Extreme Rules 2012

|Date: April 29, 2012
|Venue: Allstate Arena |City: Rosemont, Illinois
|Attendance: 14,817 |Buys: 263,000

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Extreme Rules 2012 features the return of one of the most controversial WWE superstars in history, Brock Lesnar. Lesnar returns on the Raw after Wrestlemania and instantly went after the biggest dog in the yard, John Cena. He has brutally attacked Cena on a number of occasions, leaving him bleeding and battered. He firmly believes that Cena would be carrying his bags if Lesnar hadn’t left and tonight he looks to bring legitimacy back to the WWE. The WWE Championship will be on the line tonight as CM Punk once again defends against Chris Jericho. Jericho has made this rivalry even more personal, naming and shaming Punks family as alcoholics and drug users. He even went as far as to break a bottle of Jack Daniels over Punk’s head, leaving him laying in a pool of whiskey. Tonight the two men meet in a Chicago street fight.

The World Heavyweight Championship will also be defended as Sheamus defends against the man he beat for the gold at Wrestlemania, Daniel Bryan. Daniel Bryan has split up with his girlfriend AJ, blaming her for losing the title in 8 seconds at Wrestlemania. Bryan chose to use his rematch for the title tonight and has made the match a 2 out of 3 falls match in order to stop Sheamus from picking up a quick victory. Another Wrestlemania rematch tonight will see The Big Show defend the Intercontinental Championship against Cody Rhodes. The stipulation for this match will be decided by the spin of a wheel. Big Show has spent most of the last month mocking Cody Rhodes on the Wrestlemania loss much like Rhodes mocked Big Show’s Wrestlemania record.

Another big Wrestlemania rematch will see Randy Orton go one on one with Kane. This feud has also got personal with Kane attacked Randy Orton’s father, Cowboy Bob Orton and then Orton returning the favour by attacking Kane’s father Paul Bearer. Kane didn’t seem to care as much though. The two men meet tonight in a Fall’s Count Anywhere match. Also tonight there will be a Divas Championship match. Beth Phoenix lost her title to Nikki Bella in a Lumberjill match. That was a shocker but Phoenix gets her rematch tonight. Also tonight Brodus Clay will go one on one with Dolph Ziggler and on the pre-show Santino will be defending the United States Championship against The Miz.

On the pre-show Santino defeated The Miz to retain his United States Championship.

A video package kicks us off and it’s all about the return of Brock Lesnar and his match with John Cena tonight.

Michael Cole then welcomes us to Chicago. He’s joined on commentary by Booker T and Jerry “The King” Lawler.

Randy Orton vs. Kane – Falls Count Anywhere match

This is a second PPV match between these two men, it’s the first of a few Wrestlemania rematches tonight. Kane beat Randy Orton at Wrestlemania and goes 1-0 at Extreme Rules events, Randy Orton is 1-2. The match starts quickly with both men throwing right hands and Kane forcing Orton into the corner. Randy goes up to the top rope but Kane uppercuts him to the outside and then pins him for the first near fall of the night. Kane tosses Orton back into the ring and then grabs a lead pipe but Orton fights it out of his hands, picks it up himself and then hits Kane with it a few times. The fight then goes back to the outside where they exchange right hands and battle into the crowd. Kane smashes Orton off barricades and Randy returns the favour. Randy gets a two count but it’s Kane that takes the advantage, hitting a powerslam on the outside for a two count. Kane hits a running low dropkick for another near fall.

The fight goes up the stairs in the arena as Kane continues to lay in right hands. Orton fights back and they go back down the stairs and towards the entrance stage. Kane looks to slam Orton into some of the stage but Orton slips down and hits a dropkick for a two count. Randy looks for an RKO but Kane pushes him away and hits a big boot for a near fall. Orton is looking for his first PPV victory of 2012 as the fight goes to the backstage area. Kane smashes Randy off a flight case and then into a door. Orton fights back with right hands before sending him through a door where a lot of the WWE superstars are watching the show. Zack Ryder then appears and lays into Kane with right hands! That distracts Kane long enough for Orton to hit a backbreaker on his opponent. Kane throws a trolley at Orton for a near fall and the fight goes back out to the entrance stage. Orton takes Kane back to the ring and lays in more right hands.

