Wrestlemania 34

|Date: April 8, 2018
|Venue: Mercedes-Benz Superdome |City: New Orleans, Louisiana
|Attendance: 78,133
|Brands: Raw & Smackdown

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The show kicks off with Chloe and Halle singing America The Beautiful.

LL Cool J then narrates a video package hyping up tonight’s action. Surprisingly none of tonight’s matches are highlighted, just hype for Wrestlemania itself.

The Miz (c) vs. Seth Rollins vs. Finn Balor – Triple threat match for the Intercontinental Championship

Background: The Miz defeated Roman Reigns to become Intercontinental Champion back in January. After failing to win the Elimination Chamber match, Intercontinental Champion The Miz demanded a WrestleMania challenger. Seth Rollins then came out and defeated Miz, followed by Finn Bálor, who also defeated him. The following week, both Rollins and Bálor confronted Miz, leading to a 2-on-3 handicap match between Rollins and Bálor and The Miz and his Miztourage (Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel), in which Rollins pinned Miz. Afterwards, Raw General Manager Kurt Angle scheduled The Miz to defend the his championship against Bálor and Rollins in a triple threat match at WrestleMania

Previous PPV matches: This is a first time triple threat match between these three men.

Wrestlemania Record: Seth Rollins is 4-1 at Wrestlemania, The Miz is 3-3 and Finn Balor makes his Wrestlemania debut tonight.

Match: The Miz sends The Miztourage of Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel to the back. All three men start quickly as they have the responsibility of setting the pace tonight. Balor hits a big dive to the outside early on. John Cena is shown watching from within the crowd. Rollins is the first man to take control and then Miz. Miz locks the figure four on Finn Balor after taking out Seth Rollins but Seth breaks it up with a frog splash. Balor counters a buckle bomb from Rollins before hitting a slingblade and then dropkicking both opponents into the barricade. There’s a nice sequence from Rollins and Balor. Miz hits a skull-crushing finale on Rollins who kicks out of the pinfall. Balor hits the coup de gras on Miz twice and looks to cover him but Rollins hits a stomp on Balor and then a stomp on Miz for the three!

Result: Seth Rollins wins by pinfall.

Review: This was a great choice to kick off the show. Rollins and Balor have so much energy and they get the crowd going. Seth wins the Intercontinental Championship for the first time and he wouldn’t have been my choice to win but I’m no disappointed by any stretch. A really good match from these three.

Rating: 7.25/10

There’s a video package next for Charlotte and Asuka.

Charlotte (c) vs. Asuka – Smackdown Women’s Championship match

Background: Asuka won the first ever Royal Rumble match back in January and chose to jump over to Smackdown and face the very best at Wrestlemania in Charlotte, the Smackdown Women’s Champion. Charlotte says that she will end Asuka’s undefeated streak but Asuka says that she won’t bow down to the queen. There is a mutual respect between the two girls in what should be one of the biggest women’s matches in WWE history.

Previous PPV matches: This is a first time match between these two girls.

Wrestlemania Record: Charlotte is 1-1 at Wrestlemania, Asuka makes her Wrestlemania debut tonight.

Match: This feel like possibly the two greatest women in WWE history going one on one. But Trish stratus would have something to say about that. There’s some great wrestling in the early going, especially from Charlotte which Asuka counters with strikes. The match has a fast pace to it and it’s back and forth with no girl taking control for too long. Asuka counters a moonsault by locking on a triangle but Charlotte reverses, locking on a Boston crab. You don’t see many Boston crabs these days. Asuka hits some stiff kicks, neither girl have held back. John Cena is shown watching in the crowd again. Asuka hits a suplex off the apron and both girls are down. Charlotte hits a Spanish fly for a near fall. Asuka counters natural selection with an armbar but Charlotte fights out and hits a spear for a near fall. Charlotte then locks on the figure eight and Asuka taps out!

Result: Charlotte wins by submission.

