The Great American Bash 2008

|Date: July 20, 2008
|Venue: Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum |City: Uniondale, New York
|Attendance: 12,454 |Buys: 273,000
|Brands: Raw, Smackdown & ECW

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As the new brands start to settle, new feuds take shape leading to  stacked card for tonight Great American Bash. Triple H retained the WWE Championship, taking the title to Smackdown but was instantly given his first title defence, Smackdown General Manager’s finace Edge. Edge would get married to Vickie Guerrero and the wedding party was last week on Smackdown. Triple H would being his own wedding gift for the happy couple, a video showing Edge cheating on his new wife with wedding planner Alicia Fox. Edge and Vickie Guerrero’s marriage might be over before it gets started but Edge’s title match is still in place for tonight. Edge was of course World Heavyweight Champion coming out of the last PPV, Night Of Champions but as he visited Raw to gloat that they are a brand without a title, CM Punk cashed in his money in the bank briefcase following an attack on Edge from Batista. Punk won the World Heavyweight Championship and would later find out his PPV opponent when Batista beat John Cena, John “Bradshaw” Layfield and Kane in a fatal four way.

The ECW Championship is also set to be defended as Mark Henry puts the title on the line against Tommy Dreamer. Mark Henry fought Tommy Dreamer on ECW a couple of weeks ago in a match that special guest announcer Tony Atlas would attack Tommy Dreamers friend Colin Delaney which ultimately cost Tommy Dreamer the match. Dreamer gets his rematch tonight. A new championship is set to be won today as Michelle McCool and Natalya both won the opportunity to battle for the new Divas title. Both women won multi-women matches by pulling down stars on poles and they will clash tonight. Shelton Benjamin gets a shot at Matt Hardy’s United States Championship after beating Hardy in a non-title match on Smackdown a couple of weeks ago and John Morrison and The Miz will be defending their WWE Tag Team Championships in a fatal four way match against Finlay & Hornswoggle, Jesse & Festus and Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder.

There are two more big matches to come out of the raw brand. The first is a rematch between Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho. Michaels cost Jericho the Intercontinental Championship at Night Of Champions and so Jericho challenged Michaels to a match, a match that Shawn accepted. Jericho has told Michaels that things are going to get much worse. Will Shawn Michaels former trainee Lance Cade make a difference tonight? The other big match tonight is between John Cena and John “Bradshaw” Layfield. This feud continues and gets more personal as Layfield apparently hit Cena head on with a car. The two meet tonight in a New York city parking lot brawl.

In a dark match prior to the event Umaga defeated Mr Kennedy.

The show starts with a lively video package, first showing the demise of the Edge and Vickie Guerrero relationship and then the recent history with John Cena and John “Bradshaw” Layfield with JBL hitting Cena with a car. We’re then shown Batista laying out CM Punk. Jim Ross welcomes us to Long Island, New York.

The Miz & John Morrison (c) vs. Finlay & Hornswoggle vs. Jesse & Festus vs. Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder – Fatal Four Way match for the WWE Tag Team Championships

This match marks PPV debuts for Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins as well as Jesse. Festus previously wrestled under the mask of “Fake Kane” but this is his first PPV match as Festus. John Morrison is 1-1 at Great American Bash PPV’s whilst Finlay and Hornswoggle are both 1-0. Hornswoggle walked out as Cruiserweight Champion at last years event whilst Finlay retained his United States Championship against William Regal the year before, The bell rings and Festus goes crazy so everybody scarpers. Miz and Morrison then throw Hornswoggle into the ring but Hornswoggle dives out at the champions. Jesse throws The Miz in the ring and we are officially underway. Festus hits Miz with a legdrop for a one count. Festus throws Miz into the corner and hits him with lefts and rights before tagging out to his partner Jesse. Jesse hits a modified side Russian leg sweep for a one count.

