Extreme Rules 2009

|Date: June 7, 2009
|Venue: New Orleans Arena |City: New Orleans, Louisiana
|Attendance: 9,124 |Buys: 213,000
|Brands: Raw, Smackdown & ECW

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Extreme Rules replaces One Night Stand but keeps the same traditions, lots of gimmicks and lots of hardcore wrestling. Sadly, gimmicks aside, this pay per view is almost identical to last months Judgment Day which doesn’t get me very excited for this show. Batista once again gets a shot at the WWE Championship held by Randy Orton. Ric Flair announced that the rematch between Orton and Batista at Extreme Rules would be held inside of a steel cage which stops Orton from getting himself disqualified. Orton would attack Ric Flair and later on Flair would challenge Orton to a brawl in the car park, a brawl that Orton would win, leaving Flair laying. Batista looks to get revenge not only for himself but also for his mentor Ric Flair.

There will also be a rematch for the World Heavyweight Championship as Jeff Hardy takes on Edge. Smackdown General Manager Teddy Long announced that the rematch was due to take place because of Matt Hardy’s interference in their match at Judgment Day. Edge and Jeff Hardy met in a match on Smackdown a couple of weeks ago with the winner to choose the stipulation in their Extreme Rules match. Jeff won the match and announced that he would compete for the World Heavyweight Championship in a ladder match. Edge and Hardy are the two most experienced wrestlers in ladder matches ever and this should make for a great match. Another rematch from Judgment Day will be between CM Punk and Umaga who battled in a Samoan strap match following weeks of Umaga attacking Punk with the strap.

The ECW Championship is set to be defended as Tommy Dreamer gets one final shot at the ECW Championship. Christian granted him the match but if Dreamer loses then he is finished as Extreme Rules falls one day after Dreamers contract is up. Jack Swagger has also been added to the match after he attacked Christian and Dreamer in their match on Superstars. Could Tommy Dreamers career be over tonight? John Cena will have a rematch against The Big Show tonight but this match will be a submissions match. Cena beat Big Show at Judgment Day last month but during the match Cena could not lock the STF on the big man. Can he physically do it tonight?

The Intercontinental Championship is set to be defended as Rey Mysterio once again puts the title on the line against Chris Jericho. Jericho has become obsessed by ripping the mask off Rey Mysterio and exposing his face to the world. Probably more-so than winning the Intercontinental Champion. They meet tonight in a no holds barred match. Raw General Manager Vickie Guerrero beat Santina a couple of weeks ago to win the Miss Wrestlemania crown. Tonight Santina gets “her” rematch in a hog pen match! This pokes fun at Vickie Guerrero as she has been referred to as a pig over recent weeks. Vickie beat Santino last week on Raw with help from William Regal and Matt Hardy, can she beat Santina tonight with the Miss Wrestlemania crown on the line?

In a dark match prior to the event Mickie James and Kelly Kelly defeated Beth Phoenix and Rosa Mendes.

A video package kicks us off hyping John Cena’s match with The Big Show, Randy Orton’s Cage match against Batista and Edge’s ladder match with Jeff Hardy.

Michael Cole welcomes us to Extreme Rules and you can barely hear him because of how loud the music is.

Kofi Kingston (c) vs. MVP vs. Matt Hardy vs. William Regal – Fatal four way for the United States Championship

Well I didn’t realise this match was happening. Should be a fun way to kick things off. Kofi beat Willian Regal and Matt Hardy in a triple threat match to earn a United States Championship match which he would go on to win, beating MVP. Regal and Matt Hardy would then help Vickie Guerrero out on Raw in her match with Santino which presumably got them into this match. Matt Hardy has a cast on his hand which he has been using as a weapon as of late. He and Regal look like they’re going to work together but Regal pushes Hardy into MVP and Kofi who take Matt down. Hardy returns the favour and Regal gets taken down. Hardy drags MVP out of the ring whilst Kofi and Regal go at it in the ring. Kofi leaps out at Hardy and MVP and then heads to the top and hits a cross body on Regal. MVP gets back in and there’s a bit of a miscommunication between he and Kofi and both men are down. Kofi leapfrogs MVP a couple of times and then hits a reverse elbow.

