Unforgiven 2008

|Date: September 7, 2008
|Venue: Quicken Loans Arena |City: Cleveland, Ohio
|Attendance: 8,707 |Buys: 211,000
|Brands: Raw, Smackdown & ECW

|tweet me: @BastionBlogger

Unforgiven, an apt name for 11th annual event of this WWE staple. This years event comes with a theme, an “Adamle Original” if you will, a concept invented by Raw General Manager Mike Adamle. The Adamle Original in question is a “Championship Scramble” match that features five men battling for the WWE Championship. Two men will start the match and every five minutes a new man will enter the match. There can be as many falls in the 20 minute time limit as possible but whoever has the last fall at the end of the match will be the champion. Any falls within the match will determine an interim champion. Mike Adamle announced that the Raw Championship Scramble match will consist of champion CM Punk, John Cena, Batista, John “Bradshaw” Layfield and Kane. An all-star cast. However it was then announced that John Cena was injured in his match with Batista at Summerslam so he has been replaced by Rey Mysterio. Kane claims that he has taken Rey Mysterio out and that we will never see him again but he did show up on Raw.

ECW then announced that they would have a Championship Scramble match at Unforgiven for the ECW title. There were qualification matches to decide who would compete in the match. Matt Hardy beat John Morrison, The Miz defeated Evan Bourne, Finlay beat Mike Knox and Chavo Guerrero beat Tommy Dreamer. The four men that qualified along with ECW Champion Mark Henry competed in a battle royal on Raw a few weeks ago and it was Mark Henry that won the match. Smackdown would also announce a Championship Scramble match for the WWE Championship with qualifiers to determine Triple H’s opponents. The Brian Kendrick would win a battle royal thanks to The Big Show, Jeff Hardy beat The Great Khali, MVP beat Festus by count out and Shelton Benjamin would beat Finlay.

Another big match scheduled for tonight is an unsanctioned match between Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho. Shawn Michaels looks set to announce his retirement when Chris Jericho interrupted and accidentally punched Michaels’ wife Rebecca. Shawn would then challenge Jericho to a match and said he would have no remorse for the man that attacked his wife. Jericho accepted and would also claim that Michaels had it coming. These two rivals meet again tonight. Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase will be defending their World Tag Team Championships against the men that stole their titles from them, Cryme Tyme and also tonight Michelle McCool will defend her newly won Divas title against Maryse.

In a dark match prior to the event Evan Bourne defeated John Morrison.

The show kicks off with a video package hyping up the Championship Scramble matches and then the Shawn Michaels/Chris Jericho feud. Todd Grisham is then the man to welcome us to Unforgiven as we’re kicks off with the ECW Championship Scramble match.

Mark Henry (c) vs. Matt Hardy vs. Finlay vs. The Miz vs. Chavo Guerrero – Championship Scramble match for the ECW Championship

This is the first ever Championship Scramble match. As Unforgiven records go, Mark Henry is 0-2, Matt Hardy is 3-1, Chavo is 0-1, he previously wrestled as Kerwin White at the event,  Finlay and Miz make their Unforgiven debuts tonight.

Matt Hardy and The Miz start the match, something that wasn’t made clear before is that two men will start the match and a new entry is every five minutes. Matt hits a headlock takedown. Nobody has fought as many PPV matches with main eventing a PPV as Matt Hardy. He takes The Miz down for a quick one count. Hardy continues with the headlock until The Miz shoves him away and hits a hiptoss. Miz then applies a headlock of his own as the two men look to start the match slowly. Hardy looks to hit a bulldog but Miz pushes him into the corner and then misses with a clothesline. Hardy hits a sit-out powerbomb for a near fall. Matt hits a big clothesline for a near fall. Hard to say whether starting the match gives you an advantage or disadvantage. I guess it gives you longer to get falls but you’ll be more tired come the end. The Miz hits a big clothesline for a near fall. Hardy runs into an elbow and The Miz then hits the reality check but Matt Hardy rolls out of the ring.

