Royal Rumble 2022

|Date: January 29, 2022
|Venue: The Dome at America’s Centre |City: At Louis, Missouri
|Attendance: 44,390

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A video package kicks us off and it doesn’t focus on the Royal Rumble matches much but does tease all of the other matches for tonight.

Michael Cole welcomes us St Louis for the 2022 Royal Rumble.

Roman Reigns (c) vs. Seth Rollins – Universal Championship match

Background: On the January 7 episode of SmackDown, as Roman Reigns did not have a challenger for his Universal Championship at the Royal Rumble, WWE official Adam Pearce informed Reigns that he had selected his opponent. Reigns dismissed Pearce, stating he had already defeated everyone on the SmackDown roster. Later that night, Raw’s Seth “Freakin” Rollins confronted Reigns in his locker room, laughing hysterically at Reigns, seemingly confirming he was Pearce’s selection. On the January 10 episode of Raw, Rollins confirmed that he would be challenging Reigns for the Universal Championship at the Royal Rumble in an interbrand matchup. On the January 21 episode of SmackDown, Rollins and Kevin Owens defeated The Usos (Jey Uso and Jimmy Uso) by disqualification thanks to interference from Reigns, thus barring The Usos from ringside during the Universal Championship match as per the stipulation; had Rollins and Owens lost, Rollins would have forfeited his championship opportunity.

Previous PPV matches: These two men have only met once before in a singles PPV match and at Money In The Bank 2016 Seth Rollins beat Roman Reigns.

Match: Seth Rollins comes out to The Shield music, in Shield gear and through the crowd. It’s fantastic. It’s a back and forth start to the match with Rollins antagonising Roman Reigns, getting in his head. This fires Roman up and despite getting him with a suicide dive, Reigns comes back with a drive-by kick. Rollins counters a superman punch, catching the Universal Champion and powerbombing him through the announce desk! Back in the ring and Seth hits a frog splash for a near fall. Seth hits a buckle bomb and a stomp but Reigns kicks out of the pinfall that follows. Reigns really fires up but Seth won’t stay down. Roman hits a big spear but Seth just laughs and looks for a fistbump. Reigns locks on a guillotine but Rollins reaches the bottom rope. Reigns refuses to let go of the move and the referee counts to 5! It’s a disqualification win for Seth tonight!

Result: Seth Rollins wins by disqualification.

Review: This was a good match between two of the best in the company. I’m actually a little surprised that Reigns didn’t win. It probably means a big push for Rollins going into Wrestlemania. I loved all The Shield stuff, even into the end with Rollins looking for a fist bump.

Rating: 7.25/10

The 2022 Women’s Royal Rumble Match

Background: On the January 7 episode of SmackDown, SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair revealed 18 of the women who would be competing in the women’s Royal Rumble match, including WWE Hall of Famers and veterans, and notably, reigning Impact Knockouts World Champion Mickie James, marking the first time WWE openly acknowledged one of Impact’s championships on their canonical programming. Additionally, Flair declared that she would also participate in the match, stating that she would be the first reigning women’s champion to win the Royal Rumble. While the winner traditionally earns a championship match at WrestleMania, Flair stated she would instead select her WrestleMania 38 opponent if she won.

Match: It’s a big start to the match with Sasha Banks drawing #1 and Melina returning to make her Royal Rumble match debut. Sasha and Melina have a bit of a pose off and Sasha eliminates Melina straight away! Tamina is in and then Kelly Kelly who has been in a few of these Royal Rumble matches. Sasha disposes of Kelly Kelly and then in comes Aliyah, making her PPV debut. Liv Morgan gets a good pop as she sprints to the ring. I never get why the likes Tamina save Sasha from being eliminated. Queen Zelina eliminates Sasha Banks, which is a shocker. Michelle McCool is in at #10, she’s been in most of these Rumbles too. Dana Brooke is nearly eliminated but she gets caught by Reggie. Dana comes back in off the top but Michelle catches her with a boot and then eliminates her.

Sonya Deville is in at #11 and she’s more of an authority figure than she is wrestler these days. Sonya joins the announce desk. Natalya is in at #12 and eliminates Tamina after Tamina had just helped her out. At this point Aliyah has been in there longer than anyone else. Cameron is a surprise entrant in #13. Sonya decides to enter the match when Naomi’s good friend Cameron joins the match. Sonya wipes Cameron out and quickly eliminates her from the match. Naomi is next in and she eliminates Sonya. Carmella takes her time getting into the ring but Rhea Ripley is the one to throw her into the ring. Ripley is attacked by both women’s tag team champions Carmella and Zelina but Rhea eliminates both! Charlotte is out next and quickly eliminates Aliyah. Charlotte nearly eliminates Naomi but it’s the previously eliminated Sonya Deville that pulls Naomi to the floor.

