No Way Out 2009

|Date: February 15, 2009
|Venue: KeyArena |City: Seattle, Washington
|Attendance: 11,200 |Buys: 272,000
|Brands: Raw, Smackdown & ECW

|tweet me: @BastionBlogger

Tonight there will be No Way Out for 12 of WWE’s top superstars as they battle inside two Elimination Chamber matches. One will be contested for the WWE Championship and the other for the World Heavyweight Championship. Edge will be defending his WWE Championship against The Undertaker who beat Mark Henry to qualify, The Big Show who beat Festus, Triple H who beat The Great Khali and Vladimir Kozlov, Jeff Hardy who was announced into the match due to his mandatory rematch clause following his loss to Edge at the Royal Rumble and Vladimir Kozlov then won a battle royal to gain the final spot in the match.

In the second Elimination Chamber match, World Heavyweight Champion John Cena will be defending his title against Kofi Kingston who beat Kane to qualify, Rey Mysterio who beat William Regal, Chris Jericho who beat CM Punk, Mike Knox who won a battle royal and Kane who was announced as the final competitor after helping Stephanie McMahon in luring The Undertaker for a match on Raw against Randy Orton. Randy Orton punted Vince McMahon in the head on the final Raw before the Royal Rumble and would then go on to win the Royal Rumble match. Stephanie McMahon said she would not be firing Orton but instead something much worse was going to happen and out came Shane McMahon. Shane would attack Orton but Orton later got his revenge on McMahon, attacking him backstage. The match was then made for Randy Orton and Shane McMahon to meet at No Way Out in a no holds barred match.

Another storyline that comes to a head tonight is the relationship between John “Bradshaw” Layfield and Shawn Michaels. Michaels didn’t help Layfield win the World Heavyweight Championship at the Royal Rumble so Layfield made the challenge to Michaels for No Way Out. If Michaels wins then he is free from JBL and paid off everything he is owed. But if JBL wins then he owns Shawn Michaels, it’s likeness and trademarks meaning that he could use Michaels’ name for whatever he likes. Also tonight, Finlay gets an opportunity at the ECW Championship after he beat Jack Swagger, ending Swaggers’ undefeated streak in an non-title match.

In a dark match prior to the event Melina defeated Beth Phoenix to retain her WWE Women’s Championship.

A video package opens the show, first focusing on Randy Orton and Shane McMahon, then Shawn Michaels and John “Bradshaw” Layfield and then both Elimination chamber matches. Jim Ross welcomes us to Seattle, Washington for No Way Out.

Edge (c) vs. The Undertaker vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Triple H vs. The Big Show vs. Vladimir Kozlov – Elimination Chamber for the WWE Championship

We are kicking things off in a big way, a star-studded match for the biggest title in the world. I actually thought that this match would end the show. Ok so No Way Out records, Edge is 2-1, The Undertaker is 3-4, Jeff Hardy is 1-4, Triple H is 4-2, The Big Show is 2-3 and Vladimir Kozlov makes his No Way Out debut tonight. The Undertaker, Big Show, Vladimir Kozlov and Triple H are the first four men to make their entrance and get locked into their pods. That means that the WWE Champion Edge and Jeff Hardy are the two men to kick off the match in somewhat of a re-match from The Royal Rumble last month. Jeff gets right into it with Edge, hitting him with a flying clothesline and a couple of slingblades. Edge gets back into it with a big boot for the first near fall of the night. The crowd are very vocal in their support for Hardy. Jeff has the worst No Way Out record of all the men in this match. Big Show bangs on his pod and Edge mocks him.

Hardy hits a spinning head-scissors and inverted atomic drop into a legdrop. This is Hardy’s mandatory rematch for the WWE Championship. Hardy attempts a twist of fate and Edge attempts to counter it but Hardy hits the move! Jeff then heads to the top and attempts the swanton bomb but Edge rolls out of the way. Edge tries for a spear but Hardy rolls him up for the three! Edge has been eliminated! He cannot believe it and nor can I! Edge is out of the match which means a new WWE Champion will be crowned in this match. This is the 4th consecutive PPV that the WWE Championship has changed hands, going back to Survivor Series when Edge won the title, Armageddon when Jeff Hardy won the belt and then the Royal Rumble when Edge won the title back.