Chavo Guerrero enters the match. Chavo pulls down the top rope sending Miz flying out of the ring. Chavo then hits a frog splash on Matt Hardy and pins him for the three! Chavo Guerrero is the interim ECW Champion. Chavo has just under 15 minutes to hang on. The Miz gets back in the ring and lays into Chavo before hitting him with a clothesline in the corner for a near fall. Chavo sends Miz out of the ring with a rolling yakuza kick and then dives to the outside with a plancha. Hardy and Chavo go at it in the ring and The Miz heads to the top and takes both men out with a cross body for a near fall on Hardy. Hardy hits a clothesline on Miz and right hand son Chavo as he lays into both men. Hardy hits a bulldog on Chavo, clotheslining Miz at the same time. Matt then hits side affect on Chavo and hooks the leg for the three! Matt Hardy is the interim ECW Champion. Hardy drops The Miz with an elbow and then throws Chavo out of the ring. Hardy then applies a headlock to The Miz.

Mark Henry enters the match. Mark Henry arrives with his bag carrier Tony Atlas. Hardy, Guerrero and Miz look to triple team Henry who has officially lost his ECW Championship. The other three men lay in some right hands but Henry fights them all off. Henry throws Chavo across the ring and then gorilla press slams Matt Hardy. Henry drops The Miz and then hits the world strongest slam on Chavo before pinning him for the three! Mark Henry is the interim ECW Champion. Mark Henry hits a worlds strongest slam on The Miz and then looks to hit one on Matt Hardy who wriggles out. Hardy heads to the apron but Henry knocks him off. Chavo has been involved in every fall so far. Henry applies a bear hug to Chavo and Matt Hardy looks to break it up but Henry applies a bear hug to Hardy!

Finlay enters the match. Finlay is joined by his son Hornswoggle. Finlay goes right to work on Mark Henry, dropping him with a DDT for a near fall. Finlay hits a second DDT for another near fall. There’s a countdown clock at the bottom of the screen now showing how long is left in the match. Mark Henry has just over four minutes left to survive. Henry applies a bear hug to Finlay but in comes Hornswoggle so Henry breaks the hold. The referee sees Hornswoggle out so Finlay leathers Henry with the shillalah! Finlay and Hardy dispose of Mark Henry and Finlay then hits Hardy with the Celtic cross for the three! Finlay is the interim ECW Champion!  The Miz comes in off the top and drops Finlay with a missile dropkick! Hardy then hits the side affect on The Miz for the three! Matt Hardy is the interim ECW Champion! Mark Henry gets back in the ring and hits the world strongest slam on The Miz but Matt Hardy breaks up the pinfall attempt.

Mark Henry disposes of Matt Hardy and then hits the worlds strongest slam on Chavo Guerrero but once again Matt Hardy breaks up the pinfall attempt. The Miz rolls up Hardy and Mark Henry breaks up the pinfall. Chavo comes flying off the top but Mark Henry catches him and hits him with the world strongest slam but again Matt Hardy breaks up the pinfall. Finlay rolls up Hardy for a two count. The Miz is bleeding from near the eye. One minute left in the match. Matt Hardy breaks up every cover he can see. The crowd are definitely behind Hardy in this one. Hardy throws The Miz out of the ring with 30 seconds left to go. Hardy throws Chavo out of the ring. There’s all sort of case in the corner of the ring but nobody can get a pinfall! The bell rings and it’s Matt Hardy that wins the match and the ECW Championship! Everybody but The Miz was an interim champion in the match but it’s Matt Hardy that leaves with the gold! This was a fun match, I enjoyed it!

Rating: 7.25/10

Matt Hardy is backstage celebrating with his brother Jeff. Matt says that this is the best night of his life but the one thing that would make it better is if Jeff wins the WWE Championship tonight.

Jim Ross introduces the poll tonight which is asking whether Vickie Guerrero should have allowed The Big Show into the WWE Championship Scramble.

Ted DiBiase & Cody Rhodes (c) vs. Cryme Tyme (JTG & Shad Gaspard) – World Tag Team Championship match

This is a first PPV meeting between these two teams. Ted DiBiase, JTG and Shad Gaspard actually go into this match undefeated on PPV. All four men make their Unforgiven debuts tonight. JTG starts the match against Cody Rhodes. JTG hits a big right hand a dropkick to start the match before dropkicking Ted DiBiase who gets involved. Shad then clotheslines the tag team champions out of the ring before launching JTG out of the ring onto Rhodes and DiBiase. Back in the ring and Rhodes smashes JTG into the middle turnbuckle before tagging in DiBiase. JTG takes Gaspard and there’s some double teaming from the challengers. DiBiase hits a jawbreaker on Shad and then a running elbow in the corner. Shad hits a powerslam and an elbow drop for a two count. Shad lowers his head allowing DiBiase to kick him and then tag in Rhodes. JTG makes a blind tag and then fires in with a shoulder charge for a two count.