Orton hits a big clothesline and then a powerslam before grabbing a chair out form under the ring. Orton beats Kane down with the chair and Kane rolls to the outside. Orton follows and smashes Kane off the announce desk. Randy clears the announce desk but Kane grabs him by the throat for a chokeslam only for Orton to fight him off. Orton then hits a hangmans DDT off the announce desk for a near fall. Kane sends Orton into the ringpost for a near fall and then rolls him back into the ring. Kane heads to the top but Orton crotches him and hits a superplex for a near fall. Orton motions for an RKO but Kane blocks and hits a chokeslam for a near fall. Kane lays a chair down in the ring and motions for a tombstone but Orton slips down the back and hits an RKO on the chair! Orton hooks the leg and gets the three. Randy Orton beats Kane in a decent opener.

Rating: 6.75/10

John Laurinaitis is backstage with Eve. Eve has a surprise for Laurinaitis and calls in Teddy Long who wheels in some champagne. Eve and Big Johnny toast to change and People Power. John’s phone rings and it’s Triple H. He leaves to talk to The Game.

Brodus Clay vs. Dolph Ziggler

This is a first time match between these two men in a match I didn’t realise was taking place tonight. Brodus is joined by Naomi, Cameron and Hornswoggle. Dolph is joined by Vickie Guerrero and Jack Swagger. Both Dolph and Brodus make their Extreme Rules debut tonight. Brodus takes down Ziggler earlier but there are a lot of chants for Dolph. Ziggler instructs Swagger to distract Clay and it works as it allows Ziggler to dropkick Brodus to the outside. Jack Swagger then takes down Brodus with a big running shoulder tackle. This is a second PPV match for Brodus Clay who is undefeated following his previous win against Drew McIntyre. Back in the ring and Ziggler hits a low dropkick and a fame-asser for a one count. Ziggler applies a front facelock and then a dropkick for another one count.

Ziggler applies a sleeper but Brodus fights him off. Dolph then attempts a suplex but Clay counters it, launching Ziggler across the ring. Brodus hits a couple of clotheslines and then hammers Jack Swagger off the apron. Ziggler then looks for the zigzag but Brodus counters with a headbutt and then a big splash for the three! Brodus Clay picks up a huge win tonight!

Rating: 3.75/10

We see some footage from the Extreme Rules pre-show. Teddy Long spins the wheel to decide the stipulation for the Intercontinental Championship match between Cody Rhodes and The Big Show. The wheel lands on a Tables Match. Cody isn’t happy with Teddy.

The Big Show (c) vs. Cody Rhodes – Tables match for the Intercontinental Championship

This is a second PPV match between these two men, Big Show beat Cody Rhodes at Wrestlemania. Big Show is 1-2 at Extreme Rules, Cody Rhodes is 0-1. Big Show starts the match well, laying into Rhodes with right hands and a big back body drop. The fight goes to the outside where Big Show hits a big chop and then sets up a table on the outside. Cody Rhodes looking for his first PPV victory of 2012 tonight. Big Show throws Cody into the barricade and then hits him with another big chop. Big Show tosses Cody back into the ring and then slides a table in too. Big Show sets a table up in the corner and then looks to launch Cody through it but Rhodes springboards off the table and hits a disaster kick! Big Show then hits a shoulder block sending Rhodes out of the ring. Show fires Rhodes into the barricade and then hits another chop before rolling the challenger back into the ring.

Rhodes exits the ring and Big Show follows and hits a clothesline. Big Show rolls Cody back into the ring and then slides another table in. Big Show looks to get back into the ring but Rhodes hits him with a dropkick, causing Big Show to step through a table on the outside! Cody Rhodes wins the match and the Intercontinental Championship! After the match Big Show takes down Cody and chokeslams him through a table! Big Show then gorilla press slams Cody through a table on the outside! It feels a bit like the match was still getting started but it was a decent enough match.

Rating: 5.5/10

Matt Striker is backstage with Daniel Bryan. Bryan takes a shot at Matt Striker and then says that he gets more chicks than Sheamus, has a manlier beard and isn’t weighed down by corned beef. Bryan takes a shot at the Chicago crowd, calling them over-rated and unoriginal. Bryan walks off and AJ is shown watching from a distance.

