Night Of Champions 2009

|Date: July 26, 2009
|Venue: Wachovia Center |City: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
|Attendance: 17,774 |Buys: 267,000
|Brands: Raw, Smackdown & ECW

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Night Of Champions is the one event where every championships is on the line. There will be eight title matches tonight with all the top stars from Raw, Smackdown and ECW. Raw has been ruled by a different special guest host every week and the very first of them, Batista, announced that Randy Orton would defend his WWE championship against the winner of a four men tournament. John Cena would defeat The Miz and Triple H beat MVP to advance to the finals but when John Cena and Triple H went one on one, Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes would attack both men and the match resulted in a double disqualification. Batista then announced that Randy Orton would defend the WWE title against both Triple H and John Cena in a triple threat match at Night Of Champions.

At The Bash last month, CM Punk got himself disqualified in his World Heavyweight Championship match against Jeff Hardy. CM Punk claimed to have an eye injury but Teddy Long wouldn’t let the issue rest and announced that at Night Of Champions CM Punk would once again defend his title against Jeff Hardy. Since then, Jeff Hardy has ducked out of tag team matches with Punk claiming to have an eye injury of his own. Rey Mysterio is set to defend his Intercontinental Championship against a man that has attacked him on numerous occasions, Dolph Ziggler. The ECW Championship will be on the line as Tommy Dreamer defends against the man who beat Vladimir Kozlov for a shot at the gold, Christian. Christian and Tommy Dreamer may be good friends but they’ve had a few tense words for each other over the past couple of weeks.

Chris Jericho and Edge won the Unified Tag Team Championships at The Bash and the second special guest host of Raw, “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase was quick to announce that Edge and Jericho would defend the titles against Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase Jr at Night Of Champions. Edge would then get injured at a live event but Jericho had a clause in his contract that he could replace Edge with another partner for Night Of Champions. Who will be Jericho’s new partner? We’ll find out tonight. Mickie James won a battle royal to get a shot at Maryse’s Divas Championship so she’ll get that shot tonight. Also tonight Melina gets her rematch against Michelle McCool for the WWE Women’s Championship and Kofi Kingston will be defending the United States Championship in a six pack challenge against Jack Swagger, MVP, The Big Show, Carlito and The Miz.

In a dark match prior to the event Cryme Tyme defeated The Hart Dynasty (Tyson Kidd & David Hart Smith).

A video package kicks us off showing old title changes and the importance of championships. The video then focuses on the likes of Randy Orton, Triple H and John Cena, Rey Mysterio and Dolph Ziggler and CM Punk and Jeff Hardy. I like the branding and theme for this pay per view. Even the music and set is cool, with lots of curtains and banners of the championships. Michael Cole welcomes us to the event and there are a lot of signs from the fans.

The opening match is for the unified tag team championships but who will Chris Jericho’s partner be? Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase are out first. Jericho comes out next and introduces some footage of Edge’s surgery and his interview after. Jericho calls Edge selfish for getting injured and then introduces his tag team partner for tonight…The Big Show!

Chris Jericho & The Big Show (c) vs. Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase – Unified Tag Team Championship match

This is obviously a first meeting between these two teams. A loss tonight for Chris Jericho would put him joint 4th of all time on the most PPV losses list. A loss for The Big Show would put him joint 6th on that list.  Rhodes and DiBiase are 1-0 at Night Of Champions events, Jericho and Big Show are 0-1. Big Show has some new blue gear. Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase left last years Night Of Champions as the new World Tag Team Champions as they debuted their team for the first time. Cody Rhodes starts the match against The Big Show. Rhodes uses his speed to get away from Big Show who eventually catches him and hits him with chops and a right hand before launching Rhodes across the ring. Cody escapes the ring and pulls Big show onto the top rope before tagging in DiBiase. Big Show takes down DiBiase with a shoulder tackle and then tags in Chris Jericho.