I like these two teams, they’re both proper tag teams. Rhodes hits a slap and then exits the ring with JTG in pursuit. Rhodes drops JTG with a clothesline and then rolls him back into the ring. Rhodes has the Triforce on his boots from the Zelda series. Cody works the left arm of JTG, applying a wristlock and then tagging in DiBiase. DiBiase and Rhodes are two time tag team champions. DiBiase tags Rhodes back in who hits a fistdrop from the top rope. Cody hits a side Russian leg sweep and then tags in DiBiase who drops JTG with a dropkick. I like Dibiase, I think he could be a big star. DiBiase continues to work the left arm of JTG and applies a wristlock of his own. JTG hits a side suplex and both men are down. DiBiase tags Rhodes who knocks Shad off the apron. Shad tries to get in and the referee stops him which allows the champions to double team JTG. Cody Rhodes is the only man in this match to have suffered a defeat on PPV. Rhodes hits some right hands on JTG and then a snapmare before going back to the wristlock.

This is the first time Rhodes and DiBiase have defended the World Tag Team Championships together on PPV. Rhodes heads to the top and attempts a moonsault but he’s miles away as JTG rolls out of the way. Rhodes tags DiBiase and JTG tags Shad! Shad comes in like a house on fire, hitting DiBiase with clotheslines, snake eyes and a big slam. All hell then breaks loose with all four men in the ring. The referee gets JTG out of the ring allowing Rhodes to hit a DDT on Shad which gives DiBiase a near fall. DiBiase tags Rhodes who runs into a big clothesline. Shag then puts Rhodes up on his shoulders but DiBiase pulls him down. JTG then rolls up Cody but Dibiase flips it over so Rhodes is covering JTG and the referee counts the three! Rhodes and Dibiase retain their World Tag Team Championships! After the match the brawl continues but in comes somebody with a big afro to help out the champions! The three men celebrate together but who is the big Samoan? (It’s Afa Jr). Good match between these two teams.

Rating: 7/10

Shawn Michaels is backstage getting his tricep taped up.

There’s a video package up next for Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho.

Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Jericho – Unsanctioned match

This is the fourth PPV match between these two men. Shawn Michaels is currently leading 2-1 on victories. Shawn Michaels is 3-1 at Unforgiven events, Chris Jericho is 3-3. Michaels rushes the ring and we are right into it. Shawn lays into Jericho with right hands and stomps and then pulls off his boot and smashes it into Jericho’s face three times sending Jericho sprawling out of the ring. Michaels then takes the fight into the crowd, hitting Jericho with right hands which sends Jericho back over the barrier and into the ringside area. Michaels catapults Jericho into the ringpost and then looks under the ring for something which he can’t find. Michaels grabs a chair and swings it at Jericho who ducks. Jericho then shoves Michaels into the announce table before dropping him on the barricade. Jericho hits a DDT on the outside and then pulls two tables out from under the ring. Jericho throws one table at Michaels and sets one up outside.

Jericho looks to powerbomb Michaels through the table but Michaels fights his way out of it. Back in the ring and Jericho jabs Michaels in the middle section with a chair before swinging it into his back. Jericho hits a side suplex and then sets up the chair between the top and middle turnbuckles. Jericho chokes Michaels with his boot and then tries to Irish whip Michaels into the chair but HBK reverses it, sending Jericho back to the ringpost he came from. Jericho then looks to suplex Michaels out of the ring and through the table but Shawn manages to land on the apron and clothesline Jericho back into the ring. Michaels hits a flying forearm and nips up before choking Jericho with his bare hands. Shawn heads to the top and hits a flying elbow drop before motioning for sweet chin music. Michaels doesn’t hit it though, he just stops. Michaels hits rights and lefts and then applies a crossface which Jericho manages to get out of by shoving Michaels into the chair he had earlier set up in the corner. Jericho then hits right hands and chokes Michaels.