Vladimir Kozlov enters the match. Kozlov hits Hardy with a headbutt and then smashes him into the side of the chamber five times and then fallaway slams the former champion back into the ring for a two count. Kozlov lays in some right hands and puts Hardy on the top rope and hits him with headbutts and a running kick. Kozlov hits another fallaway slam for a near fall. This is Kozlov’s fourth PPV match, he’s looking for his second win. He hits a backbreaker for a near fall and then applies a waistlock. Hardy breaks the hold but Kozlov takes him right back down and drops an elbow. Kozlov attempts a running powerslam but Hardy slips down and dropkicks him into the corner before hitting him with a pendulum dropkick for a two count. Hardy hits whisper in the wind and both men are down.

The Big Show enters the match. The Big Show goes right for Jeff Hardy, hitting him with right hands and then throwing him across the ring. Big Show hits a headbutt and Vladimir Kozlov then grabs Hardy and hits him with some headbutts of his own. Triple H, Jeff Hardy and The Undertaker were in Elimination Chamber matches last year. Triple H and The Undertaker both won their respective matches, Hardy was runner up. Big Show and Kozlov continue to double team Jeff Hardy who eventually fights back but Big Show drops him again. Kozlov hits an elbow drop and Big Show hits a big chop. Kozlov eventually dives at Big Show with a running headbutt. Big Show fights back and the two men go at it. Big Show tries for a suplex but Kozlov puts the brakes on.

Triple H enters the match. Triple H goes right to work on The Big Show, hitting him with right hands and a knee to the face. Triple H then hits a high knee to Kozlov and a spinebuster to Big Show. Hardy then goes after Triple H but Helmsley drops him with a clothesline. Triple H low-bridges Kozlov sending him to the outside and then looks to hit a pedigree on the steel but Big Show essentially saves Kozlov. Big Show hits Triple H with headbutts, lefts and rights as Kozlov lays into Jeff Hardy. Big Show hits a sidewalk slam on Triple H for a two count as Kozlov chokes Jeff Hardy with his boot. Kozlov is the only man in this match to not have been WWE Champion before. It’s been a long time since Big Show held the title. The crowd chant for Undertaker as Big Show tries for a chokeslam on Triple H but Triple H fights out of it. Big Show does hit a military press on Triple H and then headbutts him out of the ring. Hardy drops Kozlov and then leaps at Big Show who catches him and rams him into Triple H. Both Triple H and Jeff Hardy then avoid a splash form Big Show. Triple H and Hardy hit a double suplex on Kozlov and Hardy then hits whisper in the wind on Triple H and all four men are down!

The Undertaker enters the match. Undertaker goes right for The Big Show, hitting him with rights and lefts. Undertaker then hits snake eyes on Kozlov and follows it up with a running boot. Undertaker hits splashes in the corners on both Triple H and Jeff Hardy and then looks to chokeslam both men but Big Show attacks him from behind. Undertaker hits a flying clothesline on Big Show and then a DDT on the outside. Undertaker hits old school on Triple H but Kozlov takes the dead man down with a spear. Kozlov lays in some right hands but I think the last ride is coming here and I’m absolutely right. Undertaker hits the last ride and gets the 3! Vladimir Kozlov is eliminated. 

Big Show hits a chokeslam on Undertaker  and Triple H then tries for a pedigree on Big Show but Show back body drops him over the top. Big Show then throws Jeff Hardy into Triple H before headbutting Triple H and throwing him into the chains of the chamber. Big Show throws Hardy into the side of the chamber but Hardy hangs on and climbs the chains up onto one of the pods. Big Show crotches Hardy on the pod and then climbs to the top turnbuckle. Undertaker joins Big Show on the top and superplexes him down to the canvas! Triple H hits a pedigree on Big Show! Jeff Hardy then hits the swanton bomb on Big Show from the top of the pod and Triple H covers Big Show for the three! Big Show is eliminated. 

Triple H, Undertaker and Jeff Hardy remain. The three men that competed in Elimination Chamber matches at last years no Way Out event, all three men go to the last 2 in those matches. Hardy misses with whisper in the wind on Undertaker. Triple H hits Undertaker with right hands but Undertaker fights back with lefts and rights of his own before Irish whipping The Game all the way to the outside. Undertaker looks for old school on Jeff Hardy but Triple H swipes him off the top. Hardy then dives off Undertakers back to hit poetry in notion on Triple H! But Undertaker hits the tombstone on Hardy! Jeff Hardy is eliminated. 