Jesse tags Festus back in and Festus hits a big uppercut. Finlay tags himself in blindly and Miz tags out to Morrison. Morrison hits Finlay with right hands after Festus lays Finlay out with a clothesline. Morrison tags Miz in and he applies a chinlock to Finlay. These two teams are representing ECW whilst the other two teams represent Smackdown. There’s some nice teamwork from Miz and Morrison for a two count. Morrison applies a sleeper to Finlay and then hits a swinging neckbreaker before tagging in Miz. Finlay takes Miz down and so Miz tags out to Morrison. Finlay and Morrison crack skulls and so Zack Ryder tags himself in off Morrison. Ryder hits a suplex and then applies a chinlock. Ryder tags Hawkins as these two men enjoy their first ever in-ring PPV action. Finlay takes Hawkins down but Hawkins lays in some right hands before smashing Finlay into Ryders knee. Ryder tags in but Finlay hits him with a rolling Samoan drop for the first near fall of the night.

Finlay grabs the shillalah and smashes it into Ryders knee for a near fall. Ryder tags out to Curt Hawkins and he goes back to the chinlock. It’s nice to see some proper tag team action on pay per view. Finlay tags out to Hornswoggle and he hits a head scissors on Hawkins. Jesse then tags himself in on Hornswoggle and he hits Hawkins with a Lou Thesz press. Jesse then hits a swinging neckbreaker on Hawkins for a near fall. Hawkins manages to hit a knee before taking a cheap shot at Hornswoggle. Jesse tags Festus who hits a flapjack on Hawkins, takes a shot at Ryder and then hits a shoulder charge on Hawkins and then a splash. Miz and Morrison get involved but Festus gets rid of him. Jesse goes up top for a rocket launcher but Ryder pulls Festus out of the ring. Hawkins then pulls Jesse off the top and pins him for the three! Hawkins and Ryder are the new WWE Tag Team champions! A fast-paced fun match to kick off the show.

Rating: 6.75/10

Matt Hardy (c) vs. Shelton Benjamin – United States Championship match

This is a first PPV singles match between these two men. Hardy is 0-2 at Great American Bash PPV’s whilst Shelton Benjamin makes his Bash debut tonight. The United States Championship has never changed hands at a Great American Bash PPV before. These two men swapped brands recently, with Hardy going to ECW and Benjamin drafted to Smackdown. Benjamin knocks down Hardy early but Matt rolls up the challenger for a one count. Shelton applies a headlock but Hardy gets out of it and hits a hiptoss and an armdrag into an armbar. Nobody has wrestled as many PPV matches without main eventing as Matt Hardy but Shelton Benjamin is also on that top ten list. Plenty of counters as both men attempt their finishers but it results in Hardy hitting a forearm and a back elbow. Benjamin uses Matt’s momentum to throw him out of the ring and then follows it up with a baseball slide.

Shelton whips Matt Hardy into the ringpost before rolling the champion back into the ring. Benjamin botches a backbreaker and then applies a chinlock. There are duelling chants for both men with a more high-pitched chant aimed at Matt Hardy. Hardy hits a Samoan drop for a near fall. Matt then attempts a side affect but Benjamin counters it and then applies a dragon sleeper. Benjamin hits an enzeguri and then a big splash in the corner. Shelton tries a second but Hardy gets his boots up. Hardy hits lefts, rights and a clothesline before hitting a clothesline in the corner and then a bulldog for a near fall. Hardy hits a slam and then goes to the middle rope and hits a legdrop for a very near fall. Hardy goes to the middle rope again but this time Benjamin catches him and powerbomb the United States Champion into the corner. The two men then counters some pinfalls and Hardy hits the side affect for a near fall.

The crowd are definitely invested in this match. Hardy motions for the twist of fate but Benjamin shoves him away and then pops Matt on the top turnbuckle. Hardy fights him off and then hits a moonsault but it looks like Benjamin got his knee up! Shelton then hits the paydirt and that’s enough for the three! Shelton Benjamin wins the match and the United States Championship! Good match.