The two men exchange right hands and Michaels hits a Lou Thesz press. Shawn hits a clothesline and then looks to hit a piledriver but Jericho counters it into a walls of Jericho. Michaels manages to pull himself to the edge of the ring and reaches down, grabs a fire extinguisher and squirts it in Jericho’s face to break the walls of Jericho. Michaels then smashes Jericho with the extinguisher sending him to the outside before throwing Chris into the barricade. Michaels hits a suplex on the ramp and then out comes Lance Cade. Michaels sees him coming and lays him out with right hands before going back to Jericho. Cade then takes a shot at Michaels injured tricep before taking him down with a clothesline. Cade then sets Michaels up near the corner of the ring, Jericho holds Shawn and Cade hits a running knee to the injured tricep of Michaels. It’s now a handicap match in the ring as Cade holds Michaels for Jericho to slap, headbutt and kick.

Cade hands Jericho a chair and then holds Michaels so Jericho can smash the chair into the injured arm repeatedly. Jericho then puts Michaels arm through the chair and heads to the top but Michaels manages to kick Cade into the top rope, crotching Jericho. Michaels then hits Cade with sweet chin music before smashing Jericho with the chair sending him through the table below! Michaels heads out and smashes Jericho with a chair a few times. Michaels then lays Lance Cade across one of the announce desks and lays Jericho on top of him. Michaels heads to the top and then flies off with an elbow drop, sending both men through the announce desk! Michaels passionately celebrates and then drags Jericho back into the ring. Shawn takes off his belt and whips Jericho with it repeatedly. Michaels whispers something in Jericho’s ear and then wraps the belt around his fist and repeatedly punches him in the face with it! Jericho is out but Michaels lands more left hands. The referee calls for the bell! This one is over. Shawn Michaels wins the match! Michaels keeps going back to Jericho but the referee tells him not to so Shawn lays out the referee with sweet chin music!

Rating: 8.75/10

Ted DiBiase, Cody Rhodes and Manu are backstage when Randy Orton arrives. Rhodes introduces Randy to Manu who is the son of WWE Hall Of Famer, Afa. Manu says that Rhodes and DiBiase are a different class. Randy congratulates the World Tag Team Champions but says they were lucky. Orton tells them that luck runs out but talent and ability runs out. Randy says he is not impressed at all.

Triple H (c) vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. MVP vs. The Brian Kendrick – Championship Scramble match for the WWE Championship

This is the second ever Championship Scramble match. As Unforgiven records go, Triple H is 7-1, Jeff Hardy is 1-2, Shelton Benjamin is 1-0, MVP is 1-0 and The Brian Kendrick is 0-1.

Jeff Hardy and Shelton Benjamin start the match. Shelton is the current United States Champion. It would have been nice to see Edge, Undertaker and Big Show in this match to make it a bit more prestigious. The two men are cautious in the early going, Benjamin applies a headlock and then takes down Hardy for a two count. Hardy rolls Benjamin up for a two count. Hardy gets another two count and Benjamin hits a side headlock takedown. Benjamin then powerbomb Hardy into the corner before getting a near fall. Shelton lays in some stomps and then hits a suplex for a two count before applying a chinlock. There’s a bit of a botch as Benjamin goes for Paydirt but Hardy hits a clothesline at the same time. Jeff hits a legdrop for a near fall.

The Brian Kendrick enters the match. Kendrick is accompanied by Ezekiel Jackson. Hardy and Benjamin slug it out on the apron where Benjamin looks to hit a German suplex off the apron. Kendrick knocks Benjamin off the apron and then takes down Hardy for a near fall. Kendrick hits a flying forearm for a near fall. No falls yet which means Triple H is very much still the champion. Kendrick gets another near fall. Hardy hits an inverted powerbomb which is enough for the three! Jeff Hardy is the interim WWE Champion. Benjamin gets back involved and disposes of The Brian Kendrick. Hardy hits Benjamin with a suplex and Shelton then misses with a splash in the corner. Hardy gets a near fall on Benjamin which was pretty pointless. Benjamin then hits paydirt on Hardy for a near fall. Kendrick disposes of Benjamin and then hits The Kendrick for the three! The Brian Kendrick is the interim WWE Champion. 