We’re down to Triple H and The Undertaker. The two winners of last years two Elimination Chamber matches. Jeff Hardy becomes the first man to have lost at both last years and this years No Way Out events. Either Triple H or Undertaker will be come the first to have won at both events, Undertaker lays into Triple H with right hands and headbutts and then tries a running boot but Triple H gets out of the way. Both of these men were unsuccessful in the Royal Rumble match last month. Triple H heads to the top but Undertaker catches him and hits him with a chokeslam for a near fall. Triple H fought on the very first No Way Out event back in 1998. Undertaker hits snake eyes but Triple H hits a spinebuster for a near fall. Triple H launches Undertaker into the chains and then looks for a pedigree but Undertaker counters it and catapults Triple H into the cage. Undertaker looks to hit a tombstone but Triple H counters it and Undertaker counters it again and hits the tombstone! Undertaker pins Triple H who gets his foot on the bottom rope!

Triple H hits a pedigree from nowhere and pins Undertaker to a chorus of boo’s but Undertaker kicks out! Arguably the two greatest superstars of all time battling it out for the WWE Championship. The two men slug it out and Undertaker seems like the more popular of the two babyfaces. Triple H hits some right hands in the corner, another last ride coming? Yep, there it is. Well, Triple H counters it and hits a pedigree and that’s enough for the three! Triple H wins the match and becomes WWE Champion!

Rating: 7.5/10

Backstage Edge tells Vickie Guerrero that they need to re-start the match. Vickie tells Edge that it was his own fault for losing before apologising.

There’s a video package next for Shane McMahon and Randy Orton.

Randy Orton is backstage and asks Shane how his father is. Randy tells Shane that Vince is going to be completely helpless tonight as he takes Shane apart piece by piece.

Shane McMahon vs. Randy Orton – No Holds Barred match

This is a first time PPV match between these two men. Orton is 1-1 at No Way Out events whilst Shane McMahon makes his No Way Out debut tonight. Shane McMahon’s last PPV match was at Judgment Day 2007 when he, Vince McMahon and Umaga lost to Bobby Lashley. Orton walks out alone, no sign of Legacy. Shane hits a couple of jabs in the early going but Orton kicks Shane and hits him with a fury of right hands. Shane fights back with some rights and lefts which knock Randy out of the ring. Shane then hits a baseball slide and pulls a table out from under the ring and then a trash can. Randy hits a backbreaker on the outside and then rams Shane into the ring apron a couple of times. Back in the ring and Orton hits a back suplex before taking off one of the turnbuckle pads. Randy hits a hard Irish whip and then kicks Shane out of the ring. Orton has his place in the Wrestlemania main event, we know that much.

Shane hits Orton with a kendo stick a few times causing Orton to roll out of the ring. Shane hits a clothesline on the outside and then takes apart the Raw announce desk. Shane smashes a tv monitor into Ortons face, busting him open and then places Randy on the Raw announce desk. Shane rolls back into the ring and climbs to the top turnbuckle but out come Ted DiBiase Jr and Cody Rhodes to stop him. Rhodes and DiBiase lay into Shane and Rhodes swings a chair at Shane but Shane avoids it and Rhodes nails DiBiase! Shane hits a DDT on Rhodes onto the chair and then sets a trash can up in front of him. Shane then hits coast to coast on Rhodes! Shane climbs up to the top turnbuckle again and dives off looking to elbow drop Randy Orton through the announce desk but Orton rolls out of the way! Orton then tells DiBiase to take Rhodes to the back.

Orton has an awesome mask of blood over one half of his face at this point. Orton hits a hangmans DDT on Shane as he tries to get back into the ring which is only enough for a near fall. Orton pulls a table into the ring and then sets Shane up on the top rope. Randy looks to hit a superplex and hits the move through the table! Orton makes the cover but again only for a near fall. Orton stomps away at Shane’s limbs one by one before hitting a knee drop for a near fall. Orton then sets up for the punt but Shane sees him coming and knocks Orton down with a spear! Shane grabs the chair and smashes it into Ortons back and ankle. Shane then looks to hit a punt of his own but Orton sees him coming and hits the RKO! That’s enough for the three, Randy Orton beats Shane McMahon tonight. A bit of a boring match to be honest with a couple of good spots.