There’s a video package next for Daniel Bryan and Sheamus.

Sheamus (c) vs. Daniel Bryan – 2 out of 3 falls match for the World Heavyweight Championship

This is a second PPV match between these two men, Sheamus beat Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania in 18 seconds. Sheamus is 1-1 at Extreme Rules PPV’s whilst Daniel Bryan makes his Extreme Rules debut tonight. It’s always a smart crowd in Chicago and they are right behind Daniel Bryan in this one. The bell rings and I almost expected a brogue kick right off the bat but that doesn’t happen. Sheamus takes down Daniel Bryan early with a shoulder charge. Sheamus then hits a headlock takeover but Bryan gets out of it. Sheamus attempts a brogue kick but Bryan avoids it. Sheamus hits a rolling senton for a two count and then locks on a Texas cloverleaf! Bryan gets to the ropes to break the hold and then rolls Sheamus up for a two count. Sheamus hits a clothesline and then hits some right hands and knees before driving his boot into the face of his challenger.Bryan leaps over Sheamus in the corner and then hits a clothesline to take the advantage.

Daniel Bryan baseball slides Sheamus out of the ring and then dives out at him but Sheamus catches him and drives Bryan into the barricade. Sheamus heads to the top but Bryan crotches him. Daniel Bryan hits a few kneedrops but only get a one count on the cover. Bryan then applies a unique submission hold, an armbar and hammerlock combined. Sheamus fights out of the submission but Bryan takes him down with a knee to the gut and then a low dropkick for another one count. Bryan hits a headbutt and a few uppercuts and then rolls Sheamus up for a two count. Bryan applies a hammerlock which Sheamus gets out of. Sheamus hits a clothesline, a shoulder charge and a running knee before clubbing away at Bryans chest ten times. Sheamus hits a fallaway slam for a two count but Bryan takes the advantage with a drop toe hold into the middle turnbuckle for a two count.

Bryan lays in the boots and then pops Sheamus on the top rope before attempting a hurricanrana but Sheamus hangs on and hits a shoulder charge for a two count. Sheamus attempts a suplex but Daniel Bryan counters and then low bridges the top rope, sending Sheamus crashing to the outside. Bryan then looks for a suicide dive but Sheamus blocks it with a right hand. Sheamus then attempts a powerbomb but Bryan counters and rolls Sheamus up for a two count. Bryan looks to lock on the yes lock but Sheamus counters, throwing Bryan across the ring. Sheamus looks for a shoulder charge in the corner but Bryan moves and Sheamus goes crashing to the outside. Bryan then smashes Sheamus into the ringpost a couple of times. Bryan hits some kicks but doesn’t stop. The referee counts him and then disqualifies Daniel Bryan! Sheamus wins the first fall.

The match restarts and Daniel Bryan hits a running dropkick before locking on the yes lock! Sheamus reaches for the bottom rope and it seems like he’s in the lock for an eternity, Sheamus passes out and that’s the second fall. Daniel Bryan wins the second fall.

Doctors see to Sheamus as Daniel Bryan breaks out in a huge “yes” chant as the crowd reply with “no”. Sheamus says he is good to continue as Daniel Bryan continues to chant. Bryan runs at Sheamus who hits a big boot! Michael Cole calls it a brogue kick but I don’t think it was really a brogue kick. He is slow to make the cover and Daniel kicks out at 2. Bryan is first up to his feet and he hits some kicks. Sheamus fires back with a right hand but Bryan knocks him down and covers the World Heavyweight Champion for a two count. Bryan heads to the top but Sheamus hits him with right hands and then looks for a superplex but Bryan headbutts him down to the mat. Bryan then flies off the top with a headbutt but Sheamus moves out of the way! Sheamus then avoids a running dropkick and hits a couple of big clotheslines and a backbreaker. Sheamus motions for a brogue kick and hits it! He hooks the leg and gets the three!

Sheamus wins the match and retains the World Heavyweight Championship tonight! Great match between these two men.

Rating: 8/10

Santino and The Great Khali are backstage laughing at the two men in the ring as they are about to get killed by Ryback.