Review: This was a really good match from these two girls. I am shocked that Charlotte won, I was convinced it would be Asuka. But this match probably goes down as the best women’s match of all time. Charlotte has cemented herself as the best whilst Asuka is the best striker in the history of the women’s division. Asuka’s streak comes to an end and it had to be Charlotte to do it.

Rating: 8.5/10

Asuka grabs the mic after the match and says that Charlotte was ready for Asuka. The two girls them embrace.

A referee says to John Cena that Undertaker is here and so Cena runs up the ramp to the back.

Randy Orton (c) vs. Bobby Roode vs. Rusev vs. Jinder Mahal – Fatal four way for the United States Championship

Background: Randy Orton defeated Bobby Roode for the United States Championship at Fastlane. Roode would request his rematch for Wrestlemania but after Jinder Mahal beat both men in singles action he was added to the match. Jinder would then choose Rusev as a tag team partner against Roode and Orton and when Rusev pinned Orton for the victory he was added to the match at Wrestlemania.

Previous PPV matches: This is a first time fatal four way match between these four men.

Wrestlemania Record: Randy Orton is 6-7, Rusev is 1-1, Jinder is 0-1 and Bobby Roode makes his Wrestlemania debut tonight.

Match: Jinder Mahal is joined by Sunil Singh whilst Rusev is accompanied by Aiden English who has had a haircut since his appearance in the Andre The Giant Battle Royal on the kick-off show. Rusev starts the match well, taking out all three men. This match follows the format of many fatal four ways that preceded it with two men pairing off in the ring. Orton hits one of his big superplexes on Roode. I’m hopeful of a win for Rusev or Bobby Roode in this one. Mahal counters a glorious DDT attempt. Orton hits the hangmans DDT on Rusev and then motions for an RKO before hitting both Rusev, Aiden English and Jinder with an RKO but Bobby Roode breaks up the pinfall attempt. Roode hits a glorious DDT on Orton but Rusev clears the ring so it’s just him and Mahal before looking for the accolade but he gets distracted by Sunil Singh which allows Jinder to his the Khallas for the three!

Result: Jinder Mahal wins the United States Championship by pinfall.

Review: That’s three surprising results out of three for me. This match was chaotic but it was fun. Fatal four ways are never easy and they tend to be paired off but this had a great pace to it. I’m just surprised that Jinder Mahal won, I definitely didn’t see that coming.

Rating: 6.25/10

There’s a video package next for Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, Kurt Angle and Ronda Rousey.

Kurt Angles & Ronda Rousey vs. Triple H & Stephanie McMahon

Background: Back at Wrestlemania 32 Ronda Rousey was invited into the ring by The Rock and Ronda would take down both Stephanie McMahon and Triple H. Nearly two years later and Ronda officially singed with the WWE. Triple H and Stephanie seemed all smiles but Kurt Angle revealed that Triple H and Stephanie signed Rousey to use her. Ronda would put Triple H through a table and then pick Stephanie McMahon as her opponent for Wrestlemania. Triple H would sucker-punch Kurt Angle causing Angle to offer Ronda himself as a tag team partner against Triple H and Stephanie McMahon.

Previous PPV matches: This is a first ever match involving these four superstars, it’s Ronda Rousey’s first ever WWE match.

Wrestlemania Record: Kurt Angle is 3-4 at Wrestlemania, Triple H is 9-12, Stephanie wrestles at Wrestlemania for the first time and Ronda Rousey wrestles for the WWE for the first time.