MVP enters the match. MVP gets involved with a big flapjack on Kendrick before kicking Jeff Hardy out of the ring. MVP then backdrops Kendrick out of the ring and hits a facebuster on Benjamin. Kendrick gets back into the ring and hits MVP with a dropkick. Jeff Hardy hits a mule kick on Benjamin and then hits a pendulum dropkick on both Benjamin and MVP for a near fall on Shelton. Brian Kendrick kicks Hardy out of the ring but Benjamin hits Kendrick with a Samoan drop. Kendrick hits a cross body on MVP and then a low dropkick. Shelton hits a big clothesline on Kendrick and then looks to hit a powerbomb but Kendrick reverses it into a hurricanrana.

Triple H enters the match. There’s a big pop for Triple H who comes out having lost his WWE Championship. Triple H gets into the ring, clotheslines Benjamin out of the ring. Triple H clotheslines Kendrick and hits a facebuster on MVP. He then hits a spinebuster on Kendrick and disposes of MVP before hitting The Brian Kendrick with a pedigree for the three! Triple H is the interim WWE Champion. There are four minutes left on the clock and Benjamin attacks Triple H from behind. The two men scrap out of the ring where Benjamin Irish whips Triple H into the steps. Jeff Hardy hits a twist of fate on MVP for the three! Jeff Hardy is the interim WWE Champion. Kendrick then hits The Kendrick on Jeff Hardy but Hardy is right back up and takes Brian out with an inverted suplex. Hardy then heads to the top but Triple H crotches him up there. Triple H hits another pedigree on The Brian Kendrick and pins him for the three! Triple H is the interim WWE Champion. 

There are two minutes left to go. Hardy hits a swanton bomb on The Brian Kendrick and pins him for the three! Jeff Hardy is the interim WWE Champion! Triple H attempts a pedigree on Hardy but Jeff backdrops him out of the ring and then leaps out at him. MVP and Kendrick slug it out on the top rope and Shelton Benjamin then comes out of nowhere and hits a superplex on Kendrick as Benjamin powerbombs him into the mat. Hardy then hits whisper in the wind on MVP  and then the swanton bomb on Benjamin! With ten seconds left Triple H gets in the ring and hits the pedigree on MVP for the three! Triple H is the interim WWE Champion! The bell rings and it’s all over! Triple H wins the match and retains the WWE Championship! Another good scramble match.

Rating: 7.5/10

Shawn Michaels is interviews backstage. He’s content but he doesn’t have a sense of closure. Michaels says that for Jericho the worst is yet to come.

Eve interviews CM Punk backstage who says that the odds are stacked against him. Randy Orton then shows up and calls Punk a fluke. Punk notices that Orton isn’t wearing his arm brace but Orton says he is still injured. Cody Rhodes, Ted DiBiase and Manu then attack CM Punk and Kofi Kingston comes to Punks aid but he gets laid out too. Orton then punts CM Punk and leaves him laying before telling Rhodes, DiBiase and Manu that that was impressive.

Michelle McCool (c) vs. Maryse – Divas Championship match

This is a first time PPV match between these two girls. And it’s a first time defence of the Divas Championship. It is also a PPV debut for Maryse. It’s an Unforgiven debut for Michelle McCool. Michell takes Maryse down in the early going and gets a one count. Michelle then hits a side Russian leg sweep for a two count. Maryse applies a wristlock which Michelle gets out of with an arm drag. Maryse heads to the outside and Michelle follows but Maryse smashes Michelle into the security barrier and over it. Michelle fires back with a kick and then a clothesline off the barricade before rolling Maryse back into the ring. Michelle hits an uppercut but Maryse takes her down with a chopblock. Maryse then smashes Michelle’s left knee into the mat before applying a leg lock. Maryse wraps Michelle’s leg around the bottom rope and then applies a leg grapevine but Michelle counters it and drops an elbow.

Michelle applies a heel hook but Maryse gets to the bottom rope. Maryse then drops Michelle on the middle rope and chokes her on it. Michelle hits a big kick out of nowhere for a two count. Both girls are down and slug it out until Maryse hits a sunset flip for Michelle rolls through and hits a low dropkick. Michelle looks to hit a suplex but her leg gives way so Maryse works the leg of Michelle. Michelle manages to hit a big boot and then a front suplex for the three. Michelle wins the match but is selling her leg. Not a terrible match.