William Regal lays into Kofi Kingston with left hands before popping Kofi on the top and hitting him with a double underhook suplex. Matt Hardy then tries to take advantage of the situation, pinning all three men but only for near falls. Hardy hits a side effect on Regal for a two count. Matt slams MVP and then hits him with a legdrop off the middle rope for a two count. Matt then motions for a twist of fate but Kofi takes him down with a clothesline. Kingston hits Hardy with a dropkick and a clothesline before slamming Regal onto Hardy and hitting both men with the boom drop for a near fall. Kofi and Hardy are left in the ring and Kofi hits Hardy with a kick before looking for trouble in paradise but Regal appears and slams Kofi. MVP then hits the drive-by on Regal and a belly to belly on Kofi. Hardy and MVP slug it out and it’s MVP with the advantage, a knee to the face and then the “balling” elbow drop. Regal appears and suplexes MVP before kneeing him out of the ring.

Regal suplexes Hardy but then gets caught with the trouble in paradise which is enough for the three! Kofi Kingston wins the match and retains his United States Championship tonight! A good match to kick off the show and a good pace.

Rating: 6.5/10

Josh Mathews is at The Big Show’s bus asking him about his strategy tonight but Big Show says that he should be asking John Cena his strategy because he won’t be able to apply a submission to Big Show.

Rey Mysterio (c) vs. Chris Jericho – No Holds barred match for the Intercontinental Championship

This is the second time these two men have met on PPV. Rey Mysterio beats Chris Jericho last month at Judgment Day. Jericho’s music hits but he’s not in the arena he’s at the concession stands. Jericho is disgusted with the Mysterio merchandise on sale, most notably the masks. Jericho walks down the steps in the arena berating the fans and Mysterio until he gets to the ring and promises to rip the mask off Mysterio and expose his true identity. The bell rings and Mysterio goes right for Jericho, taking him out of the ring and hitting him with the top of the Raw announce desk. Jericho fights back and throws Rey into the barricade and then attempts to throw the champion into the ring steps but Mysterio flips right over them and dropkicks the steps into Jericho. Rey then throws Jericho into the steps and then into the barricade. Mysterio hits a hurricanrana on Jericho off the ring apron before rolling the challenger into the ring and hitting him with a legdrop for the first near fall of the match.

Jericho suplexes Mysterio onto the top rope and then slingshots him into the bottom rope much like he did at Judgement Day. Jericho chokes Mysterio with his boot but Rey manages to get to the top rope only for Jericho to push him down to the apron. Mysterio counters a springboard dropkick and both men get to their feet on the apron where Mysterio hits a modified 619 and then goes up top and hits a cross body to Jericho on the outside of the ring. Back in the ring and Rey hits a legdrop for a near fall. Mysterio looking to be the only current champion with 2 PPV’s defences to his name. Rey sets up for a 619 but Jericho gets to his feet and knocks Mysterio down. Both men get to their feet and Rey hits a big boot before rolling Jericho up for a two count. Jericho gets a near fall of his own and then looks to lock on the walls of Jericho but Mysterio rolls him up for a near fall. Jericho hits a clothesline for a near fall and then throws Mysterio out of the ring stiff.

On the outside Jericho hits Mysterio with a face first suplex before rolling the Intercontinental Champion back into the ring for a two count. Jericho then applies a sleeper and then tries to pull of the mask but Mysterio kicks him in the face to avoid that from happening. Jericho runs full speed for a shoulder charge in the corner but Rey gets out of the way and Jericho falls to the outside. Rey then hits Jericho with a suicide dive before rolling him back into the ring and hitting him with a seated senton, a flying head scissors and a hurricanrana for a near fall. Rey hits a drop toe hold setting Jericho up for the 619 but Jericho counters and hits a backbreaker for a near fall of his own. Jericho hits a powerbomb and then looks for the lionsault but Mysterio gets out of the way and hits a 619 to the back of the head. Rey then looks to springboard back in but Jericho catches him with a codebreaker for a near fall.

Jericho grabs a chair but Mysterio dropkicks it into his face for a near fall. Mysterio then grabs the chair and hits a senton with it for a two count. Mysterio drop toe holds Jericho onto the chair and then looks for a springboard senton off the chair but Jericho catches him and locks on the walls of Jericho! Rey manages to grab the chair and hit Jericho with it to break the hold which also sets Jericho up for a 619! Mysterio swings round to hit the 619 but in a split second Jericho manages to rip the mask of Mysterio! Mysterio covers his face and Jericho rolls him up for the three! Chris Jericho wins the match, the Intercontinental Championship and ripped Mysterio’s mask off tonight! A good match between these two men. Jericho also becomes a record-setting nine time Intercontinental Champion.