Show launches Jericho into DiBiase. Jericho hits a reverse elbow and then tags Big Show back in. Big Show hits a headbutt and then tags Jericho back in. Big Show gorilla press slams Jericho onto DiBiase but couldn’t get Jericho all the way up. Jericho gets the first near fall of the night but DiBiase fights him off and tags in Rhodes. Two heel teams in this one which is interesting. Big Show takes a cheap shot on Rhodes and Jericho rolls him up for a two count. DiBiase low-bridges the ropes and Jericho falls to the outside. DiBiase then takes a cheap show on Jericho. Rhodes forces Jericho into the ring apron and then rolls him back into the ring. Quick tags between Rhodes and DiBiase now who double team Jericho. Cody has the Triforce on his boots from the Zelda series. He applies a chinlock to Jericho who fights his way out of it and tries to hit a sunset flip but Rhodes prevents it. Rhodes doesn’t wear kneepads which makes his legs look skinnier. He tags in DiBiase who stomps away at Jericho.

DiBiase distracts the referee and Rhodes chokes away at Jericho. DiBiase stops Jericho from making a tag and instead makes a tag himself to Cody Rhodes. Rhodes and Jericho slug it out and Rhodes hits a boot and then a moonsault for a two count. Jericho hits an enzeguri, Rhodes tags DiBiase and DiBiase stops Jericho from making a tag. Ted hits a clothesline and then a powerslam for a two count. Jericho fights back but DiBiase hits an arm drag and a boot to the face for a two count. Jericho avoids a splash in the corner and then tries to get the walls of Jericho locked on but DiBiase fights him off. DiBiase attempts his finisher but Jericho counters it and this time locks on the walls of Jericho! Rhodes breaks it up with a DDT after enticing The Big Show to distract the referee. Big Show tags himself in and spears DiBiase but Rhodes breaks up the pinfall. Big Show disposes of Rhodes but Rhodes hits him with a dropkick.

Jericho hits DiBiase with a codebreaker and Big Show locks on the colossal clutch. DiBiase taps out and it means Jericho and Big Show retain their tag team championships! Decent opener from these four guys.

Rating: 6.5/10

Josh Mathews is backstage with CM Punk. Punk doesn’t answer Mathews question and instead asks the audience why they’re still behind Jeff Hardy. Punk then goes out into the crowd and asks all the Jeff Hardy fans to stand up. Punk doesn’t blame the Jeff Hardy supporters, he blames the parents, or more realistically “parent”. Punk continues to berate the audience and says that the people should just say yes to straight edge. A great heel promo.

There’s a “don’t try this at home” VT.

Tommy Dreamer (c) vs. Christian – ECW Championship

This is a first singles match between these two men on pay per view. Both men make their Night Of Champions debut. A new ECW Champion has been crowned at each of the Night Of Champions events before tonight. Tommy Dreamer slaps Christian early and Christian slaps him back. Dreamer takes down Christian but Christian fights back and applies a headlock which Dreamer gets out of. Christian hits a spinning heel kick and doesn’t even get a count on the pinfall. Christian attempts a pendulum kick but Dreamer blocks it and hits Christian with a neckbreaker for a one count. Christian is a former ECW Champion. He lost the title to Dreamer. Christian hits an uppercut off the second rope causing Dreamer to roll out on to the apron. Christian pulls him off the apron and then hits him with a big baseball slide.

Christian then springboards to the outside but Dreamer gets out of the way. Dreamer then cannonballs off the apron, taking Christian out. Dreamer looking to be the first (and only so far) current champion to have successfully defended his title on two PPV’s, following his victory at The Bash last month. Dreamer gets a near fall and then goes up to the second rope but Christian pulls him down. Christian hits a snapmare and a kick to the back of the ECW Champion. If you read my stat packs then you’ll see that based on the PPV’s up to now, Christian is the 19th best of all time. He goes for the killswitch but Dreamer counters it. Christian applies a sleeper but Dreamer falls back on him to break the hold. Both ken get to their feet and Christian re-applies the sleeper only for both men to go flying over the top. Both men get back into the ring and it’s advantage Dreamer as he hits clotheslines and a back body drop for a two count.