Rating: 6.75/10

We’re shown a previously unseen interview with CM Punk from last Monday. Punk talks about how he’s always proven people wrong and he will beat Batista at The Great American Bash.

There’s some footage from Smackdown with Triple H revealing Edge’s big secret then the poll for tonight is who do we feel sorry for more, Edge or Vickie? Should be interesting.

Mark Henry (c) vs. Tommy Dreamer – ECW Championship match

This is a first PPV match between these two men. Mark Henry is now accompanied by his new manager, Tony Atlas. Tommy Dreamer is joined by his buddy Colin Delaney. Both Dreamer and Henry are making their Great American Bash debuts tonight. Mark Henry uses his power in the early going, shoving Dreamer across the ring. Dreamer hits some lefts and rights but then runs into a clothesline. Henry stands all over Dreamer and then chokes him in the ropes. Mark hits a headbutt and then applies a chinlock which Dreamer manages to get out of but Henry quickly applies a wristlock. The crowd are not into this match. Dreamer hits some right hands but again runs right into the wall that is the ECW Champion. Henry goes back to the wristlock and Dreamer keeps trying to get out of it but Henry floors him again. Henry attempts a splash but Dreamer gets out of the way and then hits a basement dropkick.

Tommy Dreamer hits a clothesline but he can’t take Henry down. Dreamer does manage to ground Henry with a neckbreaker for a near fall. Tommy hits a DDT but Tony Atlas gets up on the apron and Dreamer takes a swing at him. Dreamer then goes up to the middle rope and Colin Delaney stands next to him on the apron. Dreamer jumps off the top but Delaney grabs Dreamers arm, causing Tommy to fall onto the top rope. Henry then scoops Dreamer up and hits him with the worlds strongest slam for the three! Mark Henry wins the match and retains the ECW Championship with help from Colin Delaney! Not a good match.

Rating: 2.5/10

There’s a video package next for Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho showing their recent history.

Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Jericho

This is the third PPV match between these two men, Shawn Michaels has won the previous two. This show marks WWE Great American Bash debuts for both men. There is no Lance Cade with Chris Jericho tonight. Shawn Michaels makes a muted entrance which is unusual for him. Jericho gets a few knees and right hands in early but Michaels fires back with a big chop and some right hands in the corner. Michaels is already selling his ribs. He hits a chopblock and then locks on a figure four! Jericho gets to the bottom rope to force the break but Michaels lays in some boots, not giving Jericho time to breath. Jericho pulls the referee in the way and then reverses an Irish whip sending Shawn up and over the top rope. Jericho then hits his trademark springboard dropkick sending Michaels to the outside. Jericho hits a double axe handle off the ring steps and then throws Michaels back into the ring. Side suplex from Jericho and the two men then slug it out in the corner.

Shawn Michaels is looking to be the first babyface to win a match tonight. Jericho applies a modified surfboard which Michaels gets out of but Jericho drops him with an enzeguri for a two count. Jericho hits a powerslam and then heads to the middle rope but Michaels sees him coming and hits Jericho with an inverted atomic drop. Michaels follows it up with a flying forearm and then nips up but Jericho is up too. Jericho takes Michaels down and locks on the walls of Jericho which Michaels breaks by getting to the ropes. Jericho looks to hit a bulldog but Michaels counters it with a clothesline for a near fall. Shawn heads to the top but Jericho gets to his feet and crotches HBK. Jericho goes up top with Michaels who tries to fight him off but Jericho sets up Michaels for a superplex. Michaels kicks Jericho off him and then flies off the top, hitting an elbow drop. Michaels motions for sweet chin music but out comes Lance Cade! Michaels hits him with a dropkick through the ropes to get rid of him. Jericho then attempts the codebreaker but Michaels hangs on to the ropes before rolling Jericho up for a near fall.