Rating: 7.25/10

Josh Mathews is backstage with Batista. We’re shown some footage of what happened on Raw with Randy Orton taking out Ric Flair. Batista looks to get revenge tonight and won’t stop until he has wiped out Orton’s entire legacy.

CM Punk vs. Umaga – Samoan strap match

This is a second PPV match between these two men, their previous encounter ended with Umaga beating CM Punk at Judgment Day last month. To win the match one man has to hit all four top turnbuckle pads in succession. Umaga takes CM Punk down early and hits two of the turnbuckles before Punk stops him. Punk then hits two of the turnbuckles until Umaga hits him with an Irish whip and then a Samoan drop. Umaga whips Punk with the strap a couple of times and then drops a headbutt. Umaga drags CM Punk to the corner and then smashes his hand into the ring steps. Umaga suplexes Punk onto the apron and then kicks him down to the outside of the ring. Umaga hits two of the turnbuckles but he’s going to have to pull CM Punk back into the ring to hit the other two. Punk gets up on the apron and hits a kick to the face and then a springboard clothesline.

CM Punk tries for a go to sleep but Umaga hits him with a spinning heel kick. Umaga then tries for a splash in the corner but Punk gets out of the way and then uses the strap to low blow the big Samoan. Umaga exits the ring and Punk pulls the strap to smash Umaga into the ringpost. Punk then hits a running knee in the corner and a bulldog. Punk makes his way around the turnbuckles, hitting three of them but Umaga hits him with a spinning slam before he can make the fourth. Umaga then hits three turnbuckles but Punk wraps himself around the ropes to stop Umaga from hitting a fourth. CM Punk low-bridges Umaga, sending him out of the ring and then hits three of the turnbuckle pads but can’t reach the fourth as Umaga pulls him back across the ring. Umaga drops Punk with an uppercut and then heads to the top but Punk pulls him back down to the canvas. Punk then hits three turnbuckle pads but Umaga stops him from hitting a fourth only for CM Punk to hit a go to sleep and touch the fourth turnbuckle for the win! CM Punk beats Umaga tonight!

Rating: 5/10

Gregory Helms, ECW backstage interviewer is backstage with Christian. Christian says that he’ll be retiring Tommy Dreamer tonight and that’s a shame. Christian says that when Dreamer takes his short off he looks like a melting candle. Tommy Dreamer then shows up and says that makes Christian the wick. Jack Swagger shows up, starts talking and Christian and Dreamer walk off.

Christian (c) vs. Tommy Dreamer vs. Jack Swagger – Triple threat match for the ECW Championship and if Tommy Dreamer doesn’t win then he retires

High stakes in this triple threat match! Tommy Dreamer is the only man to have fought on all four One Night Stand PPV’s and this Extreme Rules show. The bell rings and Christian and Dreamer go after Jack Swagger who manages to get . the better of them in the early going. Swagger throws Christian out of the ring and then hits Dreamer with a suplex. Dreamer exits the ring and pulls out some weapons from under the ring whilst Christian does the same on the other side of the ring. Dreamer grabs a Singapore cane whilst Christian grabs a trash can lid and the two men beats Swagger with their weapons. Dreamer covers Swagger for a two count and Christian lays into Dreamer with the trash can lid. Dreamer hits Christian with a fallaway slam, using the Singapore cane. Swagger lays into Dreamer, smashing him into the top turnbuckle and then runs at him with a trash can lid but Dreamer back drops him out of the ring.

Tommy Dreamer grabs a trash can and hits a senton roll on both Christian and Swagger with the trash can. Dreamer rolls Swagger back into the ring and hits him with a Singapore can off the middle rope. Dreamer then pops Swagger on the top rope, ties him up in a tree of woe and then places a trash can in front of him but Christian takes him down and then dropkicks the trash can into Swaggers face. Christian pins Dreamer for a one count and Swagger then ground Christian using the Singapore cane. Swagger hits the ECW Champion with a belly to belly suplex for a near fall and then hits him with a gutbuster and gorilla press slam for another two count. Swagger takes off one of the top turnbuckles and Dreamer hits him with a Singapore cane. Christian takes down Swagger and pins him for a two count. Dreamer slams Christian onto the trash can lid and then looks to hit an elbow drop but Christian gets out of the way. Christian then looks to hit a springboard cross body to the outside on Swagger but Jack nails him with a trash can.