Dreamer ties Christian up in a tree of woe and then hits him with a baseball slide. Dreamer looks for a DDT but Christian counters it and Tommy hits him with a sky high powerbomb for a near fall. Christian hits an inverted DDT for a near fall and then heads to the middle rope and hits a missile dropkick. Christian then heads to the top and looks for another missile dropkick but Dreamer counters it and applies a cloverleaf submission hold. Christian gets out of it but Dreamer slingshots him into the top turnbuckle. Christian hits a kick and a sunset flip and we get both men swapping pinfalls. Christian hits the pendulum kick and then a missile dropkick off the top. Christian sets up for the killswitch but again Dreamer counters it. Christian counters a DDT and hits the killswitch for the three! Christian wins the match and the ECW Championship! A solid match between these two men who embrace after the match.

Rating: 6.25/10

Todd Grisham is backstage with Chris Jericho and The Big Show. Big Show says that he and Jericho aren’t friends, it’s all about business. Jericho puts over Show and says that they will be the best tag team in WWE history. Jericho thanks Edge for making it all possible.

Kofi Kingston (c) vs. M.V.P. vs. The Miz vs. Jack Swagger vs. Carlito vs. Primo – Six pack challenge for the United States Championship

Primo officially replaces The Big Show in this match. The United States Championship has been successfully defended at the two Night Of Champions events before tonight. MVP, The Miz and Kofi Kingston are all 1-0 at Night Of Champions events, the other three men make their Night Of Champions debuts tonight. Primo looks for his first PPV victory tonight. I like this Raw midcard. Primo goes after Carlito in the early going and Carlito escapes the ring. There are a couple of early roll-ups as all six men go at it. The Miz hits Primo with a neckbreaker. Carlito smashes The Miz into the top turnbuckle and Kofi and Carlito then hit each other with elbows. This is going to be tough to keep up with. Swagger and The Miz double team Primo. Primo hits a hurricanrana on Swagger and then a springboard elbow for a two count. Primo dropkicks Swagger and then take down Kofi.

Swagger hits the gut-wrench powerbomb on Primo for a near fall. Carlito broke up that cover. Swagger pushes Carlito out of the ring. MVP is back in the ring and hits a belly to belly on Swagger, sending him out of the ring. Swagger throws MVP into the barricade. The Miz and Kofi Kingston go at it in the ring until they fall to the outside. Carlito hits an awesome springboard cannonball to the outside on MVP. In the ring and Kofi dropkicks Swagger and then hits him with a missile dropkick. Kofi hits the boom drop on Swagger for a near fall. The Miz broke up that cover and then takes Kingston down with a clothesline. Miz hits his trademark clothesline in the corner on Swagger and then heads to the top but Primo goes up with him. Kofi also goes up and Swagger powerbomb Kofi and Primo which superplexes Miz. Carlito gets a couple of near falls. MVP gets in the ring but Miz sends him into the turnbuckle. Carlito and Primo take each other down with crossbodies.

Kofi lays into Swagger in the corner but Swagger takes Kofi down. MVP back drops Miz out of the ring and then cross bodies Swagger out of the ring, falling out with him. Kingston and Carlito are left in the ring and Kofi hits a sunset flip for a two count. Both men get near falls and Primo gets involved and also gets a near fall. Carlito hits a side Russian leg sweep on Kofi. Carlito wants Primo to help him but Swagger takes both men down. Swagger hits a clothesline on Kofi Kingston then MVP hits Swagger with a knee to the face. MVP hits an elbow drop on Swagger and then sets up for the playmaker but Miz hits MVP with the skull crushing finale for a near fall. Carlito and Primo break up the cover and then dispose of Miz. Carlito then hits Primo with the backstabber and Kofi hits Carlito with trouble in paradise for the three! Kofi wins the match and retains the United States Championship! A fast-paced and fun match between these six men.

Rating: 7/10

Josh Mathews is backstage with Randy Orton who says that what happened with Ted and Cody earlier was unfair. Orton says that he would beat Triple H or John Cena in singles matches but a triple threat match is more unpredictable.