Match: Ronda Rousey is super over in New Orleans. Stephanie pie faces Rousey before the bell and then pulls her hair. This is getting the crowd hyped up for Ronda and Stephanie but it is of course Kurt Angle and Triple H that kick off the match. Kurt takes the early advantage but some heel tactics from The Authority allow Triple H to take control. Triple H keeps Kurt from tagging in Ronda. Triple H nearly wipes out his wife when Angle ducks a right hand. Kurt finally makes the tag to Rousey and she picks up the pace with a rolling clothesline and a big urunage. Ronda looks great on her debut as she hits strikes and throws Stephanie around the ring. Ronda hits a rolling takeover and then looks for an armbar but Stephanie manages to block it. Stephanie takes the advantage by raking the eyes. Ronda hits a version of an Angle Slam but Triple H pulls the referee out of the ring to stop a pinfall. Triple H checks on his wife but then finds himself in the ring with Ronda Rousey. Rousey lays into Triple H with strikes and then picks The Game up on his shoulders before Stephanie gets back involved. Kurt hits three German suplexes on Triple H and both men then counter each others finishers before Kurt hits the Angle Slam for a near fall.

Kurt tries to lock on the ankle lock on Stephanie but Triple H breaks it up and hits Angle with a pedigree! Ronda breaks up the pinfall. Triple H looks for a pedigree on Ronda Rousey but Ronda counters and locks on the armbar! Stephanie breaks it up and locks on a sleeper but Rousey flips her over and locks the armbar on Stephanie! Kurt Angle simultaneously locks the ankle lock on Triple H who manages to send Angle into Rousey, hard. Triple H and Stephanie look for pedigrees on their opponents but Kurt back body drops Triple H out of the ring and Ronda locks on arm bar on Stephanie causing Stephanie to tap out!

Result: Kurt Angle and Ronda Rousey win by submission.

Review: This was a fantastic match. Ronda Rousey looked so good in her debut match. Kurt and Ronda had to pick up the win and they did. They have a real commodity in Rousey, they need to protect her. But this match was great and will go down as a true memorable Wrestlemania moment.

Rating: 8.75/10

The Usos (Jimmy & Jey) (c) vs. The New Day (Kofi Kingston & Big E) vs. The Bludgeon Brothers (Harper & Rowan) – Triple threat match for the Smackdown Tag Team Championships

Background: Throughout 2017, The Usos (Jey Uso and Jimmy Uso) and The New Day (Big E, Kofi Kingston, and Xavier Woods) fought at various events over the SmackDown Tag Team Championship. The original feud ended at Hell in a Cell in October with The Usos victorious. The New Day earned another title shot at Fastlane in March, but both teams were attacked by The Bludgeon Brothers (Harper and Rowan), injuring Jey, Kingston, and Woods. On the following episode of SmackDown, Big E and Jimmy teamed up to take revenge, but were defeated. On the March 27 episode, New Day lost to The Bludgeon Brothers by disqualification after The Usos attacked the latter. A triple threat tag team match for the SmackDown Tag Team Championship was then scheduled for WrestleMania 34.

Previous PPV matches: This is a first time triple threat match between these teams.

Wrestlemania Record: Kofi Kingston is 1-5 at Wrestlemania, Big E is 0-3, Harper & Rowan are 0-1 and The Usos wrestle on the Wrestlemania main card for the first time ever.

Match: Bizarrely The New Day are joined in their entrance by little people dressed as pancakes. The match then starts with The Usos and New Day trying to take out The Bludgeon Brothers but Harper and Rowan dominate all four opponents. Five, as they powerbomb Xavier Woods into the ringpost. The Usos make quick tags to try and get the better of The Bludgeon Brothers but Rowan and Harper are too much. The match has a really fast pace to it and it’s practically a four on two match against Harper and Rowan. Tags go out of the window pretty quickly and it’s all six men going at it. Harper hits a sit-out powerbomb on Kofi off the top rope and that’s enough for The Bludgeon Brothers to win the Smackdown Tag Team Championship.

Result: The Bludgeon Brothers win by pinfall.

Review: This match was fast, it was fun but it was short. I like Harper and Rowan as tag team championships, they’ve been booked very well since returning. Not much more to say really.

Rating: 4/10

There’s an ad for the WWE Network where they announce that every PPV will be a joint Raw and Smackdown production, no longer split brand PPVs.