Ivory is #18 in full Right To Censor gear and she cuts a promo on the way to the ring on the girls in the ring before being eliminated very quickly by Rhea Ripley. Brie Bella is a surprise entrant in #19. Mickie James, Impact Knockouts Champion is #20 and gets a huge pop. Michelle McCool attacks her old rival Mickie as she makes her entrance but it’s James that ends up eliminating McCool. Alicia Fox with new tattoos is #21 and she picks up the pace. Alicia and Natalya legit knock heads and Natalya looks like she may be hurt. Nikki A.S.H. is next, attacking Rhea Ripley from behind. Charlotte hits Rhea with a stiff shot and Ripley hits her with one back. That’s called a receipt. Summer Rae is #23 and renews an old rivalry with Natalya. Charlotte helps Natalya eliminate Summer Rae and then poses which was a throwback to their old NXT stable.

Sarah Logan is in at #25, she was let go a couple of years ago. She doesn’t last long. And her old Riott Squad mate Liv Morgan is eliminated shortly after. Lita back in at #26. Molly Holly is #27 but she gets attacked on the way to the ring by the other superhero in the match Nikki A.S.H! Nikki quickly eliminates Molly. Ronda Rousey is a huge shocker in #28! Ronda quickly eliminates Nikki A.S.H. Brie Bella then eliminates her own sister Nikki! Ronda eliminates Natalya and then weirdly Natalya comes back into the ring and Ronda eliminates her again. Lita hits Rhea with a hurricanrana and then gets eliminated by Charlotte.

The final four are Bianca Belair, Ronda Rousey, Charlotte and Shayna Baszler. Bianca scoops Shayna Baszler up for a KOD over the top and hits it, eliminating Shayna as Charlotte tips Bianca over the top at the same time. The final two in the match are now Charlotte and Ronda Rousey. Charlotte then attempts a running boot on Ronda but Rousey ducks it and then tips Charlotte over the top and out! Ronda Rousey wins the match!

Result: Ronda Rousey wins, last eliminating Charlotte.

1. Sasha Bank (#3 Zelina)
2. Melina (#1 Sasha Banks)
3. Tamina (#5 Natalya)
4. Kelly Kelly (#2 Sasha Banks)
5. Aliyah (#10 Charlotte)
6. Liv Morgan (#17 Brie Bella)
7. Queen Zelina (#9 Rhea Ripley)
8. Bianca Belair (#28 Charlotte)
9. Dana Brooke (#4 Michelle McCool)
10. Michelle McCool (#13 Mickie James)
11. Sonya Deville (#7 Naomi)
12. Natalya (#24 Bianca Belair)
13. Cameron (#6 Sonya Deville)
14. Naomi (#11 Sonya Deville)
15. Carmella (#8 Rhea Ripley)
16. Rhea Ripley (#26 Charlotte)
17. Charlotte Flair (#29 Ronda Rousey)
18. Ivory (#12 Rhea Ripley)
19. Brie Bella (#22 Ronda Rousey)
20. Mickie James (#18 Lita)
21. Alicia Fox (#15 Nikki Bella)
22. Nikki A.S.H (#20 Ronda Rousey)
23. Summer Rae (#14 Natalya)
24. Nikki Bella (#21 Brie Bella)
25. Sarah Logan (#16 The Bella Twins)
26. Lita (#25 Charlotte)
27. Mighty Molly (#19 Nikki A.S.H)
28. Ronda Rousey
29. Shotzi (#23 Ronda Rousey)
30. Shayna Baszler (#27 Bianca Belair)

Review: This was a really good Royal Rumble, I really enjoyed it. There were loads of good surprises in there. I loved Ivory, Cameron was a nice surprise, I actually thought Alicia Fox was great, I always liked Alicia. In the end the biggest surprise of them all Ronda Rousey is the one to win the Royal Rumble. We’re bound to get a big match against either Charlotte Flair or Becky Lynch.