Rating: 4.75/10

We’re shown the poll results of whether Vickie Guerrero should have let The Big Show into the scramble match. It’s an over-whelming yes.

Mike Adamle is out to announce that it appears CM Punk is unable to compete in the main event. Adamle says that if Punk can’t compete then he will have to find a suitable replacement. The match will take place.

The Big Show is out in his wrestling gear but we’re not sure why. Big Show puts himself forward for Raw’s Championship Scramble match. Big Show then plugs the “Smackdown your vote” campaign. Vickie Guerrero then comes out. Vickie calls Big Show a big dumb giant and he has to deal with the circumstances. The Undertakers music then hits and out walk druids with a casket. Big Show finds the whole thing hilarious. The druids leave the casket ringside and leave. Undertaker then shows up on the titantron. Undertaker reminds Vickie that he is coming for her at Unforgiven and the coffin will be her final resting place. Undertaker gives Vickie the opportunity to get into the coffin voluntarily before he comes out there. Big Show holds Vickie so she can’t escape and then out comes The Undertaker. Undertaker approaches Vickie Guerrero and grabs her by the throat but Big Show then nails Undertaker with a big right hand! Big Show lays into Undertaker with lefts and right and headbutts. Big Show then launches Undertaker into the coffin before tipping it over. Show then lays The Undertaker out completely with a right hand and elbow drops. Big Show then sits Undertaker up so Vickie Guerrero can slap him.

We’re shown some highlights from how Randy Orton returned on Raw and then took out CM Punk earlier.

William Regal is backstage selling himself to Mike Adamle. Adamle says that there is still a good chance Punk can compete tonight.

CM Punk (c) vs. John “Bradshaw” Layfield vs. Batista vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Kane – Championship Scramble match for the World Heavyweight Championship

This is the third Scramble match of the night. CM Punk has a 1-0 record at Unforgiven events, if he can compete tonight, JBL is 1-1, Batista is 1-1, Rey Mysterio is 0-1 and Kane is 3-4-1.

Batista and John “Bradshaw” Layfield start off the match. Batista knocks JBL down early and then lays into him in the corner. Layfield fires back with an elbow, a boot and a right hand. Batista hits a big clothesline for a two count. What if CM Punk doesn’t show up and there are no falls? It would mean that Punk retains his title without being in the match. Batista hits a chopblock and then locks on a figure four. Batista and Bradshaw slug it out on the outside and Batista throws JBL into the ring steps.

Kane enters the match. Kane lays into Batista as JBL lays on the outside. Batista takes Kane down with a clothesline but Kane hits a big boot. Kane hits a snapmare and then a low dropkick for a one count. Kane hits Batista with a big right hand and then stomps away at him in the corner. Batista hits some right hands and a clothesline in the corner before choking him with his boot. Kane hits a sidewalk slam and then heads to the top but Batista gets out of the way of a flying clothesline. Batista sets up for a Batista bomb but JBL gets back into the ring and boots Batista. JBL then attempts a clothesline form hell but Kane grabs him by the throat. Kane hits JBL with a clothesline and pins JBL for the three! Kane is the interim World Heavyweight Champion. That means CM Punk has lost the title. Kane lays into Batista.

Rey Mysterio enters the match. This is Rey Mysterio’s first ever PPV match as an official member of Raw. Kane hits Rey with a right hand but Mysterio hits low dropkicks and a kick to the face for a one count. Rey hits a springboard dropkick which knocks Kane out of the ring. JBL lays into Rey Mysterio but Mysterio hits a flying head scissors and a bulldog. Rey looks to hit a 619 on Kane but Kane ducks and knocks Rey down with a clothesline. Batista knocks Kane down with a side suplex. Rey then hits a splash on Kane off Batista’s shoulders and it’s Batista who gets the near fall on Kane following that. Rey looks to hit another splash off Batista’s shoulders but Mysterio instead hits a sunset flip on Batista for a near fall. JBL then knocks Batista down with a clothesline before fallaway slamming Mysterio onto Batista. JBL pins Batista for a near fall. JBL then goes after Kane, booting him and dropping elbows.