John Cena is out next and he calls for a referee. Are we about to see John Cena vs. The Undertaker? Cena waits for a while and then leaves the ring but the lights go out! Elias then walks out with his guitar. Elias sings a song about how much Cena sucks causing Cena to get back into the ring and hits Elias with shoulder tackles, a five knuckle shuffle and an attitude adjustment. John Cena looks to leave but the lights go out and then a spotlight comes on in the ring where Undertaker’s gear lies. The light go out and back on again and the gear is gone. Undertaker’s music then hits and out walks The Undertaker!

John Cena vs. The Undertaker

Background: John Cena has been without a Wrestlemania match and has challenged Undertaker on multiple occasions. The Undertaker hasn’t responded in any way but it now seems as though we are going to get the match between arguably the two greatest of all time.

Previous PPV matches: The only previous PPV match between these two men was at Vengeance 2003 and on that night The Undertaker won.

Wrestlemania Record: John Cena is 10-3, The Undertaker is 23-2.

Match: The match starts quickly with Undertaker hitting lefts and rights and then a big clothesline. Cena fires back and looks for a five knuckle shuffle but Undertaker sits up! That spooks Cena out and Undertaker hits a chokeslam and a tombstone for the three!

Result: The Undertaker wins by pinfall.

Review: Well this was very short. The stuff with Elias was longer, as was Undertakers entrance. Cena comes out of this looking a bit daft for challenging Undertaker and then losing in a minute. I can’t really rate this but it’s another Wrestlemania win for Undertaker in any case.

Rating: N/A

We’re shown some highlights from the Hall Of Fame ceremony. The likes of Mark Henry, Hillbilly Jim, Ivory, Jeff Jarrett, Jarrius “JJ” Robertson, The Dudley Boys, Kid Rock and Goldberg were the class of 2018.

Jojo then introduces the Hall Of Fame class of 2018 out to the stage.

There’s a video package next showing Daniel Bryan’s announcement about returning to the ring and then what led to the tag team match against Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens.

Daniel Bryan & Shane McMahon vs. Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn

Background: Owens and Zayn feuded with Shane McMahon for most of 2017, including attacking him at Survivor Series and Shane threatened to fire them if they lost their match at Clash of Champions, while SmackDown General Manager Daniel Bryan seemingly favoured the two by giving them WWE Championship opportunities at Royal Rumble, when AJ Styles retained his title in a handicap match and again at Fastlane. During the latter match, the feud escalated as Shane broke up pinfall attempts by Owens and Zayn. Shane then took an indefinite leave of absence, but, as one last decision, he scheduled Owens and Zayn to fight each other at WrestleMania 34. Owens and Zayn reacted by attacking Shane.The following week, Daniel Bryan revealed that he was medically cleared to compete again; his last match was in April 2015.Later, he fired Owens and Zayn for their attack on Shane and was attacked himself. In response, Bryan said he regretted favouring them and scheduled a tag team match pitting himself and Shane against Owens and Zayn, with the latter duo being rehired if they won.

Previous PPV matches: This is a first time tag team match between these four men.

Wrestlemania Record: Shane McMahon is 2-2, Daniel Bryan is 4-1, Kevin Owens is 1-1, Sami Zayn is 0-1.

Match: It seems odd that Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan make their entrance first but it’s because Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn attack them from behind in the ring. On the outside Zayn hits Bryan with a helluva kick and KO follows it up with a powerbomb into the apron. A doctor then comes out to check on Bryan. Shane McMahon calls for the bell and he fires up on both Owens and Zayn. The numbers become too much for Shane and it’s not long before Zayn and Owens rip him apart. KO and Sami make quick tags, hitting their trademark moves on McMahon. Shane avoids a helluva kick and takes the advantage against Sami. Shane then hits coast to coast on Zayn but can’t pin him as Owens breaks up the cover. Owens then hits a frog splash on Shane but the pinfall is broken up by Daniel Bryan! Shane finally makes the tag to Daniel Bryan who picks up the pace. Bryan takes out both opponents, hitting a massive hurricanrana off the top on Zayn. Owens gets a cheap shot in and then hits a pop-up powerbomb on Bryan for a near fall. Bryan fights back against Zayn, hitting his trademark yes kicks and then a running knee before locking on the yes lock and Sami taps out!

