDT. Another way of getting out of the first cage is asking the referees to open a door and you have a minute to get out the door which won’t be opened again. Undertaker asks for the door to be opened which it is but Big Show stops Undertaker from getting out of the door. The clock counts down and neither men get out. Instead The Big Show whips Undertaker with a leather strap. Nice gong as the door shuts. Big Show rips off one of the top turnbuckles. Undertaker knocks Big Show down with a big clothesline. Undertaker climbs to the top to hit old school but Big Show pulls him back down to the canvas.

Big Show calls for a door to be opened but he’s too slow climbing out and The Undertaker stops him from getting out. Undertaker then tries to get out but Big Show grabs on to his foot. Big Show hits a chokeslam in the middle of the ring and just misses out on getting out of the door as the gong goes off. Big Show smashes Undertaker into the exposed turnbuckle which busts The Undertaker open. Big Show hits headbutts and then some big right hands. Big Show climbs to the top but Undertaker goes up after him, hits him with some right hands and then suplexes him into the middle of the ring. Undertaker calls for the third door to be opened and then crawls out of it. Big Show isn’t up quick enough to get out of that door but does get out of the final door. Undertaker is already climbing up the secondary cage but Big Show goes up with him and pulls him back down to the mat below. There’s a table set up with what looks like more weapons on it so Big Show sets that up and throws Undertaker into it. Big Show then throws Undertaker back into the first cage just before the door is closed and locked!

Big Show starts to climb up the outside cage as Undertaker climbs up the inside cage. Undertaker gets over the inside cage and then climbs over to the outside cage where he battled with The Big Show. Both men fall to the mat below. Undertaker hits a legdrop on Big Show through the table. Big Show is bleeding now as Undertaker continues to lay into him. The Great Khali and Daivari appear from the back as Undertaker climbs up the inside cage. Khali and Daivari climb up the cage on the outside as Undertaker flies off the inside cage with a cross body which takes he and Big Show through the outside cage! Undertaker is declared the winner. Apparently because all of Undertakers body went through the cage. I don’t know. Was this terrible? It was pretty bad yeah.

Rating: 3/10

Backstage Sharmell is with Booker T telling him abut different kings. She tells Booker that if he wins tonight then he will become King of the world.

Jillian Hall vs. Ashley vs. Kristal vs. Michelle McCool – bra & panties fatal four way

Well this one is all about stripping your opponents down to their bra and panties. Presumably it’ll be elimination. This match marks in-ring PPV debuts for Kristal and Michelle McCool. Jillian and Ashley pair off with Kristal and Michelle. Kristal kicks Ashley in the face as Michelle gets chased by Jillian on the outside. Kristal stomps away at Ashley as Michelle throws Jillian into the apron. Kristal manages to pull off Ashley’s top so she’s half down. Kristal celebrates for a while so Ashley throws her out of the ring. Michelle hits a backbreaker on Ashley but Jillian hits Michelle with a Lou Thesz press. Michelle and Jillian go at it, lots of knee strikes. Jillian then slams Michelle and heads to the top but Kristal crotches her. Jillian is now stuck upside down and so Michelle pulls off Jillians top!

Michelle hits Jillian with an Irish whip. In the other corner Kristal lays into Ashley. Ashley and Jillian whip Kristal and Michelle into each other before taking the skirts off them! Michelle and Kristal then go at it whilst Jillian and Ashley watch. Kristal and Michelle roll around the ring as JBL mocks them. Jillian dropkicks Michelle out of the ring and then rubs Kristals face into her cleavage. Jillian hangs Kristal upside down and Ashley then rips off Kristals top. Oh ok so that’s it. Why wouldn’t this be elimination? Weird way to finish. Ashley then takes off Jillians pants and Jillian takes off Ashley’s skirt. Terrible terrible match. Awful.

Rating: 0.25/10

The Miz is backstage and introduces his guest, Mr Kennedy. Kennedy says he will defeat Batista tonight.