Rating: 8/10

Becky Lynch (c) vs. Doudrop – Raw Women’s Championship match

Background: At Day 1, Becky Lynch defeated Liv Morgan to retain the Raw Women’s Championship. On the following Raw, Morgan confronted Lynch, wanting another rematch. Bianca Belair interrupted, also wanting a championship match due to her unsettled rivalry with Lynch that began at the 2021 SummerSlam. A brawl then ensued. Later backstage, Doudrop confronted WWE officials Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville, demanding a title match herself as she was tired of Belair and Morgan always receiving opportunities. Pearce and Deville scheduled a triple threat match between Belair, Morgan, and Doudrop for the following week with the winner facing Lynch for the Raw Women’s Championship at the Royal Rumble. The match was won by Doudrop, thanks to Lynch attacking Belair.

Previous PPV matches: This is a first PPV match between these two girls.

Match: It’s a cagey start to the match as Becky realises she can’t over-power Doudrop. It’s all Doudrop in the early going as she uses her power. The match has a slow pace to it as Doudrop slowly wears down the champion. Doudrop misses with a cannonball on the outside and hits the ringsteps. Becky takes control from here but can’t keep Doudrop down for long enough. Doudrop fires up with a suplex, powerslam and senton for a near fall. Lynch manages to lock on the disarm-her out of nowhere but Doudrop powers out with a sit-out powerbomb. Doudrop hits a splash in the corner and a cannonball for a two count. Becky gets her knees up for a Vader bomb and then hits a Molly-go-round for a near fall. Becky hits a legdrop but can’t get Doudrop up for a manhandle slam. Doudrop hits a facebuster for a near fall. Doudrop goes up to the middle rope but Becky goes up with her and hits a manhandle slam off the middle rope for the win!

Result: Becky Lynch retains the Raw Women’s Championship by pinfall.

Review: This match was ok. The crowd were pretty flat for it. I don’t think anyone was buying Doudrop as the winner. Becky wins though in a pretty straight forward title defence. The finish was creative. It’s time to get the ducks in line for Wrestlemania now.

Rating: 3.75/10

There’s an ad for WWE replica title belts.

There’s an attendance announcement. 44k.

Video package next for Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley.

Brock Lesnar (c) vs. Bobby Lashley – WWE Championship match

Background: At Day 1, Brock Lesnar defeated Bobby Lashley, Seth “Freakin” Rollins, Kevin Owens, and defending champion Big E in a fatal five-way match to win Raw’s WWE Championship; this was originally scheduled as a fatal four-way match, but Lesnar was added due to his scheduled match against SmackDown’s Universal Champion Roman Reigns being canceled as Reigns tested positive for COVID-19. On the following episode of Raw, Lesnar reunited with Paul Heyman, who announced that Lesnar’s first challenger for the title would be determined by a fatal four-way match between Big E, Lashley, Owens, and Rollins. Lashley won the bout to face Lesnar for the WWE Championship at the Royal Rumble.

Previous PPV matches: This is a first time match between these two men. Definite dream match.

Match: Brock has Paul Heyman in his corner, Bobby Lashley has MVP in his. The match starts with the two men trying to out-power one another. They exchange German suplexes. Lashley counters an F5 attempt and hits two spears, sending Brock to the outside. Lashley then looks to spear Brock through the barricade like he did at Day 1 but Brock moves and Lashley goes flying through. Back in the ring and it’s all Lesnar, hitting German suplexes. Lashley counters another F5 attempt and applies a hurt lock Lesnar breaks it by ramming Lashley into the corner but the referee gets squashed too. Lesnar then hits an F5 but takes out the referee again. Roman Reigns then shows up and out of nowhere spears Brock Lesnar! Paul Heyman then hands Reigns the WWE Championship and he lays out Lesnar with it. Roman Reigns then leaves with Paul Heyman. Another referee runs out and Lashley pins Lesnar for the three!

Result: Bobby Lashley wins the WWE Championship by pinfall.

Review: I really enjoyed this match. The stuff between Lesnar and Lashley was really good and played out exactly as it should have. Roman Reigns interfering sets up a big match for Wrestlemania and we get a turn from Paul Heyman. Hard-hitting match with some great psychology.

Rating: 7.5/10

We get the ad for replica title belts and then a recap from the women’s Royal Rumble match.

Video package next for the upcoming mixed tag team match.