Result: Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon win by submision.

Review: This was a really good tag team match. They were given plenty of time and told a great story. I half expected Zayn and Owens to win somehow to get their jobs back. Daniel Bryan looked great in his return match and hasn’t missed a step. Shane was great as the babyface taking the hits. Owens and Zayn make really good heels and I look forward to seeing how they get their jobs back.

Rating: 7/10

Jojo thanks all 78,133 in attendance tonight. No idea how legit that number is.

There’s a video package next for Alexa Bliss and Nia Jax.

Alexa Bliss (c) vs. Nia Jax – Raw Women’s Championship match

Background: Alexa Bliss has been using Nia Jax for a long time, making out like they are best friends. But Alexa admitted to using Nia to Mickie James, not realising the cameras were rolling. Alexa would be pretty harsh with her comments. This would enrage Nia Jax who went crazy backstage. Nisa was then granted a title match at Wrestlemania.

Previous PPV matches: This is a first time PPV match between these two girls.

Wrestlemania Record: Both girls are 0-1 at Wrestlemania.

Match: Alexa’s entrance is from a big podium and she’s accompanied by Mickie James. Nia forces Mickie out of the ring as the bell rings and then launches her around the outside of the ring. Nia then lays into Bliss inside the ring, tossing her around and then hitting a gorilla press slam. Alexa gets a cheap shot in and then works on the left leg of her challenger. Alexa avoids a shoulder charge in the corner which sends Nia to the outside. Alexa then hits a version of twisted Bliss to the outside on Nia. Back in the ring and Alexa looks for a hurricanrana and then a sunset flip but Nia counters both moves. Nia then hits a Samoan drop off the middle rope and that’s enough for the three!

Result: Nia Jax wins the Raw Women’s Championship by pinfall.

Review: This match was ok, nothing spectacular here but it wasn’t bad. Nia wins the Raw Women’s Championship and it’ll be interesting to see her reign. I prefer her as a heel and I think she’ll end up turning which will allow a plucky babyface to challenge her. Alexa is awesome and probably won’t be far from the title.

Rating: 5/10

There’s a video package next for AJ Styles and Shinsuke Namakura.

AJ Styles (c) vs. Shinsuke Nakamura – WWE Championship match

Background: At Royal Rumble, SmackDown’s Shinsuke Nakamura won the men’s Royal Rumble match, earning a world championship match of his choosing at WrestleMania 34. Nakamura chose SmackDown’s WWE Champion AJ Styles. At Fastlane, Styles retained the WWE Championship in a six-pack challenge, thus solidifying the Styles-Nakamura match at WrestleMania. The two expressed respect for each other, but Styles warned Nakamura to not take him lightly this time, bringing up their previous encounter in New Japan Pro-Wrestling where Nakamura had defeated Styles.

Previous PPV matches: This is a first time WWE PPV match between these two men.

Wrestlemania Record: AJ Styles is 1-1 at Wrestlemania, Shinsuke Nakamura makes his Wrestlemania debut tonight.

Match: This match has been called “the dream match” so let’s hope it lives up to expectations. It’s a frantic start to the match with Shinsuke Nakamura getting the upper hand for the majority of the early going. AJ Styles takes control and slows down the pace which is unusual for AJ. The match is then quite back and forth with the pace staying pretty slow. This match has felt like a proper wrestling match. No gimmicks, no battling on the outside, just a back and forth wrestling match. AJ is the first man to use a finisher as he locks on the calf crusher but Nakamura reverses the hold and locks on a triangle. This has felt like a long match and shows no signs of finishing yet. As I type that AJ hits a phenomenal forearm but Nakamura kicks out. Shinsuke counters a springboard 450 splash and rolls up Styles for. near fall. Nakamura his a version of the Kinshasa for a near fall before motioning to hit his finisher but AJ counters, rolls through and hits a Styles Clash which is enough for the three!