Batista vs. Mr Kennedy

This is a first time PPV meeting between these two men. Kennedy is actually undefeated on PPV, he beat Hardcore Holly in his one and only PPV match. Neither man have appeared on PPV yet in 2006. Batista lost to JBL at last years event by disqualification. A loss tonight would make Batista the only man to have lost at both the 2005 and 2006 Great American Bash events. Kennedy gets in the ring and calls for his microphone but Batista attacks him. The crowd boo at that. Batista lays into Kennedy with big right hands but Kennedy hits a thumb to the eye. Batista hits a hard Irish whip and Kennedy rolls out of the ring. Batista goes after him and smashes Kennedy first into the barricade and then into the ring apron and then the ring steps. Kennedy is now busted open. Bit unnecessary unless it’s shoot. Back in the ring and Batista hits Kennedy with big right hands and then a clothesline in the corner. Kennedy rolls out of the ring as blood pours down his face. Kennedy then heads to the back but then runs into the ring where Batista hits him with a spear!

The two men battle to the outside where Kennedy rakes the eyes of Batista. Kennedy gets back into the ring and as Batista tries to get back into the ring Kennedy throws the referee into him. Kennedy hits a clothesline and then mounts Batista, hitting him with right hands. Kennedy lays in some stomps and then hits a running knee strike in the corner. Kennedy smashes Batista’s arm into the ring post and then kicks the former World Heavyweight Champion in the back of the head. Kennedy throws Batista into the ring steps and then back into the ring for a near fall. Kennedy applies a chinlock but Batista gets out of it. Kennedy hammers him with right hands and then slaps Batista but that just wakes up the Animal. Batista drives Kennedy into the corner, hits him with shoulder charges and then throws him into the ring post shoulder first. Blood is still pouring form Kennedy’s face. Batista chokes Mr Kennedy with his boot and the referee counts but Batista doesn’t break it! The referee calls for the bell! This one is over, it’s a DQ win for Mr Kennedy! Batista hits Kennedy with three spinebusters and a Batista bomb!

Rating: 5/10

There’s a video package up next for Booker T and Rey Mysterio’s showdown for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Rey Mysterio (c) vs. King Booker – World Heavyweight Championship match

It’s a first PPV match between these two men. Mysterio has a 2-0 record at Great American Bash PPV’s, Booker a 1-1 record. These are the only two men to have fought on all three Great American Bash PPV’s. Booker T takers the early advantage, taking Mysterio down and hitting him with some chops. Mysterio gets back into it, drops Booker and hits him with a legdrop for a one count. A few boo’s for Mysterio when he took the advantage. Booker hits a reverse elbow and then applies a hammerlock but Rey gets out of that with a snapmare. Mysterio hits a basement dropkick for a near fall as Sharmell watches on from the outside. Mysterio hits a head scissors but Booker T takes the advantage with a thumb to the eye. Booker hits some shoulder charges but goes one too many and Rey gets out of the way. Booker heads to the outside but Rey takes him down with a seated senton.

Back in the ring and Mysterio hits a springboard splash for a near fall. Booker ducks a springboard moonsault and then takes Mysterio down with a side kick for a near fall. Booker hits a clothesline for a near fall and Sharmell then gets involved, raking Mysterio’s eyes. Booker hits a side kick for another near fall and then applies a chinlock. Mysterio gets out of the chinlock but Booker hits him with 3 suplexes ala Eddie Guerrero for a near fall. Booker then goes for the scissors kick but Mysterio ducks it. Rey then dropkicks Booker onto the middle rope and attempts the 619 but Booker ducks it. Rey hits a kick for a near fall and then once again dropkicks Booker onto the middle rope but this time as he goes for the 619 Sharmell grabs his legs. The referee sends Sharmell to the back! Booker T uses Mysterio’s momentum to hit a side suplex and then goes up to the second rope but Mysterio sees him coming and hits his challenger with a boot to the face. Mysterio then hits a dropkick to the knees of King Booker.

Mysterio gets back into the match with a hurricanrana and then a springboard cross body for a near fall. Mysterio hits a DDT for another near fall. Mysterio then attempts a head scissors but Booker T puts the brakes on and then throws Mysterio right into the referee. Referee Nick Patrick rolls to the outside. Mysterio hits a springboard seated senton and then the 619! Rey heads to the top and hits a frog splash! he hooks the legs but the referee is still out on the outside. Booker T hits a low blow and then the Book end but still the referee is out. King Booker grabs a steel chair but Mysterio dropkicks it into Bookers face! Chavo Guerrero then runs out from the back, picks up the steel chair and smashes it into Rey Mysterio’s face! The referee slowly gets back into the ring as Booker pins Mysterio. The referee counts the 3 and King Booker is the new World Heavyweight Champion! Holy heel turn!