Michelle McCool (c) vs. Melina – WWE Women’s Championship match

This is a second PPV meeting between these two girls, Michelle beat Melina at The Bash to win the Women’s Championship. Melina had a 0-1 record at Night Of Champions PPV’s, she lost to Candice Michelle, losing the title in 2006. Michelle makes her Night Of Champions debut tonight. Michelle attacks Melina as she makes her split-legged entrance. The bell rings and Melina takes Michelle down and then avoids a clothesline and hits an arm drag. Melina hits Michelle with a couple of kicks in the corner sending Michelle out of the ring but Melina drags her right back in. Melina hits a dropkick and then a few kicks but misses with a guillotine on the middle rope. Michelle lays into Melina on the outside before rolling her back in the ring for a two count. Michelle applies a single leg crab, bending Melina’s leg all the way back. Melina gets to the ropes to break the hold.

Michelle and Melina go at it on the outside and then on top of the security barrier where Michelle hits Melina with a DDT which looked pretty brutal. Somehow Melina takes the advantage following that move with a head scissors and then a dive off the apron. Michelle hits a belly to belly suplex for a near fall and Melina comes off the middle rope with a Lou Thesz press. Michelle manages to counter the cover with a counter of her own and gets the three! Michelle retains her Women’s Championship tonight.

Rating: 5.75/10

There’s a VT next for the WWE Championship match. I am very surprised that this match is up next and not closing the show.

Randy Orton (c) vs. John Cena vs. Triple H – Triple threat match for the WWE Championship

This is a rematch from Wrestlemania 24 when Randy Orton beat Triple H and Cena to retain the WWE Championship. The WWE Championship has never changed hands at a Night Of Champions event before now. Randy Orton is 0-1 at these events, Cena is 1-1 and Triple H is 1-0. All three men have only wrestled in WWE Championship matches at this event. Triple H has main evented more PPV’s than anybody else in history to this point. Cena is 5th on that list and Orton 7th. This match has a big fight feel, why isn’t it going on last?! It seems like a very strange decision but I’m sure there’s a reason. The bell rings and Orton slithers out of the ring. Triple H and John Cena surround Orton and chase him back into the ring where Triple H hits some right hands. Orton tries to escape again but Cena knocks him down with a clothesline. Back in the ring and Triple H and Cena double team Randy Orton, hitting him with boots, bulldogs, clothesline and right hands. Orton manages to escape and back up the aisle but Cena goes after him.

Triple H throws Orton into the barricade and then hits him with right hands. Cena rolls Orton into the ring and then gets up on the apron where Orton shoves Cena into Triple H. In the ring and Orton lays into Cena with right hands and then stops Triple H form getting back into the ring. Cena knocks down Orton with a couple of shoulder blocks and then a side suplex which is trademark offence from Cena, usually followed with a five knuckle shuffle which Cena predictably hits. Cena then sets Orton up for an attitude adjustment but Triple H stops that from happening and disposes of Cena. Orton knocks Triple H down with a clothesline and gets a near fall. No match in history has been fought more on PPV than Randy Orton vs. Triple H. Orton hits a dropkick on Triple H for another two count and then the WWE Champion applies a chinlock. Triple H gets out of it and the two men slug it out until Randy hits a big powerslam. Triple H fires back with a DDT but Cena comes out of nowhere with a legdrop from the top.

Orton manages to dispose of Cena, Triple H attempts a pedigree on Orton but Randy back body drops him out of the ring. Cena and Triple H then try to get back into the ring but Orton sets up for a double hangmans DDT but both men back drop him out of the ring. The two men slug it out until Cena takes down Triple H with a couple of shoulder blocks. Triple H fires back with a high knee and then a knee to the face. Cena hits the throwback and then sets up for the attitude adjustment but Triple H counters and looks for a pedigree which Cena counters and looks for the STFU! Triple H quickly counters that and Cena again looks for the AA but Triple H counters and hits a big spinebuster. Triple H then hits Cena with a pedigree! He hooks the leg but Orton pulls Triple H out of the ring. Orton throws Triple H into the ring steps and then smashes him into the announce desks. Orton looks to stand Triple H up on the announce desk but Triple H hits him with a low blow and sets up for a pedigree but cena breaks it up and throws Orton into the crowd.

