Summerslam 2018

|Date: August 19, 2018
|Venue: Barclays Center |City: Brooklyn, New York
|Attendance: 16,169

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The show opens with Terry Crews voicing over a package. It’s a really good video package to be honest and does the job of getting you hyped for the show.

Michael Cole welcomes us to Summerslam!

Dolph Ziggler (c) vs. Seth RollinsIntercontinental Championship match

Background: At Extreme Rules, Dolph Ziggler defeated Seth Rollins 5–4 in sudden death overtime of a 30-minute Iron Man match to retain the Intercontinental Championship, thanks to interference from Ziggler’s tag team partner, Drew McIntyre. On the July 23 episode of Raw, a rematch between Ziggler and Rollins for the title was scheduled for SummerSlam with McIntyre in Ziggler’s corner. During the contract signing on the August 13 episode, Dean Ambrose returned from injury, confirming he would be in Rollins’ corner.

Previous PPV matches: This is a second PPV match between these two men, Dolph Ziggler won the first at Extreme Rules last month.

Summerslam Record: Seth Rollins is 3-1 at Summerslam, Dolph Ziggler has won 2, lost 3 and drawn 2.

Match: Seth Rollins has Dean Ambrose in his corner whilst Dolph Ziggler has Drew McIntyre in his. It isn’t long before Ambrose is staring down McIntyre on the outside. Ziggler takes the early advantage after a cheap shot. Dolph dominates much of the match, slowing the pace when necessary. There’s a nice suplex spot with both men going over the top rope. That allows Rollins to start a steady comeback and pick up the pace. Rollins clotheslines Ziggler out of the ring and then hits him with a suicide dive and then a springboard clothesline. Ziggler fights back with a DDT on the apron. Rollins hits a big inverted suplex off the top and then picks the champion back up and hits another inverted suplex for a near fall. McIntyre soon gets involved, knocking down Ambrose which distracts Rollins allowing Ziggler to hit a zigzag for a near fall. Ambrose then hits McIntyre with dirty deeds on the outside and Rollins hits a superkick on Ziggler and the stomp to win the match!

Result: Seth Rollins wins the Intercontinental Championship by pinfall.

Review: This was a great way to kick off the show. Rollins and Ziggler have a lot of chemistry and they put on a great match. Seth Rollins win the Intercontinental Championship for a second time and I look forward to his reign.

Rating: 8/10

Renee Young is backstage with the Bella Twins. Renee asks them about returning to the ring at Evolution but The Bellas say they have too much on at the moment.

The Bludgeon Brothers (Harper & Rowan)(c) vs. The New Day (Big E & Xavier Woods) – Smackdown Tag Team Championship match

Background: On July 21, Paige scheduled a tag team title tournament with the winning team earning the right to challenge The Bludgeon Brothers (Harper and Rowan) for the SmackDown Tag Team Championship at SummerSlam. The tournament began on the July 24 episode of SmackDown with The New Day (represented by Big E and Xavier Woods) and Cesaro and Sheamus advancing to the finals by defeating SAnitY (Alexander Wolfe and Killian Dain) and The Usos (Jey and Jimmy Uso), respectively. The New Day (represented by Big E and Kingston) then defeated Cesaro and Sheamus in the finals to face The Bludgeon Brothers for the titles at SummerSlam.

Previous PPV matches: This is a first time tag team match between these two teams on PPV.

Summerslam Record: Xavier Woods is 0-1, Big E is 1-1, Luke Harper is 0-1 and Erick Rowan makes his Summeslam debut tonight.

Match: The Bludgeon Brothers dominate Xavier Woods in the early going, keeping him grounded and away from his corner. The champions make quick tags but Woods manages to make the hot tag to Big E who hits both opponents with belly to belly suplexes on the outside. Big E gives Harper another belly to belly inside the ring and then a splash. Harper hits a sit-out slam for a near fall. All hell breaks loose with all four men going at it. Big E spears Harper off the apron and Rowan then hits a cross body on Big E off the apron. The Bludgeon Brothers hit a double crucifix bomb on Big E for a near fall. Rowan takes out a celebrating Kofi Kingston on the outside but Big E then takes out Rowan with a big ending. New Day sort of hit a double backbreaker off the apron on Harper and Woods then Woods dives out and hits an elbow drop on Harper. The New Day looks to hit up up down down but Rowan attacks both men with his mallet! The bell rings, this is a disqualification win for the challengers!