Ryback vs. Aaron Relic & Jay Hatton

Well this is a PPV debut for the two jobbers. Jay Hatton gets on the mic before the match and says that although a lot of wrestlers have done badly against Ryback, but that changes tonight. Aaron Relic then gets on the mic and says that two is greater than one. Ryback used to be Skip Sheffield but he’s reinvented himself as Ryback. A “Goldberg” chant breaks out as Ryback stands in the ring. Jay Hatton tries getting some kicks and right hands in but Ryback no-sells. Ryback hits a big boot and then beats Hattons head off the mat before pulling him up and hitting a powerslam. Ryback then drags Hatton into the corner and pulls Aaron Relic into the ring. Ryback hits a big clothesline and then a sit-out jawbreaker. Ryback pulls Hatton onto his shoulder before marching around the ring and dropping him with a Samoan drop. He drags both men to the centre of the ring and pins both. It is over. Squash match.

Rating: N/A

Matt Striker is backstage with CM Punk. Punk calls Jericho a sad, pathetic little man. Punk is looking forward to proving that in front of all of his friends and family in Chicago.

There’s a video package showing the recent history between CM Punk and Chris Jericho.

CM Punk (c) vs. Chris Jericho – Street fight for the WWE Championship

This is the second PPV match between these two men. CM Punk won the first at Wrestlemania. CM Punk is 2-1 at Extreme Rules events, Chris Jericho is 1-1. CM Punk is definitely the fans favourite in this one! Punk goes right to work on Jericho, laying in the boots and kicking Jericho to the outside. Punk clotheslines Jericho over the barricade, throws a chair in the ring and then rolls Jericho into the ring. Punk grabs a kendo stick and smashes it across Jericho’s back An “ECW” chant then breaks out as Punk continues to use the kendo stick. Jericho avoids a shot and exits the ring but Punk follows, chases him around and then into the ring before knocking him down with a clothesline. Jericho sets up a chair in the corner and Jericho hides behind the referee before getting a cheap shot and hitting a dropkick. Jericho beats Punk with the kendo stick and then a springboard dropkick.

Jericho beats Punks head off the side of the ring and then throws him over the barricade and into the timekeepers area. The two men slug it out on the outside and Jericho rolls Punk back into the ring before taking off a top turnbuckle. Jericho hits an elbow drop but Punk fires back with some chops. Jericho avoids a high knee in the corner and Punk goes sprawling to the outside. Jericho then rips the padding off the top of the barricade and smashes Punks head off the steel, right in front of Punks sister. Punks sister slaps Jericho when he gets in her face and he dives at her. Punk takes down Jericho and hits him with right hands before taking apart the announce desks. Punk then slams Jericho into the hood of the announce desk, splitting it in half! Punk then looks for a piledriver but Jericho back body drops him. Back in the ring and Jericho gets a near fall before hitting a snapmare and applying a chinlock. Punk gets out of it with a side suplex and then drops Jericho on the top rope.

Punk looks for a springboard clothesline but he slips on the top rope and Jericho lays into him with a kendo stick. Jericho then grabs a can of beer and empties it on CM Punk. Jericho hits some right hands and then grabs another can, drinks some but Punk kicks him in the gut and then beats him down with a kendo stick. Punk hits a swinging neckbreaker and then the running high knee and a bulldog out of the corner. Punk gives Chris Jericho a low blow with the kendo stick and then motions for go to sleep. He scoops Jericho up but Jericho counters and looks for the walls of Jericho. Punk counters and then hits a powerslam for a two count. Punk heads to the top but Jericho crotches him and then looks for a superplex but Punk fights him off and hits the flying elbow drop for a near fall.

CM Punk hits some right hands and then scoops Jericho up for the go to sleep but again Jericho counters and hits a bulldog. Jericho looks for the lionsault but Punk gets to his feet, manages to catch Jericho on his shoulder but again Jericho counters the go to sleep. Jericho throws Punk into the chair set up in the corner for a near fall. Jericho hits a codebreaker and looks to lock on the walls of Jericho which he does! Punk gets to the bottom rope but it’s no disqualification so Jericho doesn’t need to break the hold. Punk manages to grab a fire extinguisher from under the ring and sprays it in Jericho’s face! Punk rams the extinguisher into the gut of Jericho a couple of times and then kicks the challenger on to the announce desk. Punk heads to the top and hits an elbow drop off the top through Jericho and the announce desk! Punk rolls Jericho back into the ring and covers him but Jericho kicks out! CM Punk then locks on the anaconda vice but Jericho breaks it by hitting Punk with a kendo stick.

