Hell In A Cell 2020

|Date: October 25, 2020
|Venue: Amway Center |City: Orlando, Florida
|Attendance: 0

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A really cool video package kicks off the show, it’s hard to describe but there are projections on a wall with the matches on, with the usual clips of rivalries.

Michael Cole welcomes us to Hell In A Cell.

Roman Reigns (c) vs. Jey Uso – I Quit match inside Hell In A Cell for the Universal Championship

Background: At Clash of Champions, Roman Reigns defeated Jey Uso to retain the Universal Championship after Jey’s injured brother Jimmy Uso threw in the towel to stop Reigns from repeatedly assaulting Jey and forcing him to acknowledge Reigns as the Tribal Chief of the Anoa’i family. Although Jey refused, Jimmy reluctantly acknowledged Reigns as the Tribal Chief following the match. On the following SmackDown, a celebration ceremony was held to crown Reigns as the Tribal Chief. Reigns, however, refused to be named as such due to Jey not acknowledging him and Reigns called out Jey for a talk. After Jey continued to glance at the Universal Championship, Reigns gave Jey another title shot at Hell in a Cell with “the highest stakes of any match in WWE history,” which Jey accepted. The match was confirmed as a Hell in a Cell match the next day. The following week, Reigns stated he wanted to hear Jey say “I quit,” turning the match into the first-ever “I Quit” match contested inside the Hell in a Cell structure. On the October 23 episode, after The Usos tricked Reigns, which resulted in Jey attacking Reigns, Reigns declared that after he would make Jey say “I quit,” Jey and Jimmy would have to take orders and acknowledge Reigns as The Tribal Chief or The Usos and their immediate families would be exiled from the Anoa’i family.

Previous PPV matches: These two cousins have wrestled on PPV once before, last month at Clash Of Champions and Roman Reigns won.

Hell In A Cell PPV Record: Roman Reigns is 3-1-1, Jey Uso is 1-2.

Match: I have to say, I’m surprised this match is opening the show and not closing it. Reigns uses his power and strength in the early going to take the advantage, dominating Jey at a slow pace. Jey gets back into the match, knocking Roman out of the ring, hitting a suicide dive and throwing Reigns into the cell. Back in the ring and Reigns hits a spear out of nowhere. Jey looks to make a comeback but gets hit with another spear. Jey manages to comeback and hits two splashes but Reigns won’t quit. Jey pulls out a strap and whips Reigns with it but Roman hits another spear. Reigns whips Jey with the strap, wrapping Jey’s hand in the strap so he can’t escape. It backfires as Jey manages to choke Roman with the strap but Reigns won’t quit. Jey grabs a chair but Roman hits him with a superman punch. Reigns locks on a guillotine but Jey doesn’t quit. Roman hits a drive-by on the apron and then drive-by’s the ring steps into Jey’s face. The referee looks to throw out the match so Roman throws the referee out of the match. WWE officials like Adam Pearce and Jamie Noble enter the cell but Reigns scares them all out of the ring. Reigns takes the ring steps, stands over Jey with the steps above his head but Jimmy Uso runs out and protects his brother. He asks Roman what he’s doing and tells him that he wants to help him which causes Reigns to cry and apologise but it’s all a ruse as Reigns locks the guillotine on Jimmy! Jey sees his brother in trouble and says “I Quit” to end the match.

Result: Roman Reigns retains the Universal Championship.

Review: This match was more about the psychology than the match itself. Don’t get me wrong, the psychology was incredible, the match itself was decent to good. This feud seems far from over. Roman is on fire right now.

Rating: 6.75/10

Afa and Sika are at the top of the entrance ramp waiting for Roman and they present him with some lays.

There’s an ad for WWE merch.

Elias is out next and starts singing about Jeff Hardy before he is interrupted by his opponent.

Jeff Hardy vs. Elias

Background: In May, Jeff Hardy was involved in a rivalry with Sheamus, which saw the latter attempt to exploit Hardy’s past issues with alcohol. During a segment on the May 29 episode of SmackDown, Sheamus framed Hardy, who was arrested after allegedly crashing his car into Elias while under the influence. This also took Elias out of action for five months. Hardy and Elias were later drafted to the Raw brand in the 2020 WWE Draft on the October 12 episode of Raw, where Elias returned and attacked Hardy, costing him his match, believing that Hardy was not framed and had actually hit him with his car. The following week, after Elias’ musical segment, Hardy (who was disguised as one of Elias’ band members) attempted to attack Elias, who managed to escape. In a backstage interview, Elias challenged Hardy to a match at Hell in a Cell that was made official.