Edge & Beth Phoenix vs. The Miz & Maryse – Mixed tag team match

Background: At Day 1, Beth Phoenix appeared to aid her husband and fellow WWE Hall of Famer, Edge, when he was being attacked by Maryse while he was engaged in a match with The Miz; Edge ultimately won the match. On the following Raw, Miz and Maryse berated Edge and Phoenix, with the latter challenging Miz and Maryse to a mixed tag team match at the Royal Rumble. Miz accepted, despite Maryse’s displeasure.

Previous PPV matches: This is a first time match between these two couples.

Match: The match starts with Beth Phoenix chasing Maryse around the ring. Edge and Miz then officially get the match underway and it’s all Edge in the early going. Miz gets involved, causing a distraction which allows Miz to take control. Beth Phoenix gets a hot tag and lays into Maryse. Miz breaks up a cover so Beth throws him into the corner and beats him down. With the referee distracted Maryse hits Beth with her handbag before pinning her for a two count. Maryse locks on a camel clutch but Beth gets out of it. The two girls counter each others finishers and then make tags to their partners. Edge picks up the pace but Maryse soon gets involved so Beth gets rid of her. Phoenix then hits a powerbomb on Miz and Edge hits a flying elbow drop for a near fall. Miz avoids two spear attempts and Maryse then comes off the top, hitting a hurricanrana on Edge. Miz hits the skull-crushing finale on Edge but Edge kicks out of the pinfall! Edge and Phoenix hit a double spear on Miz and then they both hit glam slams on Miz and Maryse respectively before Edge pins Miz for the three.

Result: Edge and Beth Phoenix win by pinfall.

Review: This match was decent enough. Nothing special here but it was fun and that goes a long way. Edge and Beth Phoenix get the win which seems the right result. If anything, Miz should have won at Day One. I thought this rivalry might have gone through to Wrestlemania but I don’t think that’ll be the case now. Decent match tonight.

Rating: 6/10

There’s a Drew McIntyre vignette.

The 2022 Men’s Royal Rumble Match

Match: AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura kick off the match which is a really fun way to start. Austin Theory is in the cursed #3 spot. AJ Styles and Robert Roode go at it whilst Pat McAfee makes an Impact joke. Ridge Holland makes his PPV debut in at number 5. Montez Ford, Damien Priest and Sami Zayn are next in. #9 is Johnny Knoxville who is dressed like Andy Kaufman. He goes right after Sami Zayn and then AJ Styles who knocks Knoxville down. Montez Ford then hits a big frog splash on Knoxville before Ridge Holland pops him on the apron and Sami Zayn eliminates him. And then AJ eliminates Zayn. Omos comes in and eliminates Angelo Dawkins and Monte Ford. Chad Gable comes in and tries to rally the troops together to take out Omos. Everyone teams up to take out Omos with AJ Styles getting in the final blow. Happy Corbin enters and eliminates Ricochet pretty quickly.

Happy Corbin eliminates Dominik Mysterio which is revenge for last year where Dominik eliminated Corbin. AJ Styles recorded his 6th elimination of this Royal Rumble when he sends Ridge Holland out right in front of Sheamus. Rick Boogs is in at #18 making his PPV in-ring debut. Boogs eliminates Chad Gable, showing his strength. Madcap Moss is in at #19 and he eliminates AJ Styles which is some rub. Drew McIntyre returns at #21 after being injured by Corbin and Moss. McIntyre then goes to the outside and lays into Corbin and Moss with the ring steps! Kevin Owens and Drew McIntyre go at it in the entrance way and it makes me think that it’s a rivalry we’ve never really seen before. Riddle keeps pointing to someone over the barricade so Dolph Ziggler nearly eliminates him.

Kofi enters at #24, gets shoved on to the apron where Kevin Owens fires him off it. Kofi looks to leap onto the barricade but his feet touch the floor and I’m afraid that this Rumble stunt did not come off. Bad Bunny is a surprise entrant in #27 and he goes right for Sheamus. Bad Bunny hits a destroyer on Riddle and then eliminates Sheamus! Dolph Ziggler has been in there the longest right now. Well, until Rey Mysterio hit him with a 619 and Bad Bunny eliminated him. Rey then gets eliminated by Otis during Shane’s entrance which you don’t see a lot of these days. Shane eliminates Kevin Owens to a mixed reaction. Randy Orton gets a huge pop in his hometown. He hits an RKO on Big E before RK-Bro eliminate him and Otis. Brock Lesnar is the shocking #30 entrant!