Result: The New Day win by disqualification.

Review: This was a good tag team match with a disappointing finish. This feud will obviously continue probably to a gimmick match down the line. But the match itself was really good. Loads of good action and two tag teams with a lot of chemistry.

Rating: 7.5/10

Jon Stewart is shown ringside.

There’s a video package next for Kevin Owens and Braun Strowman.

Braun Strowman vs. Kevin OwensBraun Strowman’s Money In The Bank briefcase on the line

Background: At Extreme Rules, Kevin Owens defeated Braun Strowman in a steel cage match after Strowman threw Owens from the top of the cage onto the broadcast table. On the July 23 episode of Raw, Owens vowed to take everything away from Strowman. A rematch was scheduled for SummerSlam with a stipulation that if Owens won, even by disqualification or countout, he would win Strowman’s Money in the Bank contract

Previous PPV matches: This is a second PPV match between these two men, Strowman won the first at Extreme Rules.

Summerslam Record: Braun Strowman is 0-1, Kevin Owens is 2-1.

Match: Braun Strowman lays out Kevin Owens from the bell and hits him with a couple of big shoulder charges on the outside. Back in the ring and Braun hits a powerslam and that’s enough for the three!

Result: Braun Strowman wins very quickly by pinfall.

Review: Well this was over a lot quicker than I thought it would be. Braun Strowman wins easily and quickly and presumably this will be the end of this feud.

Rating: N/A

There’s a Be A Star video package.

Next up is a hype video for Carmella, Becky Lynch and Charlotte.

Carmella (c) vs. Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte – Triple threat match for the Smackdown Women’s Championship

Background: Originally it was Becky Lynch that earned her way into a Smackdown Women’s Championship match at Summerslam. Later Carmella would attack Becky which caused Charlotte to return and save her good friend Becky. Charlotte was given a match against Carmella which she won and got added to the match at Summerslam, something which disappointed her friend Becky.

Previous PPV matches: This is a first time triple threat match between these three girls.

Summerslam Record: Charlotte is 2-0 at Summerslam, Becky Lynch is 1-1 and Carmella is 0-1.

Match: It’s a fast paced start to the match as Carmella takes a cheap shot at Becky and those two go at it. Charlotte and Becky show each other some respect but they soon go at it. Carmella manages to shove Charlotte into the ringpost and then throws Lynch into the steps. Carmella talks a lot of smack as she lays into her two challengers. All of the girls take their turn to have the advantage. Carmella hits the old Trish Stratus hurricanrana on Becky for a near fall. Carmella looks for the same move on Charlotte but Charlotte counters and locks on a Boston crab and then the figure four but Becky breaks it up with a legdrop off the top. Carmella hits a big suicide dive on Becky and then Charlotte hits a corkscrew moonsault on Carmella. Becky locks on the disarm-her but Carmella breaks it up. Becky then locks the disarm-her on Carmella but the champion gets to the bottom rope. Becky locks it back on but Charlotte breaks it up with natural selection before pinning Lynch for the three!

Result: Charlotte wins the Smackdown Women’s Championship by pinfall.

Review: This was a really good triple threat match. It was an unpredictable one and could have gone either way. All three girls added something to the match and it was a good pace throughout. Charlotte wins the title (again) and I’m sure Becky will get another opportunity in the future.

Rating: 7.75/10

After the match Charlotte and Becky Lynch hug it out before Becky slaps Charlotte and kicks her out of the ring. Becky then lays into Charlotte on the outside, throwing Charlotte into the barricades. I’m pretty sure this is supposed to be a heel turn but the fans are cheering Lynch and shouting “you deserve it” at Charlotte.

There’s a package next showing the recent history between AJ Styles and Samoa Joe.

AJ Styles (c) vs. Samoa Joe – WWE Championship match

Background: Smackdown General Manager Paige announced Samoa Joe as AJ Styles’ Summerslam opponent not long after Samoa Joe attacked AJ. Joe has made this feud personal, calling AJ a failure as a father and husband as he is always on the road. Joe would read out a letter claiming it was from AJ’s wife, saying that AJ was a failure and she hoed he would lose the title.

Previous PPV matches: This is a first time PPV match between these two men in WWE.

Summerslam Record: AJ Styles is 2-0 at Summerslam, Samoa Joe is 0-1.