Previous PPV matches: This is a first time PPV match between these two men.

Hell In A Cell PPV Record: Jeff Hardy is 0-1, Elias wrestles at this event for the first time tonight.

Match: Jeff Hardy uses his speed to get the early advantage. Elias manages to force Hardy out of the ring, Jeff attempts to springboard off the ring steps but Elias sidesteps and Jeff hits the barricade. It’s back and forth from here with Jeff hitting some of his trademark moves. Jeff hits whisper in the wind for a near fall and then twist of fate before setting up for a swanton bomb but Elias rolls out of the ring. Elias grabs his guitar but Jeff knocks it out of his hand and nails Elias with it! It’s a DQ win for Elias tonight.

Result: Elias wins by disqualification.

Review: This match felt like one you’d see on Raw. Fairly standard stuff with a screwy finish. It wasn’t terrible, it was just there really. I guess this will go to another match. Guitar on a pole?

Rating: 4/10

There’s some footage from Smackdown’s “Law And Otis” with The Miz and John Morrison deeming that Otis shouldn’t be the holder of the Money In The Bank briefcase.

Kayla Braxton is backstage with Otis and Tucker.

Otis vs. The Miz – Winner gets the Money In The Bank contract

Background: In early September, The Miz and John Morrison tried to steal Otis’ Money in the Bank contract that he had won at the Money in the Bank event back in May, but they failed on multiple attempts. Miz then convinced management to trade Otis’ girlfriend Mandy Rose to Raw as a way to “help Otis” so he could focus on cashing in the contract, however, after insults, Otis attacked Miz and Morrison. The Miz then threatened to file a lawsuit against Otis if he did not forfeit the Money in the Bank contract. Otis, backed up by his fellow Heavy Machinery tag team partner Tucker, stated he would not forfeit the contract. During the 2020 WWE Draft, Otis remained on SmackDown while Tucker, Miz, and Morrison were all drafted to Raw. Despite being drafted to separate brands, the trial over the Money in the Bank contract commenced on the October 23 episode of SmackDown with WWE legend John “Bradshaw” Layfield (JBL) serving as judge. After the hearing, JBL initially ruled in favor of Otis, however, Miz provided last minute evidence (bribery), thus JBL changed his ruling in favor of Miz and ordered that Otis would defend his Money in the Bank contract against Miz at Hell in a Cell.

Previous PPV matches: This is a first time PPV match between these two men.

Hell In A Cell PPV Record: The Miz is 1-4, Otis wrestles at this event for the first time tonight.

Match: Otis uses his power in the early going to throw Miz around. John Morrison and Tucker are in the corners of their tag team partners. A distraction from Morrison allows The Miz to take the advantage with a DDT. Morrison gets a cheap shot in too. Miz hits his trademark clothesline in the corner and then a double axe handle for a two count. Miz hits a stiff big boot to the face and then the it kicks. Otis starts to fire up with clotheslines, shoulder tackles and a flapjack. Otis looks for the caterpillar but Morrison pulls his tag team partner out of the ring. Morrison gets caught looking to hit Otis with the money in the bank briefcase but he doesn’t make contact and instead gets sent to the back. Miz then sends Otis into the ropes and Tucker nails Otis with the briefcase! Miz can’t believe it and he covers Otis for the three!

Result: The Miz wins the money in the bank briefcase by pinfall.

Review: This match was ok. It was made more entertaining by the shenanigans from John Morrison and Tucker. I’m not sure how I feel about Miz being the money in the bank holder. Will he be champion again? I guess there was never any chance of Otis winning a world title. The Tucker turn was surprising but Otis was always the man to go solo and has the brightest future ahead of him.

Rating: 5.5/10

The Miz and John Morrison celebrate backstage and Miz says that he will cash in his money in the bank contract successfully again. Tucker arrives, tells Miz to shut up and says that he carried Otis in their team. Tucker takes credit for everything Otis has done. Otis arrives, wipes out Miz and Morrison and then chases off Tucky.

There’s a video package next for Bayley and Sasha Banks.