Michaels and Jericho slug it out and Michaels hiptosses Jericho out of the ring and right into Lance Cade. Michaels then heads to the top before launching himself off and hitting both Jericho and Cade with a moonsault! He actually missed the pair of them but they sold it. Jericho and Michaels get back into the ring and following an elbow from Jericho, Michaels is now bleeding from around the eye. Jericho sees where he’s bloodied Michaels and hits him square with a right hand. The referee then checks on Michaels who says he can continue and Jericho lays Michaels out with another right hand. Jericho hits repeated right hands and the referee checks on Michaels again. Jericho boots Michaels and Lance Cade even hits Shawn with a big boot. Lance Cade’s former partner Trevor Murdoch has been released from the company. Jericho continues to lay into Michaels with headbutts but Michaels locks on a crossface from nowhere! Jericho gets out of it and drops Michaels on the middle rope.

Jericho looks to hit more right hands but the referee keeps pushing him away. Jericho lays in more right hands and boots and the referee finally throws out the match. The bell rings and Chris Jericho is announced as the winner. This was a different type of match for these two men. Not as good as their previous two encounters but it was supposed to be different.

Rating: 6/10

Edge is backstage and Jim Ross asks him how he is feeling. Edge calls Triple H a pervert and says that Triple H took away his personal life leaving him with only a professional life. Edge says he will ruin Triple H’s life by taking away the WWE Championship.

Michelle McCool vs. Natalya – Singles match to crown a first ever Divas champion

This is a first singles match for either girl on pay per view. Michelle McCool has fought and lost at a Great American Bash event before, that was two years ago. Natalya goes into this match undefeated on pay per view having been part of a winning 12 diva tag team match at Backlash. Michelle takes Natalya down early and gets a one count. Michelle hits a dropkick for another one count. Michelle hits some uppercuts and then a big boot but Natalya gets back into the match by dropping Michelle on to the top rope for a two count. Natalya smashes Michelle into the ring canvas and then locks on a surfboard submission hold. Michelle shows some great balance to get out of the hold and looks to lock on a heel hook but Natalya gets to the ropes.

Natalya pulls Michelle around the ringpost and then pins her for a one count. Michelle McCool now looking to be the first babyface to win a match tonight. Natalya locks on the sharpshooter but Michelle gets to the bottom rope. Natalya hits some right hands and boots and then looks to lock on the sharpshooter again but Michelle counters it with a heel hook. Natalya has horrendous wrestling gear compared to Michelle. Natalya taps out which means Michelle win the match and becomes the first ever Divas Champion. Given more time this could have been a great match. Cherry and Eve come out to celebrate with Michelle.

Rating: 4.5/10

Chris Jericho comes out, interrupting the celebrations and tells the crowd to keep their ticket stubs because they are from the night that Shawn Michaels had his las match. Jericho says that Michaels has a detached retina and his career is over. He could have let Michelle have her moment.

CM Punk and Batista are shown warming up. There’s then a video package showing CM Punk winning the Money In The Bank briefcase and then cashing it in on Edge.

CM Punk (c) vs. Batista – World Heavyweight Championship match

This is a first time PPV meeting between these two men. Batista is actually 0-3 at Great American Bash PPV’s whilst CM Punk is 0-1. Batista uses his power in the early going to out-muscle Batista. Punk applies a hammerlock but Batista elbows his way out of it. Raw’s main event scene seems a lot more healthy these days with the additions of both of these men. Punk hits some kicks and forearms and then tries a cross body but Batista catches him. Batista hits a reverse elbow, a snapmare and a running boot for a two count. Batista misses with a clothesline in the corner and CM Punk attempts to roll him up but Batista fights him off. Punk then hits an enzeguri sending Batista out of the ring. Punk hits a suicide dive and then rolls Batista back into the ring and gets a near fall. Punk hits a low dropkick and then kicks away at Batista’s back. Batista reverses an Irish whip, sending CM Punk into the corner hard. Batista hits a suplex for a near fall and then applies a camel clutch.