Cena takes down Triple H and locks the STF on the announce desk! The commentators seem confused over whether Cena can win on the outside but Orton breaks it up anyway. Orton and Cena get back in the ring and slug it out until Orton knocks Cena down with a kick. Orton then attempts an RKO but Cena counters it by pushing him away. Cena pops Orton on the top and sets up for a superplex but Triple H puts Cena on his shoulders. Cena pops down and the two men counters each others finishers until Cena slingshots Triple H into Orton who is sat on the top. Cena then locks the STF on Triple H in the middle of the ring. Orton looks to punt Cena but Cena gets out of the way and rolls Randy up for a near fall. Orton then drops Cena with a clothesline Orton stomps away at both Cena and Triple H who are on their backs. He hits a kneedrop on Cena and then a kneedrop on Triple H before missing with a second on Triple H. Cena hits Orton with a chopblock and then a side suplex.

Cena looks to hit the five knuckle shuffle on Orton but Triple H low-bridges the rope, sending Cena to the outside. Triple H then sets up for a sharpshooter on Orton which I have never seen Triple H do before! Cena then applies the STF to Orton and Orton taps out! But the referee doesn’t know what to do because two men are applying submissions to Orton. Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase then show up and take out Triple H and Cena. DiBiase lays into Triple H on the outside and Cena looks to hit Rhodes with an attitude adjustment which allows Orton to hit Cena with an RKO! Randy makes the pinfall and gets the three! Randy Orton wins the match and retains the WWE Championship tonight! A good match between these three.

Rating: 7/10

The Miz is backstage with Maryse and wishes her luck for his match. The Miz goes for a kiss but Maryse says that he didn’t win the United States Championship so she doesn’t want to be seen with a loser. The Miz calls Maryse a tease and says that she’ll come crawling back when she loses her title.

Maryse (c) vs. Mickie James – WWE Divas Championship match

This is a first time PPV match between these two divas. Mickie is 1-0 at Night Of Champions PPV’s following her victory over Katie Lea Burchill last year. Maryse makes her Night Of Champions debut tonight. It’s a cagey start as both girls jockey for position. Mickie does get a one count of a jackknife cover in the early going. Mickie hits a snapmare and a dropkick. Mickie hits forearms, kicks and an elbow before attempting a hurricanrana but Maryse pops her on the apron and then kicks her off to the outside. Maryse is actually looking for her first PPV victory tonight. Mickie is a top 5 diva of all time. Mickie gets back into the ring and hits a couple of forearms but Maryse fires back with some knees for a one count. Maryse then applies a camel clutch but Mickie won’t tap out. Maryse breaks the hold and then throws Mickie out of the ring. Maryse throws Mickie back out of the ring and then pulls some hair spray out from under the ring. But as she gets back into the ring Mickie kicks her right back out.

Mickie looks to use the spray herself but the referee takes it off her. On the outside Mickie hits a Lou Thesz press and then rams the Divas Champion into the ring apron. Mickie rolls Maryse back into the ring and then goes to the top and misses with a Lou Thesz press. Maryse gets a near fall and hits some right hands before going back to the camel clutch. Mickie gets Maryse up on her back and falls back on her to break the hold. The two girls slug it out on their knees and Mickie hits some running forearms. Mickie hits some clotheslines and a neckbreaker for a near fall. This has been an awful match. Mickie is doing her best to guide Maryse through it though. Mickie hits a hurricanrana and Maryse forces Mickie onto the second rope and then rolls her up for a two count. Mickie sets up for a tornado DDT but Maryse throws her to the mat and looks to hit a DDT but Mickie counters and hits a DDT of her own which is enough for the three. Mickie James wins the match and the Divas Championship. They tried but the crowd were dead.

Rating: 2.5/10

Josh Mathews is backstage with Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase. They are happy to have stopped Cena and Triple H from winning the WWE Championship.

There’s a video package for Rey Mysterio and Dolph Ziggler next.