Rating: 3.75/10

Jack Swagger (c) vs. Finlay – ECW Championship match

This is a first time match between these two men on PPV. Jack Swagger has only wrestled on PPV once before and that was at the Royal Rumble when Swagger beat Matt Hardy. Finlay is 1-1 at No Way Out PPV’s. Finlay takes Swagger down early and locks on a single leg crab. Hornswoggle joins Finlay at ringside. The fans chant for Christian who returned to WWE and more specifically to ECW last week. Swagger kicks Finlay into the ringpost and then hits some knees before applying a hammerlock. There’s a few “boring” chants as Swagger continues to work Finlays left arm. Swagger then hits a shoulderbreaker for a two count. Swagger goes back to working the left arm of Finlay but Finlay counters only for Swagger to counter again with another hammerlock. Swagger continues to work the left arm and the looks for a powerslam but Finlay counters with a backbreaker for a two count.

Swagger hits some kicks and then looks for a splash in the corner but Finlay counters it with a roll up. This has been a terrible match which is surprising coming from these two guys. Swagger hits more right hands and then pops Finlay on the top rope but Finlay pushes him to the mat. Finlay hits some uppercuts and then a clothesline. Finlay goes up to the middle rope and hits a cross body for a two count. Finlay was momentarily distracted by Hornswoggle there. Finlay hits multiple clotheslines on Swagger and then an Earthquake splash for a two count. Finlay hits a coupe of shoulder charges and then looks to hit the Celtic cross but again Hornswoggle gets up on the apron. That distracts Finlay again and Swagger pushes Finlay into Hornswoggle, sending the leprechaun flying off the apron. Swagger then hits the gut-wrench powerbomb which is enough for the three! Really poor match with barely any crowd reaction.

Rating: 2.75/10

Shawn Michaels is shown getting ready backstage which leads into a video package for Michaels and JBL.

Shawn Michaels vs. John “Bradshaw” Layfield

This is a first time meeting between these two men on pay per view. Shawn Michaels is 1-1 at No Way Out PPV’s whilst JBL is 4-2. Layfield out-powers Shawn Michaels in the early going and talks some trash. Michaels hits lefts and rights forcing JBL to the outside. Back in the ring and Bradshaw takes the advantage with a big right hand and the two men then exchange pinfalls until JBL forces Michaels to the ground. JBL gets a couple of near falls but Michaels takes the advantage by going after the knee and then locking on a figure four. Bradshaw quickly gets to the ropes and Michaels then applies a crossface which Bradshaw gets out of. JBL hits a hard Irish whip sending Michaels up and over to the outside before following him out, ramming him into the ring apron and then rolling the heartbreak kid back into the ring. JBL hits a few elbow drops and then a clothesline knocking Michaels down for a near fall.

John “Bradshaw” Layfield applies a bear hug but Michaels gets out of it and hits a swinging neckbreaker. Shawn hits two inverted atomic drops and then some chops in the corner. Layfield reverses an Irish whip and pops Michaels on the top rope before hitting him with right hands and then looking for a superplex but Michaels fights him off and then dives off the top with an elbow drop but Layfield gets out of the way. JBL then hits the clothesline from hell! He hooks the leg but Michaels kicks out! JBL won his match on the very first No Way Out event in 1998. He hits a second clotheslines from hell and then kicks Michaels out of the ring. Shawn is nearly counted out of the ring but just beats a ten count. JBL throws Michaels back out of the ring in front of Michaels’ wife but Rebecca then slaps JBL! Back in the ring and Michaels hits a flying forearm and then a Lou Thesz press!

Shawn Michaels hits a powerslam and then a flying elbow drop. Michaels motions for sweet chin music and hits it! Michaels hooks the leg and gets the three for the victory! Michaels wins tonight. Not e memorable match but puts an end to this storyline.

Rating: 5/10

Todd Grisham is backstage with Chris Jericho who says that he is the best in the world at what he does. Jericho says that when he wins he will challenge Ric Flair to come out of retirement to battle for the World Heavyweight Championship. Jericho then changes his mind and says that he wouldn’t do that. But he will win tonight.

John Cena (c) vs. Mike Knox vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Chris Jericho vs. Kane vs. Kofi Kingston – Elimination Chamber for the World Heavyweight Championship

Michael Cole tells us that the champion has lost their title 67% of the time in an elimination chamber match. John Cena is out first, he has a 3-1 No Way Out record, Rey Mysterio is 1-3, Kane is 2-3, Chris Jericho is 3-1 whilst Mike Knox and Kofi Kingston make their No Way Out debuts tonight. Mike Knox, Kane and Kofi Kingston are the three men to join John Cena in the pods. But from nowhere comes Edge! Edge attacks Kofi and throws him into the ring steps before smashing him with a steel chair! Edge then gets in the pod and it looks as though he has replaced Kofi Kingston in this match! Edge now has a 2-2 record at No Way Out.