Punk grabs a chair but Jericho hits him with a codebreaker for a near fall. Jericho then sets up for a go to sleep but Punk counters, sends Jericho into the exposed turnbuckle and then hits a go to sleep for the three! CM Punk wins the match and retains the WWE Championship! Great match between these two.

Rating: 8.5/10

We’re shown some footage from the pre-show with Santino retaining the United States Championship against The Miz.

Eve is backstage and walks into a situation with Beth Phoenix and The Bella Twins. Eve tells Beth that she isn’t medically cleared tonight. Beth says as soon as she is medically cleared, she’ll be taking the title back. Nikki Bella thinks she is all done for the night but Eve tells her that she will be defending the Divas Championship tonight against a surprise opponent. They worry but Eve tells them it’s not Kharma.

The Bella Twins come out and Nikki says that she will be the longest reigning Divas champion ever. What’s the possibility that it’s going to end up being Brie? Oh, it’s not.

Nikki Bella (c) vs. Layla – WWE Divas Championship match

This is a first time match between these two girls. Layla is actually 1-0 at Extreme Rules events, Nikki makes her debut tonight. Layla beat Michelle McCool at Extreme Rules last year but has been injured ever since. Layla hits an arm drag in the early going and then a second. Layla hits some kicks and then goes up to the middle rope but with Nikki distracting the referee, Brie knocks Layla down. Nikki works the right leg of Layla but Layla rolls her up for a one count. Nikki hits a low dropkick and then sets up for a facebuster but Layla fights her off. Layla hits something of a clothesline and then a springboard cross body. Brie gets up on the apron but Layla gets rid of her but that allows Nikki to take Layla down. Layla does a nice roll-up for a near fall.

Layla kicks Nikki out of the ring and Brie gets in the ring instead. Brie looks for a facebuster but Layla counters and hits a neckbreaker for the three! Layla wins the match and the Divas Championship!

Rating: 3.5/10

John Laurinaitis is backstage and Matt Striker runs after him to find out what Triple H phoned him about earlier. Laurinaitis says they spoke about business matters that would be revealed tomorrow night on Raw.

John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar – Extreme Rules match

This is Brocks big return to WWE and it’s against a man that he has fought and beaten on PPV once before. John Cena is 3-0 at Extreme Rules events, could he make it four tonight? Cena runs at Lesnar as the bell rings but Brock takes him down and lays in some elbows and forearms. Brock then hits a clothesline and Cena is already busted open. Cena takes Brock down and blood spews from his head but Brock takes the advantage again, pummelling Cena with right hands. A doctor gets in the ring and sees to Cena and his bleeding head. Cena gets up but Brock takes him right back down and lays in some right hands and elbows. Again the doctor sees to John Cena who is looking a bit glassy eyed. Lesnar runs at Cena but runs into an elbow. Cena then sets up for an attitude adjustment but Lesnar slides down and hits two German suplexes. Cena hits some elbows and then a shoulder charge which sends Lesnar into the referee. The referee falls out of the ring and that looked pretty rough.

Lesnar takes Cena down again and lays in some boots. Cena goes for his chain that hangs over the ringpost but Lesnar hits him with right hands and shoulder charges. Lesnar then locks on a kimura lock but Cena fights out of it. Brock knocks Cena to the outside before going out and locking on the kimura again and throwing Cena into the barricade. Lesnar throws Cena into the ring and then wraps the chain around his fist. Brock decides against using it, tosses it aside and then goes back to work on Cena with knees. Brock picks up the chain and wraps Cenas legs in it before knocking him back down with a clothesline. Brock pops Cena on the top rope before hanging him upside down using the chain. Lesnar hits more right hands and then tosses Cena down to the floor. Brock takes . a minute to look at the referee which allows Cena to get up and hit some right hands but Lesnar throws him into the ring steps. Brock picks up the referee with one hand and tosses him into the ring.