Rey Mysterio (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler – Intercontinental Championship match

This is a first PPV match between these two men. Both men make their Night Of Champions debut tonight. Dolph Ziggler is joined by Maria. Dolph hits a dropkick in the early going and there are a couple of quick pinfalls. Ziggler applies a headlock which Rey gets out of but Dolph takes him down and gets another quick pinfall before going back to the chinlock. Rey botches a flying head scissors but sort of hits it and then looks for a hurricanrana but Ziggler counters it, powerbombing Rey into the corner for a two count. Dolph hits a hard Irish whip for a two count. Ziggler then applies another chinlock but Rey gets out of it and hits a head scissors sending Dolph into the ringpost. Rey hits a springboard legdrop and then a springboard cross body for a two count. Dolph hits a powerslam for a near fall. Rey counters a suplex and sends Ziggler to the outside before diving off the apron down to Ziggler below.

Rey rolls Dolph back into the ring and heads to the top but Dolph puts Rey on his shoulders just for Mysterio to jump off. Mysterio hits a hurricanrana and sets up for the 619 but Ziggler avoids it and throws Mysterio out of the ring. Dolph rolls Rey back into the ring and pins him for a two count. Ziggler then goes back to the chinlock before locking on a full nelson. Mysterio fights his way out of it but Dolph hits him with another powerslam for a near fall. Dolph hits a big elbow drop for a two count but Rey fights back with kicks and right hands. Ziggler manages to lock the full nelson back on but again Mysterio gets out of it. There are a couple of near falls and Dolph hits a jawbreaker for a two count. Rey drop toe holds Ziggler onto the middle rope and Dolph back body drops Rey onto the apron. Rey goes to the top but Ziggler hits him with a dropkick on the way down for a near fall.

Mysterio pops Ziggler on the top but Dolph hits him with some elbows and then a gutbuster off the top for a near fall. Mysterio hits an enzeguri and then the 619! He hits the splash off the top and hooks the leg for the three! I think a few people wanted to see Ziggler win tonight but it’s Rey Mysterio that wins and retains his Intercontinental Championship! This match felt a bit flat, they have the potential to put on a really good match but this wasn’t it.

Rating: 4/10

There’s a video package next showing the recent history between CM Punk and Jeff Hardy.

CM Punk (c) vs. Jeff Hardy – World Heavyweight Championship match

This is the third PPV match between these two men and so far they have win a piece. CM Punk is 0-1 at Night Of Champions events, Jeff Hardy makes his Night Of Champions debut tonight. The champion has always retained his World Heavyweight Championship at this event before. Jeff Hardy gets a bit of a mixed reaction which is interesting. Punk gets a lot more boo’s. Only nine men have history have fought on more PPV’s than Jeff Hardy and only 8 have lost more PPV matches. CM Punk applies a headlock in the early going and frustrates Hardy. Punk looks like he’s enjoying being a heel. Punk goes back to the headlock but Hardy gets out of it. Punk knocks Hardy down and looks for the go to sleep early but Jeff counters it and looks for a twist of fate which also gets countered. Hardy hits a couple of clotheslines and then an Irish whip. Jeff Hardy, John Cena, Chris Jericho and Randy Orton are the only four to have wrestled on every PPV so far in 2009. CM Punk applies a sleeper which Hardy fights his way out of. Hardy goes for a diving something, Punk ducks and Jeff goes flying out of the ring.

Punk dives to the outside but Hardy moves out of the way and Punk hits the security barrier. Hardy rolls Punk back into the ring and pins him for a two count. Is this match on last because Hardy will be winning the championship? We’ll find out. Hardy heads to the top but Punk slides out of the ring. Jeff then dives to the outside but Punk gets out of the way. Punk hopes to win the match by count out but Hardy gets back into the ring at 9. Punk gets a one a count and then lays in some kicks and knees. Punk hits a hard Irish whip and gets a two count. Punk applies a bow and arrow submission as he looks to join Randy Orton and Kofi Kingston with two successful PPV title defences. Hardy gets out of the submission but CM Punk goes right back to work with some kicks. Punk pops Hardy on the top and then looks for a superplex but Hardy counters it with a face first sit-out suplex.