Chris Jericho enters the match. Chris Jericho walks out from the back looking injured and nobody can believe it! Jericho lost his match earlier and he gingerly walks to the ring. In the ring, Kane lays into Batista. Batista then hits a spear on Rey Mysterio and a spear on Chris Jericho. Batista slams Kane and then spears JBL. Batista pins JBL for a near fall. Batista hits a boot on Kane and pins him and it’s Rey Mysterio that breaks up the pinfall. Mysterio hits a legdrop on JBL and Batista then looks to Batista bomb Mysterio but Rey counters it and then hits a 619 on JBL. Batista smashes Mysterio off the apron. JBL attempts a clothesline form hell on Batista who ducks and JBL hits it on Kane. Batista then hits a spinebuster on Layfield. Less than two minutes left. Kane slams Batista and then heads to the top and hits Batista with a big clothesline for a near fall. Doesn’t matter, Kane’s still the interim champion.

One minute left. Batista hits a big spear on Kane and then a spinebuster for the three! Batista is the interim World Heavyweight Champion. 20 seconds left. Mysterio then springboards in but Batista catches him and hits him with a powerbomb! As Batista is doing that, Chris Jericho crawls into the ring and pins Kane for the three! Chris Jericho is the interim World Heavyweight Champion! The clock runs down and the bell rings! Chris Jericho is the new World Heavyweight Champion! What a shocker that is!

Rating: 7.5/10

And that was Unforgiven 2008. Only six matches but it was all based around the three Championship Scramble matches. I actually enjoyed all of the scramble matches. The ECW match was fast paced and had some great action. Matt Hardy won the match without pinning Mark Henry which is the risk in this type of match. All five men bought something different and it resulted in a really good match. Everybody but The Miz got a fall so it was exciting to see who would leave with the belt. Matt Hardy is the new ECW Champion. He was definitely the popular choice. Rhodes and DiBiase then beat Cryme Tyme to retain their World Tag Team Championships. There was some classic old school teamwork in this one which gave the champions the win. And then at the end we saw the debut of Manu who has joined this stable. He’s the son of Afa so I guess it makes sense. Good match between these two team. I like the champions.

Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho had a great match. This was one of the matches of the year no doubt. I wasn’t a big fan of the ending, I don’t think an unsanctioned match should finish by the referee throwing it out. But this has been an awesome feud so far and this match has been the best one of the feud so far. Michaels gets the win and technically Jericho never gave up. Next up was the WWE Championship Scramble match. Jeff Hardy, The Brian Kendrick and Triple H all got fall but it was Triple H that would retain his title. On paper this looked like Triple H and four guys that were beneath him and when it came to the match, that’s exactly how it was booked. Triple H came in and pedegree’d The Brian Kendrick a couple of times to get his falls. This match might have been more prestigious if it had the likes of Edge, Undertaker and Big Show but this was still a fun match. Dominant performance by Triple H.

Michelle McCool beat Maryse to retain the Divas Championship. This was a pretty standard title defence for Michelle who is getting a big push at the moment. Maryse is still pretty green in the ring but she has plenty of charisma and if she continues to improve in the ring then she’ll be a big talent in the future. And then chaos ensued. CM Punk was taken out of the World Heavyweight Championship Scramble match courtesy of Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes, Ted DiBiase and Manu. Chris Jericho would not only replace Punk but go on to win the match and become World Heavyweight Champion. This was a shocking result and a weird turn of events. I guess they wanted Jericho in the match to win the title. Why take out Punk? They would’ve been better off taking out Mysterio and blaming Kane. Jericho has been great since his heel turn so I don’t mind him being champion but it looks like the CM Punk push is over. Overall this felt like a good show. I don’t know how popular an opinion that is but I enjoyed the Championship Scramble matches. The Jericho and Michaels match stole the show and the tag team title match was great too. So overall it was actually a really really good show, go and watch it!

Overall Rating: 71.25/100 (ranked 3rd out of 230)

Match Of The Night: Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Jericho
Worst Match Of The Night: Michelle McCool vs. Maryse
Surprise Of The Night: CM Punk is taken out of the main event
Worst Booking Of The Night: CM Punk is taken out of the main event
Superstar Of The Night: Chris Jericho
Unforgiven 2008 Will Be Remembered For: Chris Jericho winning the World Heavyweight Championship, replacing CM Punk

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