Batista breaks the submission and hits CM Punk with some hard right hands to the back. Punk counters one of them and hits a right hand of his own before dropkicking Batista out of the ring. Punk then kicks Batista as he gets back into the ring and then hits a cross body for a near fall. Batista hits a powerslam and there are a few boo’s for the challenger. Batista then motions for the Batista bomb but CM Punk manages to grab on to the ropes, kick Batista in the face a couple of times and then slide back into the ring and hit a running knee. Punk drops Batista down with another kick for a near fall. Punk attempts the go to sleep but Batista counters it before hitting Punk with a couple of big clotheslines in the corner. Batista pops Punk on the top rope but Punk locks an armbar on over the top rope. Punk then hits a springboard clothesline for a near fall. Punk locks on the anaconda vice but Batista rolls Punk over and gets a near fall. Punk hits kicks and right hands but Batista knocks the champion down with a huge clothesline.

Batista forces Punk into the corner and hits him with shoulder charges but he misses one as CM Punk gets out of the way. Batista rolls to the outside and so CM Punk attempts a cross body but Batista catches him and spinebusters him into the mat. Batista rolls CM Punk back into the ring but from nowhere comes Kane! Kane attacks Batista, throwing him into the ringpost and then going after CM Punk, hitting him with a chokeslam! It looks like this match will go down as a double disqualification! He’s taken out both men. He attacked Batista first so maybe Batista should’ve won by DQ. It’s a draw though! After the match Batista takes out CM Punk with a Batista bomb. Have we seen a heel turn?

Rating: 6/10

There’s a video package up next showing the recent history between John Cena and John “Bradshaw” Layfield.

John Cena vs. John “Bradshaw” Layfield – New York City parking lot brawl

This is the fifth singles match between these two men. John Cena has won the previous four. Cena got killed on Raw last week so I can’t see him wrestling this match unless he got out of the way of a car hitting him head on. Cena and JBL are both 2-0 at Great American Bash events. The match will take place in the parking lot, similar to the match between John Cena and Eddie Guerrero a few years ago. JBL turns up to the parking lot in his limo to entrance music. He has a crowbar in hand and is dressed in a dress shirt and pants. There’s no sign of Cena yet. One of the cars then drives towards JBL and Cena is in it! Cena seems fine despite being hit head on by a car last week on Raw. Cena chokes JBL with jump cables and then clips them on to JBL’s balls and connects them to a battery! Cena picks up a barrel and launches it at Bradshaw who gets out of the way. Bradshaw gets into a car but Cena bounces his face off the steering wheel. There’s no commentary for this match by the way.

JBL hits Cena with some right hands but Cena fights him off and looks to whip Layfield in a car door but JBL reverses it. JBL hits Cena with some big right hands and then smashes him into the hood of one of the cars. Layfield hits a neckbreaker on one of the cars and then pins Cena for a two count. Bradshaw throws Cena into another one of the cars windshields and then DDTs him on top of one of the cars! Layfield gets another near fall and then puts Cena’s head through a car window. JBL then puts Cena onto the back seat of a car before grabbing a canister of petrol out of the back of his limo and dousing the car with petrol. JBL sets the car alight and people come out with fire extinguishers to put it out. Cena gets out the back of the car and hits JBL with lefts and rights, throwing him into the side of a car a few times and then putting him into the front seat of the car. Cena then jumps in a forklift and punctures the car with it! Cena then uses the forklift to lift up the car and take it to the ringside area. JBL gets out of the car and crawls away but Cena goes after him and the two men slug it out on the entrance ramp.

Cena hits a side slam on the ramp and then the five knuckle shuffle. Cena sets up for the FU on the stage but hesitates and walks over to the car but JBL gets down and throws Cena into the windscreen! JBL covers Cena on the car and gets the three! JBL wins the parking lot brawl! A surprising result tonight.