Rating: 7/10

Well that was an interesting pay per view. Two weeks ago we were expecting Batista vs. Mark Henry, Bobby Lashley vs. Finlay vs. Willian Regal and The Undertaker vs. The Great Khali. None of those match happened tonight. There were only actually three matches expected that happened. The first of which was a decent match for the WWE Tag Team Championships. I like both teams, I really like The Pitbulls, I can definitely see them as champions in the future. No harm in having the champions retain in their first PPV defence though. London and Kendrick are a lot of fun to watch and it’s interesting that this division is based around cruiserweights at the moment. This division needs serious help at the moment, they could do with a couple more teams.

Finlay beat William Regal following the announcement that Bobby Lashley would not be in the match due to elevated enzymes. The title change a few weeks ago makes a lot more sense now. So it was a match between two heels and Finlay won the match with help from his little mate that lives under the ring. I think this match definitely missed Lashley but it was still quite entertaining. Finlay is a tough guy, I don’t mind his am champion but I can’t see it being a long term thing. Then Gregory Helms beat Matt Hardy. This was random considering Helms had said he’d be defending the title at this event. It’s as if both men begged management to have this match. It was a pretty average match really. I’d have preferred to see a Cruiserweight title match. I don’t know if this rivalry will continue, I hope it doesn’t. A good win for Helms though as Hardy’s career continues to go nowhere.

This weird PPV continued with a weird match between The Undertaker and The Big Show who stepped in for The Great Khali. This is obviously because of medical reasons and not because they thought it would be a good idea. The match itself was bad. The rules were bad and the ending was terrible. Undertaker won because he was further out of the cage than The Big Show? Come on. Let’s not see this match again please. I can only think this match would have been even worse if The Great Khali was actually in it. Bra and panties were next. Terrible match. Probably the worst match I have ever seen. Surely it should have been elimination? Terrible. Sorry girls. Mr Kennedy beat Batista by disqualification which was a surprise. Batista already has his title shot for Summerslam but it would have hurt nobody if Batista had just won the match.

In the main event King Booker defeated Rey Mysterio to become World Heavyweight Champion. This feel so overdue, Booker has been fantastic since he joined the WWE back in 2001. but he has taken it up a notch since turning heel and he is the hottest thing on Smackdown right now. The big news is that Chavo Guerrero (finally) turned heel. That was some chair shot. I have been waiting for it to happen though. Rey can go off and do his thing with Chavo now whilst Booker is on a collision course with Batista. A really solid match between Booker and Mysterio. Overall this pay per view was a shambles due to Mark Henry, Bobby Lashley and The Great Khali getting injured and then a terrible Punjabi Prison match and the women’s match which was probably the worst match I have ever seen.

Overall Rating: 44.6/100 (ranked 187 out of 197)

Match Of The Night: Rey Mysterio vs. King Booker
Worst Match Of The Night: Jillian Hall vs. Ashley vs. Kristal vs. Michelle McCool
Surprise Of The Night: Mr Kennedy beats Batista
Worst Booking Of The Night: That Punjabi Prison match
Superstar Of The Night: King Booker
The Great American Bash 2006 Will Be Remembered For: King Booker becoming World Heavyweight Champion

One thought on “The Great American Bash 2006

  1. The original card for this PPV included Bastista vs. Mark Henry, The Undertaker vs. The Great Khali in the Punjabi Prison match, Gregory Helms vs. Super Crazy for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship, and Fit Finlay vs. William Regal vs. Bobby Lashley in a triple threat match for the WWE United States Championship.

    However, Henry suffered a knee injury during a six-man tag-team match on the July 15th edition of Saturday Night’s Main Event, while Khali, Crazy, and Lashley were all not medically cleared to compete due to suffering from elevated enzymes in their livers.

    As a result, Mr. Kennedy, The Big Show, and Matt Hardy replaced Henry, Khali, and Crazy respectively, while Lashley was removed from the U.S. Title match, making it one-on-one between Finlay and Regal.

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