Result: AJ Styles retains the WWE Championship by pinfall.

Review: This match was ok. It was probably one for the purist but I’m not sure it lived up to expectations. AJ Styles wins the match and retains the WWE Championship which I don’t mind at all. Judging by the aftermath, this feud will continue.

Rating: 6/10

After the match AJ and Nakamura embrace but Shinsuke then hits Styles with a low blow! A heel turn at Wrestlemania! Nakamura then kicks Styles out of the ring and hits him with a Kinshasa!

There’s an ad for WWE 2K18.

Michael Cole takes us back to the kick-off show, showing Bray Wyatt help Matt Hardy win the Andre The Giant Battle Royal, Cedric Alexander winning the Cruiserweight Championship and Naomi winning the Women’s Battle Royal.

Sheamus and Cesaro are out next on a mardi gras float. When Strowman makes his entrance he pushes the float over the stage. Braun then announces that he is picking a tag team partner out of the crowd. Braun goes into the crowd and walks past plenty of NXT talent before picking a child and walking him to the ring.

The Bar (Sheamus & Cesaro) (c) vs. Braun Strowman and Nicholas – Raw Tag Team Championship match

Background: Braun Strowman won a battle royal to become number one contender to the Raw Tag Team Championships but he has been told that to challenge for the belts he is going to need a tag team partner. The likes of Curt Hawkins have come forward but Strowman doesn’t seem interested.

Previous PPV matches: This is a first time tag team match between these two teams.

Wrestlemania Record: Sheamus is 2-4, Cesaro is 1-1, Strowman is wrestling his first match on a Wrestlemania main card and Nicholas is making his debut.

Match: The bell rings and Strowman throws Sheamus around the ring and then out of the ring. Braun then takes down Cesaro with a chokeslam. This is essentially a tag team match with Braun fighting off both tag team champions. The numbers do become too much and The Bar hit a double suplex on Strowman. Cesaro hits a senton off Sheamus’s shoulders for a near fall. Braun hits a cross body on both Sheamus and Cesaro before disposing of Sheamus and then reaching for Nicholas and tagging him in! Nicholas then tags back out to Strowman who hits a powerslam on Cesaro and pins him for the three! Braun Strowman and Nicholas are the Raw Tag Team Champions!

Result: Braun Strowman and Nicholas win by pinfall.

Review: This match was ok. It was a quick handicap match but not terrible. It was fast-paced and gives Strowman a big win and his first title in WWE. God knows what happens with this tag team going forward.

Rating: 3.75/10

There’s a VT next for Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar.

Brock Lesnar (c) vs. Roman Reigns – WWE Universal Championship match

Background: Following Brock Lesnar’s defeat of Goldberg at WrestleMania 33 to win the Universal Championship, he seldom defended the title, which was often criticised, especially by Roman Reigns. As the Royal Rumble winner chose SmackDown’s world championship, Lesnar’s WrestleMania 34 challenger was determined through the Elimination Chamber match, which was won by Reigns. Despite being advertised, Lesnar did not appear for several episodes of Raw. Reigns repeatedly criticised Lesnar and also questioned WWE Chairman/CEO Vince McMahon, for which he was temporarily suspended. When Reigns nevertheless appeared on Raw to confront Lesnar, he was arrested by U.S. Marshals. The handcuffed Reigns assaulted the Marshals, but was then attacked by Lesnar. Heyman then declared that should Lesnar lose, they would not re-sign with WWE.