Rating: 7/10

We’re shown the results to the poll that show more people sympathise with Edge (55%) then Vickie Guerrero (45%).

There’s a video package showing what took place on Smackdown last week.

Eve Torres grabs Triple H backstage and asks the WWE Champion if he regrets what he did to Edge and Vickie on Smackdown last week. It’s a resounding no.

Triple H (c) vs. Edge – WWE Championship match

Unbelievably this is a first time PPV singles match between these two men. It is also a first ever Great American Bash match for both men too. The bell rings and both men start the match quickly, with Edge launching himself at Triple H. Edge hits right hands but Triple H uses Edge’s momentum to throw him out of the ring. Triple H then throws Edge into the barricade before placing him on the apron and hitting him with an elbow. Triple H drops Edge on the top rope before getting back into the ring and hitting Edge with a hard Irish whip. Edge rolls to the outside but eventually gets back into the ring where Triple H lays into him. Edge reverses an Irish whip and hits a spear on Triple H in the corner before kicking him in the ribs. It’s been a slow match so far as Edge slowly lays into Triple H with knees and then a hard Irish whip. The two men battle to the outside where Edge drops Triple H on the announce desk.

Back in the ring and Edge gets a near fall. Edge then applies a body scissors. This would be a fourth successive PPV defence for Triple H should he come out with the title tonight. Triple H manages to get out of the body scissors but Edge hits him with a dropkick for a two count. Triple H rolls out to the apron and Edge looks to hit him with a spear but Triple H sidesteps it and Edge falls to the outside. Back in the ring and the two men slug it out until Triple H knocks down his challenger with a clothesline. Triple H then hits a facebuster and again Edge falls to the outside. Triple H launches Edge into the ringpost and then rolls him back into the ring but Edge baseball slides him way back outside which Triple H sidesteps but Edge hits the WWE Champion with an impaler DDT. Triple H looking to be only the second babyface to score a win tonight following Michelle McCool. Edge rolls Triple H back into the ring and gets a near fall. Edge goes up to the middle rope but Triple H catches his feet and catapults Edge into a top turnbuckle. Triple H then drops Edge with a DDT in the middle of the ring for a near fall.

Triple H looks to hit a pedigree out of nowhere but Edge counters it with a reverse facebuster type move for a near fall. Edge motions for a spear but Triple H sidesteps it and then rolls up the Rated-R Superstar for a near fall. Edge is first up and hits a big boot and then motions for a spear but Triple H counters it with a big spinebuster. Triple H sets up for a pedigree but Edge forces Triple H into the corner. Edge sets up for a superplex and hits the move to the middle of the ring. Alicia Fox then comes running out from the back. She grabs the WWE Championship belt and puts it in the ring but then out comes Vickie Guerrero who nails Alicia and grabs the WWE Championship belt herself. Vickie gets in the ring with the belt but Alicia Fox takes her out and the two girls roll around on the floor. Edge then looks to spear Alicia Fox but instead nails Vickie! Why would Edge want to spear Alicia Fox? Don’t answer that. Edge turns right round into a pedigree from Triple H who then hooks the leg and gets the three! Triple H wins the match. A slightly disappointing match, I’m not sure if the chemistry was there.

Rating: 5.75/10

And that was The Great American Bash 2008. Eight matches squeezed into a decent show for the most part. I liked how the show began with four charismatic teams who all got their offence in. I was quite surprised that Hawkins and Ryder won. I really like Miz and Morrison as champions and I thought Jesse and Festus were the outside favourites but I was surprised to see Hawkins and Ryder win. With the implosion of La Familia it’ll be interesting to see how they fit into the Smackdown landscape. I also enjoyed the match that followed between Matt Hardy and Shelton Benjamin. Hardy is a solid worker if a little unexciting. Benjamin is explosive though and can put a good match on with anybody. He’ll make a great United States Champion as he is more experienced and better equipped than when he was Intercontinental Champion. Two good matches to kick off the show.