Bayley (c) vs. Sasha Banks – Hell In A Cell match for the Smackdown Women’s Championship

Background: At Payback, Bayley and Sasha Banks lost the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship. On the following SmackDown, they were unsuccessful in regaining the title. Following the match, Bayley turned on and brutalized Sasha Banks, disbanding their team in the process. After Bayley retained her SmackDown Women’s Championship via disqualification at Clash of Champions, Banks appeared and attacked Bayley with a steel chair. On the following SmackDown, Banks challenged Bayley for the title on the following week’s episode. Banks won the ensuing match via disqualification after Bayley attacked her with a steel chair. In a backstage segment, Banks challenged Bayley to another championship match at Hell in a Cell inside the eponymous structure, which was confirmed the next day.

Previous PPV matches: This is a first time PPV match between these two girls on the main roster.

Hell In A Cell PPV Record: Sasha is 0-1 at this event, Bayley is 1-1.

Match: It’s a back and forth start to the match until Sasha locks on the Banks statement early. Bayley breaks free and bring a kendo stick into the match but sasha disposes of it. Banks hits a nice knee-teorer, running up a table to do so. Sasha sets some kendo sticks up between the cell and the ring steps. Just a small thing but I didn’t like how Sasha didn’t think about this spot, she just did it like she had a hundred times before. Bayley hits a big drop toe hold on Banks into the ring steps. Sasha hits a sunset powerbomb into the cell. Bayley works the neck of Sasha, hitting a neckbreaker and powerbomb onto a chair but Sasha kicks out of the pinfall attempt. Sasha locks on the Banks statement again but Bayley breaks free and lays into Banks with a kendo stick. Bayley gets some duck tape but Sasha squirts her with a fire extinguisher. Bayley manages to get her chair from outside the cell, I’m not sure how that got so close to the door, it was miles away before.

Sasha takes control and hits a frog splash but Bayley managed to get a chair up. Bayley sets up a ladder across two chairs, lays Sasha across them and then spray paints a cross on her. Bayley goes up to the middle rope with the chair and looks for an elbow but Sasha moves and then hits a knee-teorer and a belly to belly for a near fall. Bayley hits a Bayley to belly and looks for a second but Sasha counters and locks a Banks statement on with Bayley’s head through a chair! Sasha stomps on the chair and Bayley taps out!

Result: Sasha Banks wins the Smackdown Women’s Championship by submission.

Review: This was a great match. It was a really good pace throughout, the psychology was spot on and there were some really nice spots. It was one of the best hell in a cell matches of all time and definitely the best in recent memory. Sasha Banks ends the year-long reign of Bayley and did it in incredible fashion.

Rating: 9/10

The Hurt Business is backstage and Charly Caruso approaches them and asks who will be accepting Mustafa Ali’s challenge to a match tonight. Bobby Lashley is going to step up tonight and he will face Slapjack. MVP says that it will be one on one, no cornermen and it will be a United States Championship match.

Bobby Lashley (c) vs. Slapjack – United States Championship match

Background: Mustafa Ali made the challenge on the kick off show to The Hurt Business. He said that The Hurt Business can pick one of them to take on one member of Retribution. Lashley was picked to take on Slapjack.

Previous PPV matches: This is a first time PPV match between these two men. Slapjaqck is making his PPV debut tonight.

Hell In A Cell PPV Record: Both men wrestle on this event for the first time tonnight.

Match: Slapjack tries to get an early advantage by throwing his shirt at Lashley but the United States Champion just beats him down. Lashley tosses Slapjack around and hits him with a suplex. Slapjack manages to use his pace to avoid some attack, send Bobby into the corner and hit a cannonball. S;apjack hits a tornado DDT for a two count. Lashley fights back, hits a big spinebuster and then locks on the hurt lock which causes Slapjack to tap out. The rest of Retribution, Mustafa Ali, Mace & T-Bar then attack Lashley after the match but Bobby fights them all off. The rest of the Hurt Business then arrive.

Result: Bobby Lashley wins by submission.

Review: This was very much an exhibition match for Bobby Lashley who dominated for the most part. To be fair to Slapjack he looked good in places and clearly is a good hand in the ring. But this was all about Lashley who saw him off pretty effortlessly. I’d like to see Bobby Lashley vs. Mustafa Ali.

Rating: 3.75/10

There’s a video package next for Drew McIntyre and Randy Orton.