Previous PPV matches: These two men fought for the first time at Wrestlemania 31 in a match that was interrupted and own by Seth Rollins who cashed in his Money In The bank contract. Therefore this is the first time these two men meet one on one.

Wrestlemania Record: Brock Lesnar is 4-3, Roman Reigns is 4-1.

Match: The match starts quickly with the two men going back and forth. It takes seconds for Lesnar to hit his first three German suplexes. Reigns replies with three supermen punches. Lesnar throws Reigns around the outside of the ring and into the announce desk. A lot of this match takes place on the outside, mostly with Lesnar throwing Reigns into the barricade and announce desks. He looks to F5 Roman into the ringpost but Reigns counters and then spears Brock over the announce desk. Back in the ring and Reigns hits a superman punch and two spears for a near fall. Brock hits an F5 for a near fall and then another F5 for another near fall. Lesnar hits a third F5 for a third near fall. A “boring chant breaks out” and Lesnar throws Reigns out of the ring. Brock then F5’s Reigns through the announce desk. Back in the ring and Lesnar hits a 5th F5 for another near fall. Brock takes off his gloves and hits Reigns with right hands, busting him wide open. Reigns nits two spears out of nowhere for a near fall. Reigns looks for another spear but Brock scoops him up and hits an F5 for the three!

Result: Brock Lesnar retains the Universal Championship by pinfall.

Review: This was a fun match. Brock matches are always stiff and although there was a bit of a lull, it definitely picked up again. I always enjoy Brock Lesnar matches and this was no exception. It was the last match in a really long night of matches so the crowd were ready for it to end but I enjoyed it. Despite all of the rumours Brock Lesnar is staying in WWE.

Rating: 7/10

And that was Wrestlemania 34. Overall it felt like a good show. It was a Wrestlemania so needed to deliver and I feel like it did. Seth Rollins and Jinder Mahal won the Intercontinental and United States Championships respectively with the latter being the more surprising of the two but not as surprising as Charlotte beating Asuka to retain the Smackdown Women’s Championship. That was the biggest shocker of the night as Asuka’s undefeated streak comes to an end. All three matches were good to great with the match between Kurt Angle, Ronda Rousey, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon topping them all. I was really impressed with Ronda Rousey, she has taken to the business really quickly, arguably the quickest since Kurt Angle. The Bludgeon Brothers won the Smackdown Tag Team Championships which is great for them and well deserved for a solid big man tag team. another big shocker tonight was Undertaker beating John Cena in seconds. It’s almost comical because Cena begged for the match and when he got it he was destroyed in seconds.

Nia Jax beat Alexa Bliss in a classic babyface getting what she deserves moment. I don’t buy Jax is a babyface and I think it’ll be a matter of time until she turns heel but the moment was nice. AJ Styles beat Shinsuke Nakamura and I hate to say it but I don’t think the match delivered. I thought it could have been an all-time class but don’t think it was in the end. The heel turn after the match was another shocking moment though, I loved that. Then came the rubbish with Nicholas. I honestly thought we’d see this monster tag team of Braun Strowman and Big Show which would have been awesome and I don’t often get excited about The Big Show. A child though, I don’t know. I do know it wasn’t an actual fan though, it was the son of a referee. The main event was good though between Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns, I really enjoyed it. Brock destroyed Reigns who kept taking the beating until he could no more. Lesnar is a monster and he’s getting booked like one. I love it. Overall a really solid Wrestlemania, with some great matches and a show I think that most would enjoy.

Overall Rating: 63.5/100 (ranked 87th out of 358)

Match Of The Night: Kurt Angle & Ronda Rousey vs. Triple H & Stephanie McMahon
Worst Match Of The Night: The Bar vs. Braun Strowman & Nicholas
Surprise Of The Night: Charlotte beats Asuka
Worst Booking Of The Night: Nicholas
Superstar Of The Night: Brock Lesnar
Wrestlemania 34 Will Be Remembered For: The (impressive) debut of Ronda Rousey

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