John Cena (c) vs. Mike Knox vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Chris Jericho vs. Kane vs. Edge – Elimination Chamber for the World Heavyweight Championship

Well everything has changed now. Rey Mysterio and Chris Jericho are the two men to start off the match. Jericho takes Mysterio down early but Rey gets back into it with a monkey flip. Rey hits a flying head scissors and has Jericho set up for the 619 but Jericho exits the ring. Rey flies out at Jericho and looks like he hurt himself there. Back in the ring and Rey lays into Jericho with right hands but then misses with a shoulder charge in the corner, going right into the pod. Jericho hits a suplex for a two count and then applies a chinlock. Mysterio gets out of it but soon gets back body-dropped to the outside. Jericho then catapults Rey who lands on the chains and then flies off with a hurricanrana. Rey hits a seated senton for a two count. Rey hits a bulldog as the crowd count down.

Kane enters the match. Kane goes right for Mysterio and then boots Jericho for goods measure. Kane then stares down Edge before hitting a sidewalk slam on Rey Mysterio for a near fall. Nobody in history has lost as many PPV matches as Kane. He lays into Jericho with uppercuts and then hits a snapmare on Mysterio follows by a low dropkick for a two count. Kane and Jericho were in the very first Elimination Chamber match back at Survivor Series 2002. Mysterio gets the advantage on Kane, hitting him with right hands and kicks and then a baseball slide dropkick. Kane fires back with a big uppercut and a kick before running into a big boot. Rey hits a tilt-a-whirl slam and Jericho attempts a lionsault but Kane rolls out of the way. Kane floors Jericho with a big boot and Mysterio then sets up both men for a 619 but Kane sees him coming and grabs him by the throat. Kane attempts a chokeslam but Mysterio counters it and then hits a 619! Jericho hits a codebreaker on Kane and Rey then hits a seated senton on Kane from the top of one of the pods and that’s enough for the three! Kane has been eliminated.

Mike Knox enters the match. This is Knox’s biggest match of his career. He takes Mysterio down and then Jericho before pinning Jericho for a near fall. If Knox wins this match I’ll eat my laptop. Jericho backdrops Knox out of the ring and then looks for a springboard cross body but Mike catches him and rams him into the chainlink. Mysterio jumps on Knox’s back but Knox counters it and rams Mysterio into the chains, hanging him upside down and laying into him with knees. Knox hits a military press on Jericho and then lays into Rey Mysterio. Mysterio hits some kicks on Knox but Knox hits him with a backbreaker. Jericho then hits the codebreaker on Knox from nowhere and that’s enough for the three! Mike Knox has been eliminated. 

Edge enters the match. Edge gets a mixed reaction. Rey Mysterio dives right into Edge’s pod and lays right into him. Mysterio throws Edge into the ring and hits a springboard cross body but then runs right into a clothesline from Jericho. Jericho hits a side suplex on Mysterio and Edge then goes after Jericho. Jericho hits a bulldog on Edge and then floors Rey with a back elbow. Jericho attempts the lionsault but Mysterio gets his knees up. Edge then hits the Edge-o-matic on Jericho for a near fall. Edge hits Rey with a hard Irish whip and then motions for a spear but Rey leapfrogs it. There’s loads of botches then with Jericho and Edge and then Edge and Rey and then Rey and Jericho. It results in Jericho being the only man standing and he sets Mysterio up for something on the top and Mysterio starts to fight back and Edge then shows up and looks to hit a side suplex on Rey but Jericho sunset flips both men, powerbombing them both into the mat.

John Cena enters the match. Cena goes right for Edge, hitting him with clotheslines and a belly to belly before dropping Jericho with a fishermans suplex. Cena hits a bulldog on Edge and then disposes of Jericho. Cena hits a side suplex on Edge and then the five knuckle shuffle. Cena has Edge set up for the FU but Jericho hits Cena with the codebreaker! Rey then hits Cena with the 619 and Edge spears Cena for the three! John Cena has been eliminated! That’s the World Heavyweight Champion eliminated! We’re down to Edge, Chris Jericho and Rey Mysterio. Mysterio fights off both men, dropkicks Edge and then hurricanranas Jericho. Rey sets Edge up for a 619 and then sets Jericho up next to him! Rey hits the 619 on Jericho and then looks for the west coast pop but Jericho catches him and tries to lock on the walls of Jericho but Rey rolls him up for the three! Chris Jericho has been eliminated! 