Drew McIntyre (c) vs. Randy Orton – Hell In A Cell matchfor the WWE Championship

Background: At SummerSlam, Drew McIntyre defeated Randy Orton to retain the WWE Championship. Orton earned himself a rematch for the title at Clash of Champions, where McIntyre retained once more and this time in an ambulance match. During that match, several legends whom Orton attacked over the past few months returned to seek their own vengeance against Orton, including Big Show, Christian, Shawn Michaels, and Ric Flair, who drove the ambulance. Although McIntyre celebrated with the legends on the following Raw, Orton attacked all of the legends backstage in their private lounge before the end of the show. The following week, Orton challenged McIntyre to a Hell in a Cell match for the title at the namesake pay-per-view, which McIntyre accepted.

Previous PPV matches: This is the third PPV match between these two men, Drew beat Randy the two previous times.

Hell In A Cell PPV Record: Drew McIntyre is 2-0 at this event, Randy Orton is 7-2.

Match: Randy attacks Drew as McIntyre makes his entrance. The two men battle into the ring where it’s back and forth. Drew takes control and uses a chair and the cell to keep control. He attempts a claymore but Orton sidesteps and uses the chair to take the advantage. It’s a back and forth hard-hitting match from here with Orton putting McIntyre through a table at one point. Randy can’t keep McIntyre down though. Randy uses bolt cutters to get out of the cell and the two men battle up the entrance ramp. Orton then climbs up to the top of the cell and we get a really cool shot of McIntyre looking up at his challenger. Drew follows and Randy waits for him with a steel pipe which Drew avoids for a while but Orton swings it into the leg of McIntyre. The two men battle down the side of the cell where Randy forces McIntyre off and threw an announce desk below. Orton takes McIntyre back to the ring and looks to finish it but McIntyre hits a claymore. Drew looks for a second claymore but Orton ducks and then hits an RKO! Randy hooks the leg and gets the 3!

Result: Randy Orton wins the WWE Championship by pinfall.

Review: This was a good match. It was kind of the standard Hell In A Cell match we’ve come to expect which wasn’t terrible. It was a slower pace than the Banks/Bayley match earlier but you’d want them to be different. I am shocked that Randy won though, I expected McIntyre to win this one. Orton has been a great heel this year so he’s not a bad champion by any stretch of the imagination but I’m just a little surprised. Decent enough match.

Rating: 7/10

And that was Hell In A Cell 2020. It wasn’t a bad show overall. It was a little up and down but there were some very good matches on it. The opener was good, Roman Reigns just dominated against his cousin Jey. It was a dramatic match that sparked a lot of emotion you don’t often see these days. Roman Reigns wins and man he looked good. Elias beat Jeff Hardy by disqualification in a match that was a litle below par. I’m not sure it was the finish anyone wanted but it keeps the rivalry going. The Miz beat Otis to claim the Money In The Bank briefcase. A surprising result, albeit less surprising than Otis’ original win. It was a pretty average match and it’ll be interesting to see if Miz has a successful cash in. Sasha Banks then beat Bayley in a fantastic match to win the Smackdown Women’s Championship. Bayley has had an excellent reign as champion but this was the perfect way to move the title on. The two girls always had fantastic matches in NXT and this one lived up to expecations. One of the best Hell In A Cell matches for a long time.

Bobby Lashley beat Slapjack in what was essentially an exhibition match to make Bobby Lashley look great. And it worked because he did. Thanks for coming Slapjack but you never stood a chance. Randy Orton then beat Randy Orton in the main event to win the WWE Championship. I was, quite frankly, shocked by this result. But I don’t mind it. It’s nice to be shocked every once in a while. McIntyre was the obvious winner but that doesn’t mean Orton isn’t deserved or over enough to win it because we all know he is. It was just an unexpected victory for the viper. This was a good match though.

Overall Rating: 60/100 (ranked joint 171st out of 394)

Match Of The Night: Bayley vs. Sasha Banks
Worst Match Of The Night: Bobby Lashley vs. Slapjack
Surprise Of The Night: Randy Orton wins the WWE Championship
Worst Booking Of The Night: The finish to Jeff Hardy vs. Elias
Superstar Of The Night: Randy Orton
Hell In A Cell 2020 Will Be Remembered For: Randy Orton defeating Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship

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