Back in the ring and Dreamer beats Swagger with a Singapore cane but Swagger takes him down with a belly to belly suplex. Swagger then puts three trash can next to each other and pops Dreamer on the top rope. Swagger looks for a superplex and Christian assists, powerbombing Swagger at the same time which results in Dreamer hitting the three trash cans. Christian covers Dreamer who kicks out at two. Christian then pins Jack Swagger who also kicks out at two. Christian grabs a wooden crutch and heads to the top but Swagger boots him on the way down. Swagger drops Christian on the exposed top turnbuckle and looks for the gut-wrench powerbomb but Dreamer swings the crutch into Swaggers ribs and then hits him with a DDT for the three! Tommy Dreamer wins the match and the ECW Championship!

Rating: 5.75/10

Vickie Guerrero is backstage being trained by Chavo Guerrero. Chavo has a pig nose on to motivate her.

Jerry Lawler is down by the hog pen. He makes a few gags like only Lawler can. The pigs are in a separate section so really it’ll be Vickie and Santina wrestling in a muddy pen match.

This will be an “in-ring” debut for Vickie Guerrero. Santina has actually won twice, she won the Wrestlemania battle royal and then beat Beth Phoenix at Backlash. Santina is of course Santino in a wig and skirt. Vickie is wearing a long yellow dress and is accompanied by Chavo. Vickie announced that the match is officially a handicap match!

Santina vs. Vickie Guerrero & Chavo Guerrero – Hog pen match for the Miss Wrestlemania crown

Chavo takes off his shoes, he’s dressed in a shirt and trousers. Santina throws mud at chavo as Vickie supports her nephew from the outside. Chavo lays into Santina and rubs mud in her face. Chavo looks to hit a powerbomb but Santina back body drop him. Chavo then throws some slop at Santina before looking to throw Santina into the pigs section! Santina counters it and throws Chavo into the pigs before rolling him up for a near fall. Chavo lays into Santina, smothering him into the mud. Chavo tags in Vickie who gets into the pen. Santina looks to throw a bucket of slop at Vickie but Chavo saves the day. Chavo then looks to slop Santina but Santina ducks and Chavo slops Vickie! Santina nails Chavo with the bucket and then pins Vickie for the three! Santina beats Vickie Guerrero for the Miss Wrestlemania crown tonight! Vickie takes out her frustration on Chavo after the match and both Guerrero’s roll around and are covered in mud! Pretty entertaining. I can’t rate this though.

Rating: N/A

There’s a video package next for Randy Orton and Batista.

Vickie Guerrero and Chavo are backstage and Vickie is furious. Chavo says he will get revenge on Santino. Hornswoggle and Goldust show up and Goldust asks for Vickie to sign his expenses form. He also says that Vickie smells like shit…..ake mushrooms. Vickie and Chavo get back to their locker room where Edge is sat. Edge wants to strategise with Vickie but Vickie is furious and says that she won’t be helping him tonight. Edge tells Vickie to get a good divorce attorney.

Randy Orton (c) vs. Batista – Steel Cage Match

This is the third PPV meeting between these two men. Batista has won the first two, once by pinfall and once by disqualification. The bell rings and Randy scales the cage as quickly as he can but Batista hangs on to him and pulls Randy back over the cage. Batista smashes Orton into the side of the cage causing him back down to the mat below. A “you can’t wrestle” chant breaks out as Batista lays into Orton, spearing him into cage wall a couple of times. Orton avoids a third spear and then climbs up the cage but Batista pulls him back down and then knocks him down with a clothesline. Batista hits a suplex for a two count and then chokes Orton with his boot. Orton looks to be the first current champion to have defended his title on PPV twice, he tries to get out of the door but Batista pulls him back into the ring. Orton shoves Batista into the side of the cage and then hits a backbreaker before once again crawling towards the door but again Batista pulls him back in.

Batista throws Orton into all four of the cage walls and then hits a running powerslam for a two count. Orton pulls Batista into the second turnbuckle and then hits him with right hands and kicks. Batista gets back into it with a big spinebuster and then motions for the Batista bomb but Orton back drops him into the side of the cage. Randy then hits a dropkick and climbs up the cage but then decides against climbing over and instead hops down. Orton looks to hit a punt but Batista gets out of the way. Orton quickly scales the cage but Batista grabs him and has him set up for a Batista bomb but Orton hammers his way down and looks to hit an RKO but Batista counters and hits a Batista bomb for the three! Batista wins what was essentially a short match. He’s beaten Orton on PPV three times in roughly six months and now he is finally WWE Champion again.

Rating: 6/10

There’s a video package next for John Cena and Big Show’s match.