Punk slaps Hardy in the face and the two men slug it out. Hardy then takes Punk down with clotheslines and an inverted atomic drop before hitting a legdrop and a dropkick for a two count. Hardy looks for whisper in the wind but Punk manages to crotch him on the top. Punk then hits a stiff running knee and looks for a bulldog but Hardy counters it and this time hits whisper in the wind for a near fall. Hardy hits a facebuster and then goes to the top but Punk avoids the swanton bomb. Punk hits a double underhook backbreaker and then applies a dragon sleeper but Jeff gets to the bottom rope. Punk hits some kicks, knees and right hands but Hardy hits him with a twist of fate from nowhere. Hardy then looks for the swanton bomb but Punk gets his knees up! Punk hooks the leg and gets a near fall. Punk looks for a springboard something but Hardy hits him with a kick. Jeff then tries for a twist of fate but Punk counters it and hits the go to sleep! Punk hooks the leg but Hardy kicks out!

CM Punk can’t believe it and he rolls out of the ring and grabs his World Heavyweight Championship belt. Punk heads up the aisle but Hardy goes after him and takes Punk back to the ring. Jeff hits twist of fate and then heads to the top and hits the swanton bomb! Hardy hooks the leg and gets the three! Jeff Hardy wins the match and the World Heavyweight Championship!

Rating: 7.25/10

And that was Night Of Champions 2009. For the most part it was a good show but it wasn’t too memorable. Big Show was announced as Chris Jericho’s mystery partner which is an interesting choice. I guess it makes sense but it’s fairly under-whelming. It gives something for Big Show to do and moves him away from the United States title picture. Jericho and Big Show won the match to retain the titles and you wonder who will be able to defeat them. It makes sense to have big stars as the champions as they can move between Raw and Smackdown. I like Legacy and hope they’re not too far away from the title picture going forward. Christian then beat Tommy Dreamer to become a two-time ECW Champion. It puts an end to the Tommy Dreamer storyline which served its purpose. Christian is a good ECW Champion to have, better than Dreamer, and has a few potential opponents in Shelton Benjamin, Vladimir Kozlov and William Regal.

Kofi Kingston was up next and successfully defended his United States Championship against five of Raw’s finest midcard talents. It’s a solid line-up to be fair. Evan Bourne was missing but with the storyline between Carlito and Primo it would have been hard to shoehorn him in. Kofi wins the match though, pinning Carlito which you could see a mile off. Kofi is a great United States Champion and his two PPV defences have been in a fatal four way and a six pack challenge. This was a fun match, it got a lot of good talent on the show, I enjoyed it. Melina and Michelle McCool put on a pretty good match, better than their match at The Bash. Michelle won and hangs on to her Women’s Championship. They are definitely giving Michelle the ball and I see her being a big part of the women’s division for the next few years.

I was surprised to see the WWE Championship match in the middle of the show. This had a big fight feel and the three biggest stars in the company but it would become obvious later why this didn’t close the show. Legacy would get involved and cost Triple H and John Cena the match which makes sense. I like Orton as champion to be honest. This was a good match. Mickie James and Maryse had a poor match, something didn’t click and it felt like Mickie was walking Maryse through it. Mickie won the match and became Divas Champion. Mickie is definitely the better wrestler but I do like Maryse as a gimmick. There’s not much else to say about this match. Rey Mysterio beat Dolph Ziggler in a match that I don’t think lived up to its potential. It was a clean win for Mysterio which probably means that this feud is over but there were a few boo’s and I get the impression that a lot of people would have liked to have seen the very talented Dolph Ziggler take the Intercontinental title.

The third and final title change of the night came as Jeff Hardy beat CM Punk for the World Heavyweight Championship. I like that these guys went on last even though their stature isn’t that of the three men in the WWE Championship match. Hardy finally overcomes Punk who has turned heel in the process. This feud could go on and on but I think they may change it up for Summerslam. Overall a decent enough show, with only one or two matches falling below average. The overall rating of the show is exactly the same as the previous show, The Bash 2009.

Overall Rating: 57.8/100 (ranked joint 122nd out of 241)

Match Of The Night: CM Punk vs. Jeff Hardy
Worst Match Of The Night: Maryse vs. Mickie James
Surprise Of The Night: Big Show is Chris Jericho’s partner
Worst Booking Of The Night: N/A
Superstar Of The Night: Jeff Hardy
Night Of Champions 2009 Will be Remembered For: Jeff Hardy becoming World Heavyweight Champion

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