Match: A “TNA” chant breaks out as the bell rings. It’s a cagey start to the match that starts to break down with the two men exchanging kicks. There has been some impressive strikes in this match and a nice block from Joe as AJ attempts a running knee. Joe hits a massive suicide dive sending AJ into the announce desk. It’s a good back and forth match for a while with some nice spots. Samoa Joe hits a big powerslam for a near fall. Styles hits a Styles Clash but Joe kicks out at 2. Joe then hits AJ with big slaps and then a urunage. AJ applies a calf crusher but Joe smashes Styles’s face off the mat and then locks on the coquina clutch. AJ gets out of it and the fight goes to the outside where Samoa Joe grabs the mic and tells AJ’s wife that he will be her new daddy. Styles snaps and pouts Joe through the barricade before grabbing a chair and laying into Joe with it! The bell rings, it’s a DQ win for Samoa Joe tonight!

Result: Samoa Joe wins by disqualification.

Review: This was another good match. These two guys have a lot of chemistry and the fans were really into it. It’s a really personal feud which you don’t see much of these days. There is a lot of legs and this one is far from over.

Rating: 8/10

There’s an ad for the WWE Network.

Elias is out next and after ripping into the crowd he looks to sing a song but his guitar breaks. Elias isn’t happy.

The Miz is backstage and bumps into his old Miztourage, the Raw Tag Team Champions Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel. Miz asks them to fetch his limo but they’re not interested, the “B” in “B-Team” stands for Bryan!

There’s a video package next for Daniel Bryan and The Miz.

Daniel Bryan vs. The Miz

Background: On March 20, 2018, Bryan was medically cleared to return to in-ring competition by doctors, after which he resumed his feud with The Miz. On the July 31 episode of SmackDown, Bryan challenged Miz to a match at SummerSlam. Miz initially declined the match, stating that he has always been above Bryan going back to NXT season one, and recommended that Bryan return to the independent circuit once his WWE contract expired. However, the following week, The Miz accepted Bryan’s SummerSlam challenge

Previous PPV matches: These two career-long enemies have only had one PPV match against each other before and Daniel Bryan won that one.

Summerslam Record: Both men are 2-3 at Summerslam.

Match: The Miz kisses his wife Maryse who is at ringside before the match. The Miz starts the match with a cheap shot but Daniel Bryan soon gets back into the match. It’s pretty back and forth with Daniel Bryan applying a surfboard and then Miz hitting a clothesline off the top. Daniel Bryan dives to the outside on Miz, wiping him out with a cross body. Bryan then hits a side suplex off the top for a near fall. Miz managed to send Bryan into the ringpost and then hits a skull-crushing finale for a near fall. The two men fight it out on the apron and Miz evades a kick so Bryan kicks the ringpost. The commentators sell it like DB has broken his leg. Miz locks on the figure four but Bryan reverses the pressure. Miz gets to the bottom rope but it’s all Daniel Bryan now. Bryan applies the yes lock but again Miz gets to the bottom rope. Bryan hits a big knee to Miz on the outside and sends Miz over by his wife Maryse. It looks like Maryse hands Miz something, it appears to be brass knucks. Bryan attempts a suicide dive but Miz nails Bryan with the knucks! Miz throws the knucks back over to Maryse and then covers Bryan to get the 3!

Result: The Miz wins by pinfall.

Review: This was a good match. I like the finish, it keeps the rivalry going. The two put on a good back and forth match though and they built it as if Daniel Bryan was going to win so it was a surprise to see Miz win. I’m fully expecting this rivalry to continue.

Rating: 7/10

There’s an ad for the second annual Mae Young Classic.

They hype up Super Showdown in Australia and specifically the match between Triple H and The Undertaker.

“The Demon” Finn Balor vs. Constable Corbin

Background: Finn Balor has been a constant thorn in Corbins side since Corbin became the Constable on Raw. At Extreme Rules Finn Balor defeated Corbin but now the two meet in a rematch.

Previous PPV matches: This is a second PPV match between these two men, Finn Balor beat Corbin at Extreme Rules last month.

Summerslam Record: Corbin is 0-1, Finn Balor is 2-0.

Match: Constable Corbin is not happy that he has to take on The Demon King, which has surprised everyone tonight. The bell rings and Finn Balor takes it right to Corbin, hitting a slingblade and then. big suicide dive right out of the gate. Finn hits a big stomp to the back of the head and then a running dropkick and a coup de gras which is enough for the three!