John Cena vs. The Big Show – Submission match

This is the third PPV match between these two men, John Cena won the previous two at Wrestlemania 20 and at Judgment Day last month. Big Show knocks John Cena down early with a clothesline and then looks to lock on a camel clutch but Cena slides away and looks to lock on an STF but he can’t get the hold on Big Show. Big Show has been in the WWE over ten years now which makes him a veteran in my eyes. Cena hits him with lefts and rights but then runs into a big boot. Big Show hits a couple of big right hands and a headbutt before hitting a big splash in the corner but missing with a second. Cena looks to hit a bulldog but Big Show swats him across and out of the ring. Cena drags himself back into the ring where Big Show continues to lay into him but when he tries to tie Cena up in the ropes, Cena fires back until he runs into Big Shows shoulder. Big Show hits a headbutt and then looks to apply a full nelson but John Cena powers out of it.

Big Show drops Cena with a head butt but runs into a boot. Cena then applies a sleeper but Big Show gets out of it and hits an inverted powerbomb. Big Show then hits a suplex and stomps all over Cena. Show hits a headbutt and then looks for a Vader bomb but Cena rolls out of the way. Cena looks for a powerslam but Big Show lands on top of him. Show then applies a version of a bear hug on the mat and then breaks the hold, chokes Cena and throws him out of the ring. Back in the ring and Big Show applies a bear hug but Cena counters it with a DDT! John then looks to apply the STF but Big Show kicks him out of the ring. Cena gets back into the ring but Big Show once again applies a bear hug. Cena breaks the bear hug and hits the throwback and then the five knuckle shuffle. Cena then hits the attitude adjustment and looks to lock on the STF but Big Show elbows him away. Big Show hits the knockout punch sending Cena out of the ring.

This has not been a great match. Very slow pace, hopefully it’s the final match in their series. Big Show looks to smash Cena into the ringpost but Cena counters it and pushes Big Show into the post. Big Show crawls into the ring and Cena comes off the top with a legdrop. Cena then ties Big Shows left leg up in the ropes and applies the STF and Big Show taps out! Cena wins the match but who knew you were allowed to use the ropes in a submission match? I guess that’s the only way you can win the match so DQ’s don’t count. Cena wins and hopefully that’s the last we’ll see of these two.

Rating: 3.5/10

There’s a video package next for Edge and Jeff Hardy.

Edge (c) vs. Jeff Hardy – Ladder match for the World Heavyweight Championship

This is the third PPV singles match between these two men and Edge has won the previous two. Jeff gets the better of Edge in the early going, laying in some boots, hitting a powerslam and a legdrop. Edge reverses an Irish whip and hits a shoulder charge in the corner and then looks for an implant DDT but Hardy counters it into a face-first suplex. Hardy then exits the ring and grabs a ladder which Edge baseball slides into Hardy’s ribs. Hardy slides Edge back into the ring and then back drops Edge onto a ladder leant up against the ring. Hardy brings a ladder into the ring but ends up getting slammed into it by Edge. Edge then throws the ladder out of the ring because it’s unusable. Edge brings another ladder into the ring and throws Hardy into it a couple of times. Edge then looks for a spear but Hardy leapfrogs him and Edge goes right into a ladder.Hardy hits a mule kick on Edge, kicking a ladder into his face as he does. Hardy then tries for a baseball slide on Edge in the corner but Edge moves and Jeff hits a ladder. Edge smashes Hardy’s knee with a ladder and then locks on a sharpshooter. Hardy taps but the match can’t end that way.

Edge throws Hardy out of the ring and then sets up a ladder and climbs it. It looks like quite a small ladder. Hardy climbs to the top and dropkicks the ladder over sending Edge crashing to the mat. Edge sets up a ladder upside down near the ropes and then looks to suplex Hardy into it but Jeff reverses it and hits Edge with a face first suplex into the ladder. Jeff pulls a massive ladder into the ring and then hits Edge with a twist of fate in the middle of the ring. Jeff then climbs up the massive ladder and Edge sees him and rolls out of the way. Jeff forces the ladder over and grabs on to the rung holding the title belt but Edge pulls him down, not allowing Jeff to win the match. Jeff throws Edge into the big ladder and then hits whisper in the wind off it. Jeff then slides a ladder into the ring and sets it up below the World Heavyweight Championship belt. Jeff clotheslines Edge out of the ring, going out with him and both men are down. Edge is up first and boots Hardy back down before setting up a big ladder across the ring to the barricade. Edge looks to suplex Hardy onto the ladder but Jeff throws Edge into the barrier.