Cena gets in the ring and looks to hit the attitude adjustment out of nowhere but Brock counters and hits the F5, taking out the referee as he does! Another referee comes out but Cena kicks out at 2. Lesnar then disposes of the second referee, clotheslining him out of the ring. Lesnar slides the ring steps into the ring and stands on top of them. Cena tries to fight back but Lesnar locks the kimura on, on top of the ring steps. Cena manages to get to his feet and drop Lesnar on the ring steps. Cena heads to the top but Lesnar moves out of the way and Cena hits the mat. Cena falls out of the ring but Lesnar goads him to come back in. Cena gets up to the apron and Lesnar dives off the ring steps with a massive elbow but ends up falling out of the ring himself! That looked painful. On the outside Cena wraps his hand in the chain as Lesnar tells him to get back into the ring. Lesnar looks for another flying clothesline but Cena smashes him in the face with the chain.

Cena fires up and then hits an attitude adjustment on the ring steps! He pins Lesnar and gets the three! Wow, I’m in shock, I thought Lesnar would definitely win this. Why would he not!?! What bizarre booking.

Rating: 9.25/10

John Cena gets on the mic after the bell and says that Chicago is a wrestling town and tonight he was proud to have fought in front of them. Cena says he’s taking a vacation for a while.

And that was Extreme Rules 2012.It felt pretty average for the most part but the main event and two major title matches really delivered. The match between Kane and Randy Orton was better than their match at Wrestlemania but I think opening the show helped that. It was a good match but I wouldn’t be fussed about seeing a third match between the two. Orton wins this one clean which probably puts an end to this rivalry. The fight went around the stadium which you’d expect in a falls count anywhere match. Orton wins with an RKO. Next up Brodus Clay beat Dolph Ziggler very quickly. This felt like a burial of Ziggler who has been excellent recently. It’s a shame really I’d rather Clay beat Swagger. The crowd wanted Ziggler to win too.

Cody Rhodes then beat The Big Show in a tables match. I really liked the finish to this match, it was unique and worked for the storyline. Big Show accidentally stepped through the table resulting in a win for Cody Rhodes who becomes a two time Intercontinental Champion. It’s a shame for Big Show to lose the title so quickly but he’s somebody that doesn’t really need a title. He got his Wrestlemania moment. Sheamus then defeated Daniel Bryan to retain the World Heavyweight Championship. This was a fantastic two out of three falls match. It was nice to see the two given a lot of time to put on a good match. Sheamus wins though and this will probably be the end of this rivalry. Then came a win for Ryback against two jobbers. You don’t usually see squash matches like this on pay per view but Ryback is getting a push and I expect this to continue. I’m not sure this match needed to happen on a pay per view though.

CM Punk beat Chris Jericho to retain the WWE Championship in a Chicago street fight. This was another great match and nearly as good as their match at Wrestlemania. The two have a lot of chemistry. Punk won clean which suggests that this feud is over. It was a nice touch to have Punks sister on the outside too. Not much more to say about this, good match. And then came the Divas Championship match. Beth Phoenix was too injured and was surprisingly replaced by Layla! Layla would then win the Divas Championship. I like this, the Divas division needed freshening up and I think Layla winning the title does just that. I’m sure Phoenix will be back in the running soon. It’s also worth noting that Brie and Nikki Bella are done with the WWE at this point.

And then came the main event which was absolutely brutal. We haven’t seen anything like this before. Brock was so stiff and he even ended up hurting himself. Lesnar was a beast and he laid into Cena. But what I find mind-boggling is that Cena won. It’s the biggest return to WWE in a long time, he’s absolutely killed Cena in the build up and the match itself but then he loses. What is that about?! I really do not get it. But besides that it was a fantastic match and I honestly look forward to seeing more of Lesnar.

Overall Rating: 64.6/100 (ranked joint 47th out of 277)

Match Of The Night: John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar
Worst Match Of The Night: Nikki Bella vs. Layla
Surprise Of The Night: Layla returns and wins the Divas Championship
Worst Booking Of The Night: John Cena beats Brock Lesnar
Superstar Of The Night: Brock Lesnar
Extreme Rules 2012 Will Be Remembered For: The return of Brock Lesnar

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