Result: Finn Balor wins by pinfall.

Review: This was another quick match. Not much to say here, four moves from Finn Balor and his finisher is enough to beat Corbin. This will probably be the end to this rivalry.

Rating: N/A

Brie Bella is backstage consoling her husband Daniel Bryan who is furious about losing to The Miz.

Shinsuke Nakamura (c) vs. Jeff Hardy – United States Championship match

Background: At Extreme Rules, Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Jeff Hardy to capture the United States Championship after a pre-match low blow. A rematch between the two for the title was scheduled for the following SmackDown which Hardy won by disqualification after he was attacked by Randy Orton. On August 3, another match between the two for the title was scheduled for SummerSlam. Randy Orton has also attacked Jeff Hardy on more than one occasion and will be keeping an eye on this match.

Previous PPV matches: This is a second PPV match between these two men, Shinsuke Nakamura beat Jeff Hardy at Extreme Rules last month.

Summerslam Record: Shinsuke Nakamura is 0-1 at Summerslam, Jeff Hardy is 0-5.

Match: It’s a fun start to the match with the two men mocking each other. It’s pretty back and forth as both men get their offence in. Both men counter each others finishers and Shinsuke then attempts a low blow but Hardy avoids it. Jeff hits a twist of fate and then heads to the top and hits the swanton bomb but he’s slow to make a cover and Nakamura grabs the bottom rope. Jeff hits another twist of fate and heads to the top but Nakamura crawls out to the apron. Hardy looks for a swanton bomb on the apron but Shinsuke moves and Jeff hits the edge of the ring! Nakamura hits a Kinshasa and hooks the leg for the three.

Result: Shinsuke Nakamura wins by pinfall.

Review: This match was ok, nothing special. The crowd were a bit flat for it too. It was fairly standard until the swanton bomb on the apron. I also didn’t like wasted swanton bomb where Nakamura grabbed the bottom rope, it felt unnecessary. Shinsuke wins and I wouldn’t be too surprised to see a triple threat match at the next PPV with Randy Orton.

Rating: 4.5/10

Randy Orton’s music hits after the match and Orton walks down to the ring. He gets so far and then decides against it and turns back!

There’s a video package next showing the history between Ronda Rousey and Alexa Bliss.

Alexa Bliss (c) vs. Ronda Rousey – Raw Women’s Championship match

Background: At Money In The Bank Alexa bliss would attack Ronda Rousey just as it looked like Ronda would win the Raw Women’s Championship from Nia Jax. Alexa cashed in her money in the bank briefcase to win the title. The next night of Raw Bliss provoked Ronda into attacking her and Raw General Manager Kurt Angle suspended Rousey for 30 days. When Ronda returned she would earn herself a shot at the Raw Women’s Championship against Alexa Bliss.

Previous PPV matches: This is a first time PPV match between these two girls.

Summerslam Record: Alexa Bliss is 1-1 at Summerslam, Ronda Rousey makes her Summerslam debut tonight.

Match: Natalya walks out first wearing the jacket her late father wore at Summerslam 1991 to a big ovation. Alexa creates as much distance between her and Ronda in the early going. Ronda offers to to turn her back and Alexa pounces on her, locking on a sleeper but it doesn’t even phase Rousey who picks Alexa up on her shoulders and hits her version of an Angle Slam. Rousey throws Bliss around the ring with judo throws and another Angle Slam. Ronda then locks on an arm bar and Alexa taps out!

Result: Ronda Rousey wins the Raw Women’s Championship by submission.

Review: This was a fun but short match. Ronda Rousey wins the Raw Women’s Championship in her third PPV match. There wasn’t much to this match but it was enjoyable, Rousey has picked up WWE really quickly and I look forward to her getting in the ring with the likes of Charlotte, Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks, Bayley and Asuka.

Rating: 4/10

After the match Natalya and The Bella Twins celebrate with Ronda. There are some boo’s for the Bella’s.

There’s an ad for the next PPV, Hell In A Cell.

Video package for Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar next.