We’re down to Edge and Rey Mysterio. Edge motions for a spear but Mysterio gets out of the way and rolls Edge up for a near fall. Rey hits a springboard cross body for a near fall and the crowd are right behind Rey Mysterio in this match. Edge hits a sunset flip but Rey rolls through and kicks Edge in the face for a near fall. Rey looks for a springboard moonsault but edge catches him just for Mysterio to counters with a tilt-a-whirl DDT for a near fall. Rey climbs to the top but Edge kicks him to the outside. Edge looks to hit a powerbomb on the outside but Rey counters it with a facebuster. Rey then hits a 619 to the back of Edge’s head. Mysterio can’t capitalise though as Edge back body drops Rey into one of the pods! Edge motions for a spear in the ring and hits it! He hooks the leg and gets the three! Edge has won the match and the World Heavyweight Championship! He started the night losing the WWE Championship and leaves with the World Heavyweight Championship!

Rating: 6.75/10

And that was No Way Out 2009. Only five matches but all of them were meaningful and will have big implications on the road to Wrestlemania. The show kicked off with the Elimination Chamber for the WWE Championship and I actually thought this would end the show but it later became obvious why it didn’t. Edge went out in less than five minutes meaning that a new champion would be crowned. It came down to The Undertaker and Triple H and it could have gone either way but it was Triple H that would become WWE Champion again. Triple H lost the title at Survivor Series to Edge who lost the title at Armageddon to Jeff Hardy who lost the title back to Edge at the Royal Rumble who then lost the title to Triple H tonight. So the top belt in the company is getting passed around a lot but it’s safe to say that Triple H will be holding the title into Wrestlemania. With Orton feuding with the McMahons will Triple H go one on one with Orton at Wrestlemania? We’ll find out soon.

Randy Orton then beat Shane McMahon in a match that was a bit too stop/start for my liking. It had to be an Orton win as he looks forward to the main event of Wrestlemania. It was inevitable that Legacy would get involved and it was a good stop-gap for Orton until next month. Jack Swagger beat Finlay to retain the ECW Championship after some mis-communication between Finlay and Hornswoggle. It was a standard first defence for Swagger who will go on to feud with the recently returned Christian. It’ll be interesting to see what happens with Finlay and Hornswoggle as signs are starting to show that one of them may heel turn. Shawn Michaels then beat John “Bradshaw” Layfield to put an end to their feud. These two could have easily feuded into Wrestlemania but I think Michaels may go on to feud with Undertaker. Unless Vladimir Kozlov does. I’m not sure where it leaves JBL, maybe Money In The Bank?

Then the final Elimination Chamber match was a shocker. Edge entered the match, taking out Kofi Kingston before the match. Kane and Mike Knox were both eliminated early which was fairly predictable. The next elimination wasn’t predictable though as John Cena was pinned not long after he entered the match. Jericho, Mysterio and Edge all hit their finishers on the champion to take him out. Jericho was next out and Edge would then defeat Rey Mysterio to become World Heavyweight Champion! Clearly the WWE are trying to get their cards in place for Wrestlemania but for Edge to lose the WWE Championship and win the World Heavyweight Championship in the same night is genius booking. This pay per view was really about Edge and was extremely well executed.

Overall Rating: 51.5/100 (ranked 189th out of 235) 

Match Of The Night: WWE Championship Elimination Chamber match
Worst Match Of The Night: Jack Swagger vs. Finlay
Surprise Of The Night: Edge enters the second Elimination Chamber match
Worst Booking Of The Night: N/A
Superstar Of The Night: Edge
No Way Out 2009 Will Be Remembered For: Edge losing the WWE championship and then winning the World Heavyweight Championship in the same night

One thought on “No Way Out 2009

  1. That is it for Mike Knox on WWE PPV, because he would make up the numbers as a lumberjack for the Tag-Team Title unification match at WrestleMania 25 (but you can only see it on the DVD, because the WWE Network has yet to feature that match), lose to Matt Hardy in the dark match for Hell in a Cell 2009, make up the numbers in WrestleMania 26’s DVD-exclusive battle, and job to anyone who’s not nailed down or on fire, before being shown the door in April 2010.

    From there, Knox would show up in TNA around January 2013 as part of Aces and Eights (which featured the Dudley Boyz and Luke Gallows), then form The Menagerie in 2014, composed of himself, Rebel, Crazzy Steve and The Freak, before leaving TNA in May 2015.

    Since then, Knox now works for the Inoki Genome Federation run by WWE Hall of Famer Antonio Inoki.

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