Brock gets boo’d as he eliminates Randy Orton. Lesnar then hits Bad Bunny with an F5 before eliminating him. Lesnar then cleans house, eliminating Riddle and Shane McMahon. We are down to just Brock Lesnar and Drew McIntyre. Lesnar avoids a claymore and then F5’s McIntyre over the top rope to win the Royal Rumble!

Result: Brock Lesnar wins, last eliminating Drew McIntyre.

1. AJ Styles (#14 Madcap Moss)
2. Shinsuke Nakamura (#2 AJ Styles)
3. Austin Theory (#11 AJ Styles)
4. Robert Roode (#1 AJ Styles)
5. Ridge Holland (#12 AJ Styles)
6. Montez Ford (#6 Omos)
7. Damien Priest (#7 Omos)
8. Sami Zayn (#4 AJ Styles)
9. Johnny Knoxville (#3 Sami Zayn)
10. Angelo Dawkins (#5 Omos)
11. Omos (#8 AJ Styles)
12. Ricochet (#9 Happy Corbin)
13. Chad Gable (#13 Rick Boogs)
14. Dominik Mysterio (#10 Happy Corbin)
15. Happy Corbin (#17 Drew McIntyre)
16. Dolph Ziggler (#20 Bad Bunny)
17. Sheamus (#19 Bad Bunny)
18. Rick Boogs (#15 Happy Corbin)
19. Madcap Moss (#16 Drew McIntyre)
20. Riddle (#27 Brock Lesnar)
21. Drew McIntyre (#29 Brock Lesnar)
22. Kevin Owens (#22 Shane McMahon)
23. Rey Mysterio (#21 Otis)
24. Kofi Kingston (#18 Kevin Owens)
25. Otis (#24 Randy Orton & Riddle)
26. Big E (#23 Randy Orton & Riddle)
27. Bad Bunny (#26 Brock Lesnar)
28. Shane McMahon (#28 Brock Lesnar)
29. Randy Orton (#25 Brock Lesnar)
30. Brock Lesnar

Review: I love a Royal Rumble. Genuinely, it’s my favourite match of the year. But this one didn’t really hit home. I still enjoyed it because I always enjoy these matches but this was one of the weakest ever, no doubt about it. There wasn’t the usual good spots and it just seemed like anyone was booked wherever with no real rhyme or reason. Brock winning was predictable, they want to get to Roman vs. Brock at Wrestlemania, this was the easiest way to do it. A fun match but not up to par.

Rating: 6/10

And that was the 2022 Royal Rumble event. It was a good show and there was a lot that I enjoyed but I still can’t help but feel disappointed with the men’s Royal Rumble match. The opener between Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins was good. Arguably the two biggest full time stars in the company. I loved Seth Rollins entrance and all of The Shield stuff. This was Seth’s best outing since turning heel in terms of nailing his gimmick. Reigns wins though and his path to Wrestlemania becomes more clear throughout the night. The women’s Royal Rumble match was fun and definitely the better of the two Rumble matches tonight. Ronda Rousey was a surprise entry and she’d go on to win. I liked to think there was an outside chance of someone else winning but there probably wasn’t. Rousey wins and goes to Wrestlemania, but will she pick to face Becky Lynch or Charlotte? I loved the Ivory surprise.

Becky Lynch beat Doudrop in a pretty poor match. Nice to see someone new getting a title shot but this wasn’t very good. Bobby Lashley beat Brock Lesnar in a result I wasn’t expecting. The finish could have been predicted though with Roman Reigns costing Lesnar the match. Paul Heyman switches sides and joined Reigns’ side again. I really enjoyed this match. I had high hopes and it delivered. Edge and Beth Phoenix beat The Miz and Maryse in a decent enough match. In the men’s Royal Rumble match Brock Lesnar (also a surprise entrant) came out last and won the match. To be honest I saw it coming a mile off. The Rumble wasn’t really up to standard. The psychology was poor and it seemed a bit thrown together.

Overall Rating: 64.1/100 (ranked 103rd out of 409)

Match Of The Night: The women’s Royal Rumble match
Worst Match Of The Night: Becky Lynch vs. Doudrop
Surprise Of The Night: Ronda Rousey returns and wins the Royal Rumble
Worst Booking Of The Night: The mens’ Royal Rumble match
Superstar Of The Night: Brock Lesnar
Royal Rumble 2022 Will Be Remembered For: Brock Lesnar losing the WWE Championship and then winning the Royal Rumble match

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