Brock Lesnar (c) vs. Roman Reigns – Universal Championship match

Background: As Universal Champion Brock Lesnar refused to defend the title at Extreme Rules, Raw General Manager Kurt Angle gave him an ultimatum: defend the title or be stripped of it. On the Raw after Extreme Rules, Lesnar’s advocate Paul Heyman agreed that Lesnar would defend the title at SummerSlam. Bobby Lashley, Drew McIntyre, Seth Rollins, Elias, Finn Bálor, and Roman Reigns all wanted an opportunity. In response, Angle scheduled two triple threat matches that night, with the winners facing each other the following week to determine Lesnar’s challenger. Reigns won the first triple threat match over Bálor and McIntyre, while Lashley won the second over Elias and Rollins. The following week, Reigns defeated Lashley. Lesnar and Heyman then faked a break up before ambushing Reigns on the final Raw before SummerSlam.

Previous PPV matches: This is the third PPV match between these two men, Brock Lesnar won the first two.

Summerslam Record: Brock Lesnar is 6-2 at Summerslam, Roman Reigns is 2-1.

Match: Just as the bell is about to ring, Braun Strowman’s music hits and Strowman walks out form the back with his Money In The Bank briefcase. Strowman tells Reigns and Lesnar that he will be cashing in on whoever wins this match! Roman Reigns then hits three superman punches to Brock Lesnar and a spear! Reigns hits another spear and then a third! But Brock manages to lock on a guillotine out of nowhere but Reigns breaks out of it. Brock ducks a superman punch and hits a German suplex. Reigns then look for another spear but Brock moves and Reigns goes flying through the ropes and nails Strowman! Lesnar then hits Braun with an F5! Brock smashes Braun with the briefcase a couple of times and then launches the case up the ramp. Brock smashes Strowman with a chair, taking down the monster to stop him from cashing in his contract tonight. Reigns spears Brock as he re-enters the ring and pins him for the three!

Result: Roman Reigns wins the Universal Championship by pinfall.

Review: Well this match turned out to be very entertaining. Brock and Reigns hit all their trademark offence, and Braun Strowman got his too. I liked the addition of Strowman, it completely changed the dynamic of this match. In the end Roman Reigns won the Universal Championship and it’s nice to actually have a full time champion.

Rating: 7/10

And that was Summerslam 2018. It felt like a good show actually. There was a lot more good than bad on it. The show started well, first with Dolph Ziggler vs. Seth Rollins and then The Bludgeon Brothers vs. New Day. Both were really solid matches, especially the first. Dolph and Seth have a lot of chemistry. It feels like two guys at very different stages of their career but they have chemistry. Seth becomes a two time Intercontinental Champion. New Day then beat Bludgeon Brothers by disqualification which will mean the feud between those teams will continue. Braun Strowman beats Kevin Owens in a squash and then Charlotte wins the Smackdown Women’s Championship. The triple threat women’s match was really good and I have to say it was interesting that Charlotte pinned Becky Lynch. It’s almost like Carmella is being protected. Becky is getting some momentum now and I think she may be getting built up too. Samoa Joe beats AJ Styles by disqualification which keeps that feud going. It’s a person feud and the match tonight was a good one. I’m more than happy to see this one continue.

The Miz beats Daniel Bryan with help from Maryse and knucks. A surprising result in some ways but a result that keeps this rivalry going. It was a good match between these two guys who have a lot of history. Finn Balor beats Baron Corbin very quickly and Shinsuke Nakamura then beats Jeff Hardy. This match was ok, I expected it to be better because of how good both of these guys are so a little disappointing there. Ronda Rousey beats Alexa Bliss to become Raw Women’s Champion. It’ was a quick rise to the top for Rousey who wins a fairly quick match tonight. It was going to happen sooner or later. Plenty of dream match for Rousey who has taken to professional wrestling very quickly. In the main event Roman Reigns beat Brock Lesnar to finally end the title run and become Universal Champion. This was a good match, I always enjoy a Lesnar match. Braun Strowman getting involved was an interesting one. I assume this will lead to a triple threat. Or a cash in? We’ll have to see. Overall a good show, one of the best Summerslams in history.

Overall Rating: 67.18/100 (ranked 35th out of 363)

Match Of The Night: Dolph Ziggler vs. Seth Rollins
Worst Match Of The Night: Alexa Bliss vs. Ronda Rousey
Surprise Of The Night: The Miz defeats Daniel Bryan
Worst Booking Of The Night: N/A
Superstar Of The Night: Roman Reigns
Summerslam 2018 Will Be Remembered For: Ronda Rousey becoming WWE Raw Women’s Champion

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