Edge counters an Irish whip, sending Hardy into the ring steps. Edge then sends Hardy into the barrier. Edge brings over some steps but Hardy drop toe holds him onto them. Both men then climb up a ladder on the outside but the ladder tips over and both men go crashing through the ladder set up on the outside! Cue the “holy shit” chant! both men crawl into the ring and Hardy climbs up one ladder and Edge another. Edge looks to spear Hardy off the ladder but Jeff counters it with a twist of fate in mid-air! Jeff is first up and climbs the ladder but Edge climbs the other side of the ladder. Edge knocks Jeff off the ladder but Jeff then pulls Edge’s feet through the ladder. Edge is stuck in the ladder! Jeff climbs and grabs the title to win the match! Jeff Hardy is the new World Heavyweight Champion! All three major Championships changed hands tonight!

Rating: 7/10

After the match Jim Ross gets in the ring with a microphone. But before anything can be said, CM Punk’s music hits and out walks CM Punk with his Money In The Bank briefcase! The referee calls for the bell!

Jeff Hardy (c) vs. CM Punk – World Heavyweight Championship match

This is a first time PPV match between these two men! CM Punk quickly hits go to sleep but Hardy kicks out of the pinfall! Jeff then rolls Punk up for a near fall. Hardy is struggling and Punk hits him with a big boot and another go to sleep! Punk hooks both legs and gets the three! CM Punk wins the match and the World Heavyweight Championship!

Rating: N/A

And that was Extreme Rules 2009. Deja vu? The show kicked off with an unexpected United States Championship match. Kofi Kingston was successful against MVP, William Regal and Matt Hardy, three deserved contenders. Regal took the pinfall which probably says where he’s rated compared to Hardy and MVP. It was a fun match, a good way to kick off the show. I don’t mind Kingston as United States Champion but he doesn’t have a lot of depth to his character so I can’t see him having any intense feuds. Chris Jericho beat Rey Mysterio in a good match. This match told a great story and Jericho actually succeeded in ripping off Mysterio’s mask. The spot was executed to perfection. Jericho would win the Intercontinental Championship for a record setting 9th time. This has been a very good feud, Jericho has been on a roll over the past 9 or 10 months and although I complain about all the re-matches, I would like to see another match between these two men to settle it once and for good.

CM Punk defeated Umaga in the Samoan strap match. Now I like Punk but but he’s lost so much recently that it’s actually a surprise to see him win this match. I’m glad he did though. This match was ok, this gimmick is fairly entertaining although a little inconclusive when it comes to a feud. Punk wins and he goes on to bigger and better things but we’ll get to that shortly. Tommy Dreamer won the ECW Championship to conclude his story. It was the right thing to do and it means that Dreamer continues on in ECW. I can’t believe he’s only been ECW champion for a matter of hours before. I think I’d have preferred to see him beat Jack Swagger for the gold and then re-introduce Christian later but it’s only a small gripe. Santina then won the Miss Wrestlemania crown back. This was pretty terrible but it was what it was. Vickie Guerrero is on her way out so I guess it makes sense. Chavo has been good comedy value as of late, he’ll probably go on to feud with Santino.

Batista beats Randy Orton to become WWE Champion in a short match. I don’t know why this was so short but it made Batista look really strong. I really want to see a Batista heel turn down the line. I doubt this feud will continue but please don’t give us Batista and Big Show next. Speaking of Big Show, he lost to John Cena in a submission match. This was way too long, way too boring and the finish was pretty bad too. Is that really where this has all been leading? And you couldn’t even see his leg when he was tapping so what was the point? Cena wins, let’s end this feud now. Both men have much better chemistry with other opponents. Jeff Hardy then beat Edge in a ladder match, winning the World Heavyweight Championship momentarily. I really enjoyed the ladder match, worth a watch if you haven’t seen it before. Then came the controversy with CM Punk cashing in the Money In The Bank and winning the belt from Hardy. Cashing in on the most popular guy in the company will surely lead to a heel turn from Punk? I guess we’ll find out soon.

Overall Rating: 58.57/100 (ranked joint 111th out of 239)

Match Of The Night: Rey Mysterio vs. Chris Jericho
Worst Match Of The Night: John Cena vs. The Big Show
Surprise Of The Night: CM Punk cashes in Money In The Bank
Worst Booking Of The Night: The John Cena/Big Show Match
Superstar Of The Night: CM Punk
Extreme Rules 2009 Will Be Remembered For: CM Punk cashing in Money In The Bank and winning the World Heavyweight Championship

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