Mark Henry and Tommy Dreamer had a pretty dull match but this one was all about the finish and Colin Delaney turning his back on Tommy Dreamer. I like the Mark Henry/Tony Atlas partnership, it makes a lot of sense and I can see Finlay being his next contender going into Summerslam. Dreamer and Delaney will go on to feud but I don’t think it’ll be a PPV level feud. Chris Jericho beat Shawn Michaels in a much more hard hitting match than what we’ve seen them wrestle previously. It told a different story but a similar one to Michaels match with Batista at One Night Stand. Michaels just got killed until he couldn’t go on any further. It was the same with his match with Randy Orton last year. This feud must continue and probably lead up to a gimmick match but I’m not sure which gimmick. The feud is telling a fantastic story though going all the way back to Wrestlemania.

Michelle McCool beat Natalya to become the first ever Divas Champion. I think it’s well deserved for McCool and I do think she’s better than Natalya at this stage so I don’t have a problem with her winning. This really seems like a secondary title to the Women’s title, especially when you consider the two divisions. Both are solid workers though and this should bring a new spotlight to the Smackdown divas division. CM Punk and Batista then had a match that ended in a draw due to interfierence from Kane. I guess this is heading to a triple threat match at Summerslam. I don’t think CM Punk is main event level for Raw yet. I can see this reign being short, much like Randy Ortons first World Heavyweight Championship reign. It gives him a taste of success though. I’d quite like to see a Batista heel turn, I think he’s due it and I’d like to see him wrestle the likes of John Cena. I’m guessing Kane is carrying his mask in his bag and this is leading to a masked Kane return.

John “Bradshaw” Layfield beat John Cena in their parking lot brawl. This was a surprising result for me, I thought Cena was taking it. It was an odd match but, like a car crash, I couldn’t stop watching. The finish was a bit weak but this was a big win for Layfield who I can only assume will be entering the main event picture again. It won’t affect Cena much, they could probably chuck him in the Summerslam main event if they wanted to. There are a lot of potential main eventers on Raw between CM Punk, Batista, Kane, John Cena, JBL, Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho. Even Rey Mysterio if they wanted. Smackdowns main event mostly consists of Edge and Triple H and the two met in a decent match which Triple H won tonight. These are two of the top stars in the company and there was a lot of bullshit in the finish with Vickie Guerrero and Alicia Fox but Triple H retains his title. I can see these two continuing to feud over the title but we’ll have to see. A good win for Triple H tonight.

Overall Rating: 56.56/100 (ranked joint 131st out of 227)

Match Of The Night: John Cena vs. John “Bradshaw” Layfield
Worst Match Of The Night: Mark Henry vs. Tommy Dreamer
Surprise Of The Night: John Cena loses
Worst Booking Of The Night: A no contest for CM Punk
Superstar Of The Night: Triple H
The Great American Bash 2008 Will Be Remembered For: Chris Jericho killing Shawn Michaels

One thought on “The Great American Bash 2008

  1. After winning the SmackDown Tag-Team Titles here, Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder went on to have one of the worst title reigns in WWE history.

    In their two months as SmackDown Tag-Team Champions, Curt Hawkins & Ryder’s win-loss record was 2-2-1 (house shows do not count); the first win being at this PPV, and the second win being a non-title match against against Jimmy Wang Yang & Shannon Moore on the August 9th episode of SmackDown; the first loss being non-title against the Colon Brothers (Carlito & Primo), and the second loss was Hawkins & Ryder dropping the gold to the Colons on the September 25th episode of SmackDown; and the one draw being Hawkins & Ryder’s match against Jesse & Festus on the August 29th episode of SmackDown when The Big Show interfered.

    Here’s the video of the Colons’ big title win:

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